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Tomorrow’s Achievers The Tomorrow’s Achievers programme provides specialist masterclasses for exceptionally able children in many parts of the country. It has supported 530 primary-aged children, providing bursaries to enable open access to disadvantaged children in the past year. “Our

masterclasses are designed to help schools and parents support more able children to realise their potential through problem-solving using maths, science, drones, coding and the Rubik’s Cube. During one workshop, a student who already had a Rubik’s Cube said she found it fun but could never solve it. We talked, and she made a paper Rubik’s Cube that would never be other than solved because it had no moving parts: a funny and very clever solution. As the day went on, I discovered these were very clever children from deeply challenging situations with very little money and certainly no easy route, if any, to getting into university or realising their true potential. Final thoughts on what one day can mean for children? The answer to the human problem was not simply one of terra forming (child’s phrase) other planets, because it would be ‘the same homosapiens building the new world’ and nothing would change. The solution was ‘time, education and learning to love and understand each other to end wars and then build other worlds.’” John, tutor with Tomorrow’s Achievers

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