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2012 Gift of Time Awards Luncheon

“It “It isis not not how how much much you you do, do, but but how how much much love love you you put put in in the the doing.” doing.”

Linda Bossi Springfield, Missouri Nominated by: Louise Jackson Linda brings energy and a loving attitude to her work in feeding the hungry and caring for the needy. She routinely projects a kind and understanding image in her interactions with others. She is constantly thinking of more ways to find and deliver surplus food to those in our community who need it. She never flinches from what needs to be done. The work Linda does to enrich the life of our community is beyond any call of duty and she does it out of a heart of love for others. She is, perhaps, one of the worthiest of us all. Robert Childress Billings, Missouri Nominated by: Springfield – Greene County Parks Botanical Center Robert Childress is the one doing the heavy lifting and providing the gentle touch for creating a beautiful Springfield! Bob has overseen the construction and on-going maintenance of nearly every garden at the Springfield Botanical Gardens in Nathanael Greene/Close Memorial Park. His plant knowledge and elbow grease have contributed to one of the most diverse collections of plants and attractive garden settings in the southwest Missouri region. Bob modestly reported over 500 hours of service in the past year. Jerry Clark Springfield, Missouri Nominated by: Kay Logsdon and Springfield – Greene County Parks Department Jerry Clark has been a volunteer in Springfield for more than the 20 years. She frequently finds herself in the role of chairing local organizations representing essential medical, educational, environmental, recreational and spiritual objectives. Her only real expectation is to make each organization better, and in doing so, enhance our community. Jerry has become well-known for her role as chair of the Springfield – Greene County Park Board. She has worked closely and tirelessly with the Board and Parks administrative staff to develop a milestone Intergovernmental Agreement outlining the governance, operational responsibilities, and financial commitments shared between the Park Board, the City of Springfield, and the Greene County Commission. Springfield is a stronger, more resilient, and a far more civil, community as a result of her efforts. Nita Cooper Battlefield, Missouri Nominated by: Springfield Workshop Nita is one in a million. She is the first person to volunteer when there is a need. She puts in many hours weekly to help our employee’s gain healthcare and basic needs that they did not have before. This includes driving the employee in her personal car to the doctor to get a diagnosis and filing out multiple documents for the employees. She does this on her own time and without compensation. She is a blessing for our employees.


Genny Cramer Springfield, Missouri Nominated by: OTC – Adult Education and Literacy Through education, the arts, the faith community and other organizations that support families and individuals in need, Genny Cramer gives her time, her talents and her service for the greater good of this community. Genny began volunteering at the KIND PLACE KITCHEN GED Center though the Adult Education and Literacy program at Ozarks Technical Community College in 1997. Genny serves on the Board of Directors for the Student Regional Council which organizes and supports area art activities and cultural organizations. It is evident that Genny feels strongly about giving back to the community. Ronald Cutter Springfield, Missouri Nominated by: Air and Military Museum of the Ozarks Ronald Cutter is the Museum Director and is dedicated to honoring our veterans and educating our visitors, especially children about what all veterans have done to keep us safe. He is responsible for the various local school classes and home schooled children groups that visit our museum each year. The best thing about Ronald is to see his face light up when he hears the laughter of a child as he enters the museum and yells, “Oh Boy, look at that.” He just can’t wait to show the young child all the amazing historical and educational things that await him in our museum. Marilyn Daniel Springfield, Missouri Nominated by: Joan Williams Marilyn Daniel is a selfless and truly gifted individual. Her contributions to our community are as unique as her many talents. Having served as president, vice-president and recording secretary of the local Soroptimist Club many times over since early 1980 she has been instrumental in making sure that the club continues to be active in our community. This beautiful lady loves the Lord and serves Him, in many capacities through her church and in her everyday life. She selflessly gives of her time and her resources to make life a little more joyful and easier to bear for many people in her community. Pat Dierking Springfield, Missouri Nominated by: Jodie Adams Pat Dierking truly embodies the ideal of servant leadership to our community, those around her, and most importantly, individuals in need. She inspires, motivates, plans, implements and succeeds in giving back to her community with a humble confidence and dedication to helping others. Pat rejuvenated the Children and Community Service Committee focus on giving back to the community in tangible ways through service projects and fundraisers, the most notable being the Jenny Lincoln Park special needs playground project. If there is a community need to address, she can do it.


Midge Dowler Springfield, Missouri Nominated by: John Wylie Midge Dowler has volunteered for Crosslines for over 25 years. She performs a variety of duties including helping people receive food from the pantry, stocking shelves, and taking applications at the pantry. Midge has been an active member of the Walnut Street Christian Church for over 60 years. Even with some physical limitations, and being 80 years old, she is very dedicated to service in the church. Every time there is a need, she is right there. Pauletta Dunn Springfield, Missouri Nominated by: Springfield-Greene County Park Board Pauletta Dunn has demonstrated that it does not take a lot of money to put a smile on the face of a young child. It does take a heart of gold, a committed passion, leadership skills and a strong sense of community responsibility. This kind lady has volunteered for years within her neighborhood to organize parents and coaches directing baseball, soccer and flag football leagues. Pauletta has volunteered for the Grant Beach Neighborhood Association for 23 years; Hovey House for 2½ years; Community Partnership of the Ozarks for 16 years; Weaver School Caring Community liaison for 16 years and Weaver PTA and Booster Club for 31 years. Thanks Pauletta for all the efforts to putting a smile on a kid’s face. Recognition is long overdue and we want to thank you for your many acts of kindness. Tara Hammer Springfield, Missouri Nominated by: Springfield-Greene County Emergency Management Tara Hammer has proven to be one of the hardest working, most versatile people to ever enter our office. There is no task, whether small or large, that she has not completed with the utmost quality. Tara is a full-time student and has been working with our office on an almost daily basis, many times giving as much time to our office as a full-time employee. She shows steadfast dedication to our office by being willing to help us when our duties have fallen outside of the typical Springfield-Greene County jurisdiction. She was with our personnel who assisted with emergency management issues during both the 2011 Joplin EF-5 tornado and the 2012 Branson Leap Day tornado. During both of these incidents she took on new responsibilities without complaint and excelled in her duties. Evelyn Howard Springfield, Missouri Nominated by: CoxHealth Evelyn Howard has truly served our company and the community, first as a hospital Auxiliary board member and then as their president. She worked at all fundraising projects for 28 years, chairing many of the committees. Evelyn began her volunteer desk in 1970, and to date has completed over 14,560 hours – 42 years of service as a volunteer. Her quiet, sincere and persuasive manner has enabled her to further the cause and mission of the hospital and accomplish many things for the Auxiliary and hospital. Through her service to the Auxiliary board, hospital board and advisory committee; the patients, families, visitors, staff she has brought many volunteers in to serve alongside her at the hospital. She is truly an outstanding volunteer.


Cathy Lakowske Springfield, Missouri Nominated by: The Caring People Selfless love… that is the term best used to describe Cathy Lakowske. As a founding co-leader of the Second Baptist Care Group for Single Moms, and organizer for the Springfield chapter of the Caring People, Cathy has contributed over 10,000 hours in service. Her talents in each role, whether as a mentor or organizer makes Cathy special. Everything she touches is filled with love and compassion. Cathy is a shining example of Christian servanthood and all those who come into contact with her are forever changed. Cathy and her group were recently featured in a video aptly name…LOVE THEM LIKE JESUS. Cathy does just that and we are forever thankful. Caleb Lipscomb Springfield, Missouri Nominated by: CoxHealth Caleb Lipscomb has a bright smile and a caring heart. He tells me all the time, “You just got to want to smile before it will really show on your face.” Caleb greets people as they walk in the front door with his wonderful smile and asks if they need a wheelchair. If he isn’t greeting people he is delivering flowers. One patient said he not only brought the flowers in the room, he read the card, filled the vase with water, gave her the call button that was dropped on the floor, moved her tray so she could reach it, smiled at her and asked very calmly, “is there anything else I can do for you?” Caleb has been volunteering with us since November 2006. When talking to him he makes it very clear he volunteers for God. He has had to quit driving, but that has not stopped him from volunteering. He rides the RSVP van. He has over 5,700 volunteer hours. Sarah & Darren Mahaffey Springfield, Missouri Nominated by: Jean Harmison Sarah and Darren volunteer their time with the Greater Springfield Dental Society and the Missouri Dental Association. It was 4:30 a.m. on Friday, September 23, 2011 when I witnessed one of the most eye opening moments I can remember. When I arrived that morning, the entire parking lot was full of cars and the line of people waiting for free dental care had already snaked through the parking lot. For 2 full days this husband and wife team along with a team of 178 dentists, 83 hygienists, 170 assistants, 3 physicians, 25 nurses and 587 volunteers donated approximately $1.1 million in free dental care. One of my favorite quotes from one of the patients was “thank you very much! I can now smile at my daughter’s wedding.” Alora Mazzella Springfield, Missouri Nominated by: OTC – Adult Education and Literacy As a naturalized American citizen originally from the Philippines, it is not a surprise that Alora volunteer efforts revolve around helping others to live in this country and become citizens of the United States. She spends almost 200 hours each year helping persons from all over the world learn to speak, read, and write English. Her affinity for those who are new to this country extends to her other volunteer efforts, as well. She devotes more than 100 hours per year to the Filipino American Association; she donates over 15 hours per year doing work for the Garden Club.


Robert McCoy Springfield, Missouri Nominated by: Springfield Conservation Nature Center Personable, reliable, and devoted, makes this individual a valuable asset to any organization and community. Robert began volunteering with the Springfield Conservation Nature Center in 2007 as a volunteer naturalist. In just five years, he has contributed over 2,500 volunteer hours. His positive outlook on life and his commitment to conservation help bring people and nature together. As a volunteer naturalist, his duties involve trail patrol, educational program assistance, area work projects, enforcement of rules, and interaction with visitors. His people skills are invaluable and help give visitors an overall pleasant experience. Jane McElvaine Springfield, Missouri Nominated by: Junior League of Springfield Jane McElvaine is involved with many different service organizations; one of her largest commitments is to the Junior League of Springfield. As a member of Junior League, she was instrumental in helping to develop the following projects and programs designed to help the Springfield community: Hall of Leaders Lecture Series at Springfield Public Schools; Greene County Teen Court; Family Violence Center’s ABCs & 123s Educational Program; Library Story Garden at the Springfield Library Center; Boy Scout Nature conservation Trail; Ronald McDonald House Mobile Dental Care Unit (Founding Partner); Boys and Girls Club Learning Center at the Bill Stalnaker Unit; Community Needs Assessment; Community Report Card, Second Edition; Focus on Child Abuse and Neglect; and Isabel’s House, Crisis Nursery of the Ozarks. There is no better example of an outward demonstration of an internal commitment to service than the actions that are modeled by Jane. Richard Meier Springfield, Missouri Nominated by: Springfield Conservation Nature Center Richard Meier volunteers at the Springfield Conservation Nature Center each week and can be seen working the reception desk or patrolling trails. While working the desk, he greets visitors, answers phones, makes gift shop sales, hands out literature, and answers a wide array of questions – all with a smile on his face. In just five years he has already volunteered over 1,100 hours. Richard is cordial, genuine, and willing to go the extra mile to help each and every visitor who walks through the door. He is an essential part of the nature center that helps build a better community. Alvin Meyer Bolivar, Missouri Nominated by: Polk County Senior Center When I read about this award, Alvin Meyer was the first person who came to mind because, although he retired eight years ago, he still gives so much of his time to others. He gives not just the gift of time, but also his mind, his compassion and his integrity. He is truly a gift to this community and we are blessed to have him. His dedication is evident in everything that he does, whether it is volunteering at a chili supper, helping to serve at a Thanksgiving dinner, or working at the Senior Health Center. He seems to be tireless, as though he can do anything and everything, yet never asks for anything in return. His infectious laughter helps to lighten any day!


Stephanie Montgomery Springfield, Missouri Nominated by: Junior League of Springfield Dedication and devotion to making Springfield a better community is clearly and emphatically demonstrated by Stephanie Montgomery. She consistently gives not only of her time, but also of her heart. She understands that investing in her Community will make a considerable impact in the future of Springfield. She has served in the role of President in the following organizations: Junior League of Springfield, Isabel’s House, Friends of the Zoo, Downtown Springfield Community Cinema Board and Springfield Greene County Library Board of Trustees. While asking nothing in return, Stephanie gives of herself to make the lives of others in the community better. Richard Nichols Springfield, Missouri Nominated by: United Ministries in Higher Education Every week I hear myself saying, “Thank God for this man”. “What would we ever do without him,” and I’m not alone. Richard Nichols started his service with UMHE in 1983 and has served in a variety of roles, but as Treasurer since 2002. He has served South Street Christian Church as Treasurer for 19 years; and the University Child Care Center Treasurer since 1978. He serves nearly 60 hours per month! Most impressive is his work with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. This began when his wife, Evelyn, was diagnosed with MS in 1993. He started serving as part of the Ozarks MS wellness program, which was volunteer-driven. His enthusiasm, persistence, and resolve are contagious. His dedication and leadership is priceless. Melanie Orr Springfield, Missouri Nominated by: Girl Scouts of the Missouri Heartland Melanie Orr is essential in the Girls Scout community of Southwest Springfield. Without her, the special events, and community service projects around the area would probably not happen. Melanie is always working with the Girls Scouts, and several other organizations. Her tireless devotion to enriching the lives of our youth is astounding. She recognizes the true meaning of Girl Scouting and shares that message with the community. She exemplifies Girl Scouting in her communication, devotion and actions. John Price Springfield, Missouri Sister Cities and the Park Board John Price is the definition of someone who woks hard to make a difference in this community, without flaunting it or expecting anything in return for his services, and he does so with a smile on his face and in a way to help others have fun while they work! John has served on the Board of Directors for the Springfield Sister Cities Association for 8 years, as Vice President, President-Elect, President, and is now serving as immediate Past-President. Under John’s leadership SSCA has become an organization this community turns to for uniting cultures and for providing cultural experiences and opportunities for its citizens. John has worked tirelessly to make this happen.


Molly Ramsey Nixa, Missouri Nominated by: Jeanna Callahan Molly Ramsey is the only female vet owner in Nixa and the only owner under 30. Molly is one of those people you meet and feel like you’ve known her your whole life. Whether it is kneeling down to a young child to explain the illness of that child’s best canine buddy – or getting dolled up for a black tie gala – Molly can mix and mingle with anyone. She partners with the Killuminati Foundation, as well as helping Children’s Charities – such as St. Jude’s. Molly’s mentor, the late Dr. Tedd Hamaker, instilled in Molly the importance of community involvement and giving back which she has continued to do after his passing. Molly’s caring and generous spirit exudes warmth, and her smile is infectious. She’s always looking for a way to help others. Terri Reed Springfield, Missouri Stone Soup Ministries For the last 8 years Terri Reed has dedicated at least 20 hours a week to community projects while raising three children and working a full-time job to support herself, without asking for any compensation for her time. She currently operates a free resource website for case managers and low-income individuals, and started a non-profit of her own in order to better assist other nonprofit organizations who deal directly with underprivileged individuals and children. George & Joanne Saffeels Springfield, Missouri Nominated by: Nancy Wylie For over 27 years George & Joanne Saffeels have been faithful volunteers for Crosslines. They have been stocking shelves, taking applications for assistance, and helping in the distribution of food. They have been faithful members of Walnut Street Christian Church for over 50 years. They have been members of various committees and have held elected positions on the church board. Shirley Scott Nixa, Missouri Nominated by: Patricia Goebel & Ken Scott Shirley Scott works tirelessly for multiple organizations; such as Ambassadors for Children, Crosslines, Christian County Lions Club, Disciples Women of Mid America and Least of These; just to name a few. Shirley always tries her best to make a contribution to the community, putting in many hours of hard work, to make someone else’s life better, and making this world a better place to live in. I have personally seen Shirley in action many times in many places. It seems like if anyone wants something done, they know to ASK HER!! Then the job is considered TAKEN CARE OF. She wears “many hats” and is always on call to help those in need, or to just take care of what needs to be done.


Shaynna Shoemaker Marshfield, Missouri Nominated by: Boys & Girls Club of Springfield Musgrave Unit Shaynna Shoemaker has demonstrated leadership and service in community activities through both the Keystone Club and Torch Club. She joined the Torch Club at the age of twelve and shortly after joining she was voted in as Vice President. While in the Torch Club she received the Presidential Service Award for completing over 400 hours of community service in one year. She has volunteered for Convoy of Hope, packs emergency relief kits for natural disasters, spent time with elderly in retirement homes, cleaned our local streets, and raised money for Keystone and the Boys and Girls Club. She is a natural leader that puts others before herself. Jeff Shore Springfield, Missouri Nominated by: Foundation for Springfield Public Schools Jeff Shore is a very devoted individual and gives the Foundation for Springfield Public Schools countless hours of service each month. By serving as the Treasurer of our Board of directors, Jeff gives unselfishly of his time to our organization by donating 150 hours a year. He recently helped the Foundation implement an internal accounting system that saves the organization thousands of dollars in annual accounting fees. Jeff’s service to the Foundation of Springfield Public Schools directly impacts the 24,000 students in our schools. Lisa Slattery Springfield, Missouri Nominated by: Fred Schlegel Lisa Slattery is a mother of three boys, one of whom has a diagnosis of profound cerebral palsy. As a result of this 17 year old’s condition, she has had a heightened awareness of special needs children that goes far beyond the normal experience of most parents. She has had an intense, focused, and sustained interest of the work of special needs children for many years and has become an outstanding advocate for not only her own child but all children similarly situated. Her overreaching goal has been to make the lives of special needs children as rich and fulfilling and, above all, as normal as that of any other child. In addition, this experience has given her the courage and spirit to expand her volunteer activities in many areas of the community including local food banks, supporting battered and abused women’s shelters and serves holiday meals to the less fortunate. John Spradling Springfield, Missouri Nominated by: CoxHealth The Mad Hatter has nothing on John Spradling. This candidate wears many, many hats, for many organizations. His volunteer work for the hospital Auxiliary is beyond compare. Every week, at least twice per week, without fail he works in the Gift Shop warehouse. He gives up his weekends many times during the year to help with major events such as Christmas decorating and the dreaded weeklong annual inventory. Twice a week he takes a cart filled with box lunches from the Atrium cafeteria to the Hulston Cancer Center. You can also find John working on a special project for the Bio-Med Department; being an active assistant at all blood drives; and he is an EKG model. This year alone, John has devoted over 1,000 hours at the hospital.


Todd Thomas Springfield, Missouri Nominated by: Eagle Management Realty - 1 Todd Thomas is an unsung hero that has always gone above and beyond in his service to help others. Todd has done work with the homeless in the area and is always striving to help them make their way back into society. Todd also has done work with homeowners in the community that are facing foreclosure, he has for the past 7 years helped homeowners and lenders connect to do a workout up so that the homeowner can stay in their home. Todd also works with tenants to give them a second chance at renting when no one else would rent to them; Todd is always willing to give a helping hand never wanting anything in return. Joyce Thompson Springfield, Missouri Nominated by: Breast Cancer Foundation of the Ozarks Joyce Thompson lights up the office with her positive disposition and humor. She works tirelessly to improve the lives of families affected by breast cancer. Her passion to the mission of BCFO is very personal. On February 2010, Joyce suffered the loss of her precious daughter to breast cancer. Since that time, she has honored her daughter’s memory with her dedication, commitment, and support of other families enduring a breast cancer diagnosis. In 2011, she donated over 290 volunteer hours to BCFO. She not only works to better this community, but will go above and beyond to do whatever is needed to ensure that those in need are receiving help. Shirley Tindall Springfield, Missouri Nominated by: Victory Trade School With a warm smile and a vivacious personality, Shirley Tindall quickly befriends the people she meets. As a volunteer, she is passionate about the causes she is involved in. In recent years, Shirley’s life has been marked by tragedy, but despite the personal pain she’s suffered, Shirley continues to give of her time, resources and love to those around her. Victory Trade School has been one of the biggest benefactors of Shirley’s volunteer service. Shirley serves as a volunteer instructor, teaching classes in the life skills area. In the classroom, her goal is to equip students with the knowledge and abilities they need to live healthy, successful lives. She has learned to take any circumstance and use the experience to assist and encourage others. Many people have been changed for the better because of her. Richard Turner Springfield, Missouri Nominated by: Susan Hansen Richard Turner is special because he gives a gift to children that many volunteer organizations cannot. His gift is that of an adult’s attention to children – to help instill a joy of reading and art appreciation. He started volunteering at Bingham Elementary; his simple task was to give each first grade a turn at reading their library book to him. Fourteen years later he continues going to Bingham, now three days a week, and now reads with kids in grades 1-3. His wit and humor makes him popular with youngsters and the adults who rely on his help. He derives much pleasure helping to expand the life experience for others.


Isabelle Walker Springfield, Missouri Nominated by: Eagle Management Reality - 1 I believe that the many hours that Isabelle Walker volunteers on top of the hours she works stands out as a good example to others. I see Isabelle on a daily basis making contact with the homeless, she carries a bag containing a bottle of water, a snack bar and a card to Bill’s place. She works with the homeowners facing foreclosure and helps to communicate with their lender and find a workout that will help them stay in their home at no charge. She has been doing this for over the last 7 years. Isabelle can always be found out in the community helping support her many charitable organizations and professional affiliations. Doris Woodard Springfield, Missouri Nominated by: South Side Senior Center In the last 12 month period Doris Woodard has volunteered almost 1,300 hours at the South Side Senior Center. She does this because she loves the center and what it stands for and offers to area seniors looking for activities and fellowship. Without her this center would not be what it is today. Shirley was out for a surgical procedure which kept her out of the center recovering for a few days. Two things happened during this time. The first being the realization of how much she meant to the smooth running of this center. The second, her love to the center came through when after just a couple of days she was back volunteering her time even though she was still going through the recovery process. Casey Wilhelm Springfield, Missouri Nominated by: Tanner Dunivent There is so much that I could say about Casey. He truly is an inspiration. He is a part of so many organizations, and he is such a hard worker. When I pass his locker , I see the certificates of recognition – mostly addressed to volunteers in general, no specific recognition that he deserves. During the Branson Tornado he volunteered hours of his time. One day he worked 14 hours skipping lunch and dinner to make sure the work was finished. I truly believe that he still does deserve that appreciation, and I believe that he deserves recognition for what he has done and continues to do.


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