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Do Aitutaki Day Tour (ex Rarotonga) T: 22 888 (Rarotonga) E:


Aitutaki Blue Lagoon Flyfish

T: +1 503-836-1621 E:

Fb: Aitutaki Blue Lagoon Flyfish

Bonefish E2’s Way

T: 52 077 E:

FB: Bonefish - E2’s Way

Cook Islands Tourism

Information Office

Arutanga T: 31 767 W:

Dive Aitutaki – Bubbles Below

T: 31 537 E:


Eat & Drink

Aitutaki’s Best Dining


At Flying Boat Beach Bar & Grill, drink in the best views of the World’s Most Beautiful Lagoon as you savour fresh Pacific cuisine chased down by a refreshing wine, beer or cocktail. Stunning sunset views.


T: 31 200. Bookings essential.

Avatea Café

Located in Tautu Village, Avatea Café has an open-air garden setting serving food made with love & expression. Monthly ‘island night’ not to be missed; bookings are recommended. Check Google & Trip Advisor reviews for insight.

Highly recommend fish tacos & our signature lemon basil mojito; serving barista-made coffee.

Open 6 days: 8am-2pm, 5.30pm8.30pm T: 31 887 E:


The Boat Shed Bar & Grill

Located next to Popoara Ocean Breeze Villas, Boat Shed is a popular and well-established eatery and bar. With chefs from varied backgrounds, the menu offers something for every taste including Ika Mata, sushi and sashimi, and nasi goreng. Nautical memorabilia features around the restaurant and bar.

T: 31 479 E:


Black Rock Bar

Experience the quintessential tropical island paradise at Pacific Resort Aitutaki’s renowned Black Rock Bar. Indulge in refreshing cocktails & dine for lunch beachside under swaying palms, fulfilling your dream escape. As Aitutaki’s top lunch spot and sunset bar, it offers the perfect setting to relax, unwind, and immerse yourself in tranquility.

T: 31 720 W:

Blue Lagoon Restaurant & Bar

Bishops Cruises

Black Pearl Charters Aitutaki

Platinum Cruising

Wet & Wild Aitutaki

Discover the Aitutaki Lagoon, spot turtles and snorkel in the turquoise water. Visit Heaven Sand Bar; cruise to the star attraction of the lagoon, One Foot Island, to enjoy a BBQ lunch under our Hideaway Hut.

T: 31 009 W:


Kia Orana Cruise

T: 31 442 or 73 750 E:


Black Pearl Charters offer a range of personalised activities including game fishing, lagoon tours and spearfishing. They operate two boats: ‘The Black Pearl’ purposely set up for fishing, and ‘The White Pearl’, which is set up for cruising and snorkeling in the lagoon. Charters are available seven days a week. T: 31125/52125

E: W:

Specialising in lagoon and deep-sea fishing charters, Platinum Cruising operate two boats: an inflatable set up for the lagoon and snorkelling; the other geared up for fishing. We are dedicated to delivering the best experiences on the beautiful waters of Aitutaki. Contactable any time for pricing and availability.

T: 54 536 E:


Sailing Aitutaki Charters

T: 56 200 E:


Kiteboarding, boat charters, swimming with the whales, deep see fishing, wake boarding, spear fishing and snorkelling, SUP rentals, and much more,

Wet and Wild is all about having fun and making the most out of the ocean and beautiful lagoon surrounding Aitutaki. We’re here to make sure you have a great time!

T: 31 651 E:


The Vaka Cruise

T: 53 294 E:


Front cover image: Jumal Spence

Rapae Bay

Located on the southern tip of Aitutaki on the white sands of Ootu Beach overlooking the lagoon, the Blue Lagoon Restaurant & Bar at Aitutaki Village is open for dinner seven days a week. Tuesday is Culture Night.

T: 31 852 W:


Koru Café T: 31 110 E:

Health & Beauty SpaPolynesia

T: 31 200. E:

Aitutaki Akitua Angarei Ee Mangere Papau Tavaerua Iti Tavaerua Nui Akaiami Muritapua Moturakau Rapota Tekopua Tapuaetai Motukitiu Maina WRECK OF ALEXANDER AITUTAKI LAGOON Hospital Snorkeling Church Petrol Accomodation Some features may not be exactly located. Please ask locally before undertaking hiking, snorkelling, swimming or water sports outside of recommended areas. Swimming Place of interest KEY LEGEND WiFi Hotspot Aitutaki Lagoon Private Island Resort Ranginui's Retreat Platinum Cruising Aitutaki Wet & Wild Aitutaki OOTU BEACH Aitutaki Village & Blue Lagoon Restaurant & Bar Akitua Popoara Rentals Boatshed Bar & Grill Popoara Ocean Breeze Villas Koru Cafe Tai Roto Bay Beach Villas Airport Terminal Aitutaki Marine Research Centre Picnic area/shelters Ranginui Sunset Black Pearl Charters Maungapu 124m Aunty Odee’z Takeaway Vaiorea Beach House Paradise Cove Etu Moana Beach Villas Tauono’s Garden Café Tamanu Beach Resort Restaurant and Bar Rino’s Apartments Vaikoa Units Aitutaki Beach Villas AMURI Pacific Resort Aitutaki Rapae Bay Restaurant Black Rock Bar Sunny Beach Lodge Amuri Pool Villa UREIA ARUTANGA Rino’s Beach Bungalows & Rentals Paparei Bungalows Harvest Takeaway Tavake Restaurant & Tavake Villa Vonnias Aitutaki Air Rarotonga REUREU HOSPITAL Wharves Police Station Avatea Café Gina's Garden Lodges Banyan Tree David Beach Wharf NIKAUPARA VAI PEKA Piraki lookout WaterTank Vaipeka Community Hall Baxters Water world Roen Accommodation & Roen Rentals Bishops Cruises Lady D's Rentals Araura School Power Station VAIPAE Dive Aitutaki (Bubb es Below) Teking Lagoon Cruises TAUTU Marae Te Koutu Pt 2 km 1 km 3 km 0 Golf Club Wharf Angarei Ee Mangere Papau Tavaerua Nui Tavaerua ti Seaside Lodges Neibaa’s Store Amuri Guesthouse Heineken Store Spiders Petrol Station Matriki Beach Huts T&S ArtworX WaterTanks Vaipae Sports Field Hollywood Store V-Bar Stonefish Studio Bonefish E2’s Way TNM Store Aretuki Lookout E-Z Rentals Wet & Wild Aitutaki Gamefish Club Maina Superstore Aitutaki Escape Aquila Store Aquila Rentals Post Office/ Vodafone ATM ATM Enjoy Aitutaki Explore the lagoon Aitutaki’s lagoon is a wonderful playground for water activities and bonefishing. Get to a motu and play Robinson Crusoe for a day. Explore the roads & tracks Main roads are accessible by car, but smaller tracks only by 4-wheel drive, scooter, or on foot. Great views from Mangapu at 124 metres. Go to church Aitutaki was the first of the Cook Islands to embrace Christianity; the CICC church is the country’s oldest. The singing is magnificent. Play a round of tropical golf You can hire clubs. Image: Alexandra Adoncello See &
Restaurant Indulge in an unparalleled dining experience at Rapae Bay Restaurant, Pacific Resort Aitutaki. Delight in the expertise of our talented chefs as they prepare fresh local delicacies and gourmet specialties. Pair your meal with a wide selection of international wines and spirits. Reservations are essential due to limited availability. T: 31 720 W: Tamanu Beachfront Restaurant Tamanu offers diners from all over the island a genuine Pacific Island dining experience: tasty cuisine, a beachfront view with sunsets, a taste of local culture, and Cook Islands hospitality. Open seven days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner, on Thursday evenings enjoy the ‘Island Fire and Dance Show.’ E: T: 31 810 W: Car & Bike Hire Aquila Rentals T: 31 668 E:
Rentals T: 31
W: Rino’s
info@ W: Tamanu Beach Spa T: 31 810 E: reservations@ W: Popoara Rentals Popoara Rentals, located on the southeastern side of Aitutaki next to the Boat Shed Bar & Grill and Popoara Ocean Breeze Villas, offer well-maintained, small four-door hatchbacks, 15-seater vans and automatic scooters for rent. T: 31 379 E: Tiare Spa at Pacific Resort Indulge in pampering beauty treatments tailored to your needs. From massages and couples’ treatments to facials, manicures, pedicures, & ultimate spa packages, we guarantee relaxation, renewal, & rejuvenation. Open 7 days. Appointments are crucial to secure your blissful experience. T: 31720 W:
Cook Islands

Your hosts Roger and Kura will make your stay an exciting adventure Phone: (682) 33 777 | Email:

On-line bookings at - Free email & internet

On-line bookings at ww w - Free email & internet

For more information on Atiu Island visit

For more information on Atiu Island visit ww


The main road on the western side of Atiu leads through rainforest



The rare Kopeka bird lives deep within the caverns of Anatakitaki Cave; while mystery surrounds the origins of the human bones in the Rimarau Burial Cave.

BIRD WATCH Conservationists have transferred the rare Kakerori (Rarotonga Flycatcher) and Kura (Rimatara Lorikeet) to Atiu and both appear to be breeding successfully.

Rated by Lonely Planet as one of the best beaches in the Pacific.

120,000 years old fossil coral reef sculptured by the weather.

& Mangaia

Wreck of SV Edna MAPUMAI TENGATANGI AREORA NGATIARUA TEENUI COOK ISLANDS Some features may not be exactly located. Please ask locally before undertaking hiking, snorkelling, swimming or water sports outside of recommended areas. Hospital Church Accomodation Place of interest Walking track Road (not recommended) Swamp area KEY LEGEND Vai Piake Landing Areora Cafe Tepoonui Tumunu Kopeka Lodge Kia Orana Bungalows Atiu Villas & Kuras Kitchen Aretou Tumunu Tumai Beach Taungaroro Beach Raka’s Burial Cave Taparere Lodge Oravaru Landing Orongo Marae Taunganui Harbour Konakonako Landing Airport Totiko Landing Pari Aniu Whistling Holes Tarapaku Landing Oneroa Beach Takauroa Landing Matai Landing Te Tau Atuokoro Landing Coral Garden Karanga Nui Beach Ara’oa Beach Avarua Landing Ōrongo Ivirua Tamarua Oneroa Power Station Vai Anga Petrol Station Air Rarotonga Babe’s Store Hospital Tua ati Rock Pools Keia Taro Gardens Tãpãti Battlefield Auraka Bakery Ivirua Taro Gardens School Ara Moana Bungalows Ana oTautua Caves & Battlefield Makatea C iff Scenic Viewpoint (looking inland) LakeTiriara Scenic Recreation Activitries Tuatin Caves Tukoropa Vaitotara School Babe’s Hotel Mangaia Lodge Bluesky + Post Office TV Station Public Card Phone Palace Mangaia Villas Iotepui Battlefield Te ruaere Caves Airport INLAND TRACK TO TAVENGA RANGIMOTIA (Highest point on the Island) Marae Rima Rau Burial Cave Lake Teroto TheThree Grottos Anatakitaki (Cave of the Kopeka) Capt. Cook landed 3 April 1777 HOSPITAL
AITUTAKI MAP Includes maps of Atiu
2023-2024 Edition
that grows on the makatea. There are proposals to put most of this area aside as a nature reserve. THE KURA The people of Rimatara in French Polynesia gifted 27 of these brightly coloured lorikeets to Atiu in 2007. It was a conservation project to establish a reserve population of the Kura as they are known on Atiu. The Kura had previously lived in the Southern Cook Islands but was hunted for its striking red feathers and was last seen here around 200 years ago. Atiu is becoming well known for its populations of rare birds. MANGAIA Mangaia is the second largest island of the Cooks and with a land area of 52 square kilometres, it isn’t much smaller than Rarotonga. But its population is much smaller - around 500 people.It is 176 kms (109 miles) southeast of Rarotonga and being further south it has a slightly cooler climate all year round. The topography of Mangaia is similar to that of Atiu, but on a much larger scale. From a shallow lagoon inside the surrounding reef, makatea (fossilised coral) rises in steep bluffs and cliffs and drops just as dramatically into the interior, forming cliffs of up to 100 metres (328 ft). The makatea contains many caves. The largest and most spectacular of these is Teruarere, which forms a seemingly endless series of interconnected caves. Go online with our WiFi Hotspots Scan me for Aitutaki: • WiFi Hotspots, • Vodafone Outlets • Reseller locations Scan me for Online Recharge & Top Up: • Buy WiFi Vouchers • Top-Up your Travel SIM Starting from $10 2.5GB $10 (7 days) 5GB 13GB Get your WiFi Hotspot vouchers from any of our Vodafone outlets and resellers today. $20 (10 days) $50 (20 days) Scan our QR codes to find a Hotspot & buy online #TogetherWeCan *Vodafone WiFi Hotspot passes can be purchased from any Vodafone Outlet in the Cook Islands, at any reseller and online or from the My Vodafone Cook Islands app by selecting the “Buy Wifi” option in the menu. More information at Photo taken by Jyo Shankar and provided by Cook Islands Tourism. Terms and conditions apply. Prices valid as of June 2022. Published by Cook Islands Sun Ltd PO Box 30, Avarua, Rarotonga E: W: Publisher: Alastair Blount Design: S. Yoseph Print: Crucial Colours (NZ) Distribution Aitutaki: 31 009 or annie@ Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to ensure that information and content in this publication is accurate; no responsibility is accepted for inadvertent errors or omissions. Copyright © 2023 Cook Islands Sun Ltd. All rights reserved. FREE
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