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Designed for Students Enables students of all ages across content areas! - Writing based assignments - Remembering class discussions - Readings and note taking

Compatible with the Livescribe+ App - Take notes while recording audio to revisit at a later time - Avalibale for free in the app store!

The SmartPen3 has an‌ infrared camera tracks and records what is written

built in microphone records the speaker flash memory and lithium ion battery BluetoothSMART technology Syncs to Ipad, laptop, smartphone

How do you use SmartPen3? Step 1: Tap the record button in the notebook that is made to go with the pen Step 2: Write and/or draw the notes you would like to take in the notebook Step 3: Tap the stop button in the notebook when you are finished Step 4: Tap a section of your notes to replay what the speaker was saying

“Livescribe smartpens  have  also  been   used  to  support  students  with  limited   concentration,  short  term  memory   issues,  auditory  processing,  slower   handwriting,  divided  and  sustained   attention  challenges,  giving  those   students  a  better  chance  at  academic   success.”  

“Teachers say  that  students   are  improving  their  grades   because  they  can  hear  what   the  teacher  said  while  they   were  taking  notes,  then  replay   the  lecture  at  home.” News  Releases  

Livescribe 3  was  named  one   of  the  most  innovative   products  at  CES  2014  by   the  prestigious   Envisioneering  analyst  firm  

Where do you purchase SmartPen3? Available for purchase at for $149.95 *currently includes complementary 1-year Office 365 Home Premium Also available at , apple , paridisepen, and select global retailers

Resources­‐ us/smartpen/ls3/ d718731977?ls=1&mt=8    

Courtney Scott Seton Hall University EDST 6307: Integrating Technology in the Inclusive Classroom 4/5/2014

Assistive tech brochure - C Scott  

EDST 6307 Seton Hall