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Science: Keeping Warm What is an accurate way of judging tem-

Mighty Mountains

Geography. How big are mountains?


How were they made?

How do I use a thermometer accurately?

What are they made of?

How do I collect store and retrieve

Why are they snow covered?


What is the tallest mountain in the UK/

What would be the best material to use to

Where is Everest?

make a sleeping bag to use on a mountain?

What are the names of other mountains in the world ICT: Research and gather information on mountains of the world. Produce a powerpoint to display information and use music as background How can we monitor temperatures? (use data logger)

Art. Outcome. A pastel version of Mount Fuji

What can I see in On e Of Hokusai’s paintings. Can I make a sketch of it? Can I produce a a picture of Mount Fuji in the style of Hokusai using different techniques to create effects with oil pastels.

Trips and Visitors: Local Mountaineer Trip to Rivington


What are Japanese woodblock paintings . How are they made?

gWJapanese woodblock pictures, understand how they were made & begin to appreciate

Invasion Games Catching throwing marking

R.E. What is a Jew ? How do religious families and communities practice their faith? Seal: New Beginnings

Mighty Mountains Long Term Plan  

Mighty Mountains Long Term Plan

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