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What is the Corporate Draft? It’s a Professional Sports Draft, but rather than teams drafting players, corporations draft management and executive. The Corporate Draft will include: • 2 rounds of Executive Management Draft picking • 1 round of MBA draft picking ◦ MBA with minimum 2, yet no more than 5 years (2 < MBA < 5) post graduate experience The 2009 Corporate Draft is limited to only 50 companies. Why the Corporate Draft? • Cost effective recruitment and employer branding exposure • Second only to competition, the inability to attract talent is the largest threat affecting business success ◦ Human Capital directly impacts profitability and market share • Demonstrate your anticipated future growth, put the importance of Human Capital on the map and have fun while doing it Executive recruitment in this economy? Recruiting in softer economies is difficult as talent is reluctant to change employers. Yet during slower economic times, organizations more than ever need exceptional leadership, those who will set the expectation and create higher, tighter standards.

Demonstrate to consumers and investors that come September 2009, business in the United States of America and around the world will be strong and secure. Traditional Recruitment: What does it cost? Rule of Thumb: Replacing Senior and Executive management costs the average organization 18-months of salary, including direct and indirect costs.

The Corporate Draft is an opportunity for organizations to stimulate confidence in the consumer and investor markets


How do Companies Draft the Right Candidates? Fifty companies will participate in three rounds of Corporate Draft picking over two consecutive days. Companies will have the ability to select their candidates given the following selection aids. Scouter’s Index • 2000 Executive Management candidates selected by Corporate Draft recruiters; screened, interviewed, tested and referenced. ◦ In addition, 500 MBA’s with a minimum 2, yet no more than 5 years post graduate experience complement the Scouter’s Index. • Every candidate will have their professional career and educational statistics, as well as other relevant information, outlined on a half page (see page 8). • All candidates in the Scouter’s Index will have passed a Behavioral Event Interview, Stress Test, as well as Cognitive and Managerial Assessment Profiles. All results will be available to participating companies on the secured version of the Corporate Draft website. Scouting video – 30-second backgrounder • For every Corporate Draft applicant, a 30-second background video will be produced; a visual representation of that person as an individual and their career achievements. • Should this candidate be selected during the Corporate Draft, the video will be played to the audience while that successful applicant makes their way to the main stage. Meet and Greet • Two days prior to the Corporate Draft, there will be the Corporate Draft “Lobby” attended by: ◦ Universities ◦ Retailers ◦ Service providers ◦ Corporate Draft companies and applicants ◦ Business professionals • The 2-day Meet and Greet will serve as a venue for company/applicant interaction as well as networking with all those in attendance • An opportunity to establish sponsorships, contracts, endorsements and other strategic alliances Who are the companies we invited? • Large Fortune 500 companies, dedicated to recruiting and retaining the very best. • Companies with a genuine commitment to Human Capital Management. • Companies which understand that Human Capital is more than ever the number one differentiator in business, viewing the modernization of Human Resources as the number one cost reduction measure.


What Positions Should Companies Look at Recruiting? The Corporate Draft suggests and anticipates companies to fill Senior Management and Executive opportunities. From upcoming vacancies due to retirement, to opportunistic hiring strategies, the Corporate Draft is for companies looking for superior managerial talent.

Human Capital Drafting is booming in popularity… There is growing hype surrounding the 2009 Corporate Draft, and Human Capital Drafting as a recruitment practice. As a result, the 2010 United States Physicians Draft is already well under development and investment is currently being secured for a 2010 Information Technology Draft.

Given the excitement, publicity and prestige involved with this 2009 Corporate Draft, successful and up-andcoming management and executive are looking at the Corporate Draft as an opportunity to boost their career, gain exposure and media attention while participating in an extremely lucrative and competitive event.

The Corporate Draft will be something candidates use to build resumes. Executive Culture: Executive and Senior management at this level continually seek competition and opportunities for exposure, yet venues for such are rarely available; the Corporate Draft is just such an event. Applicants view the Corporate Draft process as a positive and exciting professional transition between employers. Companies not looking for the best will not be attending the draft, and applicants feel safe that the ‘concept’ of executive drafting will ensure longevity and the growing success of their career path.

People crave competition, from football and politics, to cake building and reality TV. The Corporate Draft offers a national stage showcasing top leadership management.


Benefits to Your Participation: As the business markets transition, and profit margins and market competition tighten, the truest competitive advantage companies can attain will be the differences in the managerial ability of the organization’s leadership over that of their competitors. The leaders you recruit today will be the most pivotal hires your organization acquires, as they will: • Transition labor market demographics • Rebuild investor confidence • Persevere in challenging economic times ◦ All while demonstrating the organization’s values Traditional recruitment is expensive and is losing its effectiveness… Advertising Loss of Knowledge Company Resources Employee Moral Burnout

Wrong Fit Time Productivity Bottlenecks

And the cost? 18 months of salary for the position you are replacing. An investment: By participating in the Corporate Draft in 2009: • Grandfathered draft pick in the 2010 Corporate Draft ◦ Demonstrate to current and future labor markets that you: • Respect the competitive advantage your people give you • Demonstrate your company’s passion for growth • Demonstrate proactive Human Capital Management strategies


Determining Draft Pick Order

- Securing Your Participation in the Corporate Draft

Corporate Draft is inviting 400 companies from the Fortune 500 business community. Enrollment to the Corporate Draft is limited to the first 50 companies securing participation.

Draft order will be determined by the order in which participation is secured. Enroll in one of two ways: 1. Reserve: Provide written confirmation to the Corporate Draft indicating your commitment to reserve the right to participate. Disclaimer: Any company that secures their participation by paying their Corporate Draft fees will move ahead of reserved companies. 2. Secure: Obtain draft pick order, receive confirmation package and Corporate Draft gift. Securing participation requires full payment of Corporate Draft fees. Securing is the ONLY way to ensure participation in the 2009 Corporate Draft. Further, companies that secure the right to participate in the 2009 Draft will have priority for participation in the upcoming 2010 Corporate Draft; your draft pick order can only improve! Reserving is risk free: There is no risk to reserve. Companies that reserve are not obligated to any financial commitment. Those who reserve ‘hold’ their draft pick order until payment is received. All companies are encouraged to write or email the Corporate Draft to hold their draft pick order. If at a later date companies would like to commit, they may benefit from an earlier draft pick position. The Venue: Radio City Music Hall Every company will have its own customized table, complete with internet and telephone connections, even a company customized Corporate Draft football helmet. Every company attending will have their company logo proudly displayed throughout the venue, from ceiling banners, to Corporate Draft company specific jerseys on display.

Corporate Draft participation and draft pick order will be grandfathered for the 2010 Corporate Draft.


The Day of the Corporate Draft Companies and applicants will gather at the Radio City Music Hall, the venue for the 2009 Corporate Draft. Companies, having studied the Scouter’s Index, watched applicant introductory videos, and met with applicants during the 2-day Meet and Greet will gather for two days of talent selection. Draft pick logistics will be controlled by the Corporate Draft Time Clock and the Corporate Draft Master of Ceremonies. Companies will have five minutes per selection. Prior to the expiration of a company’s draft picking time, organizations will telephone their selection to Corporate Draft staff. The selecting company will then make their way to the ‘batter’s box’ to the left front of the Corporate Draft Stage. Meanwhile, a company specific Corporate Draft Jersey will have the last name of the successful candidate professionally stitched to the back of the jersey. A Corporate Draft representative (the ‘runner’) will then deliver the jersey to the Corporate Draft’s Master of Ceremonies. The Master of Ceremonies will announce the selected applicant, the 30-second applicant backgrounder video will be played, presentation of the jersey will be made center stage by company representatives to the selected applicant, and the clock will begin counting down to the next company’s draft pick selection.

All Corporate Draft applicants are required to attend all four days of the Corporate Draft and will be represented by professional talent agents for the purpose of negotiation, professionalism and accountability. After the 99 Executive Draft picks have been selected, the ‘last’ pick will be awarded the ‘MacDonald Trophy’. The award will be presented and a trophy depicting a manager “dropping the ball” will signify the 100th draft pick and the end of Executive Draft picking. This will mark the end of the professional picks, and the process will then begin for the single round of 2 < MBA < 5 years selection using the same logistical process.


Scouter’s Index: Applicant: Jesse Applicant ID: A804J Reports to: Senior VP Operations Direct Operations Budget: 8.2 Million USD Years of Experience: 14 Personal Corporate Compliance Metrics: 98%

Current Industry: Commercial Food Retail Role: Operations Direct Reports: 16 Annual Sales of Organization: 12 Billion Other Employment: N/A Education: Economics BA, MBA

Applicant Differentiator: Grown within his industry for 14 consecutive years with annual sales growth over the past 4 years of over 12% per year; industry growth average 1.8%. Jesse is known for his coaching and mentoring, as 12 of his 16 direct reporting managers and directors are now in senior positions within the company; all within 26 months. Jesse is known by the company as the leader that brings out the best in others and produces top talent for the future of the organization. Applicant Preference: Applicant looking for operations, people management/leadership opportunities. Applicant personally rewarded by developing others and looks to continue doing so regardless of industry. Management Assessment Profile:* Corporate Draft Recruiter’s Pick: Cognitive: 62 Competencies: 72 Early 2nd Rounder B.E.I. Interview: 70 Stress Test: 72 Applicant: Sarah Applicant ID: A409S Reports to: VP Human Resources Direct Operations Budget: 14 Million USD Years of Experience: 9 Personal Corporate Compliance Metrics: 94%

Current Industry: Hospitality Role: Human Resources Direct Reports: 12 Annual Sales of Organization: 3.8 Billion Other Employment: Human Resources Education: BComm, HRMC, Master’s; Communication

Applicant Differentiator: In an industry where employee turnover is in excess of 40% annually, Sarah has implemented an employee development program that works on building an employee’s competencies. Sarah’s objective -- build resumes. Turnover within this company has fallen 41% last year, and Human Resources costs, including WCB claims, have resulted in a 9.7 million dollar cost recovery as part of her operating budget. Applicant Preference: Applicant looking for Human Resource related leadership opportunity. Applicant looking for permanent Human Resources presence at the Chief Executive table. Management Assessment Profile: * Corporate Draft Recruiter’s Pick: Cognitive: 72 Competencies: 71 Late 1st Rounder B.E.I. Interview: 72 Stress Test: 68 ­__________

*Quantitative scoring for all recruitment metrics are based on a normal distribution of successful management, executive and entrepreneurs; normally distributed with a mean of 50 and a range of 75. Please note this page only illustrates a mock-up and that in the 2009 Corporate Draft Scouter’s Index all quantitative figures will have raw data results a mouse click away (all metrics in blue, underlined will have hyperlinked raw data). For more information please contact the Corporate Draft.



- Networking Opportunities

Corporate Draft is currently in negotiations with retailers and service providers to establish opportunities for product and service opportunities at the 2009 Corporate Draft. These partnerships include, however are not limited to: For sponsored and/or drafted applicants: • • • • •

Automotive vehicle leases Wireless service contracts Electronic devices: smart phones, laptops, etc. Business clothing Investments: investment company may match up to a certain maximum, any investment that successful applicants make as a result of being drafted • Educational: financial credits with major universities throughout the United States Networking opportunities Partnership with the 2009 Corporate Draft ensures exposure and representation at both the 2-day Corporate Draft, as well as the 2-day Meet and Greet. Commercialization – The media The Corporate Draft is currently in negotiations with a number of television network providers to format media coverage of the 2009 Corporate Draft. Corporate Draft views media coverage of the event to be one of the most critical components for the Corporate Draft’s ongoing success. The types of candidates that will be attending the Draft are those who the Corporate Draft more as an opportunity for exposure, the ‘experience’, and for growth in social capital.

“Top management with national professional sports organizations are compensated the same way the

players are; term contracts. It is now time to recruit and compensate the top, most sought after business leaders using the same practice.”

— Corporate Partner (2008)


Ensuring Your Satisfaction: - Our Guarantee Should at any time, any of your draft picks fail to meet expectation or lack organizational fit, Corporate Draft, with its database of some of the most talented individuals in the labor market, will assist that company with a replacement.

Simply put — “We’re not happy until you are.”

After the Draft: Should you not be fully satisfied with the Corporate Draft, all Corporate Draft fees will be refunded in full. Keeping successful candidates competitive: The Corporate Draft will publish a quarterly review of all successfully drafted 2009 candidates. Talent management scouts will continue to follow these successful stars with their new companies, tracking their accomplishments, and publishing the results in quarterly reports available to the public. The review will also include updates on the Corporate Draft Subsidy and Loan Program, as well as upcoming Human Capital Drafting, (i.e. 2010 Physicians Draft, 2010 Information Technology Draft). Corporate Draft: Giving back The Corporate Draft has established the Corporate Draft Subsidy and Loan Program. This initiative will offer scholarships to those who are unable to obtain government funding, and do not have the resources accessible for continued education or business development. The Corporate Draft Subsidy and Loan Program will allow those who have traditionally struggled to secure funding, the opportunity to further their education or to start a business; using one’s education or designation as a form of collateral.

“The Corporate Draft has aspects of corporate sponsorship – sponsoring the future of business itself ” — Corporate Draft Investor (2007)


Secure Your Draft Pick Order Today • There is no financial risk to reserve participation in the Draft • Organizations that secure participation will move ahead of organizations that have simply ‘reserved’ • To secure your participation and/or draft pick, your 2009 Corporate Draft fees must be paid in full Enroll in one of two ways: 1. Reserve: Provide written confirmation to the Corporate Draft indicating your commitment to reserve the right to participate. Disclaimer: Any company that secures their participation by paying their Corporate Draft fees will move ahead of reserved companies. 2. Secure: Obtain draft pick order, receive confirmation package and Corporate Draft gift. Securing participation requires full payment of Corporate Draft fees. Securing is the ONLY way to ensure participation in the 2009 Corporate Draft. Further, companies that secure the right to participate in the 2009 Draft will have priority for participation in the upcoming 2010 Corporate Draft; your draft pick order can only improve!

To secure your participation, email, phone or visit us online. Email enquiries to: Call us toll free at: 1-888-Wi-DRAFT Or visit us online for more information:


Corporate Draft Fees: The fees for participation of the inaugural Corporate Draft are 90,000 USD per company. This includes three rounds of Corporate Draft selection and absolutely no additional fees or charges! For less than the cost of a 1/3 page national newspaper advertisement, or the expenses borne for placement of a Senior Manager by an executive search firm, Corporate Draft invites you to recruit three managers. You do not want to miss attending in 2009, only to learn in 2010 that no seats are available. Your 2009 Corporate Draft fees include: • Screening, assessing, interviewing, testing and reference checking the Corporate Draft Talent Pool to establish the Corporate Draft Scouter’s Index • Corporate Draft marketing; ensure top talent apply and attend the Corporate Draft • Three fully embroidered company customized Corporate Draft Jersey’s, and baseball hats • Company customized Corporate Draft football helmet, ceiling banners, table skirts and signage • Subsidization for any of the 500 2 < MBA < 5 selected Corporate Draft candidates requiring financial assistance in order to attend the event • Venue and logistics expenses • Corporate Draft Education Subsidy and Loan Program for continuing education and business development Payment options: Please see enclosed invoice for payment options. Should companies have any questions regarding payment options or terms, please contact our financial department directly at: or call us at 1-888-Wi-DRAFT Additionally, companies are encouraged to visit our website at For general enquiries please contact us toll free at 1-888-Wi-DRAFT or by email at


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