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FEB/MAR 2011 - ISSUE 6

Melissa George Rise of a familiar face

Sand storm

Indulge in some metallic heat.

On the prowl Leopard print revival

Brynne Edelsten

Fashion, marriage and the future


Model parent


Interview with the men behind the gowns

FASHION VS. SEX APPEAL Covet dissects a fashion dilemma

CONTENTS FEATURES 10 Melissa George: The face of LMFF 16 J’Aton: The ultimate interview


22 Lady Petrova: Peace hotel 36 Paul Licuria: Model parent 42 Brynne Gordon - Edelsten: Playing dress ups 66 Crave.Desire.Indulge: With international fashion stylist: Mike Adler


68 Brodie Young: Youth in revolt

FASHION 12 The Print: Style predictions for 2011 40 Bringing the Belt Forward: The story behind LOOP


46 Style Focus: Rachel Zoe 50 Style Notes: Hot trends for 2011 72 Style Review: COVET introduces the new fash pack 80 Online Shopping: COVET’S Top 6 online destinations


84 Alpha Male: Hot male trends you don’t want to miss 98 On the Prowl: The great leopard print debate

BEAUTY 54 Eye Love Beauty


55 Salon Reviews 56 COVET’s current top ten beauty buy’s

COVER Model: Paul Licuria (Chadwick’s) Hair: Michael Gilberto Makeup: Michael Gilberto Photography: Anthony Licuria APL PHOTOGRAPHY



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letter from the editor

HAPPY birthday to us! COVET is officially one years old, and Issue 6 is celebrating in true style. This issue is packed with plenty of fashion punch to get your stylish little heart’s beating. We have plenty of fashion news, updates and reviews to keep you satisfied. Interviews with Brynne Gordon – Edelsten, and Paul Licuria, just to name a few. Don’t forget to check out my favourite feature shoot for this issue, Sandstorm, and our trend report’s for 2011. Here at COVET we are looking forward to the future. Future style, future issues, future events, and future fashion to live and breathe. This is my first edition of COVET as the new Editor in Chief and I am excited to oversee many more editions in the future. I would also like to introduce our new Fashion Editor, Taylor Kelly, and Beauty Editor, Natalie Lacy. In addition to these changes, we are also excited to announce that COVET TV is now live, and we would like to introduce Brodie Young, as the new face of COVET TV. Mr. Young, as entertaining as he is, will be keeping you in the know how regarding what is going on behind the scenes at COVET. From photo shoots, to runways, Mr. Young will be leading the COVET TV crew, to the guts and glory of all the fashion drama and frivolity. Watch this space. COVET has evolved quickly in only a year, and hopefully it will continue to grow and supply you with your fashion fix! Thank you to all our readers, and we look forward to another year of fashion for you to CRAVE DESIRE & INDULGE.

Maggie X


what i’m coveting Skull - Alpha 60 Still haven’t figured out what I’m going to do with it, but I want it.

Lolavie by Jennifer Aniston Lincoln Park After Dark - O.P.I The muggy weather is disabling my standard heat attracting black on black uniform, so I’m keeping in touch with my dark side thanks to O.P.I. Love it!


If this bottle of Aniston essence will make me look as good as she does, then I am certainly buying it!

Melissa George by Taylor Kelly


ashion’s turn towards timeless elegance this Autumn Winter 11 is embodied in the rise of a familiar face.

“Never will I own a pair of tracksuit pants, ever; or a scrunchie in fact. I will not wear flip flops, I will not wear jeans”

The Perth born, internationally acclaimed and impeccably clad Melissa George returns to Australian shores this March as the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival’s ambassador for 2011.

She acknowledges her own personal style as contstantly changing and reflective of her surroundings. “When I’m in Buenos Aires I dress very sort of 1940s Evita Peron kind of summer dresses”, which are a world away from the Dolce and Giorgio of a red carpet privilege.

“Australians have watched Melissa’s international success with pride. She is incredibly talented, eminently stylish and a true ambassador for Australia internationally”, says Grant Pearce (the festival’s creative director). Born in Perth, she was a discovered as a model after winning the title of Western Australia’s Teenage Model of the Year at age 16, She was then cast on popular soap Home and Away where George quickly became a fan favourite with her portrayal of runaway ‘Angel’. She twice won Australia’s top television award, The Golden Logie, a BAFTA Award, and the People’s Choice Award for Best Actress for her role as ‘Angel’. Her role as antagonistic government agent ‘Lauren Reed’ in Alias set the stage for further intelligent, professional characters on Grey’s Anatomy and In Treatment. Taking her own sartorial inspiration from the iconic film Belle de Jour, there is no denying that George is one of Australia’s most iconic and reputably fashionable actresses. But what does Melissa George really think about having to remain subject to public scrutiny and constant media watch? “I like it because it keeps you on your toes to always look impeccable, I love that’ she says.


“Sometimes yeah, you go through stages where you’re really close with a certain designer. Like I love Bibhu Mohapatra, wait until you see his stuff online, the guy’s a genius. So I wear his stuff now because I’m really into him. Dolce I love, he dressed me for the Oscars. Giorgio Armani made me a gown for when I was nominated. That was an honour because he chose three girls, Anne Hathaway, Penelope and myself and he made me this gown that was all 1930s kind of black plastic flowers, very avant-garde and gorgeous” she says. As for Australian designers she lists Collette Dinnigan, Maticevski, Willow and Aurelio Costarella as her picks of the creme de la crème. “LMFF has done remarkable things for Australian fashion and I look forward to seeing the magic myself come March. I love fashion, and Australian fashion… and no one does it better than LMFF, says George. “I am so appreciative that LMFF chose me and I hope the public feel a little sentimental seeing me” L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival will run from the 14th20th March 2011.


Style Predictions The Print Autumn/Winter 2011

by Louisa Parameshwaran


inter 2011 for me will undeniably revolve around the print; adding spice to an otherwise ordinary winter wardrobe. While a it took to a slow start last season, this year has seen an explosion of computer generated prints, contributing to the new technology aesthetic we have witnessed lately flourish. International designers such as the subtle pastel watermarked floral of Jil Sander S/S’11 and the galaxy of constellations of Christopher Kane in his Resort ’11 have all embraced the new technology era in print.

Feverish in Floral; it seems the floral print will not wilt

Speaking of flourishing, we have seen a repeat of the floral, contributing to the vintage romanticism, and bohemian folk trends of 2011, and all the designers you would expect have dabbled in floral. Try the floral in shorts for year – long wear. For the romantics, culottes are perfect. Especially when paired with a loose pastel sheer tank. In the cooler months add opaque stockings and a beige blazer. Floral denim shorts by Kettle Black with a Crisp white shirt is a way to bring modernity to the otherwise vintage inspired trend.

Roar loudly; with the fast return of the animal print

Leopard prints and various animal prints are contributing to some amazing accessories at the moment. If you are game, you can attempt the headto- toe look, but please, go for subtle prints, and mix the textures. In regards to accessories, keep in mind that the old fashioned rule of “matching all accessories” DOES NOT APPLY HERE!

Join our Tribe; welcome back the tribal print, but not as you know it Not as prominent as last year, we see more of a naked or isolated print, a neutral colour palette is best here. Look to sass and bide for the subtle use of tribal in their A/W 2011 Papa Sucre Collection.

Earning your stripes; greetings from the Navy With the continued nautical trend, comes the navy and white stripes. Although we will see a push of this print in spring, there is no need to play by the rules. Pair a pair of slouchy striped pants, with a Sosume micro modal tee, throw on a New York Times raffia jacket from sass and bide and patent Chloe wedges, and you have a fashion forward look to carry through autumn/winter. 12

Jacob and Anthony are the men behind famous Melbourne fashion house; J’Aton. They have come a long way in the Australian fashion industry, and revolutionized the world of couture. Now, they talk to COVET about the true nature, inspiration, and spirit that is J’Aton.

J’ATON by Natalie Annetta


How would you describe J’Aton in three words? Transcending, real, contrasted Describe beauty? A sense of mystery, allure, an inner confidence…these are the traits we try to use to empower our Client. When did you realize you wanted to have a career in fashion? We both had a natural flair and ability from childhood. Being Italian it was always very important to our culture and heritage; we grew up in families that showed great respect for dressing up and making that little bit more effort. Many successful male designers come in pairs. Why do you think that is? The beauty of a duo in fashion is the trust and passion that is shared; a unified vision that can be contrasted and challenged at times, allowing one to always grow and see things through new perspective with the utmost respect for indifference. You walk a shared journey with a constant shadow that appears to be your own till it moves in a different direction…Intrigue and mystery of enchanting one another creatively and spiritually, and sharing the same goals and vision allows for constant change and acceptance of opinion. Which individuals serve purpose as a muse/style icon? We are very moved by energy and that is rare to come by, but it is when we are captivated by an individual energy that we find an evolving muse…That can sometimes be a client that is inspiring or sometimes someone we have not even had the privilege of meeting. That is an even stronger presence when they can captivate your attention and move your energy without ever having personally met in the flesh. Do you believe it is more difficult for men in the fashion industry? Or do you find it is the opposite? It’s hard for us to say as we are men; therefore we cannot speak for women. It was hard for female clients as they were skeptical coming to a 17 year old male (kid) for a dress; it wasn’t something they were comfortable with. Clearly it wasn’t accepted for a male to be in fashion in 1989 like it is today in 2011. So we have seen a lot of change. We did struggle to have a voice and gain confidence within people in Australia. Today we find it an advantage being male designers as the world is so connected now with technology, and most often male designers head the big fashion houses in Europe. Women love J’Aton for the fact that we embrace all that is beautiful in a woman and our clothes embody everything that a woman is. They are feminine, yet balanced with a male perspective. We dress women the way men want to see and desire women to dress. Women are aware of the power our brand has, in that sense.


Who is your favourite male designer? There are so many amazing male designers today; however we have to admit that unfortunately we do not have much time to keep up to date with what is going on in the fashion world. We just put our heads down and work tirelessly. However one designer who did impact us greatly from the very beginning is Charles James. He is still with us in our thoughts and minds today and we perceive him as a true master. Unfortunately he did die poor and was almost forgotten, and clearly not a household name. Yet, all designers out there know who he is, and truly adore, admire, and are humbled and inspired by the man. The right people know that Charles James is a true Master. Your gowns are remarkably flattering for women’s figures. How did you develop such an understanding of how to enhance a woman’s shape? Is it instinctual or is it a learnt skill? It’s both. Clearly our heritage has a lot to do with it, as Italian’s we are master fitters! No one can fit like an Italian, as you have so many body shapes to deal with, and Italian’s love their food! We have had the best clients from a very young age; our mothers, grandmothers and aunts. We were 16 and of course they all wanted to look like Sophia Loren; so we did the impossible from very young. They were hard years pleasing these women who knew so much about the industry; however we were a new generation wanting to experiment with boning and heavy tailoring in ladies wear. People forgot it was not a generation that wore corsetry so they did not know how to construct corsets, as that was a generation before them. When they were young the war had started and fashion had changed dramatically. Rationing started and women had to take on male jobs as men had gone to war. Fashion changed dramatically and became almost survival and practical. There was no such thing as evening gowns with boning back then. So when our generation came along and started experimenting with strapless gowns and a new construction that had not been seen for many decades, as much as it was new and exciting it was not embraced by all and a lot of people did not love it. As male designers we were wrapped experimenting with this undeveloped way of construction, and we had to learn how to make these corsets the hard way. There were no books to guide us, or teachers providing instruction on these techniques back then We have always been into architecture so for us it was true engineering and we developed our own ways of construction. We were changing the female form, making the waist smaller than a girl could ever imagine, through trial and error methods. Today we have our own specific method of construction because of all the research. Women back then thought strapless dresses with such construction were vulgar and ridiculous; however the younger generation embraced it. Madonna had arrived and fashion was taking a dramatic turn as lingerie and corsetry became outerwear. We (J’Aton)


became misfits of fashion basically because we were men, who created stunning, couture strapless gowns for bride’s to walk down the aisle in, which essentially appeared to be lingerie to their mother’s. The older generation was disgusted; however to the younger women we were ‘cool.’ The younger generation were feeling empowered and doing something that had not been done for many decades. Bride’s did not wear strapless dresses’ in church history, so it was cutting edge and very controversial. That is the background behind J’Aton and that is why our construction and engineering is so strong. We would make tailored suits for women, with boning in the jackets, and they would sit like corsets. We really developed a strong sense and point of difference creating a small but strong following. The masses misunderstood us for a very long time. Where did you study/get experience in fashion design? We studied at the Melbourne College of Textiles in 1989. However most of our experience came once we got out into the industry, and started working for clients. That’s when we really learnt the trade. Fashion design now is very different; they learn all about couture... back then no one even knew what the word couture meant. It was a very basic industry with design and construction. Most of what we know today was self taught as we started our own business quite young. In actual fact we were too young but there are advantages in that as well. It was tough. We missed out on being young, as we worked day and night for the last fifteen years. We couldn’t go out, because we had such a heavy workload. Due to overheads and rental, we could only afford one dressmaker. We had to learn the hard way and be responsible from a very young age. We were our own accountants, sales people, administration, patternmakers, dressmakers and designers. We never had the finances, infrastructure or investors that most fashion houses have. However due to our sacrifices j’Aton would not be as it is today. We have been asked many times if we would do it all over again, the same way. We noth agree, never! It was just a bit too tough the way we did it. Today there are a lot more opportunities and people don’t need to work the way we did... it’s a different world. You recently designed Rebecca Twigley’s wedding dress, which received quite a lot of publicity. We hear it took a very long time to make? The two bridal gowns took no less than 300 hours individually to make. With a team of several artisans consisting of beaders, embroiderers’, a dyer who painstakingly hand dyed metre’s of cloth for the bridal gown, and seamstresses including both Jacob and myself. What do you predict in the near future for J’Aton? New York. We not only gravitate organically and feel a strong connection with the city, but the city gets us!


LADY PE “The Lady Petrova customer loves bows, lace, unicorns & dressing up. She is the popular girls crazy best friend who everyone likes.’ - Lady Petrova


ituated in Melbourne’s fashion friendly Flinder’s Lane, the Lady Petrova Boutique (previously known as ‘Lady’) is a secret escape, similar to that of stepping into an Alice in Wonderland fairy tale.

Petrova Hammond, the mastermind behind the unique and eloquent label, grew up surrounded by creativity. Her dreamy and quirky style most definitely stems from her father’s career as a fashion designer and her mothers’ seamstress profession. ‘Peace Hotel’ is Lady Petrova’s summer 10/11 season collection and is in stores now. Like tea is to scones, and cats are to hats, it is without doubt the pastel brilliance will blow any alternative shopper’s mind. Inspired by a variety of elements, Petrova draws creative excellence from art exhibitions, antique handbags, music and street style of trendy fashionista’s shopping in Flinders Lane. After graduating from RMIT University with a distinction in Fashion Design, the tranquil red head opened the boutique, and then went on to achieve a finalist position in Arena TV’s Project runway in 2008.


ETROVA by Julia Vogl

The store is picturesque, and cannot be missed despite being hidden in the narrow streets of Melbourne’s CBD. In store, Petrova supports other emerging Australian labels, which reflect the Lady Petrova style of fun and edginess, while still being ladylike, colourful, alluring and most of all whimsical. Some include the well known Miss Unkon, Cameo, Little Gracie, Talulah, Alex & Alex, Ask Grace, Harvey, and also some international labels including Sretsis, Matina Amanita arriving for 2011. Her current Peace Hotel collection includes skirts, maxi dresses, jumpsuits, and at any chance possible, multipurpose cuts that allow dresses to be worn in a variety of ways. With Silk organza and georgette skirts, hot pinks, lace, bows and collars, the lilacs, corals and lemons will ensure you look the part at any tea party (or any other event at that!) Lady Petrova is whimsical and feminine, igniting reminiscences of childhood dress ups, and lady like tea parties. If the feeling of transforming into a character, in a pretty dress is your cup of tea, you will be delighted by Lady Petrova. Lady Petrova Shop 3 237 Flinders Lane (down Scott alley) • 9650 6285 •


Sandstorm Photographer: Anthony Licuria - APL Photography Model: Amber Browning - Scene Models Creative Director: Jason Panda @ Crave Agency Stylist: Sher Taulla @ Crave Agency Make Up Artist : Kate Blainey @ Crave Agency


• Desmond Black leather mini $209.00 0403 163 226 • Lisa Taranto, the Alana jacket $410.00 • Ruby Red dress vintage belt $69.00 • House of Harlow gold bangles $89.00 @ Eyegasm brands 0402 121 921 • Low luv by Erin Wason triple crystal ring $179.00 @ Eyegasm brands 0402 121 921 • Vintage head scarf stylist own • Sirens TOSCA boots $169.9


• Lisa Taranto, The Rebecca body dress $370.00 • Desmond crocheted reversible leather vest $309.00, 0403 163 226 • Stolen Girlfriend Ring $235.00 @ DOWN YONDER (03) 9826 54 00 • Peep toe bangles $49.00 (02) 8338 0038 • Sirens Max boot $249.95 (03) 94194188 • Bracelt stylist own




• The Graduate Maia leather dress $490 0410 550 085 • Low luv by Erin Wasson Crystal cross necklace $269.00 @ Eyegasm brands 0402 121 921 • Belle Noel by Kim Kardashian memory coil necklace $179.00 @ Eyegasm brands 0402 121 921 • Low luv by Erin Wason hand comb $179.00 @ Eyegasm brands 0402 121 921 • Desmond platform heeled boot $269.00 0403 163 226 • Mecuralist Gunmetal cuff $70.00 +61 439 995 712


• • • • • • •


Peep toe bangles $49.00 02 8338 0038 Shona Joy into my arms fur vest $220, 02 96901002 Peep Toe Faceted stone claw ring $79.00 02 8338 0038 Strummer Tri colour top $ 229 Low love by Erin Wason Evil eye body chain, $269.00 @ Eyegasm brands 0402 121 921 Coffin ring $ 64.00 @ DOWN YONDER (03) 9826 54 00 Vintage head scarf

• • • • • • • •

Friend of Mine Oscar dress $279.00 (03) 9827 8824 Sirens Tomb boot $139.95 (03) 94194188 Belle Noel by Kim Kardashian glam rock webbed necklace $239.00 @ Eyegasm brands 0402 121 921 Belle Noel by Kim Kardashian leather nugget bracelet $85.00 @ Eyegasm brands 0402 121 921 Low luv by Erin Wason etched cuff $159.00 @ Eyegasm brands 0402 121 921 House of Harlow gold bangle $89.00 @ Eyegasm brands 0402 121 921 Low luv by Erin Wason triple crystal ring $229 @ Eyegasm brands 0402 121 921 Ashleigh Robertson leather jacket P.O.A + 61 404 690 122



e may have retired over three years ago, but ex Collingwood football player Paul Licuria, still remains one of the most loved, admired and respected individuals to have pulled on an elite Guernsey in contemporary times. With his talent, good looks, dedication and competitiveness, the two time Copeland medal winner won the hearts of the Magpie faithful during his playing days. His sportsmanship, leadership, warmth and approachable disposition won him a legion of fans amongst the football community as a whole. Paul graced the cover of men’s magazine GQ, in 2008, and has been with Chadwick Model’s for two years. Juggling a steady modeling career and football career, kept him quite busy, however since then, Paul has had many new projects. Since his retirement at the end of the 2007 season, Paul has remained in the public eye and as a current member of the Magpies coaching staff he is never far from the football spotlight. His appeal expanded to a wider audience when he dazzled television viewers with his participation in 2008 Dancing with the Stars. This experience was one which Paul greatly enjoyed and enabled him to show another side of himself away from the football field. “It was so much fun, but can I tell you it was so hard, so hard, but it was great and I made such good friends out of it,” he said. “I was so used to challenging myself on the field, but this time I was also exposing myself on national TV. Dancing is outside of my comfort zone; it was so hard. I have never been as terrified as I was in the 30 seconds before a song started. But I had an absolute ball doing it.” For many the transition from elite sportsman to a normal every day guy can be hard, but after wrapping up his illustrious 192 game career, Paul took his retirement in his stride and he found it gave him an opportunity to focus on other areas of his life. “What helped me was the realization that I would have to replace my football challenges, because when you are playing you are challenged every week. You train and you are competing against people. Every weekend you have got the challenge of playing against someone else and then all of a sudden that stops”, Paul tells COVET. Paul’s life away from the rigors of training and playing is exceptionally busy. In addition to his new role at his beloved club, his personal life took on a brand new and exciting focus when in 2008 he married his long-term love Barbara Hawley, and a year later the happy couple welcomed their daughter Saffron into the world. “It’s been good…Until that point football was my priority and then it finished and straight away it became my family”, he said. “After getting married and having our little girl, life was more about getting home and seeing them both. My priority before that was footy, training, eating well and nutrition, but now that focus has changed and it came at a really good time for me”. Life away from playing football has also allowed Paul to enjoy and indulge in other pleasures. A self confessed fashion and culinary addict, a consequence of his Spanish born fashion designer mother, and Italian father, he can now enjoy such things without the constant restrictions of training. Paul laughs that ‘indulging’ is something that he does very often; “…whether its food, shopping or good wine. My problem is at times I don’t know when I’ve had enough.” Of course, like most of us Paul craves, “…many things.” A Maserati or Aston Martin are at the top of his list, and of course good food from different cultures. However, ultimately he confesses, his one desire is to, “…succeed in whatever I set out to accomplish.” From a man who inspired and entertained both on and off the football field, Paul Licuria is a man with passion and is driven by a desire to succeed. Despite this ambition it is his family life that continues to bring him his greatest and most fulfilling joy. However it is apparent, that despite his career goals, Paul Licuria, is still family man; “…my family life is most special. I have a beautiful wife and a beautiful girl and I’m so very lucky. If everything else was to fail I’ve still got that, I’ve still got that comfort and support at home.”


MODEL PARENT by Sarah Manton Photographer: Anthony Licuria Make up: Michael Gilberto



drawrof tleb eht gnignirB

Bringing the belt forward

by Tempe Bamford


ot belts? LOOP does. This is one Australian accessories brand taking no prisoners on its way to the top of the belt and leather goods industry. The brainchild of Adam Tregear, LOOP was established in 2008 in response to the designer’s desire for a brand that would position belts at the fashion forefront for both men and women. Adam comes from a generation’s experience in leather manufacturing, enabling him to create a very specific idea of the direction LOOP needed to take, in order to reinvent the standout leather belt. The designer’s family’s background boasts an expanse of knowledge of the universe of leather accessory manufacturing, both locally and overseas. Adam’s father began importing leather bags from India in 1979, working with major Australian clients to develop hugely successful product ranges. The belt business soon became the family’s forte, and from this history came Adam’s penchant for contemporary, quality belt designs. “I had a practical focus when I started LOOP – nobody was doing belts full stop for men and women, and I felt like this was something we really needed to jump on for everyone out there after a fashionable way to accessorise,” Adam says. The solid yet refined aesthetic of every LOOP style has a lot to do with Adam’s background in construction – he has brought an effortlessly clean design aesthetic to his brand. Only the highest quality leathers and metals are used in the creation of each and every belt, injecting timeless durability into effortlessly cool styles time after time. The women’s range is simple yet carries fine stitching detail and suede and patent finishes to give every style a different attitude and purpose. Antiqued hardware has become a trait of the LOOP construction, never failing to add a little edge to your look, or give a worldly feel to a classic black style. Autumn Winter 2011 – ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ – brings a new element to the fresh LOOP standard, tying edgier, earthier colour’s like chalk and chocolate to embody a vintage feel. Buffalo and calf leathers create a well-travelled feel, revived with contemporary finishes and metalwork. Antiqued silver and brass fittings give the pieces an understated attitude that can be worn with a range of everyday and dressy looks. As Adam says; “For LOOP, belts are a lifestyle. Plain and simple, they do have a practical use, but we’re all about bringing them to the front of today’s fashion and injecting a real character into the belt you choose to wear every different day.” Add grit to an otherwise plain outfit, and belt up in style this season with an injection of pure leather. 41

Photographer: Anthony Licuria Make up: Michael Girlberto tylist: Sher Taulla @ Crave Agency Brynne wears: • White Suede Construced Tuxedo RRP $569.00 • White Sude Silk Bias Cami RRP $139.00 • Hudson Jeans $400 @ Cyberia • Fallen necklace $350.00 @ Glitzern • House of Bolch crystal ring $179.00 @ Glitzern 42

PLAYING DRESS UPS by Maggie Hellyer

Glamorous, blonde bombshell and socialite, Brynne Gordon - Edelsten, talks to COVET about fashion, the future, and fairytales. Hi Brynne, thank you for talking to us at COVET. How are you enjoying 2011 so far? Even though the New Year has just begun, I’m already loving it! I have so many exciting plans for 2011 that even the anticipation of things to come this year is thrilling! How would you summarize Australian fashion in three words? Open to diversity. We understand you are a big fan of glamorous U.S label, Nurielle. What draws you to their clothes? I love wearing clothes that are unique and different from most things you see. Nurielle has a huge range of clothing, both casual and dressy, that is very eye-catching. I love how bold their dresses are, while still being very feminine and girly. I also love that they glam up their dresses, gowns and even jeans with Swarovski crystals. The hand painted line by Nurielle is stunning too. Who are your favourite Australian designers? Alex Perry, J’Aton, Bettina Liano, Jason Grech, Nicola Finetti, Wayne Cooper, Manning Cartell, Jayson Brunsdon, Charlie Brown When do you feel most beautiful? When I am healthy and happy, that is when I feel that inner beauty is ready to shine on the outside too. I feel the most beautiful when I am looking glamorous. Whether it is for a red carpet even or a photo shoot, I love to get really dressed up. Pampering myself, by having my hair and makeup done and wearing an amazing piece of jewelry for a special night usually does the trick! In the past you have been referred to as a ‘Barbie lookalike’. Is this something you embrace, or dismiss? I definitely embrace being referred to as a ‘Barbie lookalike’. I always enjoyed dressing up my Barbie’s as a child. It gave me a chance to be really creative, and at times, over the top with fashion. Now that I’m grown up, I get to do it with myself rather than a doll. In your opinion, how would you describe the difference between American fashion, as opposed to Australian fashion? The spirit of America is often reflected in bold and daring fashion lines, while the spirit of Australia is often reflected in traditional and classic lines. I find Australian fashion to be much more conservative than US fashion, but as a girl who loves fashion, the more choices the better!

How would you say the way you dress reflects your personality? I never try to take myself too seriously and I reflect that attitude in my dress style. Life and clothing should be fun, adventurous and full of surprises! What are 5 things you could not live without? Family, my dog Juddy, high heels, big sunglasses and spray tans. Your wedding was described as ‘the wedding of the year.’ How did you feel about it being thrown into the limelight? Did you ever imagine your wedding would be such a huge and publicized event? My wedding was a fairytale moment. What girl could ever imagine a wedding so grand? I hope every bride feels that way on her special day. I was honored to share it with the public. You’ve received much publicity over the years, due to your choice of outfits. How do you decide on the ‘perfect outfit’ before an event? I have a tendency to have an outfit chosen for an event and then change my mind at the last minute. Usually I just keep a few options in mind and decide which one I am the most keen to wear a few days before. I always ask my husband’s opinion too, because he will be completely honest about whether something suits me or not. Top 5 tips for being red carpet ready: 1. Get a good night’s sleep the night before 2. Eat healthily and drink plenty of water 3. Be prepared: have a hair and makeup trial before the event 4. Be sure to have gel insoles for your shoes…it will be a long night in heels! 5. Smile and have fun In your opinion, what is the perfect accessory for any outfit? Definitely a smile! What do you predict in the near future for yourself and your husband? Sharing our blessings with a child of our own. So, should we expect an upcoming fashion label from Mrs. Edelsten anytime soon? No one is more anxious for that than me. I am working on it, but these things take a lot of time and ought to be done well.


LEFT TO RIGHT: • Rachel’s client Anne Hathaway at the Golden Globes this year, wearing Armani Privé. • At Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York last year. • Another Zoe client, Kate Hudson in Marchesa at the 2010 Golden Globes. • Rachel wearing Louis Vuitton. • Rachel wearing Marc Jacobs to the Met Costume Institute Gala in 2010. (Source: Zimbio)

StylE Focus: by Catherine Ciccone

LEFT TO RIGHT: • Rachel with former assistant Brad Goreski. • Model wearing a dress by Rachel Zoe. • Rachel and Rodger at the Weinstein Company And Relativity Media’s 2011 Golden Globe Awards Party, wearing Balmain. • Rachel and husband Rodger leaving the Missoni store opening in Beverly Hills. (Source: Zimbio) • Rachel posing with a model dressed in her collection. (Source: Women’s Wear Daily)



nyone who knows anything about fashion knows who Rachel Zoe is. Undisputedly one of the most famous stylists in the world, she is responsible for creating flawless looks for her starstudded clientele. In the last few years Zoe has become a style icon in her own right, making waves in the fashion world with her 70’s inspired looks. Raised in New Jersey, Rachel studied sociology and psychology at George Washington University. It was there that she met her husband Rodger Berman, with whom she is expecting her first child due in April this year. Rachel’s first fashion job was as a fashion assistant with YM magazine. She boldly moved on to freelance styling despite having no formal training and only her impeccable taste, relentless work ethic, and the support of her husband and family to guide her. Since then, Rachel has built a fierce celebrity clientele which includes Anne Hathaway, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Garner, Eva Mendes, Molly Sims, and Kate Hudson just to name a few. Thanks to her hit reality show, “The Rachel Zoe Project”, Rachel has become a household name. For three seasons we have watched Rachel and her team agonize over haute couture gowns, extravagant jewels and accessories to create the perfect redcarpet look. Other delights for viewers include fashion week in New York, Milan, and Paris, where Rachel sits front row and gets to chat with the likes of Marc Jacobs, Donatella Versace, Giorgio Armani and Karl Lagerfeld. Sigh!

Of her vintage inspired look, Rachel has said, “I don’t believe in changing my style because something is a trend”. Her staples include indigo flared jeans, Chanel jackets, custom Brian Attwood thigh-highs and one of her many vintage Birkin bags. Don’t forget the oversized shades, piles of gold jewelry and fur. I highly recommend watching her show just for the parade of vintage YSL, Lanvin and Chanel. Known for her workaholic attitude, Rachel is now trimming down on her commitments to prepare for the arrival of her first child. “I’ve been asked to slow down”, she revealed in an interview with Women’s Wear Daily. Slowing down means missing the 2011 fashion shows. However, she’s not slowing down enough to miss award’s season. Rachel’s client Anne Hathaway is co-hosting the 2011 Academy Awards. This means not one, but several Oscarworthy gowns. Rachel will no doubt be backstage to supervise each and every wardrobe change wearing her signature platforms. I’m guessing that Armani Privé will be a dominant force in that fashion line-up! Having just given Women’s Wear Daily a sneak peek of her highly anticipated collection, Rachel has the fashion world at her expensively-heeled feet. From the few images released of the collection, it seems 70’s inspired tailored suiting is the order of the day. Zoe’s favorite wide legged pants are featured with militaryinspired jackets as well as a gorgeous red-ruffled frock. No word on who will be stocking her line or whether it will be sold in Australia. Here’s hoping that the fashion gods hear our prayers!


STYLE N This year marks a movement from the disheveled glamour of Balmain to the polished minimalism of Celine. The simplicity we have expected from the ashes of the excessive year prior to the market crash has arrived. This is a period for designers, and fashion to start slowly again. In saying this, don’t expect a boring year of fashion, no no no; on the contrary we welcome new prints, silhouettes, textures and tailoring. Silhouettes

Long lean silhouettes are the core of 2011 fashion. Maxi is the way to go. Proportions are important here, so do not hesitate to layer with cropped tux shirts over fitted jersey maxi skirts, or vice versa short shorts with oversize shirts or tees. Don’t be scared to play around with lengthy silhouettes, they are here for the duration of the year. Knit Jerseys easily create a relaxed look; throw on a bulky knit jumper for winter, and an edgy silhouette is born. For the ultimate reference to the new minimalism, is none other than Swedish fashion house Acne.

Colour Punch

Now just because the silhouettes are muted, doesn’t mean the colours will be. Due to a positive change in accordance to the economy, we can enjoy headto-toe colour in 2011. For winter, go for a punchy monochromatic look, with a clean shape and sharp lines, and don’t be afraid to mix and match textures. Bold oranges, electric blues, hot pinks, turquoise and yellow are the ‘it ‘colours for 2011. Look to Fendi S/S ’11, Lanvin S/S ’11, and for some gelati goodness, check out Peter Som S/S11.

The Shoe Issue

Flats will make a fast come back, as fashion takes a turn for comfort. After the extremities of embellishing and additives to garments, with designers stripping back to minimalism, we can now welcome brogues, loafers and ballet flats, for an easy-on-the-feet winter.

Feminine Masculinity

The element that played across the entirety of the latest Paris Fashion Week was that of feminine masculinity. Sarah Burton, the successor of the late Alexander McQueen, did not let down any of the empires fans. Practically in the navy chapter of the collection, she strikes a beautiful equation of feminine masculinity. This year push the idea of feminine masculinity, and play with textures within a minimalistic perimeter. 50

NOTES Tailor To Me

by Louisa Parameshwaran

In coherence with the wave of feminine masculinity, is tailoring; and a lot of it. This year is all about the return of the crisp white shirt. In all shapes and sizes. White is a fresh colour, and there is never too much when it involves tailoring. Don’t be afraid to consult menswear collections for undeniable masculine influences.


Asymmetry is the word of the year, from Kuwaii to Wang. Asymmetric lines, silhouettes and necklines play a roll in collections for 2011 fashion. Ellery gets top points for her use on asymmetry in her S/S 10/11 collection, with her smart layering of her skirts in an unusual shape, allowing the asymmetric lines to be shown to its fullest advantage.


The spice of 2011 will be print, from leopard, to digital. Play with pattern as a focus of an outfit. Do as the stylists, and use a monochromatic colour palette, using block and pattern to build your look. The influence of the influx of folk music has progressed into fashion, think relaxed provincial, bare shoulders and simple cottons, flared jeans, wicker crèche and floral. The perfect look for the festival season.


I hate to say it but yes, military is back for another season! For a more subdued translation, for those who want to take a different approach, ACNE S/S 11 offers simple military shapes and subtle detailing such as plain epaulettes. Khaki is another great trend colour to focus on, as opposed to the detailing of Military.

Try the new trends in 2011:

• Soft retro; the curved lines of the sexy retro trend will have temperatures soaring throughout all 12 months. Pencil skirts. • Oriental express; Kimono’s, cherry blossom pinks. • Monochromatic colour palettes. • Faux Fur takes a twisted change, with bright acid colours replacing the natural. Ombre dyed or block colours; take your pick for winter’s hot trends.

Designers to reference for 2011: • ACNE • Alexander Wang • Arnsdorf • Dion Lee • Chloe • Proenza Schouler • Prada


BRIGHT EYES BEHIND THE SCENES For bright eyes consider your diet and ensure you have a sufficient intake of Vitamin A, E and C. Zinc supplements are also something to consider if your eyes are lacking sparkle. The skin around the eye is sensitive and thin. Therefore, a great eye cream is essential to maintain the appearance of skin around the eye area. Be gentle and use a light touch.

EYE LOVE BEAUTY Let’s face it. Those eyes are a piece of work This Kardashian sister is known for her beautiful eyes, and flawless makeup, amongst other things. To achieve her look, one must maintain regular grooming for the eye and brow area.

For in salon treatments you can consider: • Collagen Eye Treatments • Microdermabrasion • Oxygen Treatments And of course there’s always Botox. We Covet: Eye Doctor by Results RX The key is to use a very (very) small amount, warm the product by massaging between the fingers and press into the delicate eye area.

EYE CATCHING EYES Eyelash extensions are the longer lasting and more impressive option as opposed to false strip lashes or individuals. For those dressed up events when it is necessary to step it up and take it to the next level, eyelash extensions add extra sex appeal to a smoky eye. Eyelash extensions are also great for every day wear, and cut out the need for mascara all together. They are semi permanent and refills are necessary to maintain the look. We Covet: Xtreme Lashes Eyelash Extensions visit to find a qualified lash stylist near you.

BANGING BROWS Thick is still the trend. Like Kim, maintain your brows with some professional help. Find a specialist who knows best when it comes to shaping, waxing, tweezing, threading, and tinting, when necessary to add thickness and shape to the brow. We Covet: Hollywood Eyebrows 411 Bay Street Brighton, VIC 3186 P: (03) 9596 8899 Ebonie at Glam Beauty Bar 55 Homer Street, Moonee Ponds, Melb VIC P: (03) 9370 0955 Rita Abi Khalil Skin Therapist, Make Up Artist & Eye Brow Specialist @ Opulence Make Up Artistry & Skin Therapy P: 0425 729 799


SHADOW QUEEN Beautiful and glamorous eyes are not complete without a gorgeous shadow to make your eye’s pop. When pressed for time this can be a difficult task. However you can now consider instant eye shadow. It’s fast, fun, and takes only 10 seconds to wipe the shadow over your eye, and blend to your desired effect. Genius! Oh, and you know it must be good when even Oprah is even a fan of this product. We Covet: Eyemajic Instant Eyeshadow available online at and find several different shades to choose from.

Melbourne Salon & Spa Review by Natalie Lacy

COVET’s Beauty Editor test drives two of Melbourne’s hottest salon’s to keep you in the know when it comes to perfect pampering.



When you walk into The Skin Institute in the bayside suburb of Brighton, you immediately notice the luxurious décor and overall serene environment. The institute is known for maintaining a holistic approach. Wherever possible their products and treatments are organic and chemical free.

Glam-Loving locals and struggling starlets find themselves at Glam Beauty Bar to prep themselves with the latest range of beauty treatments on offer to enhance their features, and keep themselves well groomed for those special events.

204 New Street, Brighton, VIC 3186 Phone: (03) 9592 7999

The salon provides specialist recommendations by clinical nurse’s who can provide individual’s with solutions to achieve the best possible results. You know you are in safe hands, with some of the highest qualified professionals performing a number of medical level treatments. All of which are performed under the guidance of Mr Keith Mutimer, Platic Surgeon. The Skin Institute is recommended for anyone who is looking to achieve serious results when it comes to anti ageing, fat and cellulite reduction, IPL hair removal treatments, and skin rejuvenation treatments.

55 Homer Street, Moonee Ponds, VIC 3039 Phone: (03) 9370 0955

Fun, friendly and “in the know” Beauty Therapists at Glam Beauty Bar, perform a cleverly compiled range of treatments to get you shining in star form. The salon offers treatments such as eyelash extensions; spray tanning, Brazilian and standard waxing, manicures and pedicures, facial treatments, and Microdermabrasion to maintain optimum skin health. With several treatment rooms and a team of fun loving Beauty Therapists, they waste no time in serving you up an effective treatment that will get you looking and feeling beautiful the moment they are finished with you. The décor is funky and vibrant with upbeat music to match that will get you in the mood to go out and flaunt your more glamorous self.

It is essentially a ‘results driven’ salon, which provides clients with visible improvements, through demonstration of knowledge, and some serious machinery. 55

TOP TEN COLLECTION COVET’s resident Beauty Editor sources the hottest beauty products for your indulgence. by Natalie Lacy

1. 100% Organic Argan Oil and Moroccan Oil

We all know how wonderful Moroccan Oil hair products are, however Argan Oil is a super product that works wonders for the hair and skin. Argan Oil is 100% organic, no additives. Even Black Eyed Pea, Fergie, is a fan; “I brush it through my hair and let it soak all night.”

 Hmm, so that must be the secret to her shiny locks! We Covet:
 Moroccan Oil (RRP $35.95)
 100% organic Argan Oil (RRP $24.95 100ml)

2. Dry shampoo

We LOVE this stuff; it is an absolute lifesaver when you are pressed for time! It’s inexpensive and great for getting your hair looking fresh and oil-free. With just a few pumps of the nozzle, leave it to penetrate in your hair for 2 minutes and then brush away impurities. Helps to remove dirt, product residue and excess sebum, leaving soft, clean and dry hair. Lovely.

We Covet:

 Klorane Oat Milk Dry Shampoo- available in two handy sizes: 150mL (R.R.P $16.95) and travel companion 50mL (R.R.P. $8.95) Pick them both up from leading pharmacies nationally.

3. An Ocean Spritz

Unfortunately not all of us can enjoy the sun, sand, and ocean during the summer months. However the beach hair look is still achievable thanks to sexy sea salt spray. Try Instant Rockstar Beach Rock. Bringing the beach to you, Beach Rock creates salty texture and fullness, and can create sexy, wavy locks. Use in wet or dry hair, simply scrunch and/or style leaving a matte finish for all hair types. We Covet:
 Instant Rockstar Beach Rock (RRP $22.95)

4. Jurlique Balancing oil

Jurlique Balancing Oil is a super substance, doing all the work for your skin. It’s a great lightweight moisturizer, smells wonderful and makes you skin feel incredible. Dispense 2-3 drops onto a cotton pad and apply to cleansed damp skin, gently massage into face and neck until absorbed to help soften, protect and nurture skin. Rich in organic Chamomile, Calendula, Marshmallow and Rose, this oil truly soothes and balances skin. Plus the Avocado, Macadamia and Rose Hip oils guard against moisture loss, improve skin elasticity and leaving it feeling smooth and supple.

We Covet:

 Jurlique Balancing Oil (RRP $60.00 )


5. Seamless Hair Elastics

Split ends? Hair breakage? NO! Always use seamless hair elastics, they blend in, and are gentle on your hair. Pick your matching hair colour and avoid unnecessary damage to your hair. 

 We Covet:
 Scunci 18 Pc Set (RRP $7.99)
 Available at leading pharmacies and Priceline stores.

6. Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream

This cream has been around since the 1930’s and is still on top of it’s game today. Quite simply a miracle cream that can go anywhere and fix anything! Face, lips, body, you name it! The apricot colored balm contains a soothing combination of petrolatum, a skin soothing beta-hydroxy and Vitamin E.

We Covet:
 Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream (RRP $38.00)

7. Vitry glass nail file

This one’s a keeper. Buy a Vitry and you will never need to buy a nail file again. The only reason you may need to buy one is if you lose it or someone snatches your Vitry from you when they realize how fine and gentle this file really is. It never wears out! With Swarovski crystal detailing and made of hardened glass, this file is for the most stylish of beauty queen’s. It is legendary for keeping fingernails smooth and under control. It’s ultrafine, so it won’t tear or split nails, and leads to fewer overhangs or rough edges.

 We Covet:
 Vitry glass nail file (RRP $24.95)
 Stockists Pharmacy / Stockist number: (03) 8587 4650

8. Matte Lipstick

Say goodbye to shiny, glossy and sticky lipsticks. Matte is the way to go! We are loving deep cherry shades, and even darker purple wine colours for a retro 90’s look. Try Glo Minerals Lipstick with an exclusive antioxidant blend of vitamins A, C, E and green tea extract that provides an instant rich, vibrant colour. Love it! We Covet:
 Glo Minerals Lipstick in shades “Bordeaux” &“Cabaret” (RRP $30)

9. Rokk Ebony Heat UV Gloss Coat

Perfect for summer as it provides the style support of a hairspray, but also protects from sun damage. Also providing extreme heat protection with ingredients designed to protect hair from heat damage up to 220 degrees. We Covet: Rokk Ebony Heat UV Gloss Coat (RRP $16.35)

10. Rokk Ebony Volume Root Booster

Another favourite is the volume root booster. Designed and created by Rokk Ebony, this product is similar to a mousse and is applied directly to hair roots to create big, sexy, tousled volume effortlessly.
 We Covet: Rokk Ebony Volume Root Booster (RRP $14.99) 57



Photographer: Anthony Licuria Model: Katerina Deliyiannis (Chadwicks) Make up: Michael Gilberto






CRAVEDESIREINDULGE Celebrity Stylist, Mike Adler, shares his top 12 current obsessions with COVET‌ The Australian expat currently lives in London, and divides his time between the U.K and New York. Mike has worked with the likes of publications such as Marie Claire, OK!, Fiasco Magazine, Poster Magazine, Who Weekly, In Style, Vice, Cream, FashionTrend, and Culture, just to name a few.


1. Bjorg rings

2. Gianmarco Lorenzi shoes

3. Givenchy purse

4. Laura Mercier Repair Serum

5. Mehbs Yaqub Love Heart necklace

6. REN Moroccan Rose Otto Bath Oil 1

7. SM Look Lock Hairspray

8. Spijkers en Spijkers dress

9. O.P.I Nailpolish in ‘Alpine Snow’

10. Fagluni & Shane Peacock SS11

11. Qasimi Homme T-shirt

12. Alexander McQueen wedges 67

Y Photographer: Anthony Licuria Make up: Michael Gilberto


YOUTH IN REVOLT by Maggie Hellyer

MR. Brodie Young is quite the comedian. A chameleon and master of many art forms, Young is as eccentric as he is charismatic. You may remember him from Channel Ten’s hit series, Big Brother. Or you may remember him from late night TV game show, ‘Quizmania.’ Even various network pilot shows, including the lifestyle show, “That’s Melbourne”, children’s quiz show “It’s Academic”, game show “Win The Break”, and the comedy series “Three Day Growth”. It seems that Young has dabbled in events and entertainment for quite some time, and has secured many roles in TV hosting, acting, television commercials, and radio announcements. However, first and foremost, Young considers himself to be an artist. Young’s passion for art is evident, he insists that his interest began at school, and developed over time. “I suppose my talent has come from my mum and dad. Mum was an art teacher, and my dad’s father was a prisoner of war in WW2. He would draw pictures of his inmates with a grey lead pencil, and hid them from the guards. He managed to bring the pictures back to Australia. They look like black and white photos, just incredible. So much detail.” Young attended university and completed a Bachelor of Design in 2005. He then went on to have five successful exhibitions for photography and painting. His art is essentially the backbone of his self – perception, and Young explains that his insatiable need to paint is fuelled by anything as simple as an iPhone snap of an arbitrary object. “Studying engineering…everything was numbers, and rigid, and boring. So I guess my art has been a decade of built up frustration, and now I get to draw curves and beautiful bodies. Basically I love studying the female form.” He laughs.

Although he may jest, his natural flair for producing exquisite artwork has enabled his pieces to be exhibited in various galleries, many pieces selling prior to opening night. Above all it is his energy and enthusiasm for anything and everything that sets him apart from others in his industry. Charisma is trait that cannot be taught, and Mr. Young certainly possesses it. His ability to ‘maintain entertainment’ is a key skill when playing MC for a large audience. Of course this is where his innate ability to amuse and humour others plays an imperative role. Young insists that whilst he manages a busy career and lifestyle, he enjoys simple things such as going to the movies, watching ‘a Pie’s game, or working his way through the ‘good food guide.’ Something you may not know about Brodie is that although he is an actor, and jack of many trades, he confesses; “…I wear my heart on my sleeve. I’m actually very emotional; I have insecurities. However I can’t get embarrassed; it’s just not possible.” Young is self confessed child at heart, who suffers from ‘Peter Pan syndrome’, and like many others quotes the three things he could not live without to be; “…the three F’s. Friends. Family, and fun.” Most recently, Young has been appointed the ‘face’ of COVET TV, spear heading the beginning of many amusing show reels of back stage footage, and photo shoot drama. As a new member to the COVET team, Young states that what he CRAVES DESIRES & INDULGE’S in most; “…is anything that’s not 9 till 5.” Apart from the many facets of Young’s career and personality, it is the nonchalant, carefree, yet joyful spirit that stands out. It is impossible to pigeonhole or stereotype such an individual; needless to say they may have broken the mould with this one. You can view Brodie Young’s artwork at, and stay tuned for COVET TV


Where you might know her from? She appeared alongside Whitney Port in MTV’S The City and is the darling of numerous best-dressed lists. Among other publications, she recently graced the pages of Spanish Vogue and has appeared in numerous ad campaigns. She also has a new reality show in the works which will follow her every move as she launches her own fashion label. Signature Style Olivia sports a classic style with a modern twist. She fearlessly incorporates statement accessories in unexpected hues to keep her look fresh and unique. Signature Pieces Olivia has every fashionista’s ultimate accessory: The Birkin by Hermès in black and tan. She also customizes her looks by adding statement jewelry, such as an ornate cuff by House of Levande 1960 or a fabulous cocktail ring by Mawi. Favorite Labels Where do we start? Giambattista Valli, DVF, Giorgio Armani, Valentino, Matthew Williamson, Zara and Top Shop just to name a few. She also has an enviable collection of Charlotte Olympia heels. How to Get Her Look Take a LBD up a notch with a statement necklace, bright pumps and a fabulous clutch (as seen on Olivia). It’s also wise to invest in simple, coordinating separates and update with accessories. You’d be surprised at how a gorgeous cuff or cocktail ring can transform a simple outfit.



Olivia Palermo

by Catherine Ciccone

Victoria Beckham Where you might know her from? I’m pretty sure every fashion savvy lady or gentlemen will know who La Beckham is. But just to be safe … Victoria, formerly known as Posh Spice, was part of the 1990’s pop group sensation ‘The Spice Girls’. She now has her own wildly successful fashion label and is the doting mother of three gorgeous boys with another on the way. Oh and she is married to football-star, David Beckham. Signature Style Über-chic fashionista. Victoria favors timeless silhouettes and lady-like ensembles with sky-high heels. Her look is clean and simple. Well, not that simple but she makes it look easy! Signature Pieces Why her Victoria Beckham oversized sunglasses, of-course! She’s also rarely every seen without one of her made-to-order Hermès bags or her own super-luxe Victoria Beckham bags. Favorite Labels These days, Victoria is mostly seen in her own designs. However, other labels she loves are Roberto Cavalli, Valentino, Chanel, Balmain and Marc Jabobs. Don’t forget her love of Christian Laboutin and Brian Attwood pumps. How to Get Her Look Go for a cropped wool pant in black, white or grey as they are a fresh alternative to a full-length pant. Wear with a chic blouse and fabulous pumps and you’re ready to go! For evening, try an elegant column dress in a muted tone with simple accessories for a fuss free yet timeless look. Also, never underestimate the power of a black tuxedo jacket.


Where you might know her from? Diane is known for her roles in blockbuster films such as, Troy, National Treasure and Inglorious Basterds. She recently became the face of Calvin Klein’s latest fragrance, Beauty. Signature Style Diane’s style is somewhat eclectic yet effortlessly cool. No stranger to taking risks on the red carpet, Diane’s off-beat selections are always a favorite with the critics. Signature Pieces Diane is always wearing something by Chanel. Last year she was frequently photographed with the Hermès Constance bag. Other than that, her staples seem to be a tailored jacket with simple T-Shirts. Favorite Labels Often selecting a Chanel creation for a big event, Diane defers to Karl Lagerfeld’s genius for the red-carpet. She also shines in Christian Lacroix, Calvin Klein, Marchesa, Lanvin and Jason Wu. How to Get Her Look Choose pants in a light-weight fabric and wear them with a simple T-shirt and a boyfriend blazer for an easy day look. For evening, take a risk with feathers or ruffles. Keep it elegant with minimal accessories and make-up.



Diane Kruger

Giovanna Battaglia Where you might know her from? Italian born Giovanna is a former Dolce & Gabanna model and is currently the fashion editor of L’Uomo Vogue, as well as the Fashion Director of Vogue Gioello and Vogue Pelle. She is also a freelance stylist. Signature Style It is difficult to pinpoint a precise title which accurately defines Giovanna’s style. She has an amazing ability to interpret any trend and create something that is uniquely “her”. Check out the pictures, you’ll know what I mean. Signature Pieces Beautiful jackets, tailored pants and elegant frocks are the order of the day. She also has a gorgeous handbag collection and is often seen toting around one of Sara Battaglia’s handbag designs, who is her sister. Favorite Labels Dolce & Gabanna is a favorite as are Alberta Ferretti, Azzedine Alaïa, Gucci, Dior, Fendi, Prada, Roberto Cavalli and Valentino. How to Get Her Look Dress up a pair of cropped jeans with a printed blouse and fabulous jacket. Pick dresses which flatter your figure and then select your accessories wisely. Giovanna rarely wears too much jewelry but always has an amazing bag and pair of shoes to create a flawless ensemble.



Kimbra by Madeline Rough

If you haven’t heard of her yet, don’t worry, you will. The cute and quirky twenty year old singer, songwriter is headlining the Triple J Hottest 100 Party at the Espy for Australia Day and is set to release her debut album Vows in the coming weeks. Heralded as “the next big thing” by celebrity blogger Perez Hilton, and listed as one of the “women to watch” in 2011 by Weekend magazine, Kimbra is already making her mark on the Australian music scene. Listing boundary pushers Prince and Michael Jackson as her music idols, it comes as no surprise that Kimbra has carved out a distinctly unique sound for herself. Her other influences include Nina Simone and indie sensation Bjork. “I draw a lot of inspiration from Bjorkher incredible use of the human voice as an instrument in its own right.” She describes her music as pop, with a little bit of a twist, incorporating a whole range of other genres including soul, funk and jazz. “It’s hard to put a label on it. I love to make music which is challenging and a bit theatrical,” she says. But where did this extraordinary voice come from? With her father a doctor and mother a nurse, Kimbra has little in the way of a musical background. Now based in Melbourne, the New Zealand born songstress found her voice performing in her high school choir before making the natural gravitation towards soul and musical theatre. “I picked up the guitar at age 13 and started writing songs from then on. It’s always been something very natural for me, from a very young age I just loved putting songs together.” It wasn’t until she turned seventeen that Kimbra was offered a recording contract with Forum 5 Management. “That was the point where everything changed for me, I moved over here away from friends and family to


pursue my dream, to record an album and explore a new country” she tells COVET. With the expert help of producer Francois Tetaz (Architecture in Helsinki, Bertie Blackman, Gotye) and Australian Urban producer M-Phazes (Amerie, Pharoahe, Monch & Phrase) Kimbra began work on her debut album. “I’ve been working on my album Vows since I moved to Melbourne, so I’ve been writing and developing sound for two-three years. All good things take time so it’s worth it” she says. “The word ‘vows’ encompasses a lot of the themes in the album. Promises and commitment come up a lot in the songs. The promises we make tell a lot about a person”, she explains. With her debut album in its final stages of mixing and her latest single Settle Down achieving extensive airplay, Kimbra is doing anything but. Her favourite gig, she says, was playing at the Meredith Music Festival. A sold out show at the Northcote Social Club was also a highlight in her quickly escalating career. When she isn’t busy performing or working on album mixes, she likes to bury herself in inspirational material. “I try to keep inspired by consuming as much art as I can. Anything can inspire me, nature or a single image in a film, it’s a beautiful thing. You never know when that spark is going to happen”. For anyone trying to break into the music industry, Kimbra offers a few words of wisdom. “Having experience and getting out there and playing and writing songs as much as possible, that’s the only way you get better. Try and get in touch with as many people in the industry as you can, feed yourself as much art as you can and take a hold of all the opportunities that come your way” Kimbra will be playing at the St Kilda Festival Sat 13 Feb and Chill-Out Festival (Daylesford) Sun 13 March.






or the Aussie fashionista there has never been a better time to shop online. As the world of e-commerce grows, we have more and more access to international labels that have never reached our shores before. Although our seasons run behind the rest of the world, it doesn’t mean our fashion consciousness need be. Online shopping allows us to take advantage of this. Countries like the US and UK start their winter sales before our cold season even begins! And what with the US dollar almost matching our own, now is the time to find a bargain. Be savvy and you can find whole outfits, even an entire new season wardrobe for up to 70 per cent off! You know what else? As well as being great for our pockets, online shopping can also be educational. Educational you say? Umm yeah! Top fashion portals keep up to date with the fashion world. They forecast trends and key looks for the season ahead. Utilizing this can help you make smart buying choices, so your wardrobes will last longer. Here’s our pick of the web...


Most would consider this the Mecca of all online shopping portals. Presented in the style of a glossy high-fashion magazine, UK based NET-A-PORTER is an online haven of luxury designer fashion. From McQueen to Marant, Louboutin to Yves Saint Laurent; think of the ultimate designer label and our bet is, NET-A-PORTER has it. Not only is NET-A-PORTER a shopping destination, it is a place for fashion education. The site has a weekly magazine showcasing current styles and trends, allowing you to “shop the look” straight from its glossy pages. Our favourite feature: The personalized e-mailing system. NET-A-PORTER allows you to select the designers you have key interest in, and they will keep you posted when new items arrive. Updated three times a week, you know you can always look forward to something juicy in your inbox. Not to mention they throw in weekly Fashion News updates for good measure! And guys, word on the street is MR PORTER is coming, so keep your eyes peeled...


US based Shopbop is best known for its wide variety of both luxury and affordable fashion labels. It is particularly valuable for the fashionista looking for a large selection of American designer collections. Shopbop has an excellent range of US fav’s such as Alexander Wang, Marc by Marc Jacobs and 3.1 Phillip Lim. Not to mention a growing number of Aussie labels like Zimmerman, and affordable fashion label Mink Pink. Shopbop offers something for everyone. With an extremely user-friendly layout, you can choose to shop by occasion or Shopbop’s regular trend reports. E-mail updates being sent daily, this site is excellent in keeping you in the loop with what’s new and who and what are the seasons latest and greatest . Not to mention the styling on the website is inspiration enough! Our favourite feature: Shopbop offers amazing shipping rates and deals. Currently if you spend over $100US, shipping is free. Oh and did we mention three day international delivery at no extra charge? What more could we ask? There are also crazy flash sales, so subscribe and do your credit card a favour!


If you’re not browsing it yet, you need to be! Based in the UK, ASOS is a fashion and beauty retailer taking the world by storm! Stocking over 35,000 brands and its own ASOS brand products, ASOS offers up an impressive selection. For both men and women, shoppers can search what they are looking for by

style or theme, or simply by checking out the “New in” section. There is also a massive outlet store where you’re sure to grab a bargain. ASOS is a true mover and shaker with the fashion world. They have included a “Marketplace” section into their site which showcases Vintage and Ethical fashion and even emerging designer boutiques which people can shop from. Our favourite feature: ASOS brand clothing. With on-trend runway inspired designs at extremely affordable prices, there isn’t much need to look elsewhere! Now with flat rate shipping to Australia and the choice of standard or express shipping, we know where Saturday night’s outfit is coming from!


THE OUTNET is the sister site to ecommerce giant NET-APORTER, and where she sends all her fabulous designer items to be slashed, up to 70% off! Definitely one to watch for keen fashionista’s who are looking to snap up a serious designer bargain. Like its big sister, THE OUTNET hosts an array of international labels such as Chloe, Sergio Rossi, Juicy Couture and Gucci. Check out the “Dress Me” section where they offer instant outfit solutions – did we mention of which all the items are on sale?! They style for special occasions such as a “First Date” or for your lifestyle in general, that’s right “Downtown Girl...” Our favourite feature: THE OUTNET offers “Flash Sales!” The two main types are “Pop-Up sales” - a time limited sale which you need to sign in to gain access to; and “Going, Going, Gone sales” - a type of auction where you shop by the clock, and as the minutes go by the price drops. However a single customer can only buy one item, so choose wisely stylista’s!


Etsy is a destination of its own kind. The site hosts a global community of buyers and sellers of handmade and vintage goods. We like to think of it as the cyber version of our local markets and op shops. However it’s even better – we don’t have to physically trawl through mountains of stuff to find treasures. There are lots of convenient search options, which makes treasure hunting so much easier and more enjoyable. Vintage finds all over the world, without leaving your home... could we ask for much more? Our favourite feature: You can chat with other “Etsians.” Meet and greet people who are interested in your products, or who are making and selling products you like. There are virtual labs and workshops teaching you to grow your Etsy business, and you can communicate and get advice from other sellers on how to build your brand. It’s basically a money saving and making educative ecommerce portal – what’s not to love?


This site is home to some of the most talented designers we get to call our own (not to mention a handful of internationals). Just like browsing through your favourite boutique, MyCatwalk showcases collections off the runway from Aussie designers such as sass and bide, Camilla and Marc and Dion Lee. A good site for researching what’s new before hitting the shops to figure out what size you are. It’s especially handy when you need somewhere to turn when all the sizes in store are gone, or will take more than a day to get your hands on... Our favourite feature: Next day shipping and free returns and exchanges. Is this not the easiest, no stress, no fuss shopping experience ever?


ALPHA M The Spring and Fall 2011 runways have been walked and the trends have been scouted and questioned. There are styles, which are fun, exciting and wearable. Indulge in some must have accessories and quirky colours. By now the fads have fizzled and the summer season greats are taking their rightful place - front and centre. Pastels

Without a doubt pastels are a fashion must have for 2011. Whether it be an apricot shirt, baby blue pant or mint green singlet; if its pastel, you need it. 3.1 Phillip Lim, Richard Chai and Tommy Hilfiger chose to tell the pastel colour story on their spring runway, paving the way for the pastel phenomenon. This washed-out colour pallet doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, so to stay on trend, add some pastel to your wardrobe. Style your work suit with a pastel colour shirt or tie by Louis Vuitton. For a day at the beach, stay sun smart and stylish with the new Prada, pastel, aviator shades. And for those of you who really want to embrace this trend, try an all over pastel look Tommy Hilfiger will show you how it’s done.

Classic Camel

We saw tan tones flood the runways with all over camel outfit at Louis Vuitton, Prada and Dries Von Noten. However, time has past and the camel clothing fad is fading. So now, tans, camel and nudes have been adopted as the ‘it’ colour for 2011 menswear accessories. Gucci has gone camel crazy with their current menswear accessories collection, check out the ‘light tobacco’ leather loafer and tan moccasin. Prada is backing the beige trend too with countless accessories coloured in camel; splurge on this messenger bag or one of the many totes baring the classic Gucci signature ‘GG’ logo. But my tip for this trend; invest in a leather briefcase, perhaps the butterscotch, Louis Vuitton Honore. It looks good enough to eat! Leave you boring, black brief at home and style your suit with a touch of toffee, because let’s be honest, camel is classic.

Jumbo Knits

Oversized knitted cardigans were featured in many of the top designer’s shows. Micheal Kor’s styled his wide leg, cotton pants with oversized knits and jumbo cotton tees. Even when partnered with a slim fitting short, these loose cardigans portray a comfy and effortlessly fashionable image. In 2011, the light weight, v-neck cardi is out and the loose weave cable knit cardigan is in. Get inspired by Acne’s shawl collar cardi and G Star’s long sleeve, button down jumper.


MALE byNatalie NatalieAnnetta Annetta by

Electric Legs

Tommy Hilfiger’s bold, skinny, cuffed pants were a clear sign that neon and colour blocking is back. Grass green, pulp orange and fairy floss pink pants were a highlight of his collection inspiring a new bold menswear trend. Moschino have also embraced the bright bottom with their line of electric jeans - a look tailored for the urban man. Overall, very European; but nothing an Aussie bloke can’t handle!

The Perfect Plaid

Hilfiger also showed us how to wear checks this summer. Matching basics with bold blazers and fitted pants, both printed with oversized check designs. But the checks didn’t stop there. Take a step into a Ralph Lauren boutique and be flooded with waves of chequered fabrics from all directions. Loose fitting shirts, tailored pants and blazers are all plastered with plaid. Plaid is also featured in Simon Spurr’s and Duckie Brown’s collections, featuring a contrast of cool, grey tones and monochromatic styling with a burst of plaid. Baggy plaid pants were paired with zebra print shirts, beanies and a loafer creating a quirky and mismatched style. Although the concept was the same, the plaid displayed in Duckie Brown presented us with a completely different look than those shown by Tommy. Duckie Brown’s checks let off a hippie, festival vibe; perfect for those who appreciate comfortable fashion. While Hilfiger’s Country Club plaid presented us with a refined, tailored and preppy option.

Bangin’ Blue

It seems every collection has embraced a shade of the season’s hottest colour; deep-sea navy and bruised plum at Gucci, sky blues at Prada and aqua green at Louis Vuitton. Burberry Porsoum’s Pre fall collection is filled with suede navy jackets and charred blue suit pants. So get ready for the 2011 navy trend by investing in a navy shirt, blazer or suit – it will be money well spent. Many top brands are bringing back the 90’s blue jean trend, showing us that denim-on-denim is acceptable again. But don’t got hunting for your old, distressed, denim jacket and baggy jeans- this look is light, beachy, clean, but if not styled well, a complete disaster! Check out Gant’s denim-on-denim looks for inspiration. Mix pale blue denim jackets with faded grey shorts- no all over blue please.

The Statement Jacket

If you want to invest in only one key piece for the season, make it a statement jacket. For the cool summer nights and upcoming fall/winter cold, indulge in a tan leather biker, ‘Top Gun’ aviator jacket or a double breasted, fitted trench. These key jacket looks were the bases of the Pre Fall Burberry Porsoum men’s collection. For those of you who are a little more daring, the bold blazer trend will let you go wild with colour and prints. Thin lapels and slim fitting blazers have been revamped with a touch of drama. Whether it is a bold, bright neon burst and velvet from Calvin Klein or a textured, dark fabric as seen in Calibre’s current collection- spring summer, blazers will make a statement of any outfit. However, when it comes to formal suits and ties Gucci is the go-to guide. Double breasted, slim fitting, charcoal suits with flap and jet pocket accents were paired with slim cut tailored trousers.


KISS CHACEY • Library Crew $119.95 • Pocket Blast Tee $79.95 • Skinny Robb Flynn Jean $189.95 KISS CHACEY • Trooper Shirt $119.95 • Rocker Denim Jacket $219.95 • Robb Flynn Jean $189.95 Photographer: Anthony Licuria Model: Justin Lacko - Chadwicks Stylist: Pauly Dressed


KISS CHACEY • Trooper Shirt $119.95 • Robb Flynn Jean $189.95 KISS CHACEY

• Trooper Shirt $119.95 • Monster Tee $219.95 • Robb Flynn Jean $189.95


KISS CHACEY • Pony Up Chambray Shirt $119.95 • Pocket Blast Tee $79.95 • Cable Leg Chino $169.95 KISS CHACEY • Straight Edge Hood $129.95 • Pocket Blast Tee $79.95 • Cable Leg Chino $169.95


KISS CHACEY • Texas Pride Tee $79.95 • Vinnie Paul Jean $189.95 KISS CHACEY • 1000 Suns Crew $119.95 • Basic Tee $59.95 • Vinnie Paul Jean $189.95


FASHION vs. SEX APPEAL by Maggie Hellyer


COVET dissects a fashion dilemma... Enter the harem pant. MC Hammer lodged one of the worst fashion disasters of the nineties, however the return of the ‘poo catcher’, was evident in 2010. Many females jumped on the trend, indulging in a little poo catching action. However this sudden embrace of the harem pant by the female population left me wondering; does fashion cred necessarily allow you instant sex appeal? I, myself, unfortunately fell victim to this trend, purchasing at least two pairs of these ridiculous pants. One pair I purchased in mushroom; and another in a muted pale grey. Despite the protests of many of my male friends, I wore the pants with pride; knowing that I was bang on trend. Yet many of them told me I looked very silly, and made it clear that my pants were definitely not sexy. The essential question is; do we really dress to impress the opposite sex? Do we dress to appear sexually attractive? If so, then why wear something you know will repel sexual advances? Maybe the truth is that on some level we decide that looking in the name of fashion is excusable, because well, it’s in fashion? Sex appeal is individual, and feeling sexy is not easily defined. I’m pretty sure Miranda Kerr could wear a potato sack, and still have men fall over her. The notion of dressing to look appealing to others is apparent; however who are we appealing when it looks like we have just pooped our pants?

An ongoing battle between fashion and sex appeal has been a war that has been waged by flamboyant designers and mainstream popularity. Ultimately, you are not likely to wear a pair of angel wings with your newly purchased Victoria’s Secret lingerie, just because you saw Gisele Bundchen do it. Nor would you wear nipple pasties to the supermarket, despite seeing it on the runway. High fashion trends that filter into mainstream fashion don’t always translate well. However if Chanel introduced nipple tassel’s as a suit jacket accessory, I don’t doubt that you will see Paris Hilton wearing them next week. So what is sexy? Ten inch leopard print pumps and a bandage Herve Leger dress? Or maybe denim cut offs a la Jessica Simpson in Dukes of Hazard? The traditional notion of dressing sexy may have evolved and been edited over time, however the truth remains that I’m pretty sure your boyfriend prefers you in a fitted dress and Louboutin’s, as opposed to your harem pants. Dressing for fashion purposes or sex appeal purposes…I suppose it doesn’t really matter. Maybe the underlying note is that as women we just want to dress comfortably? However it seems that for now ladies, we are content looking stupid in the name of fashion, and obviously fashion, in this case, trumps sexiness.


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pattern formerly associated with promiscuity, tackiness and trashiness, animal prints have slowly crawled their way up to being one of the most coveted trends this year. The ‘animalistic trend’, ranging from faux fur to leopard-printed totes, has emerged on runways around the world including New York, Milan and Paris, prompting fashion lovers everywhere to scour for these newly reinstated A-list items and do some prowling of their own. Looking back to the time of kings and queens, animal prints were considered as the emblem of ultimate wealth. Like how animal mountings acted as trophies for hunters, such patterns were coveted by royals and those in high positions so that the world could see that they were elite. Ranging from coats to hats to shoes, the patterns were recognisable by everybody and became an instant classic for the rich. Evolving through time like the animals they represented, animal prints slowly started to gain a different label. With people becoming more interested in items such as full skirts, pretty dresses and diamonds, the former definition of wealth withdrew from the forefront of fashion. As time progressed, the prints re-emerged as the 60s hippy revolution commenced with its tagline of “sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll”. Now, having performed a complete 360, instead of being associated with wealth, it was now about having a ‘good time’.

by Sophia Phan

Perhaps that is why, until recently, animal prints, and leopard patterns in general, were typically associated with status and wealth which usually came hand-in-hand with arrogance and greed. Such was considered the uniform of eager mistresses, gold-diggers or drug-addicted women because of its association with skimpy and skin tight styles. It was easily recognisable as the costume of the femme fatale of the 1990s. The ethics associated with animal prints and furs played a big role in the decline of their ensemble involvement with activists protesting its use. Paint stains were not uncommon on many garments as individuals started to rally stronger and stronger for the rights of animals.


But despite the stigma placed on furs and animal prints during this time, the revival of the trend (as evident in shows such as Dolce & Gabbana, Celine, Balmain, Proenza Schouler and Blumarine) is a testament to its timelessness. As society is becoming more aware of environment degradation and the rapid decline of animal populations, faux fur has steadily replaced real animal hide. Its image began to crawl back up the ranks as designers slowly started to fuse the patterns into their collections. Soon enough, Fall collections consisted of tall mannequins sporting zebra stripes and leopard spots. The animals now reigned superior in the kingdom of couture as they appeared all over in the guise of dresses, jackets, skirts and shoes. The direction of designers was to create a new habitat and vision for the animal print. Fashion designer Alber Elbaz stated that his objective for his Pre-Fall 2010 Collection for Lanvin was “to take all these animal prints out of the jungle and into the city”. The final result was an integration of basic leopard prints and textured furs mixed with long, black evening gowns and grey flannel suits. Surpassing the return of high-waisted flare pants and eclipsing stripes, animal prints have once again made their way to the top of the pack. However it is not lions that rule this kingdom, but rather leopards. This is so because the pattern is so diverse and adaptable. Malleable to any colour, the leopard print can be considered as a basic element, especially when it comes to dresses and coats. It can be teamed with denim for a vintage 80s look or with black for a note of elegance. By adding lace, sex appeal is exponentially increased and by adding leather, your inner rock goddess is unleashed. The good thing about animal print is that it is suitable for any age (so long it is done properly). Here are some general tips on styling: • Keep your silhouette simple. Just because you’re wearing animal print it doesn’t mean you have to look like an animal. • Stick to one animal print. Though society encourages integration, your future self will not appreciate a flashback to a plethora of patterns. • Take care with accessories. You want the print to speak for itself, not with the fifty necklaces that are hanging around your neck. • Know your figure. If you have a fuller figure, choose large prints, while if you are petite, smaller prints would flatter you best.

As leopard print lover, Kim Kardashian says, “... leopard print is one of those prints that you can definitely over-do… head to toe leopard print isn’t always the best look. But if you stick to one item like a cute dress, or fun accents and accessories, or simply go with a more subtle shade of leopard print ... you can totally rock it with class!”


Photographer: Anthony Licuria

2011 david jones casting


2011 Stella Artois Portsea Polo Photographer: Anthony Licuria


DINEDRINKS Flower Temple


18-22 Artemis Lane QV Precinct Melbourne Ph: (03) 9663 3022

129 Fitzroy Street St. Kilda

The Flower Temple is essentially more than just a florist. Situated in Artemis Lane within the QV Centre, visiting Flower Temple is a truly delightful experience. A sensory and visual indulgence, the store is embellished with a full floral spectrum of kaleidoscopic colour. Flowers, ornate urns, rockery, and an indoor garden are just some of the markers that differentiate Flower Temple from other florists. It is essentially an experience, rather than just a service.

Mockingbird is a rarity, in the sense that it is a venue with an atmosphere, which cannot be defined. Whilst it is beautifully decorated with interesting wall murals of individuals from different century civilizations, background music makes you feel as if you are visiting the roaring twenties. Wrought iron detail, eclectic furniture, and exclusively sectioned off spaces, make the venue a true commodity amongst other bars/ restaurants along Fitzroy Street.

They are specialists in wedding and bridal flowers, and supply a service, atmosphere, and product, which fuses beauty, pampering, entertainment, and floriculture. Flower Temple is equipped with decadent spaces and a picturesque café, providing solitude from the busy hustle and bustle of Melbourne’s CBD. You can enjoy a latte whilst indulging in the visual scenery, or reading a garden book. If you have not visited Flower Temple, it is a must see. Check it out and take a moment to bask in Mother Nature’s glory.


Trendy and friendly wait staff makes the atmosphere joyful, yet there is a sense of sophistication which lingers. A beautiful bay window allows patrons to view passers by, whilst sipping on their wine of choice, and relaxing in a conceptual environment. Essentially it is a tapas bar, however the new menu is exquisite enough to set it apart from other average tapas/wine bars. Dishes to try in particular; the crab carpaccio, House cured salmon pancetta, paradise prawns and the coconut panacotta with hibiscus flowers and Vietnamese basil.

STAYRELAX by Kate Dockery from NiteGuide

Cullen Hotel

APL Photography

164 Commercial Road Prahran (03) 9098 1555

Anthony Licuria 0411 806 447

Step into a world of visual delight at The Cullen Hotel. The Cullen is the offspring of the art series hotel brand which is unique for producing hotels that combine passion for fine art, and stylish living.

APL Photography is Melbourne’s leading photography company, covering all of the hottest events, celebrities and photo shoots. It is also the official snapper for COVET Magazine, with director Anthony Licuria shooting all of the fashion photo shoots and celebrities you see on our pages!

The Cullen, along with its sister hotels, The Olsen, and The Blackman, are inspired by each Australian artist, and all encompass the individual style and original works. Art deco chic is echoed through The Cullen by original paintings and installations by Adam Cullen, the contemporary bohemian Australian artist. Cullen’s pieces provide a surge of character and vibrancy, enhancing the trendy, youthful, yet sophisticated vibe of the hotel.

Get the star treatment this issue with APL Photography as they offer a FREE consultation for your very own photo shoot! How about organising for a friend for Christmas? Or creating memories to keep forever with your family? Contact Anthony Licuria on 0411 806 447 or via for your FREE consultation.

The Cullen takes on the vibe of art gallery meets out door, allowing a contemporary and relaxed environment. The outdoors and eco friendly vibe that is apparent throughout the venue is enhanced with windows, balconies, and glass doors which open outwards and allow light and fresh air. Each area of the hotel is modern and edgy, from graphic and gory paintings, to the appearance of thick black paint oozing from the top of each door. Every room is equipped with a full kitchenette, and a bookstand full of Art books, and other services provided are gymnasium facilities, and surprisingly a hair salon. The Cullen boasts two restaurants and a wine bar, all which are frequented by not only hotel guests, but also locals in search of fine dining in a relaxed contemporary atmosphere. The Terrace, the Magnolia Wine Bar, and the HuTong Dumpling Bar each exude a unique feel. HuTong Dumpling Bar is equipped with an authentic Chinese oven shipped from China, and diners have the opportunity to watch their dumplings being freshly made by chefs behind a glass window. 105

Stockists: Alpha 60 APL Photography Belle Noel by Kim @ Eyegasm brands 0402 121 921 Cyberia Desmond Friend of Mine (03) 9827 8824 Glitzern House of Harlow @ Eyegasm brands 0402 121 921 J’Aton Kiss Chacey Lady Petrova Lisa Taranto Loop Low Luv by Erin Wasson @ Eyegasm brands 0402 121 921 Mecuralist O.P.I Peep toe Shona Siren Shoes Stolen Girlfriend Strummer The Graduate Maia White Suede


COVET MAGAZINE ISSUE 06 birthday issue

COVET MAGAZINE ISSUE 06 birthday issue