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“I have always tried to help out our law students because I believe that if I can help them like I was helped, those students will then help others as they move forward in their careers.” JUDGE JOSEPH J. FARAH

Beyond the bench, Farah stays involved in two organizations that he feels help to make Flint a better place. He is on the board for the West Flint Optimist Club and the Metro Community Development board.

LOYALTY TO WMU-COOLEY As a student at WMU-Cooley, Farah already had an allegiance to the law school. “Cooley gave me an opportunity to attend, like any other law school, but Cooley was much more forthright,” stated Farah. “I appreciated that, and I felt a sense of gratitude.” Farah even did a column in the student publication, The Pillar, about why people stay loyal to their schools. He said that it depends, in large part, on whether or not it was a positive experience. For Farah, his experience at Cooley was positive then, and still is today. In fact Farah has even served on the law school’s board of directors.

“I was honored to be asked by President LeDuc to be on the board,” said Farah. “I had the opportunity to see the inner workings of the school, including faculty, finances, and bar exams. It really gave me a different perspective on how much the school has grown since I attended.” Farah also gives back in many other ways. For instance he has supervised over 40 law student externs and interns, teaches courses in Evidence, and contributes financially to support law students.

AWARDS Farah was recently honored as Judge of the Year by the Michigan Defense Trial Council and awarded the Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee’s Guardian of Justice. He also received the Distinguished Alumnus Service Award by WMU-Cooley’s Past President’s Committee of the Alumni Association. As much as Farah is proud of his community, WMU-Cooley, and all of his accomplishments, he takes special pride in his family, longtime companion Andrea LeGendre (Flannigan Class, 1999) and daughter, Alexandrea. “They motivate me, challenge me, and allow me to reach heights I never thought possible.”


Benchmark | Winter 2016