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MGK: Lace Up Tour Comes To Dallas



Marco Walder is an author, speaker, motivator, and mentor. In a society where the hardships of love and life seem to keep the odds stacked against many, emerges a voice of hope. A native of Dallas, Texas, Marco earned a Bachelors of Science degree in Interdisciplinary Studies and a Masters of Education in Secondary Education from Alcorn State University. During his undergraduate matriculation, he was a four year letterman on the football team. Marco is a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Incorporated and is an active member in his local community. Marco is a strong Christian and roots his message in a biblical foundation- he attends Concord Church under the leadership of Pastor Bryan Carter. When he is not delivering motivational messages and speeches, he volunteers his efforts and energy to the Heads Up Foundation of Dallas and also referees for Metroplex Sports Officiating organizations which serves the youth leagues of Texas. Marco expresses real life and real hope for today’s society. In addition to his first published book, “Let’s Stay Together - Dating Made Simple for the New Millennium”, Marco has authored numerous articles including “Love in a Mason Jar”, “It Must Add Up”, “Emotional Intelligence,” and “How to Avoid Being Just a Need.” A noted speaker, Marco has presented for Dallas Independent School District, the El Centro Community College TRIO program, the Brookhaven Community College Black History Month Expo, and at local schools including Maynard Jackson Middle School and Oliver Wendell Holmes. He has also ventured outside the state to various cities such as Lake Charles, LA. and Gulfport, MS. to share his positive and uplifting messages. His featured works, “Never Stop Never Settle”, “Be the Change”, “Fixed Mindsets vs. Growth Mindsets” and “Do You Know Your Purpose” are targeted to all audiences and have received raved reviews. Marco hosts book club reviews, seminars, and talk-back sessions to bring a realistic dialogue for additional insight and discussion on the message of his book, how to seek a healthier life, and striving to be better daily. Marco Walder is known for the quality and content of his keynotes, workshops, and written material. He teaches using both his life experiences and research based knowledge and application. Marco is an educator and currently mentors and provides advice to people all over the world. He freely shares experiences and lessons in an effort to connect with people and point them to hope, healing, and love. Marco aspires to Lead, Share, and Teach: By motivating and inspiring one heart at a time. For more information or to schedule Marco Walder for an event. Please visit his website and get ready to be empowered.


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Big thanks to AZORE MEDIA for being an official sponsor of Cosign Magazine Since becoming a part of Cosign Magazine, I have felt incredibly blessed to be involved with something so beneficial to the city of Dallas. An even greater blessing that I can now communicate with the city as a whole. This issue was the first issue that I got to be a part of, and as you all are probably aware, I have been working my ass off to make sure this issue will be one of the greatest issues we've ever dropped! The relationships we have built with the people in the making of this issue have even become some of the greatest friendships I've ever had. Shout out to my business partner KG, though. That man deals with all of my ridiculousness! There have been plenty of nights I'm sure he's woken up at 5 AM to millions of messages from me about ideas for the magazine. He blames that on all the coffee I drink, but I just tell him, hey there's work to be done! No time for sleep! Between the amount of media outlets KG and I are connected to, we were able to cover a good amount of major artists. Additionally, we've taken the time to help promote, expose, and build relationships with our Dallas artists! Our main focus of this issue actually happened to be A.Dd+, as featured on the cover, and all of their success with DiveHiFlyLo. Those dudes are some very important people to me, and as their friend, their photographer, and one of their biggest fans, I'm incredibly proud of them. Word to Slim and Paris, you guys will ALWAYS have my support and I know you're going to do great things. Keep up your hard work! Our goal is to help our people elevate to the next level. We want to see all our people "on." A cosign from us isn't just a way to say, "Hey, we support you." It's much more than that. When we cosign someone, we're not only saying we support you, but we're saying we notice your hard work, we want to help elevate you, we want to promote your work, and we want to expose your talent in the best ways possible. To the people that we have cosigned already, always keep this in mind! You are headed in the right direction!

"Brooklyn Boy" (48x56") Tribute to Jackie Robinson

Huge thanks to Channing Beumer, the woman behind for everything she has done for me. She has opened a lot of doors for me and I can't express enough how much I appreciate that woman! Lastly, I want to thank my fellow Coolbeing, Jesse Porter, for bringing me into this industry. Music, especially hip-hop, has always been a major part of my life, especially hip-hop. Now that this is my life, I couldn't be any happier. Thank you, Jesse. I wouldn't be anywhere without you! -SayBrea Send subscription and advertisements e-mail info to Cosign Magazine/ Cosign Media Group, LLC Email: Website: WWW.COSIGNMAG.COM



Big Games This is a world that sees a good portion of the “99 percent” that will never play major professional sports pay extravagant amounts of money for merchandise representing the millionaires.


THE L WORD If you step into a situation believing that you know everything about the situation, you can guess that you are destined to fail.




As early as 6:00 p.m. the line to enter Trees was wrapped around the venue with the majority of the crowd sporting their “Lace Up” merchandise.

divehiflylo interview After winning the Dallas Observer Award for Best Group & Best Hip-Hop Act, A.Dd+ has full bragging right to that statement. For those of you that don’t know about A.Dd+, we’ve got all the juice for you right here in this interview.

6 The Illmore 10 Death By Blue 12 MMG TX Takeover 21 The Watch


We had a chance to get an exclusive interview with the Mexican vixen, Neida.

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16 The Heartbreak Era | 31 On the Scene

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If a yearly award went out to the most simultaneously cool & dangerous SXSW party, The Illmore would have taken the 2013 title without question. When Texas’ premiere hip hop promotions powerhouse, Scoremore, joined forces again with rap blog, Illroots- we all knew the results would be major. A-Trak, Flosstradamus, Dorrough, Macklemore, Waka Flocka Flame, Flatbush Zombies, and ASAP Ferg were just a few of the acts that graced the stage Illmore mansion this year. Thursday night however, is maintaining the annual tradition of being the livest night of the party overall. This year, the Top Dawg Entertainment headlining set will live in infamy. Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul, Schoolboy Q & Jay Rock took over the Illmore with a headlining set so strong, it cracked the second story ballroom floor supporting the venue space. I’m pretty good at SXSW. Not to brag, but I even procrastinated my RSVP and media pass requests this year and still made it to almost everything I wanted to see. The Illmore, however, was a full time job to get into, especially once word got out that TDE was going to play. Myself and another writer friend proceeded to spend the day going through every contact we had, trying to get those wristbands. We formed alliances with friends in passing, attempted to arrange meetings with staffers or friends with connections to no avail. Finally, our luck changed when I spotted a man next to me at the Red Bull Sound Select stage bar with an all access Illmore pass around his neck. We got to talking, discovered our mutual contacts and acquaintances, and we were finally in.

The slow growing crowd jigged and sang along to “All Gold Everything” word for word, but the openers only played a couple of tracks. Next up, “Harlem Shake” DJ Baauer and RL Grime spun long & extremely hype sets to get the crowd turned up as it began to reach capacity in the ballroom. When RL Grime closed his set with Ace Hood, Future, & Rick Ross’ “Buggatti”, the buzzing bass and the wild crowd response felt like a scene from a movie. After a well received set from Chicago’s Chance the Rapper, it was finally time for TDE. When the four Compton emcees took the stage, the crowd went wild. The ballroom floor began to feel like a trampoline as they performed a collaborative set, including “Hands On the Wheel” and “Terrorist Threats”. By this time, it was packed out, shoulder-toshoulder. There were kids climbing up the walls and sitting in window sills. When Kendrick started in, so did the crowd surfers, we had no choice but to move further out to the back of the room and get a breather. As we pushed through the crowd to the halfway point, I looked down the hallway entrance. That night, we arrived early. After taking in the 6,000+ square foot mansion, we decided to sit outside and rest our feet. As it started to fill up with partygoers, I noticed three kids run inside the house from the front lawn. I turned to my friend and advised her, “It’s time to go get a spot up there, because something is about to go down.” Sure enough, not one minute after we made our way up the stairs, Travis Scott and Trinidad James took the stage.

That’s when I realized that this was really

little clearer, but I was slightly on edge after

back to the front of the stage- jumping,

the wildest show I have been to in a very

seeing the crowd’s full magnitude. A close

screaming and going nuts with everybody

long time. As the floor swayed up and down

friend who had followed us back took my

else, laughing in the face of danger.

beneath our feet to the beat of “Backseat

hand, “Are you okay?” he asked. I nodded

Freestyle”, I pointed to the hallway and

yes, knowing he could see anxiety in my

told my friend to look out. Through the hall

face. It was right then, that the opening

and down the stairs to get in, was just as

bridge to “M.A.A.d. City” rang in. Never

crowded as the first few rows from the

letting go of my hand, he looked at me with

stage. As we moved to the back of the

a certain glimmer in his eye, and motioned

room, I began to wonder if we should stay

to the front.

by the exit in case something happened. Images of emergency exit plans played

“C’mon, fuck it.” he said. I smiled, as

through my head.

strange calm came over me. He was right, fuck it. We’d be fine. Before you could say

When we got to the back, the air was a

“YACK! YACK! YACK! YACK!” we had rushed

After TDE left the stage, we sat outside on the lawn, awestruck by the last few hours. The mansion was still bursting at the seams with people when the music cut off. A voice came over the PA upstairs, “Everybody please stop moving, and calmly & carefully head toward the exit!!” No one was hurt, but it was official. TDE had literally busted The Illmore wide open. Visit for more photos


The Cosign Life:


[40] JOINTS I don’t know about you guys, but I’m SO sick and tired of hearing the same top 40 in the clubs or at the events. I mean, these DJs out here have got to get it together. You request a song, they don’t have it. You hope that they’ll play you’re favorite song, they don’t. It’s an absolute struggle. For all of you new and upcoming DJs, and even old, we’ve decided to reach out to some the hottest DJs we know to come up with the best Top 40 you need to keep in rotation! We have even included a few of our favorite picks as well! Basically, if you don’t have these songs, you’re cutting yourself short! Get to downloading!




DJ Hella Yella

In no particular order -

of Austin, Texas

1. Booty Fade - Styrofoam Cup 2. Shlohmo ft. Jeremih - Bo Peep (Do You Right) 3. Kendrick Lamar - Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe (Remix feat. Jay-Z) 4. Atu - Close 5. Deejay Theory - I Don’t Wanna Know 6. Sweater Beats - I Got You 7. A.Dd+ - ...and beyond 8. Lloyd - Lay It Down (Dubbel Dutch Remix) 9. Black Milk - Sunday’s Best/ Monday’s Worst 10. Justin Timberlake - Don’t Hold The Wall

1. Karate Chop - Future 2. UOENO - Rocko 3. Bugatti - Ace Hood 4. Still in this - B.O.B. 6. WTH - Prime Time Click 7. Throw dat ahh - Beatking 8. Show out - Jucy J 9. Shawty Wassup - Yung Nation 10. Problem - Like Whaat Future got the juice right now, most people can’t even understand 36.7% of the words in Karate Chop but he has his finger on the pulse of hip-hop right now!

4 SayBrea Top 5

3 Dj Situation of Flight Skool DJs says these songs are CRUCIAL for a DJ to have, especially if you’re djing in the clubs!

1. Major Lazer - Original Don 2. Jay-Z - You Don’t Know 3. LMFAO - Shots 4. Kendrick Lamar - m.A.A.d City 5. Lil’ Boosie - Wipe Me Down 6. Soulja Boy - Turn My Swag On 7.Ace Hood feat. Rick Ross - Bugatti 8. DJ Khaled & T-Pain - All I Do Is Win 9.Trinidad James - All Gold Everything 8

1. Zapp & Roger – Computer Love 2. Lil’ Scrappy – No Problems 3. Terror Squad – Let Me Take You Home 4. Ice Cube – Check Yo’ Self 5. ASAP Ferg – Work

5 KG Top 5

1. Big KRIT – Red Eye 2. J.Cole Feat. Miguel – Power Trip 3. A.Dd+ - Audio Day Dream 4. Big Tuck – Not a Stain On Me 5. Wale - Bad

Brain Gang Blue

S h o w case Blue, a member of the collective group here in Dallas called Brain Gang, was invited to perform at the Top Dog Entertainment showcase during SXSW. Blue has produced many tracks for some major artists in the past, one of them being Ab-Soul of TDE. Due to his relationship with TDE, one of their main producers gave him in the invite.

With a line that seemed longer than the Great Wall of China, an estimate of about 400-450 people were standing in front of Blue that night to see him perform. For 15 minutes, Blue had their undivided attention. He started off the show with a song titled “Not A Care In The World”, which is a track from his new album titled “Child In The Wild.” In fact, most of the songs he performed were from his new album! He gave his fans all that new stuff, and in return, the fans showed their appreciation by giving him a lot of love after his performance. Blue says this was probably one of the best performances of his life. We cosign Blue as an artist, as well as a producer. He’s done some great things for the artists of Dallas! This man is a musical genius. Be sure to keep an eye out for his new projects dropping, and follow him in the mean time! @DeathByBlue

Check out these pictures that Shane McCormick snapped of Blue during his set. Major props to Shane though! We wouldn’t have been able to have footage from this event if he hadn’t supplied us with these photos. This man seriously has some talent behind the lens. Artists, models, anyone for that matter, be sure to get at him for photo work! We definitely cosign this talented photographer. Follow him on Twitter! @shanemccormick

Shane McCormick

Breanna Loose


BIG GAMES BIG MONEY BIG PROBLEMS Chris Edwards of Cosign Sports

The world of sports is a very rich world, considering this is a world where the billionaires pay the millionaires, and only making $100,000 a year, means you’re broke. This world has unions arguing over not having enough money to jumpstart many struggling businesses versus the people who hold our country by the financial throat. This is a world that sees a good portion of the “99 percent” that will never play major professional sports pay extravagant amounts of money for merchandise representing the millionaires. Even more money is spent watching the events in these stadiums built by whom? The billionaires. This cycle can leave people very disenfranchised when it comes to sports and for very good reason. 10

friend of mine asked me, “Why should athletes get paid so much?” when I told him I was going to write an article on this topic. “They are just entertainers”, I replied. This is how most people view this very issue, and not without valid arguments. These guys are basically just like actors, musicians, and now the almighty reality TV star, doing things to entertain the masses for a high price. Some of these athletes are even getting paid $100 million over a 10 to 15 year career, while some teachers work 30 years just to save barely a fraction of that. Is this fair? Absolutely not, but that is not up for debate because we, as consumers, have somewhat caused this. The ideals of professional sports athletes in the early years of every league are very different from those today, but this is because we have put athletes on much higher pedestals more now than ever. This didn’t start with the big money contracts of the 1990’s and on into the mega deals of the 2000s. This fiscal infatuation with athletes can be dated back to the 1980s, and even back to the 1970s, when athletes started to be more than just athletes. They started doing TV ads for credit cards, such as OJ Simpson. Then there was Kareem Abdul Jabbar making silly movie cameos

that had him flying airplanes, or kicking Bruce Lee’s ass for a bit in “Game of Death.” As consumers, we ate that up. This made it very clear that in the future, the professional athlete could become very important in the world beyond the field and the locker-room. Then, in 1984, came along a skinny kid, by the name of Jordan, from the University of North Carolina. Everything changed. Not only did Sir Airness create havoc on the court with his new aggressive and ultra athletic style of play, he forever changed the way players were marketed. Jordan is no longer a name, it is a brand, just like Kobe, just like Manning, just like Jeter. This now takes the athlete that once had to have a second job in the off season, and turns him into a year round celebrity blessed with abilities most of us don’t have. For that, these men should be well compensated, considering that we, the consumers, are paying a lot of their salary. If we really want to see the PLAYERS get paid less, then it’s simple. We need to stop buying their stuff. Go to games, but quit wearing their jerseys. Stop buying their cologne. Stop standing in line for a shoe with their name attached, and please, don’t follow them on twitter. This will show those greedy players that we just want them to perform on the field and that they have no effect outside of it. Unfortunately, we all know that will not happen. The billionaires who own the teams simply won’t allow it.

"Now-a-days, players have to become just as business savvy as the people they work for" Back when professional sports first started to gain steam, when Major League Baseball became America’s past time in the 1920’s and 30’s, the money owners were starting to affect the nation’s economy. The players soon started to become figures of notoriety, which put money in the pockets of the big bosses. After World War II, sports became an all-out obsession, leading to the rise of the NFL and NBA as major factors in the nation’s entertainment industry. One thing lead to another and very important people with no connection to athletics started to take notice of ownership, not because they had love for the game, but more because they saw dollar signs. With television taking sports into the home of every individual advertiser, this was a way to expose products to fans and owners found ways to line their pocket books. Do you think “SafeCo Field” is posted around the stadium just so people walking up will see this? No, it’s because the SafeCo insurance company gets free promo every time it’s said on radio or TV. Plus, the owners got a good chunk from them to have the naming rights. The players, in turn, see some of the money given with lucrative contracts, but let’s not kid ourselves. Most of that money goes into the pockets of the executive branches. The ideas of “free agency” and “players unions” have to deal with greed because owners felt they could get over on “talent” that they felt was not as smart as them. Now-a-days, players have to become just as business savvy as the people they work for. This is only because perceived injustice still happens. The recent lockouts in the NFL and NBA were both results of too much money being handled by two entities that don’t trust the other. There needs to be a happy medium between the

billionaires and the millionaires, but unfortunately, there never can be, despite the fact that this is simple math. What’s not simple though is finding an owner who balances both, his love for the game and his lust for money, in a way that builds his teams to be successful. The DFW is blessed to have one of these rare people. Mark Cuban may be annoying to a few with his arrogance, but the man may be the best owner in sports history. He never played basketball at a high level, instead playing rugby in college, but he was an avid basketball FAN, which is a trait that serves good owners well. He was reactive, in a way that made you feel like you could trust him, not that he was out to get every dollar you had. He took a franchise that was the worst of the prior decade in all of sports and turned them into a perennial playoff team, but that wasn’t all. He changed the entire culture around the team from the logo, to the way the dancers dressed, and don’t forget about the MFFL (Mavs Fans For Life) marketing campaign. He has been the owner of a team that has been played in two championship games, winning one of those championships. Most owners in the sports industry cannot say that. Cuban has done all this good for the brand, and has expanded his own brand at the same time, showing how good ownership can co-exist with its team. If only more owners, and players, for that matter, would take after Mark Cuban and simply love the game. Instead, we have a world full of greed on top of greed in the orgy of money-lust we call professional sports.





To start off the New Year, Texas had a full month of Maybach Music artists performing in all the major cities. First, we had Audra the Rapper in Austin, then Stalley hit up Houston and made his way to Dallas as well. To end the month of January, we welcomed Wale to The House of Blues, who also did a full Texas tour while he was here. Shout out to Dirtbags of Austin, Intelligent Grind of Dallas, and of course, everyone over at ScoreMore for bringing these amazing artists to Texas. K.G. Graham of COSIGN Magazine

Breanna Loose for COSIGN Magazine

Now, we all know that MMG doesn’t have that big and famous, well-known female artist. Sure, Teedra Moses was the first female artist to be affiliated with the brand, but us here at CoSign believe that Audra the Rapper is well on her way to being the female face of MMG. She’s got the lyrics, the style, the beats, and definitely the beauty. Originally from Virginia, she made her way from New York to come rock with Austin for a weekend. Austin definitely appreciated this. With SayBrea on hand to capture some behind the scenes footage for us, she was able to kick it with Audra and her crew for the night. She learned that Audra’s hair is really as long it looks in real life, Audra loves some authentic Mexican food, and she also loves to sing. As far as her performance went, she included a song for every type of person in crowd. She had a song for the smokers, the ratchets, the drinkers, and all the hip hop heads of Austin. She had an amazing performance, rocking the crowd and giving her fans exactly what they wanted. We officially CoSign Audra and she CoSigns us! Psssst....Word to Dallas promoters, it’s slightly crucial that Dallas experiences this girl. She’s currently working on her 4th project. Let us vouch for her, it’s going to be something HUGE. Go follow her on twitter @AudraTheRapper and her manager @jahtheceo for any booking inquiries. Also, go thank @dirtbaglife for making the show possible! Stalley performed in Houston a day or two before he came to Dallas. Unfortunately, we were not able to attend that show, but we know Stalley and that beard of his rocked his show. Houston’s finest, Le$, was also there to open up his show. When he made it to Dallas, he also had some of Dallas’ finest artists to welcome him to the stage. Coolbeings artist Josh Rand just so happened to be one of those artists. He’s a young kid, but being a part of Coolbeings, they have made sure Josh exceeds the success of young artists in his lane...word to his manager, Jesse Porter. He truly is in inspiration for his peers and sets a standard. He was very thankful to have won the Underdog Hustle competition, which

was held by Intelligent Grind (the people behind the Stalley show) which gave the winner the opportunity to open for Stalley. Josh won this competition with ease due to popular vote and demand! And us here at CoSign, definitely CoSign him. Now, as for Stalley, he wrecked the entire show. Something about that beard of his...every time he returns to Dallas, his performance is turned up. I think everyone was more than excited when he said that he WILL be dropping an album this year. I know I’ve been waiting on that album, and I’m sure you guys are, too. We’ll keep you updated with a release date on the site, of course. We also officially CoSign Stalley. Be sure to go follow Stalley on twitter @Stalley and if you’re really bout that life, head on over to Josh Rand’s twitter @_JoshRand to hit that follow button. Peep @IGPromos as well, considering this show wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for them!

To close the month of January, ScoreMore brought Dallas a more poetic taste of Maybach Music, bringing Wale to the House of Blues. He also did a full Texas Tour while he was here, wrecking mics across the state. We all know Wale can be versatile with his style, being lovey-dovey for the ladies, but can also get everyone live in the club. He sure did get everyone in House of Blues turned up, and from what I observed; it was a pretty packed

house. If you haven’t heard his latest mixtape, Folarin, you should give it a listen. He performed some tracks from that tape at the show, as well as some older stuff he has with his Maybach brother Rick Ross. Saving the best for last, ScoreMore did a fantastic job planning and putting together this show.

COSIGNMAG.COM Follow Wale on twitter @Wale and the wonderful people that made this show happen @WeScoreMore

Chris Edwards of Cosign Magazine

If you step into a situation believing that you know everything about the situation, you can guess that you are destined to fail. That being known, I took a different approach to writing about the two subjects love and lust. These two ideas are so close in feeling, yet so far away in meaning. I had a group of people, whose social statuses ranged from single individuals to married couples with children, to answer a series of questions. For the most part, the answers I received didn’t surprise me. To be honest, it made writing this article much more fulfilling.


Before we can even begin to answer the questions over love and lust, we must first define the indefinable. Of course Webster has the general definition for both words, neither which need to be thought of as gospel, but can be guidelines in our search. The strong affection towards another person, whether it is towards family or towards a significant other, is sometimes overpowering. Too much affection has been known to drive men to kill, women to leave their children, children to disown their parents…..and in all honesty, so has lust. Wars have been started over the love of one’s country, or for the lust of power. Religions around the world have been built on the concept of love, and the contempt for lust, but it seems that the latter possess their extremists. Plenty of songwriters have made classic hits surrounded by the pain of losing love, the ecstasy of giving into their own lustful desires, and the consequences that come with both. The two words, separated by only a few pages in the dictionary, are so closely attached by the feelings they produce inside all of us. This brought me to ask myself

the question of how everyone else views love and lust. Does everyone see lust as the devil on their shoulder or are there people that find love an unattainable unicorn? The people I asked were of many different types and situations, giving me a good cross-section of mindsets. My friends, Emily and Alex, are married and also have a child together, but from what they expressed to me, those things haven’t slowed anything down. They both are still madly in love with each other; to the point to where they both feel comfortable enough to speak on lustful fantasies to the other. Their answer surprised me in that they were so open about it, but yet it gave me a mini epiphany when it comes to love and lust. To truly love someone means that your lustful thoughts can be satisfied with your partner just as much as with anyone else. Yeah, you may physically want Katherine Webb or Kate Upton, but you’re just fine with your baby at home cooking waffles. They also told me they still say, “I love you” while having sex, as did two other couples, but only when the mood calls for it. This shows me that when in you’re in love, lust is just a part of the everyday culture. The idea that you can look at your partner after year 6, and still be as attracted to them as month 6, is what true love is all about.

“Do not run from love or be so quick to fall for lust”

long term relationship so that they are able to move on to the next one. The singles I spoke to seemed to use this as the latter, but were very different in everything else. Kevin and Meghan had both been in love before, and both thought they would find it again, but only one of them felt it would come easy. The other was very well-prepared to live their life single, and was very aware of the role lust would play throughout that time. They explained that it is obvious to them when they are treating someone different because they are attractive, and being lusted after is far more attractive. They showed to be the perfect example of the “wild single”, while the other was truly just an idealist lover. I didn’t want to specify which was which because I wanted you to put a picture in your head of whether it was the female or male that grabbed on to lust with all of their might…sorry Kevin, too easy. Meghan’s answers gave me hope that true love can exist with the younger generation, despite the fact they all seem to be surrounded with lustful images. The bare bones basics of love vs. lust can never be done, because neither are basic concepts. The best way I know how to explain either of the two is through the eyes of the individuals who go through it on a daily basis. The people who live and breathe, walk and talk, wake and dream are the experts. That means that we are the only ones who can tell us how to do either. Do not run from love or be so quick to fall for lust. Neither is exactly what they seem. They are complicated aspects of the greater mystery known as life…but that is a question for another day.

Now, everyone has their thoughts about what it means to be single. Some people find it as an excuse to let loose and be wild, throwing caution to the wind. Others see it as a time of selfimprovement, or as a revamping after a


The Era of

“Heartbreak” Vincent Tucker

K.G. Graham of COSIGN Magazine The entertainment industry is one of the most sought out career paths for entrepreneurs. Many of us enjoy the long hours, sleepless nights, extraneous grind, and the pot of gold at the end of the long road traveled. But, we must not forget the failures, the people we called friends who have crossed us, and the many stories/lies we’ve been told, which inevitably accounts for time lost. In the midst of networking with acquaintances and building relationships, it is very rare you come across someone in the industry that you can not only call your friend, but your brother. Our readers at COSIGN Magazine are very familiar with Vincent “Heartbreak” Tucker as he has been seen in our, “#TheCoSignLife Documentary Part 1” and was a contributing writer in Issue #2. Now, the sole spotlight is on Mr. Heartbreak as he is one of the top 30 rising entertainers under 30, host of the syndicated Vincent Tucker Radio show, community speaker and activist, and the voice of the people.

Where does “Heartbreak” derive from? Pretty much…I had a lot of bad and negative experiences when I was young. There was a deadly house fire in which my sister, grandfather, and grandmother died from complications of the fire. So, that fire basically started a whole train of events. My parents got on drugs and a lot of it had to do with us not grieving as a family and held the pain in. My mom took it the hardest when her parents passed away, as well as her daughter (my sister) passed away in that fire. She became a lesbian and I was introduced to a lot of negative situations. We were also living in a vacant apartment. On January 10, 1997, when I was 13, my parents basically told me they had to get away to get their life together, and they left me. Who leaves a 13 year old to fend for himself? I asked myself this all the time, but luckily my aunt took me in and I had to continue to move forward. Those events, despite all the others, introduced me to “Heartbreak.” The name itself actually came from an older gentleman who was explaining my story and said, “That young man overcame heartache and heartbreak.” From there, it stuck with me. How does your past affect your future? The fire is motivation. To watch your grandfather die in front of you is serious. I

use it as motivation to do it for those that I you? lost and for those that stuck by my side and My dream was always to become a music entertainment executive like Sean “Diddy” help mold me as a man. Combs. The side dream was to become a Have you talked to your parents since radio host. After the executive position I came in with the record label, I became a then? Yes, they came back later in my life, but we promoter for about a year. When that ended, the radio position fell in my lap. There are still working on our relationship. was an internet radio station called, “360raLet’s move to a positive vibe. How did dio”, who had me on the show twice and you get into the entertainment busi- those two shows happened to receive their highest ratings. So the owner of the radio ness? I got into the entertainment business two show basically was expanding and wanted weeks after my 22nd birthday in 2005. to give me my own show. I pulled a “Jay-Z” I was leaving a job and a guy approaches again and took a couple weeks off to think me stating he has a record label that had a about it. (laughs) Ever since December 8, nice buzz in the west coast and was look- 2007, the Vincent Tucker Radio Show has ing for help in this market. My whole life been on and popping. I wanted to be like Diddy. I used to track record releases, singles, trends, EVERYTHING. This was around the same time You’re a huge T.O (Terrell Owens) fan. Jay-Z got offered the position at Def Jam. How did your relationship with T.O deI remembered Jay-Z taking a couple days velop and why such a BIG #Cosign? off to make his decision so I decided to do Shout out to T.O. He was on the show a the same. So pretty much, August 1, 2005, I while ago and he gave me big kudos on the joined the label as Vice President of Urban air. He shows me a lot of support and he’s one of my favorite players of all time. So, promotions. to be acknowledged by him like that and Was your dream always to become a recognized, personally is a big thing for me. radio personality or did the dream find

If you could interview any two current celebrities, male and female, who would you interview and why? Jay-Z and Oprah Winfrey. I like how Jay-Z came in rapping, but branched out and did all these different lines of businesses. I would like to find out how Jay-Z deals with the haters. The friends that were there, but maybe didn’t stick around in his life. Basically, figure out how he made the conscious decision to break away from these people and deal with the hate that came from being successful. As well as pick his brain to figure out how he built his empire. Oprah because she built an empire as well. Country girl that started from the bottom now she’s on top. I would also like to talk about this Stedman situation. (laughs) Who does Vincent “Heartbreak” Tucker #Cosign? It may sound cliché, but I would have to say that I #Cosign Kurtis “KG” Graham and Cosign Magazine. I surround myself with positive people who are making things happen. There are so many things I’ve shared, media-wise, that other media outlets won’t do, so through my actions, I support the #Cosign brand and everything it stands for.



“Art is an evolutionary act. The shape of art and its role in society is constantly changing. At no point is art static. There are no rules.” Raymond Salvatore Harmon, BOMB: A Manifesto of Art Terrorism


The 2-stage local showcase that was held the first weekend of April really welcomed all of the fools of Dallas to be under one roof! The main attraction was –topic, the leading man of Team From Nowhere, and KoolQuise, also a member of Team From Nowhere.


-topic is a self-taught producer, as well an emcee/poet. With his music, he is able to paint vivid portraits of ideas, dreams, and scenarios all over original instrumentals that he creates himself. Some artists that inspire him are Afta1, J*Davey, Flying Lotus, Missy Elliot, Busta Rhymes, and Outkast. -topic says that he is aiming to leave behind a

legacy that will reverse the trend of robots recently spawn by mainstream music, through sheer originality and confidence. The first track he performed at April Foolin, titled “NOID (Null and Void)”, had everyone in awe. Shortly into the performance, -topic brought onto the stage fellow member, KoolQuise. KoolQuise also has a much different sound than a lot of these local artists, presenting a more chill and laid back feel to be synonymous with his name. There’s word that –topic will be dropping his next official album in the fall, titled “Be Good and Do Well.” Follow them on twitter: @FollowTheTopic & @KoolQuise!

Toni Martin made her way to Dallas at the novel age of 14. She made quite a splash with her tenacious attitude and innate talent. Her personality pushes the limits of imagination Featured Artist

and drives her passion for developing works of art. Toni’s pieces are entirely self-inspired, pulling from all aspects of her life. These inspirations vary with mixed emotions branching from women empowerment, perspective from the lives of others, and the will to be on the brink of discovery. K.G. Graham of COSIGN Magazine

With heart-set goals and determination, Toni’s approach to revealing her art to the Dallas area has placed her in several showcases around Dallas and Fort Worth. Her most recent accomplishment has been the opportunity to redesign and perfect the wine menu cover and wall space of the high profile restaurant, Maximo’s Cocina Mexicana & Margarita Lounge’s. Alongside her strength of mind, Toni maintains a charismatic character with a soft spot for multiple charities in the area. As the future approaches quickly, Toni has her eyes focused on a few specific dreams that will lead her to expanding her showcases worldwide, and eventually open an interactive art studio, sided with a blissful café to benefit children in need. We got the opportunity to have a little chat with Toni about all of her success and what she’s been doing lately. In case you were wondering some of the same things we were, peep our convo below and get a little taste of why we cosign this talented female. What is your favorite piece that you have created thus far? My favorite piece thus far is the one I did for Alley’s House called “Be Not Afraid”. Alley’s House is an organization that helps young, pregnant teen mothers, and in doing so hosts art auctions. My piece was a multicolored picture depicting a famous model named “Twiggy”, who

revolutionized the fashion world. The piece has a somber attitude about it, yet inspiring. The colors show spirit, while the eyes still tell a tale of sadness and the lines on her face are actually small, inspiring quotes. The letters in the sentences help shape the contours of her face in the painting.

for more art and pictures from Toni Martin visit


You also model? Do you like to be in front of the camera as much as you like to be in front of a canvas creating your amazing artwork? Yes, I do model from time to time. I think I have a love for both, but each is different. Still, I think I’d prefer painting, rather than modeling. Name some recent accomplishments? Some recent accomplishments were getting up in front of an audience and reciting my poetry for the first time, locating a warehouse to create frames for my canvas, and getting my pieces in a high-rise building in downtown Dallas. Yes, I have several pieces that show my inner emotion of how I view myself. One At the end of it all, what do you want piece in particular was never named, the people to know about Toni Martin but shows a Ren and Stimpy like cartoon as an artist? character with an elongated neck held I want people to always come to their together by a small blue bow tie. Words to own conclusion. I could always try to the right of the face read, “ I Choke myself share a message through my art work, but with my owns words�. ultimately, the message will be different for everyone based on where people are at in This is our Love Vs. Lust issue. Can you their lives. Their experiences will act as a name a few things you love and a few filter that guides their perspective. things you lust after? I love effort from people who claim they Have you created any pieces that love you because passion invokes the describe you best? If so, which piece effort... and someone who has passion for and what did you name it? you is A OK in my book. I have a love for

prowling nights! City lights during the night make me feel at home, especially once I have shared a soft candle-lit dinner with friends and a warming glass of fine wine. I lust for a pretty smile from a good looking stranger. Do you believe the body is an art-form? Have you done any nude paintings or photo-shoots? In its own right, the body is, in my opinion, an art form. There can be inspiration found at every curve and within its makeup. I have done some photo shoots that come close to being naked...however, I normally have something that still covers me. No to nude paintings. What other artists do you Cosign? Lorenzo Lopez, Ray Alvarez, and Tony Horton.

THE WATCH We #cosign these mixtapes!













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The original track happens to be one of Alina’s

First & foremost, we want to give a huge thanks

favorite songs by XXYYXX, titled “About You”.

to Alex Bo for showing us this young talented

Alina was inspired to do this track by a quote she

female. Alina Baraz of Cleveland, Ohio has

ran across one day..”It’s easy to take your clothes

grabbed all of our attentions here at Cosign with

off and have sex. People do it all the time. But

her new track titled “Art of Persuasion.” Alina is

opening up your soul to someone, letting them

19 years old, and let us tell you, the voice this

into your spirit, thoughts, fears, future, hopes,

young one has is just absolutely amazing. This is

dreams…that is being naked.” Alina has added

the first time we have ever even heard of Alina,

her soft, unique vocals to the track making it even

but we are going to be keeping tabs on this girl

better! Shout out to the engineer Brad Puette for

for sure! We have a great amount of respect for

making this track possible!

female artists in this industry, and even more so

Alina is currently working on some visuals by the

for those that stand completely in their own lane.

way, so stay tuned!


Cosign EXCLUSIVE Interview:


DiveH I nterview Featured on the cover of this issue we have Slim Gravy and Paris Pershun of A.Dd+ , Dallas’ best rap duo. No, really…they are the best in Dallas. After winning the Dallas Observer Award for Best Group & Best Hip-Hop Act, A.Dd+ has full bragging right to that statement. For those of you that don’t know about A.Dd+, we’ve got all the juice for you right here in this interview. But first, we’ll give you a brief little introduction about the two. Slim and Paris have been doing the whole music thing for a while and this has brought them a lot of success. Photo credit to K.G. Graham of COSIGN Magazine Breanna Loose for COSIGN Magazine


A.Dd+ As stated earlier, they’ve received awards, been on the cover of Dallas Observer, gone on out-of-statetours, and are always having some sort of performance here in Dallas. To start off the year, A.Dd+ had a pre-release party at The Granada Theatre, called DiveHiFlyLo, for their new album that will be officially releasing soon, titled “DiveHiFlyLo.”

If you weren’t at this show, you missed a very important part of history for the Dallas hip-hop culture. Everyone under the sun was there, though. I don’t think I know anyone that missed the show! This was a huge moment for Dallas, and definitely one that will never be forgotten. We sat down with Slim and Paris the day after the show to chop it up with them about a few things. Check out the interview below and you might learn a thing or two!

KG: First off, I just want to say congratulations on the DiveHiFlyLo album, pretty jammin’. The concert had a great turnout. So what’s the official meaning behind “DiveHiFlyLo?” Slim Gravy: The official meaning behind it is basically to just be a king and reside with the peasants, you know? Everybody is a king, you know? Nobody is better than the next man. Basically, it’s just taking something up to that high level, but still keeping it down low. KG: For sure. Now, you guys are some pretty creative individuals. How did you guys come up with the titles, such as “When Pigs Fly”, “Loosies”, and the track you’ve got on the album, “Plus Sign Is Silent?” Paris Pershun: I mean we basically


"the plus sign is silent"

The name was derived from Paris’ (far right) and Slim’s (above) real names, Arrias and Dd (Dionte), making A.Dd+. The plus sign represents everything and everyone else that supports them.

"I mean, we’re in front of D times, Dallas sees us every -Slim Gravy

just base it off of…I don’t know really. I guess just whatever the theme is or where ever the beat takes us. When we come up with names for projects we want a name that’s going to stand out and something that nobody else has ever had, you know? If you go search that hoe, only our shit will come up. Not anyone else’s. Slim Gravy: “When Pigs Fly”, for example, that’s a long story with the flying pig, but it goes along with people saying, “Niggas in Dallas ain’t gon’ rap till pigs fly.” Well, we made pigs fly. So, there you have it, when pigs fly. KG: Dig that. So, you guys stated in a past interview that it was cool to be different. Now, there are a whole bunch of rappers trying to be different so that they can be cool. What do you guys think

about that? Slim Gravy: I feel like the best way to handle that is to just be cool and be you to where you can stand out. Everyone else is just trying to be someone else, but they need to just be themselves. Paris Pershun: I mean that’s really a pretty vague phrase anyways…ooooh it’s cool to be different. Everybody is different, but most people don’t show it. So when people do try to show it, they end up forcing it, making it seem unauthentic. KG: Gotcha. You guys have a lot of recent success going on right now. What do you think has contributed to that? You think something happened that resulted to all your success, as well as making everyone want to follow you guys? Slim Gravy: I would say the

did our video for the Red Bull tour… we had just put it in the works for the past couple of months that we wanted him to do our music video and that we wanted Red Bull to be behind a certain song due to the relationships that we have with Red Bull. We just made it happen.

Follow us on twitter at @ADdHoe and @gravySlim. Swang!

Dallas at all ywhere."

KG: What originally had me a fan was you guys’ stage presence. Did this come naturally to you guys or was this something you guys had to watch and learn how to do? Slim Gravy: Oh majorly. When we first started up, you know, we didn’t know how to perform or anything. Watching people like Sore Losers, Damaged Goods, and what’s that bald headed dude’s name? Paris Pershun: Dow Jones? Slim Gravy: Yea, him. I can say those 3 had a lot to do with our stage presence. Paris Pershun: And Method Man & Red Man.

KG: That’s dope. On DiveHiFlyLo, my favorite track is “Audio Day Dream”. What is you guys’ favorite track off of the album? Slim Gravy: I’d have to say the intro. “Audio Day Dream” as well. dedication to stand out and everyone Paris Pershun: Hahaha everyone loves just seeing our face. I mean, we’re in “Audio Day Dream” it seems. But front of Dallas at all times, Dallas sees yea, I would say the same, and “Drive us everywhere. So I think that has a lot Safely.” Shout out to Jaeson Green. to do with it. Plus, we reached out to a lot of different sources to spread our KG: Just to loosen you guys up a name out here in Dallas. little bit, Valentine’s Day passed Paris Pershun: I want to add that recently. Explain your worst people probably just got tired of Valentine’s Day experience you’ve hearing the same old shit. People are ever had. always thirsty for something new. So, Slim Gravy: I got shot at on now they’ve found something different Valentine’s Day once. Hahaha that’s good. KG: Nice. For those that don’t know, you guys just had a collaboration video with Red Bull. Can you briefly tell us how that came to happen? Paris Pershun: Well, last year we were a part of the Red Bull tour, basically just touring all the major cities in Texas. Moji, who was the one that

KG: This is a question I want you guys to be playful with. If you two could make a song to summarize A.Dd+, what it would be called, who would you get to produce it, and what one feature would you have? Slim Gravy: Alright, if it were to be a song to summarize us, it would be called “The Plus Sign Is Silent” ….

Paris Pershun: What number would it be on the project?? Slim Gravy: *Gives Paris a funny look*…ummm it would be…number 6. Yea, number 6. We wouldn’t need any features on it because it would only be to summarize us. Paris Pershun: We’d probably have our DJ scratch at the end of it or some shit. Something like that. Shout out DJ Sober!

KG: Alright, these last few questions I’m just going to say a few things. You guys pick the one that fits you best. Hennessey, Crown, or E&J? Paris Pershun: All the above. As long as it’s brown! Slim Gravy: Yea, straight up. As long as it’s liquor. Paris Pershun: All them hoes taste the same to me. It

could be any alcoholic drink really! KG: Dallas Mavericks or Dallas Cowboys? Slim Gravy & Paris Pershun: Cowboys! KG: Dive Hi or Fly Lo? Slim Gravy: Dive Hi. Paris Pershun: Fly Lo! Hahaha KG: Favorite album? Slim Gravy: All Eyes On Me. Paris Pershun: Safe answer. Haha I don’t know, I don’t

really have a favorite. KG: A.Dd+ in one word? Slim: A.Dd+! Haha one word? *scratches chin*

… universal. Mysterious. Paris Pershun: Colossal! Slim Gravy: Creative. Paris Pershun: Gargantuan! KG: Haha. Last, but not least, who do you guys cosign? Slim Gravy: Out here? Paris Pershun: Nationally or locally?

KG: Let’s do both. Paris Pershun: Locally, we cosign –topic, Tunk, Jaeson

Green… Slim Gravy: Brain Gang. Paris Pershun: All of them pretty much. KG: Bet. Anything you guys want the people to know about A.Dd+ before we wrap it up? Slim Gravy: The plus sign is silent. Paris Pershun: Yea, our motherfucking name is

AyeDeeDee, not AyeDeeDee Plus, not Add Plus. Just AyeDeeDee! Cop that album! Get that music mayne.



NEIDA In th is segment of the “Cosign Candy Shop� we decided to bring some Latin flavor to the mix, and in our search we found the beautiful, Neida. Neida resides in El Paso, Texas but is originally from Mexico City, Mexico and has an impeccable resume. What drew us to Neida was her piercing eyes, flawless skin, and perfectly toned body. We had a chance to get an exclusive interview with the Mexican vixen, courtesy of her manager Tiny, to discuss love, lust, fashion and how men should approach her. Read the interview on the next page to see why Cosign Magazine officially #Cosigns, Neida the model!

K.G. of COSIGN Magazine Llanes 26


Mexican Height

5’7 Weight

130 Measurements

34 C | 24 | 32

Do you feel that magazines are beneficial for models?

give it another shoot to see where it can take me.

I do. Magazines benefit models by giving them publicity, to be able to network with other magazines or programs. It also helps them reach people and gain attention to whatever it is their career may be headed towards. Magazines are a vital part of modeling because they bring awareness to the individual and definitely boost their fan base.

What are some of my favorite fashion designers?

most in a man is him being a gentlemen at all times, funny too & confident. He definitely needs to make me laugh & don’t be too jealous! :)

Oscar de la Renta, Michael Kors, & Chanel

What is the difference between love & lust?

What is your ultimate goal in modeling?

Love is mainly spiritual & a mental feeling; lust is purely based on a physical need.

I’m thankful for such classy organizations like, Cosign Magazine, so it brings me honor to be featured in this magazine. How did you get started in modeling? I’ve always model pretty much all my life i started doing it professionally when I was 7 years old for a magazine in Mexico City, and then i grow up and stop doing it for a while. Concentrate in school got my degree in finance started working on my own business and decided to

My ultimate goal in modeling is to be in playboy magazine. :) What is one misconception about you? One of the misconceptions about me is that some people that don’t really know me assume I’m a little stuck up or not friendly enough but once they get to know me it changes everything and see how outgoing I am. :) Being a model I’m sure you get approached by a lot of men. How can a man get your attention the right way? I think what attracts me the

What have you lusted for? What do you love? I lusted on the Cuban actor William Levy & I love my family with all my heart.

For Hosting, Modeling, Video Features, & other bookings contact management “Tiny” @ DEMSTARS@GMAIL.COM


The Cosign Life:

Machine Gun Kelly

There’s nothing more impressive than for artists to have legitimate & loyal fans. Machine Gun Kelly has been known to have fans that can be compared to a cult-like following. On Friday, April 5, 2013, we had the opportunity to cover MGK at Trees, which was part of his “Lace up Tour” in Dallas, presented by the good people of Score More. As early as 6:00 p.m. the line to enter Trees was wrapped around the venue with the majority of the crowd sporting their “Lace Up” merchandise. This was actually the second time MGK performed in Dallas in only a matter of weeks, with both shows completely sold out. Upon my early arrival to meet up with the man himself, Alex of Score More, MGK steps out of his tour bus to do his sound check. He proceeded to jump both rails and maneuvers through his fans to head towards the side entrance of Trees. But before he enters, he stopped to gaze at the crowd with a grateful look on his face for all of his supporters. This lasted approximately 15 seconds and then everyone got a taste of the rage of MGK. He flips over a patio table, a couple of chairs, and rocks out to his imaginary guitar. It was quite amazing to witness. He then picked up everything he had flipped over and apologized for his brief moments of rage before he entered Trees for sound check. K.G. Graham of COSIGN Magazine Breanna Loose for COSIGN Magazine


gave his audience a great surprise for his opening set. Being that he did come to the lone star state, it’s only right that he showed the most love to us Texans. But we did not expect what was about to all. MGK brought out the Texas ambassador, ½ of the legendary duo UGK, Bun B Trill OG himself. Bun B blessed everyone at Trees, dropping a dope verse with MGK and letting us officially know that he cosigns the young Cleveland native. If you’ve ever been to an MGK show, then you know that you are going to get 110% and nothing less. You’re going to get sprayed from his water bottle, tired from constant jumping, and you might even get the opportunity to lift Kells on one of his crowd surfing moments. One memorable moment was when MGK performed “Wild Boy” in the audience with his fans, moshing and pushing everyone around. The moments like these are the ones that fans can truly appreciate. Fans want to feel that you are reachable and humble. As the show continued, there were moments when MGK expressed different emotions. We experienced the happy, energetic Kells that crowd-surfed to a ledge, climbed to the second-story of Trees, and jumped off the ledge backwards leaving full trust to his fans to catch him. We also experienced the emotional, thankful Kells that calms the crowd down and spits real-life poetry that almost everyone can relate to. Last, but not least, we got a taste of the “F-U I’m me, like it or not” Kells, who is proud of his accomplishments and accepts his mishaps in life. Combine these 3 sides of Kells altogether and you get the perfect representation of Machine Gun Kelly. The show ended with MGK performing, “Hold On (Shut Up)” and the audience screaming “One more song.” I believe he would’ve performed an encore, but Trees had a late show they had to prep for which prohibited MGK from doing the encore we all wanted. Us here at Cosign Magazine would like to thank the entire Score More family for providing Dallas with yet another amazing show. This one is definitely in the record books. #TheCoSignLife



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Cosign Magazine Issue #5  

Issue #5 Featuring A.Dd+, Machine Gun Kelly, Wale, Stalley, Audra The Rapper, Vincent Tucker, Toni Martin, and many more! #Cosign

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