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CTUpack e-learning


Announced at TOC Europe 2013 Exis Technologies is pleased to announce the latest addition to its range of e-learning courses The packing of Cargo Transport Units (CTUs) is high on the agenda for industry bodies, regulators and insurers. Maintaining and improving the expertise of shippers, consolidators, packers and handlers is the objective of current initiatives. Exis Technologies has announced a new e-learning course, CTUpack, for those involved in the loading and unloading of CTUs. The role of CTUpack e-learning is to support the training of consolidators and packers and to promote best practice. Beginning with a foundation course, CTUpack will develop to address special cargoes and training for all aspects of CTU packing.



• Delivers high quality training with continuous testing of understanding

Functional course content and structure CTUpack e-learning follows the well established and tested format used in the current range of Exis e-learning products. The course comprises modules that include topics such as cargo or transport and elements that are the equivalent of lessons, covering areas like forces and stresses. There are tests at the end of each element to ensure that a good understanding of the course content is being gained at each stage. Students take the course at their own pace or within a set timeframe and can monitor their own progress as they proceed.

• Minimises training time away from normal duties • Reduces costs • Students can learn at their own pace or within timeframes set by course administrators • Aligned with industry practice • Flexible delivery options: available via web, intranet or SCORM compliant content packages for national, regional or global training programs

Course components Learn Tutorial screens in the course elements use text, graphics and animation View references Browse internet sources or course reference material Test understanding After each element there is a test of the student’s understanding of the content with multiple-choice and graphic-based questions Course completion certificate Element test scores build towards a final Course Completion Certificate score Website

Course delivery and student support website

Course completion certificate The course completion certificate records the final score achieved through all the element tests. There is a default pass mark that can be re-set by corporate course administrators. Flexible delivery options Web, intranet or SCORM compliant content packages for national, regional or global training programs. Web and intranet implementation provides administrator management of active courses including course configuration for job functions, setting pass marks and timeframes for completion and progress monitoring. Company-specific training elements can be incorporated. Aligned with industry standards The IMO/ILO/UN ECE Guidelines for Packing of Cargo Transport Units (CTUs) are being revised to address the continuing issues with poorly packed containers. CTUpack e-learning™ is aligned with the guidelines and will be developed to reflect future changes.

CTUpack e-learning


Foundation course This first release is a foundation level course with the following modules: • C  argo – covering types and physical characteristics of cargo and highlighting issues with badly packed cargo.

• T  ransport – looking at the main transport modes and equipment, forces and stresses encountered during transport, choice of CTU and route considerations.

• P  acking – this module includes elements on preparation for packing, basic principles and rules for packing and securing, manual and mechanical handling, cargo securing materials, closing the CTU and securing it, and documentation.

• A  rrival – considerations and precautions when opening the CTU upon arrival.

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The course is sponsored by TT Club

Further information • CTUpack e-learning is in English language • For further information visit

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CTUpack e-learning  
CTUpack e-learning