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Christmas in the City

Homes in Valletta and the Three Cities

Let’s Make Christmas

We love the bespoke

Be Bold, Go Glam Fashion made for festivities

SisterAct Jacqui, Ira and Lisa Losco




ISSU E 45 • DECE MBER 2019


Christmas in the City

Homes in Valletta and the Three Citie s

Let’s Make Christmas We love

the bespoke

Be Bold, Go Gla

m Fashion made for festivities

Sister Act

Jacqui, Ira and Lisa

29 Style Interview

Style Living

20 Sister Act The Losco sisters share details of Christmases past and exciting things to come.

58 Style Checklist The news you simply must know.

29 O Little Child Clear opinions about the future from our youngest readers. 45 Let’s Make Christmas The beautiful bespoke… made especially for Style!

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91 Foodie Festive Showstoppers Delectable treats for flavour-filled festivities.


97 Papped! Style sees and is seen.

Style Fashion

Style Beauty

37 Go Glam, Be Bold Don’t shy away this festive season.

63 Your Time to Sparkle It’s all about glowing skin and berry lips.


Ira, Lisa and Jacqui wear: Clothes by River Island - The Point and Baystreet, and Ted Baker - The Point Lisa and Jacqui wear: Jewellery by L’Allée by Pippa Toledo Make-up by Diane Nikolic for Make-Up Factory Hair by Robert Agius, and by Marielle Calleja for Prive' Shot on location at Villa Mdina in Naxxar, with catering by Busy Bee

Style Home 71 Christmas in the City We go through the keyhole of festive homes in Valletta and the Three Cities. 81 The Festive Design Edit Four top interior designers choose their key seasonal trends.


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Also clearly focused on the future this edition are our wonderful cover stars, the Losco sisters. Ira, Lisa and Jacqui – “Children are the living messages all fresh from the celebrations we send to a time we will not of Ira’s wedding last week – see.” – John F Kennedy share their happy memories of childhood Christmases, as Photo by Kris Micallef well as their excitement about ou know the old adage: Hair by Reece Davison at Dean Gera Salons Make-up by Chris Attard for the news that Lisa is expecting ‘never work with children Franks, using Guerlain her first child towards the or animals’? Well, this edition, start of 2020. Their stories are on page 20. we quashed it – and invited no less than 13 And, of course, we have filled our pages children into our lives for a fun-packed morning with all the wonder of Christmas. We hope of chatting about the future. You can see the you enjoy poring over the inspiration before results for yourselves on page 29, where this you – from the very latest fashion and beauty, group of young forward-thinkers share their to lovely ideas for your home and scrumptious thoughts about all things festive and all things recipes to make for friends and family. 2020. Sadly, though, most of these children all On behalf of all of us at Style, allow me to wish understand one thing: our environment is in you and yours a very Merry Christmas, and a a perilous state of affair. So they request that positive and peaceful 2020. Happy reading! you – our adult readers – do something about it before it is too late. I have no doubt their words of wisdom and cute smiles will sway you, if you haven’t been swayed already!



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20 STYLE interview

STYLE interview 21


Act It’s been a big year for the Losco family – from Ira’s wedding just last week, to Jacqui’s career success. Here, STYLE ON SUNDAY joins the sisters ahead of the festive season, to discover everything they have to celebrate this Christmas. Photography by Matthew B Spiteri Editorial by Jo Caruana · Styling by Sarah Micallef Clothing by River Island and Ted Baker Jacqui and Lisa’s jewellery by L’Allée by Pippa Toledo Make-up by Diane Nikolic for Make-Up Factory Hair by Robert Agius, and by Marielle Calleja for Prive' Shot on location at Villa Mdina in Naxxar, with catering by Busy Bee

Clothing by Ted Baker Jacqui and Lisa’s jewellery by L’Allée by Pippa Toledo

STYLE interview 23


ull disclosure: I have known the Losco sisters for most of my life. Lisa and I grew up together in the same class at Sacred Heart, while Ira was already pipped to be a singing sensation early on (I have a vivid memory of her performing Celine Dion’s Pour Que Tu M’aimes Encore in a show when she was about 13; she nailed it). Their mum, Maggie, meanwhile, was a regular fixture at school fêtes and activities, so we were all excited when – after a gap of 10 years – baby Jacqui came along. I have followed their news, on and off, in the years since but never brought these three talented and interesting women together. So now, with so much happening in their family, this seemed like the perfect opportunity to celebrate everything they have going on – and to learn more about what Christmas is like in the Losco household. “I absolutely love Christmas in our family,” Ira begins. “I look forward to it all year, including the build-up.” Their mother takes the reins for much of the preparation. She begins by making traditional Arabic sweets, using recipes handed down from the girls’ late paternal grandmother, who lived in Alexandria. Christmas Day itself starts with mass, followed by lunch, tea, and presents. “Although, since Harry was born, Sean and I go to his parents’ for lunch, and then join my family after that,” Ira continues. “I have also started my own tradition of having my parents, my best friend and her boyfriend, and my sisters over on Christmas Eve for early dinner and drinks. Since Sean works every Christmas Eve, I love to have company, and it’s exciting for Harry as we prepare for Santa’s arrival with milk, cookies and, of course, a carrot.” This Christmas, it is Lisa – a pilot – who is expecting, having got married earlier this year. She recalls the sisters’ own childhood Christmases fondly. “In the 80s I remember we had a multi-coloured tree, which was good fun. Then, one year, Ira decided it should be red, tartan and gold, and that theme stuck! It’s been the same ever since, and we love it. We always help decorate together, and I think that helps us to get into the spirit… but we don’t like taking it down, so our dad is on his own for that bit! “Tea-time is definitely a tradition that we all love, as we have lots of family and friends over, and mum caters for around 30 people. Dad sets up disco lights and speakers, and the

“I remember the excitement and happiness Harry brought into our lives, so I imagine it will be the same for the next newcomer!” – Lisa whole family ends up dancing and singing.” As the youngest sister, Jacqui, a wellknown model, recalls a funny story from when she was little. “Our parents would tease me that, when I turned seven, I would be collected by another family and taken off to live with them. It was obviously a joke, but I went along with it,” she smiles. “However, one Christmas, the doorbell rang and, when I answered the intercom, it was a man who said he was there to pick

Clothing by River Island Jacqui and Lisa’s jewellery by L’Allée by Pippa Toledo

me up. I didn’t know it was my cousin’s husband who was in on the joke, and I cried for hours! I think I definitely got picked on for being the youngest.” That said, she loves her position within the family – largely because she got to take on all her sisters’ unwanted clothes. “It’s great being the baby,” she smiles. “I think Ira and Lisa feel younger when they hang out with me, and I am probably more mature (in certain circumstances!) thanks to them.”

24 STYLE interview

“We wanted a wedding celebration with just family and a close circle of friends, and that’s exactly what we had.” – Ira

Clothing by River Island

Interestingly, the sisters say they are all very different. “Lisa and I share the same sense of humour and we like to get on each other’s nerves in a playful way,” Jacqui continues. “Ira and I are similar when it comes to our fashion sense, and our love for the stage and performing. But the differences are endless! We do look out for each other constantly and always have each other’s back, though, so I guess that’s our biggest similarity.” Ira agrees, although she says she doesn’t feel like the eldest, as Lisa is naturally more mature and composed. “As sisters I feel we really complement one another. We are all different, yet we come together united in the love we have for each other. We respect each other’s differences and we are able to

laugh at one another without taking offence. We are pretty down to earth like that.” 2019 has certainly been a big year for the family, first with Lisa’s wedding in the summer, then Ira’s wedding last week, and now Lisa’s news that she is going to become a mum. “Lisa’s wedding was a first for our family, so we were all very excited about it,” Ira continues. “So when I told my parents and sisters that Sean had popped the question, they were over the moon. We’ve always been a tight-knit family – immediate and extended – so our wedding last week was another good excuse for us to all gather and enjoy our time together!”

Chatting excitedly about her big day, Ira stresses that she and Sean never wanted a large celebration. “That was the first thing I said when he proposed,” Ira says. “I made it clear that I didn’t want to make anything public, and we both agreed on that. “Since having Harry, I have actually become even more protective over my family. Sometimes tabloid news portals lift information from our social media, and write articles as click bait, so with the wedding I figured that the less said, the better. We wanted a celebration with just family and a close circle of friends, and that’s exactly what we had. It was also lovely to have my team around me; in hindsight, it was a bit like getting ready for a gig, but funnier and more emotional!” Now the family’s focus has shifted to Lisa’s news. “Children have a wonderful way of bringing newfound joy into families,” smiles the mum-tobe. “I remember the excitement and happiness Harry brought into our lives, so I imagine it will be the same for the next newcomer! Becoming a mum means everything to me. I have wanted this for a very long time, and it has been on hold because of my work commitments overseas. Now my husband Byron and I are thrilled about this coming life-changing experience and can’t wait for this next chapter in our lives.” Jacqui, meanwhile, is eager to become an aunt once again. “Being an aunt is actually way better than I could have ever imagined!” Jacqui grins. “Harry is absolutely hilarious, and he seems to enjoy my company, which is nice. We love playing and dancing together, and we are all looking forward to having another monkey in the house now we’ve had such practice. I have no doubt he or she will also bring us lots of joy.” So with all of this on the cards, it is clear that 2020 is going to be a landmark year for the Loscos. Jacqui is enjoying her blossoming career as a model, while she juggles with her full-time job as a member of cabin crew. Lisa is now unable to fly until after the baby is born, but will be getting back to work after the birth. And Ira is looking forward to the start of the X Factor live shows in January, as well as the release of an exciting project that is currently in the making. One thing is certain; their bond will only serve to be strengthened by what is to come. Lisa concludes with her thoughts on being a member of the Losco clan. “I couldn’t have asked for better sisters,” she smiles. “We have an amazing relationship and it keeps getting better as we grow older. Throughout all these milestones in our lives, everything is certainly made better thanks to the love and laughter that we share – at Christmas and always.”

Losco favourites

26 STYLE interview

“Ira and I are similar when it comes to our fashion sense, and our love for the stage and performing.” – Jacqui




Favourite Christmas tradition

Favourite Christmas tradition

Favourite Christmas tradition

Baking Christmas sweets at our parents’ house.

My dad’s crib.

Christmas lunch at home with all the family.

Best Christmas present ever

Finding out I was pregnant with Harry.

Best Christmas present ever

Favourite Christmas treat

Favourite Christmas treat

Chicken liver pâté.

Stollen cake and Lebkuchen (a German gingerbread).

Favourite Christmas song

Favourite Christmas song

Mulled wine and Middle Eastern cakes made by our mum.

Thank God It’s Christmas by Queen.

Last Christmas by Wham! – I’m an 80s child.

A ‘Sylvanian Family’ grocery store.

Favourite Christmas treat

Best Christmas present ever

Clothing by Ted Baker Jacqui and Lisa’s jewellery by L’Allée by Pippa Toledo

A tricycle from my parents.

Favourite Christmas song O Holy Night by Celine Dion.

STYLE interview 29

little child This time of year tends to make us nostalgic about the past and excited about the future – but what will that future look like? Here, STYLE ON SUNDAY presents 13 very special children, all of whom have clear opinions about what we need to do to make the world a better place.

Editorial by Jo Caruana Assisted by Libby Eaves and Angie Amato Photography by Matthew B Spiteri Shot on location at the Alistair Floral Design Christmas Shop, Birkirkara

30 STYLE interview



Henry Jules

Jacob Adam Bellizzi, 9, has Asperger syndrome and understands that he has a form of autism – but doesn’t let that hold him back. Extremely intelligent, Jacob is determined to go to university to become a geography teacher, where he will no doubt share his love of his favourite subject: flags.

Marta Spiteri, 9, is a very promising dancer, performer and flutist, and a member of her drama school’s Junior Drama Troupe and the Rockestra Choir. At a very young age, Marta sang a solo in Stagecoach’s Vocal Aid performance. She hopes to be a musician and artist.

“Having Asperger’s is a part of who I am, but no more so than my brown hair or love of languages. I adore learning, and my friends consider me to be a walking encyclopaedia. That includes knowledge about the world and the fact we need to find new ways to help it – by cancelling wars and always throwing rubbish in the bin. I help by recycling, cutting down on carbon emissions, and saving water.”

“We need to stop building so much on top of our nature here in Malta. There are so many houses and roads being built all the time. We must look after our trees and wildlife because soon there will be none left. I want the world to improve, because it’s important for us to have a good future where we can achieve our dreams.”

Jules Lennon, 7, was born in London to Irish parents but has spent most of his life in Malta where he loves to enjoy the outdoors. Jules’ favourite thing is jumping off the rocks into the sea in Sliema – he was still swimming well into November! “Christmas is all about family, and I love spending time with my family, and baking gingerbread with my mum. I love the smell! If I could give the world a present, it would be to make sure that everyone has a nice home to live in where they can feel warm and safe. I think it is the most important thing. Making people feel safe is important to me; in fact I want to be a policeman when I grow up.”

Henry Mamo, 6, was born with a kidney disease and a rare genetic defect called Prune Belly syndrome – but you would never guess that he has been through 13 surgeries in his short life so far. He has an incredible energy, a deep passion for the sea and ocean life, and he loves fashion, and telling stories. He wants to be a builder when he grows up. “Spending time with family is very precious, especially at Christmas, and I love hanging out with my cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents. I am looking forward to lots of things next year, but especially staying healthy so that I can go on picnics. I also hope people will be nicer to one another, because it is horrible when they are not. We should plant more trees, too.”

32 STYLE interview

Michael Borg, 12, is a passionate chef, who even chose the wooden spoon at his ‘quccija’. He is a student at the Mediterranean Culinary Academy, and is passionate about how we will grow food in the future, as well as experimenting with new ingredients and recipes.

Lexi Michael

“Food is my favourite thing in the world, but I do worry about how we are going to feed so many people in the future. I actually worry that the planet won’t be here in 10 years, because of how badly we are exploiting it now. We need to move from diesel to electric cars, and to find solutions for how to protect our planet.” Mattia Dalcielo, 10, is very talented at Kung Fu, having trained with his father since he was five. He will shortly represent Malta in Athens, at Europe’s most important Kung Fu tournament, and also plans to travel more to gain both training and exposure in his sport. “I would like to be a palaeontologist when I grow up, and to open a museum. I think it’s important to know about the history of the world. After all, the world needs a plan – and cleaner seas. People throw rubbish in the sea and this affects all our sea creatures, which is wrong. If our planet isn’t happy and healthy, then we cannot hope to be happy and healthy.” Lexi de Martino, 12, is a dedicated student of voice, drama, dance and music, and she has already performed internationally, as well as here in Malta. Last Christmas, she and her family visited Ghana, which gave her immense insight into how some of the world’s poorest children live. “If I could, I would immediately create a suitable alternative to plastic. Plastic is destroying all life, both above and below the sea, through toxins found in it. I would also preserve natural habitats by banning human interference. Finally, and in line with my passion, I would also give greater exposure to musical theatre in all countries and make it more accessible to every single child in the world.”



Emma Camilleri, 9, is a passionate baker who runs the Instagram channel Emma’s Homemade Bakes. She regularly sells her bakes, and gives any money raised to Puttinu Cares. “Christmas is about tradition, and celebrating the birth of Jesus. I love decorating our home, and enjoying the season with family – while also doing what I can to help those who aren’t so lucky, such as the children undergoing cancer treatment. In fact, in 2020 I am most looking forward to raising as much money as I can for Puttinu Cares, by baking for the marathon. If my baking can make people happy, then I am happy.”

STYLE interview 35

Nina Attard Vassallo, 4, is a well-known feature on her mum Nakita’s Instagram channel, @the_ mama-manual. She has a big heart, and aspires to be a ‘dancing hairdresser’ when she is older – or a doctor. “Christmas is special because it means I get to spend time with my family, and celebrate Baby Jesus. If I could give the world one present, it would be an angel with magical powers – and that angel would fill the world with trees, Christmas trees. The future world definitely needs more trees, so Christmas would be a good place to start.”


Ida Francesca

Olivia Mancebo Adam, 7, is a ‘citizen of the world’ – born in Mexico to French-MexicanBrazilian-American parents. She has lived in Mexico, the UK and Malta, and loves dancing and tennis. “Put simply, Christmas means happiness to me; apart from opening presents, I love eating Christmas pudding. In the future, I hope that everyone in the world will be happy. My gift to the future would be more turtles and pandas, because I love them and don’t want them to disappear. I would like to be a ballerina when I grow up.”



Ida Pace, 6, already takes dance very seriously, and studies ballet, modern, Spanish and acro dance at Seed Dance Studios. It is a hobby she shares with her older sister, which ties in nicely with her other passion: family. “Christmas is a time to remember Jesus. It’s also for spending time with family and friends, aunties, uncles, cousins, nannas and nannus. If I could give the world a present, I would clean her up – because our world is dirty and there is a lot of pollution. I love the world and I want to love it for a long time into the future, so I can grow up to be a ballerina.”

Francesca Rausi, 4, was Malta’s first child with Down syndrome to take part in a modelling competition, and she went on to win Junior Top Model. Francesca attends a regular school, and loves ballet, music, photo shoots and modelling. “I love ballet and music, and go to classes every week. My favourite thing is photo shoots and modelling. Most of all, though, I love to be loved and give love to my family.”

Maya Gerdes, 6, is one of six siblings – three boys and three girls. She lives the CoParenting family model, with her time shared between Germany, Malta, Croatia, Italy, and the US. “It’s very clear what we need to do if we want to have a positive future: we must stop creating trash to throw on our earth, and we must stop using plastic bottles. Instead, we should use seaweed bottles – I think they would be much more effective, and would biodegrade very quickly. It is also very silly to cut down trees.” n


GO GLAM… BE BOLD We may be used to chic, slinky and feminine wear over the festivities – but we’re shaking that up this edition. This Christmas, we’re proving that daring, bold and glamorous fashion is the ultimate statement. Photography by Bernard Polidano Styling by Dorianne Mamo Assisted by Claire Mifsud Hair by Elena Cassar at Head & Jam Make-up by Terry Attard for Franks using Guerlain Model: Bea from Models M Shot on location at the Salini Resort, Malta

Rust blouse and skirt from NOOS Breil necklace and Fossil bag from Sunlab; shoes from ECCO Pauci hairband from Head & Jam


Dress from MIMI Bag from MEI Karl Lagerfeld earrings and Breil necklace (worn as bracelet) from Sunlab


Metallic silver catsuit with black belt from The Dressing Room; necklace (used as bracelet) and ring from Sunlab; shoes from ECCO; Joanne Zammit beadwork headband from Head & Jam


Evening dress from MEI Layered necklaces and DKNY watch from Sunlab Shoes are model’s own


Dress and pearl shawl from MIMI Ring and Michael Kors watch from Sunlab


With all this going for it, the Salini Resort has cemented itself as the ideal hotel for every guest, whether they are there for business or pleasure.

The S

Salini Resort Escape from the hustle and bustle this festive season.

et on an isolated slope in the northern part of Malta, overlooking spectacular open views of Salini Bay and the Mediterranean Sea, the stylish Salini Resort was named after the area’s salt pans, which are located just a few metres away. Fully refurbished in 2015, the resort is decorated to high standards with great attention to detail, utilising a colour palette inspired by the natural earthy tones of the Mediterranean scenery that surrounds it. Along with its calming colour scheme, the masterful marriage of textures of Maltese hard stone and rubble walls, typical of the Maltese landscape, create an ambience of elegant timelessness, truly capturing the spirit of the Mediterranean. Through its refurbishment, resort director Philippe Lonfat explains that a selection of rooms, two penthouses with private pools, and an impressive set of 11 Executive Suites were added to the resort, making up a total

of 240 brightly-lit, stylishly-furnished, spacious rooms that enjoy either sea or countryside views. A new infinity pool was also added to the resort’s growing list of amenities, as well as meeting facilities for business clients, with ‘many other new features’ in the pipeline for the coming years, Mr Lonfat adds, teasing at new restaurants, bars and even a conference centre. With all this going for it, the Salini Resort has cemented itself as the ideal hotel for every guest, whether they are there for business or pleasure. The hotel’s excellent location, great choice of restaurants, and peaceful surroundings make it the perfect destination for any trip or event, and its tailor-made event and meeting packages are a business visitor’s dream, catering for everything from full-scale conferences or business meetings to training sessions.


“Salini is a young, stylish resort suited to both international and local clients who want to experience comfort in a relaxed but modern setting, with amazing surroundings and services that are second-to-none.”

Speaking of what makes the resort stand out, Mr Lonfat continues to say that “the Salini Resort is not only unique because of its location but also in its style and amenities offered.” He references the three restaurants – Vecchia Napoli, Giuseppi’s and Les Salieres – as well as four bars (two of which operate exclusively during the summer months); the amazing spa and fitness offering operated by Myoka Spas; and, finally, the versatile conference rooms, which range from a state-of-theart boardroom accommodating up to 16 people to a conference room capable of hosting over 250 delegates. Speaking of the resort’s business clients, Mr Lonfat also notes the 17 breakout rooms, together with the latest conference equipment in each meeting room, as well as catering facilities to complement any meetings. Meanwhile, he adds, “leisure clients will definitely enjoy the location of the resort and

its vast gardens and green areas. The Salini’s grounds boast over 420 olive trees.” And, adding to a seemingly endless list of amenities, Mr Lonfat also highlights, “the resort offers two tennis courts, two outdoor pools and an indoor pool within the spa, as well as a hairdressing salon and souvenir shop.” If that sounds like your idea of heaven, you’re not the only one, and this festive season the resort is launching the Salini Gift Experience, which allows you to give all this as a memorable gift. “It’s the perfect gift for your loved ones, friends or colleagues,” says Mr Lonfat, outlining the options. The Silver (worth €25), Gold (€50) and Platinum (value to your discretion) can be exchanged for any services provided at the resort, including accommodation, meals, spa treatments, conference facilities and so on; plus, he continues, “it’s simple to purchase and will be appreciated by the one using it!”

But that’s not all the Salini Resort has in store for the upcoming festive season. “A number of activities will be held in the resort leading up to Christmas, including a treelighting ceremony in early December with a children’s choir in attendance, as well as amazing seasonal menus in our various restaurants, together with entertainment during the countdown on New Year’s Eve,” Mr Lonfat affirms. Salini is a young, stylish resort suited to both international and local clients who want to experience comfort in a relaxed but modern setting, with amazing surroundings and services that are second-to-none. A veritable haven away from the hustle and bustle of our rushed modern lives, a visit to the Salini is guaranteed to be just what the doctor ordered this festive season. n

STYLE interview 45




Hand-made items are one of the definitive trends of Christmas 2019, as society’s appreciation for bespoke items is certainly on the up. Here, Jo Caruana meets three talented artisans, who have each created something especially for Style this festive season. Photography by Tyler Calleja Jackson

Nikki’s Creative Tip:

Nikki Schinas recently started Bake Me a Card – a greetings card company that combines her artistic talent for making things with baking clay. This Christmas, Nikki created a very special ‘bauble’ collection especially for Style, and it will live on – on the Style Christmas tree – for many years to come! “I have had a passion for art and craft for as long as I can remember. The BBC’s ‘Changing Rooms’ show was my absolute favourite as a child, and craft shops and haberdasheries were my little havens. “I was introduced to baking/polymer clay when I was seven. One of my best friends gave me a craft set for my birthday, with the tools to make a little village and

“If you have a curiosity or figurines out of clay. From then, I boyfriend and friends, desire to create something, go began to use the clay more often led to the set-up of for it! It doesn’t have to be brilliant. to create all sorts of things – Bake Me a Card. That curiosity means that there’s including a crib one Christmas! “For today’s something in you that wants to be “Illustrations and pretty shoot, I made expressed. That ‘something’ will greeting cards have always three Christmas give you the motivation you inspired me. Whenever I browse decorations out of need to achieve a result.” the greeting card sections at polymer clay – each stationeries, I always marvel at featuring a detailed design their charm and tell myself ‘I want inspired by Scandinavian to make that!’ So, I started off painting Christmas themes and crafted Christmas cards in watercolour (which is using only a Stanley knife and my hands. They’re my favourite medium), but it was a very a small taste of what I would like to make in slow process and I only made a few. the future. Greeting cards are just the start.” “Fast forward to last year, when I studied a Master’s in Applied Imagination for the Creative Industries at the University of the Arts Central St Martins in London. The course was all about innovation, creating and not being scared to express your ideas. The university taught us that every idea was worth it, and that inspired me to incorporate my love for creating with my love for cards. That, together with the constant encouragement from my parents,

46 STYLE interview

Ozzy’s Creative Tip:

“Give it a go! Start small, perhaps with a small leather ornament like the one I made here. All you need are some pieces of leather (which you can take from worn-out wallets or shoes) and some thread.”

Ozzy Chien was born in Taipei, Taiwan, and now co-runs Birgu Blue in Birgu, which features stunning hand-made items. Ozzy completed his Master’s degree in accessory design from the Accademia di Costume e di Moda in Rome, and his style fuses Taiwanese-Japanese minimalism and European fashion, with practical functionality in mind. He chose to make this leather, Maltese balconyinspired advent calendar for Style.

“Being an artisan defines me; it’s about inner peace. When I concentrate on stitching, I go into a world of silence, and focus only on the two needles and one thread. Any worries are temporarily forgotten. “To me, an artisan is an artist and a craftsman at the same time. I make new creations and come up with my own designs, and this defines me as an artist. I apply the skills involved to fabricate my own leather bags and accessories with my own hands, and this makes me a craftsman. When I put these two activities together, I become an artisan. In the Eastern world, where I come from originally, being an artisan is a noble activity. Here in Europe, I feel that it is making a comeback, and people are starting to appreciate the value of artisanal work. “I have always loved leather goods. I still remember the joy when I got my first Dunhill wallet, which I saved up to buy. Then, around four years ago, I found out that a leather studio in Taipei was hosting a handcraft training course. I went, and loved it. I started to buy my own leather and tools, and read books and watched YouTube clips. I became obsessed with making the neatest and most consistent

stitches. Then, in Rome, I had the opportunity to hone my skills even more. “I went on to choose vegetable-tanned leather as my medium because I like the smell, the versatility and its durability. When I turn a design into a leather object, I know that what I have produced will last for a very long time, and can possibly be passed on from one generation to the next. Leather ages beautifully. “When creating this advent calendar for Style, I wanted to make something fresh, yet at the same time, very Maltese. By observing my environment, I found that the traditional wooden balcony is very much loved and iconic. The idea to combine it into an advent calendar came to mind, and I designed a miniature balcony, shaped it in leather and maintained roughly the same proportions of a Maltese balcony. For every window or compartment, I put in a leather accessory or object that I designed and crafted. I chose blue to symbolise our Birgu Blue, and nubuck to symbolise the sandy texture of Maltese stone. The end result is a lovely display of several gifts and accessories that I make, and which make wonderful and original Christmas gifts.”

STYLE interview 49

Abby’s Creative Tip:

Abby Hart, who runs The Good Stuff, is a cook-turned-baker, working to make mind-blowingly delicious, authentically-artisan bread. She went to culinary school in Ireland and fell in love with the wonders of sourdough bread-baking. Now she is on a mission to open people’s taste buds and minds to real bread – and this Christmas, she made Style a unique, sourdough bread version of the festive Maltese drink, imbuljuta tal-qastan. “An artisan is someone who really cares about what they do. Artisan food is the opposite of the mass produced, assembly-line food that has taken over our eating habits. It is made with real passion and care. For me this translates to care in every aspect – it means

using the best-quality flour, best-quality grains, and paying farmers fairly for their work. It means integrity, and being a real person behind your work that can speak for its quality. “I lived in Ireland for 12 years, where hand-making food is at the centre of society. You meet cheese makers, bread makers, farmers; there are so many different types of genuine artisans. I enjoyed a stint working with the Simon Hopkinson-trained chef Carmel Somers, who truly inspired me to look further into the food world and to find my niche. While being a chef was fun and dynamic, it wasn’t enough; I was searching for something more meaningful to me. “My journey with sourdough had actually already begun but I fully discovered bread baking with the famous Irish baker Rossa Crowe. From there I was hooked and started making bread constantly. I had countless failures but that just made me more determined. “I love to experiment, and this bread I made for Style was one of those experiments! It’s inspired by imbuljuta talqastan, which was one of the first Maltese treats that my Maltese wife made for me. I loved the flavour combinations. “It is important to me to bring Maltese food traditions and flavours into my bread baking. This is a 100 per cent sourdough bread made with English and Sicilian wheat varieties, cocoa, chestnuts, oranges from the family gardens, Maltese honey that a friend makes, and lots of time. Over a period of three

“Just do it! Bread baking can be tough in the beginning, as so much of it is about technique – but persevere. Your failures will teach you a lot about bread but also about yourself. Classes and workshops are a fun way to learn first-hand and you’ll learn a lot in very little time.”

days, I mixed and shaped the bread in an old-tradition way, then baked it on Chamotte brick at very high temperatures to create the beautiful shape. I hope the result is delicious! “I truly believe that bread baking is for everyone – you wouldn’t believe how empowered you feel after making a wonderful loaf of bread and then getting to share it with people; there is a magic to it. 2020 will be the year I share my bread and skills more: there will be lots more workshops and I want to create an army of sourdough bread bakers, as well as an artisan bread revolution in this country that loves bread so much.” n


A golden panto WITH

photo by Joe Smith

With its pantomime ÄŚax-Xjuh, Teatru Malta is on a mission to prove that age really is nothing but a number. With an open call for auditions held just last August for ensemble and chorus members strictly 60 and over, this panto is certainly going to be something different. Now, Style on Sunday meets ÄŚax-Xjuh director Josette Ciappara and choreographer Alison White to find out more about them, their careers and to prove just how fabulous life after 60 can be.


What drew you to the stage to begin with?

Josette Ciappara - photo by Marija Grech

Alison: I started because both my sisters used to go to dance classes and I wanted to be just like them. Josette: I originally hail from Vittoriosa which has a great theatre tradition; as a child, watching a play was my greatest treat. I always felt a very strong connection to the theatre and, when I was young, I had a great talent for imitating people and relating jokes. I always managed to keep an audience interested. As I grew older I wanted to be an integral part of this exciting art form, and never missed an opportunity to explore it. I was selected to join the first group of students to attend the Manoel Theatre Academy of Dramatic Arts and I never looked back.

A bright heart How long have you been directing? And do you see yourself stopping any time soon?

Alison White - photo by Kim Ellul

Ħax-Xjuh is a pantomime for the whole family, and runs between 12 and 15 December at Teatru Metanoia in Luqa. Tickets can be purchased from or, for more information, call 2122 0255 or visit

Alison: I have been dancing for 55 years now. Dance has been my life since I was eight years old and, even now, I am still immersed in my work. I am preparing for Ħax-Xjuh and also for my own show at the end of December, celebrating 40 years of dance and showbiz on the island. I always hear people my age talk about slowing down and taking it easy, but to be honest I don’t see myself hanging up my dancing shoes any time soon, I’m still enjoying myself too much! Josette: I have been directing for over 35 years now and stopping hasn’t crossed my mind as yet. I will keep you informed when the time comes. But it seems to be quite far away at the moment. Directing is a strong motivator in my life. You’ve been working on Ħax-Xjuh for quite some time now. How has the whole process developed?

Alison: It has been a blast! I have loved the initiative and concept of this project since Josette approached me at the very start. I be-

lieve theatre to be a great way to keep the older generation busy and active, while also giving them a sense of purpose and the opportunity to socialise and meet new people. The ensemble has worked really hard and they have all shown growth and improvement – I’m really pleased to have been a part of this. Josette: Ħax-Xjuh is a very entertaining and challenging project. It sounded like something I wanted to be part of the moment I was approached to discuss it. I am lucky to have the best theatre veterans around, including Tony Cassar Darien who provided an original script, Alison White on choreography, Paul Abela as music director, Donald Friggieri for the set, and a handful of other loving, talented people like Joe Farrugia Dulli, Veronica Farrugia, Philip Vella, Ray Calleja, and Gwido Fenech, among others. We are having loads of fun, especially with the backstage crew, who are providing very original ideas to fit the theme. Auditions were also very interesting. The joyful, collaborative, unassuming teamwork is what impresses me most. The whole process is leading to a unique experience for all the family, especially for children – perhaps even coming to watch their grandparents having so much fun on stage. This is definitely the best gift I can share at this time of the year. What can audiences expect from this pantomime, and why does it stand out so much from the rest?

Josette: Audiences are in for a very energetic and entertaining performance. The setting is very original. In fact, I don’t recall such a theme in pantos before. The cast has been rehearsing regularly for three months now. There are a number of surprises, even in the visual aspect, and I’m sure that bringing together these exceptional people to feed off each other’s talents will have fantastic results. Almost all of the cast is 60+ and watching their energy on stage is an absolute joy. I think it is also a strong reminder to the audience attending that age should never limit us from following the things that make our hearts tick and which fulfil our soul. I invite everyone to attend and to bring along friends, families and children. n


Now that’s what I call Christmas! American author, Garrison Keillor, stated that a book is a gift that you can open again and again. This Christmas, Heritage Malta is offering you a range of different publication packages that make ideal gifts, for both children and adults with their cultural heritage at heart.


he latest Heritage Malta publications mainly cover the themes of archaeology, history and art; a set of intriguing books brimming with valuable research from some of our best local scholars and writers. The packages for young ones, meanwhile, are more aimed to entertain and educate. Among the books on offer, you will find the exhibition catalogue ‘The Schranz Family of Artists: A Journey of Rediscovery’, which includes a vast repertoire of works by the artistic Schranz family. The book is a journey across a bygone Malta and various other countries that were visited by the Schranz family and depicted on canvas, paper, lithographs, travelogue illustrations and photographs. Another catalogue on offer covers the exhibition ‘Culhat al Belt: Sette Giugno 1919-2019’, which the public can still visit until the end of this year at the National Museum of Archaeology in Valletta. The publication follows the various incidents that eventually led to the 7 June 1919 riots, and is endowed with a rich collection of historical photos and documented research.

‘Behind Closed Doors: Fort St Angelo and the Royal Navy 1906-1979’ is the catalogue that accompanied the exhibition that marked the 40th anniversary from the departure of the last foreign military forces from Malta on 31 March 1979. The book includes revealing anecdotes of a number of Maltese and British individuals who worked at the fort during this time, together with photos of several donated items that were displayed at this exhibition. Next, the book ‘Humillima Civitas Vallettae’ is an engaging collection that features 35 historians who give a focused and entertaining taste of the life and times of Valletta; a captivating city visited on the Grand Tour, a heavily bombed city during the Second World War, and a city that was resurrected with much of her glory intact. This publication has been shortlisted among the books contending for the 2019 National Book Prize. The publication ‘Malta’s Prehistoric Treasures’ is a tribute to the distinguished late archaeologist Dr David Trump, who had Malta’s archaeology very close at heart. The book sheds light on 50 artefacts from the National

Collection that were chosen by Trump to walk the readers through a personal journey in Maltese prehistory. ‘Ic-Ċimiterju ta’ Santa Marija Addolorata: Storja, Arti, Personalitajiet’ is another notable publication which highlights three main aspects of the Addolorata Cemetery: the origins and history of the cemetery, a guided tour around this sacred place, and a detailed list that points out the tombs of several personalities who were buried there. The packages for children include attractive history colouring books and colouring pencil sets, a Giovann Playmobil toy, sliding puzzles, notebooks and a soft toy bear with a Heritage Malta scarf. General packages with themed coasters, Heritage Malta calendars, magnets and mugs are also available. You can also opt to gift a Heritage Malta membership this Christmas, which is being offered at a discounted price for this festive season. n These publication packages can be acquired at Heritage Malta museums and sites.

54 STYLE living

Discover the bottomless brunch at the

Phoenicia A new sophisticated half-day dining experience.


tart your weekend with a bottomless brunch at Phoenix, the elegant dining room within a relaxing space designed by the grande dame of interior design, Mary Fox Linton. Cool blues, refined white fretwork, high ceilings and radiant light combine with tasteful fabrics and chandeliers into a haven for starting the weekend on the right note. As large floral arrangements sit on the wood-panelled bar that is filled with much of the brunch goodies on display, the restaurant has an undoubtedly unique feel with plenty of retro features. When weather permits, diners may opt to sit out on the Terrace, with its commanding view of The Phoenicia’s 7.5 acres of rolling gardens with views all the way to Marsamxett Harbour. This is a vantage point that enhances al fresco dining and adds to the allure of Phoenix itself. With an extensive new brunch menu masterminded by executive chef Daniel Debattista, every Saturday and Sunday from 11.30am to 3pm, this ‘bottomless’ experience is served with style. The eclectic menu

contains myriad charcuterie, home-made smoked salmon, fresh prawns, salads, soup, fresh fruit and baked goods, including breads, savoury croissants, cheese scones and bagels, as the warm-up to the à la carte main dishes that include a ravishing roast freshly carved at the table with razor-sharp silver service. This brunch is rounded out with a live crêpe station that lends itself to a selection of sweet fillings, including a heavenly chocolate fountain. Other desserts such as the chocolate and peanut parfait with warm chocolate sauce or the blueberry cheesecake are also on offer for those with more room. All this fabulous food is accompanied by bottomless Prosecco, Bellinis and Mimosas. This is a brunch that’s all about sharing and indulging, and all in a unique setting with free-flowing booze and a menu with a twist. The result? We think the Phoenicia’s flagship eatery is well-worth a visit this weekend! n The Phoenix Restaurant The Phoenicia Malta, The Mall, Floriana. T: 2122 5241, E:

COLOMBIA FeeL t rhythM


olombia is full of unique experiences and activities, with a biodiverse environment creating the perfect location for many activities. The choice is almost endless: whitewater rafting, rock climbing, abseiling, bungee jumping, surfing, whale-watching in the Pacific, kitesurfing in the Caribbean, waterskiing, horse riding through the mountains, hiking through the valleys, trekking through the Amazon, cliff jumping, diving on the island of San Andres and snorkelling in the reefs or swimming in endless fresh water lagoons. Colombia has 59 National Natural Parks, which vary in landscape. Many of them offer unique experiences for visitors and all of which are designed to protect wildlife, ecosystems, culture and architectural heritage of the area. The coffee region set amidst the rugged hills between Medellin, Cali and Ibague produces some of the finest coffee in the world. A visit to this region is a must.

Royal Travel has extensive knowledge of Colombia and is offering various customized itineraries. Colombia Adventure group departing 19 March -12 April 2020. Royal Travel Ltd 68 Triq Geronimo Abos, Iklin IKL 1023, Malta • 2141 8888 • E: •

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The Valletta Waterfront

Christmas Wonderland Throughout the month of December, the historic Valletta Waterfront has taken on a Christmas village feel with a mix of décor, music, food and free activities related to this magical time.


Christmas tree measuring over 35 feet tall has been set up in the central part of the promenade. Adjacent to it are Santa’s House and Workshop, as well as his Enchanted Snow Garden. A variety of free activities are also planned: festive marching bands, children choirs, a miniature Christmas village, traditional Maltese cribs and more. Santa can be found in his workshop and, together with his helpers, will be available for photo opportunities. A giant nutcracker, strategically placed on one of the promenade’s ends, will augur good luck to all patrons. As for the rest of the year, patrons can look forward to free children’s entertainment on weekends, public holidays and school

holidays. Little guests can enjoy free activities including: face painting, crafts, games, colouring-in, meet-and-greets with popular characters, puppet shows, bouncy castles and more. New interactive seasonal giant games are also planned including Plant the Christmas Tree, a Gingerbread Man Wheel and Who’s the Strongest Santa? Guests can post their letter to Santa at a designated letterbox until 19 December, with a guaranteed response if a return postal address is provided. The 12 catering outlets located along the Valletta Waterfront promenade provide a variety of dining experiences for any type of event or party. From a quick after-office drink to an elaborate meal, the Valletta Waterfront has that perfect venue, with a wide variety

of menu options that can be customised to personal taste and budget. Then, browse the shops for interesting gifts – from jewellery, to hand-made ceramics, local glass, leather goods and more. End the year in style and welcome the New Year 2020 with a bash featuring live bands, roaming children’s entertainment and fireworks. A DJ will take over from 00.30hrs, playing various classics and popular hits. This is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the balmy Maltese winter weather – with inside seating and heated outside areas for colder days, while joining in the warm Christmas fun at the Valletta Waterfront. n



p COMEDY KNIGHTS JUNIORS: HOLLY & THE DREAM CATCHER This Christmas, the creators of sell-out adult show The Comedy Knights bring you a hilarious, must-see family show for ages 5 to 15. Tickets from just ¤10. W: p WATERART BY GLAMORA Get ready for GlamFusion, the revolutionary waterproof wall covering. The new collection is a dreamlike landscape inspired by a luxurious winter garden. Available from The Bath Concept, Qormi, T: 2147 0047, E:, W:

p TASTE OF THE WILD Step up your pet’s food game with this high-quality, affordable and grain-free dog and cat food. With proteins like wild boar, smoked trout and roasted duck, this is the balanced diet that nature intended. Available from William Borg, T: 7947 6345, E:, F: Tasteofthewildmalta

t ARMANI EXCHANGE This watch and cufflinks set is the perfect Christmas gift. Featuring the signature Emporio Armani eagle, they are made from glistening stainless steel with navy blue detailing. Available for €219 from Sunlab and VIP or shop online at W:

CHANEL Lucia Pia’s Holiday 2019 collection radiates Gabrielle Chanel’s love of ornaments. You’re guaranteed a fresh, luminous complexion, a statement smokey eye and fabulous glossy lips. Available from selected Chanel retailers.

p Corinthia Palace Hotel & Spa Villa Corinthia’s celebrated Extra Special Sunday Lunches return, with a fabulous menu cooked up by the hotel’s awardwinning chefs, live music, and a seriously-stunning setting for you to enjoy. The chefs’ ‘weekend treat dessert bar’ is also to-die-for! T: 2144 0301, E:

t SECTOR NO LIMITS! The classic design of the Sector No Limits! watch exudes timeless appeal. It has a stainless steel finish and is also water-resistant. Available for €149 from Sunlab and VIP or shop online at W:

p PEUGEOT 208 Michael Attard Ltd promises you the future of driving. The all-new Peugeot 208 comes in petrol, diesel or 100 per cent electric – so whatever your preference, you’re sorted. Available soon from Michael Attard Ltd, T: 2123 8854, W:

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For some, technology embodies a special relationship between humanity and the digital realm. Style sits down with CEO Dana Farrugia to discuss the many potentials of the technological industry and the fuel it needs to power onwards into the future.

STYLE interview 61


irst impressions of CEO “Working in technology is not just about Dana Farrugia hint at a strategic being a developer, engineer or statistician,” mind highly attuned to the digital the CEO explains, adding that the industry realm, and this opinion is con- is seeking specialised workers in a variety of firmed within minutes. Heading fields including, among others, graphic deMalta’s ambitious plan to transform the is- sign, digital marketing and systems optimiland into a tech centre for innovative technol- sation. While mathematics and physics are ogies, Dana believes the island is considered to be the traditional already a strong contender, even route into a technology-based “Dedicating on an international platform: career, times are changing. a slot to “When we take delegations Dana elaborates by explainabroad, foreigners are amazed ing that is “trying to thinking is by how fast we can provide a produce more creative minds on not a waste solution,” Dana divulges, addthe digital front to complement of time.” ing that “the local technology the development and technolsector is made up of extremely ogy aspects of the sector.” While skilled and quality-oriented people.” This STEM subjects will continue to remain a fact, coupled with Malta’s agile work culture, necessary requirement for students hoping to has aided in securing the country’s pristine pursue a career in engineering or statistics, reputation in this industry. Dana confirms that both MCAST and the The solutions provides stem from University of Malta have listened to the real the interlinking of technology with Govern- demands of the industry and are showing ment and academia in a mission to elevate their support to the cause. Malta’s status, and increase productivity, exThe need for innovation has spurred this ports and economic growth. Building on four initiative forward, and Dana is quick to acmain pillars – promotion, innovation, talent knowledge the power it lends to any indusand assistance – this public-private entity try. “Innovation is a way of challenging the aims to direct local businesses into the fourth norm,” Dana asserts, explaining that it is a industrial revolution by striving to secure the method of finding a cleaner or more opti- priority is being safe, then the past is what technology industry as Malta’s next big in- mised way to carry out a project from begin- you need to be looking at,” Dana says. vestment following the nation’s focus on the ning to end. Dana believes that having time Asked about the gender divide within the gaming and finance sectors. to think is a crucial ingredient to the innova- industry, Dana reveals some astounding figDana explains that defining technology tion formula. “Dedicating a slot to thinking ures: “at present, men represent 80 per cent goes beyond a simple flick through a diction- is not a waste of time,” Dana asserts, adding of the workforce,” she says. The lack of diary. With the constant and relentless devel- that, while on some days nothing may come versity may intimidate those interested in opments in technologies such as Artificial of it, thinking – as well as sharing ideas with pursuing a career in the field, but Dana beIntelligence, blockchain and cloud comput- peers – remains a critical part of effective lieves that it should not be a stumbling block. ing, both the definition and the sector are ex- strategy-making. “You have to be a fighter no matter which panding rapidly. With technology being the Speaking about her personal approach, career you choose,” Dana insists. underlying platform behind most modern Dana believes the past Looking onwards, Daprocedures, the noun has evolved into a wide should be held at a visible na’s aspirations for Tech. umbrella term. distance. While the CEO mt are far-reaching. Be“If your priority However, the speed with which the sector acknowledges the imporsides increasing the secis innovation, you is developing has resulted in a lack of appro- tance of observing and tor’s contribution to the have to focus less priately skilled workers. “Education systems learning from past strateeconomy, immediate are not supplying enough human resources gies, she believes compagoals include assisting loon the past. But, if to manage this technology boom,” Dana nies would do well to give it your priority is being cal companies to adopt reveals, and while this is a global dilemma, less weight. Ultimately it all new technologies that fasafe, then the past is working with local education sys- boils down to one’s choice: cilitate both internal and tems to split industry needs and lower the “If your priority is innovaexternal processes, as well is what you need rigidity of entry requirements to access tech- tion, you have to focus less as to increase awareness to be looking at.” nology-related academic pursuits. on the past. But, if your of cyber-security. n



Sparkle We all want to shine that little bit more come Christmas – and this stunning beauty look will help you do exactly that, with touches of glitter, glowing skin, and a striking berry lip. Make-up: TERRY ATTARD FOR FRANKS, USING GUERLAIN Hair: ELENA CASSAR AT HEAD & JAM Model: STEPHANIE HODGKINS AT MODELS M Photography: BERNARD POLIDANO, ASSISTED BY NATASHA POLIDANO Shot on location at the Salini Resort, Malta






Start your new ‘sparkle’ routine with the perfect base – Guerlain’s Parure Gold Radiance Fluid Foundation. Its precious doublesided pigments combine with a collagen-boosting active ingredient to bathe your skin in rejuvenating light. Your skin will be left illuminated and glowing – especially if it’s feeling a little fatigued over the holiday season.

Next, highlight your skin tone by adding a festive glow, using the new Guerlain Christmas Meteorites Pearls Goldenland. This lovely colour palette warms your complexion, using tones of rose gold and soft copper to make you look more radiant than ever. Very Christmassy too!

Turn your attention to your eyes, and let’s make them sparkle too. We love the new Guerlain Christmas Eye Palette Goldenland, which is ideal for the holidays. It presents a selection of 10 matte-to-metallic shades that make it so easy to create a variety of looks, whether you’re going for a result that’s iridescent, coppery, frosted or even smoky.

Bat those lashes under the mistletoe and who knows what could happen? For added va-va-voom this Christmas, we used Guerlain’s Cils D’Enfer Maxi Lash So Volume Mascara, which is a fantastic, deepblack that creates significantly thicker lashes and doesn’t smudge or rub off. Perfect for those long nights of partying!

And for those gorgeous on-trend berry lips? Our go-to hue is Guerlain’s Christmas Rouge G – Shade 94, which is luminous, longlasting and plumping. Now you’re Christmas ready!


The slight indulgence of the festivities can put your skin under pressure. Reduce the impact by drinking lots and lots of water, upping your intake of fruit and veg, and trying to get at least eight hours’ sleep every couple of days.




the professional way Weight management: such a simple term that evokes all sorts of scenarios, from the sweaty gym, to the empty plate. But nothing can be further from the truth, that is, if done professionally.


f you want a quick fix, so that someone can make a quick buck from you, then look elsewhere. The programme run at Remedies Clinic is the product of decades of experience by an eclectic group of professionals; medical specialists, dieticians, physiotherapists, sports scientists and qualified trainers. No six-pack will be promised if you follow a strict diet and take the ‘recommended supplements’. “We do not work like that,” says Debbie Mangion, Remedies Pharmacies and Clinics Manager. “We work on evidence-based medicine and science that will allow you, the client, to have a personalised lifestyle change that will take into account, not only your current physical status, but also the challenges you face on a daily basis. That is why we start off with a medical check-up, followed by a review with a state-registered dietician and your trainer. In this way, we can tailor-make the programme, taking into account your health issues (are you diabetic, suffer from high blood pressure, are awaiting a knee or hip replacement, for instance?) We also calculate your exact body composition (ie your percentage of fat and muscle) by using the BodPod, which allows us to accurately monitor your shift in weight. All this is done in conjunction with regular personalised physical training sessions, with the ultimate goal of losing body fat and increasing muscle mass and overall fitness.” The focus of this whole programme is health. That is why the members of the team that run the Weight Management programme are either health professionals or experienced in working with challenging scenarios. “We have a goal, to ensure our client becomes healthier with the correct combination of nutritional choices and exercise prescription, and the essential behavioural changes. There are no quick weight management or fitness targets, but sustainable ones. That is why the whole team will work with you on the one major determining factor: education.”

Throughout the whole programme, the educational element will be at the forefront of any activity. “It is easy to manage weight when you are supervised and someone is holding your hand. That is not our role, we want to arm you with the information and teach you the methods for you to take home all the vital knowledge that will allow you to become a healthier person, not only for the duration of the course, but for life,” Debbie adds. n

Call Remedies on 2149 8000 or send an email on to book your place for a free information session and to meet the experts.

The Bodpod is the safest, fastest and most accurate way of measuring body composition. This is the gold standard tool being used exclusively by Remedies Clinic to monitor and track your weight management programme, and make informed lifestyle and nutritional choices.


Waste not, want not Puddings, mince pies, turkey and cranberry sauce? Christmas is a particularly bad time for wasting food. Here are some tips on how you can cut down on waste, and, at the same time, save money.


hat comes to mind when you think of Christmas? Tables brimming with oodles of food? Mince pies, the Christmas pudding, sizzling hot timpana, a juicy turkey accompanied with cranberry sauce, and Christmas songs playing in the background. Many of us spend hours preparing delicious meals for our friends and family over the festive season, yet sadly a lot of it goes to waste. Indeed, the National Statistics Office found in 2013 that, in Malta, an average of 22 per cent of the food we buy ends up being wasted and thrown away, untouched and uneaten. In the UK, in 2014, 4.2 million Christmas dinners were wasted across the country according to Unilever. Christmas tends to be a particularly bad culprit when it comes to wasting food because many of those who prepare food intentionally cook too much because of a fear of not having enough food for the entire family. But there are a number of ways in which we can reduce the amount of food we waste during the festive season. Firstly, a bit of planning goes a long way. By planning what you want to cook and preparing a shopping list, you will save on buying unnecessary items. It is also wise to buy local. Did you know that locally produced foods are fresher and therefore keep longer? Beyond that, they also have a smaller ecological footprint.

Don’t throw away food just because it is past its best-by date. Educate yourself about when food goes bad: many foods are safe and consumable well past their expiry date. You can also save food by controlling portions: dish out the right amount according to what the person eats. Your freezer is your friend! You can save huge amounts of food by freezing it before it goes bad. This also means you can have meals ready when you don’t have time to cook or are too tired to do so. The same goes for leftovers: keep them for lunch the next day and ask for a takeout box at restaurants.

Save the fruit! Blending fruit and vegetables is a great way to breathe new life into older produce. Of course it’s also a way of improving your health. It’s ecological to compost your food, too: this reduces your environmental impact while benefiting the soil and environment. You can also keep the organic bin handy in your kitchen and get rid of the waste by taking out the bag on the stipulated collection days during the week. Finally, why not grow your own food? You could start your own vegetable patch. Your family will be impressed by your homegrown stuffed peppers served for Christmas lunch! n To learn more about waste separation, look up the Sort It Out campaign run by Wasteserv.


p A Porcelain Feast An elegant dinner set never goes amiss. Designed by Studio Levien for Costa Verde, Petrolea has the finest of porcelain tableware. All items are stylish yet durable, and make great additions to any table.

p Glassware Perfection Push beyond the traditional boundaries of glassware with Pasabache – a beautiful, top-quality, contemporary collection of lead-free crystal glasses for modern living. p Wine With A Smile Alessi’s Anna G corkscrew brings joy this Christmas. Her smiling face will have you reaching for more wine. Designed by Alessandro Mendini, the bottle opener is available in different colours.

p Refined Dining Upgrade your dinner table with beautiful new cutlery this holiday season. The timeless Morinox collection is made from high-quality stainless steel, suitable for both casual and fine dining.

p Flawless Cheese Board Show off this Christmas by serving delicious cheese in an eye-catching dome from Nude. The hand-blown teardrop design is set on luxurious slate and has a vent to stop the food from sweating.

PREP FOR CHRISTMAS WITH All available from Petrolea, Valley Road, Msida. T: 2123 4501/2123 5487 E:, W:

p Some Like It Hot Have you ever prepared a meal but found it got cold before dinner was served? Not anymore! Thanks to this cordless Hostess hot tray, your food will keep warm for a whole hour with just eight minutes of charge.

p Slow and Tasty Winter cooking made easy. Whether you use it on an induction hob or in the oven, the enamelled-cast iron, Pyrex slow-cook range promises perfect stews every time.

p A Touch of Italy Making fresh pasta from scratch at home has never been easier. The Imperia Titania steel pasta machine is precisionengineered in Italy, sturdy and built to last.


Christmas in the City Homes across the islands have been decked out to welcome the festive season, and our cities are a-glow with twinkling lights and sparkle. Here, Style goes through the keyholes of two very different properties – one in Valletta and the other in Senglea – to discover how their owners celebrate in some of Europe’s smallest cities. Editorial by Jo Caruana Assisted by Angie Amato

· Photography by Justin Mamo and Tyler Calleja Jackson

Nicoletta and Corin Moss have renovated their Senglea palazzo over the last eight years, since moving to Malta from Austria and New Zealand respectively. They have now created a beautiful family home that they share with their sons, Finley, 5, and Charlie, 3, and which they love imbuing with many traditions from their international experiences.

“This is actually going to be our first proper Christmas in this house, as our previous festive seasons as a family were spent in Austria, New Zealand and on other travels – so we’re very excited about it!” says Nicoletta. “It’s going to be just the four of us this time around, and we’re looking forward to creating some traditions of our own.

“Traditions are very important to me. I grew up in a very old house, and each Christmas we would go into the forest to pick a tree to bring home, or would buy a very small tree that we would then plant after the festive season was over. In Austria, the family all gather on Christmas Eve and wait for the Christ Child to be born – at which point


“We love the festive season in the Three Cities, and the way it comes alive in a new way at this time of year.” a bell is rung and everyone moves into the main room to sing Silent Night. We then open one present before going to church. A New Zealand Christmas is very different, with the main celebrations on Christmas Day itself – usually outdoors in the sunshine! “Locally, I love the tradition of midnight mass followed by Christmas breakfast, so we will definitely be doing that this year. We experienced it once in Cospicua and I found it

fascinating – the robes, silver, gold and vibrant decorations. We love the festive season in the Three Cities, and the way it comes alive in a new way at this time of year. I especially like seeing the little nativity scenes in people’s homes; everyone goes into such detail to make it look beautiful and there is a real community feel. “Our house, too, is coming alive for Christmas. The sala nobile is the heart of our home, but we were actually quite nervous about designing it when we were doing up the house, because of its size. But now, with the fire roaring and tree up, it certainly feels just as we had always wanted it to. We’re very excited about having guests over for teas and dinners, as well as having family from all over the world here to stay. “This year, my mum is visiting in the run up to Christmas. She’s an artist and makes nativity scenes; this little one on the sleigh is one that she gave me

years ago to keep me company on my travels. I am glad it has finally found a home here! “It’s been fun finding all the nooks and crannies to decorate through the house – from the lion above our entrance stairway (which was actually one of the very first things we fell in love with when we saw the house!) to our display of Christmas cards in the hall. Every aspect tells a story of the new traditions we are creating for our family here in Senglea.”


Max Lion, a pilot who works with a private jet company, moved to Malta from Brussels seven years ago, and fell in love with the island. He is especially fond of Valletta and its ‘quirky, artistic’ community, so he bought an apartment on St Ursula Street, which he has transformed with stunning art collected both locally and on his travels. Not one to decorate much for Christmas, Max was actually surprised by his friend Justine Pergola last year: on returning from a trip, he found that she had secretly decorated the apartment for him. Now it’s become a ritual they chose to repeat this year!

“I have to admit that I used to refuse to decorate my house for Christmas. I always saw it as excessively kitsch and was mortified by the thought of a fake tree and plastic balls welcoming me home after a long day at work. I’m quite house-proud and every piece has a story that comes together in an eclectic way. The last thing I wanted was a yearly invasion of flickering lights. “But this was much to the dismay of my close friend Justine Pergola, who absolutely loves creating a festive atmosphere. She can’t fathom a house being a home in December without the necessary decorations, and she passionately decorates Palazzo Parisio every year.


“I loved the surprise of finding I had my own little Christmas palazzo in Valletta.”

“As I travel a lot for work, my apartment was empty one December day and Justine decided to rectify the situation. She ‘broke into’ the apartment and proceeded to decorate the entire flat to surprise me upon my return. And guess what? I loved it – my own little Christmas palazzo in Valletta. Thank you Juju! “Somehow, the combination works perfectly – the lion baubles on the tree pay homage to my surname, the reindeer ears on this hat remind me of a costume I wore to the Burning Man festival one year, and the twinkling lights bring the beautiful bay window to life. Having my neighbour Audrey’s cat Sophie over for a visit completes the picture! “And of course, Valletta is the ideal city to enjoy Christmas in. As everyone knows, the Maltese don’t take celebrations lightly. Whether it’s a festa, Christmas or a goal during a football game, they’re always paired with the necessary ornaments and bells. Valletta is no different during the Christmas period. I like the passion that goes into it all; you can’t help but smile at the excessiveness. Since I’m not religious, the celebrations are more a matter of tradition, though. For me, Christmas in Malta is synonymous with food, drinks, laughter and togetherness. It’s beautiful.” n


q Perfect Porcelain Infuse your home with antique appeal. These blue and white vases come in three sculptural designs. Depending on your selection, they are available for between ¤55.90 and ¤140.

q Mischievous Monkeys One Two One Interiors promises smiles this season. Its three wise monkeys are saying, hearing and seeing no evil in charming artistic spirit. The monkeys can be yours for ¤95.90.

t Glisten In Gold Gold candle-effect lanterns are that element of luxury your home needs this holiday season. We love them on a sideboard or in a cosy corner of a living room. The smaller lantern is priced at ¤71.90 and the larger one at ¤91.90.

p Deco Delights Sleek and unfussy, yet glamorous and practical. We love a stylish but immensely useful piece. This art deco tray is ¤145 and the flutes, goblets and tumblers come in sets of eight starting from ¤79.90.


ONE TWO ONE uWorld In Hand Invest in a conversation starter this Christmas. This statue has got the whole world in its hand and is guaranteed to get the good stories flowing. It is available for ¤135.


All available from One Two One Interiors, 21st September Avenue, Naxxar, T: 2142 2948/9, and Qui-Si-Sana Seafront, Sliema, T: 2132 3155/65, W:

p Ethereal Reflection The right mirror will make any room appear bright and airy. It is truly the magician of home décor. This clean-lined mirror is 111cm by 81cm, and retails for ¤295.

qClassic and Eye-catching At Christmas, a classically-designed focal point is a must. We recommend seamlessly combining a marble-effect ceramic lamp with antique gold metal tables. This set of two folding tables is ¤195 and the lamp is ¤78.90. uShine A Light One Two One Interiors has an exceptional range of table lamps that suit all kinds of décor. This nickel lamp promises a dash of reflective elegance this season. It retails for ¤132.

p Timeless and Comfy This winter, we are all about creating those cosy nooks. Grab yourself a fake-fur throw for ¤72.90 and cuddle up with a velvety cushion for ¤67.90. This neutral armchair is suitable in any space and sells for ¤690.


THEWinterDESIGN EDIT Christmas is fast approaching, and it’s time to ensure our homes are ready to impress. Here, Style asks four top designers to pick their favourite interior trends for the holiday season.

1 2


“I’m always on the lookout for those little pleasures that get you through the coolest and darkest of seasons,” says GABRIELLA ARCIDIACONO, the sales and marketing director for Boris Arcidiacono. “This winter, we’re upping the level of indoor cosiness. Here are my favourite items for maximum comfort and wintry cuddle time – and they make for wonderful Christmas gifts too!”


Snuggle SEASON 1. Houndstooth Blues

Step out of the shower and into the cuddly soft embrace of a sophisticated bathrobe. This Cawö men’s robe from the Luxury Home Series comes in sapphire and 100 per cent high-quality cotton. The houndstooth pattern is the height of monochrome luxury.


5. No-Stress Support

There’s no need to sacrifice comfort at work. This Metro office chair from Stressless combines a stylish rotating base, crisp lines, lumbar support and a headrest pillow to ensure your comfort needs are met.

6. Regal Dreams

The Palace collection delivers Alexandre Turpault bed linen that is fit for royalty. Available in pink dew, oyster and gold, the quilted bedcover and pillowcase add a soft, trendy touch to your bedroom.

2. Silky Slumber 3. Ergonomic and Relaxing

Himolla’s ergonomic chairs combine modern design, comfort and sophisticated technology. The anatomically-shaped cushions will support and relieve your back in all the right places, regardless of sitting position.

This winter season opt for the silky touch and classic sophistication of the Fusion bedding range. The cotton sateen duvet cover and matching top sheet and pillowcases come in a warm palette of biscuit and ermine tones. What’s more, they’re two-sided, with a micro pattern on the reverse side.

7 7. 100 Per Cent Huggable

The renowned Tempur pillows hardly need an introduction. This 120cm-long pillow is your ticket to a good night’s sleep. It provides ideal support for side sleepers and expectant mothers. The Tempur material is filled with shapeable microcushions that adapt to your body’s shape and deliver support wherever needed.

8. Bathroom Essentials

4 4. Duvet Dreams The right duvet is essential for healthy and restorative

sleep. Boris Arcidiacono’s large assortment of duvets guarantees easycare fibre and cuddly down to create the most soothing night-time climate. You can also choose from different weights depending on the season.


Nina Ricci’s Écume des Jours Egyptian cotton bath towels and bathmats are eternal favourites. Whether you’re treating yourself or a loved one this Christmas, these are chic and tasteful bathroom must-haves.


“It’s that time of the year again! It doesn’t matter whether you’ve imbued your home with traditional, contemporary or rustic décor, now is the time to fill every room with magical Christmas spirit,” says MARCUS BONNICI, the managing director of JYSK. “Here, we have a wonderful selection of charming and fun Christmas embellishments for your home.”



Christmas CHARACTER 1. Squeaky Festivities

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. Stir up some fun this Christmas with an adorable plush mouse. They’re decked out in their holiday best, bowtie and all. This is the perfect huggable decoration, or even stocking filler.


2. Golden Radiance

You can’t go wrong with a classic Christmas lantern. This is your failsafe way of decoratively illuminating your home. These Christmas tree-inspired lanterns are 16cm high and batterypowered – so you’ll safely avoid naked flames in your home.

3. Cuteness at Christmas

3 4. Holiday Spirit

On the first day of Christmas, your family will delight in a unique Santa or two. Thanks to his adjustable legs, you can set your Santa standing at the edge of your mantelpiece – or let him greet visitors from a sideboard. With a heart in hand, Santa brings the love this merry season.

Rudolph has nothing on these red pompoms. This is a promise of glistening candlelight for 35 hours. Infuse any living space with a seasonal feel and a delightful Christmas scene.


5. Merry Cushions

Snuggle up with these cosy scatter cushions this December. A festive cushion is the perfect way of adding Christmas quirkiness without going over the top. This is a fun decorative touch, ideal in any type of décor and living space.


6. Snowy Escape

Capture magical moments this festive season. Nothing says Christmas like delicate snowfall. Give this snow globe a good shake and you’ll have your very own winter wonderland in your living room.


7. Nostalgic Charm

Reawaken your childhood memories of Christmas with this 47cm-high rustic lantern featuring an enchanting winter scene. It’s battery-powered, so it can be placed in any corner, on any shelf, in any room.

8. Candle in a Tin

‘Tis the season for a glittery candle. Get into the holiday spirit with a warm, sparkly glow. These candles are classically Christmas in red and white. Best of all, you’re promised 10 hours of candlelight – perfect for cosy evenings with family and friends.




“A rug is the easiest way of adding cosiness to any room when preparing for winter nights of mulled wine and mince pies,” says STEVE CHETCUTI, designer at The Rug Gallery. “An Oriental rug takes your interior design to the next level. I love the personal charm and creative expression that’s unique to each rug.”

Artistic tradition 1. Artistic Flair

Beautiful, hand-made Oriental rugs are the talk of the town this winter. All you need to do is roll out the carpet and let it work wonders in your room. Best of all, they’re easy to care for and will last a lifetime. This is art beneath your feet.


2. For All Generations

It’s all about timeless design this holiday season. Bring warmth, style and intrigue to your floors. Whatever your colour scheme or décor, a Persian rug is an excellent choice – guaranteed to accentuate any living space.

3. Persian Elegance


This isn’t just any old rug – it is a rug aficionado’s dream come true. You’ll be adding a pop of early 20th-century authenticity to your home. Hand-woven and inspired by traditional Iranian craft, the stunning floral composition brings a tasteful rainbow palette into your home.

4. Prep For Winter

Tickle your toes with the carpet-weaving customs of Iran. This stunning Persian rug is a timeless and worldly way of getting your house prepared for the cooler season. It adds Oriental flair to any interior, traditional or contemporary.



5. Rusty Geometry

This burnt orange antique Afghan Bokhara rug makes for a versatile interior concept. Bokhara rugs are highly sought after. They radiate Central Asian folklore through striking geometric patterns – just what you need to inspire tales of adventure by firelight this festive season.


6. Subtle Pastels

The Ziegler is a denselyknotted rug in delicate, pastellike colours. The design harks back to nomadic families in Afghanistan and Turkmenistan. Tuck it under a sofa or feature it under a coffee table, and you’ve got yourself a subtle, antique feel underfoot.

7. Traditionally Modern

East meets West on an Afghan Shabarghan rug. Colours and designs are gentler than more traditional rugs, but Persian motifs are still the focal point. Get yourself a Shabarghan to bridge the gap between classic décor and modern style.


8. Worldly Motifs

Any rug connoisseur will tell you that it’s all about the weave. Look for plush pile and bright designs – the epitome of old-world, artistic expression. The charming flowers and leaf patterns are all unique variations of traditional motifs that add a touch of Central Asian elegance to your home.



“We’re all about warming up those winter blues this December – and we do actually mean the colour!” say EMMA ARMSTRONG and STEPHEN HUNT, designers at Stem Interiors. “Classic pieces in natural colours are our winter must-haves. Fresh yet cosy, subtle yet uplifting, we’re excited to bring you these home treasures.”


6 5

Everlasting HUES


1. Corner of Nature

5. Light-filled Minimalism

2. Soothing Reflectivity

6. Eternal Classics

Too wintry to go outside? Bring a bouquet of flowers indoors. Nothing beats a vase of blooms for a dash of colour and freshness, no matter what time of the year. A classic, glass vase works brilliantly in any kind of décor and will look great everywhere.

You can never go wrong with a mirror. It will open up your space and enhance the festive ambience this Christmas. Glimmering candlelight will bounce across your living room. Your home will feel bigger, more soothing and forever refined.

3. Arty Focus


No contemporary home is complete without some artistic flair. Placing a pair of pictures above a sideboard is the perfect way of bringing a splash of eye-catching colour to your living room, hallway or bedroom. We love pinks, blues and golds this winter.

4. Unwind in Style

Transform bare space into a cosy nook this winter. A comfy armchair is all you need. Its cushioning embrace and soft fabric are subtle additions that have maximum lifestyle impact.


Add a sense of luxury with a metallic cognac glow. These glass balls of light are all you need for industrial sophistication in the home. Their design optimises the spread of warm light throughout your interior. Our tip is to use LED bulbs for enhanced radiance.

Always pleasing to the eye but incredibly tricky to get right, a table lamp has an unmistakable impact on any interior. Our tip is to go for soft, natural appeal. Neutral colours are the surest way of infusing a space with classic design that will stand the test of time.

7. Dramatic Cosiness

Be enveloped by luminescent ambience. We spend many more hours indoors in winter, so now’s the time to bring a comfy glow into the home. Place a lamp in a corner for a touch of drama or hang a well-chosen pendant light for a mid-air pop of colour and texture.

7 8. Metallic Practicality

Slick wood and champagne metals make a superb focal point in any interior. Integrated into a side console table, they’re features that will never go out of fashion. Whether it’s to hold your keys, plants or books, this is the multi-purpose, elegant treat you need this season.



Rush to

Dical House... Christmas is around the corner!


f you’re looking for the one place on the island where you can find all your festive must-haves this season, then head straight to Dical House. It offers an extensive selection of quality gifts and hampers filled with exclusive wines and spirits, and gourmet savoury and confectionery items, as well as chocolates. The Dical House cellar alone boasts over 4,500 bottles, and the spectacular choice in the foods section is second-to-none. Shelves are bursting with top-quality artisan products hailing from around the world. Dical House hampers, meanwhile, are available for any occasion and fit most budgets. If you are on the hunt for bespoke hampers filled with unusual premium quality and artisan products that stand out from all the rest, then this flagship store on Triq San Anton Abbati in Mosta (on your way down to the Mosta Church from Naxxar) is your obvious choice. The outlet is open all day, every day between now and Christmas, and it is easy to find with the help of Google Maps. So why not choose your Christmas gifts from the Dical House catalogue or, better still, pay them a visit to enjoy customising your own gifts and hampers, making them unique across the whole Maltese islands? This is possible since all of their hampers are prepared and packed here in Malta, and not imported ready-filled. Corporate clients are invited to set a personalised meeting by sending an email to or calling on 2142 4600/1. Hampers can be delivered anywhere in Malta at no extra charge. Just be sure to think ahead to avoid disappointment as stocks for certain items can be limited. n


Foodie festive showstoppers This winter season our chefs have created delectable treats that will no doubt rival the beautiful presents sitting under the tree. It is a flavour-filled, family-approved Christmas feast! Food inspired by the NEW YEAR’S EVE MENU AT VILLA CORINTHIA, CORINTHIA PALACE HOTEL & SPA, ATTARD, BY EXECUTIVE CHEF STEFAN HOGAN, CHEF JONATHAN ZAMMIT, AND PATISSIER MARC MCBRIDE Props from CAMILLERIPARISMODE, SLIEMA AND VALLETTA Styling and photography by TONIO LOMBARDI

Ingredients: 2 whole partridges; half a leek, sliced; 2 celery sticks, chopped; 4 shallots, halved; 2 cloves garlic, whole; 1 bay leaf; fresh thyme; parsley stalks. For the terrine: 500g goose liver; 200g morels; 2 sprigs thyme; 2 heritage carrots, cut into barrels with an apple corer; 20g parsley leaves, blanched and drained on absorbent paper; 40g shelled pistachios; 6 savoy cabbage leaves, blanched and dried on absorbent paper; juice of 1 lemon; rock salt; 25ml white port; 500g mushrooms, quartered; 5ml sherry vinegar; 10 gelatine leaves; 80g butter; 1 garlic clove.

Method: To cook the partridge, finely slice all the vegetables and place in a pan with the partridge, bay leaf and chopped parsley stalks. Cover with water. Place over a low flame and bring to 85°C. Simmer for around an hour. Turn the heat off and let it sit in the liquid for another 15 minutes. Then, remove the partridge and strain the liquid through a fine muslin cloth. Return the liquid to a clean pot and reduce to approx 500ml. Heat a non-stick frying pan and add a tablespoon of butter. When it starts to foam, add the morels and a sprig of thyme. Sauté and season with a pinch of salt. Then, drain on absorbent paper and set aside. Repeat the

process with the mushrooms and at the end add a squeeze of lemon juice, drain on absorbent paper and set aside. Into a small ladle of the stock, add a tablespoon of butter, a sprig of thyme and a garlic clove. Add the carrot barrels and cook covered with a greaseproof paper lid until tender. Drain on absorbent paper and set aside. Remove the breasts from the partridge, and remove the skin and any excess fat. Place on absorbent paper. Pick all the meat off the leg and any additional morsels from the carcass, season with some salt and set aside. Open the goose liver lobe and gently remove the visible blood veins. Spread open and season with rock salt, thyme and white port. Cover with a layer of cling film and refrigerate to cure for 12 hours. Then, heat a pan and flash fry the goose livers. Keep the rendered goose liver fat from the pan. To build the terrine, line the mould with cling film and allow enough on either side so that it can be closed properly to set. Heat 250ml of the stock, season to taste with the sherry vinegar and add the rendered fat from the goose liver. Place the gelatine leaves in cold water to rehydrate. Once soft, squeeze out excess water and dissolve in the warm stock mixture. To ensure there are no lumps, strain the liquid one more time through a fine sieve. Start by dipping the cabbage leaves in the stock and creating a base with sides that have enough

Plucky Partridge, Foie Gras & Morel Terrine overhang to cover the top. Mix the leg meat with some stock and place a thin layer to cover the bottom of the terrine. Layer the breasts and next to them the carrots, some mushrooms, morels and parsley leaves. Scatter a few pistachios and cover with some goose liver. Ladle over the stock to level this process. Repeat a second layer until you reach the top of the mould. Add enough stock to cover and fold over the cabbage leaves. Trim off any excess leaves.

Cover securely with the excess cling film and prick with the tip of a knife – this is to allow excess stock to flow out as you press. Allow the terrine to set at room temperature for about an hour, and then refrigerate. Place in a dish that will be able to take any overflow. Cover and weigh down with a few tins. Chill overnight. To serve, unmould and slice. We suggest serving with a spiced carrot purée, a rum and white port gel and chestnut mousse.


Beef Short Rib Croquettes with Onion Purée

For the onion purée: 3 large onions, sliced; 2 garlic cloves, chopped; 1 sprig thyme; 20g brown sugar; 250ml fresh cream; 50g salted butter; 15ml vegetable oil; salt; white pepper. For the short rib croquettes: 750g beef short rib; 200ml red wine; 250ml beef stock; 2 garlic cloves; 1 red onion, sliced; 1 carrot, sliced; 1 stick celery, sliced; half a leek, sliced; 1 sprig thyme; 1 sprig rosemary; 30g tomato paste; oil. For the coating: 3 eggs, whisked; 100g flour, seasoned; 200g Panko breadcrumbs.

Method: For the onion purée, heat the oil in a pan. Over a low flame cook the onions with the brown sugar until they soften and start to caramelise. Add the garlic and thyme, and continue to cook until golden-brown in colour. Add the butter and increase the heat. Season with a pinch of salt and white pepper. Add the cream

and reduce the heat. Keep stirring until the cream has almost completely evaporated. Transfer to a food processor and blend to a fine purée. Pass through a sieve and reserve to keep warm in a pan. For the croquettes, heat some oil in a non-stick pan. Brown the beef ribs until golden brown, then remove and transfer to an ovenproof dish. To the pan, add the sliced onion, celery, leek, carrot, garlic, thyme and rosemary, and cook down until caramelised. Transfer the vegetables to the oven dish with the beef ribs. Return the pan to the heat and deglaze with the red wine. Reduce and add the tomato paste. Then, stir in the beef stock. Bring to a boil and pour the liquid over the beef ribs. Cover and cook in a pre-heated oven for three hours until tender. Remove from the oven, transfer the ribs to a plate and strain the sauce. In a pan, reduce the sauce to a rich glaze. Once the meat is cool enough to handle, pull the meat off the bones and shred in a bowl. Mix with the reduced sauce and season to taste. Shape as desired into croquette shapes and chill for a few hours until set. For the croquette coating, prepare a bowl with the seasoned flour. Place the whisked eggs in a second bowl, and the Panko breadcrumbs in a third bowl. Roll each croquette in the flour, then the egg and finally the breadcrumbs. Refrigerate for a few hours before frying. Fry the croquettes in a deep pan with hot oil set to 170°C. Fry until golden brown, then drain on absorbent paper. Plate the beef short rib croquettes with the onion purée. We recommend serving butterroasted veal tenderloin with charred button onions, red wine braised salsify, butternut squash fondant and girolles.


For the chocolate roulade: 175g good-quality dark chocolate; 6 free-range eggs, yolk and white separated; 175g caster sugar; 2tbsp cocoa powder; 300ml double cream. For the cremeaux: 400g good-quality bitter dark chocolate; the whites from 6 large free-range eggs; 100g golden caster sugar; 200ml whipping cream; cherries, sliced.

Method: Lightly grease a 12cm x 24cm Swiss roll tin and line the base and sides with a large sheet of greaseproof paper, pushing it into the corners. Melt the chocolate in a bowl over a pan of simmering water. Do not let the base of the bowl touch the water. Remove from the heat and set aside to cool. Place the egg whites in a large bowl and whisk until stiff but not dry. If you turn the bowl upside down, the whites should be stiff enough not to fall out. Place the egg yolks in a separate bowl with the sugar and whisk on high speed for 2-3 minutes or until thick and creamy, and the mixture leaves a thick ribbon-like trail when the beaters are lifted. Pour in the cooled chocolate and gently fold together with the cream until well combined. Gently stir into the chocolate mixture two large spoonfuls of the egg to loosen the mix, then fold in the remaining egg whites using a large metal spoon. Careful not to squash out the air you have just beaten in. Sift in the cocoa and lightly fold it in. Pour the mixture into the prepared tin and gently move the tin around until the mixture is level. Bake for 20-25 minutes or until risen and the top feels firm and slightly crisp. Remove from the oven, leave in the tin and set aside until cold. Expect the roulade to fall and crack a little. For the cremeaux, grate 50g of the chocolate and reserve.

Chocolate Cremeaux with Milk Caramel Ice-Cream and Maple-Glazed Popcorn

Break the rest into pieces and melt in a bowl over a pan of simmering water. Take the pan off the heat but keep the bowl over the hot water. Whisk the egg whites in a large bowl until they’re standing in stiff peaks. Spoon in half the sugar and whisk again. Then add the rest of the sugar and whisk until it

looks glossy like meringue. Whip the cream in a separate bowl. Take the melted chocolate off the pan and fold a heaped metal serving spoon of meringue into the chocolate to loosen the consistency. Then, tip the chocolate into the meringue and fold in lightly but thoroughly. Fold in the whipped cream, and

then two-thirds of the grated chocolate. Spoon the chocolate mixture into the tray with the chocolate roulade and sliced cherries at the bottom. Reserve a small quantity for use in plating. Chill in the fridge for at least two hours, or overnight, until needed for plating. Serve with ice-cream and popcorn. n


An Evening at Valletta Contemporary, East Street, Valletta

Paula Fleri Soler, Yanerith Jimenez Torres

Norbert Attard, Ray Demicoli, Joe Satariano, Joanna Delia

Joanna Delia, Silvana Sant Angelo, Jo Caruana

Deira Melendez, Manuela Zammit

Alexia Curmi, Marisa Vella

Blockchain & AI Conference hosted by Working Town Events, at Villa Bologna, Attard

Pierre Mallia, Dylan Agius, Marguerite Mifsud Magrin

Mike Rebello, David Borg, Karl Chetcuti Bonavia

Melanie Gallagher, Michelle Oakes, Giuseppe Mancarella

Joseph Debono, Darren Parkin, Soulla Louca

Marc Cabourdin, Malika Shermatova, Mark Azzopardi

papped! IN STYLE

Max Mara Heritage Prints Launch and Opening, at Tigne Point, Sliema

The Official Opening of the Malta Book Festival 2019 & Awards Ceremony for the Terramaxka, at the Mediterranean Conference Centre, Valletta

Janice Spiteri, Donna Parnis, Jackie Urpani, Irene Zarb Adami

Left: Simona Cassano, Mark Camilleri, Matthew Borg, Andrew Ricca

Donna Parnis, Theresa Bartolo Parnis, Louise Bartolo Parnis, Jackie Urpani

Right: Rita Saliba, Antoinette Borg

Disco Fever featuring The Saturday Night Bee Gees, at the Gianpula Main Room, Rabat

Left: Minister Evarist Bartolo, Dwayne Ellul, Mark Camilleri (background) Right: Ira Losco Raphael Vassallo, Simon JJ Gatt, Louise Vella, Thomas Jacobsen

Kirsten Grenside, Jenny Fenton, Anki Ellul, Donna Mercieca-Gabriele

Mark Curmi, Zoe Curmi Calleja, Karen Calleja, Steve Calleja

Heather Cox, Beau Cook

Edward Golding, Vincent Lia, Carol Golding

Saz Mifsud - Winter Collection Launch, at Atelier Arya, Sliema

Thea Montanaro, Pavla Medvedova, Sophie Van Acker, Lucy Egriboz

Parysatis Peymani, Pavla Medvedova, Lucy Egriboz, Saz Mifsud

Corinthia Palace Hotel & Spa launches its new Sunday Lunch Menu, at Villa Corinthia, Attard

Trudy Kerr, Lexy Bajada

Ramona Depares, Raisa Mazzola, Sarah Micallef, Lexy Bajada

Ramona Depares, Adrian Attard, Denise Cardona

Colin Fitz, Coryse Borg, Tezara Saliba

Anna Maria Galea, Line Young Peteri, Jani Young Peteri


The House of Lilly Mae Fashion Show, at Villa Corinthia, Attard

Moira Palmier, Maria Borg, Daniela Said

Maria Borg, Francesca Fenech Conti

MSIA 2019 Winners Announced, at the InterContinental Malta, St Julian’s

The Missoni Team

Ben Balzan, Isabelle Depasquale

Ambassador Nada Draz, Maria Borg

Sarah Carbonaro, Nathan Farrugia, Olga Finkel, Mark Weingard, Joseph Gasan, Louisa Attard, Christine Vella Wallbank, Vanessa Azzopardi, Kaye Vassallo

Swedish Club in Malta Celebrates 10 Years, at Fortizza, Sliema

SHE Networking Event, at Casino Maltese, Valletta

Lena Dunham, Rutger Petterson, Bengt Gunnarzzon, Birgitta SkĂśld, Annika Stafren, Gabriella Arcidiacono

Roberta Grima, Emma Pullicino, Sass Woods, Jackie Cassar, Veronica Montanaro, Sue Bencini

Bengt Stenlund, Patrik Alfvegren, Gabriella Arcidiacono, Eric von Rosen

Mikela Fenech Pace, Sass Woods, Sasha Taylor-East, Robyn Pratt, Julia Perry, Rebecca Bonnici, Lorinda Mamo, Cat Moyle

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