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Life at home is disturbingly chaotic, she is heavily relied upon to help out with her 4 younger siblings. I understand that she has never met her father and Mum has chronic mental health issues. These issues combined, result in a very poor rate of attendance, indeed she has not been present at school for the past 6 weeks and social services suggest that the family is in such a state of crisis that they are considering statutory care for the younger children. She desperately does not want to break up the family and is keen to be seen as the positive steadying factor that will hold the family together. She has an excellent relationship with her Grandfather and he is doing everything possible to support the family. She is naturally gifted in art and has talked about becoming a tattoo artist. Having a Day1 mentor would allow her some time to feel supported by an adult who can help her cope with the extraordinary circumstances and pressures she faces at home. They would also help her to find the confidence to pursue her dreams.

Guidance teacher on a young person recently started on the Day1 program

This year saw Day1 pass the 10 year mark and as anticipated the year has been the most dramatic and significant in our history. After 6 years of hard work our wonderful social enterprise business, Inverness Kart Raceway, opened to the public in February. Well on our way to achieving Visit Scotland 5 star accreditation and with nothing but 5 star feedback on Trip Advisor and Facebook, the early signs are that IKR will prove to be both the financial success and the social impact driver that we all believe it deserves to be. We project that in the next five years the contribution from IKR to the Day1 core service will increase such that by year 5 we will be financially independent. On the back of this success we are now able to push ahead with the ongoing work in the development of our new program Let’s Get Driven. Working in partnership with the schools in the region, this program will allow us to expand our reach to more vulnerable young people in the community. This employability program will be run at Inverness Kart Raceway and will feature work experience and employability training. The aim is to use the track as the venue where experts in mental and physical health and welfare, adolescent development, and employability will be welcomed to feed into the process of personal development for those young people on the Let’s Get Driven program. In June this year, we learned that our service has been accepted to form a part of the Highland Council service offering a framework for the 2014 -2020 European Social Fund program. We believe this is an endorsement of the Day1 mentor service and although we are proud of this achievement we remain cautious about how this may or may not positively impact on our future financial position, given the current political climate. This year Day1 won three national awards from the Scottish Mentoring Network. The program was awarded the Youth Project of the Year, Corrin Henderson was presented with the Employee Special Recognition Award and Jude Madeline was presented with a Commended Mentor Certificate. Also in June, at the invitation of Social Investment Scotland, we were asked to share our experience in the successful delivery of a social enterprise business. As guest speakers at an SIS event held at the new college campus in Inverness, the presentation was delivered to an audience of over 30 charities, all of whom are interested in exploring their ambitions to initiate social enterprises. It is a privilege to feed back into the system that helped and supported us to evolve to become more sustainable. This year our coordinator Hayley Gitsham was awarded a first class honours degree in Children and Youth studies. Congratulations from the team and everyone who is involved with Day1. Really well done. Finally, I would like to finish with a question and observation. Do the positive effects of being on the Day1 program last? Our “Where are they now?” research identifies that overwhelmingly, yes it does. Interviews with participants who graduated up to 9 years ago tell us that sustainable employment is very much a direct and lasting consequence of having a Day1 mentor.

Corrin Henderson

Operations Director Day1

Day1 has achieved a

94 percent success

rate when measured against our number one outcome which is… young people who participate on the program gaining employment, education or training in a full-time capacity that will allow them to achieve their potential. This measure is taken at the end of the 12 month program and is especially impressive, given the high probability of the young people referred to Day1 becoming NEET.

Young people are always at the heart of our work

“ It was good to see someone give up their time for me. Not cause they are getting paid, or anything... just cause they want to... Out of everything, that’s a massive thing for me... for any kid I think.” Young person who recently completed the Day1 program

Day1 The Idea The Day1 mentoring program helps these young people (Day1ers) to become focused and encourages them to unlock their potential, regain self-conďŹ dence and ultimately help them ďŹ nd employment in an area they are passionate about.

The Day1 mentoring program helps these young people (Day1ers) to become more focused and encourages them to unlock their potential, regain self-confidence and ultimately find them employment in an area they are passionate about.

g program set up to Day1 is a youth mentorin g support system for youn provide a much needed . life in n tio ec dir ng to find people who are struggli

Day1 purposely seeks to work with young people in this age range because there is a risk that in this transitional phase of development, poor decision-making may have a lasting negative eect on employability.

Throughout the year-long mentoring program, Day1 helps to find work experience for these young people, thus improving their employability and giving them an insight into the world of work which prevents them from falling into the NEET category (Not in Education, Employment or Training).

Since 2006, 297 young people have graduated from the Day1 mentoring program.

Day1ers & Mentors Day1 is linked to 9 schools in the Highland area. Day1ers come from mixed backgrounds but all are in danger of becoming part of the NEET category. Many Day1ers have experienced hardship, whether it be bullying, close family bereavement or coming from an unsettled family environment. These experiences can leave many young people feeling isolated and adrift in life. The Day1 mentors provide a safety net for them and are always on hand to listen and oer advice. A Day1 mentor is a role model - must be dependable and be able to encourage a ‘can do’ attitude within a young person. Each mentor is provided with the Day1 training that equips them to focus on the principal outcome for their Day1er, namely sustainable employment. Sustainable employment comes as a result of many hours of contact between mentor and Day1er, where positive, realistic destinations are identified and pursued. Day1ers are encouraged to develop their CV and work on employability skills. The year spent with Day1 in itself is viewed as a very positive life-skills program by employers. By the end of the year the success of the program is measured against whether the Day1er has chosen to go into employment, further education or training. To date, 94% of the young people on the Day1 program have.

Meet a Day1 Mentor

“It was pretty cool having someone there to keep you right”


Mentor for 8 years, 8 Day1ers, all doing well “I got involved with Day1 in 2008, as it was recommended to me by my partner Claire. I am a Day1 mentor because it is a good challenge each young person is so different. The young people might have experienced tough times in their lives, but despite this they are always so inspiring and a joy to be around. I think the key to a successful mentoring relationship is consistency, weekly meetings, letting the young person know that you will be there for them, not taking yourself too seriously, and trying out different activities. I would encourage anyone interested to become a mentor, but particularly parents – and future parents!, as this experience will help you develop your parenting skills. Youth mentoring will show you everyone has an urge to do the right thing, and will help you to develop skills essential for career and personal progression. You need to get creative to capture their imagination - over the years I have tried many things, including BBQ’ing in the dark on the shores of Loch Ness, and exploring the Clava Cairns with torches.”

Number 1 Outcome This ‘hard’ outcome is easily measureable and Day1will continue to build our reputation based upon our ability to help our young people to attain it. Attainment is recorded at the end of the 12 month program for each participant and also on an ongoing historic basis. We now have 10 years of experience and records and we know exactly what each of our Day1ers is doing one, two, three and four years after they have completed the course. The results, we hope, speak for themselves with 94% of our Day1ers achieving our first intended outcome. In addition, the so-called ‘soft’ outcomes such as increasing selfesteem, building positive direction and respect for others etc. are built on the back of the focus on the main ‘hard’ outcome, i.e. getting into work. We believe that ‘work is good’ and that, in the process of securing, holding down and growing within a job, we can also ensure that each young person improves on all those ‘soft’ skills and attributes that are key for living a good life and creating a positive direction. Our progress against our ‘hard’ outcome is visible to all and, with some past Day1ers now starting to become mentors, our hope is that this cultural change that ‘work is good’ will settle ever more deeply into the lives of those in our community who need it most.

Work Experience Partnership Program Day1 has sought to engage partner organisations who are prepared to sign up to providing work experience to our young people that are focused and add real value. The aim is to give each young person a true insight into the world of employment whilst being engaged in actual work. Day1’s Partnership Program relies on organisations that are able to put a work mentor in place for the duration of the experience (5 days) to make it more valuable in terms of learning the main aspects of a working environment. Day1 mentors are instructed to encourage their young people to participate in the program. As a part of the core service, the provision of placements on the Partnership Program are in addition to work experience placements that Day1ers request and put together with their mentors. The key to the success of a placement hinges on the positive mentor relationship between a responsible partner employee and the young person (Day1er). This is an opportunity to really inspire a young person. As mentoring is a goal-oriented process that supports informal learning and development, goals are developed around the young person’s interests, abilities and aspirations.


Meet a Day1er & Mentor

Day1 Mentee in 2014, Apprentice Fitter & trainerd Day1 mentor “What I liked most about having a mentor, was that it was pretty cool having someone there to keep you right. My mentor was also into similar things as me which made it fun. I could literally ask my mentor to do anything and he would be up for it. My mentor helped me with a CV and settling into a workplace setting by letting me know what was expected at work – which was very different from school! I could relax with my mentor, as he wouldn’t pressurise me, and I think everyone needs that kind of mature friend in their lives – someone who I could ask advice from but not be lectured by. “ I would like to be a mentor because, “if I can teach people to big themselves up (like my mentor did with me), then they will do that more often - and that’s how you become independent, motivated, individual and successful.”

“I now put myself in someone else’s shoes before my own, and that’s what I learnt to do from my mentor”.

Facts & Figures

Money raised to date: ÂŁ2.5m Mentors trained to date: 190 94% participants entering employment, education or training 15 Day1ers returned to Day1 to become Day1 volunteer mentors

9 schools in partnership with Day1 26 residential weekends since 2007 Work placements completed: 221







Introducing INVERNESS KART RACEWAY. This purpose-built fully modernised indoor go-karting arena is our new social enterprise business where 100% of profits go to support disadvantaged young people get into work, here in the Highlands.

Market Every year around 350 young people in the Highlands leave school without a positive destination. Opportunity To dramatically expand on the number of young people who benefit from our services. The Business Social Enterprise, Inverness Kart Raceway is the venue where young people are encouraged to explore their potential. Our purpose To encourage difficult to reach young people to engage in a process of selfimprovement and get them ready for work. We are 1. A unique social enterprise built on the back of an expert, award-winning youth service. 2. Reaching out to young people to help them break free of their inherited cycle of poverty. 3. Expanding through an ambitious sustainable business model to secure our service for future generations.

HOW YOU CAN HELP. Be a CORPORATE SPONSOR Consider joining an increasing number of local businesses who have already agreed to sponsor our social enterprise and be a part of this community asset. Bespoke sponsorship packages and various track-side advertising options will result in both commercial and social impact benefits to each corporate partner. Details can be found on our website: http://www. Be a VOLUNTEER We believe the profile of Inverness Kart Raceway will help us continue to secure volunteers from the community both to allow us to fulfil our social covenant through IKR and to maintain and expand upon our existing core service level with Day1. Be a CUSTOMER If Inverness Kart Raceway is to be the success we believe it deserves to be, every £1 spent by you, our customers, directly benefits the young people of your community.


A word from Michael Golding our General Manager.

“We took our daughter for some family time and had an awesome experience. I have claustrophobia so just putting on the helmet was a massive deal for me! But the staff there were absolutely brilliant. I was helped through it and made to feel at ease. Thank you. Top tips, top day and five star service even if I did get whooped!!”

We set out to create a genuine five-star facility that provides a rewarding and memorable experience. People come here for their stag and hen parties, a once in a lifetime experience that we feel privileged to be a part of. Our team have the personality and motivation to make it memorable… to really go out of our way to give the quality of experience that we would want for ourselves. This approach is given to every driver and indeed non-driver who visits our facility. Our reviews have been beyond what we could have imagined from the outset:

“The staff are a credit to the business and the whole experience! They were as buzzed as I was when I finished up! Our company has already booked for our Christmas night out!”

“ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!! Great day out. Professional and well run. Huge thanks to everyone for making my son’s birthday today one to remember. You simply must go!!!”

The team all take pride in where we work and in giving people a safe and memorable experience. Having a number of graduates of the Day1 mentoring program on the team, all of whom earned their place by right, is a real credit to the Day1 mentors and young people who are so open to receiving support and guidance. It really connects us with the purpose of the Day1 charity. We set out to create a facility. What we have is a safe, high-quality customer experience and a family of individuals who make Inverness Kart Raceway somewhere that we can all be very proud of.

IKR is not just a go-karting centre, it is a ‘social enterprise’ too. What does that mean? Well, IKR is wholly owned by Day1. IKR and DAY1 are joined at the hip in helping to nurture and support young people into a life of sustainable and fulfilling work and, as DAY1’s social enterprise arm, IKR acts as a social enterprise on two fronts. First, all (100%) of profits are used to fund the DAY1 mentoring service for disadvantaged young people. Running a business of our own at IKR gives us more control and more sustainability on managing our own funding needs. Second, the karting and associated activities are used to engage young people (14 to 17) in a process of self-improvement using our “Let’s Get Driven” program. Building on existing partnerships with schools in the region, this service - the ‘draw’ of Inverness Kart Raceway, as the coolest place to be in Inverness, alongside the respect shown to the Day1 mentoring program by young people… acts as a catalyst for disengaged young people to engage in a structured process of self-improvement. Our new Let’s Get Driven program provides work experience and work-based mentoring support, paid work, a clear-headed and value-laden ‘way of being’ and a grounding in real daily work. We will encourage difficult to reach young people to engage in a process of self-improvement and build their suitability for work.


For more information please contact: Corrin Henderson on 0845 367 0651 or email

We would like to thank our premium corporate sponsors in their support of Day1, IKR and Let’s Get Driven.

MentorNet Social Enterprise Press Release Mentoring charity joins forces with IT company in a refreshing approach to social enterprise, thus creating a product that supports similar charities. Award winning Scottish charity, Day1, has undertaken a joint venture with a commercial partner sfG Software, an IT company from Inverness. Day1 commissioned sfG Software to design a bespoke software package for the charity to help secure long-term funding for Day1. The product was launched in December 2011 and is sold not only to other mentoring charities but also to organisations in the private and educational sectors that are involved in mentoring. The mentoring charity Day1 has tackled the problem of securing long-term funding from a new angle and has come up with a self-sufficient strategy. The result is a valuable software product which not only generates money but also strengthens the core functionality of the organisation, while also helping other charities to better serve their purpose. The benefits of this joint venture will demonstrate the possibilities for third sector organisations to make money in an entrepreneurial fashion. By utilising the experience and expertise of a commercial partner, Day1 can support other charities whilst, at the same time, providing for their own needs. The software package called MentorNet is an online forum for mentors which allows them to communicate with other mentors, record reports on their meetings with their mentee and allows for more efficient monitoring of the mentor’s progress by the organisation’s admin team. David Garvie, Director of joint venture partner sfG Software, had this to say, “During 2016, MentorNet signed a significant new partnership with LINGOs ( The principle objective of this partnership is to enhance the social learning outcomes within the international development and humanitarian sector by providing LINGOs’ members with a scalable, affordable, and leading-edge mentoring platform. This exciting partnership will increase MentorNet’s international reach and will deliver case studies of the scalable social impact that can be achieved with MentorNet. Product development of MentorNet has also continued, led as always by customer feedback. It’s exciting to see so many requests for new features from customers appearing in the product so quickly. ”

Unique social enterprise venture for Highland charity

CONGRATULATIONS! The team at Day1 would like to congratulate our Coordinator Hayley Gitsham in her securing of a first-class honours Bachelor of Arts degree from UHI Inverness in Child and Youth Studies. Four years of hard work left nobody too surprised that she has achieved such a fantastic and deserved result. Hayley’s dissertation on exploring youth mentoring relationships was awarded the highest mark in her faculty and she is considering the possibility of expanding on her topic through the means of further study to doctorate level. There follows a summary of her conclusions.

Mentoring Relationships: An Exploration into Young People’s Experiences The main aim of my dissertation was to identify the fundamental principles that ensure a successful youth mentoring relationship. Existing research has shown that in order to provide positive outcomes for the young mentee, both mentor and mentee must have a strong relationship bond. Despite the emphasis placed on the relationship as the key to success, previous research focusing solely on the relationship was limited. My research contributed towards addressing this gap, and provided a Scottish perspective - a research direction which had not been taken before. Furthermore, my primary research took the form of interviews with six graduates of the Day1 program, which were recorded, transcribed and thematically analysed. My secondary research compared, contrasted and analysed existing academic studies and literature. I used the theory of attachment in order to explain the bond between young person and mentor. Attachment theory centres on the idea that a child needs to form a strong, secure, bond with their caregiver

in order to effectively discover and explore their environment. Whilst the mentor is not the young person’s caregiver, the comparison is effective when considering the positive emotional and cognitive changes that occur when a young person has an adult mentor. Blending the results of the primary and secondary research, I constructed a table to illustrate that the secure, long-term, emotional attachment bond between mentor and mentee is the foundation of the relationship. Existing within the relationship is a set of relationship processes which need to be present in order to promote positive change.

Relationship Foundation: Secure, long-term, attachment bond Core Relationship Process: Friendship / personal connection

Additional Required Relationship Processes: Equal power balance (collaborative) Informal educator Consistent, frequent and long-term Empowering (social capital & independence)

Relatable Encouraging / Positive reinforcement Inspiring Challenging (perceptions and attitudes)


Person-centred (empathy, congruence and unconditional positive regard)


Guiding and supporting

No pressure

Praise / small wins

Are the positive results of having a Day1 mentor sustained? A review into the continued destinations of our graduate Day1ers was concluded in July 2016. 88% of the 2010 to 2015 graduate Day1ers are in employment, education or training. We believe that because we ask our mentors to place the focus on building the relationship, rather than the end goal, the chances of success are higher.

Milestones SSE support In April this year we learned that our application to the Scottish and Southern Energy Highland Sustainable Development Fund was successful. Funded by SSE’s onshore wind farms, the SSE Highland Sustainable Development Fund is open to all nonprofit making organisations, community groups and charities with a project that will provide benefit in the Highland region. It has three priority areas, Creating Opportunity, Empowering Communities and Building Sustainable Places. During a trip to Inverness Kart Raceway to announce the latest round of successful applicants, Alistair Phillips-Davies, the CEO of the FTSE 100 company, had this to say. “I am delighted SSE is able to support Highland communities – and their young people – to achieve.” He added, “SSE is committed to sharing the value of its onshore wind developments with communities and it is great to see first-hand how our funds are supporting ambitious projects such as the raceway. It is particularly inspiring to hear from the young people who, thanks to the sterling work of DAY1, have great plans for their future.” The chair of the fund, Lord Jack McConnell, accompanied Mr Phillips-Davies on the site visit and after both enjoyed a race with some of our young people, Lord McConnell was full of praise and keen to comment. “You can see what a good quality facility this is. What I really like about this place is the concept, that they have taken what might have been in the past a subsidised project that was just endlessly spending money, and they have turned it into an

enterprise that can generate its own funds to make it self-sustaining in the future.” The former First Minister added, “I haven’t seen anything like this anywhere else in Scotland. I think this is a model that other people will want to come and see and learn about. It’s great for the young people whose lives are being changed.” £150,000 was awarded and will be used to allow for the purchase of the track site which is currently leased and allow for the further development and implementation of the Let’s Get Driven program. SQA Accreditation After a terrific amount of effort by our coordinator, Day1 is now able to offer those vulnerable young people on the program the opportunity to secure SQA level 3 and 4 qualifications in Personal Development and Employability. Both qualifications can be achieved as a by-product of the mentoring process in a way that the fundamental evolution of the relationship is unchanged. It will be our aim for 2016-17 to expand SQA capability through our Let’s Get Driven program. European Social Fund In July we learned that our application to be a part of the service offering framework for Highland Council has been passed. This means that we will be able to apply for ESF funding when project funds come online. A recipient of ESF funding in the past, with a good understanding of this stream, although delighted with this result, given the climate of uncertainty, we are cautious about reliance on this potential funding stream.

Youth mentoring expertise recognised Over the past 12 months Day1 has participated in being a part of the working party to help steer and advise the Scottish Government in the new Scotland’s National Mentoring Scheme for looked-after children and young people. This program has been approved by the Minister for Children and Young People and will focus initially on children 8 -14 who are looked-after at home. It will be rolled out early in 2017 with the intention of expanding the scheme in stages so that, over time, mentoring relationships will be available to all looked after children and young people across Scotland. Queen Elizabeth II Patron’s Lunch As a recipient of the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Services, Day1 joined members of other third sector organisations to join in the celebration of the Queen’s patronage within the third sector. The Patron’s Lunch was held on The Mall. The iconic event held in June was in recognition of the unrelenting support and service our Monarch has given to the community over her 63 year reign.


“It was pretty cool having someone there to keep you right”

“... he gave me a push, and then I was sorted.”

“…we were able to have a laugh at the stupid things I do, as well as being a wee bit scolded for them.”

“Consistency is the single most important key area reported by both mentors and graduated Day1ers. Mentors being there for the young person was incredibly important for a successful transition into work, education, or training.”

“… I think she just gets it. I think she like, gets me.”

“I have found in my own experience that if young people are used to being let down by adults, they will have a built-in expectation that you will just be another disappointment. Sometimes that has meant young people really pushing the boundaries of behaviour to see if you will run off and reject them like everyone else. Being undertood for a young person on the Day1 program comes from the mentors’ commitment to this new relationship, where building the trust helps the young person to overcome challenges and aspire to a more hopeful future.”

“…if you can teach people to big themselves up, rather than let other people lift them up, they will do that more often - and that’s how you become independent… motivated… individual, and successful.”

MONEY MATTERS £ Out of every £1 we spent 92p went on our work with young people.


s In 2015/16 our work cost £7.08 per beneficiary per day.

All profits generated by Inverness Kart Raceway goes directly into Day1 to allow us to help more vulnerable young people in our community.

For every £1 spent on fund-raising we raised £35

Day1 Headline Financial Position For Year End March 2016 based on draft accounts, excluding Inverness Kart Raceway

Funds Generated Total expenses Net Income/Expenses

£44,999 £90,666 (£45,667)

Reserves at March 2015 Reserves at March 2016

Restricted £20,250 £18,900

Unrestricted £91,881 £72,389


Day1 is always recruiting volunteer mentors. Call Corrin Henderson on 0845 367 0651 for details.


Donations can be made by logging onto, and by clicking on the make a donation link.


For details of what Day1 is looking for regarding work experience placements email: Corrin Henderson on:


For any further information about Day1 pleasecontact Co-ordinator Corrin Henderson on 0845 367 0651 or email or visit:

Thank you for your interest in Day1!

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For any further information about Day1 please contact Co-ordinator Corrin Henderson on 0845 367 0651 or email or visit: Thank you for your interest in Day1!

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For any further information about Day1 please contact Co-ordinator Corrin Henderson o or visit: Thank you for your interest in Day1!

Annual Review 2015-16 and plan for 2017

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