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Cowboy Fellowship News for April

Cowboy Fellowship has several events happening this month at the covered facility. Play Day on April 7th, The Rough Stock Clinic will be on April 13th and 14th and the fourth round in the Roping Series will be on April 28th. Cowboy Fellowship will also be sponsoring a Hog Hunt April 5-7. For more details see flyers inside this edition. The first weekend in May Cowboy Fellowship will be celebrating its 10th Anniversary Heritage IN THIS ISSUE 

Word from the Pastor

Play Day


Hog Hunt

Rough Stock Clinic

Results from Barrel Race

Heritage Days

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Word from the Pastor Surviving the Drought It’s dry again! It seems like its always dry here in South Texas. Dry times bring about many hardships for those who depend on the rain for their livelihood. When the rain fails to fall from the sky it seems like everyone suffers. For some the struggle is keeping the animals feed or crops alive. While others deal with water restrictions that effect business, and personal comfort. The bottom line is when its dry things are harder. Many have experienced what we might call a spiritual drought as well. Maybe you are even in one of those times right now. These times are marked by our difficulty to hear, and understand God. They may be marked by personal, financial, or moral failures we bring on ourselves. Sometimes we simply lose step with God and as a result we find ourselves in a dry place spiritually, longing once again to live in the oasis of God’s grace. If you are not in a spiritual drought today, you will likely experience a time like this before you life is over. I don’t think I have ever known a single honest Christian that had never been through a rough, dry, hard time spiritually. But the good news is you can survive a spiritual drought. I have been there, and while in the spiritual desert I learned some valuable lessons that perhaps will help you during your own dry time. Here are a few of the lessons I learned, when it comes to surviving a spiritual drought. 1. Seek the right source- When things get hard spiritually it is critical that you continue to seek Christ. Resist the temptation to allow your flesh to rule. When we become spiritually dry we are frequently quick to seek the wrong sources for our refreshment. Your enemy knows that and will likely present you with many “wrong sources” that promise to quench your thirst. Be on guard for these attacks and know that there is only one who can satisfy your needs, His name is Jesus! 2. Saturate your spirit- when you are in a spiritual drought, saturate your soul with scripture. Spend extra time in prayer each day even if that time seems useless rest assured that God hears you, and in time will answer your cries for help. Don’t neglect or stop going to church. You need to surround yourself with other believers so that they might saturate you with spiritual encouragement as well. 3. Sustain your service- when we are in a spiritually dry time we often become convinced that our service to God is no longer needed, or appreciated, so we stop serving. We drop out, we make excuses and we give up. This is never a good idea especially when you are in a dry time spiritually. Stay the course, continue to serve, and in time that service itself will bring refreshment to your soul. If you are in a spiritual desert right now, please know that all droughts come to an end. The rain will once again fall, and the rivers of God’s mercy, grace, and blessings will flow very soon. Until then seek Christ, saturate your spirit, and sustain your service. Remember we are here to pray with you and support you as well. Come in or give us a call if we can help. I hope to see you this weekend at Cowboy Fellowship! His Servant & Yours

Pastor Pete

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APRIL 2013

Schedule Of Events SUN 

The following are reoccurring events that take place each week/month at the same time unless otherwise denoted.

Church Services Sunday @ 10:45 AM

Discipleship Classes – Monday 6:30pm — 8:00 pm

Children’s Play Group Every Tuesday from 10am - 11:30am.

Men’s Fellowship Breakfast 3rd Sat. 89 Call Bob Byrd for info at: 210-896-5525 CFY R.E.A.L.M. - Every Wednesday @ 7:00 pm Pre-Teen Ministry Every Wednesday @ 6:30pm—8 Bldg D 2nd Sat. Clean Up 8 am

Please Go To Our Website For Times And More Information!


7 10:45 a Sun Morning Serv. Baptism

8 6:30 –8 Discipleship Class






9 10a-11:30 Play Group

10 6:30p-8p 5th & 6th Grade Youth 6:30-8p CFY

12-1 Pot Luck Play Day



11 6:30p-9p CF band practice 6:30 –8 Judo 7p-10p Barrel Racing Practice


13 8:00 am 2nd Sat Clean Up 10-12 Ladies Riding Group

18 6:30p-9p CF band practice 6:30– 8 Judo







15 6:30 –8 Discipleship Class






10:45a Sun Morning Worship Serv. Saddle Up 10:30-11:45 upstairs

6:30 –8 Discipleship Class

10a-11:30 Play Group

6:30p-8p 5th & 6th Grade Youth

10:30 am Helping Hands 6:30p-9p CF band practice 6:30—8 Judo

28 10:45a Sun Morning Worship Serv.

29 6:30 –8 Discipleship Class

12-1 Elders mtg.

10a-11:30 Play Group

17 6:30p-8p 5th & 6th Grade Youth



14 10:45a Sun. Morning Worship Serv. 12-2 Leadership and Lay Pastor Mtg.



8- 9 Men’s Fellowship Breakfast

6:30-8p CFY 7p-9p Adult Riding Group

6:30-8p CFY

7-10 pm Barrel Racing Practice 30 10a-11:30 Play Group

27 6:30p-8p 5th & 6th Grade Youth 6:30-8p CFY

28 6:30p-9p CF band practice 6:30—8 Judo

7-9 Youth Riding Clinic

James 1:12 Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love him.

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April Events    

 

April 5th - 7th Hog Hunt (See flyer on Page 9) April 7th Baptism, Pot Luck April 7th Play Day after church service April 7th GriefShare 1:30 Sunday at Cowboy Fellowship April 13 & 14 Rough Stock Clinic ( See flyer on Page 10) April 21st Saddle Up Seminar 10:30 –11:45am upstairs in conference room April 28th Fourth round of the Roping Series 2013. For more info. call Jr. Martinez 830-570-7615

The Arena Ministry 

Adult Riding Group 2nd Wednesday of every month 7pm - 9pm Contact Liz Powell 830-426-9391

Youth Riding Clinic 4th Wednesday of the month 7pm-9pm Contact Liz Powell 830-426-9391

Ladies Riding Group 2nd Sat. of the month 10am-12 noon Contact info.: Marian Knowlton phone 210-831-6079 email

Barrel Racing Practice 1st & 3rd Thursday at 7:00 pm

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Work continues on the arena. Several work days were scheduled in March. Thanks to all who have volunteered their time to help with the work. The Arena Ministry has been making good use of the covered facility. On the 2nd Wednesday of the month - Adult Riding Group meets, Youth riding clinic meets on the 4th Wednesday, Ladies Riding Group meets on the 2nd Saturday and Barrel Racing Practice is on the 1st and 3rd Thursday. There is a link on the Cowboy Fellowship website: specifically dedicated for the arena. It is under construction, at this time; and all that is available is upcoming events, but when completed you will be able to do online registration, pay deposits and fees and download necessary forms and waivers. The Rough Stock Clinic will be held in the covered facility on April 13th &14th and the 4th round of the Cowboy Fellowship Roping Series will be on April 28th. May is only 1 month away so we will soon be gearing up for our Heritage Days Celebration which will be the first weekend in May. ( see flyer on page 11 for more info ) . We want to thank everyone who has donated time and prayers, and we are very grateful for those who continue to faithfully support this project with your financial gifts.

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3D & 4D Barrel Racing Results Peewee Rider

4D Open


1D Boomer Smith


Sarah Hinkle


Tevah Pfeil


Kasidi Smart


Allison Howard


Casey Sharp


Kirby McNeill


Penny Ray


McKenna New


Sarah Hinkle


Trulee Boland


Casey Sharp


Kenzie Stamps



Kodi Gujardo


John Ray


Bella Kholomeyev


Casey Jo Evans


Youth buckle winner

Jill Patteson


Boomer Smith

Kelly Luco


Jill Patteson


Kira Bilgrav


3D Youth 1D Regan Hoelscher


Allison Howard


Heather Knowlton Shelby Nickell

3D Paula Stamps



Casey Sharp



Tracy Wallace


Stevie Perkins


2D Zoey Garcia


Shery Harlan


Regan Hoelscher


Heather Knowlton


Kassidy FitzSimon



Miranda Vincent


Ashley Wadle


Zoey Garcia


Ingrid Lipok


3D Annalis Muecke


Corene Muecke


Open buckle winner

Kim Gembler


Boomer Smith


Sarah Hinkle

Betsy Nash


Kimberly Luco


Miranda Vincent


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COWBOY FELLOWSHIP PLAY DAY April 7 Sign up Before Service 8:30 AM – 10:30 AM No Entry Fees CLASS: STICK HORSE




Cloverleaf barrels


Cloverleaf Barrels


Cloverleaf Barrels


Golf Ball Race


Pole Bending

Golf Ball Race

Golf Ball

Age Groups:


Age Groups:

Pee Wee (2 – 5)

Age Groups:

Intermediate (6 – 9)

8 & Under

Juniors (10 – 14)

9 – 17

8 & Under 9 – 13 14 - 18 19 & over Open (Novice/ Beginner) Walk/Trot

No Stick horse no problem you can use one from the Cowboy Fellowship corral

Lead line horses available. Ride at your own risk.

Attendance at Cowboy Church service and a current negative coggins are required to participate in the Play Day Join us for potluck before the play day. Play Day Begins around 1:30 PM. For More Information contact Tracy Bellamy 830 480 8374

Awards 1st – 6th place & participation

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GriefShare Grief Recovery Support Group Your Journey for Mourning to Joy GriefShare is a special weekly seminar/support group for people grieving the death of someone close. It is a place where people understand how you feel and the pain of your loss. At GriefShare you’ll learn valuable information that will help you through this difficult time in your life. GriefShare group will meet every Sunday at 1:30 pm at Cowboy Fellowship for 13 weeks. If you have lost someone close to you or know of someone who has please call for more information. Church Office 830-769-3733 George Hannah 239-218-3377 Marinan Keeling 830-570-0267

From the Cowboy Fellowship Kitchen Ministry The Kitchen Ministry would like to thank everyone who participated in our 2nd Annual Chili Cook Off that we had on January 6, 1st Sunday Potluck. Our first place winner was Juli Marchbanks, 2nd Place Larry Asbury and 3rd Place was James Kiser. We served the remaining chili for potluck with all the fixin's and we appreciate all who brought a dish to make our supper a success. Many thanks to our team for a great 1st annual Fish Fry, Larry and Diane Asbury, James and Sandy Kiser, Mike and Maureen Saldivar, Jack and Susan Dees, Connie Walker, Leon and Cathy Phillips and others who were a great help. We appreciate the donation of fish from the Moore family as well. April is "fiesta time" and celebrating the resurrection of our Lord and Savior. We will be having tacos for potluck on April 7 so bring your favorite dish to go along with them. If you would like to join in and serve in the Kitchen Ministry please contact Gigi Manning - 830-570-4738.

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Helping Hands The Helping Hands Ministry met at Cowboy Fellowship on Thursday, March 21st, to stuff bags for the Easter Egg Hunt. At the end of the egg hunt the eggs are returned in exchange for an activity bag, which contains candy, an activity book, a wrist band and a pencil. After stuffing 450 bags the Helping Hands went to lunch at CafĂŠ Chris. The Helping Hands Sticky Group returned to the church after lunch to have their weekly Sticky Group meeting. What an awesome group.

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My Son 03/21/2013

His head nestles against my shoulder as if we were once one body, now separate. His little arms, too short to wrap around, cling to my neck. I rest my cheek against his warm head and breathe in the scent of boy. Strawberry jam, sweat and mango juice currently. He jabbers incessantly as he grips me about things I can't understand, words that aren't quite ready to be formed, whole in his mind but jumbled in his mouth. He is all boy. Joy and wonder pour forth at the sight of cars and cows, one of his few words, “wow”, at monkeys and rain. He is full of desire for adventure and change, a child that brings me his shoes in the morning and doesn't take them off until he flops onto his pillow at night. He is constant motion, eyes wide with discovery. Yet still he nestles and clings, his need for security still overruling his need to run. I squeeze his now two-year old body and remember the nights I nursed him, his eyes wide even then. He was only a handful of a baby, weightless and solemn. Never very hungry, never very active, just alive, and for that much we were grateful. I fed him as my own from day one and he took it as his due, never hesitating to latch on to this strange white woman, mother or not. His was a bond born of necessity, mine of choice. I wanted to know what it was to love a child who was not my own, as my own. We look in the mirror together now, his little hands mashing his brown face against my pale one, and make faces. His squeals of delight hurt my ears, and I wonder again when he will realize that we are not one, he and I. Too many others see it, and I feel like a broken record telling them, “A mother is the one who loves and raises a child, not only the one who birthed him.” But color is too obvious and immediate a barrier to their untrained eyes. They see only skin deep and that is not deep enough. Our reflected images are beautiful to me, mother and son, black and white. I live in constant amazement at the wonder of it, of us. A bond born of necessity and choice has become fixed, unbreakable, whole. A child who was not my own has become my own, my son.

Kenneth and Kristi Williams P.O. Box 48 Kotido, Uganda 011-256-785-758-033

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Castro Chronicles Where we are serving Quito, Ecuador We are serving God in Quito, Ecuador. This blog will hopefully be a source of encouragement as well as insight into the journey we have begun.

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I received an email this morning saying, "Look what I found!" A friend had gone to say some prayers over some land that her and her husband had just purchased for a new business. It's their first time to try something like this and she was a bit She'd been going to bible study and God had been talking to her about trusting Him; so she decided to go out on a limb and go for it. Upon walking up to the site that they had purchased, she saw these beautiful flowers. It brought tears to my eyes when she emailed me the picture. I guess because many people might not even see the beauty in it or notice the flowers, but mostly because it was as if God was saying, "Trust in me, I make all things grow!" I stumbled upon this insert and verse by Joyce Myer shortly after seeing her picture. If you are looking for a miracle in your life, make sure you are sowing seeds of obedience, because the Lord has promised us that if we do so in patient confidence and trust in Him, we will eventually reap: And let us not lose heart and grow weary and faint in acting nobly and doing right, for in due time and at the appointed season we shall reap, if we do not give up (Galatians 6:9). I don't know about you, but that encourages me! Sometimes it's so hard to trust and to be patient and to wait on God because we think we could work faster, or do better, or we just simply want our own way and we want it now! We know that God works everything out for our good and for a purpose. We know it in our head, but sometimes it takes time to sink all the way down into our heart. The hard part is waiting. But the fun part, the exciting part, the OH MY GOODNESS (I can't believe it) part is soon to follow. What joy and astonishment He brings to us when we see how He brings it all together. How He was at work all along even before we dreamed the dream. I don't think there is anything better than trusting in Him and then anxiously seeing it all unfold!



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