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Tech trends

From health and fitness aids to an ingenious prototype for restless babies, Marie-Claire Grima looks at some of the most innovative tech trends out there. 01. CubeFit TerraMat


We’ve all heard about how bad a sedentary lifestyle can be for your health, but standing for long stretches of time takes quite a toll on your body too. Designed for people who spend a lot of time standing in one place, the TerraMat features a number of bumps and ridges designed to let you stretch, exercise and massage your feet while you’re standing, helping prevent spinal compression, muscle fatigue and other standing-related issues.

02. Gladius Underwater Drone


Looking for a high-tech way to have fun at the beach? The Gladius is a submarine drone with a 4K camera that can dive to a depth of 100m. It is controlled via a phone-connected remote and it is semitethered, which means it can roll out about 500m away from the beach with the right gear. The basic kit comes with the drone, a 1080p camera, 30m tether, and a ‘Wi-Fi buoy’ that acts as a sort of a repeater.

03. Garmin Vivosmart 3 Featuring a new ultra-slim design, the Vivosmart3 includes higher-end fitness-tracking tools such as VO2 max (a measurable indication of aerobic performance that translates into fitness level) and fitness age. It also has all-day stress tracking and a rep counter when pumping iron or doing push-ups or pull-ups.

04. Cambridge Sound Management Nightingale White-noise machines are extremely effective tools for people with sleep problems, but the Nightingale sleep system goes beyond that by being highly customisable with varied and recurring sounds, making it suitable even for people who have other conditions such as tinnitus. The package includes two speaker-equipped smart plugs, which can be installed on opposite sides of the room for a surround sound effect.

05. Bialetti Cold Brew The weather’s heating up so many of us will be looking to get our coffee fix in a more frosty way. The fuss-free Bialetti Cold Brew makes sizable batches of cold-brew coffee, which is conveniently poured from its glass pitcher. It makes less of a mess when decanting, has a filter basket with a wide mouth to receive grounds and is less bulky than others of its kind, allowing it to fit easily into the refrigerator for storage.

06. Max Motor Dreams Ford’s latest creation isn’t a car at all – it’s a small cot for babies called Max Motor Dreams for babies who sleep best when they’re in a moving car. It simulates a drive using sound and motion, along with LED lighting designed to mimic yellow-hued streetlights. Unfortunately, it’s still just a prototype, but due to popular demand, the Max Motor Dreams could see an eventual production run. Keep dreaming. cc



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APRIL / MAY 2017

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The Commercial Courier April/May 2017  

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