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Let’s Talk August 2011

My Labors, My Love and My Life! Issue 4 is here and we are close to wrapping up our first year! We have one more issue coming in 2011! In this issue we discuss allowing yourself to have those things you deserve, freeing yourself from hindrances, and going forth towards your success! Couture Living Magazine encourages you to take back what is yours and claim all the victories, triumphs, and dreams you desire. This issue has some changes, but we wanted you to focus, reflect, and reroute some core things. If you have followed us through this year and applied some things to areas of your life, then we want you to embrace the changes and areas we still need to make adjustments to! We only have a few more months in 2011, so let’s make the best of them and maximize ourselves! So as always, I leave you with this...

Always Remember. .......... “Beauty has no boundaries, Self-Love has no limits and Fashion is forever! Be the Best of the best, the greatest of the greats, be confident and build a legacy of which you will be proud!”

Divinely Determined, Joi McCreary Publisher & Editor in Chief

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Divine Living

Author Pastor Patsy Martin, Spiritual Director


Where are the older women that are to teach the younger? We are living in a time where older women do not feel comfortable talking to the younger women. It seems we are worlds apart. There used to be a time when the older women mentored the younger. Today’s generation of women seem to know it all and would prefer to listen to people their own age who are not living godly lives. Yes, the television makes them appear prosperous and happy, but their lifestyles are full of lust, sensual dancing, drugs, alcohol, promiscuous relationships, and unfaithfulness to their spouses. They proclaim to love God yet their actions show otherwise. God says if you love me, obey my commandments in John 14:15. No one is judging, just inspecting the fruit, see Matthew 7:16. Ladies, it is time to restore the standard because we are losing our children, husbands, and homes because we don’t want to accept wise counsel. In Titus 2:3-5, the older women have been given a charge to get it right! Paul says, “Likewise, teach the older women to be reverent in the way they live, not to be slanderers or addicted to much wine, but to teach what is good. Then they can train the younger women to love their husbands and children, to be self-controlled and pure, to be busy at home, to be kind, and to be subject to their husbands, so that no one will malign the Word of God.” If we gossip and tear each other down, the younger women will not listen. If we cause division in our married children’s homes, the younger women will not listen. If we talk disrespectful to our husbands, the younger women will not listen. If we are taking alcoholic or addictive drugs, the younger women will not listen. If we don’t know how to get through a crisis in our marriages, the younger women will not listen.

continued...Divine Living If you have divorced more than once, the younger women do not want your counsel on how to save their marriage. Yes, we make mistakes; however, if you have divorced more than twice, there is a common denominator and that’s you. Find out why this keeps happening to you and seek help for yourself (Matthew 7:5). Get it right and then you can help someone else. Remember the days when an older woman would drop everything to be beside her daughter when she gave birth? And then continue to stay for weeks on end to see her daughter back on her feet again? The daughter would learn so much about the raising of her children watching a seasoned veteran in her home. Now the saying goes for many older women, even in the church, “I raised my children. Now it’s your turn.” The older women used to teach the younger women how to cook their grandmother’s sweet potato pie. Now, there is no time for that. What happened to the day when there were young matrons meetings? The women from the church would meet once a week to teach and train the younger women in their homes. Those were powerful times of counsel and deliverance for the young and old. Not everyone is slacking on the job. There are women that want to help you in raising your child however you must be willing to listen. Yes, the older women have been challenged to teach the younger women. How do you learn? Ask questions and dig deep. Develop character and seek positive counsel. If your children are disobedient, don’t keep using ineffective tools, talk to a godly older woman. Be teachable and reachable. Listen! It is time to learn how to be a better woman, mother, and wife. Stop letting your children watch unwholesome television shows and music videos. There is an agenda out there to destroy the family unit. There is a force out there that totally rejects God. Start listening to what is being taught to your families. Restore the standard. Set a standard and don’t allow the enemy to infiltrate your home. Be strong and shape their lives. That’s my counsel to the younger women. Hope you are listening.

Pastor Patsy and Minister Odis Martin Invite you to come worship with the congregation of

Word of Life Praise Fellowship, 1005 W. 27th St. Indianapolis, IN 46208 Service Time: 2 p.m. every Sunday. Word of Life is a non-denominational place of worship, “Where the healing presence of God’s love flows freely.” Through evangelism, people are brought to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Through discipleship, they are taught how to live according to God’s Word; which in turn results in spiritual growth, victorious living, and community impact. Through prayer, they are taught to overcome the plots, snares and strategies of the enemy. Through God-centered activities, they are taught to have fun and enjoy being Christianity. The anointed Praise and Worship team saturates the atmosphere with the presence of God. No matter who you are or where you come from, we are confident you will enjoy the service. If you are searching for a place to worship, please join us at Word of Life this Sunday or visit the website at


Get Empowered Author: CLM Editorial Team



“The Visionary�

McCreary Author: CLM Editorial Team

Joi McCreary, entrepreneur

extraordinaire and visionary! Founder of Couture Living Incorporated! Developed from this is Couture Living Magazine, Couture Living Publications, and also our sister organization a non-profit organization Couture Giving, Inc. As founder, her corporation was designed to encourage and empower women and young adults. Her story is one that is not all a great or extremely tragic one. She simply is a young woman who has always known she is to become something great! Growing up in a two parent home with one younger brother and two older sisters, she was blessed, but had many struggles as a child and youth. Her mother was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1990 when Joi was just six years of age. She experienced many things in life, having to hold adult responsibilities at such a young age. She was faced with many challenging circumstances. Throughout her youth there were lots of hospital visits and death scares. Joi had to take on a lot of adult responsibilities which took a toll her academics and social life at times. Joi really did not consider herself popular however she knew a lot of people. She was perceived as quiet to some, daring to others, and just plain silly to those who knew her best. She always made it a point to try to stay down to earth and humble, even now as she is beginning to flourish in her dreams.


Mrs. McCreary was active in church growing up at her youth church home Phillips Temple C.M.E! It was an outlet for her inside struggles, which she did not share with most. Her mother always participated and got her involved in whatever she could. Joi grew up in the church drill team the “Grandsteppers” as they were called. They ministered to many often ministering to themselves. She still has a love and respect for all steppers! As she began to grow older she detoured away from her spiritual need, but never too far. She experienced so much as she began to come into her “womanhood”. Sometimes, she was angry she had to go through the things she had in life, the hurt, mishaps, abuse, and the feeling of never having a true childhood. Many did not know that she was experiencing such because she felt she had to be strong for everyone else and had to keep it together for the sake of everyone, including herself! Joi has experienced, seen, and lost so much in her short life, often times more than people twice her age, but she still remains motivated to seek her purpose. Growing up with a mother having MS was difficult! She often wondered why her? Why she couldn’t have a “normal” mother? Why did her mom have to be in a wheelchair or unable to just get up and walk out the door? As she began to accept her mother’s illness, she began to love the way her mother would smile everyday in the mornings as she and her brother went off to school. How she used to greet them everyday when they got home from school to see how their day went. How she would counsel their friends about so many things they may have not wanted to talk to their parents about. She saw such love, inspiration, and greatness in her mother. Her mother always was so open and real. Joi’s parents always encouraged her to dream big and never give up. Sometimes these lessons went a little far and over the top, but Joi was always a risk taker. She also saw so much of a man in her father, Ray Howard, who stood by her mother until she left this earth in February 2008. He never cheated, abused, or mistreated her mother. She saw a man who truly loved this woman who physically was disabled. In spite of everything, he still danced with her, took her to dinner, traveled, and told her she was beautiful almost everyday! These are things she now sees, but growing up she did not see these things all the time to appreciate them as she does today. Joi was still sometimes bitter her family had to have certain experiences and she was missing what she could no longer do because her mother was no longer here. She now realizes God blessed her with many beautiful women who filled in where her birth mother could not physically be. She was blessed with Tonya Banks who took her and “Nini” around shopping and did all of those girly things. She was also one of the sharpest dressed women she knew growing up. Then there was Barbara Gregory who taught her so many things about being a lady! She taught her how to keep a house, have respect about yourself, and not be trifling one of her favorite words! (As Joi laughs!) Cassandra Hill, this woman taught her how to embrace the challenges of life with all you have and fight for what you know is to be yours. Her spiritual mother, Pastor Patsy Martin Since the passing of Joi’s mother, Pastor Martin has been an essential instrument in instilling the spiritual wisdom Joi possesses today! Continued on next page

Joi says, “No one could ever replace my mother or be who she was, and none of these women ever wanted to. They loved my mother as much as I did, they just knew it took a village to raise a child and they all did their part to see me succeed! All of these women had a major role in raising me to be the beautiful woman I am today. I am so thankful to have not just one great mother, but many! I also received the benefit of having a host of God brothers and sisters whom I love like blood! There are entirely too many to name, but they know who they are! I appreciate them for welcoming me into the family and still to this day loving me! I’d also like to thank them for sharing their mother with me and giving me the privilege and honor of that right. Aside from those motherly influences, I have a heroine! That person is Esther Mae Custard Howard! She has known me from birth! Always saw something different in me! She’s seen me cry, hurt, happy, angry, and yes “crazy”! She has never judged me, put me down, or made me feel less of a person even when I did it to myself! My grandmother who is still alive, well, and definitely kicking, is 87 years old. I am inspired to be more like her everyday! To live a fulfilled life of such love, caring, and giving. She is so selfless it amazes me every time I look at her beautiful face. She is a blessed woman of God and she pushes through all that has tried to get her down. She’s suffered through three heart attacks, two strokes, high blood pressure, diabetes, and many other ailments, but she walks in pumps, still has a driver’s licenses and drives, travels, and doesn’t miss a beat! She is always giving God glory for her testimony! This woman has been a tremendous reason for my everything!” All these experiences and people helped to create the Visionary we see today! She plans to fulfill the role of “Star Child” for all the struggles and challenges life threw at her. She overcame the odds, through prayer, faith, and a whole lot of determination. She is now using her life experiences to help inspire, encourage, and empower others, especially young girls and women. Currently a Licensed cosmetologist, Joi McCreary is seeking her degree in Business Management with a core in International and Philanthropic studies. With studies in Fashion Design and Business management she was inspired to also become the founder and designer of Tailored Charms Collections which you have seen in shows around the city. With all that she does, she still maintains her family as she pushes everyday to accomplish her dreams and despite those occasional challenges she never gives up! She calls her dreams the “Vision and a Yes Project,” because she believes God has given her the vision and others say YES! She is so thankful for her team; she could not do this without them. They believe in what she is doing and support her efforts to make a difference as big as she is able. She lives by a personal quote of her own that inspires her to keep going. “Beauty has no boundaries, Self-Love has no limits and Fashion is forever! Live your life couture, custom fit to you! Be the Best of the best, the greatest of the greats, be confident and build a legacy of which you will be proud!”- Joi McCreary Joi McCreary may be contacted at P.O. Box 533302, Indianapolis, In 46254, or


Photography: Andrea Smith, Studio 57 Photography. Styling: DaNisha Greene, Yours In Fashion. MUA: Ms. Keondra Renee. Hair:stylist: Shannon Washington. Car Provided by All Year Around, R. “Big Pete” Johnson

Young & Gifted Labors of Love Author: Tiffany Lockridge

BID for a Cause! Silent Auction Couture Giving has launched our first annual silent auction entitled “Bid for a Cause” where the proceeds from this event will support our medical, housing and educational scholarship programs and help us reach our financial goals. So what do we need from you? Spread The Word… Donate an item for our Silent Auction… Give From Your Heart … And Continue to Be One of a Kind By Design… What Items are we looking for to Auction? • Children and Family Donations • Personal Service Donations • Retail Donations • Home Décor and Service Donations • Vacation and Travel Donations • Creative and Artistic Donations How it works? June through March we are holding an ongoing silent auction. We will make each item look exquisite and sell the item. Each item donated will be auctioned off to the highest bidder. All proceeds will go towards Couture Giving’s programs. Your donations are greatly appreciated and will definitely be a major attribute to our success with this fundraiser! For more information about our Silent Auction please contact us at or visit our website at www.

Society shows and tells us when an individual exerts manual labor they should receive compensation. Labor is defined as hard physical work or manual labor. Labor is work we do that we don’t always care for, but a labor of love is labor we do because we love doing it, or we do it for someone we love. Is your mind conformed to only working when you are receiving compensation or a reward? We all would, have, and received labor from someone without providing compensation. Parents and family members offer labors of love daily. How? By providing, supporting, and working to take care of the home. What happens when you receive training for something that requires labor? This could be for a job or school? That is called preparation. Preparation is a lengthy process. It takes time to prepare for something that is ultimately Gods goal for your life. God knows it takes time to make vessels which will be vessels that will endure over time. Matthew 22:14 states “Many are called, but few are chosen.” You have been chosen to offer love and that often times mean there is labor involved. Labors of love are rewarding when offering good deeds without receiving compensation or reward. The smallest things become great when God requires them of us; they are small only in themselves; they are always great when they are done for God. So, when helping other individuals with small things remember they appear great to God. Self assessment should be done starting today! When was the last time you offered a labor of love to a stranger or someone in your family? Would you be able to offer a labor of love without receiving compensation or reward? What would you need to do to be able to offer a labor of love? First and foremost change your mindset from believing you must receive compensation or reward, do onto others as you would want done to you, volunteer at a church, service group, or community organization. Each day a love offering should be given to show God we are thankful. What’s your first love offering?


Developing Leader-Lauren Ford

“To whom much is given, much is required!”

Miss Lauren “Future Dr. Ford” Ford

Graduating with a High School Diploma with Academic Honors from Pike High School, ranked 15 out of 628 students (Class of 2010), high honor roll every semester, class president for all four years of high school, 2010 4x100 meter relay State Champion, 2010 3rd place winner in the 200 meter dash, Team placed 3rd at the IHSAA Girls State Track and Field meet, member of National Honor Society and the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, member of the Hudson & Holland Scholarship Program, Sophomore at Indiana University Bloomington, we introduce you to Miss Lauren Ford. Miss Ford is an outstanding future leader and is poised to be a great asset to our community! As we had a chance to get to know Miss Ford, we found she is an inspiring young woman who is a great example of determination. “To whom much is given, much is required” is her favorite quote and her story will share why…. Lauren began…”I am the only daughter to a woman of five children. My dad left when I was about three for personal reasons so I lived with my single mother and three brothers (one of them, Nick, was mentally handicapped) for roughly nine to ten years. My mom worked so hard at two jobs to make sure my brothers and I were taken care of, which I know was her top priority. I know it was really hard for her to be a single mother with four kids, but I commend her for it. Later on, my mom got remarried to my stepdad, which was great and happy, but about two years later, Nick passed away in his sleep. Even past all of our financial struggles at that time and still today, his death was one of the hardest times in our lives. Likewise, losing my grandpa this past December while I was at school was extremely traumatic for me. Losing my younger brother and my grandpa, who I was extremely close to, so unexpectedly kills me every day. I think about them so much, wondering what it would be like if they were both still here. God and my faith and trust in Him has really gotten me through it because I know God would not give me something I cannot handle. He has provided me with family and friends to help me conquer the hardships, and I love him for it. I know my grandpa and Nick would want me to continue striving and working hard to be the best I can be, so that is exactly what I plan on doing. All of the encouragement and drive I have has allowed me to get straight A’s all throughout high school, be a student at Indiana University Bloomington, be part of Hudson & Holland Scholarship Program, be a successful runner in high school, and make the smartest decisions that will benefit me today and in the long run. God blessed me with these gifts and I do not intend on wasting them. No matter what,choices of activities that help me relax are either listening to music, both old and new, or watching a movie, which I do quite often! I also just started reading more for pleasure now that I have the time. It’s hard to do at school since I’m always reading an actual textbook. Oh! Surrounding myself with people who make me laugh and smile is sometimes a must for down time too.” A few of Lauren’s short term goals are, “I want to finish this book series I’ve started, raise my GPA by doing even better this upcoming semester, grow closer to God, do more community service, and buy a car.” Her long term goals are, “I will graduate from college with at least a 3.7, gain admission to IU Medical School, become a physician (not sure which type yet because my mind always changes when it comes to a specialty choice. I’m always researching about different types of doctors), possibly have my own practice or a group practice, have a family (I have a while for that lol), grow even closer to God, and stay active in my community.”

Photography: Andrea Smith, Studio 57 Photography. Styling: DaNisha Greene, Yours In Fashion. MUA: Ms. Keondra Renee. Hair:stylist: Joi McCreary, HairJoi


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The Beauty Bar Secrets to Aging Beautifully! Author: CLM Editorial Team

The secret to aging beautifully isn’t all about looks. It is about lifestyle and attitude as well! When you are happy you smile more. When you feel good you are more productive and do more. When you accomplish more you are happier. See...this all comes full circle and is helpful in leading you into aging beautifully. Here are a few tips to get you on that path: 1. Have a healthy lifestyle. Eat nutritiously and maintain an active daily life. 2. Get adequate rest. Sleep is good for your mind, body, and soul. 3. Do things that are rewarding to your inner self. For instance, help a neighbor, volunteer at a local community activity or shelter, or simply do something that makes you proud. 4. Be an optimist! Think positively. Pessimistic thinking leads to pessimistic doing. 5. Know your limits. Some can tolerate more than others physically and mentally. Know when to say “no” or “not right now.” Be aware of your priorities and try to have the least stress possible in your life. Create a routine to conscientiously make yourself aware of these simple steps and you are one step closer to aging beautifully!

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Fashion Fit Author: Yours In Fashion DaNisha Greene This year’s first ever Lexus’ Nashville Fashion Week was filled with treats from talented chef Arnold Myint of Top Chef to the Fashion Genius of Christian Siriano. There was something for everyone. It started with a post from a model in Indianapolis in regard to a model call. Once I saw there was an actual Fashion Week taking place in my home away from home, I was elated and had to witness history. After I contacted Cindy Wall who did a great job handling press credentials and public relations I started packing. Every night there was an evening of fashion filled with shows from several different designers at unique locations. The opening night and finale night were held at the Pinnacle Hotel which has a 360 degree view of Nashville at the top level. Then there was the night with a show at a venue called the Arcade which is an outdoor/indoor strip of shops, eateries, boutiques, and artsy places where some of the more artistic people seem to enjoy when galleries have showings. I meet a lot of fashion forward people and other designers had trunk shows during the week. The first day show we were able to catch was held at renowned designer Manuel Cuevas’s studio. Manuel has shown during many NYC Fashion Weeks and others worldwide. Manuel is one of the godfathers of what they call “Cowboy Couture” after over 50 years of designing for many Country stars like Johnny Cash, Aerosmith, Dolly Parton, Elton John and The Beatles just to name a few. He’s been influencing the “Cowboy Couture” fashion movement for years and when you think of embellishment from rhinestones, gold, glitter, and country stuff we love to mix into our everyday wardrobe: funky boots, of course the cowboy hats, embroidered blue jeans, blinged out belt buckles, tailored leather jackets, those are the designs synonymous with “Cowboy Couture”. They also had standing models, the designer’s original sketches, fabric sample tables, and the show room was full of his latest ready to wear pieces. From the softest leather, awesome fur coats, and live music I really enjoyed the viewing. All of the models were provided by Doll House Agency which seemed to be one of the rising representatives for models in Nashville. Later in the evening, I did enjoy the night at the outdoor venue, the Arcade, and loved the fun and playfulness of Betsy Johnson’s clothes. The bright colors she used, as well as the accessories, and of course the use of tulle in addition to the more playful attitudes of the models, brought forth the energy Betsy Johnson gives. I really enjoyed and was inspired by the designer who paid homage to Native Americans fused with fantastic swimwear. The head pieces were sickening, not in a way that doesn’t make you feel good but in the way that gives us fashionistas a funny feeling in our stomachs and makes us want more. The head pieces were a spin on traditional garb of Native Americans with feathers, leathers and tribal prints that were timeless in every aspect. I thought the concept was very creative; it was definitely one of my favorite shows of the week. Speaking of this, I was very happy to catch one of the day shows and mixers held at Studio 615 and Sole of 615 which is the premier fashion forward clothing and shoe boutique that had a full out runway show along with standing models. Creative in every way, they had the pink carpet with photographers for the step and repeat along with a fun photo fashion booth which had signs for you to hold with fashion captions like “I love fashion and everything about it”. It was great to see the pictures after they’d been edited and I loved the uniqueness of the idea for their show’s event. Later that night was a heavenly experience with fashion. I say that because the venue was a church. That’s right, a place of worship, only this time instead of focusing on a sermon about right and wrong we were being treated to a lesson on the “Philosophy of Haute Couture”. I didn’t see anything that was awful, but I will say my favorite was Christian Sarriano from Project Runway. Every designer that showed gave a lot, but something happened when Christian’s models came out. A level of professionalism or the real deal came to my mind and maybe it was because they weren’t used in the other designers’ segments which previously showed or because they all were extremely tall. I’m not sure if it was the combination of hair styling, makeup, and the beautifully tailored and artistic avant-garde looks he sent down the runway, a showman indeed. I loved the atmosphere at the varied locations because the energy was always different and the clothes were all impeccably tailored while still being extremely creative.


Music City Serenades Fashion Lovers

Cowboy Couture

Model Mayhen at the Mall

Fashion Fit After the show I took pictures of the guests as usual, but only the ones I deemed were runway worthy. While doing so, I glanced up and saw Kelly Cutrone! I read in the week’s itinerary she was coming, but I didn’t think I would actually see her just walking around with the rest of the fashion lovers. I assumed she would be escorted by body guards or an entourage of well-dressed friends. Nevertheless, I walked over to introduce myself and ask for a picture. She insisted she take one with us that being my friend/model Kathryn Lou and me, so we did. I was so happy to meet her because she is not only a strong, fearless, fierce, successful business woman, she also has contributed so much to the fashion industry by being a fashion publicist, producing shows, and is definitely a wealth of knowledge. I was surprised to see how personable and caring she was when we talked. She is always blunt and business oriented when portrayed on TV yet she was nothing like that in person. Dressed in her usual all black everything, “Goth Chic” as I like to refer to it, I was grateful to meet her. She was there to give a seminar to aspiring fashionistas on seizing the moment, following your dreams, and making good business decisions. Everyone who went said she was very inspiring and uplifting as well as being a true woman of empowerment. During Lexus’ Nashville Fashion Week I was able to get great pictures of the fashion show attendees who really were runway worthy and that I love to see. I also have a best dressed and favorite pic of each night but some were too close to call. So, my top 3 of the week start with a fashion blogger by the name of Zarna Surti, who gave high fashion and fierceness every night in such a subtle way she may go unnoticed to the untrained eye. It ended with a singer/song writer and aspiring fashion designer sister duo that gave a lot in various ways each night from sequence, to furry jackets, leather, and great shoes all week. One of the days during fashion week was filled with various events, trunk shows, and the like but I opted to catch the show at the galleria mall, Green Hills. Various high-end stores and boutiques participated in the show and once again I ran into Kelly Cutrone. She remembered me and told me to contact her when I make my journey back to New York to tackle this fabulously dressed beast we call the Fashion Industry. Of course, I got another photo and took down her contact information. The show was filled with treats, from the kid’s portion the department store put on, to the Betsy Johnson segment and Bee Bee segment. I was happy I chose to come. I stopped in Betsy Johnson’s store and behold more standing models or “live mannequins” in the window. I thought it was a great way to encourage retailers’ involvement with fashion week along with designers, and I hope to see more fashion weeks take note of the many ways to showcase fashion. There was something for the everyday business savvy woman, to the stylish teen, to the full out self-proclaimed trendsetter herself. The fourth night took to the steps downtown of the War Memorial Auditorium where designers did a full about face with their infantry of models. This show was nothing to play with from the pre-reception setting, lighting, tasty hors d’oeuvres, and profound and important location. The designers that night were holding high standards to the memory of fashion fighters and innovators. Gowns made with luxurious fabrics like silks, chiffons, and satins draped with jewels and embellishments combined with the venue’s hardwood floors and royal blue velvet drapes helped set the tone for elegance. The finale night of Lexus’ Nashville Fashion Week was all glitz and glamour with the venue setting at the Pinnacle Hotel in the top floor with the 365 degree view of the city topped off with the over the top design of the VIP Party area. It was decorated in all white and sparkles which included lush white couches, furry white carpet, white lights, rhinestones, crystal, and ice sculpture displays for the desserts and food. The evening was catered by Bravo’s Top Chef Contestant and current Executive Chef/Owner of Cha Chah/PM/Suzy Wong’s House of Yum Arnold Myint who truly out did himself with the extraordinary displays, food, and cocktails I was thoroughly impressed and had a great time tasting all of the wonderful food he made. Last, but certainly not least I was able to meet the co-founder and creative director for Nashville Fashion Week, Connie Richardson, who was very personable and seemed to be having a great time after an awesome and truly successful fashion week. I can only imagine the joy and fulfillment to see a dream, concept, and idea as grand as a fashion week which has been in the works for the past couple of years actually come to fruition in such a trailblazing way. With designers from all over the country both aspiring and those accomplished in their own right Lexus’ Nashville Fashion Week is one to keep a look out for as it continues to develop, gain more notoriety, and help catapult the careers of talented designers, models, hair stylists, makeup artists, Arcade Fashion Show wardrobe stylists, and all those who contribute significantly to the fashion Photos courtesy of industry. Macs Amax Yours In Fashion DaNisha Greene

Scene In Fashion

On the Scene: Yours In Fashion, DaNisha Greene

“No Playing Games” Fashion Lovers at the Arcade NFW (Nashville Fashion Week)

Fashion Followers the Philosphy of Haute Couture NFW at the Church


Danisha Greene, Kelly Cutrone, and Kathryn ‘Lou (Left to Right in Photo above)

Scene In Fashion

Warriors of Fashion

At Home Author: CLM Editorial Team

10 Tips to Keep Your Space in Place 1. Use clear plastic containers to store miscellaneous items. Label each container so you know what is stored inside. 2. Use an accordion file organizer to keep order and have quick access to important documents and projects. 3. Use drawers and closets to store items. Keep your counter tops clear. It looks tidier and has a clean look. 4. Control your recreational shopping or “retail therapy.” This will avoid some of that closet clutter. Make a rule…for every new get rid of two! This means get rid of two items for every new item you purchase. 5. Make a habit of regularly donating things you are not using to your local donation center. 6. Go paperless. Stop collecting all of those paid and unpaid bills! Receive your statements electronically and create a paperless system for yourself. 7. Sort mail as it comes in. Pay it, trash it, file it, or shred it! 8. Organize your house by tasks and stay on top of them. Create tasks centers (i.e. mail station, organize laundry room, craft area, etc.).

Palate Teasers Creamy Parmesan Dip 1-8 oz. package cream cheese (softened) 1-8 oz. container sour cream 1/3 cup grated Parmesan cheese 2 tbsp. chopped green onion 2 tsp. dried Italian seasoning 1. In a medium bowl, cream together cream cheese, sour cream, and parmesan cheese. Then add in green onion and Italian seasoning mixing until lightly fluffy. Cover and chill for at least 1 hour. 2. If dip consistency is too thick after chilling, stir in 1 to 2 tablespoons of milk.

Pairing Recomendations: This dip would be absolutely wonderful with vegetables, crackers, chips, or if you are in the mood for a meat, tender chicken fingers would be a great pair!

Imagine your recipe or culinary business featured here! Submit your recipe, your contact information, nutritional information, picture of you and dish and it may be selected to be featured in our Palate Teasers! Send to


Mature Money Author Lisa Gilliard, M.B.A., M.A.

The Importance of Saving for the Unexpected Have you ever been blindsided by an unexpected bill, home expense, or automobile repair which caused you to spend money from next week’s budget? If so, you are not alone. There are many individuals that continue week after week to stretch their budgets in order to make ends meet even before unexpected events occur. Although these sudden occurrences happen every once in awhile they can still affect us in the long term and cause undue stress. This stress may be just what we need to scare us into better financial planning. Let us first look at a mock situation that may arise and how to better handle it. Your automobile breaks down on a Sunday afternoon. You begin to panic. A number of questions pop in your head: how will I travel back and forth to work, how will the kids get to their extracurricular activities, how long will the vehicle be in repair, and most importantly, how much will this cost? Although all of these questions are valid concerns, the immediate concern should be what caused this situation. In order to better fix the situation you must first understand the cause.

Ask yourself, have I been keeping up with the vehicles scheduled maintenance (i.e. oil changes), have I been ignoring the check engine light? If your answer is yes, it is most likely due to your lack of funds available after your bills were paid. To avoid situations like this begin to put aside emergency funds weekly. This amount may be as little as $25.00 a week, but it is definitely a start. The worst thing you can do in any situation including the above example is be unprepared. While different situations can lead to similar financial stresses, your future plan of attack must include addressing such problems at the root. 1.) You must begin by prioritizing your expenses. Look at each bill and decide which bills must be paid first and so forth. 2.) Look for ways to cut out additional expenses such as eating out everyday for lunch. 3.) Call your lenders. If you have been timely with your payments thus far, you can ask your lenders to change your billing cycle date to something more reasonable (i.e. a bill that is due on the 8th of the month may be changed to the 20th of the month which will allow you to use money from a different pay cycle). 4.) If you have a number of credit cards look into debt consolidation or balance transferring to ease some of the financial strain of excessive interest rates. Many credit card companies encourage consumers to consider balance transfers which will more than likely reduce or eliminate the interest owed on the current balance for a short period of time. Although all of the examples listed may be great alternatives or short term fixes the best thing you can do is plan for the unexpected. Start saving today!



Take Flight Author: CLM Editorial Team

The Mass Ave District Indianapolis, Indiana

Well known to the arts and culture community, but if you simply enjoy eclectic boutiques, theatres, great restaurants or dining, or those stores with those special treasures, visit Mass Ave located in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana. With places like Bazbeaux’s, Mass Ave Toys, Nurture Baby apparel, Agio’s, Three Dog Bakery, Hoaglin Café and Marketplace, you are sure to find what you just crave to have. Mass Avenue is also a great place to take the children for a walk or your significant other for a romantic stroll down the avenue. Mass Ave district has lots of great events too! So check out their website and see what is going on the next time you are in town or just want to find something to get you out of that residence of yours!

Health First Author: Saundra Adcock, LPN

Health Steps to continue a healthy lifestyle...

Self First

Get Moving-Do more daily to be active and routinely get exercise. Snack Smart-Choose wiser snack choices that will help your body function through the day’s events. Go to Bed- Set a bed time. Wind yourself down to prepare, restore, and increase your energy to avoid fatigue. No Last Minute- Prepare! Prepare! Prepare! Do not wait until the last minute to prep for the to-do list items big or small! Stay Focused- Organize your priorities so you are best focused. When you have a goal it’s easier to accomplish things. These small tips help keep your physical and mental health at its best!

Classy & Fabulous

PURE BEAUTY Author: LoveVelya Miller Hello Ladies and maybe a few Gentlemen. It’s a blessing to be able to share with you what has been placed on my heart for this edition of Couture Living Magazine. First let me begin with a quick moment of meditation to reflect on just how wonderful God has been. Has he brought you out of some dark places? Has he taken you through some situations you would never think to come out of? He can do it, Yes Lord! Now I have gotten that out let me share this passage with you, raise a few points, and I will let you beautiful people get back to your texting and web surfing! Ok, in the 3rd book of 1 Peter of the Holy Bible, verses 3-4 says, “Your beauty should not come from outward adornment. Instead, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle quiet spirit.” A Quiet, Gentle, Spirit! In order to have a quiet gentle spirit we must first find Peace, inner peace that is. Many of us live very hectic and busy lives. We are so busy working multiple jobs, caring for multiple children and people, serving in our communities and furthering our educations that when it comes time for self there is barely any energy left. We begin to feel depleted, mistreated, defeated, unappreciated, taken for granted, overlooked, drained, vision blurred, bank account low, hair not done, sweat suit wearing all of the time… I can go on for days. But when this begins to happen it is time for us to step back and take a look at what’s really going on in our world.

I am absolutely most guilty of this crime and that’s why I can talk to you my brother and sister about it. Back in March of this year I was diagnosed with a common nerve issue called sciatica. For many weeks before I actually made it to the hospital I dealt with the worst pain in my left leg and knee. At that time, life was just tearing me up physically. What I failed to recognize was the more stressed my mind was, the more pain I was in. That is when it really hit me that I truly needed to take better care of myself and find my own beauty instead of giving every drop of me to creating beauty in others. I want to lift up these three points so you may be able to find your Pure Beauty and enjoy the abundance of life our God has promised us. First, we must purify our minds. Second, we must create boundaries. And third, we must learn to love just how beautiful we truly are. When we purify our minds we have to rid our thinking patterns of negativity. We must be able to think more pure thoughts than bad thoughts. This is when we are able to clearly see things for what they are and not the movies we create in our minds. Now you have gotten your mind right it is time to tell everyone to give you fifty feet. It’s now time to create boundaries. During this process you develop limits that you put in place for the people around you. This is when you start saying No sometimes instead of always being the Yes man. Once you have purified your mind and created your boundaries stand butt naked in the mirror, look yourself in the eyes and tell yourself just how much you love you. Begin to apologize to yourself for not putting you first and let yourself know how much you appreciate you. Pure Beauty is not found in the world or made up of the world, but it is found in that sacred place inside us all which we overlook everyday. Take time to develop who you are and what you are here to do and you will find a peace that surpasses all understanding and have the ability to live a life of “Pure Beauty”.


Shining in the Spotlight

On Your Way to Something Great and Ready to SHINE???

Shine in our spotlight ! Let us showcase your successes, accomplishments, and goals while at the same time boosting your exposure! Do you wanna shine? 27

Socially Living “Fashion Here & Now” I had the pleasure of attending the 2011 Indiana Black Expo Fashion Show Titled “Fashion Here & Now” on Sunday July 17th. The show was the culmination of the Indiana Black Expo and featured designers Bernie Martin, D.Lamonte, Safiyyah AbdulRahim, Grace Boutique and Nikki Blaine Couture. Prior to the start of the show, the IBE Fashion committee sponsored a vendor fair which included Couture Living Magazine and several other city wide contributors to the Indy Fashion scene. Couture Living was able to network with other industry insiders, as well as showcase the magazine while letting others know our brands, including Couture Giving are definitely on the rise. ...conttinued on next page.

Photos courtesy of NDP (Nicole Danielle Photography)


Socially Living Couture Living’s Metropolitan Picks We have our selected favorites but we want to know yours! No matter what city, country, or state ... we want you to share the enjoyment and help us spread the word about Send us your input on the lounges, clubs, restaurants, historical places you enjoy or frequent! Email us your review today! It may end up on our top 10!

Photos courtesy of NDP (Nicole Danielle Photography)

Our commentators for the show were Mr. Patrick and America’s Next Top Model Season 3 contestant Toccara Jones who added to the show’s high energy. The fashion was hip, vibrant, trendy, unique and breath taking all in one. Each designer added their own unique flair and couture which kept the crowd captivated as the models kept us glued to the runway. Personally, I must admit the best part was the children’s fashion segment sponsored by JC Penny because those kids were so fly! I have attended many IBE Fashion Shows, but in my opinion the 2011 show was the best! Although Indianapolis is not New York City, we do have a strong fashion sense, and you could see this not only throughout the show, but also in the attendees.

Couture Living’s very own DaNisha Greene served as a wardrobe stylist for this show so you know it was hot! If you have never attended a show DaNisha has styled for you are definitely missing out! I dare you next year to definitely mark this event on your calendar ~ it absolutely satisfied my passion for fashion! Socially Yours, Cirsten Social Events Director

Want your event to be listed, please contact Cirsten Secrest, Social Events Director at for more information.

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Studio 57 Photography Andrea Smith 3619 N. Arlington Avenue Indianapolis, IN 46218 Studio: 317-542-1660 Stinnett Realty Lisa Gilliard 10515 W. Markham St. Suite G3 Little Rock, AR 722205 Office: 501-823-2052 Fax: 501-803-9909 Cell: 501-909-9705 Shaunna Marie Hill, Model Indianapolis, IN Phone: 317-331-0475 Worship Couture RoShanda Johnson 13186 Zinfandel Place Fishers, IN 46038 Phone: 317-644-2199 One Luv Image Solutions LoveVelya Milller 1261 W. 86th Street Ste. F9 Indianapolis, Indiana 46260

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IFT Indy Fashion Time DLANG Ferguson P.O. Box 22272 Indianapolis, IN 46222

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Tailored Charms Collections Joi McCreary, Designer Indianapolis, IN 46253 Phone: 317-748-1021

P90X One Karma Teen Mentoring Tiffany Jones-Lockridge,Founder Curat Handcrafted Soaps Curat-Romania LLC M.Renee Al-Erylani www.curatclean

Image Photography and Design 5330 E. 38th Street Indianapolis, Indiana 46218 Office: 317-721-4506

Yours In Fashion DaNisha Greene Indianapolis, Indiana Phone: 615-335-4635 Mermaid Shoes Photography Shel Copeland Phone: 317-670-2419 Nicole Danielle Photography Nicole Danielle Phone: 317-213-9207 Lenny White Pride Photography 317225-2983

Word of Life Praise Fellowship Flash Time Pics Pastor Patsy Martin Anthony Scott 1005 W. 27th St., Indianapolis, IN Indianapolis, IN 46208 Office: 317-347-0878 Soul Purpose Lifestyle Company Morgan Wright Makeup Artistry Morgan Wright Sokna Bambi Spa Products & Services Kellie Young Ms. Keondra Renee 317-427-3482 Relaxation Oasis Travel Massage Services Jennifer Keller

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INHP-Indianapolis Neighborhood Housing Partnership 3550 N. Washington Blvd. Indianapolis, IN 46205 317-610-HOME

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IHA-Indianapolis Housing Agency 1935 N. Meridian Indianapolis, IN 46202 317-261-7200



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Neighborhood Christian Legal Clinic 3333 N Meridian Street, Suite 201 Indianapolis, IN 46208 Phone: (317) 429-4131 Fax: (317) 429-4130

United Way of Central Indiana Main Office 3901 N. Meridian Street P.O. Box 88409 Indianapolis, IN 46208-0409 317.923.1466 Fax 317.921.1355


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Couture Living Magazine Vol.1 Issue 4  
Couture Living Magazine Vol.1 Issue 4  

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