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Tap EU funds with the help of the specialists using the FUNding Approach Any business today must decide whether to remain just one horse in the pack or differentiate itself from others via specialisation or differentiation.

Specialisation is loosely defined as the process of concentrating on and becoming an expert in a particular subject or skill, whereas differentiation is the process of distinguishing a product or service from others, to make it more attractive to a particular target market. We, at DConsulta, aim towards differentiating ourselves from other accounting and advisory firms by specialising in growth services, thus leading to differentiation of our service offering. Growth Services is the umbrella term which comprises our specialist EU funding advisory services and other related consultancy services that assist our clients in growing their business or organisations by putting their dreams into concrete and feasible plans of action. Over the years, the founder of the firm, Michael Debono, has immersed himself in the EU funding advisory sphere, dating back to the grant schemes made available to local SMEs for pre-accession projects designed to prepare such SMEs for the impact of accession to the EU. This work continued during the 2007-2013 EU Budget Programme and is still going strong with respect to the grant schemes available under the 2014-2020 programming period. Our experience in participating directly in projects, applying for funds, providing financial management, writing applications and research reports, handling dissemination activities, project

management of large ESF projects and finally auditing of such projects means that we have seen and experienced the whole value chain. This insight is crucial for an intimate understanding of the key success factors and the common pitfalls relating to EU-funded projects. Today the firm is a registered service provider under the Business Enhance SME Consultancy Services Grant Scheme, offering business planning, feasibility studies, organisation and operations reviews and process and systems reviews. Entities applying for funding through DConsulta can benefit from an 80 per cent grant for the business plan or feasibility study up to a maximum grant of €4,000. A sound and sturdy plan will lead to a strong application for funding under any one of the other five schemes – start-ups, SME growth, e-commerce, diversification and innovation, and internationalisation grant schemes. Furthermore, DConsulta assists clients with setting up new start-ups and benefiting from the varied tax incentives such as micro invest, investment aid and other benefits such as the allocation of industrial property. Over the years, the firm has perfected its EU Funding Advisory methodology using the FUNding approach as depicted in the diagram below:

The DConsulta FUNding Approach Finding

Ô Project Concept Vetting & Programmes Identification (Central vs Decentralised) & Eligibility & Timeline Testing & Project Partners (MT or abroad)

Undertaking the application

Ô Business Plan + Financial Plan & Compliance Testing & Application Process & Online Submission & Post-Application Liaison with Managing Authority (MA)

Nurturing the Project

Ô Vetting of Expenditure & Maintenance of project file & Publicity Compliance & Support during inspections/audits & constant liaison with MA

Supported SMEs/NGOs/Local Govt on EU funding for 12 years

Over €4m funds for tourism/ manufacturing & other local sectors

DConsulta’s tried and tested FUNding Approach has produced results in the past and will continue to do so in the future. We thus urge you to take this opportunity and contact DConsulta, the EU Funding Specialists, get a free consultation and quote, and if you like our approach embark on a successful journey that will see your SME embark on unprecedented growth. cc 52

Financial & project management proven expertise for projects by central & local govt, NGOs & private enterprise

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The Commercial Courier April/May 2017  

The Official Business magazine of the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise & Industry since 1947.

The Commercial Courier April/May 2017  

The Official Business magazine of the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise & Industry since 1947.