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Thinking Of Selling Your Home This Fall?

Think Curb Appeal. Fall in Kansas City ushers in the much anticipated cooler climate, but as we approach more mild temperatures, the local housing market is one thing that doesn’t seem to be cooling down. Home sales throughout the Kansas City area remain strong, with buyer demand perpetuating the inventory shortage we’ve been seeing throughout 2016. To say that now is a great time to be a seller is an understatement. When inventory is low and buyer competition is high, home prices begin to increase and most homes tend to sell faster. This is great news for sellers. So, if you’ve been thinking about listing your home, now might be the time to take the leap. In addition to finding a REALTOR®, one of the first steps in the selling process is evaluating your home to make sure it is in prime condition. The fall market is a great time to focus on curb appeal. Here are a few tips that can create a big first impression without a big investment. G

Don’t underestimate the importance of a manicured lawn free of leaves

and other debris. Also, take a look at your landscaping and trim or remove any unsightly flowers or shrubs. A fresh layer of mulch can do wonders for your curb appeal. G

Consider power washing your driveway, walkways, fence, decks and

possibly even your home’s exterior for a clean, fresh look. You’ll be amazed at the results. G

Clean out the gutters and remove any debris that might be on your roof.

Buyers definitely notice the little things when it comes to a home’s upkeep. G

Don’t forget your mailbox. Give it a fresh coat of paint or replace it for a

small investment. G

Paint or purchase new house numbers to make sure they are visible and

attractive. Home improvement stores have a wide variety of options to choose from. G

Consider adding simple outdoor lighting to your landscaping or walkways

for some extra curb appeal. Solar garden stakes are an economical way to

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brighten up your home’s exterior. G

Whether you have a porch or just a few steps leading to your door, give

your outdoor entrance a seasonal touch by adding some fall flowers or décor to welcome potential buyers into your home. G

Give your front door a makeover with a fresh coat of paint or a welcoming

decorative touch. Sites like Pinterest can offer great ideas for making your front door unique and inviting.

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L INDS AY SC H ULZE REECE NICHOLS REAL ESTATE Just when you think the real estate world can’t get any cooler, you meet Lindsay Schulze. She is an undeniable rock star in an arena with a different kind of audience. This top real estate agent hits the ground running every day, and she has no complaints about going the distance. “It’s been amazing,” beamed Schulze when referring to her role as a Senior Sales Executive on the #1 Koehler Bortnick Team with Reece Nichols. Since January 1st of this year, Schulze has sold $20+ million in sales and $140+ million overall in her career. Lindsay’s can-do attitude is virtually unstoppable. A






simultaneously, Schulze has the uncanny ability to make sure every single one feels like royalty. Operating on extreme passion that fuels her to remain on task literally 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, Schulze understands this is a full-time job on steroids, but when you love what you do, why even call it a job? “My clients are like family to me,” she smiled. “And when they work with me, they get 110% of me. I want to make sure they are making the best decision financially, as this is their largest investment.” That’s just how Schulze operates. Full throttle. Full steam ahead. Unwavering enthusiasm. “I love every inch of this business,” she noted. “I enjoy every aspect of it, and that is what makes it so fun for me. This does not feel like a job; this is my passion.” Blessed with the ability to handles many tasks at the same time with grace and ease, Schulze stands at the ready to help clients navigate the process of buying or selling a home, and a significant part of that success is due to her self-devised and seemingly flawless system of doing business. “I developed my own system for buyers and sellers that I have used for the past 11 years. It’s organized. It works. And I totally rely on it,” Schulze said.

913.485.7211 6



Now in her 11th year as a real estate agent, Schulze dove into the scene in 2005 and soon bore the title of Rookie of the Year, quickly escalating to becoming the top performing agent on the Koehler Bortnick Team, which is currently home to 45 agents.

“I push myself,” she stressed. “I work hard and am constantly on the go. Giving the best service to my clients is what drives me to do this.” To that end, Schulze, who did $23+ million in sales in 2015 (despite having a baby that year!), stood at $20+ million in mid-July of this year and is on track to reach her goal of $30+ million for 2016. But why stop there? Already focused on her 2017 agenda, Schulze anticipates 100 transactions in the coming year with an estimated sales projection of over $40 million.

her invaluable experience with assisting clients with the out-of-state relocation process.

How does she make this happen? “My business is nearly all referral-based,” she indicated. “I continually

Successfully wearing many hats, Lindsay is part Realtor, part

keep in touch with my clients, past and present, and I am willing to

contractor, part financial planner and more. Her overall goal for each client is to keep them in the know, educated and entirely comfortable with the process, from start to finish. “Each person with whom I work definitely feels as if he or she is the only client I have,” asserted Schulze, who is clearly a top-notch people person with a natural ability to endear anyone to her infectious personality and approachability. She is also known for her knowledge of the market and her ambitious and aggressive negotiating skills. She is a leader of the pack with a strong referral

jump through any hoops and hurdles that come my way. I know that

base and her clear communication skills give people the opportunity to

my clients hire me to be there for them, and I am committed to their

first become a client and then ultimately a friend. For Lindsay, success

success and satisfaction. In turn, I don’t have to look for business. My

with each transaction is not just a goal; it’s a promise.

past clients do this for me.” Among Lindsay’s many accomplishments include recognition by KC Magazine as Best in Client Satisfaction for 2007-2016; honored by Ingram’s Business Magazine as one of the “20 in Their Twenties” for 2010; the cover agent for Top Agent Magazine with a six-page article in 2015; and Kansas City Homes & Style Magazine Top Real Estate Agent for 2015 and 2016. She is also a certified member of RELO, America’s #1 relocation network that has given







If the mere thought of buying or selling a home makes you nervous, then you have yet to meet one of the best teams in town that can ease those feelings and take what initially seems like a nerve-wracking process and make it seamless! Meet the experts of Tradition Home Group, an award-winning real estate team within the RE/MAX Innovations and Company brokerage. Pushing full throttle ahead, this dynamic real estate team, overseen by co-owners Shannon Stumpenhaus and Nickole Pittala, consistently outperforms not only other groups, but also itself. With more than 25 years of real estate experience between Stumpenhaus and Pittala, their education and experiences allow them to provide top-notch results and complete customer satisfaction. The numbers speak for themselves. By July 1st of this year, this team had already met its entire 2015 volume of $52,499,076 and stood at 211 transactions. As the team continues to gain traction, there is no doubt it will make record-breaking numbers by the end of this year. While there is no arguing that experience, expertise, skills and a decided passion are all strong contributing factors to a business’s overall success, Stumpenhaus and Pittala have kicked it up a notch and are heavily focused on the communication piece of their business. They clearly have all of the right tools, coupled with an unwavering enthusiasm for what they do, to keep their team on the leading edge of performance in the metro area. By keeping a strong focus on open and consistent communication with their clients, past and present, Tradition Home Group enjoys giving back to the people who have helped them achieve their success. “We throw a client party every February called The Love Party,” noted Stumpenhaus, which is hosted at the Staley Farms Clubhouse where a band, food and drinks highlight the event. “It’s our way of saying ‘Thank you’ to our clients.” Such a well-oiled machine also relies on a strong internal system, and both ladies give a strong nod in the direction of their staff to the success of that component. “We have a great group of people and have fine-tuned our systems with a proven and streamlined approach,” explained Stumpenhaus.

816.777.3252 8



Among the group of real estate professionals who have contributed to this team’s success are Broker Eddy Saylor; Managing Broker Carol Lalumondier; Director of Operations, Abby Kane; Transaction Coordinator

Megan Guyer; Marketing Manager/Listing Coordinator Annie Jennings; Client Care Managers Gina McGowan and Sara Scimeca; Promotions/Hospitality Manager Aubrey Ziller; and Agents Amanda Crossley, Chas Breedlove, Christy Tulipana, David Driskill, Larry Pritchett, Molly Simsheuser and Nancy Driskill. While there is no denying that this team works diligently day in and day out, it’s not just a job to them. Each day brings them more reasons to stay on top of their game. “It is so much fun seeing families get into their new homes,” smiled Stumpenhaus. Adds Pittala, “We will be the first to admit we are not perfect; however, we are perfectionists. We are proud of what we do and always try to do the right thing. Our focus is on how the buyer will come away from a transaction. That is the impression that lasts.”

With a team that is both rooted and resilient and structured yet flexible; the folks at Tradition Home Group never settle for the status quo and instead continually set noteworthy goals for themselves. “Our goal for this year is to exceed $100 million in sales with a minimum of 350 transactions,” noted Pittala. And while hard work usually results in newsworthy accolades, it’s no surprise that this top real estate team has been the beneficiary of numerous awards. Currently, they are the #1 team with RE/MAX in

the entire Mid-State region; they have also been recognized in the Readers’ Choice Awards for the Northland Lifestyle Magazine; and the KC Business Journal has highlighted them #12 as a team in a city in 2015. Tradition Home Group works diligently to make the home buying and selling process as stress-free as possible while simultaneously ensuring that the client gets more than he or she expected.






T W Y L A R IST & ASSOC IATES REECE NICHOLS REAL ESTATE When Twyla Rist, owner of Twyla Rist & Associates, was in the beginning stages of her professional life, she jokingly admitted she didn’t even realize that real estate was a career choice. Now after 43 years in the business, she is a trusted and experienced real estate professional who has incredible passion for her work and a strong knowledge of the economy and corresponding market and is highly passionate about working with people and building relationships. Her true calling, however, is that she has the uncanny ability to make the seemingly impossible possible, and she will work tirelessly with each and every client to ensure their complete satisfaction. She refuses to just meet expectations, though, as she prefers to exceed them. This native Missourian, who raised a family in the metro area, initially worked for J.C. Penny in her 20s, specializing in site locations for the company. That led to a move to Hawaii, where she worked for a commercial developer, traveling inter-island. “One of the projects on which I worked was the first time share on the island of Molokai, which the developer for whom I worked built,” recalled Twyla, noting that her boss was also involved in East Coast developments. “I put together prospectives for those developments, essentially doing all of the mental leg work,” noted Rist. When she relocated to Kansas City, she was uncertain as to what direction she should pursue. “I had an opportunity to work for a Commercial Realtor which led to her assuming additional work for a developer in California, for whom she handled the Midwest commercial aspects. It was around that time Rist met her husband, with whom she did two projects. “We worked on the acquisition for the land at the Legends and the race tracks as well as Merriam Tow Center off Johnson Drive and I-35,” said Rist, who, in the

913.269.0929 10



interim, met a developer and from that encounter soon took over three subdivisions, in Shawnee, Lenexa and Olathe.

“I then put together my own real estate company,” she noted. That was in 1987 and three years later she established her brokerage company. Currently a powerhouse team within Reece & Nichols with an office in the Overland Park area, Rist has pulled together a team of 10 additional members, including Alice Grossman, Betsy Minter, Christina Fulk, Georgia Bianchi, Lindsay Thomas, Marcia Merritt, Marnie Robinett, Nancy Davidson, Scott Rist (her son) and Terry O’Bryan. “We specialize in the residential arena, working with both buyers and sellers,” she explained. Rist undoubtedly hits the ground running each day, as she exhibits infectious enthusiasm for what she does. “Every day is different,” she smiled. “You have no clue what you’ll be up against. I love a challenge, negotiating and seeing everything come together.

Even though technology has certainly changed the landscape of the real estate industry, Rist contends that some aspects have remained the same. “The ABCs of the industry are the same, but the advances in technology have made us better at what we do,” she said. “We are purveyors of information. We use it, disseminate it, and ultimately educate our clients through it. We also make sure to educate ourselves first, and that is part and parcel of it.” As Rist stands at the threshold of the culmination of another successful year in the business, she maintains a steady eye on the horizon and anticipates achieving noteworthy goals by the end of 2016. “Our goal for this year is to do at least what we did in 2015,” she commented, referring to the team’s

Due to the strength of her team, no stone goes unturned and the

$50 million in sales last year.

thought of anything falling through the cracks is essentially unheard of.

“We were named as #13 in the State of Kansas for 2015 as a

“I’ve got a good group of professionals,” Rist emphasized. “We have

team and we were in the Top 25 as noted in the Kansas City Business

a great, successful and seasoned team.”

Journal for 2015 for residential real estate agents.”

And while Rist makes sure to stay on top of all things technology

But the real prize upon which Rist keeps her eye is not such a

oriented, she bears no shame reflex when it comes to admitting that

noteworthy accolade; it is the attention to the fun of it all and a

the Millennials on her team –– Lindsey, Scott and Christina –– are on a

rewarding home buying and selling experience.

whole different level than she is. “They are such quick studies and really lend a great hand when it comes to working with other millennials, who are so accustomed to

“This needs to be a good process for everyone, including my team, and we are blessed to have a good mix of talent and personalities,” smiled Rist.

doing everything through technology,” indicated Rist.







For Patty Farr, an independent RE/MAX agent with House of Dreams in Smithville, Missouri and her newest location in Platte City, Missouri, her bottom line is not measured in dollars and cents, but in acts of service rendered selflessly from the heart. Being a real estate agent is simply a side benefit of who she truly is. Patty grew up in the Platte County area so she knows this land like the back of her hand. Born of homegrown sensibilities and a natural desire to be of service to others, her undeniable heart of compassion can be seen in all she does. She loves this area. It’s where she raised her two sons and it’s where she leaves footprints of service all over the land. She eagerly maintains a steady finger on the pulse of all the activity that makes her hometown exciting. She is also the kind of real estate agent who is not afraid to throw on some jeans and boots and trudge through a muddy field if that is what it takes to get the job done and the property sold. “I dress for the walk,” she noted. “I have walked many acres of land with clients.” An award-winning and highly respected real estate agent specializing in the Platte County and Clay County areas, Patty has extensive experience within the rural and farmland market in Platte City, Smithville and in all of the small towns north of Kansas City. Sure, she can assist buyers and sellers in a wide range of price brackets, markets and neighborhoods, but her heart leans heavily towards the rural aspects of real estate. In fact, out of the 189 closings she secured in 2014, roughly 75% of them were located on rural routes. “It’s all I know,” she confessed. “It’s where I grew up. I am really just a small town, country person who appreciates friendly and honest people.” As the recipient of the U.S. Department of Agriculture Award for Rural Development multiple times through the years, Patty has secured her spot

House of Dreams

when standing on the mantel of experienced rural real estate agents, and

1103 S. 169 Highway N, Smithville, Missouri

stack of paper work, Patty appreciates a mindset where a handshake can


2200 Kentucky Ave., Platte City, Missouri





even though buying and selling any type of property requires the proverbial unofficially seal the deal. “I get to work with some of the friendliest people in this market,” she smiled. “Not only are they great people, but many of them become good friends.”

Not only is Patty a go-to Realtor within the rural market, she is an educator, as well. After all, she wants to make sure her clients get the best deal possible. She understands that listing and marketing land for sale can be challenging, especially when the market gets a bit persnickety. It’s one thing to just tidy up the property. It’s another thing to get it ready for sale. Patty’s job is to ensure a property is ready to list and it’s also her job to ensure that buyers get the best price possible on that property. And understanding rural properties is not just about knowing when to lace up your work boots. It takes a comprehensive understanding of the lingo and environment.

Patty remains consistently on top of her game and brings her all to the table so the client can have the necessary tools, knowledge and

“With a rural property such as farmland, I have to know what is

information to confidently engage in a successful transaction. As an

tillable; what is treed and wooded and what the farmer is currently

experienced agent in rural properties, Patty tirelessly tends to the

making on that property,” Patty explained.

details and can articulate about soil types, water rights and zoning rights, all without losing anything in translation. She will also confidently guide clients through a plethora of complicated issues, including property taxes, easements and encumbrances, proximity to neighbors, overall infrastructure, and perhaps even a good old story or two about the land and its previous owners. When assisting clients in buying or selling rural property, it is imperative to select an agent who can make the transaction seamless and, yes, even fun. Patty has a long history of rural sales and is outstanding in her field, literally and figuratively. Despite its laid back appeal and ambiance, rural real estate is a complex business and should be handled by someone who truly understands the subject matter. Patty has that understanding and is indispensable to her clients when it comes to eradicating any surprises at closing time. Patty does her homework for her clients, giving them the power of knowledge and peace of mind.

Rural real estate can sometimes seem like a daunting matter to a lot of folks, but Patty stands by her clients every (sometimes muddy!) step of the way. In fact, it’s a good thing that Patty often has a bit of mud on her boots, as that is something in which her clients can put their trust. “They don’t care about my outside image and appearance,” she smiled. “These are farmers. They just want to know I am doing everything in their best interests, and if that means trudging across the field with them, then that is what I will happily do.”






T HE G OL DSTEIN TEAM SUZY AND ERICH GOLDSTEIN The real estate professionals who comprise the award-winning Goldstein Team (Hallbrook Realty & Better Homes & Gardens, Kansas City Homes) are one of the reasons why Kansas City has such a great name within the housing market. These experienced and trusted individuals have become a solid group of industry experts who have the competencies, skills, and unique understanding of trends and market knowledge that have set them apart from the pack when it comes to serving those who desire to buy or sell a home within the luxury market. This group truly knows who the affluent consumers are and what their priorities are, exercising an in-depth knowledge of available inventory and related amenities that are associated with the luxury home arena. However, just because they serve a higherend clientele does not mean the home you wish to buy or sell necessarily has to sport a million-dollar price tag. That’s because owner/agent Suzy Goldstein treats each listing as a million dollar one. “For every seller we work with, that home shows and presents like a million-dollar home,” emphasized Goldstein. “My job is to help you present your home to the best of its abilities and ours, bringing the exact same marketing attention, skills and materials to every single listing, over and under the million-dollar benchmark.” Undivided attention to the client coupled with a high level of honesty, integrity, trust and transparency are what have skyrocketed this team to the top, which also makes the team’s referral base quite impressive, consistently attracting exceptional listings as a result. With 34 years in the business, Goldstein has continually set the standard in the real estate market and specializes in the higher-end market. She essentially hit the ground running when she acquired her real estate license back in 1983 and shows no signs of losing any acceleration now, delivering

Mission Farms 3740 West 106th Street, Leawood, Kansas

816.589.8309 14



the best in service, knowledge and expertise to her clients. Her natural tenacity and unwavering enthusiasm led her to become an award-winning

Realtor from Day-1. A licensed Realtor in both Kansas and Missouri,

“We have some team members who have been with us for 25 years

she initially worked with Kroh Brothers, which later become the J.D.

and others who are new but bring a fresh and brand new point of view

Reece Company. In her first year, she was heralded as Rookie of

to our company,” explained Goldstein. “There is a lot of chemistry here

the Year, and as she continually gained momentum, she escalated

on our team, and we are excited to have the luxury of doing what we

to Associate Broker and then a founding member of the Hallbrook

love. While we take the buying and selling process seriously, we don’t

Realty Team, which positioned her to reign within the luxury real

take ourselves too seriously!” This highly-efficient and organized team is extremely well-versed in

estate sector.

what they do, which translates to making the selling and buying process full of fun and adventure, not a nightmarish experience. If you are ready for some fun and adventure when buying or selling that next higher-end home, then you only have one phone call to make. The Goldstein Team is not just about words, either. It’s all about action, and those action steps always find the road to success and satisfaction for each and every client. “Our team has a strong base of skills and services that cater to all types of lifestyles and stories,” expressed Goldstein. “And we are fortunate to have here in Kansas City so many wonderful communities for people of all types of lifestyles.” The Goldstein Team is exciting to announce their new offices in Mission Farms at 3740 West 106th Street in Leawood, Kansas. Be sure to stop by for a visit! And as one who also keeps a finger on the pulse of what’s new in the industry, Goldstein and her team always stay on top of the latest trends and technologies. “We have a team representative of all ages,” noted Goldstein, which includes men, women, Millennials and those who have been in the business for most of their professional lives, and as with any great success story, key players are an essential component, and The Goldstein Team is no exception. Working alongside Suzy are her son, Team Leader and Associate Broker (and marketing expert!), Erich Goldstein; Lora Jones, Margaret Stewart, Cara Cowsert, and Joe Gill, Listing Associates and Buyer-Agents; Leslie Courtney, Leasing and Property Management Specialist; and Debbie Van Noy, Transaction Manager. Because of the tireless work efforts of this group, the Goldstein Team has been awarded the Five Star Best in Client Satisfaction award by KC Magazine since the inception of the company and all are consistently recognized as Top Agents in Greater Kansas City by the KC Business Journal.






E DIE WATE RS TEAM KELLER WILLIAMS NORTH Born and raised in the Northland, Edie Waters has always had a passion for excellence and after graduating from Park Hill High School, she transitioned to the University of Missouri at Kansas City where she studied math and ultimately worked in the computer industry for several years before finding her home within the real estate industry. For a while, she embraced the stay-at-home mom life but instinctively knew she wanted to be in the professional world, but also desired a flexible schedule so that she could still focus on raising her family. Real estate offered the perfect answer, and Waters quickly proved her worth as a natural in the arena. She began her career with Reece & Nichols; then moved to Re/Max; and is now a part of the Keller Williams organization and her powerhouse team –– Edie Waters Team –– is on track to exceed $60 million in sales by the end of this year. Licensed in Missouri and Kansas since 1992, the award-winning Waters has been a consistent multi-million-dollar producer and also specializes in relocation services. Waters, however, is not led by ego and instead defers her success to the strength of her dynamic team, which has grown to 12 individuals within the last 15 years. In addition to three assistants (inside sales agents), her team also has six agents and a social media expert, with Waters at the helm. Edie Waters Team is recognized as the #1 team in the Northland, depending upon the day and the numbers of the week, Waters emphasized. More than just an impressive real estate team, though, Edie Waters Team has been applauded by the Kansas City Business Journal as the fastest growing of any business in the metro area, standing at #49 out of 50 highlighted businesses. Despite such strong accolades, the award that has the most appreciable meaning to Waters is the Five Star Agent one.

816.268.6040 16



“This award comes from your clients and peer group,” Waters explained, who humbly gave a nod to the 10 consecutive years she has held this honor, as she understands it is the team effort that has led to this recognition.

“We are consistent and take care of our clients fully through our quality service, integrity and professionalism,” she emphasized. A self-confessed workaholic, Waters truly loves her work, and while keeping a strong finger on the pulse of her operations today, she is clearly focused on the road ahead. “We will start our goal setting for 2017 this month,” she noted, indicating that she plans to realize a 25% - 30% growth in volume next year. Building a strong team certainly takes a bit of mental, intellectual and determined prowess, and Waters attributes the continued success of her team to the individuals within, which includes Stephanie Snowden, Natasha

us and our team likes it, too,” she smiled. “We are in the business

Temple, Jesse Burwell, Kellie Narron, Vicki Walsh, Josh Wells, Michelle

of helping people. This is not just a job; it is a career. We make sure

Grace, Becky Stafford, Alex Rash, Lesa Simonson, and Claudia Miller

everything is right or we find a way to make it right.”

(who has been with Waters for 15 years).

The strength, comradery and sense of family is evident no matter with whom one interacts on the team. The flow and structure of the constant communication within the team assures that when a client speaks to any member of the group, it is like that person is speaking directly with Waters. “All of our team members make good decisions and abide by the standards we employ,” said Waters. “Everyone is dedicated to making sure the buying or selling experience is a great one.” Edie Waters Team believes that every single client deserves the best, and they stand at the ready to deliver the best…and then some. No matter what one requires for real estate needs, Edie Waters Team has the answer, and that answer always involves a heaping helping of solutions, satisfaction, service and above all, fun.

“I am always looking for top talent,” she stated. After finding that talent, she ensures its viability by creating a true feeling of family within her group. “I think buyers and sellers come to us because they want to be a part of our family.” To that end, Edie Waters Team relies on highly efficient systems and processes, designed for continual contact with clients, and not just for business purposes. “At Thanksgiving, we give our clients apple and pumpkin pies. We enjoy doing fun things like that. It gives them a chance to get to know






DIANA B RYAN -SM ITH SPEEDWAY REALTY Experienced Realtor Diana Bryan-Smith wants you to love where you live. If she achieves that feeling for her clients, she knows she has done her job. It’s easy to see why Diana excels in her profession. Her friendly, approachable and no-nonsense style is what makes folks gravitate to her. This Basehor, Kansas native with roots in Wyandotte and Leavenworth counties has always had a love of farms and properties, so diving into the real estate industry was a perfect fit for her. Even though she has an educational background in commercial art and graphic design, it has been her unwavering love of the land and passion for helping clients buy and sell homes that has kept her heart in this business. Diana acquired her real estate license in 1997 and focused her efforts initially on land sales. Within two years, she had found a niche perfectly suited for her: new home sales. By 2007, she opened her own realty company –– Speedway Realty, LLC –– and positioned herself as an owner/ broker, providing services to both buyers and sellers in all price ranges, both residential and commercial (and was highly instrumental in brokering the Schlitterbahn project in Wyandotte County). However, she has continually kept her finger on the pulse of new home communities. “Piper Estates was the first development I worked on,” recalled Diana. This large lot subdivision gave Diana the experience she needed to hone her skills and cultivate her expertise, laying the groundwork for multiple new home communities to come in which she was an integral force. “It’s fun to create someone’s dream home and watch it take shape from

Building the American Dream, one house at a time.

the ground up,” smiled Diana, who currently averages approximately $25 million in sales annually. However, in order to get to that first spade, there are numerous steps that must be taken before that dream home becomes a reality. While it may seem to an outsider that a new home community seems to go up almost overnight, it truly is an involved and often time-consuming process. “It can take up to two years before you even turn a blade of dirt (in these new home communities),” noted Diana. “You have to study the demographics and make sure the product is a good fit for the area. There are so many variables to consider and implement before we can even begin to build. We have to focus on the logistics first.” A good example of this process can be seen in communities designed for senior living.

13793 Valleyview Way, Bonner Springs, Kansas

913.915.6500 18



“In order to develop a senior living community, we have to make sure that certain conveniences are within close proximity, such as a post office, hospital and a grocery store,” explained Diana.

With a natural proclivity for seeing the big picture before that first piece of dirt is interrupted, Diana enjoys working with builders to create exciting new home plans and then send those off to the architects to become a reality. One of Diana’s current projects is the Lei Valley Community in Bonner Springs, Kansas. With Phase IV approved and approaching kick-off, Diana is excited to see this project come to fruition. This welcoming neighborhood boasts plenty of

Fastest team in town!

walking trails, rolling hills, fishing ponds, a clubhouse and a pool. It is the perfect place to build that first home or enjoy that empty nest. Of course, one of

While Diana certainly enjoys exercising her new home community

the main attractions is the five-year tax rebate plan, which allows

prowess, that encompasses roughly half of her business, she still

homeowners to build up equity at a much quicker rate if they roll it

enjoys the re-sale aspect in buying and selling.

back into the home.

Diana leverages her personal strengths as a means to grow and

“That is definitely one of the perks to living here,” emphasized Diana.

market her business and makes sure to always have her clients

“Every year for five years straight, homeowners will get a 75%

“best interests at heart.” She is extremely persistent, excels at follow-

tax rebate.”

through, and employs the latest in marketing technologies. “I also make sure I am available 24/7,” she said. Diana has no shame reflex in admitting that she does eat, breathe and sleep real estate, but she understands that is the nature of the business. “To do this right, you have to remain focused,” she said. “And over the years I have learned that it’s not about chasing the dollar; it is about chasing the deal.” Positioning her team as “The Fastest Team in Town,” Diana is confident she can produce amazing results for her clients. “It’s a great market now,” smiled Diana. “New homes are selling quicker and we have a lot of anticipated projects in our pipeline.”

Lei Valley Phase 4 is set to open soon with a 75% tax rebate for five years! Working alongside two builders within the community, Diana anticipates that there will be close to 300 homes when it is completed. With her experience in developing new home communities, Diana likens herself to being an undertaker of sorts for new homes. She has become the go-to Realtor to assume any leftover lots within a subdivision and take over what the builders didn’t finish. “We are like the cleanup crew,” Diana smiled. “We negotiate with the banks to purchase the remaining lots so that we can finish the subdivisions.”

Located near The Legends... New homes priced in the mid $200’s are going up in The Estates of Connor Creek!







Becky Harper fully appreciates why the rearview mirror is smaller than the windshield. While she respects the challenges of her past, she is clearly on the road to success with her current endeavors and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. Although she has been in the real estate arena for just about a year, her progress report to date would clearly suggest otherwise. This celebrated Rookie of the Year, an individual agent with Keller Williams, achieved $8 million in sales as of August 15, 2016, and as of that date, she still had two months to go until her first anniversary with the company and in the business! Harper, born of entrepreneurial spirit and enthusiasm, owned and operated a high-profile hair and beauty salon in the metro area for over 24 years. However, due to deficiencies within her new building after construction was complete, she was forced to abandon that endeavor, temporarily left with a void that directed her to re-evaluate her true purpose, and within a short time was introduced to the world of real estate through her own agent through whom she bought a home two years ago and came to the conclusion that this was something she should have been doing her entire adult life. “It’s all about the customer service, building a good reputation, and delivering a great service,” she emphasized. Having done that for many years in her prior business, she has brought those same tools to her current trade and the results are definitely working in her favor. “I am a people person, very hands-on and task-oriented,” she smiled. (Translation: As your agent, she will be engaging, friendly, committed and will definitely get the job done. Her goal is your success and satisfaction.) Disciplined and unafraid of hard work and tireless effort, Harper thrives on her new career and is excited to share it with others. You might even see her about town wearing her name badge or chatting up with someone. Sure, she understands the power of marketing, but she is extremely well-versed in the art of forging positive relationships, and her upbeat and friendly personality easily draw people to her. Working with both buyers and sellers at all price points, Harper puts her total focus on each client. With buyers, for example, she conducts personal interviews to understand what they want, their lifestyles, their goals, and

913.579.1767 20



how they see themselves using their home. From there, she will personally go on a crusade of sorts, looking at and researching 100 homes if necessary and then short list her findings to present to the clients. It saves

the clients time and gives Harper the opportunity to showcase her ability to deliver specialized and detailed customer service, thereby lessening the burden on her clients and bringing the best to them. “Whether you are looking at a $100,000 home or a $1-million-dollar mansion, the service remains the same,” she insisted. “My job is to gather the facts and deliver the best products using that information. Making clients happy is my job.” It’s no wonder, then, that Harper hit the ground running from the first day in the office, setting records and earning her spot as Rookie of the Year within the Overland Park Keller Williams office, currently home to more than 430 agents.

and doing whatever amount of hand-holding is necessary. I strive to

She has consistently remained in the top 10 since she began and is

understand who my clients are and to learn to speak in the language

the #1 top selling rookie at present.

they receive.” Referrals are also key to Harper’s success, as evidenced by the words of one happy client: “Having Becky Harper as our real estate agent is a real blessing. She has gone above and beyond time and time again. We have already highly recommended her to our family and friends.”

And even though she may still feel a twinge of discomfort when thinking about her past, Harper now understands its glorious purpose. “I was once told that ‘it is not about the fall; it’s about the comeback,’” she reflected. “I definitely believe that. I have learned so much about myself since leaving my former business and beginning this journey. It has been a very humbling experience and I am grateful for the support of God and my family and friends. My goal from here on out is to be happy and to continue to take care of every client. I am 100% into it and committed to the best possible outcome through educating my clients, delivering a quality service and product;






Zach uses fluorescent pigmented building blocks to convey mood, emotion, place, and time: the intangible and dreamlike essence in his paintings.

Leawood FINE ART




11709A Roe Avenue, Leawood, KS (Camelot Court Shopping Ctr at 119th & Roe)

913.338.4999 | GALLERY HOURS: Tues-Fri – 10:00~6:00


Sat – 10:00~5:00


Mon by appointment



Greatest Little Niche in Town Whether it’s remodeling, construction or design, this shop knows the key elements of bath, door, and cabinet hardware It’s been said, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Thoughtful details make lasting impressions whether in fashion or home décor, a valuable quality John Hensley, owner of Locks and Pulls hardware emphasizes. That’s exactly what he was looking for when the opportunity to buy the business surfaced nearly 6 years ago. “There are two overriding qualities that give our company an edge. The first is current and extensive inventory; the second is knowledgeable staff. These factors are crucial to customer satisfaction,” says Hensley. Over the past 30 years Locks and Pulls has maintained its original location in Overland Park with another store that opened in 2002 serving the Northland. Both stores are the consummate examples of a one-stop shop that is customer driven. Hensley asserts, “Box stores may populate the market but it isn’t often easy to get expert customer service not to mention the range of product that Locks and Pulls stocks. You may be able to find a variety of 40 to 60 sku’s of cabinet hardware in a box store but we have over 1,500 sku’s. For that reason, we really are a one-stop shop for decorative hardware that demonstrates quality customer service accompanied with comprehensive product information.” Complemented by a competent staff, Hensley’s crew listens and assists the customer. “In this industry, there’s so much product to consider, people get overwhelmed. For example, people love various finishes but gone are the days of polished brass pulls or knobs. Today, polished nickel and a matte, satin brass finish is far more modern. The trend is towards sleeker, more contemporary lines for decorative hardware. But that doesn’t rule out crystal knobs in a powder room for a touch of bling.” What sets Locks and Pulls apart is the ability to mix and match, select an offbeat or customized look and then take a sample home –– a practice that has proven invaluable. Intricacies and parts are Locks and Pulls specialty. Suffice to say, if you can’t find it at Locks and Pulls, you probably won’t.





10333 Metcalf Ave., Overland Park, KS

109 NE 91st, Kansas City, MO



Hours: 8-6 Mon-Fri, 10-4 Saturday

Hours: 9-6 Mon-Fri, 10-4 Saturday

Wilson s Flooring Covering, Inc. “Turning houses into homes for over 29 years.”












Design Services | Financing Available | Professional Installation Guaranteed

15335 Knighton Ave., Platte City, MO 64079







DON J UL IAN BUILD ERS DON JULIAN Since its inception in 1974, Don Julian Builders has constructed in excess of 2,000 homes worth over $1 billion all over the Metro Kansas City and surrounding areas. In fact, the unique design build approach and attention to detail to which this company has committed itself have elevated each home to a new standard, and a keen eye can confidently look at any given home in a group and immediately be able to say with utmost confidence and admiration, “That one’s a Don Julian.” Spanning four decades of dedication to uncompromised integrity and commitment to quality and customer satisfaction are what have led Don Julian Builders to the top of the class. His homes have won more awards than any other builder in the history of the Kansas City Home Builders Association. And it’s certainly no surprise that this enterprising, innovative and truly inspiring company has been ranked this year as #223 in the nation by the Professional Builders Annual Housing Giants List, which ranks the largest builders within the United States. In 2015, Don Julian Builders realized an impressive housing revenue of $38,986,000, with custom homes spread throughout the metro area. It’s really quite easy to spot a Don Julian home, for this company’s unique architectural design and award-winning floor plans are a giveaway and have become a true Julian trademark in the Kansas City home building landscape. Julian has a passion –– and an obvious talent for –– keeping pace with current trends while simultaneously incorporating his own unique twists in that regard. As a result, he is a leader for setting new standards in design and innovation yet never wavering from quality and outstanding customer service. Working with an in-house design center, Julian works side-by-side with an experienced architectural staff, interior designers and fully-equipped decorating studio. Julian understands it can be an intense process to build a home, and he caters to his clients, making the process truly a one-stop shop. Julian’s interest in construction began 42 years ago when he relocated to Kansas City from the East coast after a promotion to Director of Engineering for a Fortune 500 company that required him to put roots in the metro area. While searching for a home for his family at that time, he realized that a custom built home was what he truly desired, and from there his appetite for construction was whetted and he decided to pursue it as

913.894.6300 26



a full-time business.

His strong engineering background allowed Julian to gain impressive velocity from the start and it wasn’t long before his love of taking the lead on incorporating innovative and creative trends into his designs put him at center stage in the marketplace. Just as he has been continually credited with making such trends well-known, he is also known for his strong and essential role in developing numerous upscale communities throughout the metro area, including Riss Lake in the Northland, Lakewood Shores Tiffany Greens, Woodland Reserve and Mission Reserve. Julian is still leading the pack and is currently involved in taking 160 acres of beautiful, rolling hills at 171st

comes to customer service, craftsmanship and exacting building

and Switzer in south Overland Park and, along with Brian Rodrock of

standards. Julian refuses to waver from giving each homeowner the

Rodrock Homes, has created Terrybrook Farms, Johnson County’s

opportunity to put their own touch on their home and because he has

first master planned community since 2008. Harnessing the financial

a seasoned support staff of specialists within the home building arena, clients see first-hand how such diverse talents and expertise create not only amazing homes and true works of art, but places in which memories will be made to last a lifetime. “We strive to make each home we build a work of art and craftsmanship,” Julian says. “We focus on the details, creating a home that you will be truly proud to own and live in for years to come. The most innovative building techniques, materials and state of the art technologies are featured in each home. By defining trends, we’re able to create homes of lasting value and distinction. Our homes stand the test of time because of innovative floor plans that provide superior value and style.”

strength and building experience of both the Julian and Rodrock teams, this exciting community will showcase some of their latest plans, innovative features and products in homes of distinction. “Johnson County has a lot to offer new homebuyers regardless of their lifestyle,” Julian says “There is something special here and the need for a community like Terrybrook Farms was obvious. We have been planning this project for over a decade and the community is being specifically developed with the best vision for the homebuyer in mind.” When building a Don Julian home, clients are assured not only a wonderful experience, but also one that exceeds all standards when it






S UMA DE SIGN & C ON STRUC TION MARK SUMADA Builder Mark Sumada, owner of the award-winning SUMA Design & Construction, is somewhat of a homebody, but not in the way you might think. This creative, inspiring and bold builder enjoys coloring outside the lines and pursuing the road less traveled when it comes to employing designs in the luxury/contemporary home arena. However, he consistently makes sure to do one thing exactly the same with each home he constructs: He builds it as if he was going to live in it himself. After all, Sumada realizes a home provides a statement and is a reflection of the people who live there, and he wants to ensure that each home his company builds expresses that sentiment. Sumada came into his profession with the idea that the homes he built would make a strong statement, but he soon learned that his homes, despite being crafted with every advantage to speak their mind and enjoy the results, needed to express themselves in the voice of their owners, not his. To that end, he has become a trusted, enthusiastic and understanding listener who still brings his impressive skills to the table, but fully incorporates the soundtrack of the lifestyles of the people who reside in them. It is nearly impossible to not hear, however, the tenacious enthusiasm that pours from Sumada’s lips when it comes to the love of what he does. “I love creating homes,” he smiled. “My passions are endless and they start with quality and end with excitement. There is such a great feeling of happiness when a client says ‘We love our home!’” As such, his homes are created with his professional language, which includes his core values of quality, energyefficiency, and unparalleled design elements, yet are strongly accented with a style unique to each homeowner. Mark began working in construction and landscaping while still in high school and then studied architecture at the University of Kansas. He honed his skills by working with professors in the school, purchasing, remodeling and selling homes in Lawrence. That soon evolved to starting his own construction company building and framing new homes. Mark has worn multiple hats within the industry over the years and has performed every task in the construction of homes, from foundations to roofs and everything in between. He has also established a phenomenal team, which includes his son, Ben Sumada, Vice President & Construction Supervisor; Jerrie Shroyer, Office Manager; and Pam Baker and Associates, Broker. While Sumada stands at the helm of each home building process and is entirely hands-on in his approach with a sincere and intense commitment to customer satisfaction, two of his children, sons Ben and Zach, have also

816.532.1555 28



developed a strong skill sets, having grown up in the industry. Ben has a keen eye for home construction and from his father he has learned not only the necessary tools of the trade but has also developed the same level of passion,

commitment to quality, attention to detail and the best in customer service. Older son Zach is credited with all of the impressive design work. With a Master’s degree in Architecture from the University of Kansas, Zach is currently working at a firm in town receiving credit for apprenticeship and is in the final stages of pursuing his license. Like his father and brother, his passion for building and incorporating his design experience is the driving factor in his ambitious and enthusiastic approach to the home building process. Shroyer works tirelessly to

the ever-evolving forms of technology and ushering

ensure that nothing falls through

in those measures by incorporating into his homes,

the cracks and stands at the

for example, the technology that will support

ready to assist homebuyers

Google Fiber and charging stations for mobile

with any questions and concerns

devices and computers, all designed with the

they might have. Her warm and

mindset that, even though technology does tend

approachable presence makes

to make life a bit impersonal, they can bring

everyone feel right at home as she graciously guides each client through the entire home building process.

families closer together. “We have simplified our designs and concentrated on lighting to set

Baker and her team of agents with ReeceNichols assist each home

the moods, the electronics to help communicate with our world, and

owner with all of the contacts and details that go along with building a

the materials to help eliminate the clutter and outside notice to give us peace and to let us relax,” he explained. At SUMA Design and Construction Company, homes are not just four walls, a foundation and a ceiling; they are an art form. The SUMA style is simpler and the detailing is concentrated in specific areas. “I believe contemporary design should focus on the space both indoors and out,” he noted. “I put great emphasis on the newer and exciting forms of products, such as lighting, scissor doors, tiles and hardwood all the way to electronics. We make our spaces cleaner and exciting.” So, ultimately, even though Sumada gives an exciting stage for the homeowner’s lifestyle and voice, his voice is still a part of the overall

home, guiding clients step-by-step along the way.

foundation of each home.

Since its inception four decades ago, SUMA Design &

“My mission and ultimately

Construction has mastered both traditional and Tuscan

what I do for others is to

styling of homes but are now further inspired by a more

understand that your home,

modern style that celebrates crisp, clean lines. That gravitation towards a contemporary look is evidenced in the progressive architecture Mark uses. His company keeps pace with

no matter how small or large, can be a statement for your family, for their memories and their history, as it molds their lives,” said Mark.






HOME S B Y C H RIS CHRIS AND ROY RAGLAND Liberty, Missouri-based custom home builder Chris Ragland has always had a strong interest in new construction, and when she established Homes by Chris in 2003, she created more than just a business, she created a means by which dreams are made. Not just a home builder, Ragland creates lifestyles. “Our motto is ‘We build your story,’” this MBA-educated entrepreneur expressed, and to that end, each creation, whether a new custom home or a high-end remodeling project, is an exciting page-turner, peppered with unexpected design elements that excite the senses and invite those “take your breath away moments.” “We are all about the ‘oohs and ahhs’ when it comes to the homes we build,” smiled Ragland, who has always loved building and actually had her real estate license prior to beginning her business. She is joined by her husband Roy, also a Realtor, who came into the fold shortly after the business had been in effect and together, they have built an award-winning company designed to ensure the best in quality, value and overall customer satisfaction. Both Ragland and her husband, however, have certainly paid their dues and earned their stripes when it comes to developing the level of expertise they have achieved in the industry, and it all began with one simple home years ago. “Roy purchased a home to flip, and I decided I was going to become involved,” recalled Chris. “We flipped our first house in 45 days and subsequently built a few rental homes in the 1990s while both of us still worked our other full-time jobs. I absolutely loved it but really didn’t have the time to fully commit to it.” Ragland then proceeded to build four new starter homes within a week and sold all four just as quickly. At that point, Roy became the other half of Homes by Chris, and their teamwork is what keeps things moving each and every day. After the Raglands combined their efforts, Chris hired a spatial planner who worked with her on colors and functionality, ensuring that every square foot realized its full potential in quality and in value. Once Ragland put those forces in motion, things just naturally took shape. Today, her custom homes can be found in subdivisions primarily in Clay and Platte Counties with an average price of $650,000. However, she does have homes across the price spectrum from $350,000 to over $1 million and has approximately 350 homes in her portfolio to date.


Extremely hands-on from first spade to handing the keys over to the new owners, the Raglands conceptualize each new home with a hand drawing, getting the plan as close as they can to what the client desires, and then they present that drawing to an architect for a more detailed rendering.




Known for her keen eye for design, Ragland does her homework when it comes to keeping pace with new and exciting innovations within her trade. “I do a lot of research on designs, trends, and ideas to give me some fresh inspiration,” explained Ragland, who from there will incorporate her own stroke of genius to give each home its own personality. Additionally, she is with the client and an interior designer throughout every step of the design selection process. Also an expert on high-end remodeling projects, Ragland is just as creative and inventive, able to put a new twist on a classic look to update its appearance, for example. “If you go through a home and simply update the light fixtures and

desires that successfully blends form and function.

paint, it makes a significant difference,” she emphasized. “Proportion

Ragland readily admits that behind every great builder is a great

and scale in a home are equally important. All of these elements

spouse and she is extremely grateful for the solid perspective, expertise

together really make the home flow well, and they add value to it,

and talent Roy brings to the table.

ultimately leading to more satisfaction at the end of the day.”

“Men and women typically see things from a different viewpoint,”

Because both Ragland and her husband are on site daily, clients

said Ragland. “While I might focus on the details, Roy is more likely to

are assured of a custom home or a remodeling project that adheres to

focus on other areas of the home, such as the roof or the foundation.” Listening to the clients is an integral aspect of Homes by Chris and they continually listen…first to understand, and then to reply. “We make changes happen for homeowners as they wish and make sure that every aspect of the process flows well so their story can be told the way they want it,” she stated.

exacting standards and is built to last. Surrounded by experienced and talented tradesmen with whom Ragland interacts daily, she believes that allows for greater workmanship and quality overall. “We take the quality of our work seriously,” she said. Before even beginning a home building or remodeling project, an interview process is initiated. “We ask the client very specific questions to get an understanding of who they are and what their lifestyle entails,” she indicated. Questions such as “Do you have pets? Kids? Do you anticipate elderly relatives moving in at some point? What are your hobbies?” all serve to give Ragland the script she needs to create the story the homeowner






KC B UIL DERS AN D D ESI GN , I N C . KELLEY BABB, LINDSAY CUTLER AND CLINT GENTRY When builder Kelley Babb, owner of KC Builders and Design, asserts that he doesn’t want to build the same house over and over again, he means business, as he is in the business of creating highly artistic custom homes that come with their own voice, style and presentation. Even if two of his original floor plans are built on the same street, one would never notice, as Babb and his team have the distinct ability to incorporate various features that lend themselves to the individuality of each residence. “Our goal is to give each home its own personality,” stated Babb, who has an exciting cornucopia of floor plans within his arsenal, yet also has the tools by which to breathe unique distinction into each one. In a sense, although many of the homes are inspired by similar footprints, no two fingerprints therein are the same. With homes all over the metro area, KC Builders and Design does not discriminate when it comes to breaking ground, either. If there is a subdivision in which they can build, they will build it. The typical price point for their homes hover between $400,000 and $500,000 and include many styles, including two-story and reverse one-and-a-half floor plans. “We have homes in Hidden Creek in Louisburg; at Stonebridge Park and at Stonebridge Meadows in Olathe; in the Preserve at Clear Creek in Shawnee, among others,” emphasized Babb, referring to just a few of the subdivisions in which his creations can be found. Even though his team is small in numbers, they are big on quality, service and commitment to excellence, and their clients appreciate the exquisite finishes found in each and every home. Bringing an undeniable passion for the industry to the table, Babb spent his early years as a framer and soon discovered a knack for designing houses and a love of being out on site, something that still drives him to this day. Whereas in the past when the economy had its grip on the home building industry and buyers tended to lean towards getting the most value per square foot, the tide has turned in the direction of quality and high-efficiency construction, along with a strong desire for a unique home that caters to their own individual lifestyles. “The trends continually change,” recognized Babb. “But we always stay on top of them and we have the right people on our team to do this. We do our homework on what’s in the market.”

913.782.0502 32



One of Babb’s outstanding team members is Lindsay Cutler, office manager, to whom Babb referred as an expert in what she does and as evidenced in the final result of each project.

“For us, it’s a matter of trying out different things with unique details, such as a certain ceiling detail a customer might want,” expressed Lindsay. “We encourage and appreciate input from our clients, as that ensures their home is different from their neighbor’s home. Working with new ideas keeps things fresh and makes the process fun, and we find a way to incorporate our clients’ tastes into their homes by staying on top of all the latest trends and ideas.” Project Manager Clint Gentry ensures all the scheduling runs smoothly and relies upon the Builder Trend computer system that keeps the team and the clients continually in the loop and in constant and clear communication.

Despite having an exciting collection of enviable floor plans, Babb enjoys the dynamics that come with each homeowner.

Through this application, clients can keep pace with the building

“We expect people to make changes and are more than willing to

process every step of the way. They can even make their interior

incorporate their ideas while simultaneously incorporating our finishes

design selections online, as well, from tile to windows, faucets and

into the plan,” he explained. “Some people have an idea of what they

more. Additionally, Gentry has a fantastic eye for inspiring new plan

want, bringing different pieces and ideas from different homes they

ideas and is not afraid to color outside the lines when implementing

have seen in the past and it is our job to capture that, tweak it, and

something new and different.

build what they have envisioned. We often see that piece of the puzzle they have not seen and by working together, we can create the home of their dreams.” Focused on delivering quality standards and customer satisfaction, KC Builders and Design refuses to stagnate when it comes to delivering the best product. “We are always trying to improve and it is our hope that our clients feel they have received more than they expected,” said Babb. At KC Builders and Design, they understand that it’s not just anyone’s home; it’s yours and they are ready to make your dreams a reality.







For more than a quarter of a century, builder Glen Mock, along with his wife and partner Kris Mock, has left his home building touch all over the metro area. As owner of Glen Mock Construction, LLC and Glen Mock Homes (Mock Custom Homes), this Oklahoma City native, yet now Kansas City son, has always had his finger on the pulse of the construction industry most of his professional life. “I knew when I was in high school that I wanted to be an architect,” he recalled. Before he even graduated, he got his start in the framing arena and had a solid hands-on education that has continued to this day. By 1994, Mock took his craft to a whole new level and began putting his name on signs, designating himself as a builder and over the years he has proven time and again that he is a dedicated master of the trade, highly experienced in design work and multiple types of architecture. “I like to inform my customers that I have a lot of pride in the fact that I am a tradesman with years of hands on experience that I am proud of. I know this trade well,” he noted. “I take a lot of satisfaction in being able to help my customers meet their expectations and see their dreams and ideas become a reality.” Highly professional yet always personable and approachable, Mock leads with an understanding and interested ear, eager to know exactly what his clients want. “I really do strive to listen to what they are after, and then I work diligently to achieve that end,” he noted. As one who wears many artistic hats, Mock is well-equipped to create whatever type of home his clients desire. “I have been involved in a diverse range of architectural styles,” he indicated. “I have built a lot of different designs –– traditional, craftsman, contemporary and today’s ever popular transitional architecture which includes a tasteful blend of many architectural elements. I like and enjoy this. I am truly a custom home builder. I don’t just reproduce the same plans time and again.” Building quality custom homes is clearly Mock’s passion, and as an award-winning home builder and remodeling contractor, he offers a wealth of services, including new home construction, room additions, basement

816.896.3412 34



finishes, kitchen and bath restorations. He has had firsthand experiences at

all levels in the industry and is the go-to builder for that design you desire that also fits your personal budget. Along with Kris, who oversees all aspects of the office and who is an integral piece of the company’s proven success –– they have

garnered eight Parade of Homes awards –– Mock is excited to see the company grow, evolve and transform the building landscape of the metro area. Mock also credits Kris with her keen eye and incredible talent for interior

to hone the emerging commercial arm of his business. Not one to simply stagnate, Mock is not only

design and detail, and is equally appreciative of the long-running collaborative effort Kris has had with Jeanne Dabrowski, JD Interiors. Together, these two ladies bring unparalleled results that





In addition to his custom home building company, Mock is also involved with a couple of other endeavors, including with

accomplished musician, singer and songwriter. Artistic ability is essentially an integral part of his DNA, which is evidenced not only in the homes he constructs but also in the music he performs, both of which showcase his love of creating something that genuinely makes



well-versed in the building trade, but is also an


people happy. Mock has performed with his band, Glen Mock and the Tropical Dreamers, at various local venues, including several KC Live! pre-Jimmy Buffet concerts. Needless to say, Mock is an accomplished


company that includes single and multi-family projects, which is giving him the opportunity

individual who can most readily take any challenge and create an opportunity, and when it comes to a custom home, a commercial project, or even a new song, the end result will most certainly be music to one’s ears.






B R AKL OW C USTOM H OM ES, I N C . JERRY AND KRISTEN BRAKLOW What all began as an exciting idea and scribbles on a napkin at the Horny Toad Bar and Grill at the Lake of the Ozarks, ultimately materialized into an award-winning business. When Jerry Braklow, owner of Braklow Custom Homes, Inc., decided to take that proverbial leap of faith and get into the custom home building arena, he initially drafted a sketch for his first floor plan on a beverage napkin, and before the meal was over knew exactly what he was going to do: become a high-end custom home builder. From conception to reality, Braklow Custom Homes, specializes in building custom luxury homes with million-dollar price tags within the Kansas City metro area, and as a result has created some of the most coveted floor plans in town. “My passion has always been in architectural design and details,” he stated. A graduate of Kansas State University with a degree in International Marketing, Braklow initially began his professional construction career in the insurance restoration industry in Mesa, Arizona. Braklow was hired on by a company to provide marketing analysis, which quickly transitioned into a sales director role. When the company decided to expand into the Kansas City region, it was an obvious choice for Jerry to come back to his roots. In 2005, Braklow and his father started their own fire and water damage restoration company called ServiceOne Cleaning & Restoration, Inc., of which Braklow was the President. “I basically pulled my dad out of retirement and needed a financial backer,” Braklow laughed, illuminating that sometimes the best lessons in life are lived, not just observed. “Truthfully, those were the best lessons I learned in business and in life….and who better to learn how to run a business with than your dad? He’s the reason I’m where I am today.” Eventually after seven years and countless hours of hard work, Braklow and his father sold the restoration business. “My dad finally got to retire again,” Braklow laughs. “Just this time, he’s a lot richer!” So when that beverage napkin became home to an idea, Braklow knew

913.375.5531 36



exactly how to proceed. “Who would have thought after drafting that initial floor plan on a napkin it would become a reality this quickly?” he mused.

Braklow literally charged right into the home building trade where his passion for architectural design and detail finally found a home. Now recognized as one of the top 10 custom home builders in the metro area, Braklow’s designs can be found in numerous Johnson County subdivisions, including




Crossing, Arbor View, Cedar Creek, and Polo Fields. With




Overland Park, Braklow works with an amazingly talented and dedicated team of managers and

At Braklow Custom Homes, quality craftsmanship that showcases

craftsmen that all share in his dream and passion for homebuilding.

luxury can be seen at every turn. No matter what design style a client

He also works in tandem with an architect and an engineer on retainer,

desires, Braklow is committed to providing the highest level of finishes

of which initial designs and drawings are drafted and engineered

within the client’s specific price range.


But it is not just about the craftsmanship. Braklow has a specific

An integral part of the team is Braklow’s wife, Kristen, also a Kansas

construction process that is designed to provide clear and concise

State University graduate with a degree in Marketing, who is an

communication for the client. With its step-by-step production

experienced real estate broker, licensed in Kansas and licensed as a

management system, both the builder and the homeowner can

sales agent in Missouri. Additionally, she is the daughter of Phil

effectively communicate throughout the building process, including

Summerson, a highly-respected Realtor in the Kansas City area.

the review of design selections, signing change orders and viewing

Because she was raised in a real estate family, Kristen brings a

pictures of the home’s progress. Open, honest, and effective

cornucopia of knowledge to clients and has closed in excess of

communication is at the foundation of each and every project.

$220 million in residential real estate for The Phil Summerson Group,

“Our clients are very happy with us,” noted Braklow, who doesn’t

an independently-owned affiliate of Better Homes & Gardens Kansas

hesitate when it comes to expressing what he finds most rewarding

City Homes.

about this business.

“Kristen provides multiple design attributes and interior finishes on our homes, ensuring the best in materials and finishes are being used,”

“One of the greatest joys for me is taking something from raw ground and turning it into a masterpiece,” he reflected.

said Braklow. “She assists all of our clients with design selections and

Braklow Custom Homes offers a unique 1/2/5 warranty, which

assists directly with our vendors, continually staying on top of the

includes a one-year craftsmanship warranty; two years on mechanical

latest design trends.”

components; and five years on the structure. All warranties are

Her eye for detail and commitment to delivering the highest level of customer service, materials and finishes are what keeps her on the

done in-house. They also do a 30-day walk through and a one-year walk-through.

leading edge in the industry. Her knowledge, skills, expertise and

“I always come over after a house is built,” noted Braklow, offering

passion are what make her one of the best in the field and she

that the relationships he builds with his clients often materialize to new

thoroughly understands exactly what customers want, delivering the

and lasting friendships along the way.

utmost in satisfaction every single time.

Braklow also serves on the Board of Directors of the Home Builders Association of Kansas City.






JOHN SHILT H OM ES JOHN SHILT AND BRANDY WHITE Home builder John Shilt knows exactly how to make you feel right at home: by delivering the best in customer service and quality homes and by his welcoming, approachable and genuine presence. From the moment you first speak with him, you feel relaxed, at ease and excited about the journey you will take with him. He has an unspoken confidence about him that is not supported by ego and arrogance. Instead, he is one for whom kindness is an instinct, honesty is a lifestyle and building quality homes at reasonable prices is a solid practice. A Certified Master Electrician and also a former Industrial Arts teacher, Shilt began constructing homes in 1992 after working for a while as a superintendent for another builder and with a partner in another home building business. John has proven his builder prowess by providing strong attention to detail and unbeatable customer service, along with exceptional value. Shilt is not just the name given to the business. He is the face of the business and is an integral part of the daily process. He is in the field daily, meeting with home buyers, home owners, crew members and real estate agents. To say he is involved with every project is an understatement. Shilt specializes in custom-made homes as he enjoys changing each house his company builds. Based in the Northland, John Shilt Homes primarily builds north of the river and in the Liberty, Missouri area. Shilt is also a licensed Kansas City General Contractor and an active member of the Greater Kansas City Home Builders Association. Shilt, however, realizes he is not solely responsible for his organization’s success and gives appreciable credit to his daughter, Brandy White, who joined forces with her father in 1998 and who works side-by-side with him to ensure each home is completed by skilled craftsmen and with the finest quality finish products. White understands that exceptional design details are what provide the distinctive beauty and unique personality to each home. “Thanks to her expertise, we have won many awards in the last five years,” noted Shilt. “She spends time and effort on the detail and design of the homes.” The core philosophy of John Shilt Homes is to provide outstanding customer service and ensure that each client is fully satisfied. “We believe that you are no better than the last house you built,” he explained. “We don’t lean on our past reputation. Instead, we work to improve upon every house we build. We want to make sure it is a very

816.407.9310 38



satisfying experience from start to finish.”

As part of the overall makeup of the business, Shilt works with honest and congenial subcontractors who have a sincere interest in building quality homes. As a result, it is not uncommon to have repeat customers and to date, John Shilt Homes has said “Welcome Home” to at least 600 happy homeowners. Among the exciting aspects incorporated into their homes include the trim packages and the amenities. Many upgrades are incorporated into the base price of the homes, as well. For example, some of their floor plans include three rooms for laundry hook-ups: in the master closet; in the flex room off the kitchen; and on the second floor. Other features include granite countertops, fireplaces, heated floor tile in the Master bathrooms; hardwood floors throughout; natural stone on the exterior of the homes; zero entry garage and front porch elevations; as well as suspended garages for additional storage underneath. A dedicated hands-on builder, Shilt or White, if not both, are on the job sites daily, personally overseeing the site to ensure the quality of materials and craftsmanship. “We love what we do. The passion we have to build gives us the desire and energy to continually improve on the homes we build,” emphasized Shilt. “Our hands-on approach keeps us up on daily processes and we are fully committed to building quality homes at a fair price. We aim to please by providing an extra effort to achieve that goal, and Brandy is an invaluable part of the team. We go over blue prints, plans and contracts together to ensure everything gets done.”

product are in direct alignment with the philosophies of John Shilt

Additionally, all of the subcontractors –– many of whom have been

Homes, which, as a result, has created an impeccable reputation for

with Shilt since he began his business –– are interviewed first to ensure their honesty, congeniality, and sincere interest in producing a quality

customer service and satisfaction. “Many of our clients have become our lifelong friends,” smiled Shilt. “We communicate with them even after the warranty period.” A






communication at all turns, Shilt also gives his cell phone number to each client and is prepared to make himself available at all hours of the day when possible. John Shilt Homes can be found in numerous subdivisions in Kansas City, including Shoal Creek, Staley Farms, Woodbrook Villas, Copperleaf, Overland Ridge, Manderley, The Homestead in Liberty, Park Ridge in Lee’s Summit and in Aviara, the forthcoming GaleHart master plan community in Liberty, Missouri







Another one of Kansas City’s Finest Backyards There’s a good reason Banks Pool & Spa is the custom inground pool builder in Kansas City... EXCELLENCE

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Please contact your designer with your specific design needs.


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Let United Mosquito & Fly control design a custom solution for your yard. Instead of swatting mosquitoes, you’ll be enjoying your yard and grounds all summer long.

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Ask about our fly control systems for horse stables. CALL US TODAY!







T OTAL HOME REM OD ELIN G PAT STRAND It’s no secret that the folks at Total Home Remodeling are bona fide experts in their craft. Just one look at their portfolio says it all and gives strong testament to their unwavering motto:

If it’s

perfection, creativity and excitement you desire in that home remodeling project that has been on your mind, then the Total Home Remodeling gurus stand at the ready to deliver all that, and more. Owned by Pat Strand, whose friendly and approachable style immediately puts you at ease, this complete home remodeling company is fully confident in its talent and can handle all types of projects, as its team members thrive on new and exciting ideas. Even when challenges arise, they always have the perfect solution that results in that “I’m so glad I had them do this project for me” feeling. Among the key players on all the remodeling projects include Strand; Matt Preston, Project Manager; Anita Blair, Customer Concierge; Joann Romano, Interior Designer; and Jake Matthew, who oversees all of the exterior work and projects. By successfully partnering each individual’s talent and expertise, Total Home Remodeling is able to deliver a quality product that adds value, beauty and a decided “wow factor” to any home. But why just take our word for it? Let the photos speak for themselves (but please bear with us as we at least tell you how it all came together!)

913.227.4149 44



The former kitchen and main living area of this Leawood home had surpassed its style expiration date and was still reflecting a time period reminiscent of the 1990s. In order to bring it into the 21st century, Total

By giving the clients upwards of 20 window design options from which to choose for the back of the home, Total Home Remodeling ultimately used Marvin Windows to create the stunning trio of arched upper windows with a curved radius across the top, removing the former sliding doors that once led to the deck. By working with Marvin Windows, Total Home Remodeling can essentially do any shape and size of window to create a strong focal point. Other exterior features that were updated and incorporated included new garage doors, siding, soffits, fascia, gutters, a deck and a back and side retaining wall. Also, a stamped concrete patio was added off the new deck. This eye-catching exterior certainly has all the necessary curb Home Remodeling tore out the existing walls to open the space;

appeal to inspire its award-winning look. Subsequent to installation,

placed tile flooring over the existing marble; removed the wet bar;

Total Home Remodeling won a REMY and a CotY award for this

and utilized the air space in the two-story tall sitting room by adding a

spectacular design.

12’ x 15’ room above. In the kitchen, the former wet bar area became a huge walk-in pantry and the center island was expanded and given a built-in sink. Just off the entry way to the garage, a built-in desk/sitting area was incorporated by using 18” of garage space, without compromising the overall footprint of the garage. Slightly off the kitchen a wine fridge and ice maker wrap off to the side, like a hutch. The new appliances were relocated to allow for ample walking space around the island and new light fixtures add the perfect finishing touch. Additionally, the family room was opened up into the dining room, allowing for better flow. A custom bookshelf was also added for more built-in storage.

By virtue of all the exciting and innovative changes this home now enjoys, Total Home Remodeling was able to change the house without changing the address. “Our goal is to help the clients exhaust all possibilities,” stressed Matthew. “We come up with ideas to help them think a different way and get them to see something in a way they haven’t yet seen. There is always more than one way to do something and our goal is to understand how the client sees it finished and also how they want to use it.” Even though Total Home Remodeling is known for its serious talent, each team member understands that clients know what they The exterior of this Overland Park residence was in dire need of a facelift

want. It’s simply the job of the Total Home Remodeling team to deliver

and by focusing on the landscape, the deck, the siding and the windows,

the stunning end result while continually going above and beyond

Total Home Remodeling added life, years and value to this home.

client expectations.






AR CHITE CTURAL C RAFTSM EN JOE AND MARY THOMPSON Mary and Joe Thompson understand that every home has a story to tell, and it has become their mission to reveal those stories and make them page-turning works of art through their unique architectural design and craftsmanship. As owners of the award-winning Architectural Craftsmen, they are not only seasoned professionals within the industry, but also perfectionists, honest and proficient at their craft. Attention to detail is not just a philosophy, it is a business lifestyle for them and the end results of each and every project are nothing short of spectacular. A leader in the home remodeling industry, Architectural Craftsmen began 15 years ago, but Mary and Joe have been in the business for much longer. Mary has an academic background in education but has also studied design extensively. Joe attended architectural school and has a background in commercial construction. It was during his time in that arena that he and Mary spent their weekends doing various home remodeling projects. “I was more interested in the residential side, as it allowed for more creativity than the commercial side,” Joe noted. Over the years, the Thompsons have steadily gravitated towards working on older homes. When Joe was studying at the University of Kansas, the couple at the time resided in the nearby town of Baldwin City where they lived in a house built in 1910. “We lived on the main floor while we restored the house,” recalled Mary. “That place was sort of like our baby and we fell in love with the process of remodeling.” From there, they met former business partner Matt Kirby, an artist and a musician, and together they transitioned to working on older homes in Lawrence. Mary and Joe eventually relocated to Kansas City and started a family and while there were some initial growing pains to starting a business while raising a family, Mary and Joe have created a workable formula and are breathing new life into local older homes. While Mary tends to a majority of the design work and is experienced with CAD drawings, Joe spends most of his time out in the field, managing, bidding, and estimating, assuming more of a sales role. The Thompsons appreciate the exceptional craftsmanship of days gone by and admire the attention to detail that has been expressed in older homes. “It is what we enjoy and like working on,” said Joe. “The trim work executed back then was extraordinary, yet extremely common.”

913.963.2246 46



Joe also noted that typically the materials used were of a much better quality than you might see today. For example, the growth rings on trees were tighter because they grew at a slower and steadier rate. Today, some trees are genetically bred to grow faster. Even the masonry work was often

of a superior quality, giving a strong nod that building homes was not just a business, but an art. “Older homes were built for a different way of living,” expressed Joe. “These days, most of the entertaining is in the kitchen. Our primary challenge –– but also what we love to do –– is make the houses work for today while still allowing for the original character and integrity of the way these homes were originally built.” Joe explained that if an older home is still standing today, it is a nod to the mantra of “survival of the fittest.” And while many of these homes can suffer from sinking foundations, cracked walls and

“Sometimes, these old houses speak to us,” commented Mary.

chipped stucco, the experts at Architectural Craftsmen can readily

In addition to working with historic homes in neighborhoods such

incorporate modern methods and tools to keep the home alive and

as Roanoke, Hyde Park, and Janssen Place, Architectural Craftsmen

well, and when it comes to ensuring these older homes have the voices

also offers remodeling work in Overland Park, Leawood, Lenexa, Prairie Village, Fairway, Westwood and Kansas City, Missouri. Additionally, they are members of Historic Kansas City and the Kansas City Bungalow Club.

they need to express their stories and rich histories, Joe relies not only on his architectural background but also his degree in history. “We like working with the homeowners and getting excited about the project,” smiled Joe, who, along with Mary, frequently does background research at the Missouri Valley Room at the Kansas City Public Library, which has a cornucopia of information about many of the earlier homes in and around the Kansas City area. “When we can, we give the homeowners a written history, original drawings and background information of their home,” stated Joe. “It’s fun for us to return the home back to what it was and to see the joy and satisfaction in our customers.” Through their attention to efficiency, organization, design and detail, the Thompsons are, in a sense, residential curators, yet often in the end, learn more with each completed project.






HEAR T L AND KITC H EN & BATH BARRINGER HANSEL (PICTURED) AND NICK CHRISSAN It’s no secret that for many families the kitchen is the heartbeat of the home, the quintessential hub of activity. So when it comes time to remodel that treasured space, it can amount to an appreciable undertaking, not one to be taken lightly, either. In addition to ensuring you have the budget to do so, there is also the added inconvenience of not having full access to the kitchen during the remodeling phase. However, one local company has developed a solid reputation for completing that kitchen remodeling project on time, within your budget and to your complete satisfaction while simultaneously minimizing the aspect of inconvenience to your family. In fact, their attention to detail and commitment to quality inspire this company to treat every project as if it was being completed within their own homes. The experts at Heartland Kitchen & Bath focus fully on the customer experience, committed to doing the right thing every time, without exception. Co-owners Barringer Hansel and Nick Chrissan refuse to cut corners or comprise quality and integrity yet can still provide the best value for the money. While the bottom line of most any company is to realize a profit, Heartland Kitchen & Bath measures its success in providing the best in service, design, quality, craftsmanship and value, operating from a platform of complete transparency. Everyone working on a project is fully vetted and each individual hired on with the company is fully insured. Since the company’s inception, Heartland Kitchen & Bath has remained in excellent standing with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and maintains consistently high rankings with the National Association of Remodeling Industry (NARI). If you think you are going to encounter a sales staff that is on full throttle here, you will most likely be disappointed…and pleasantly surprised. “Of course, we do sell a service, but most important, we are educators. We want our clients to feel fully comfortable with the process and we continually do what is in their best interest, never steering them down the wrong path. Again, it is not about the money for us. It is about doing the right thing,” emphasized Hansel. “I’d much rather walk away from a job than to complete a job that does not align with our core values of honesty, integrity, quality, and value. We will always do the right thing every single time and that is what people remember. That is how we built this business and if we believe that something is not a good idea, we will let that client know.” In addition to those core values, Hansel and Chrissan do not rely on subcontractors or vendors. Instead, they have created a reliable team of


dedicated and skilled in-house employees. That strength of organization, coupled with more than 50 years of combined experience, allows this dynamic team to incorporate its invaluable skillsets and talents into the foundation of every project.




Heartland Kitchen & Bath understands that a kitchen is not only a primary gathering spot for the family, but that it must also defer to function, maximize space, invite organization and incorporate elements for convenience. Those components then work in tandem with the company’s focus on unique and specialized craftsmanship. “We do not bring in materials or products from the big box stores,” noted Hansel. “All of our work is custom-made with the client’s needs, style, tastes and desires in mind.” And if certain bumps are encountered along the way, clients don’t have to frustratingly navigate ineffective lines of communication and instead are given direct access to the owners.

Because Heartland Kitchen & Bath is not focused solely on the sales

Heartland Kitchen & Bath operates a continual and open line of

component, they can readily go the extra mile to turn someone’s dream

communication with each client and is ready to assist each individual

into a reality, and at the end of the day, that is the true meaning of

no matter the hour of the day.

success for this growing company. “This is not just sales. We help somebody achieve their dream, whether that is what they’ve envisioned or what we have envisioned for them. We get to work with the client to create their dream home, which becomes the place where they hang out together, bringing a family closer. That is what it is truly all about,” smiled Hansel.

In addition to kitchen remodeling, Heartland Kitchen & Bath has solid experience in bathroom remodeling projects and applies the same level of service, quality, value and expertise to each client on that end.




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Kansas City Homes & Style Stars 2016  

Kansas City Homes & Style is proud to present our 2nd annual Stars 16 issue featuring the industry leaders in real estate, home building and...

Kansas City Homes & Style Stars 2016  

Kansas City Homes & Style is proud to present our 2nd annual Stars 16 issue featuring the industry leaders in real estate, home building and...