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CRP Undergrads Receive Prestigious Scholarships


Two CRP students received highly competitive undergraduate scholarships this spring. Skye Hart (B.S. URS ’18) was selected for a competitive Udall Undergraduate Scholarship. The Udall Foundation awards approximately 60 scholarships annually to students whose work addresses matters related to the natural environment; or, who are Native American and/or Alaskan Native and dedicated to issues those communities currently face. Hart is affiliated with the Tonawanda Band of Seneca as a member of the Snipe Clan, and is researching conditions that affect Native American peoples living in urban areas in the Pacific Northwest.

Hart began to research Seattle-area Native American communities during the summer of 2016, when she was nominated and selected to join the Hunter S. Rawlings III Cornell Presidential Research Scholars program. The Udall Scholarship provides her with financial assistance for tuition, room, board, and other expenses as she continues her studies this fall and advances her research. Alec Martinez (B.S. URS ’18) received a Harry S. Truman Scholarship, which awards $30,000 to undergraduates who intend to pursue careers in public service, to help fund graduate studies. During the spring semester, Martinez participated in Cornell Design Connect’s neighborhood revitalization project in Corning, New York, and he volunteered in an alternative breaks program in New York City, where he worked with Harlem Grown to transform vacant lots into urban farms. In addition to aspiring to public office, Martinez plans to earn a master’s in urban and regional planning, and then start his own urban planning firm and parallel nonprofit.AAP


Spring Semester Field Trips The extreme landscape of Madeira, Portugal, was the setting for a trip taken by undergraduate and graduate students in the architecture option studio taught by Visiting Critic João Almeida and Gensler Visiting Critic Paulo David, titled Designing on the Limit. Volcanic, green, and rugged, Madeira’s high cliffs give dizzying views of narrow pebble beaches, while deep valleys and dense arboreal forest contrast with a harsh environment on the peaks above the cloud layer. For their proposals, most of the students selected sites on the irregular coastline on the tip of the eastern end of the island. Classes in architecture also took field trips to Bogotá; Berlin; Marco Island, Florida; and New York City. Additionally, the Mellon Collaborative Studies seminar traveled to Havana, Cuba. Art students visited Berlin, New York City, and Wells College in Aurora, New York. Classes in CRP took field trips to Buffalo and Rochester, New York, and to Washington, DC. Graduate students in the Cornell Baker Program in Real Estate took a field trip to Dallas and Houston, Texas.AAP

Odd Year

1 Students hike along the cliffs of Madeira, Portugal. photo / Christopher Andras (B.Arch. ’18)

M.F.A. students and instructors gather in advance of the opening of their 2017 M.F.A. group exhibition, titled Odd Year. The exhibition was hosted for the second consecutive year by Caelum Gallery in Chelsea, Manhattan. The show was curated by artist Douglas Ross, and featured the work of the 12 first- and second-year M.F.A. students. The annual M.F.A. exhibition is supported by the Cornell Council for the Arts and the Department of Art.AAP photo / Gabriel Ramos (M.F.A. ’18)

2016 –17 Student Academic Awards and Prizes Architecture Abadan Graduate Award Haoran Wang (M.Arch. ’20) A. Henry Detweiler Scholarship Fund Elvan Cobb (Ph.D. HAUD ’18) Aslihan Gunhan (Ph.D. HAUD ’22) Elizabeth Muller (Ph.D. HAUD ’19) Ana Ozaki (Ph.D. HAUD ’23) A.I.A. Certificate of Merit Jordan Berta (M.Arch. ’16) Evan Rawn (B.Arch. ’17) A.I.A. Henry Adams Medal and Certificate of Merit Christopher Battaglia (M.Arch. ’17) Aashti Miller (B.Arch. ’17) Alpha Rho Chi Pamela Chueh (B.Arch. ’17) Maggie Zou (M.Arch. ’17) Baird Prize Ihwa Choi (B.Arch. ’20) Yue (Lancer) Gu (B.Arch. ’20) Dylan Manley (B.Arch. ’20) Belcher-Baird Architectural Design Award Eliana Drier (M.Arch. ’20) Xiaoxue Ma (M.Arch. ’20) Bradford and Phyllis Friedman Perkins Graduate Award Catherine Breen (M.Arch. ’20)

Charles Goodwin Sands Memorial Award Laura-India Garinois (B.Arch. ’17) Natalie Hemlick (B.Arch. ’17) Andrew Moorman (B.Arch. ’17) Helena Rong (B.Arch. ’17) Clifton Beckwith Brown Memorial Medal Jessica Jiang (B.Arch. ’17) Douglas W. Hocking and Melinda K. Abrams Award Alexander Terry (M.Arch. ’20) Earl R. Flansburgh Merit Award Ramses Gonzalez (M.Arch. ’20) Christopher Yi (M.Arch. ’20) Edward Palmer York Memorial Prize Xin Yue Wang (B.Arch. ’21) Zhenbang Xiong (B.Arch. ’21) Jingxin Yang (B.Arch. ’21) Jian Kun (Davis) Zhu (B.Arch. ’21) Elliot M. Glass Graduate Award Hafsa Muhammad (M.Arch. ’20) Eschweiler Prize for Merit and Distinction in M.Arch. Design Studio Christopher Chown (M.Arch, ’17) Alex Jopek (M.Arch. ’17) Christopher Morse (M.Arch. ’17) Warisara Sudswong (M.Arch. ’17) Helen Fagan Tyler Graduate Fellowship in Architecture Mwanzaa Brown (M.Arch. ’19) Samuel Capps (M.Arch. ’19) Tess Clancy (M.Arch. ’19)

Osehikhueme Etomi (M.Arch. ’19) Hyojin Lee (M.Arch.II ’18) Jingsi Li (M.Arch.II ’17) Lingling Liu (M.Arch. ’19) Lingzhe Lu (M.Arch. ’19) Yue Ma (M.Arch. ’19) Heather Mauldin (M.Arch. ’19) Lu (Cheryl) Xu (M.Arch. ’19) Linjun Yu (M.Arch. ’19) John Hartell Graduate Award for Art and Architecture Jamie Mitchell (M.Arch. ’19) Konstantinos Petrakos (M.Arch.II ’17) Alireza Shojakhani (M.Arch. ’19) Kittleman Graduate Award in Architecture, Art, and Planning Linshen Xie (M.Arch.II ’17) M.Arch.II Award for Outstanding Performance in Architecture Marwan Omar (M.Arch.II ’17) Il-Sang Yoon (M.Arch.II ’17) Linning Zhang (M.Arch.II ’17) Mary M. Lyons Graduate Fellowship in Architecture Kun Bi (M.Arch. ’19) Samuel Capps (M.Arch. ’19) Stephen Clond (M.Arch. ’19) Xiaoyan Dong (M.Arch.II ’17) Alexandre Mecattaf (M.Arch. ’19) Marawan Omar (M.Arch.II ’17) Matthew L. Witte Graduate Award Emma Boudreau (M.Arch. ’20) Olive Tjaden Scholarship Gary Esposito (M.Arch. ’19) Konstantinos Petrakos (M.Arch.II ’17)

RGB Endowed Graduate Award Nicolas Leonard (M.Arch. ’20) Robert D. MacDougall Memorial Scholarship Salvatore Dellaria (Ph.D. HAUD ’23) Gökhan Kodalak (Ph.D. HAUD ’19) Whitten Overby (Ph.D. HAUD ’19) Ana Ozaki (Ph.D. HAUD ’23) Robert James Eidlitz Travel Fellowship Jessica Jiang (B.Arch. ’17) Rachel Kaplan (M.Arch. ’14) Joseph Kennedy (B.Arch. ’15) Katie MacDonald (B.Arch. ’13) Helena Rong (B.Arch. ’17) Christopher Ryan (B.Arch. ’12) Kyle Schumann (B.Arch. ’13) Sonny Meng Qi Xu (B.Arch. ’13) Ruth Bentley and Richmond Harold Shreve Award Christopher Battaglia (M.Arch. ’17) Mark Leskovec (M.Arch. ’17) Christopher Morse (M.Arch. ’17) Warisara Sudswong (M.Arch. ’17) Sheinfeld Lindenfeld International Graduate Fellowship in Architecture Isabel Brañas Jarque (M.Arch. ’20) Stephen W. Jacobs Fund Aslihan Gunhan (Ph.D. HAUD ’22) Anna Mascorella (Ph.D. HAUD ’19)

Susan T. Rodriguez Graduate Award Stefani Johnson (M.Arch. ’20) Tui Pranich and Lucilo Pena Graduate Award Daniel (Max) Piersol (M.Arch. ’20) William S. Downing Prize Elie Boutros (B.Arch. ’18) Justin Foo (B.Arch. ’18) Yichen Jia (B.Arch. ’18) Carmen Johnson (M.Arch.II ’17) Anuntachai (Ben) Vongvanij (M.Arch. ’18)

Edith Adams and Walter King Stone Memorial Prize Kylie Corwin (B.F.A. ’18) Pauline Shongov (B.F.A. ’18) Jay Wonsuk Yang (B.F.A. ’18)

John W. Reps Award Shannon Cilento (M.A. HPP ’17)

Elsie Dinsmore Popkin ’58 Art Award James Quinn (B.F.A. ’17)

Michael Rapuano Memorial Award Carsten Schmidt (M.R.P./ M.L.A. ’18)

Faculty Medal of Art Naima Kazmi (B.F.A. ’17) Gibian Rosewater Traveling Research Award So Yeon Kim (B.F.A. ’18)


John Hartell Graduate Award for Art and Architecture Madeleine Cichy (M.F.A. ’17)

Charles Baskerville Painting Award Diana Clarke (M.F.A. ’17) Veronica Constable (B.F.A. ’17)

John “Kip” Brady Memorial Award Emma Regnier (B.F.A. ’19) William Smith (B.F.A. ’19)

Charles Goodwin Sands Memorial Award Rebecca Allen (B.F.A. ’17)


David R. Bean Prize in Fine Arts Jada Haynes (B.F.A. ’19) Steav Sung Eun Kim (B.F.A. ’19) Natalia Marra (B.F.A. ’19) Yukimi Ohashi (B.F.A. ’19) William Smith (B.F.A. ’19) Department of Art Distinguished Achievement Award Laura-Bethia Campbell (B.F.A. ’17)

Addison G. Crowley (B.L.Arch. ’38) Prize Joshua Glasser (B.S. URS ’18) American Institute of Certified Planners Outstanding Student Award Hannah Bahnmiller (M.R.P. ’17) Department of City and Regional Planning Graduate Community Service Award Dylan Tuttle (M.R.P. ’17)

Merrill Presidential Scholar Hadar Sachs (B.S. URS ’17)

Pamela Mikus Graduate Fellowship Sena Kayasu (M.A. HPP ’20) Peter B. Andrews Memorial Thesis Prize Xiao Shi (M.R.P. ’16) Portman Family Graduate Student Award Yanlei Feng (M.R.P. ’17) Robert P. Liversidge III Memorial Book Award Paige Barnum (M.R.P. ’17) Thomas W. Mackesey Award Jacob Stock (M.R.P. ’17) Urban and Regional Studies Academic Achievement Award Patrick Braga (B.A./B.S. URS ’17) Samuel Coons (B.S. URS ’17) Aaron Ong (B.S. URS ’17) Urban and Regional Studies Community Service Award Hadar Sachs (B.S. URS ’17)

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AAP News 22  

The fall 2017 issue of AAP News, the magazine of Cornell University's College of Architecture, Art, and Planning.

AAP News 22  

The fall 2017 issue of AAP News, the magazine of Cornell University's College of Architecture, Art, and Planning.