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inquiry. Some heal through regression to key points in early childhood, and the release of trapped emotions which have become toxic and stuck. Heart-Centred Hypnotherapy (HCH) can then work with the nervous system in a gentle meditative state to resolve and re-wire these overwhelming experiences, life-long patterns, and physical conditions. A modern version of the ancient form of hypnosis, integrated with a group of powerful psychotherapy techniques, HCH is a way of working very directly with the effect of traumatic and corrective experiences on the nervous system, creating a potent, pivotal change in a person's outcome and ultimate experience of life.


Heart-Centred Counselling + Hypnotherapy


eart-Centred Counselling values the wideangled, heart-centred space of the practitioner and the phenomenon of shared and co-created space, as much as any intervention, viewing each client as the ultimate expert on what is needed for resolution. The Heart-Centered approach has been developed and refined for the last 40 years, by Diane Zimberoff, MA, LMFT, and David Hartman, MSW, at The Wellness Institute, in Washington, USA. Graduates are now practicing in Canada, the USA, Turkey, South Africa, Taiwan, Kuwait, Turkey, Denmark, Mexico, and more. "In talk therapy and other theories," says Zimberoff, "we have spent years communicating with the conscious mind. As HeartCentred clinicians, we have learned to proceed slowly and listen carefully to the revelations of the deeper mind, body and spirit." Each pathway to resolution is unique, with its own rhythm, images, resources and inner experiences. Some people find resolution in the speaking of their story out loud, in the transformative power of compassionate

Prior to certification, Jude Wong spent a decade immersed in experiential training, group and individual therapeutic processes, including Systemic Constellations, Compassionate Communication (NVC), Mindfulness and group practices at The Wellness Institute. She is currently working under supervision with the Canadian Professional Counsellors Association. Free 30-minute consultations and introductions with Jude are available online or at the Cowichan Valley Holistic Centre. While under supervision, her sliding scale fee is $50-110/hr. More information at www.sessionspace.ca. Submitted by Jude Wong

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