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Promoting children’s rights worldwide Coram International is a world leader in the protection of children’s rights globally, through research, situational analysis and public policy activity work across 29 countries worldwide. Our partners include the UK Home Office and Save the Children, and we hold preferred status as consultants to UNICEF in New York, East Asia and the Pacific region. We have worked in the following countries on issues that include violence against women and children, child protection and trafficking, and young people and the criminal justice system: Armenia, Belize, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Indonesia, Liberia, Libya, Malaysia, Moldova, Montenegro, Myanmar, Nigeria, Philippines, Thailand, Uzbekistan, Vietnam and Zambia.

Child Protection Coram International’s pioneering 2018 Thailand child protection assessment report has been lauded by UNICEF and has provided the foundation for the Thai government’s work to strengthen child protection systems. Collaboration continues with UNICEF and government partners in Nigeria to provide legal and technical assistance to federal and state ministries across the country. Coram International drafted the Lagos State Family Court Rules with the Chief Judge’s technical working group and these have now come into force. It also drafted Court Rules for Cross River State and Child Care and Protection Regulations for both states, that will come into force later this year. Policy work on children’s rights Drawing on its technical legal expertise, Coram International provided recommendations for legal and policy change to governments in the Philippines and the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao and Liberia. It also helped improve the monitoring of child rights in Montenegro and Uzbekistan. Coram International worked with the Inter-American Development Bank to help shape the future of legal aid for children in Belize. This involved field missions to map demand and the design of a pilot legal aid programme for children in conflict with the law and children within the child protection system.

De-institutionalisation of children UNICEF Myanmar has contracted Coram International to undertake a quantitative and qualitative assessment of residential care facilities in Myanmar to drive a breakthrough in reducing the use of institutional care. The team will be gathering evidence about the number of children in residential care and their conditions, and will develop monitoring tools to enable local authorities to inspect all institutions comprehensively in the future. Analysis worldwide Coram International has authored a number of influential reports published by UNICEF over the past year, as well as a regional review of the situation of children in the Pacific Islands. Continuing work with UNICEF Libya will follow up on the findings of the 2017 study on Violence Against Children in Schools to drive reform of the country’s youth justice system. Over the course of 2019, Coram International will conduct research in Zambia on sexual gender based violence against children and will be completing research on alternative care for children in Nigeria.

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