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Formats Outlook: Asia update

Thailand’s hard look at soft power

Plus Less is more at Indonesia’s Vidio, Hakka TV’s Girls Win & Australia’s House of Gods

APRIL 2024

Less is More

Indonesian streaming platform Vidio has reset its approach to local originals. The new slate takes a ‘less is more’ approach, with fewer titles, bigger production budgets, more A-list talent and a focus on stories that aren’t being told anywhere else. what’s


Soft Spoken

Thailand’s political leaders have taken a hard look at soft power – and have put film and television front and centre of a sweeping, multi-industry national growth and advancement strategy.


Go Girls

Taiwan’s Hakka TV returns blockbuster series, Girls Win, to local screens this month, taking the story of a women’s basketball team from where it left off in high school to the professional league, with all its drama and challenges.

Hakka TV’s Cheng Yu-min speaks about the 10-episode tentpole series and its place in supporting Hakka language and culture.


Gods Truths


Matchbox Pictures’ House of Gods for Australia’s ABC has been described as Succession in a mosque. What the creators really wanted, first and foremost, was a universal family drama filled with love, hate, conflict, power struggles, rivalry, unforgettable characters and conversation-starter issues... that just happens to play out around a mosque.

16 Formats Outlook

Formats pick-ups in Asia dropped again in 2023, continuing the past few years’ downward trend in volume. India tops markets to watch along with Mongolia, which jumped two spots in the rankings to take third place in 2023 behind India and Vietnam.

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Saturday Night Live Korea, NBCUniversal
Ular Tangga Dara(H), Vidio Indonesia
who... 25 Programming, Syndication & Licensing 2024
Channels: Linear & VOD 2024 From ContentAsia’s The Big List 2024 Directory Cover image: Santri Pilihan Bunda, courtesy of Vidio Indonesia

Less is more

Indonesian streaming platform Vidio has reset its approach to local originals, beginning with crime action series Ratu Adil in February and teen drama Santri Pilihan Bunda in March. The new slate takes a ‘less is more’ approach, with bigger production budgets, more A-list talent and a tighter focus on stories that aren’t being told anywhere else.

When Vidio premiered crime action series, Ratu Adil, at the end of February, the Indonesian streaming platform not only upped its game in the genre, but kicked off a whole new less-is-more original premium production era.

The 2024 slate, unveiled at a Hollywood-style showcase entitled “House of Star-Studded Stories” in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta follows significant behind-the-scenes changes at the Emtek-owned platform.

The re-org included the arrival of content boss Mark Francis, the quiet exit of Vidio managing director, Monika Rudijono, and a staff restructure that insiders say involved the exit of about 50 people.

All are part of a low-key, hopefully-high-impact, rethink of the whole approach to streaming in Southeast Asia’s largest market.

During the showcase in Jakarta, Vidio bosses spoke about launching more than 15 original series this year.

In numbers, this seems like a long way from the 40-something titles the six-year-old platform presented during a regional industry show-

case in Singapore only a few years ago. In streaming years, it’s a lifetime.

The new targets have been set in a very different environment to way back when, both for the global industry and for Vidio’s parent.

Not long after the Vidio showcase, Emtek’s Suria Citra Media (SCM) reported plunging profits for 2023, from Rp679,875,021,000/US$42.8 million in 2022 to Rp155,865,216,000/US$9.8 million. SCM owns just under 80% of Vidio.

Seven of the titles scheduled for 2024 were unveiled in Jakarta during the February showcase. The seven series include both new and returning shows.

Vidio CEO, Sutanto Hartono, said during the event that release strategies had been adjusted based on evolving consumer behaviour and engagement.

Streaming platforms are “still kind of guessing what’s the right business model…we want to be as flexible as possible,” he said.

contentasia april 2024 4
Santri Pilihan Bunda

“In the past, we were thinking about releasing one new episode per day (365 episodes a year or 45 titles with eight episodes each, or four titles a month).

“In 2022, we launched 31 original Vidio series… we were struggling a bit, releasing four titles in one month. So we went back and asked ourselves, ‘is this the right quantity?’ We decided to spend more time developing the titles and increasing the budgets, so now our formula is 20-22 titles a year,” he said.

Hartono added that the new slate involved bolder storytelling and plot lines that were closely related to social issues facing Indonesia.

Although he didn’t discuss production budgets, part of Vidio’s strategy is higher spend/production values and differentiated story telling.

Vidio’s latest approach is built upon experience gained over about 80 original series released since 2019.

Hartono said of the 77 titles released over the past five years, 51 titles (406 episodes) were released in 2022-2023.

“Vidio’s success in being able to beat the dominance of global and regional OTT as the platform with the most subscribers in Indonesia has inspired us to provide… the best and highest quality shows,” he said.

Vidio closed 2023 with more than four million paying subscribers,

Streaming platforms are still kind of guessing what’s the right business model... we want to be as flexible as possible.”
Sutanto Hartono, CEO, Vidio

making it Indonesia’s top SVOD platform.

The production re-direct involves more A-lister involvement in front of and behind the camera.

Frontier Pictures’ eight-episode Ratu Adil is produced by Timo Tjahjanto (The Big 4) and directed by Tommy Dewo (Serigala Terakhir) and Ginanti Rona (The Raid).

“As a crime action series, Ratu Adil represents a new genre for Vidio. We need to manage the drama, action, sequence, and storyline carefully. Working within limitations and featuring a cast of A-listers, it’s crucial to plan the scripting well to bring each character to life,” Rona

Marcell Darwin, Tarra Budiman, Ringgo Agus Rahman, Dwi Sasono and Tanta Ginting in Suami-Suami Masa Kini 3

said in the run-up to the show’s premiere.

Portraying Lasja Seoryo, a tough housewife protecting her family from Jakarta’s ‘9 Dragons’ underworld bosses, Dian Sastrowardoyo (Gadis Kretek) said the role offered her the opportunity to work in a genre she has never done before.

”I’ve been waiting for this kind of opportunity, a break away from the highly emotional drama I’ve been doing... with elements of action and crime. The perspective from a female point of view, particularly that of a jealous wife, offers a unique and rare viewing experience for audiences,” Sastrowardoyo said.

Besides having a unique storyline, the key [to today’s streaming environment] is viewer engagement, enticing them to want to watch from the beginning to the end, Ratu Adil’s co-director Tommy Dewo, added.

For Ratu Adil producer Timo Tjahjanto, perhaps best known for his theatrical features, working on the TV series opened new ways of thinking and being more adaptable to evolving environments.

“The concept of cinema has changed over the past 10 years or so. Initially I felt that everything you watched should be enjoyed on the big screen first. But now having accessibility to all of it now, you can’t

deny it’s much more convenient. As a filmmaker, be it producing, directing or writing, you just want to grab as much audience as possible. Streaming has changed that a lot for the better,” he said.

In addition to Ratu Adil, include thriller Ular Tangga Dara(h) Films and three Screenplay Films: romance/ teen drama Santri Pilihan Bunda premiered on 16 March; mature drama The Perfect Strangers adapted from a Wattpad story; and zombie series Zona Merah.

Zona Merah, an eightepisode series, mixes horror, thriller and action genres. The series is based on a “mayit” (the undead) story about a female worker

Clockwise from top left: Hana Saraswati, Arya Vasco, Saskia Chadwick, Lea Ciarachel and Fadly Faisal in Ular Tangga Dara(h) Dian Sastrowardoyo in Ratu Adil
I’ve been waiting for this kind of opportunity, a break from the highly emotional drama I’ve been doing, with elements of action and crime...”
Dian Sastrowardoyo on her role in Ratu Adil

struggling to find her missing sibling with the help of a journalist. The pair race against time as an epidemic of the undead threatens to engulf them.

Directed by Sidharta Tata and Fajar Martha Santosa, Zona Merah involved thousands of extras and special effects.

Tata (Ali Topan) described the series as his most challenging project to date. “Imagine destroying the entire city...we’ve never done as much damage as this,” Tata said.

The two returning titles unveiled at the showcase are a second season of adult comedy Open BO Lagi, and a third season of romantic drama, Suami-Suami Masa Kini

MVP Pictures’ Suami-Suami Masa Kini returns with Yuda, Raka, Ical and Toby facing complicated personal problems, including relationship, business, a test-tube baby and Toby’s sudden marriage. The eight-part series is directed by Ody C. Harahap.

The eight-episode Open BO Lagi: Semakin Panas, Semakin Ganas is about Gina, who is trying to help her family, and politician Billy, who faces issues with his fiancée. The series is directed by Monty Tiwa (Hidayah), who returns to comedy after a break of three years, and is produced by production house Amadeus Sinemagna.

“Comedy has always been my weapon of choice when making content,” Tiwa said, describing season two as all about “pushing the envelope in terms of storyline, acting, visuals... because we realised in season one we hadn’t gone far enough”.

“Open BO covers quite a range of topics; most are pretty sensitive in terms of sensuality and what not. It’s quite a challenge for us to portray some scenes, while at the same time asking ourselves, ‘did we go too far, can we push it a little bit more’,” he says, adding: “It’s basically finding that balance to make it work with the audience and ensuring it will be allowed to be shown on screen”.

From left: Kevin Ardilova, Maxime Bouttier, and Beby Tsabina in The Perfect Strangers Ginanti Rona Timo Tjahjanto Tommy Dewo Monty Tiwa Sidharta Tata

Soft spoken

Thailand’s political leaders have taken a hard look at soft power – and have put film and TV front and centre of a sweeping multi-sector growth and advancement strategy.

2, BEC World/Channel 3 Thailand
Bella Ranee in Love Destiny

Thailand has taken a hard look at soft power – and has cherry-picked leaders from across the media industry to collaborate on an ambitious new plan. Among other national goals, the soft power strategy will put Thai television series and films on a Korea-style global trajectory.

Hopes are that this will, in turn, feed back into the country’s economy and international profile. This will fuel further investment into the cultural environment that will exert an even bigger influence on audiences around the world. That will, in turn…

The new scheme, under a single integrated body modelled upon Korea’s Kocca and Taiwan’s Taicca, could have as much as THB 1 billion/ US$27.3 million a year for film alone.

The other 10 industry segments, including food, music, sports/Muay Thai, publishing and fashion, will be allocated their own budgets.

Although the final amount has not been confirmed, there are signs that the total could be around US$200 million a year. Final budgets still need to be approved. This could happen in May 2024, and will be followed in June by a public forum showcasing the soft-power plan.

The new organisation – Tacca (Thailand Creativity & Culture Agency) – will coordinate the entire initiative. The target for setting up Tacca, which requires a parliamentary act, is mid-2025.

The grand plan’s chances of working depend largely upon on who you ask. Although there is widespread optimism and industry support for the vision, many are wondering how the current tangle of government organisations and interests can be united behind this sweeping goal.

The political will for long-term commitment is being closely monitored.

“We need to educate the civil services, train them to understand the industry and the system. We need to push for grants, rebates and incentives like other countries give,” a local indie producer says.

Pointing to role models in Korea and France, another veteran filmmaker highlights the necessity of ongoing, sustained support from a government “that wants to help the country”.

Many point out that the notion of “soft power” is neither new nor novel in Thailand. Previous efforts died with changes in government and shifts in political power.

In short, while the wish list is buoyant and hopes are high, there seems to be a clear understanding that the freshly minted, bright and shiny, end-goal has not yet been bashed about by the hard reality of executing the dream.

The difference this time, perhaps, hinges on the involvement of the country’s top political echelons. This includes a national soft power strategy committee chaired by Thailand’s prime minister with advisors and directors who will hold the schemes together, come hell or high politics.

The strategy and development groups driving the soft power initiative involve private sector representatives from 11 industries, as well as members from 12 government ministries. Executive board members include Paetongtarn Shinawatra, head of Thailand’s ruling Pheu Thai Party.

Hidden Gem, True CJ Creations
contentasia april 2024
Dr Surapong Suebwonglee, National Soft Power Strategy Committee

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Government bodies involved include the Tourism Authority of Thailand and the National Economic and Social Development Board, among others.

Formal meetings kicked off in October 2023. Various groups, including separate teams for film and for TV series under Thai filmmaker Adam Yukol, have gathered regularly since.

In the run up to Hong Kong Filmart, and despite a hiccup in the fashion group, the plans appeared to be on track.

“We think that the soft power strategy is the one of the most crucial strategies for the government to drive Thailand from a middleincome trap and to move forward to becoming a high-income country,” says Dr Surapong Suebwonglee, director and secretary of the National Soft Power Strategy Committee.

With the grand plan still in its infancy, both the optics and the narrative around Thai content development seem decent.

The Thailand Film Office (TFO) describes 2023 as a record-breaker, with 466 film and TV productions. Total production expenditure last year was US$186 million.

This follows 2022 increases in Thailand’s film incentive programme to cover 20% of qualifying expenditure, with an additional cash rebate of up to 5% for companies that hire local crew or use local post-production services.

Long-time producers are pushing for more support as part of an ongoing programme, including grants, which existed “maybe 10 years ago”, but have long since disappeared.

New efforts include a possible revamp of the tax structure for TV series, policy updates designed to boost private involvement, and a reconsideration of rules and regulations governing sponsorship, product placement and censorship.

On the regional stage, a real-life princess on side never hurts profileraising exercises. When Thai Princess Ubolratana Rajakanya Sirivadhana Barnavadi appeared at this year’s Hong Kong Filmart in March, the corridors around the government-backed Thai pavilion were thronged.

Even without the princess, the Thai presence in Hong Kong was strong, with 27 companies involved in production, facilities, services and distribution.

These included the country’s top broadcaster, BEC World, which took over as Thailand’s top free-TV service in September last year; Thai/Korean joint venture, True CJ, selling a wide range of titles including food/ lifestyle series Hidden Gem; and Kantana, talking about experiences with machine-learning and AI along with its new virtual production studio. The studio will be the first end-to-end virtual production and post studio in Southeast Asia.

Others included 17-year-old animation house, Monk Studio, which

is eager to expand from work for hire into developing original IP; and, fresh from several high-profile hires, The One Enterprise, with an expanded portfolio of brands and a gathering-home of veteran Thai filmmakers.

One’s new subsidiaries include the month-old Tifa Studios, resurrected this year by Pantham Thongsang after leaving Warner Bros Discovery/HBO. Tifa’s goal is to create premium scripted and unscripted co-productions and collaborations “with a Thai spirit and the ability to travel,” Thongsang says.

One’s delegation in Hong Kong also included former BEC Studios president, Apicha Honghirunruang, who joined the One31 channel on 1 March this year.

Across the aisle, the BEC team hosted a broad range of visitors, from global streamers to adult platforms lured by the sexiest posters exhibited in years. BEC titles, including two seasons of blockbuster Love Destiny, are among Thailand’s best-known in the region. BEC’s new-found fame follows a carefully thought-through regional sales strategy, shaped with Indra and Erlina Suharjono’s I.E. entertainment over the past few years, to expand its licensing footprint.

Many of the Thai companies in Hong Kong for Filmart are also household names in the region. Others are best known domestically. Whatever their profile, all want the same thing: support to grow their businesses beyond an increasingly challenged home market.

“We need to transform,” says Pimlapat (Ying) Chaiviriyachok, Kantana Post Production managing director.

Thailand’s presence at Filmart was capped by the return to the preCovid Thai Night, an official event paid for by the Department of International Trade Promotion, operating under the Ministry of Commerce.

The ministry’s official messaging around its presence at Hong Kong was clear: “to showcase Thailand’s triumphs to the global entertainment community and facilitate new opportunities for international cooperation”.

“Thai content is experiencing an unprecedented surge in global popularity,” said Department of International Trade Promotion director general, Phusit Ratanakul Sereroengrit, in the run-up to Filmart.

Filmart 2024 in Hong Kong was just the beginning, locals say, expecting trade authorities to back a much stronger presence at industry events around the world in 2025.

Whatever their reservations, Thai companies have leaped at the chance to take part in the new vision, talking about the power of a united, harmonious effort. Industry bosses say a united front is essential on the global stage.

“Any success of Thai content abroad is a success for all of us,” One31’s Honghirunruang says, adding: “We have to become one when we leave the country”.

contentasia april 2024
Filmmaker Adam Yukol leads film and TV involvement in Thailand’s soft power initiative

Go Girls

Taiwan’s Hakka TV returns blockbuster series, Girls Win, to local screens this month, taking the story of a women’s basketball team from where it left off in high school to the professional league, with all its drama and challenges. Hakka TV’s Cheng Yu-min speaks about the 10-episode tentpole series and its place in supporting Hakka language and culture.

Taiwanese broadcaster Hakka TV returns hit coming of age sports drama, Girls Win (女孩上場), this month, with the all-girls team having changed out of high-school uniforms into professional basketball kit, and now facing numerous challenges as they transition to adulthood, face questions about their passions and inspirations, and are forced to deal with the pressures of life in the public eye.

Their progress in some ways echoes Hakka TV’s own growth from single seasons to sequels, with more resources, higher expectations, and an appetite for more challenging stories. All while staying true to its core public service broadcasting mission of supporting Hakka language and culture.

The story of women in professional basketball and their physical and emotional journeys, as well as the challenges of team management, has not been see in Taiwan in recent years, Hakka TV’s programming team says. “This creates a new peak for our drama series. In the meantime, we’ve made it a unique story of our own in Taiwan,” adds spokesperson Cheng Yu-min.

As part of the PTS public broadcast behemoth, the 20-year-old Hakka TV now has a budget of NT$600 million/US$19 million and spends about NT$100 million /US$3 million on its series, according to the Hakka Affairs

Council, which spoke during last year’s 20th anniversary celebrations about the brand’s expansion beyond traditional television.

The channel, supported by Taiwan’s government and the Hakka Affairs Council, was (and may still be) the first Hakka-language TV channel in the world.

Girls Win’s debut in 2021 was a win for Hakka TV, which launched as an ethnic/cultural channel in July 2003 under Taiwan’s Council for Hakka Affairs and shifted to the control of Taiwan Broadcasting System (TBS) in 2011.

The 12-episode original attracted more than 300,000 views per episode online and streamed, and won a Golden Bell Award for Best Writing for a Television Series.

Director Ray Wu (At the Moment) and producer Deeppeace Chen (When the Cold Wind Blows) both return for the second season, produced by Magichour Film Company, along with co-writers Nikki, Yi-Ning Chang and Tai-Yun Wu.

Ray Wu and Deeppeace Chen (aka Mark Chen) were also involved in writing the script for season two, which is about Andong, a basketball team that has languished at the bottom of the local league for five

contentasia april 2024 14
Yang Li-yin (left) plays an eager mother; former basketball player Yang Qing

Despite the best efforts of team manager Jason, played by Huan-cheng (Wes) Lo, the board of directors decides to quit if the team doesn’t make it to the next final.

Cing Yang is cast as top player, Tong Lin, who takes responsibility for the team’s performance but faces a tough career choice when the national team comes calling. Chia-yun Tsai plays good-for-nothing scorer, Yun, and Xin-ya An as untrustworthy team coach Zi-qi. The season two cast includes Tender Huang, Ching-ting Hsia, Li-yin Yang and Elten Ting.

Also included in the on-screen action are real-life basketball stars from Taiwan, who add to the on-court excitement and are expected to attract their own fan base to the series.

A season two highlight is a game between Taiwan and South Korea. The game was filmed in Busan, with five professional players from South Korea. Korean actor, Dae-han Chi (Father-in-law and Son-in-law) plays the Korean coach.

Hakka TV describes the 10-episode Girls Win 2, which was one of the 60+ titles showcased at this year’s Series Mania in Lille, as neither “a David versus Goliath story” nor an inspirational tale about rookies who make it to the major leagues.

Rather, the series is the story of how professional basketball players

The story of women in professional basketball and their physical and emotional journeys as well as the challenge of team management... created a new peak for our drama series.”

dealing with the pressures of their roles as sports stars and how they draw on inner resources to face one difficult challenge after another.

“In the first season, we told the audience whether playing basketball or winning a game makes you happy through the eyes of a high school girls basketball team,” Cheng says.

“In the second season, we are trying to tell you how a dying professional girls’ basketball team enters a final, and when you earn a living with playing basketball, who you are playing for,” he adds.

With the channel’s 21st birthday in sight, Hakka TV bosses say Girls Win stays true to the channels founding principle: to give voice to Hakka language and culture.

“In the history of the girls’ basketball in Taiwan, many professional players are Hakka, and some teams are from a Hakka village, such as National Miaoli Senior Commercial Vocational School,” Cheng says.

“In our first season, our main characters were from a Hakka village in Miaoli. With the drama series, people know about a Hakka basketball team. As Hakka athletes, hopefully they’ll never give up, willing to challenge themselves.”

Amber An as team coach Wes Lo as team leader Jason

Formats Outlook: 2023

Formats pick-ups in Asia were down again in 2023, continuing the downward trend in volume over the past six years. Markets to watch include India, which continues to be a streaming battleground, and Mongolia, which jumped two spots in the rankings to take third place in 2023 behind India and Vietnam.

By the end of 2023, Asia had broadcast or commissioned 173 formats, a 13% drop from 204 in 2022 and about half the 337 recorded in 2018, according to ContentAsia’s rolling Formats Outlook. Asia’s top formats markets by volume in 2023 was India with 30 titles, followed by Vietnam with 27.

Mongolia, which for the last three years held fifth position with an average annual count of 15, rose two spots to claim third position. Mongolia’s growth to 21 titles – including the first adaptation of a U.S. scripted series – was the region’s formats highlight for 2023.

Mongolia narrowly surpassed Thailand, which traditionally held one of the top three places. For 2023, Thailand ranked fourth with 18 titles.

INDIA: Even at 30 formats aired/commissioned, India’s win was impressive, particularly since almost half of these were high-value drama formats. The 13 drama titles showed a preference for thrillers and crime stories.

Five of the 13 were returning series: season three of Aarya, based on the Dutch show Penoza from Banijay Rights; a second season of The Broken News, adapted from BBC Studios’ Press; season two of Rana Naidu (Ray Donovan) from Paramount Global Content Distribution; season two of Tanaav (Fauda) from Yes Studios; and Duranga season two, the Indian adaptation of Korean Flower of Evil from CJ ENM.

India also reported 10 reality formats in 2023, notably multiple iterations of Bigg Boss , the Indian rendition of Banijay Rights’ Big Brother . These included Bigg Boss Hindi season 17, Bigg Boss Kannada season 10, Bigg Boss Malayalam season five and Bigg Boss Tamil season seven.

Mother Mongolia (format from Nippon TV, Japan) The Bachelor Indonesia, Warner Bros Discovery

The rest of India’s adaptations were game shows (2), cooking-related (2), dating (1), movie (1) and talent (1).

Banijay Rights led India’s formats market for the year with 11 titles.

VIETNAM: Vietnam took second place with the lowest number of formats in five years, although spirits were lifted in first quarter 2024 when local channel HTV7 picked up rights to Korean format, Street Woman Fighter

The pick-up gave Korean media giant, CJ ENM, its first international berth for the dance survival reality show. The show, created by Korea’s Studio Glide and Needslab

G&C, will air as ’Nữ hoàng vũ đạo đường phố this summer. Street Woman Fighter, which pits eight female dance crews against each other, premiered on CJ ENM’s music channel Mnet in 2021.

But dance as they might, there’s no hiding the steep slide to 2023’s list of 27 titles. Between 2018 and 2022, Vietnam had an average annual formats count of 43 titles.

Game shows were Vietnamese platforms’ favourite formats genre in 2023, with nine titles from January to December. These included two versions of Fremantle’s Vietnam Idol Vietnam Idol season eight premiered on VTV3 in July 2023, and will be followed by a ninth season, already confirmed by Cat Tien Sa Media Group (CATS).

Singing formats ranked second in Vietnam with five titles, including the local adaptation of Chinese platform Mango TV’s singing reality show, Sisters Who Make Waves (aka Ride the Wind). The series premiered at the end of October 2023 on state-owned free-TV broadcast network, VTV3, in a prime time Saturday night slot as Chị đẹp đạp gió rẽ sóng (Beautiful Sisters Riding Waves).

Vietnam also had three drama formats in 2023, along with three variety/talk shows, two reality titles, two talent shows, one cooking format, and one fashion/beauty title.

Korea’s KBS Media dominated the formats count for Vietnam, securing the majority share with five titles, including season two of variety show 2 Days 1 Night Vietnam; medical drama Good Doctor Vietnam on Danet; and a second season of variety show, The Return of Superman Vietnam

The Masked Singer Malaysia season four, Astro/MBC Korea
Photo credit: Studio NEXT / Sony LIV / SET / Sony Pictures Television contentasia april 2024
Shark Tank India S3

MONGOLIA: The majority of Mongolia’s formats count for last year comprised of game show titles (8), followed by singing formats (5), reality shows (4), cooking (2), and one each of scripted and talent formats.

Game shows included Fremantle’s Family Feud Mongolia on Star TV, Banijay Rights’ Spelling Star season three on Edu TV and All3Media International’s Cash Mob Mongolia (Edu TV).

Mongolia’s wins in 2023 also included Suits Mongolia, which debuted on Mongol TV in December.

The adaptation sparked hope of a rise in scripted sales to Mongolia. This was supported in January this year when a local version of Japanese broadcaster Nippon TV’s drama Mother premiered on Voo IPTV platform and free-TV channel Edutainment TV (Edu TV).

Produced by Green Show Production, Mother Mongolia sticks closely to the original Japanese story about a substitute teacher who, realising that one of her pupils is a victim of child abuse, kidnaps her and flees.

Nippon TV says the Mongolian version is the drama’s eighth adaptation around the world, with a ninth in the works in Arabic. Versions of Mother have been produced in Turkey, Korea, Ukraine, Thailand, China, France and Spain.

In 2023, All3Media International led Mongolia’s formats market, with five titles. These were game shows Cash At Your Door Mongolia season four on Edu TV and two cycles of Cash Cab Mongolia on NTV, as well as two reality formats Gogglebox Mongolia season 13 on Mongol TV and Teenage Boss Mongolia on C1TV.

THAILAND: Drama formats are also enjoying an upturn in Thailand, where scripted adaptations accounted for 33% of all formats listed for the market for the year.

Traditionally positioned in the top three formats markets in Asia, Thailand ranked fourth in 2023 with 18 titles.

A 2023 highlight was NBCUniversal Format’s first ever scripted/telenovela adaptation. The local version of Latin drama, El Cuerpo del Deseo, premiered as Second Chance (ชีวิตภาคสอง) in prime-time in early November on the Bangkok-based One 31 HD free-TV digital broadcast channel. Telemundo’s original 140+ episode Spanish-language drama was reformatted to 24 episodes for the Thai market. This is the first Asian adaptation of the series after versions in the U.S., Uganda and Mexico.

Produced by Takonkiet Viravan (My Lucky Star), the Thai adaptation stars Jirayu (Got) Tantrakul (Bad Guys) in the story of a rich old man reincarnated as a handsome, but poor, younger man who discovers dark secrets about his young and beautiful widow.

Thailand’s 2023 adaptations also included local remakes of Japanese broadcaster TV Asahi’s comedy/BL Ossan’s Love, about an office love triangle, commissioned by GMMTV; and Korean CJ ENM’s youth/comingof-age Thank You Teacher, which premiered in June 2023.

Thailand’s scripted formats continue to maintain their momentum in 2024, with titles that have been in development for two years at least making their way to local screens.

Among these are two KBS Media formats: medical romance, Good Doctor Thailand, and coming-of-age series, High School Frenemy, along with four True CJ Creations’ adaptations of Korean dramas – romantic

comedy Start Up (premiered January 2024); medical romance, Emergency Couple (March 2024); legal action thriller, Lawless Lawyer; and romantic fantasy, Familiar Wife

CJ ENM led activity in Thailand in 2023 with four titles, including 23:23, the adaptation of Korean fantasy investigation series Signal and game show I Can See Your Voice Thailand season seven.

I Can See Your Voice Thailand S7 was part of the seven game show titles in the formats count for Thailand in 2023. Others were three cookingrelated formats, one reality show and one singing format.

2023 BY GENRE: Game shows were the dominant formats genre in Asia in 2023, with higher-value scripted/drama series second at a 21% share of the total. Game shows ended the year with a share of 27% (47 titles), mostly from Fremantle. Together, game shows, drama and singing-based formats accounted for 65% (112) of the 173 titles in Asia in 2023.

The 16 Fremantle titles included the Indonesian version of Game Zone on GTV; multiple versions/seasons of Family Feud in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Mongolia and Thailand; and I Love My Country Vietnam S1 commissioned by Dong Tay Promotion. Scripted/drama formats were second by volume with 37 titles, followed by singingrelated formats with 28 titles.


Source: Distributors/rights holders, titles/seasons either on air or commissioned in January-December 2023 by broadcasters/platforms/ companies in 18 countries in Asia. Note: All distributors and formats rights holders were given equal opportunity to participate. Data as of March 2024

contentasia april 2024 18 formatsoutlook
3.5% Talent
Drama 21% Cooking 8% Reality 10% Singing 16%
Game shows 27%

2023 BY DISTRIBUTOR: Fremantle’s titles took the lead in our formats count for 2023, accounting for 31 out of the total 173 titles, representing 18%. Banijay Rights ended the year with 30 titles (17%).

Indonesia and the Philippines were Fremantle’s strongest formats markets in 2023, each with six titles commissioned/on air, including game show Hole In The Wall, which premiered on RCTI in 2007 and moved to GTV in 2009 and in 2023, after 14 years, was returned back to RCTI.

India was Banijay’s strongest formats market, with 11 titles commissioned/on air, including multiple versions of the Big Brother format in FY 2023.

ITV Studios accounted for 20 titles (12%), including three commissioned in Mongolia, three in Nepal and three in Vietnam.

These included the local remakes of The Voice Kids Mongolia S1 and The Voice Mongolia S4, both commissioned by Mongol TV; as well as the Nepalese versions of The Voice Kids Nepal S2, and two seasons of The Voice of Nepal (S5 and S6), commissioned by Himalaya TV.

LOOKING TO 2024, format co-developments between Asian and international creators driving activity – again. This follows years of high-profile collaboration announcements, the bulk of which slipped quietly into nowheresville.

Hope springs eternal though.

Japanese free-TV broadcaster TBS and global indie All3Media International kick off their first format development partnership at Mip TV this month with Lovers or Liars?, a co-development with All3Media-owned North One Productions. The partnership pairs the homes of global brands such as Gogglebox (All3Media) and Takeshi’s Castle (TBS).

The unscripted show revolves around celebrity panellists who must try to identify the real (married) couple from among the couples that meet for the first time that day. The Lovers or Liars?

19 Talent
Saturday Night Live Korea, Coupang Play/NBCUniversal
Fashion/ beauty
Music 0.6%
NBCU’s Second Chance, remake of Spanishlanguage Latin drama El Cuerpo del Deseo

pilot premiered on TBS in Japan on 23 March.

The All3Media/TBS agreement, which has been in the works for about two years, is part of the U.K.-based company’s drive to grow and diversify its formats line-up and to represent more Asian content, All3Media International’s formats EVP, Nick Smith, said in the run-up to Mip TV.

For Japan’s TBS, the studio entertainment show is part of a strategy to co-develop new entertainment formats for the international market.

All3Media International will distribute the co-developed titles, with its APAC office in Singapore leading sales across Asia (ex-Japan).

The Lovers or Liars? initiative comes about three months after All3Media and Indonesia’s Falcon Pictures said three scripted series – Two Brothers Pictures’ Cheat and Liar and Synchronicity’s The Cry – were being adapted for Indonesia. This is the first collaboration between the two companies, and All3Media International’s first scripted formats in Indonesia. Platforms have not yet been announced.

Elsewhere, Asian originals are making their way onto global formats catalogues.

In February this year, Warner Bros International Television Production (WBITV) announced the acquisition of Taiwan’s Portico Media/GagaOOlala LGBTQ+ series, Boys Like Boys, for its worldwide formats catalogue. The dating series is WBITV’s first gay relationship format, and gives Portico Media/GagaOOLala’s original creation an international berth along with The Bachelor, First Dates and FBoy Island WBITV launched the format, which eschews manufactured drama and traditional eliminations in favour of “real reactions to real situations”, to the international market during the London Screenings.

A question that will be answered by the end of the year is the impact Warner Bros Discovery’s (WBD) new Max streaming platform may have on the region’s formats environment. The platform is scheduled to roll out

in Asia in the fourth quarter of this year, WBD’s CEO/president of global streaming and games, J.B. Perrette, confirmed during Series Mania in Lille in March.

WBD’s early efforts in the space including The Bachelor Indonesia, which was originally planned for Max in Asia but, in the absence of a launch date, aired on HBO/HBO Go in February 2023 instead. The show has not been renewed. There’s also no renewal in sight for MarkKim + Chef, the Thai adaptation of Warner’s Selena + Chef Other disappointments in the region include an end to Project Runway Thailand after one season on JKN18. Production on a second season was supposed to have started in February 2023, but never happened. Season one aired on the Thai digital terrestrial channel and on YouTube in May 2022.


Prime Video’s decision to scrap original production in Southeast Asia also put an end to hopes for local adaptations of the Comedy Island format, which were produced in 2023 for Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines.


contentasia april 2024 20 Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Sri Lanka Photo credit: Stein Studios / MTV Channel / Sony Pictures Television India
8% Malaysia
21 Cambodia 3% Vietnam 15% Indonesia Mongolia 12% Malaysia 7% It Takes 2 Vietnam season seven, Vietcom Entertainment/ITV Studios Philippines 6% Myanmar 2% Japan 5% Sri Lanka 2% Hong Kong 1% Thank God You’re Here Mongolia season two, Edu TV/Fremantle China 3% Source: Distributors/rights holders, titles/seasons either on air or commissioned in Jan-Dec 2023 by broadcasters/platforms/companies in 18 countries in Asia. Note: All distributors and formats rights holders were given equal opportunity to participate. Data as of March 2024 Nepal 2% Korea 2% Bangladesh 1% Singapore 1%

Gods truths

Matchbox Pictures’ House of Gods for Australia’s ABC has been described as Succession in a mosque. What the creators really wanted, first and foremost, was a universal family drama filled with love, hate, conflict, power struggles, rivalry, unforgettable characters and conversation-starter issues... that happens to play out around a mosque.

A few days before winning Series Mania’ Best Actor Award for his role in Matchbox Pictures’ House of Gods for Australia’s ABC, Palestinian actor Kamel El Basha said he cried after the Zoom call with the show’s Australian creator, writer and lead actor, Osamah Sami.

He hadn’t even read the script yet.

“Osamah was talking about the story… Iraq, Iran, being in prison… and after I finished my call, I started crying. I would cry for a long, long period. I felt that this is a very important story, that I’m in front of something that is big, something that I always wanted to do, about Muslim communities to be broadcast not only in Arab countries, but also abroad,” El Basha says.

Then he read the script, described by some as Succession in a mosque, but in reality was in the works before Succession attained blockbuster status.

Directed by Fadia Abboud, House of Gods is, according to the publicity material, “a tale of faith, family, secrets and lies [that] takes audiences behind the walls of an imam’s family and the community he leads, exploring the personal cost of power and ambition”.

El Basha’s character, Sheikh Mohammed, is a progressive and charis-

matic cleric standing for election to the top position at the Messenger mosque in western Sydney. His rival is conservative hardliner Seyyed Shaaker (played by Simon Elrahi).

Sami, known for his roles in Ali’s Wedding and Shayda, stars as Sheikh Mohammed’s adopted son, Isa, who has a firm eye on status and power as his father’s right hand and does the wrong thing for what he sees as the right reasons. When Sheikh Mohammed appoints his eldest daughter Batul, played by Maia Abbas (Savage River), as his vice president, Isa finds himself resorting to desperate measures with potentially dire consequences. Safia Arain (Pieces of Her) plays second daughter, Hind, an aspiring fashion designer.

“I felt… this is a big fish that I must grab with my feet,” El Basha said in an interview in the French town of Lille the day after the first two episodes of House of Gods premiered in Series Mania’s International Competition.

“My understanding of Islam is very, very close to Sheikh Mohammed’s understanding,” he said. “It’s a religion that gathers people that makes them come together. It’s about love. It’s about compassion. It’s about unity. It’s about understanding each other, understanding differences.”

For him, perhaps. Not everyone agrees with everything that made its

contentasia april 2024 22
Osamah Sami and Kamel El Basha

way into the TV series. There’s a scene, for instance, where Sheikh Mohammed wins the election, and his jubilant supporters at the mosque break out in dance.

In his review for U.K newspaper The Guardian, Mostafa Rachwani criticised the dance scene as “something that would be considered obscene in any mosque”. While no one in Lille on the day after the premiere mentions Rachwani by name, House of Gods’ creators clearly don’t agree with him. The notion that dancing is banned in mosques is “not real”, says co-creator and co-writer, Shahin Shafaei (A Dying King: The Shah of Iran).

“I think the worst reaction was reading somebody saying that you don’t dance in a mosque. You don’t get happy in the mosque, but that’s not real. Especially in a Shia Iraqi mosque. They celebrate… and everybody dances, they are that kind of culture,” Shafaei says in response to a question about the worst reaction to the series, which premiered on ABC TV in Australia on 25 February.

If there was much back and forth about commitment to authentic characters and storyline during the six-plus years of development, at the end of the day the production team highlights House of Gods as a drama – not a documentary – about the relationship between siblings and their father.

“All of them want attention, they have that rivalry, love for each other, hate for each other,” Shafaei says. “For us, to tell that family story was the most important thing. And then based on that, we got to tell the bigger stories in the community,” he adds.

Abbas, also in Lille for Series Mania, says “each character shows their love in different ways... Batul’s unwavering love for her father, faith, and

My father once told me, ‘The same way the world needs doctors to heal the body, it needs storytellers to heal the soul’. I pray that he’s watching down with a warm soul.”
Osamah Sami, Co-creator, writer, actor, House of Gods

community is what I love and resonate with the most,” she says.

Batul, who we find out early in the series is taking a break from a rocky marriage in Iraq, “comes across as tenacious and perhaps feisty, but that is her unique expression of love. I think that when we see female Muslim characters as assertive, there is a tendency to cast them in negative light, but I see that as her reclaiming her agency,” Abbas says.

Sami would be delighted if audiences walked away with a “little piece” of the drama that they could keep with them, “part of whichever family member they related to most… and on a different level for it to be a conversation starter… as a drama but also what it means on a society level”.

“If you see the show and you think ‘I’ve done things like that’, or ‘I felt like that’ or ‘my sister’s like that, or my brother’s like that, or my dad’s like that’. That’s a big win for us,” he says.

Executive producer, Sheila Jayadev, points to the universal ambitions of the drama, embedded in the choice of the plural ‘Gods’ in the name rather than the singular ‘God’ – another discussion point in Lille about how people use the word to refer to everyone/thing from deities and sports heroes to money.

Sami as Isa
Priscilla Doueihy (left) and Maia Abbas
Batul comes across as tenacious and perhaps feisty, but that is her unique expression of love. I think that when we see female Muslim characters as assertive, there is a tendency to cast them in negative light, but I see that as her reclaiming her agency.”
Maia Abbas, actress

“I’m fascinated by the idea of all the various religious Gods also being invoked in that, because that comes down to the universality of the series… because of what it says to be living in a diasporic community hanging on to your culture, navigating your path, balancing different cultures,” she says.

Others on the team add to the discussion on the name. How you use the word and the concept is related to language and culture, El Basha adds. “There’s so much discussion about it,” Abbas says. And it’s all good. Shafaei says the series’ ability to generate conversation is his favourite response so far. The best for him was when a Pakistani journalist from a Muslim newspaper in Australia told Sami that she had to pause episode one to have a discussion with her father about the on-screen kiss that caused the fictional Sheikh Mohammed so much trouble.

“She said it was haram and could not happen, and her dad said it was alright. They spent 30 minutes debating, and then her father turns around and says, ‘you remember the match in such and such a year when Australia won and this Aussie woman next to me turned around just hugged me. Nothing happened. It was in the spirit of the moment’. And then she goes: ‘You never told us that’. Discussions like that are just gold, based on issues and stories that we have put forward,” Shafaei says.

Much of the series’ confidence in how it portrays its characters and their issues comes from Sami’s real-life experiences as the son of a leading Melbourne cleric, who was the inspiration for Sheikh Mohammed. “Osamah has the lived experience,” Shafaei says.

Sami totally owns his right to tell this story, as part of the community and also from “inside our heart”. “We’re not looking at these characters from above,” he says.

From 1995, when Sami was 12, to 2013, his father headed up a community that would attract 1,000 people to Friday prayers. “Just watching him take calls at night, during the day… He was their counsellor, therapist, teacher, guardian. He was their father, their coach… there were all the different initiatives he started – a theatre group, a soccer team, a women-only pool day, lots of different services…you need strong leaders to be able to implement these,” Sami says.

“The mosque became more than a mosque. It became a hub where we gathered and we were able to express ourselves,” he adds.

El Basha cuts in: “It became a mosque”.

“Yeah,” Sami nods, in clear deference to his on-screen father.

Everything about the series is a deliberate invitation, into the mosque, into the characters’ homes, their backyards, “an invitation to come into an experience in a way that they haven’t seen before”, says Jayadev, who also produced Sami’s 2017 movie, Ali’s Wedding

Sami highlights an up-close-and-personal involvement with the characters in House of Gods. There’s no stepping back, no observing from afar, he says, repeating his comments from the stage the previous evening following the packed screening.

“Our people, our community have been talked about in media, we’re talked about on the streets, in newspaper headlines. But we’re not heard from, we’re not given a voice, we’re not listened to,” he says.

Shafaei and Sami set about changing this with House of Gods.

Shafaei describes Sami’s father – a head cleric in Australia from 1995 to 2013, when he died – as a “very open minded progressive, a very gentle human being”.

“He would go against all the stereotypes… even for me as a Muslim… an Iranian, who was raised in a very religious setting. So having the pleasure of sitting in his sermons and singing in the mosque in Melbourne and knowing him… we had always spoken about how great it would be to tell his story,” Shafaei says.

And then they did, although it’s clear they didn’t anticipate it taking more than six years.

Today, Sami talks about what he thinks/hopes his father might say about his latest work: “My father once told me, ‘The same way the world needs doctors to heal the body, it needs storytellers to heal the soul’. I pray that he’s watching down with a warm soul”.

productioninterview contentasia april 2024 24
Maia Abbas and Priscilla Doueihy


Syndication & Licensing 2024

Asia’s definitive media content and services directory C NTENT

A+E Media Group

235 E 45th Street, New York NY 10017 U.S.

Who’s Who...

Steve MacDonald President, Global Content Sales & International

Patrick Vien Group Managing

Director, International

John Flanagan Senior Vice President & Managing Director, Japan

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Glen Hansen Senior Vice President, Head of International Content Distribution, Asia Pacific & Canada

Amreet Chahal Director, Content Distribution, Asia Pacific

Asia focus in 2024

Our focus will always be to provide top quality content to all buyers across the region. We have more than 750 hours of new factual and scripted series, formats and TV movies coming through just from our Fall 2023 Catalogue. Notable Examples include The Unbelievable with Dan Aykroyd, which delves into some of the most bizarre stories from human history, and American Godfathers: Five Families, telling the story of the US mafia families through the 20th Century.

We will also be focusing on adapting our global format sensation Alone, which continues to captivate audiences worldwide. Our diverse content range puts us in a good position to meet the electric content needs across the buying community in Asia.”

Amreet Chahal, Director, Content Distribution, Asia Pacific

A+E Media Group is a global content-creation company boasting a thriving international co-production division with scripted and factual projects in all stages of production, a burgeoning formats business, and a massive pipeline of content coming from its US brands; all of which are in constant creation of original TV Movies, mega franchises, and docuseries. A+E’s pipeline reaches global audiences via its fully owned-and-operated channels across Asia, its channel partners around the world, and on every major platform and streamer.


Scripted, Factual Entertainment, Documentaries, Docu-Dramas, Crime, Lifestyle, Movies and Formats

Top shows are…

The Unbelievable with Dan Aykroyd Watch Trailer

Dig up the weirdest people, places, objects, and events in human history. Take cover from Boston’s Great Molasses Flood of 1919, where 2.3 million gallons of syrup demolished a neighborhood. Try not to squirm with the tonsil guillotine, an 1800s medical instrument used to self-administer tonsillectomies. And marvel at FDR’s WW2 plan to use bats to bomb Japan. Episodes/length: Season 1: 10x1 hour

History’s Greatest Heists with Pierce Brosnan Watch Trailer

The legendary actor puts viewers side by side with audacious criminals, uncovering the meticulous planning, daring execution, and shocking aftermath behind some of the most elaborate heists in history – including New York’s notorious Lufthansa heist, the Gardner Museum art theft, and more. Episodes/length: Season 1: 8x1 hour

History’s Greatest Escapes with Morgan Freeman Watch Trailer

Prisons are designed to keep the bad guys on the inside. But for some captive geniuses, incarceration was just another safe to crack. Hosted by Morgan Freeman, star of The Shawshank Redemption – one of the greatest prison-break movies of all time – this series profiles history’s greatest escape masterminds and their plans, from inspiration to execution through to the harrowing manhunts that followed. Episodes/length: Season 2: 8x1 hour

Customer Wars

When it comes to consumer culture, no one is closer to the front lines than our customer service workers. In this illuminating and sometimes shocking series, you’ll see just how badly people behave – from public freak-outs to making extreme demands – and how deftly these heroic workers handle whatever comes their way. Episodes/length: Season 2: 22x1½ hour

American Godfathers: The Five Families with Michael Imperioli Narrated and executive produced by Michael Imperioli (The White Lotus). For decades, five families that comprised the American Mafia – Genovese, Gambino, Bonnano, Colombo, and Lucchese – ruled New York City. This documentary special covers the Mob’s explosive and violent growth in the 1920s up through its golden age of domination in the 1970s and 1980s, and its ultimate downfall. Based on Five Families, a New York Times bestseller. Episodes/length: 3x2 hours

26 contentasia april 2024 2 C NTENT ASIA
American Godfathers: The Five Families with Michael Imperioli Customer Wars The Unbelievable with Dan Aykroyd History’s Greatest Heists with Pierce Brosnan History’s Greatest Escapes with Morgan Freeman.

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Asia focus in 2024

Our priority this year is to break the mold, so to speak, and prove that Filipino content can cross borders beyond the current exposure on neighboring countries’ traditional TV networks and OTT platforms targeting similar demographics as we do back home. It is for this goal that we are investing in re-imagining our TV dramas to be able to present buyers with a compressed, faster-paced non-linear version of select dramas (20x45 mins) that viewers who prefer to watch shorter dramas can enjoy. While we cater to the mass audience here, we are also deliberately moving towards the production of content that can cater to upper market demographics, with a foreign audience in mind, such as projects like crime series The Bagman.”

ABS–CBN Corporation is a Philippine-based media and entertainment company. It is primarily involved in content creation and production for television, online and over-the-top platforms, cable, satellite, cinema, events, and online radio for domestic and international markets.


We have everything from romance/romcom and family dramas to revenge, action, mystery and crime, in both long form (40 episodes and above) and short form (6-8 eps for mini series, 20 eps for premium cut of TV dramas). We also offer movies, lifestyle and music content aside from dramas.

Original production/ co-production

We have recently released on TV our successful infidelity drama Linlang aka Deceit which was first launched on Prime Video last year as a 14-episode premium cut drama. The story follows ex-boxer Victor who finds a suspicious message on his wife’s phone and faces a challenge he never saw coming. As he investigates, he discovers there is more at play than just a cheating spouse. The drama topped the viewing charts of the platform. During and until after the run of the show, social media was abuzz with viewers’ overwhelming hatred for the female lead who cheated on her spouse with her brother-in-law. Now, we are treating our TV viewers to the same intense emotional journey with the extended TV cut. We also continue to partner with VIU in delivering Filipino adaptations of beloved Kdrama IPs to fans, Filipino and foreign. Last year, we co-produced Flower of Evil (based on the format created by Jeong-hui Ryu and produced by Studio Dragon Corporation and CJ ENM Co., Ltd). This summer, we are proud to jointly present the Philippine version of romcom What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim, also from CJ ENM Co., Ltd.

Top shows are…

Can’t Buy Me Love Watch Trailer

When a young man gets caught up in a deadly plot against a rich woman, he pays a devastating cost to free her – creating a debt that binds them together. (2023-2024) Episodes/length: approx. 70x45 mins / 20x45 mins for the compressed version

Senior High Watch Trailer

A student’s death causes a scandal at the prestigious Northford High. Investigations conclude it was a suicide. The victim’s twin sister thinks otherwise. As she searches for truth, she will unravel secrets that are far more shocking and dangerous. (2023-2024) Episodes/ length: approx. 40x45 mins / 20x45 mins for the compressed version

Unbreak My Heart Watch Trailer

Rose’s search for her daughter brings her to Europe where she meets Renz, a much younger, reckless fellow Filipino in Switzerland who would help her in her search. Having the same longing for love and affection, they fall in love with each other. But after failing to reconcile with her daughter, Rose disappears from Renz’s life. Rose’s departure breaks Renz’s heart, but not for long as he meets Alex, a young, feisty woman in Milan. Broken by the people they love; they find love in each other’s arms. But by some twist of fate, Alex’s mom turns out to be Rose. Destiny seems to have played a joke on them. But has Renz really moved on from Rose, or does he still love her? What if the love that made you whole… will also be the love that will break you apart? (2023) Episodes/length: 40x45 mins

Programming: Syndication & Licensing 27 3 C NTENT ASIA Programming: Syndication & Licensing
Pia Laurel, Head, ISD and Partnerships Wincess Lee Laarni Yu

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All3Media International is one of the leading independent distributors of television programming and formats in the UK. As the distribution arm of All3Media Group, All3Media International manages a distribution catalogue spanning more than 30,000 hours of content across all genres.


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Thanks to the 40+ production companies within the All3Media group and our collaboration with third party producers, we’ve got an impressive, extensive catalogue of content that caters to our clients requirements, covering premium dramas and documentaries, lifestyle shows, wildlife series, scripted formats, entertainment formats- and more.

Original production/co-production

We’re excited for the launch of the first-of-its-kind reality format, Primal Media’s The Underdog, launching in the UK this March and coming soon to the US.

Additionally Future Food Stars Australia, featuring Gordon Ramsay launches soon on Nine, following second seasons returning to FOX in the US and BBC in the UK.

On the scripted side we have close to 30 prime time drama series for 2024. In addition to new series of The Tourist and Trigger Point, our slate features anticipated titles such as Joan, an exhilarating, emotional drama about a notorious jewel thief starring Sophie Turner; Ben Wheatley’s Generation Z, a high octane and darkly comic series that boldly satirizes our very strange times; and Protection, a tautly written new thriller that delves into the morally complex world of witness protection.

Asia focus in 2024

2023 was our strongest year to date and we are excited to continue this growth in 2024. Our focus in the Asia region centers on cultivating strategic alliances and harnessing indigenous insights to steer impactful content strategies. We are committed to collaborating on compelling content that resonates with both regional and global audiences, leveraging the collective strengths of the all3media group to empower our local partners.”

The consistent upward trajectory in local production over recent years is poised to continue, with a collective drive among local partners, production companies, platforms, and channels to deliver larger-scale and more innovative content offerings.

Parallel to this growth is the increased demand for partnerships to bolster the expansion of local content. This entails fostering collaborations at local, regional, and international levels for the creation, adaptation, co-commissioning, distribution, and financing of such content.

Sabrina Duguet, EVP Asia Pacific Top shows are…


Joan is an exhilarating, emotional drama, starring Sophie Turner as notorious jewel thief Joan Hannington. Driven by her desire to care for her daughter and create a secure home for them both, Joan uses her sharp intelligence, charm, and talent for impersonation and performance, as the series follows the compelling twists and turns that challenge her every limit.


In a fiercely competitive market landscape, the imperative for our partners is to enhance audience engagement through heightened interactivity and platform diversity. Establishing a strong brand identity around flagship titles becomes pivotal for fostering fan base retention, thereby contributing to revenue diversification.”

A landmark natural history series from the genre leading producer Silverback Films, available for presale. Parenthood explores the extreme lengths some animals go to to ensure the survival of their offspring. From Orcas teaching their offspring to hunt Blue Whales, to Orangutan showing their young to make their beds, the latest technology capture never-before-seen behaviours, to reveal the joy and drama of animal parenthood in a rapidly changing world.

The Traitors Watch Trailer

With over 25 adaptations, IDTV’s psychological reality gameshow is a global format phenomenon. Treachery and deceit are the name of the game as contestants come together in grand surroundings to complete a series of challenges and earn a cash prize. The catch? A number of contestants are The Traitors, who will have to eliminate their ‘Faithful’ fellow contestants without being found out and steal the prize money for themselves.

28 contentasia april 2024 4 C NTENT ASIA
Parenthood The Traitors Joan


20th Floor, Lotus Grandeur

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Trends & Outlook 2024

Asian stories are very much a cultural phenomenon now with themes that resonate extremely well with viewers. Asian dramas, in particular those from Korea and China, entice and engage viewers, leading to more demand. Not only do they have a loyal viewer base in Asia but are also widely loved across the world. We have seen the meteoric rise of Korean content and what we termed as the ‘Korean wave’ does not seem to recede.

• Given the slowing economies and therefore the business implications, there is an increased dependency on sponsors and monetisation opportunities before projects are greenlit. Programming decisions are now a combination of creative considerations and budgets. Understandably given the high stakes involved.

• Most of Asia has a younger demographic. With that audience share increasing, it also means that we must supply content to appeal to their shorter attention span. Short form content is on the rise and will be a focus for TV and streaming services. The trend of making our content slate adaptable for a cross-platform strategy will remain important. A piece of content must be relevant to TV, social media and an OTT audience in its different renditions.”

Media and entertainment powerhouse Banijay is home to over 130 production companies across 21 territories and distributes a catalogue of over 180,000 hours of original standout programming.


Banijay Rights is the global distribution arm of media and content powerhouse Banijay, with over 180,000 hours of multi-genre content including drama, reality, entertainment, factual and kids. We are the market leaders in format distribution with super brands including MasterChef, Big Brother, Survivor, Lego Masters that can be localised across Asian territories.

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In 2024 Pinoy Big Brother should return for a record-breaking 11th season in the Philippines. We are also looking at expanding the MasterChef footprint. First and Last is powering through in Thailand for a seventh season and we have a lot more exciting developments across Asia which will be announced in due course.

Top shows are…

On Finished Tape keep an eye out for the sequel to the multiple-award winning Wolf Hall – Wolf Hall: The Mirror and the Light – which is based on Hilary Mantel’s acclaimed novel. Wolf Hall won the BAFTA Award for Best Drama Series and the Golden Globe Award for Best Miniseries amongst others. The stellar cast includes Damien Lewis and Mark Rylance, while Claire Foy features heavily in the first series. The series is a Playground and Company Pictures co-production for the BBC and Masterpiece PBS.

We also have a new 6x1 hour returning series called The Hardacres – a rags to riches period drama based on CL Skelton’s best-selling novels, The Hardacre Saga. Playground also produces, in association with Screen Ireland, Red Berry Productions, Newgrange Pictures and Banijay Rights, for Channel 5 in the UK.

In unscripted, we have Channel Ten’s ratings sweetener MasterChef Australia Dessert Masters returning for a second season. It was the number one show of the day for under 50’s and number one entertainment programme of the night for 16-39s.

We are also happy to introduce our newest format Deal or No Deal Island which is an exciting version of our cult classic gameshow. The slew of formats for 2024 also includes a hilarious format called Upside Down that’s turning entertainment on its head and a travel reality thriller called Rush.

Asia focus in 2024

I believe this is the time to respond to the market’s demand for local stories so our aim is to continue to develop some of our scripted formats into compelling local adaptations. We have an enviably large catalogue and the operational agility to service our clients well.

“2024 will also be a bridge year where we recalibrate our projections vis a vis the market conditions. There’s no doubt it will be a challenging year as we observe the rationalisation of production budgets due to the slashing of advertising spends. It will be a year of taking a good hard look at the business landscape and our erstwhile business plans will need to be flexible to cope and find new opportunities to fill the gap.”

Programming: Syndication & Licensing 29 5 C NTENT ASIA Programming: Syndication & Licensing
Deal or No Deal Island MasterChef Australia Dessert Masters Wolf Hall: The Mirror and the Light Rashmi Bajpai Pertash Koul

Bangkok Broadcasting & T.V. Co., Ltd. (BBTV Channel 7HD)

998/1 Phaholyothin Road

Chomphon, Chatuchak

Bangkok 10900, Thailand

T: +66 2495 7777





Who’s who...

Pattanapong Nuphan

Managing Director

Nichamon Puavilai (Toey)

Assistant Division Head

Acquisition and Right Management


Nutchada Kosumsawas (Gift)

Senior Head of Right Management

Right Management Section


Asia focus in 2024

BBTV Ch7HD is committed to enhancing our content and technologies to provide highquality programmes and expand our reach to a broader audience in Asia and beyond. Our main focus remains on producing toptier content and showcasing Thai soft power on the global stage. We’re strengthening collaborations with international partners to elevate storytelling creativity and create more opportunities for our actors. On the technological front, we’re expanding our Bugaboo application into E-commerce, offering a diverse range of products for a convenient and secure shopping experience.

Pattanapong Nuphan, Managing Director

Bangkok Broadcasting & T.V. Co., Ltd. (BBTV Channel 7HD) has been a pioneer of broadcasting and a leader in entertainment industry in Thailand since 1967. Through its platforms – both TV and online (Bugaboo) – BBTV delivers premium content, including Thai dramas, news, variety shows and sporting programmes. BBTV’s drama series, featuring top-rated stars, has not only captivated a nationwide audience but has also been distributed and gained popularity internationally. BBTV also boasts experience in producing major sporting events alongside professional partners.


Thai dramas in various genres, including drama, romantic, comedy, action, mystery, fantasy and period.

Trends & Outlook 2024

Online trends are still growing strong, especially in three aspects: online media, social media and digital technology. Online media is becoming the audiences’ media of choice, leading to a surge in content creation, and traditional media are adjusting themselves to attract the fragmented audience. Social media also plays an important role. It does not only fosters the golden era of user-generated content but also cultivates the “shoppertainment” experience. At the same time, we’ll be seeing more transformation of the entertainment industry with the help of digital technology such as AI and VR.”

Pattanapong Nuphan, Managing Director

Top shows are…

The Deception Game (Leh Rai Game Luang)

Watch Trailer

The friendship between two renowned actresses, Patchanin (Varitthisa) and Ingdao (Tussaneeya), takes a dark turn when Ingdao suffers an accident resulting in the loss of her secret pregnancy. Patchanin’s father coerces Ingdao into relinquishing her leading role to Patchanin by threatening to expose this news. Nursing her resentment, Ingdao bides her time to exact revenge. Unaware of her father’s actions, Patchanin is baffled by Ingdao’s sudden change in behaviour and relentless efforts to undermine her. However, Patchanin refuses to be a passive victim. Thus, begins The Deception Game Genre: Drama. Episodes/length: 24x1 commercial hour. Cast: Varitthisa Limthammahisorn, Tuassaneeya Karnsomnut, Phattharapon Dejpongwaranon.

Game of Love (Fai Nam Karng)

Watch Trailer

Plubpla (Mookda) is a beautiful & strong woman dedicated to supporting her family through hard work, excluding any involvement in selling her body. When she encounters Peem (Yotsawat), a wealthy billionaire, he mistakenly believes she’s attempting to seduce him for financial gain. Plubpla secures a job at his company, but Peem misunderstands her intentions, suspecting her of harbouring feelings for his father. Peem and his father’s relationship is fragile due to his mother’s disappearance, prompting Peem to embark on a scheme to make Plubpla develop feelings for him. Genre: Romance. Episodes/length: 34x1 commercial hour. Cast: Yotsawat Tawapee, Mookda Narinrak.

Love and Scandal (Leh Mayura) Watch


Urajawasri (Hana) enjoys a seemingly flawless life with her boyfriend, Rames (Kitkong), until her cousin, Intuorn (Anna), arrives with a heart full of vengeance. Falsely believing that Urajawasri’s family played a role in her mother’s demise, Intuorn spreads malicious rumors while feigning innocence. However, Urajawasri is far from naive and sees through Intuorn’s facade. Will their conflict be resolved, or is there a hidden mastermind orchestrating their misunderstandings from behind the scenes? Genre: Drama. Episodes/length: 34x1 commercial hour. Cast: Kitkong Khamkrith, Hana Lewis, Anna Glucks.

30 contentasia april 2024 6 C NTENT ASIA
Nichamon Puavilai (Toey) Nutchada Kosumsawas (Gift)

Boat Rocker Studios

310 King Street East

Toronto, Ontario

Canada, M5A 1K6

T: +1 416 591 0065



Asia: 17/F, Millennium City 3

370 Kwun Tong Road

Kwun Tong, Kowloon

Hong Kong

T: +852 3759 1676

Who’s who...

Henry Or SVP, Strategic Partnerships Asia


Fabien Ching

Senior Manager, Global Sales & Licensing, Asia


Trends & focus in 2024

It was a changing world in 2023, and we will continue to see changes in the media landscape, TV viewing habits and consumption values across platforms in 2024. We are seeing an increased demand for Asian content even for the global streamers in this region, and as a distributor of English content, we need to be more specific with our offering to fill the identified gap. As part of our business expansion in 2023, Boat Rocker ventured into scripted format licensing with titles we owned, as well as 3rd party IP. In 2024, Boat Rocker will continue to focus on our format business and, utilizing our expertise in the region, seek out hidden format gems from producers/studios without Asia presence and guide their ‘format asianisation’. We are likely to see lesser projects being commissioned in this current environment, but we will see higher-quality ones being greenlit. Boat Rocker has recently invested in premium feature documentaries like War Game, which recently had its world premiere at the 2024 Sundance Film Festival.”

Henry Or SVP, Strategic Partnerships, Asia

Boat Rocker (TSX: BRMI) is the home for creative visionaries. An independent, integrated global entertainment company, Boat Rocker’s purpose is to tell stories and build iconic brands across all genres and mediums. With offices around the world, Boat Rocker’s creative and commercial capabilities include Scripted, Unscripted, and Kids & Family television production, distribution, brand & franchise management, a world-class animation studio, and talent management through Untitled Entertainment. For more information, please visit


Scripted, Factual, Kids & Family (live action and animation), Feature Documentary.

Top shows are…

Orphan Black: Echoes Watch Trailer

Resilient nomad, Lucy (Kristen Ritter), woke up two years ago in a strange room with no memory. With no clue of who she is or where she came from, she’s been running ever since. That is, until her past finally catches up with her and she’s faced with the reality that she was created in a lab and those who had a hand in making her want her dead. Set in the world of the landmark series Orphan Black, Orphan Black: Echoes explores the scientific manipulation of human existence. It follows a group of women as they weave their way into each other’s lives and embark on a thrilling journey, unravelling the mystery of their identity and uncovering a gripping story of love and betrayal. Genre: Scripted Drama. Episodes/ length: 10x60 mins

War Game

Watch Trailer

A bipartisan group of U.S. defense, intelligence, and elected policymakers spanning five presidential administrations participate in an unscripted role-play exercise in which they confront a political coup backed by rogue members of the U.S. military, in the wake of a contested presidential election. Genre: Feature Documentary

Dino Ranch

Watch Trailer

Dino Ranch follows the action packed adventures of the Cassidy family as they tackle life in a fantastical, ‘prewestoric’ setting where dinosaurs still roam. As the young ranchers Jon, Min and Miguel learn the ropes alongside their dinosaur best friends, they discover the exciting adventure involved in ranch life, and tending to the dinosaur sanctuary whilst navigating their ultimate playground - the great outdoors. Genre: Kids & Family, Comedy/Adventure/Pre-School Episodes/Length: S1: 52x11 mins; S2: 52x11 mins; S3: 52x11 mins (new)

Programming: Syndication & Licensing 31 7 C NTENT ASIA Programming: Syndication & Licensing
Orphan Black: Echoes Dino Ranch War Game

Cineflix Rights

Cineflix London Office

First Floor, 275 Grays Inn Road

London, WC1X 8QB, U.K.

T: +44(0)20 3179 5050






Who’s Who...

Chris Bluett

SVP, Sales, Asia Pacific and Benelux


Tom Misselbrook

SVP, Scripted Sales and Development


Trends & Outlook 2024

Contemporary thrillers, crime-based dramas are familiar genres that continue to be leading drivers for scripted across Asia. AVOD will continue its growth across the region, offering lower-price factual content options for consumers cutting back on subscription services. Locallybased content including adaptations of international formats is also in demand, with multiple discussions ongoing about our social experiment format Tempting Fortune.”

Chris Bluett, SVP Sales, SVP, Sales, Asia Pacific and Benelux

Cineflix Rights is the UK’s largest, truly independent TV content distributor to broadcasters and streamers worldwide with a catalogue of premium scripted series and movies as well as must-watch, returning factual programming from some of the world’s most creative producers. Established in 2002, Cineflix Rights is based in London, and is part of the Cineflix Media group of companies.


The Cineflix Rights slate is built on premium drama series and movies from around the world alongside a lineup of unscripted shows from a wide range of genres, covering science, history and wildlife through to lifestyle, property, and formats.

Top shows are…

Château DIY follows courageous owners as they tackle monumental renovation projects and transform worn-yet-wonderful castles across France. From first-time buyers to seasoned homeowners with grand expansion plans, each episode serves up extreme highs, devastating lows, and jaw-dropping reveals. Genre: Lifestyle. Episodes/length: 209x60 mins (7 seasons)

Tempting Fortune is a bold new format for the age of instant gratification. Twelve strangers are dropped in the heart of a remote wilderness with an epic cash prize awaiting them. All they have to do is reach the finish line some 18-days of trekking away – without spending the money on tantalising, enticing and exorbitantly priced temptations! Genre: Factual Entertainment Format. Episodes/length: Format and 6x60 mins developed and produced by Voltage TV for Channel 4, UK and Roku, North America.

Last King of The Cross is inspired by John Ibrahim’s best-selling autobiography charting his rise from a poverty-stricken immigrant to Australia’s most infamous nightclub mogul in Sydney’s Kings Cross. Season Two delves deeper into a seductive and dangerous world as John expands his empire during the ecstasy-fuelled 2000s. Genre: Crime Drama. Episodes/length: 18x60 mins (2 seasons)

Based on Elizabeth Macneal’s best-selling novel, The Doll Factory is a gripping suspense thriller, told through a sharp, modern, and uniquely female gaze, and a searing story of love, art, freedom – and what happens when a woman dares to take what she wants in a world that would rather kill her than let her have it. Genre: Thriller. Episodes/length: 6x60 mins

Late Bloomer is a coming-of-age comedy following turban-wearing millennial content creator Jasmeet Dutta struggling to find his place in life while balancing Eastern roots with Western ideals. Genre: Dramatic Comedy. Episodes/length: 8x30 mins

Asia focus in 2024

Cineflix Rights has a stronger than ever slate of compelling new and returning dramas and movies, together with multiple seasons of long-running factual brands for buyers across the region who want fresh content as well as more of the hit shows their viewers know and love.”

Tom Misselbrook, SVP, Scripted Sales and Development

32 contentasia april 2024 8 C NTENT ASIA
Chris Bluett Tom Misselbrook Château DIY Tempting Fortune Last King of The Cross The Doll Factory Late Bloomer
18 X 60’ (2 SEASONS)

FremantleMedia Asia Pte Ltd

3 Fusionopolis Way

Symbiosis, #06-21 Singapore 138633



fremantlehq company/fremantle

Screening Room

Who’s Who...

Haryaty Rahman

EVP Distribution Asia, International


T: +65 6307 7232

Kit Yow

VP Distribution Asia, International E:

T: +65 6307 7235

Trends & Outlook 2024

• More demand for local, regional and mainstream international finished content to supplement streamers’ territory focused original content commissions.

• New windowing strategies for originals as more platforms/ partners come together to finance a project.

• Further enhancement in the use of AI (artificial intelligence) across all facets of our content business to support production, postpro, selling, marketing, content curation and analysis etc.”

Haryaty Rahman, EVP Distribution Asia, International

Fremantle is a leading global distributor, creator and producer of some of the world’s most successful content across Entertainment, Drama & Film, and Documentaries. Amplifying local stories on a global scale, Fremantle produces and delivers premium, multigenre IP across the 27 territories it operates in. Fremantle is a proudly independent group of content creators, and home to some of the biggest entertainment formats, compelling international dramas, award-winning films and high-quality documentaries.


Across Asia, Fremantle distributes formats and finished content in all genres –Entertainment, Drama, Comedy, Documentary and Lifestyle.


Family Feud continues to be the gift that keeps on giving with all our Asian licensees renewing the format into 2024 and beyond. As it stands currently, we have local territory versions actively running in Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Mongolia. In 2024, we’re also working on exciting plans to bring our big entertainment formats like Got Talent and Idol into new territories/ platforms and also debut spinoff versions. Scripted formats is yet another space we want to make a mark on. We’re pursuing a few active conversations at the moment and hope to share more details on these projects soon.

Asia focus in 2024

We will continue to be laser focused on how best to support and thrive on fulfilling our existing and new partners’ needs and this goes beyond just licensing them great content. We are also actively spearheading conversations with various entities to put together meaningful partnerships for our format shows in particular. We want to able to open up new ways of getting our content seen and made across Asia.”

Haryaty Rahman, EVP Distribution, Asia, International

Top shows are...

The Listeners

A provocative psychological thriller about a mother who is tormented by a sound it seems no-one else can hear. Isolated from her family, she forms an unlikely bond with one of her students and is drawn towards a strange community who can also hear The Hum. Enigmatic, provocative, and haunting, The Listeners explores the seduction of the wild and unknown, the human search for the transcendent, the rise of conspiracy culture in the West, and the desire for community and connection in increasingly fraught times. Episodes/length: 6x1 hour


A propulsive new real-time thriller for the BBC, where an overnight train from Glasgow to London is taken over by a mysterious hacker, trapping 12 passengers on board, hurtling towards destruction. Combining classic mystery, high velocity action and breathtaking twists, this real-time thriller will have viewers on the edge of their seats as the runaway sleeper speeds headlong towards its final destination. Episodes/length: 6x1 hour

A Brief History of the Future

This radical and uplifting new six-part PBS documentary series acts as an inspiring counterpoint to the often-dystopian view of our future. Traveling across the USA, Spain, UK, Japan, India, Morocco, Canada and the Bahamas, the series explores science, technologies and new ways of thinking, discovering everything from floating cities, human made foods and restoring coral reefs, demonstrating opportunities to reshape our hopes, our planet and our futures for the better.

Episodes/length: 6x1 hour

34 contentasia april 2024 11 C NTENT ASIA Programming: Syndication & Licensing
A Brief History of the Future
Haryaty Rahman Kit Yow The Listeners


Rua Evandro Carlos De Andrade, 160 - Vila Cordeiro - Sao Paulo Sp 04583115 – Brazil

The largest communications company in Latin America, Globo brings together free TV, pay TV channels and digital products and services, such as Globoplay, the largest Brazilian streaming platform. Globo speaks to around 130 million people every week in Brazil. Present in the international market since 1973, Globo’s content has reached more than 160 territories and has been dubbed into 70 languages. Recognized for its technical quality, Globo has more than 90 International Emmy nominations, having won 18 times.


Telenovelas, series, documentaries and formats (managed directly by Globo).

Distribution mandate

W: globodistribution company/globointernationaldistribution

Who’s who...

Angela Colla Head of International Business and Coproductions – Globo

Fabio Mauro Content Distribution & Partnerships – Globo

Alexandre Bac Managing Director

Asia-Pacific – THEMA

Eileen Low Affiliate Sales Manager –THEMA

Trends & Outlook 2024

The industry is undergoing a major transformation and it is clear that productions will need to be increasingly assertive in relation to production costs and expectations. There is no longer so much room for risky bets, so players are becoming increasingly conscientious in their investments. Furthermore, international partnerships will become more frequent, making the ‘travelability’ of the titles produced even greater and more efficient.”

Asia focus in 2024

Globo closed a distribution mandate agreement with THEMA, a Canal+ company. As of January 2024, THEMA handles Globo’s titles distribution across the region, bringing its success stories to new audiences. Among the premium content that will land on the continent are drama classics, new releases and Globoplay Originals, which are part of the Brazilian company’s varied portfolio.

Top shows are…

The Others Watch Trailer

Two neighbouring couples are shocked after their teenage children fight, with absurd consequences. What could be a common misunderstanding grows and reveals the limits and influence of parents in raising children. A modern series on how far the lack of dialogue can take people. Genre: Series.

Episodes/length: 12x45 mins

The End Watch Trailer

The End chronicles the passing of time in friendships and romances. The story is told through the memories of five friends who have enjoyed the pleasures of youth in Rio de Janeiro, from the glamorous 1960s to the colorful 1980s. The five get together at the funeral of the most beloved of them, in the early 1990s. The End is based on the best-selling novel by award-winning actress and writer Fernanda Torres. The author herself adapted the novel for television, diving into profound issues such as aging and death, always with Torres’ own celebrated brand of elegant, witty humor. The cast features a number of award-winning, household Brazilian actors. Genre: Series.

Episodes/length: 10x45 mins

Asia is a strategic territory for Globo and for 2024 we want to expand our presence on the continent with new partnerships to take our content even further. Whether with ready-made product agreements through Thema or with the sale of scripted formats directly by Globo, we believe in the strength and universality of our stories.Even with cultural differences, we have products of different genres and formats that can generate connection with different audiences.”

Fabio Mauro - Content Distribution & Partnerships

Land of Desire Watch Trailer

When her husband is killed in a land grab attempt, Aline takes charge of cultivating his land and protecting his family. Facing the powerful Antonio La Selva, responsible for the death of her husband and the largest landowner in the region, Aline is determined to keep possession of the land and invest in its production. However, she didn’t expect to fall in love with Daniel, son of her rival, who is at odds with his rebellious half-brother, Caio, who, in turn, also falls in love with her. Aline will have to fight two battles: the dispute for her land and the dispute for her heart. Genre: Telenovela.

Episodes/length: 120x60 mins

Programming: Syndication & Licensing 35 12 C NTENT ASIA
The End Land of Desire The Others Angela Colla Fabio Mauro Alexandre Bac Eileen Low

GMA Network Inc.

T: +632 8333 76 33 to 34


GMA Network, Inc., the Philippines’ leading media company, is the primary source of Filipino content worldwide. Through its Worldwide division, GMA content is distributed to over 40 countries on five continents. Its variety of programmes entertains and inspires viewers worldwide. GMA Worldwide has licensed over 100 titles around the globe and continues to reach more and more viewers around the world via programme syndication.

W: @gmaworldwidediv

Who’s who...

Rochella Ann Salvador

Officer-in-Charge and Senior Sales Manager

GMA Worldwide Division


MaryJoe Pascua

Sales Specialists, Worldwide Division


Reena Garingan

Business Development and Strategic Content Partnerships


Trends & Outlook 2024

In recent years, Asia has seen several trends in syndication, distribution, and over-the-top (OTT) programming for TV shows. Here are the top industry trends we forecast for Asia:

• Partnerships and CoProductions: To enhance content libraries and reach wider audiences, OTT platforms will continue forging partnerships and co-productions with regional production houses and broadcasters to produce exclusive content.

• Rise of Live Streaming: Live streaming of TV shows and events has become increasingly popular. With on-demand services, viewers may catch up on missed broadcasts or access live material in real-time, offering more flexibility and convenience.

• Multiplatform Distribution: Fast channels are expanding their reach through multiplatform distribution strategies, making content accessible across a variety of channels and devices.”

Rochella Ann Salvador, Officer-InCharge and Senior Sales Manager, GMA Network, Worldwide Division

GMA Network showcases its top-rated programmes, featuring a diverse array of captivating narratives. Among these is Hands on the Dream, a medical drama and one of GMA’s longest-running series. It chronicles the journey of a young genius with a humble background who graduated from medical school at the age of 19 and became the youngest surgical resident in a major hospital.

Black Rider is an action drama. A young man’s family falls victim to a ruthless syndicate, leaving him as the sole survivor and sparking his unyielding quest for justice. Embracing the ancient martial art of Kali, he metamorphoses into the Black Rider, a beacon of hope in a city plagued by corruption and lawlessness.

Rounding up the lineup is Beautiful Revenge, a tale of betrayal and transformation. This romance drama series tells of a simple woman who inherits enormous wealth from her estranged father. She falls in love with a popular athlete only to find out he is only after her money. Brokenhearted and betrayed, she undergoes plastic surgery and assumes a new identity to take revenge on her ex-boyfriend.

Asia focus in 2024

As the primary source of Filipino content worldwide, GMA Network is steadfast in its commitment to producing top-notch and cutting-edge programmes that transcend cultural boundaries and resonate with audiences worldwide.”

Rochella Ann Salvador, Officer-In-Charge and Senior Sales Manager, GMA Network, Worldwide Division

Top shows are…

Black Rider Watch Trailer

After surviving a tragic incident, Elias becomes the Black Rider to seek justice for his family’s demise brought by the notorious Golden Scorpion syndicate. Genre: Action, Drama (2023). Episodes/length: 95x45 mins

Hands on the Dream 1 and 2 Watch Trailer

A genius with a humble background graduated from medical school at 19 and became the youngest surgical resident in a large hospital.

Genre: Medical Drama (2022).

Episodes/length: Book 1: 82x45 mins; Book 2: 92x45 mins

Beautiful Revenge Watch Trailer

Once simple and kind, Gigi undergoes a remarkable transformation into the beautiful and successful Greta, driven by a desire for revenge against those who betrayed her. Genre: Drama, Comedy (2023). Episodes/length: 50x45 mins

36 contentasia april 2024 13 C NTENT ASIA Programming: Syndication & Licensing
Reena Garingan MaryJoe Pascua

Kanal D International Demirören Medya Center

100. Yıl Mah. 2264 Sok. No:1 34218

Bağcılar, Istanbul, Turkey


Kanal D International is the global business arm of Kanal D, the leading TV channel of the Turkish broadcasting world. Operating under Europe’s leading media organization, Demirören Media Group, Kanal D has been creating quality content for the past twenty-eight years.

Accompanied by Kanal D International Networks brand, Kanal D International has grown within the content world to reach the end-user since 2018. The distribution arm of the company continues its activities under Kanal D International, and Kanal D International Networks is the business line that holds all linear assets.


Romantic comedies have become our strongest genre in Asia, but overall, classical strong dramas remain our core business in the region. For the past 2 years, remakes have become a new point of interest, and vice versa, as we adapt content from the region.

Top shows are…

W: company/kanal-d-international kanaldinternational

Who’s who...

Yasemin Keskin

Sales Manager, Asia and Pacific


Selahattin Tosun

Digital and Linear Channel Sales Manager


Özen Yenice Aslan

Marketing and Operation Manager


Elif Tatoğlu

Distribution Strategy & Sales Director


Asia focus in 2024

Our goal is to present our latest titles to Asian buyers, including Secret of Pearls, Betrayals, Daylight, A Father’s Promise, Farewell Letter, and Love and Hope, along with our big hit Three Sisters, which starts Season 3 in September. We are also very interested in co-production opportunities with our Asian partners. Turkish content has become mainstream in some Asian markets, and we hope more and more partners will fall into the Turkish drama fever.


A Father’s Promise Watch Trailer

In 1980, Mustafa, a struggling factory worker, faces financial hardship while trying to save his wife’s life. Rejected by his boss, he flees, leaving his daughter with a wealthy family. With the help of a caring housekeeper, Mustafa infiltrates the family to be near his daughter, leading to a romance with the housekeeper. Together, they uncover the family’s dark intentions towards his daughter, setting off a perilous journey filled with love, sacrifice, and resilience. PASTEL

Secret of Pearls Watch Trailer

Azem, who has a happy life with his wife and two children, is a literature teacher loved by his students. His life changes completely in a single night as he goes to prison for killing his wife. However the reality is different, his little daughter accidentally causes her mother’s death, and Azem takes the blame to protect her. Azem, who has spent several years between four walls, has only one goal when he gets out of prison: To find his children and to sit on a dinner table with them again. But this will not be easy at all. When he was imprisoned, his children were taken under state protection and from there they were adopted by different families. When he gets out of prison, he spends the first night in a nasty hotel which he would normally never choose. This is where he will cross paths with Dilber who is one of the hotel’s regular customers. BKM

Daylight Watch Trailer

All summer long, Gece dreams about going to University and playing music with her boyfriend, Emir, in Istanbul. But her plans are suddenly postponed when her family decides to leave the city and move to Foça, because of her sister, Gülce, who suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome and is struggling with the crowd and wilderness of Istanbul. In Foça, Gece meets Özgür, a handsome instructor at the surf club.

Özgür has devoted his life to his brother Rüzgar, who also suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome, made worse after losing their parents in a brutal fire. As Gece and Özgür grow closer, Gece learns to perceive life from a more mature standpoint, while Özgür realises that life is too short and should not be postponed. The unexpected arrival of Emir to Foça triggers new obstacles in Gece’s Life. Will she dare to go after true love? Daylight is a youth drama that will warm your heart. D MEDIA

Programming: Syndication & Licensing 37 13 C NTENT ASIA Programming: Syndication & Licensing
Yasemin Keskin Selahattin Tosun Özen Yenice Aslan Elif Tatoğlu
A Father ’s Promise In 1980 Mustafa a struggling factory worker faces financial hardsh p wh le trying to save h s wife s ife Re ected by h s boss he flees eaving his daughter w th a wea thy fami y W th the he p of a caring housekeeper Mustafa infiltrates the fami y to be near h s daughter lead ng to a romance with the housekeeper Together they uncover the fam ly s dark intent ons towards h s daughter sett ng off a per lous ourney fi led with love sacrifice and resi ience Trai er: https://vimeo com/920448479?share copy

Inter Medya

Istanbloom, Kore Sehitleri Cad. 16/1 34394 Zincirlikuyu Istanbul, Turkey

T: +90 212 231 01 02

Inter Medya is a dynamic Turkish media powerhouse founded in 1992. From being a film distribution company operating within the domestic market, we have grown into an international entity distributing content in over 160 countries. Our products range from TV series, telenovelas to reality and game shows. As part of our ongoing expansion, we have ventured into production, with our own production department launching in 2019. Today, we stand not just as a successful content distributor but also as a powerful business developer and consultant with significant experience in the industry.


Series, Mini-Series, Feature films, Formats, Action-War, Horror, Thriller, Period Dramas, Romantic Comedies

Original Production/Co-Production

W: company/itv-inter-medya/mycompany intermedyatv InterMedya_ inter_medya

Who’s who...

Can Okan Founder and CEO Hasret Özcan President

Pelin Koray Senior Sales, Acquisition and Strategy Manager

Zeynep Balto Sales Executive

Can Okan Hasret Özcan

As Inter Medya, we founded a production department in 2019 parallel to our distribution business, and continue to implement bold and successful projects. In 2022, we established ourselves as pioneers in co-productions across LATAM and the U.S. Hispanic market, collaborating with renowned companies to deliver content for diverse audiences.


Sayara – A revenge story which will crush your heart, break your bones and scratch your eyes out.

Comme Il Faut – A rigged boxing match that goes wrong and connects the fates of three unaccomplished men.

Behzat C. – Disgraced cop Behzat Ç. returns to the fray after his nemesis targets his friends, embarking on a journey with his quirky allies.

Respect – Ercüment Çözer’s sociopathic crusade against disrespect spirals into a deadly chain of events.


Blue Cage – Telemundo Global Studios (U.S. Hispanic) & Inter Medya & O3 Medya

Ali rescues amnesiac Defne during a storm and brings her to his father-in-law’s hotel, leading to a tumultuous blend of secrets, love, and confrontations with Defne’s past swindler life involving Ozan.

Leylifer – Caracol Television (Colombia) & Inter Medya & Alim Yapım

Meryem’s quest to uncover her husband Kemal’s killer in Istanbul leads her from tragedy to unexpected love with Aziz, amidst navigating a new life and reclaiming her identity.

Aşk ve Gurur – MGE (Chile) & Inter Medya & Yeşil Yapım

Facing financial ruin, the Köksoylars consider marrying eldest daughter Mercan to wealthy heir Tolga as a rescue plan, but amidst mutual attraction and conflicts, Tolga’s attention shifts to sister Gül, revealing his own financial desperation mirrors theirs.

Asia focus in 2024

We will definetely continue to add new titles and new genres to our catalogue, we are very much willing to engage in new business models with our partners worldwide, and continue to produce and distribute more and more exclusive content in 2024. Our primary focus is to enter into new territories with strong titles and ensure that the popularity of Turkish content increases in the region.”

Pelin Koray, Senior Sales, Acquisition and Strategy Manager

Top shows are…

Tuzak Watch Trailer

Three siblings, scarred by a broken past, unite for revenge. Their target: a wealthy family harboring dark secrets. But hidden identities and conflicting loyalties threaten their plan. Umut, disguised as a lawyer, finds himself falling for Güneş, the daughter of their intended target. As love and vengeance clash, truth unravels, forcing everyone to choose a side. Who will win this twisted game of betrayal? Genre: Drama (2022-2023). Episodes/length: 82x45 mins

38 contentasia april 2024 14 C NTENT ASIA
Pelin Koray Zeynep Balto

Naked Watch Trailer

Eylül lives with her grandmother and earns her living by escorting. All she wants is to save enough money, move to Wales and start a new life there. One night, she is invited to a bachelor party of a group of friends who find her on Instagram. Eylül falls in love with the groom Cem, who is counting the days to marry his classy girlfriend. Cem is also attracted to Eylül. After that night, Cem and Eylül’s lives begin to collide with one another. Genre: Drama, Erotic.

Episodes/length: S1: 8x20 mins; S2: 8x19 mins. Available in HD

The Ivy Watch Trailer

Ezgi’s seemingly perfect life with her husband, Kerem, takes a dark turn when a stranger claims Kerem wants to kill her. As Ezgi grapples with trust, she forms an unlikely bond with newcomer Arzu, who inadvertently sparks chaos in their housing complex. Friendships crumble, and dark truths emerge, culminating in Arzu’s murder. The police investigation unveils a tangled web of deception, secret affairs, and lies within the community, where no one is who they seem.

Genre: Drama, Crime, Mystery. Episodes/length: 16x60 mins

Hamlet Watch Trailer

An unforgettable tale mirroring Shakespeare’s eternal drama Hamlet, with Hamlet as a woman. The night 81 horses are mass buried in Istanbul Buyukada, Ahmet, the owner of the horses, is murdered. The killer is his brother Kadir, who wants to keep Ahmet’s money for himself and pretends his brother died in a horse accident. But Ahmet’s daughter Hazar is unconvinced and - acting insane - enacts a plan to reveal her father’s real murderer. Reality and the dreams become intertwined, and the truth comes to light. Genre: Drama. Episodes/length: 7X45 mins

The Trusted Watch Trailer

Ex-soldier Marashli runs a bookstore to care for his sick daughter. When he saves photographer Mahur from danger, their lives intertwine. Now as Mahur’s bodyguard, he uncovers dark family secrets and falls for her, but their romance faces a twist when Mahur discovers his true identity. Genre: Drama. Episodes/ length: 74X45 mins

Aziz Watch Trailer

Wealthy Aziz flees Antakya after killing a French official. He returns two years later to find his life in ruins - his possessions gone, his love engaged to another. In this changed world, Aziz fights for survival and love, encountering a new woman named Efnan. Through personal struggles and emotional turmoil, he rediscovers himself and finds true love. Genre: Drama. Episodes/length: 91x45 mins

One of our main industry objectives is to partner with more countries and engage in more deals in Asia. We hope to license more drama series specifically in Southeast Asia, where this genre is in high demand. Turkish Dramas hold strong appeal for the region. This year, we see a growing interest from India, where we licensed both long running dramas such as Aziz and Last Summer (Son Yaz) and mini series, such as Life is Today (Hayat Bugün) and Dreams and Realities (Hayaller Hayatlar).

We also foresee an increased interest in mini series, especially across VOD platforms in Asia, and we’ve already seen incredible success in India, Thailand, Taiwan and Vietnam This year we’ve extended our catalogue and acquired more than 10 new titles streaming on local VODs in Turkey. With titles such as Hamlet (where the main character is a woman) and overall edgier stories and less episodes than traditional dramas, this collection shows tremendous potential for Asia.

Lastly, our production arm recently released two new films with strong prospects for Asia. One is a slasher genre horror movie, Saraya. With the high interest for horror movies from Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, India and Bangladesh, this title already shows sales potential. The other feature film we produced is Dengler (Comme Il Faut), an actioncrime drama movie about a young amateur boxer, a rigged match, and the death of his brother Ali.”

Programming: Syndication & Licensing 39 15 C NTENT ASIA Programming: Syndication & Licensing Trends & Outlook 2024

Content & Commercial


Prima Television Networks

Primeworks Studios

Sri Pentas, No.3 Persiaran Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Malaysia


Who’s who...

Kevin Foo Chuan Yee

Chief Operating Officer

Content, Commercial and Channel Business

Media Prima Television Networks


Trends & Outlook 2024

In 2024, we foresee three major industry trends in Asia: the importance of localised high-quality content for streaming platforms in their targeted regions; the interdependence of linear channels, social content creators, and streaming platforms in content viewing in this competitive and diversified market; and an increase in cross-region co-production opportunities to enhance IP market value and content impact.”

Asia focus in 2024

Our priority is to position ourselves as the premier destination for top-notch local content across various genres such as drama series, movies, and more, aligning with market demands. Additionally, we recognise the significance of integrating AI to enhance our technological capabilities and processes, ultimately improving our ecosystem across various industry facets.”

Kevin Foo, Content & Commercial Media Prima Television Networks

Media Prima Berhad stands as Malaysia’s preeminent integrated media entity, encompassing a diverse array of media-centric ventures spanning television, print, radio, out-of-home advertising, content creation, commerce, and digital media. Within its TV division, Media Prima Television Networks commands Malaysia’s most prominent FTA channels: TV3, 8TV, ntv7, and TV9, alongside streaming platform tonton, and content production titan & purveyor of premium programming, Primeworks Studios.

Media Prima Television Networks’ Primeworks Studios champions a dual programming mandate: delivering fully-integrated content solutions and curating top-tier Asian narratives for global audiences. By spotlighting unexplored tales from Asia and customising content for specific markets, Primeworks Studios cultivates collaboration among international producers. Amidst an increasingly interconnected landscape, the Primeworks Studios team remains proactive, continually aligning with emerging entertainment trends to engage and enthral audiences.


Malay and Chinese content in various genres, including drama, movies, variety shows, travelogue, lifestyle, talk shows and kids programming.

Top shows are…

Wanita Syurga (Women of Heaven)

Watch Trailer

Ardini sacrifices her career to be a devoted wife in a happy family with husband Amar and their two children, Wana and Warith. However, their joy is shattered by a third party, leading to divorce and Ardini’s near-loss of custody of Wana and Warith. With backing from her mother-in-law, Puan Faizah, Ardini resolves to divorce Amar due to his neglect of responsibilities. Will Ardini find justice without sacrificing her remaining happiness? Cast: Redza Rosli, Siti Khadijah, Riena Diana, Marissa Yasmin. Genre: Drama (love, family, relationship). Episodes/Length: 35x42 mins

Boleh Saya Bantu (Can I Help You?)

Watch Trailer

Behind the scenes at a hotel, employees Nasar, Farida, Hayza, Rashid, and Almya handle hilarious guest antics. Pak Kodi, the ever-eager security guard, offers advice and solutions, resolving quarrels and mishaps, including a husband’s secret honeymoon with a second wife and the complaints of a wealthy diva. Each episode brings laughter and unique stories under the roof of this hotel. Life and misadventures for this group of employees are never dull! Cast: Andi Bernadee, Riena Diana, Mark Adam. Genre: Drama (comedy). Episodes/Length: 13x42 mins

Lelaki Itu (That Man)

Watch Trailer

Syed Mirza weds Sharifah Qaidah, a wealthy woman, and they have three daughters. Qaidah’s control diminishes Syed Mirza’s authority. Secretly, he marries Sarina and Irsa Imani, each bearing him a son. Conflicts arise upon Syed Mirza’s sudden death as his heirs, unknown to Qaidah, demand their inheritance. Dark secrets, including scandals and greed, surface, causing an unexpected upheaval in the family and leaving behind Syed Mirza’s tarnished legacy. Genre: Drama (family, conflict, love). Episodes/Length: 30x42 mins

40 contentasia april 2024 16 C NTENT ASIA

MQ Worldwide

Cignal TV, Inc. Launchpad Building, Reliance cor. Sheridan Sts., Mandaluyong, Philippines 1550

WhatsApp/Viber: +63 920 968 8843

W: https://mqworldwide.mediaquest.

Who’s who...

Jeffrey H. Remigio Vice President, Head of Content Management, Acquisition and Distribution


Aileen G. Samson AVP, Head of Syndication and Affiliate Sales


T: +63 920 968 8843

Melissa M. Regala Business Development Manager


Jeffrey H. Remigio

Aileen G. Samson

MQ Worldwide is the source of award-winning, innovative, and engaging stories from the Philippine that resonate with various audiences globally. From TV series, feature-length films, and programmes, we produce awesome original content through MQuest Ventures, Cignal and TV5, in partnership with TVJ Productions, Viva Communications, and APT Entertainment.


Drama, Action, Comedy, Horror, Lifestyle, Films, Narrative and Format programmes

Top shows are…

Like Father, Like Son Watch Trailer

Jimmy Boy, a retired boxer and Dos’ father, is diagnosed with Stage 3 cancer. This hinders Dos from pursuing his dream of becoming a professional boxer himself. Jimmy Boy is then arrested for a crime he did not commit. Despite the support of Dos’ family and friends, he makes the ultimate sacrifice.

Main Cast: Aga Muhlach, Elijah Canlas, Maris Racal. Produced by: Antoinette Jadaone, Dan Villegas. Directed by: Geo Lomuntad. Episodes/length: 65x30 mins

What About Tomorrow Watch Trailer

The MediaQuest Group is equipped with a full range of platforms that includes traditional TV, DTH, and OTT. We look to continue producing awesome content across all platforms that appeals not just to Filipinos, but to the global audience as well.

Amidst an ever-evolving media landscape, MQ Worldwide recognizes that the Philippines will always remain a rich source of formidable storytellers and artists. With the recent success of Gomburza across local and international audiences, we look forward to further showcasing Filipino creative talent with Padyak Princess, Lumuhod Ka Sa Lupa , and Da Pers Family.”

Jeffrey H. Remigio, Vice President, Head of Content Management, Acquisition and Distribution Asia focus in 2024

Love, Hope and Joy are estranged sisters struggling to overcome the pain of a long-kept family secret. Now living in different parts of the Philippines, they must return to their family home and face their past after receiving a call from their mother, Faith. Main Cast: Maricel Laxa, Beauty Gonzales, Julia Clarete. Directed by: Eric Quizon, Ricky Davao, Perci Intalan. Episodes/length: 96x30 mins

The Beloved Affair Watch Trailer

Helen and Rod were rivals in school. Their common passion for design and architecture brought them closer, and eventually, they fell in love. A true test strikes when Rod suddenly breaks up with Helen, who moves on and finds healing through Cenon. Just when Helen thought things would finally return to normal, Rod re-enters her life, determined to win her back at all costs. Main Cast: Cristine Reyes, Marco Gumabao, Cesar Montano. Directed by: Jerome Chavez Pobocan, Tots Mariscal. Episodes/ length: 65x30 mins

Programming: Syndication & Licensing 41 17 C NTENT ASIA Programming: Syndication & Licensing

NBCUniversal Global TV Distribution


Singapore (Asia HQ): 10 Collyer Quay, #20-05/10, Ocean Financial Center, Singapore 049315

T: +65 6675 1296

Japan: Atago Greenhills MORI Tower, Atago 2-5-1, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-6208 Japan

T: +81 3-6860-8967

Korea: 13th Fl. D1, D Tower, 17 Jong-ro 3-gil Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea 03155

China: Room 1903-1908, ICC Office Building 2, No. 288 South Shaanxi Road, Shanghai, China, 200031

Who’s who... SALES

Justin Che

Managing Director, Asia PacificDistribution, Networks & DTC


Rajiv Dhawn SVP, Sales Liaison, Asia


Atsushi Miyasaka SVP, Sales Liaison, Japan & Korea


Barry (Bumsun) Choi VP, Sales Liaison, Japan & Korea


Jessy Tse VP, Sales Liaison


Susan Liu Director, Sales Liaison China


Gorden Li Manager, Sales Liaison


Yuki Yoshida Sales Manager, Japan


Lynn Zhou Manager, Sales Liaison (China & Mongolia)



Linfield Ng VP, Format Sales & Production Asia

NBCUniversal Global TV Distribution is responsible for the licensing and distribution of NBCUniversal product to all forms of television and new media platforms in the U.S., Canada and 200+ territories internationally. This includes a vast and diverse content portfolio of over 6,500 feature films and 170,000 television episodes, including current and classic titles, unscripted, kids, sports, news, long-form and short-form programming from Universal Pictures, Focus Features, Universal Television, UCP, Universal International Studios, Sky Studios, Universal Television Alternative Studio, NBC Late Night properties, DreamWorks Animation, Telemundo, and more, as well as locally produced content from around the world.


We license content from all genres (i.e.: drama, comedy, unscripted, talk, kids, sports, film, telenovela/super-series, news, etc.).

Original production/co-production

NBCUniversal Formats, which is a part of Universal International Studios, a division of Universal Studio Group, is the international sales division for all scripted and unscripted formats created within the production, broadcast, and streaming divisions of NBCUniversal, Sky Studios and select third parties. NBCUniversal Formats expanded its slate of productions and formats in Asia with the relaunch of The Secret Game Show with ABC Japan and by distributing acclaimed Korean formats, My Ranking and Drive Thru-Oke, globally, alongside Spanish format 20 Little Piggy Banks throughout Asia. In 2023, Suits, That’s My Jam, and Master of Photography were also launched in Mongolia, while Second Chance debuted in Thailand. In 2024, NBCUniversal Formats will continue with the highly anticipated return of SNL Korea on Coupang Play, the seventh season of Hollywood Game Night Thailand and the sixth season of Singer Auction in Vietnam.

Top shows are…

The Americas

Narrated by two-time Academy Award® winner Tom Hanks and featuring music by two-time Oscar® winner Hans Zimmer, this incomparable project employs revolutionary filmmaking technology that will showcase the wonders, secrets and fragilities of the Americas – Earth’s largest landmass – and reveal extraordinary, untold wildlife stories.

Apples Never Fall

This suspenseful drama centers on the seemingly picture-perfect Delaney family. Former tennis coaches Stan and Joy have sold their successful tennis academy and are ready to start what should be the golden years of their lives. While they look forward to spending time with their children, everything changes when a wounded young woman knocks on their door, bringing the excitement they’ve been missing. But when Joy suddenly disappears, her children are forced to re-examine their parents’ so-called perfect marriage as their family’s darkest secrets begin to surface.

Asia focus in 2024

In 2024, our primary focus in Asia will be premium documentaries and unscripted content, such as the groundbreaking event series, The Americas. With unprecedented scale, this 11-part series will take viewers on an epic odyssey across The Americas, which is Earth’s only landmass to stretch between both poles and home to more variety of life than anywhere else on the planet. The Great Rhino Robbery is another docuseries we’re excited to share with our clients. This is a shocking tale about how a billion-dollar criminal network grew out of the demand for a single product: the rhino horn. What begins as a theft of antique rhino horns evolves into an environmental catastrophe that leaves thousands of rhinos dead on the South African plains. We’re also thrilled to launch Action. This explosive docuseries gives viewers insight into the lives of the best stunt teams working today and showcases unprecedented behind-the scenes footage of the stunt work on some of the biggest action movies, including the upcoming film The Fall Guy.”

Rajiv Dhawn, SVP, Sales Liaison, Asia

E: The Americas

The Day Of The Jackal

This thrilling 10-part drama series is a contemporary reimagining of the seminal novel and subsequent award-winning film. The series stars Academy, Tony and BAFTA awardwinner Eddie Redmayne as The Jackal, an unrivalled and highly elusive lone assassin, and Lashana Lynch as Bianca, a tenacious MI6 agent in a relentless, global pursuit to catch him.

42 contentasia april 2024 18 C NTENT ASIA
Apples Never Fall

Paramount Global Content Distribution

5555 Melrose Ave. Los Angeles

CA 90038 U.S.




Who’s who...

Jonathan Greenberg EVP Television Licensing Regional Sales, North Asia

Nicole Sinclair SVP Television Licensing, South Asia (Australia, New Zealand, SEA, India)

June Choi VP Regional Television Licensing - Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Mongolia

Teng Yong VP Television Licensing and Digital Sales, Kids Animation – China and Taiwan

Alysha Chopra Executive Director Television Licensing – SEA, India

Chris Safford Executive Director Television Licensing – SEA

Hiromichi Sato Executive Director, Television Licensing – Japan

Trista Chang Director, Television Licensing and Digital Sales – China

Joyce Smith Director, Television Licensing – Australia, New Zealand

Emily Brouggy Junior Sales Manager –Australia, New Zealand and SEA

Asia focus in 2024

Paramount Global Content Distribution is the leading distributor of premium content across multiple media platforms throughout the global marketplace. The division’s portfolio is comprised of some of the world’s most recognized brands, including feature films and television programs from Paramount Pictures, Republic Pictures, Paramount Television Studios, CBS Studios, CBS Media Ventures, CBS News, SHOWTIME Networks, Nickelodeon, MTV Entertainment Studios, Miramax and thirdparty partners. The division licenses a diverse lineup of scripted and unscripted formats for local production and international co-productions. Paramount Global Content Distribution is a division of Paramount.


Paramount Global Content Distribution licenses all genres including feature films, which includes non-theatrical releases, television series covering drama, comedy, unscripted including late night, daytime and reality competition, kids animation programming, international co-productions, factuals as well as news programing and documentaries.

Original production/co-production

Top scripted formats in India, The Good Wife (Disney+ HotStar) and Ray Donovan (Netflix India), are currently in preproduction for their second seasons. The reality format, Next Top Model, will return in both Vietnam with VTV9 and Indonesia with Net TV in the near future as well.

Trends & Outlook 2024

The demand for original new series and features plus franchise features will continue to be strong across Asia. Local content in North Asia will continue to dominate but strong Hollywood content will also continue to be in demand. In 2024, demand for Korean, Chinese and Japanese content will continue to grow outside of Asia. Pre-K animation series will continue to be strong across Mainland China on all Digital Platforms.”

Top shows are…

PAW Patrol Season 10

Season 10 of Nickelodeon and Spin Master Entertainment’s hit animated preschool series PAW Patrol follow the PAW-some pack of pups, including Chase, Marshall, Rubble, Skye, Rocky, Zuma, Everest and Tracker, on even more action-packed rescue missions and adventures – whether it’s deep in the unexplored regions of the jungle or out-of-this-world trouble in Adventure Bay.

A Quiet Place: Day One

Experience the day the world went quiet.


Paramount continues to focus on launching Paramount+ branded destinations in the region. These destinations include scripted and unscripted series and feature films from CBS, Paramount+ Originals, Showtime, Paramount Pictures and more. We recently announced deals in Philippines and India and we are planning to expand into other key markets in the region in 2024. These deals reinforce Paramount’s strategy to expand the Paramount+ brand in more ways around the world including through branded destinations in local markets through licensing deals.”

Matlock stars Emmy and Academy Award winner Kathy Bates as Madeline “Matty” Matlock, a brilliant septuagenarian who achieved success in her younger years and decides to rejoin the work force at a prestigious law firm where she uses her unassuming demeanor and wily tactics to win cases. Matlock is inspired by the classic television series of the same name.

Programming: Syndication & Licensing 43 19 C NTENT ASIA Programming: Syndication & Licensing
SVP Matlock A Quiet Place: Day One PAW Patrol Season 10

PBS International

10 Guest St., Boston, MA 02135 U.S.A.


Who’s Who...

Joe Barrett

Vice President of Global Sales


Anna Alvord

Director of Sales Operations


Trends & Outlook 2024

PBS International is the worldwide co-production and distribution arm of PBS Distribution, a leading distributor of public media content around the world, reaching audiences through multiple platforms and formats. PBS International offers the highest quality factual and children’s programming including films from Ken Burns, entertaining and educational PBS KIDS series, and award-winning documentaries from Nova, Frontline, American Experience, and many independent producers.


Factual, Science, History, Current Affairs, Lifestyle and Arts & Culture.

Top shows are…

War Machine: WWII Watch Trailer

In the Second World War, the fate of nations was decided by the strength of their arsenals. War Machine: World War II unveils the crucial link between industrial might and weaponry, revealing how factories fueled the arsenal race. The series examines nations’ organizational intricacies, weapon design, and battlefield impact, emphasizing the pivotal role of production in shaping history. Genre: History. Episodes/length: 4x60 mins

The Choice 2024

Asian buyers are looking to acquire returning series that appeal to viewers of all ages, such as Finding Your Roots Season 1-10, World’s Greatest, and Epic Train Journeys from Above. These series and our compelling slate of science, history, lifestyle, and current events programming provide buyers with a diverse selection of content to fill factual slots. Whether buyers are reaching viewers on Free TV, Pay TV, or via various VOD services, including FAST, our catalog caters to all international audiences.”

Anna Alvord, Director of Sales Operations

In November 2024, American voters will go to the polls to decide who will lead the country for the next four years. FRONTLINE’s The Choice 2024 will explore the character of the candidates by examining the formative episodes in their lives through interviews with those who know them best. An antidote to the shrill sound bites, partisan spin, and superficial coverage that have come to characterize American presidential campaigns, The Choice has earned a wide audience and a reputation for its clear, unbiased reporting. Genre: Current Affairs. Episodes/length: 1x180 mins

Asia focus in 2024

We continue to broaden our presence across Asia through various partnerships with broadcasters, streamers, and other content providers. In 2024, PBS International will offer a range of newly commissioned limited series with the potential to become a returning series. These offerings include Baby Animals: Top 10, Season 2, War Machine: WWII, and major projects from award-winning producers Ken Burns and Sarah Burns.”

Concorde: The Untold Story Watch Trailer

Go inside the race to build the first supersonic airliner between Europe’s Concorde, the Soviet TU144 and the American Boeing 2707. From the post-war jet boom to the death of the super-

sonic dream 40 years later, this is a story of engineering brilliance, international espionage and tragedy that surrounded the attempt to make the fastest airliner on earth. Also, could supersonic make a comeback? Genre: History. Episodes/length: 2x47 mins

44 contentasia april 2024 20 C NTENT ASIA

Red Arrow Studios International Medienallee 7, 85774 Unterfoehring, Germany

T: +49 89 9507 7303



Who’s Who...

Joyce Dröse Sales Manager (Asia, Africa, Nordics, Inflight)

Trends & Outlook 2024

There is an enormous appetite for premium scripted content, like hit crime series Vienna Blood, mystery drama The Gone and highconcept psychological drama Plan B, starring Patrick J Adams. Plan B is also generating interest as a scripted remake. In terms of formats, we’re seeing a demand for reboots, giving new energy to well-loved brands; and a focus on social experiments that highlight diverse stories and groups, such as the multi-award-winning Old People’s Home for 4 Year Olds which successfully launched on Mongolia’s Edu TV recently.”

Asia focus in 2024

My primary focus is on highend scripted dramas as well as our hit relationship format Married at First Sight, currently dominating Australian primetime, attracting audiences larger than its nearest competitors combined. The series has also proved a strong acquisition for many international broadcasters including Lifetime in Japan and Southeast Asia – it would be amazing to spread this success across other parts of Asia. In 2024 I am personally focusing on Japan, Korea and India, while our partnership with Bomanbridge Media will help us succeed in Southeast Asia.”

Red Arrow Studios International is a leading TV distributor of scripted, formats and factual shows from outstanding production companies, third party producers and digital content partners. With offices in Munich and London, Red Arrow Studios International coproduces and finances global entertainment, and distributes hit content to over 200 territories worldwide. Red Arrow Studios International is part of Seven. One Studios, a ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE company.


Scripted, Formats, Factual

Original production/co-production

Red Arrow Studios International is known as a destination for strong commercial entertainment with broad appeal, spanning premium returning English language dramas, impactful foreign language dramas, and innovative formats. These continue to be our top priorities, along with a selection of premium factual content.

Top shows are…

The Gone

A deftly crafted, taut, character-driven mystery drama following Irish Special Branch detective, Theo Richter, as he heads to New Zealand to help search for two young Irish tourists who have vanished without a trace. Now commissioned for a second season. Genre: Scripted Series/Drama. Producer/Broadcaster: Kingfisher Films & Blinder Films, in association with Southern Light Films for TVNZ (New Zealand) and RTÉ (Ireland). Written by Anna McPartlin, Michael Bennett. Directed by Peter Burger, Hannah Quinn. Starring Richard Flood, Acushla-Tara Kupe, Carolyn Bracken, Michelle Fairley, Wayne Hapi, Vanessa Rare, Manu Bennett, Liam Carney, Rachel Morgan. Episodes/length: 6x60 mins

Plan B Watch Trailer

A high-concept psychological drama about a man on a desperate and relentless quest to save his relationship – using time travel. Genre: Scripted Series/Drama. Producer/Broadcaster: KOTV for CBC (Canada). Written by Jean-François Asselin, Jacques Drolet, Lynne Kamm. Created by Jean-François Asselin, Jacques Drolet. Directed by Aisling Chin-Yee, Maxime Giroux, Jean-François Asselin. Starring Patrick J Adams, Karine Vanasse, François Arnaud, Josh Close. Episodes/length: 6x45 mins

Vienna Blood

A thrilling crime drama set in 1900s Vienna – a hotbed of philosophy, science and art, where a clash of cultures and ideas collide in the city’s grand cafes and opera houses. From acclaimed screenwriter Steve Thompson. Genre: Scripted Series/Drama. Producer/Broadcaster: Endor Productions and MR Film for ORF (Austria) and ZDF (Germany). Directed by Robert Dornhelm, Umut Dag. Written by Steve Thompson. Starring Matthew Beard, Juergen Maurer, Charlene McKenna, Amelia Bullmore, Conleth Hill. Episodes/length: 9x90 mins or 18x45mins (season 4 coming soon)

Programming: Syndication & Licensing 45 21 C NTENT ASIA Programming: Syndication & Licensing
The Gone Plan B Vienna Blood

Sony Pictures Entertainment

77 Robinson Road, #19-01 Robinson 77

Singapore 068896

Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) is a subsidiary of Tokyo-based Sony Group Corporation. SPE’s global operations encompass motion picture production, acquisition, and distribution; TV production, acquisition, and distribution; television networks; digital content creation and distribution; operation of studio facilities; and development of new entertainment products, services and technologies. SPE has one of the largest media footprints in APAC, with regional and local offices, including Singapore, Mumbai, Beijing, Tokyo, Seoul, Sydney, Bangkok, and Hong Kong. Sony Pictures Television also operates dozens of wholly-owned or joint-venture production companies around the world.


SPE offers a world-class selection of premium Hollywood feature films and TV series spanning various genres. This includes iconic animated series, a broad spectrum of internationally renowned scripted and reality formats, beloved Asian entertainment, and a selection of widely popular English-language series from across the globe.

W: @ SPTVInternational @ sptvintl

Who’s who...

Singapore: Adam Herr

Senior Vice President, Distribution, Asia Pacific


Beijing: Dai Huang

Senior Vice President, Distribution, Greater China


Hong Kong: Beedo Chan

Vice President, Brand & Multichannel Marketing, Asia


Mumbai: Sonika Bhasin

Vice President, Distribution, India


Seoul: Giro Doo

Vice President, Distribution, South Korea


Singapore: Eugene Lin

Vice President, Distribution, Southeast Asia


Singapore: Tim Harris

Vice President, Transactional Sales and Emerging Media, APAC


Sydney: Carolyn Ozkoseoglu

Vice President, Co-Head of Distribution, Australia & New Zealand


Sydney: Julia Salter

Vice President, Co-Head of Distribution, Australia & New Zealand


Tokyo: Iwao Saito

General Manager, Distribution, Japan


Asia focus in 2024

Original production

Sony Pictures Television (SPT) collaborates with creators, producers, and talent globally to develop and produce local formats that resonate with local audiences. Notably, the globally acclaimed business show, Shark Tank, has been adapted locally in multiple countries and celebrated its successful 5th season on Channel 7 in Thailand and launched a 3rd season in India on Sony Liv in January. Additionally, a new Chinese rendition of the iconic Hollywood film, Anaconda, debuted on YouKu and Tencent in China in March. SPT recently acquired the rights to distribute a selection of original films from Taiwan.

Trends & Outlook 2024

1. Consumers are always hungry for great content, interesting storytelling, and memorable characters, which I am proud to say we at Sony Pictures have been bringing to audiences for over 100 years – it is Columbia Pictures 100th anniversary this year!

2. Consumers are always looking for stories that resonate and because of that locally produced formats will continue to be on trend. We’re continuing to see significant demand for format remakes, both unscripted and scripted.

3. Audiences today – especially Gen Z – are fond of nostalgic content and we find that our partners are looking for classic TV series that can appeal to long-standing fans and also capture the hearts of new viewers.”

– Adam Herr, Senior Vice President, Distribution, Asia Pacific Top shows are…

Red Eye Watch Trailer

A ticking-clock thriller where a murder in Beijing sparks a larger conspiracy and hunt for the killer who is believed to be one of the passengers on board a transatlantic flight. This is the first of a franchise where lead character, Hana, investigates thrilling crimes, as a modern Die Hard meets 24. Genre: Drama. Episodes/length: 6x60 mins


Based on the globally acclaimed Italian series and the #1 rated drama on Italian television of the past 15 years, Doc – Nelle tue mani. Hard-charging Chief of Internal Medicine Amy Elias suffers a brain injury during a car accident and loses her memory of the last 8 years. Forced to re-acclimate to the present, with no recollection of her son’s death and her subsequent divorce, and bereft of the medical knowledge she’s accrued over this time, she must return to being an intern and somehow rebuild her life from the fractured pieces that remain. Genre: Drama. Episodes/length: 10x60 mins

We take pride in being one of the industry’s leading Hollywood and globally renowned studios with an extensive offering of content across every genre, that allows us to collaborate creatively with partners to help them meet the evolving demands of their consumers. Every year, we aim to enhance our development slate and commercial relationships to ensure that we’re delivering the right content to all of our partners across Asia Pacific – whether it be the latest blockbuster movie, Australian TV series, Chinese film adaptations, or critically acclaimed series from our robust library, we have something for everyone.”

The Narrow Road To The Deep North

An epic romantic war drama and a timeless love story starring GQ’s movie star of the year, Jacob Elordi Adapted from acclaimed author Richard Flanagan’s Booker-Prizewinning novel, this is a savagely beautiful landmark series investigating the many different forms of love and how they come to sustain us through the darkest of times. Genre: Drama. Episodes/length: 5x60 mins

46 contentasia april 2024 24 C NTENT ASIA

THEMA Asia Pacific

1 North Bridge Road, High Street Centre #06-02 Singapore 179094

T: +65 6250 6534


THEMA APAC Screening Room:

Who’s who...

Alexandre Bac

Managing Director Asia Pacific


Eileen Low

Affiliate Sales Manager


Asia focus in 2024

Our focus is to build a holistic partnership with platforms and content providers, providing new contents / creative proposition to the market and to distribute Asian contents to the rest of the world.”

Alexandre Bac, Managing Director Asia Pacific

Trends & Outlook 2024

THEMA, a CANAL+ Company distributes and produces pay TV channels, Fast TV channels, YouTube channels and non-linear content to cable, IPTV, DTH operators, as well as for mobile packages and OTT. THEMA is a company operating worldwide thanks to its subsidiaries abroad and to a large agents network. The company represents more than 180 TV channels and SVOD/ VOD/OTT offers covering a wide range of thematic. THEMA has built strong partnerships with major pay TV platforms in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Canada and USA/LATAM, thanks to its expertise in TV content distribution, TV packaging and marketing strategy.


THEMA offers a wide catalogue of TV Series, Telenovelas & Short Form Series with a wide range of genres such as Action, Sci-Fi, Horror, Fantasy, Historical, Romance, Thriller, Drama, Family and many more..

Top shows are…

Hellbound Village Watch Trailer

K+ | 2023

In central Vietnam, at an unknown time, a band of bandits killed a silk merchant family. They fled to the high mountains and established a village called “Hell-bound”. Only Mr. Thap’s family can descend to the foothills village to exchange food and necessities. One day, Mr. Thap had a strange dream and seek out a dream interpreter who informed him that his village was about to face a tragic calamity during Tel Holiday… Genre: Series Format. Episodes/ length: 12x40-45 mins

Vicky & the Muse Watch Trailer

Globo | 2023

In Canto Belo, a sad and abandoned neighbourhood in Rio de Janeiro, Vicky Luara lives with her family and friends. The arrival of two mysterious teachers in the region, Euterpe and Dionísio, brings back the joy of having art in their lives. Genre: Series Format. Episodes/length: 13x35 mins

Sparkle Heart Watch Trailer

Canal+ Myanmar | 2023

Focusing the events behind the cameras, the competition of jealousy, rivalry, desires between two famous celebrities, a singer and an actress will unfold the affairs and tangles along with their partners. The series will tell the real human side of celebrities living in the glamorous world. Genre: Series Format. Episodes/length: 70x26 mins

Consumption of non-mainstream contents to see a rise in Asia:

• Niche contents with powerful and compelling storylines will make a difference for platforms.

• Popularity of AVOD will keep growing in the region.

• A fierce competition among disruptive streaming platforms.”

Alexandre Bac, Managing Director Asia Pacific

Programming: Syndication & Licensing 47 23 C NTENT ASIA Programming: Syndication & Licensing

ZDF Studios GmbH

Erich-Dombrowski-Str. 1

55127 Mainz, Germany

T: +49 6131 9910

ZDF Studios (traded as ZDF Enterprises before April 1st, 2022) was founded in 1993 and is responsible for worldwide programme distribution, international co-productions, programme acquisition as well as the merchandising of strong programme brands in its own name, for broadcaster ZDF, and for third parties. Bound into a strong group of about 30 direct and indirect subsidiaries and affiliated companies, ZDF Studios manages the largest German-language programme stock worldwide and an impressive portfolio of international productions, consisting of series and miniseries, TV movies, documentaries and children’s programmes.


All kinds of genres. We have programmes ranging from romantic comedies to high-octane thrillers as well as Young Adult dramas. Our motto is that if you are looking for it, more often than not we have it.

W: zdfstudios

company/zdfstudios zdfstudiios zdfstudios zdfstudios

Who’s who...

Nikolaus Sivaloganathan Director Drama

T: +49 6131 991 1661

E: nikolaus.sivaloganathan@zdf-studios. com

Trends & Outlook 2024

The AVOD market will keep growing as cost of living remains high. People will sacrifice a few minutes of their time to save wherever they can. Appetite for international/multi-cultural content will continue to rise, giving the opportunity to not only create content together going forward but to exploit our vast library of varied content. As companies become more risk averse in their investment it might also lead to opportunities for ZDF Studios to come into exciting smaller markets and cofinance/develop content.”

Asia focus in 2024

Our primary focus will be directed precisely on those three trends above. We hope to help grow the AVOD market by providing a different type of content for FAST channels and AVOD platforms, while at the same time working with existing and new partners to develop content that resonates with a local audiences just as well as international audiences.”

Original production/co-production

We have several ongoing talks with Asian companies, especially in Japan, where we have co-produced with Fuji TV as well as Hulu Japan.

Top shows are…

Clean Sweep Watch Trailer

The award-winning Irish actress Charlene McKenna (Bloodlands, Peaky Blinders, Vienna Blood) stars in the lead role as Shelly Mohan, a housewife, mother of three, married to a Garda detective (Barry Ward, Jimmy’s Hall, Blood Cells), who kills her former partner in crime when he threatens to expose her dark past. With her unsuspecting husband hunting for the killer, Shelly must cope with pressures of the tightening noose as well as continue caring for an ailing son, her unfaithful husband and all the usual burdens of motherhood. Inspired by true events, it is a compelling and relentless story of mothering and the price paid for long-buried sins. Genre: Crime + Suspense. Episodes/length: 6x52 mins

Legacy Watch Trailer

Set in the world of investment billionaires, Legacy is a classy South African telenovela with startling storylines and a magnificent, diverse cast. It tells the story about a family at war with itself. Legacy’s conflict takes place in an upmarket investment empire, established decades ago by Sebastian Price, the patriarch of the wealthy Price family. Now he is approaching retirement and a family member will soon have to take over his position as CEO of Legacy Investments. Sebastian’s tragic death leads to a nasty power struggle within the family. The stakes are high as secrets keep unraveling, but the Prices will do everything to protect their Legacy. Genre: Love + Romance. Episodes/length: 104x45 mins

Things we Fear Watch Trailer

Will the truth come out? Seventeenyear-old Lisa and her mother Franka move to the idyllic Black Forest because Lisa is suffering from panic attacks. But on the anniversary of a school shooting at the local high school, another tragedy occurs. Genre: Drama, Crime and Suspense. Episodes/length: 6x45 mins

48 contentasia april 2024 24 C NTENT ASIA
Things we Fear Legacy Clean Sweep

ZDF Studios GmbH

Erich-Dombrowski-Str. 1

55127 Mainz, Germany

T: +49 6131 9910

ZDF Studios (traded as ZDF Enterprises before April 1st, 2022) was founded in 1993 and is responsible for worldwide programme distribution, international co-productions, programme acquisition as well as the merchandising of strong programme brands in its own name, for broadcaster ZDF, and for third parties. Bound into a strong group of about 30 direct and indirect subsidiaries and affiliated companies, ZDF Studios manages the largest German-language programme stock worldwide and an impressive portfolio of international productions, consisting of series and miniseries, TV movies, documentaries and children’s programmes.


We offer proven, internationally successful children’s and youth programmes in live-action or animation produced by world-renowned partners. You’ll find everything you need for children and youths of all ages as well as for every target group and every time slot.

Original production/co-production

W: zdfstudios company/zdfstudios zdfstudiios zdfstudios zdfstudios

Who’s who...

Christophe Goldberger Director Kids + Youth

T: +34 665 467 863


Asia focus in 2024

Space Nova – season 2, a co-production between ZDF Studios, SLR Productions from Australia and Giggle Garage from Malaysia. Season 2 which includes 15 new episodes of 24’ is delivering this spring. Season 1 was acquired by HBO Family Asia, RTV Indonesia, MediaCorp in Singapore, Huashi TV in China.

Zoom The White Dolphin – season 3: The successful IP continues to grow with a third season, reaching audiences in over 35 territories. It is produced by Media Valley and Marzipan Films with outstanding ratings in the 6 to 9 demo. In Asia, season 1 was picked up by MediaCorp Singapore, Canal+ Myanmar, and HBO Family picked up season 2.

Top shows are…

Space Nova, season 2 Watch Trailer

The year 2162 has been a blast for the space exploring Nova family, especially when they discover the first ever proof that humanity is not alone in the universe. During a routine research mission, the Novas stumble across an abandoned alien space craft trapped in a celestial butterfly. Even more incredible, this craft – made entirely out of rock – appears to be fueled by a rainbow substance that’s so powerful the alien craft escapes at speeds beyond anything they’ve ever seen. Although the Novas are unable to capture the alien rock ship, or the Star Dust that powers it, they now know for certain that an advanced, intelligent species does exist. One that is able to travel the universe in the blink of an eye. The Novas must follow the trail of clues left behind to find it! And so, the quest begins. Genre: Junior | Animation. Episodes/length: 26x24 mins (41 episodes in general)

Sam and Julia Watch Trailer

We have a lot a new content launching this year, as we are looking to broaden our collaboration with local broadcast and digital platforms. Our brand new preschool IPs Sam & Julia (78x7 mins) and cgi production Grisu (52x12 mins) lead our offering. Also building on the publishing success of Tobie Lolness (26x26 mins) in Asia, we are launching this amazing eco-themed animation series which received great reviews at the Annecy Animation Festival. We are proud to roll-out season 2 of STEM based cgi adventure Space Nova (41x24 mins) which already has a strong presence in the region, and are looking for partners for our fairytale classic Snow White and The Magic of the Dwarves.

Coming from a distant island, Julia, a cute and speedy little she-mouse, has just moved into a residential building (a.k.a “The Mouse Mansion”) where she feels a bit like a stranger. Then she meets Sam, who also lives there and is a welcoming and crafty little he-mouse. Julia’s mam is her only family. Sam, on the contrary, has a large family with a mam, a dad and a sibling group of six. Despite their differences, they soon begin to like each other very much. Sam helps his new little neighbor friend get used to her new life. The funny entertaining adventures they experience in and around The Mouse Mansion allow Julia to become ever more integrated into this new & different environment. Though sometimes she is nostalgic about the beautiful and warm island where she was born and misses, she feels more at home day after day, surrounded by her new neighbors and friends. Genre: Junior | Animation. Episodes/length: 78x7 mins

Surviving Summer Watch Trailer

Fierce and fearless Brooklyn teen Summer Torres is exiled Down Under to live with ambitious young surfer Ari Gibson and his family; she’ll spend the next couple of months falling in love with surfing, driving Ari crazy... and upending everyone’s lives. Genre: Junior | Live Action. Episodes/length: 18x25 mins

50 contentasia april 2024 26 C NTENT ASIA
Space Nova, season 2 Surviving Summer Sam and Julia
3-5 September 2024 eslite Performance Hall, Taipei Save the date Contact Malena Amzah (Asia/Australia/ME) Leah Gordon (Americas/Europe) CJ Yong (China/Taiwan)

Channels: Linear & VOD 2024

Asia’s definitive media content and services directory C NTENT

Australian Broadcasting Corporation

ABC Ultimo Centre, 700 Harris Street Ultimo NSW 2007, Australia


ABC Australia is the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s international television and digital service, available in 38 countries across Asia and the Pacific. ABC Australia aims to inform, entertain, and inspire international audiences with a uniquely Australian perspective. Our content offering includes the very best news and current affairs journalism from the ABC, live coverage of Australian sport and special events, and compelling documentary, factual and lifestyle programmes carefully selected to appeal to audiences in the Indo-Pacific region.


Who’s who...

Claire M Gorman

Head, International Services


Nesryn Bouziane

Lead, International Broadcast & Digital Services


Asia focus in 2024

In 2024, ABC Australia will continue to provide its audiences with outstanding Australian content and in particular news and current affairs from a trusted source –Australia’s pre-eminent public broadcaster. ABC Australia will also seek to increase its footprint and audience reach by further expanding its network of rebroadcast partners across Asia.”

ABC Australia is a news and factual television channel available via an extensive network of 100+ rebroadcast partners across Asia and the Pacific. Our distribution network includes the region’s largest and most prestigious media organisations. ABC Australia showcases outstanding Australian content, including trusted and independent news and current affairs from the ABC’s newsrooms and correspondents across the globe. The channel also offers live coverage of Australian sport including the AFL and iconic special events such as the Sydney New Year’s Eve fireworks and a selection of compelling Australian documentary, factual and lifestyle pro grammes. ABC Australia offers a selection of factual content in Vietnamese, Chinese and Bahasa Indonesian.

ABC Australia iview is the ABC’s unique international video on demand platform offering the best ABC news and current affairs and selected factual, documentary and lifestyle content. The service offers a live stream of the ABC News channel. ABC Australia iview is available in iOS and Android stores outside of Australia.

Target Audience

ABC Australia is aimed at English speakers (and learners!) with an interest in Australia, in particular educated regional influencers in all key markets in Asia and the Pacific. It is also designed to keep Australians living and travelling in the region in touch with their home.


ABC Australia’s schedule is comprised of approximately 75% news and current affairs programming produced in the ABC’s newsrooms. The remaining 25% provides a rich and satisfying suite of Australian content selected for its appeal to audiences in Asia and the Pacific. This 25% is comprised of content for which the ABC owns 100% of the rights. ABC Australia invests in content production every year. We also acquire content from the commercial and non-commercial production sector on a non-exclusive basis.

54 contentasia april 2024 2 C NTENT ASIA
Nesryn Bouziane Claire M Gorman Sydney New Year’s Eve fireworks

Deutsche Welle (DW)

HQ in Asia

PIK film, 30 Lorong Bukit Pantai Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

T: +60 3 2093 0866


Who’s who...

Andres Palacios-Degwitz

Head of Distribution Asia/Australia


Lee Mee Fung

Distribution & Partnership, Asia


M: +601 2277 2201

DW offers a broad spectrum of news and documentary content designed for distribution in a variety of formats, devices and platforms. DW recognises that content consumption needs to be personalised and varies across the Region. Working closely with Partners and Producers in the Region, DW offers multiple ways to collaborate with the goal to serve the audiences relevant content that resonates with them.


DW English

DW’s English-language service, known as DW English, covers a wide range of topics, including international news, politics, business, culture, and lifestyle. DW English is known for its objective journalism and in-depth reporting on global events and issues. The channel aims to provide viewers with a comprehensive understanding of world affairs and to promote cross-cultural dialogue and understanding. In addition to traditional television broadcasts, DW English also reaches its audience through online platforms, social media, and mobile applications. This multiplatform approach allows DW to engage with a broad and diverse audience around the world. Overall, DW English serves as a valuable source of information and perspective for audiences seeking international news and analysis from a German and European perspective.

Target Audience

We reach out to professionals, opinion leaders and those actively striving to understand what is happening in the world. Our Info-Seekers typically live in Urban Centres, educated and age between 18-45 years of age.

DW Premium

Regionalization continues to be the main success factor, fuelled by a vibrant ecosystem of global and local platforms hungry for high-quality local productions. Having a diversified content portfolio in terms of languages will be key for growth in the region this year. In 2024 DW’s focus will be to deliver a balanced mix of short and long form content, natively produced in Asian languages.”

DW Premium library comprises short form videos accessible to Partner VOD platforms for distribution across multiple devices. The Content range is unlimited, from daily News to Culture, Sports, Nature, Environment, Food, People, Travel, Science, DIY, Architecture, Design, Technology, Health Selected content are subtitled in Bahasa Indonesia, Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai. A new series Women’s Health in English-Tagalog is currently in production.

DW Asia Original Productions

One of DW’s most successful original production in the region is award winning series HER – Women In Asia. The series features women living in Asia – their lives, thoughts, perspectives and experiences. The fifth season is currently in production for release in Q4, 2024.

Online News

News websites may partner with DW to access DW News in text, pictures and videos. DW Online News is available daily in a variety of topics and languages including English, Bahasa Indonesia and Chinese. You may refer to the topics here:

Social Media Videos

The fastest growing content is 90-seconds

Social Media vertical videos. DW offers relevant topics that resonate with social media audiences in English, Bahasa Indonesia and Chinese languages. Partner platforms may redistribute DW’s social media videos. A new series Indonesia Fresh is currently in production.

Channels 55 3 C NTENT ASIA Channels
Mee Fung Lee Andres PalaciosDegwitz

KC Global Media Singapore Pte. Ltd.

65 Airport Boulevard, #03-37

Changi Airport Terminal 3 Singapore 819663

T: +65 6980 0210


Under the leadership of former Sony executives, Andy Kaplan and George Chien, KC Global Media Asia (KCGM Asia) is Asia’s leading entertainment hub, operating network brands including English-language general entertainment network AXN, anime channel Animax, South Korea’s ONE, Japanese entertainment channel, GEM, and its first English language general entertainment FAST (Fast Ad-Supported Streaming Television) channel, KCM. Through strategic programming, production and distribution of award-winning content, KCGM Asia paves the way for a new standard of entertainment in Asia and beyond.

Linear television channels in Asia

KCGM Asia carries five linear channels: AXN, ONE, Animax, GEM and KCM (FAST)

• AXN English-language general entertainment channel

• Animax Japanese anime channel

• ONE South Korean entertainment channel

• GEM Japanese entertainment channel

W: @KCGlobalMedia

Who’s who...

George Chien

Co-Founder, President and CEO


Andy Kaplan

Co-Founder and Chairman



Avani Bhanchawat

Vice President and Head of Revenue

E: Avani.Bhanchawat@


Denise Tham / English Content Director, Programming & Acquisition, AXN

E: English.programming@

Shuning Fu / Asian Content Director, Programming & Acquisition, ONE and GEM

E: Asian.programming@

Timothy Teo / Anime Content Manager, Programming & Acquisition, Animax


Trends & Outlook 2024

• KCM English language general entertainment FAST (Fast Ad-Supported Streaming Television) channel

Target audience

AXN curates content for a discerning audience of affluent professionals aged 25-44. Their programming leans towards action-oriented genres such as police procedurals, crime thrillers, and action movies. Animax targets a passionate community of anime and gaming enthusiasts aged 16-34. Their content offering caters specifically to this audience’s interest in animation and video games.

ONE captures a broad audience aged 16-54 interested in Korean entertainment. Their programming spans various genres including romance, comedy, family drama, entertainment and K-Pop.

GEM targets a female-skewed demographic of PMEBs (professionals, managers, executives, and businessmen) aged 15-55. This audience demonstrates a strong affinity for Japanese culture, encompassing travel, food, entertainment, and lifestyle content.

KCM appeals to a diverse regional audience aged 25-44. They focus on delivering captivating and thought-provoking content across various genres, including hit series, feature films, and factual entertainment.

Feeds for specific markets

KCGM Asia offers different feeds and language across different markets. We have a separate feed in Mandarin for Taiwan for AXN and Animax channels, while the rest of the territories are under the East Asia Feed. We also carry different subtitle languages for different markets, where we provide Bahasa Malaysia and Indonesia for ONE EA feed, and 100 hours of Burmese language for AXN EA Myanmar territory.


We see a future powered by Artificial intelligence (AI), 5G, and super apps. AI will personalize content recommendations and automate tasks, while 5G’s high speed connectivity allows seamless streaming and real-time audience interaction. As a one-stop hubs platform, super apps will integrate content discovery, messaging, and commerce. This convergence will revolutionize media consumption, demanding content to be engaging and interactive.”

Asia focus in 2024

Our key focus for 2024 is to elevate our brand presence across key markets and amplify our digital reach while working with the right partners for strategic distribution. We aim to be a valuable platform for viewers through our content and a bridge to our advertisers to reach their audiences through our innovative campaigns.”

George Chien, Co-Founder, President and CEO

KCGM Asia offers advertising opportunities and integrated marketing solutions for brands across Asia, including customised content creation, brand integration, programme sponsorship and digital activations.


KCGM Asia has partnered with various streamers for its channels and content. These include Animax South Asia feed and its FAST channel, KCM, made available on OTT platform, Amazon Prime India. Animax and GEM are channels available on Singapore Mediacorp’s MeWatch and Malaysia Media Prima’s Tonton.


KCGM Asia’s content primarily originates from the U.S., Korea, and Japan. Rights sought in 2024 include pay TV, catch-up, stacking, SVOD, and AVOD rights. Fresh content offerings in 2024 will range from 300-600 hours per channel, along with up to 500 library hours.

Local production

KCGM Asia is currently working on a couple of original productions.

56 contentasia april 2024 4 C NTENT ASIA

THEMA Asia Pacific

1 North Bridge Road, High Street Centre #06-02

Singapore 179094

T: +65 6250 6534


THEMA APAC Screening Room:

Who’s who...

Alexandre Bac

Managing Director Asia Pacific


Eileen Low

Affiliate Sales Manager


Trends & Outlook 2024

Niche channels will continue to bring alternative to platforms looking to fill thematic gaps. OTT platforms will continue to innovate, offering a hybrid of FAST, linear channels & VOD to cater to a mix of audiences.

FAST platforms will continue to rise in certain territories.”

Alexandre Bac, Managing Director Asia Pacific

THEMA, a CANAL+ Company distributes and produces pay TV channels, Fast TV channels, YouTube channels and non-linear content to cable, IPTV, DTH operators, as well as for mobile packages and OTT. THEMA is a company operating worldwide thanks to its subsidiaries abroad and to a large agents network. The company represents more than 180 TV channels and SVOD/ VOD/OTT offers covering a wide range of thematic. THEMA has built strong partnerships with major pay TV platforms in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Canada and USA/LATAM, thanks to its expertise in TV content distribution, TV packaging and marketing strategy.

Target Audience

Our portfolio addresses all age groups with multiple genres from edutainment for toddlers, music/film lovers, drama fans, adventure seekers to explorers of the world.


THEMA distributes both linear channels and on-demand offers. We provide regional feeds in Asia with subtitling options depending on territories and languages.


On top of our Pay TV channels, THEMA offers a portfolio of FAST channels in the region covering several thematics such as music, kids, movies...

Mezzo Live gives you access to the greatest international, venues from all around the world from opera houses,concert halls, festivals, dance theatres and jazz clubs.

Travelxp brings you the most compelling travel stories from around the world

ducktv animations, cartoons and miniseries bring fun and entertainment for the littlest TV viewers.

Qello Concerts by Stingray Watch the world’s largest collection of full-length concert films and music documentaries.

Stingray CMusic is a specialty television channel dedicated to classical and cinematic music videos

Stingray Music A multi-platform digital music service that brings to listeners the best music for every moment, place and mood; available on TV, mobile and the web.

Stingray Karaoke Choose from over 13 000 karaoke songs, including today’s hits and yesterday’s classics, in all genres

Stingray Naturescape a unique channel that combines beautiful, peaceful scenery filmed in 4K UHD, and sound tracks tailor

DIZI offers more than 500 hours of the best series from major Turkish producers which have reached international acclaim.

Docubox Unforgettable collection of fascinating and awardwinning documentary features, exploring the mysteries, presenting beauty of our planet, wildlife, world culture and history.

Fightbox Taste of sweat and blood for all fight lovers.

Filmbox Arthouse Classic, independent, arthouse cinema masterpieces from Europe.

Filmbox+ combines the “lean-back” and on-demand viewing experiences by providing instant access to an extensive VOD catalogue and live channels on any internet-connected device.

INULTRA The best of lifestyle and entertainment in high definition

INPLUS Lifestyle + Entertainment +Action Sports + High Definition = INPLUS

Channels 57 5 C NTENT ASIA Channels


Asia-Pacific Branch Office

Unit 704-706, 7/F, Cyberport 1 100 Cyberport Road, Pok Fu Lam Hong Kong SAR

T: +852 2989 6090






Who’s who...

Alexandre Muller Managing Director


Nicolas Bence Distribution & Business Development Manager

TV5MONDE is the world’s French-Language network, broadcasting eight dedicated General Entertainment channels (USA, Latin America, Europe, Maghreb & Middle-East, Africa, French-speaking Europe, Asia and Pacific) as well as two thematic channels (Lifestyle and Kids), to over 432 millions homes worldwide, with subtitles in 11 languages. It also offers a global AVOD service – TV5MONDEplus – on top of its specific regional offers designed to meet the needs of the local audience.

Linear Television Channels In Asia

Trends & Outlook 2024

Generative AI (Gen AI) and Large Language models (LLMs) will probably be the main trends this year, as they will be transforming and reshaping the entire media and entertainment industry. For instance, Gen AI will bring personalized content suggestions to the industry and facilitate interactive or targeted advertising. In the meantime, LLMs will facilitate the accessibility and travel of both local and international content, improving operational efficiencies for video service providers. But Gen AI will also come with its cons, with deep fake and piracy posting additional challenges to the industry and the regulators.

In the meantime, the role and importance of the traditional distribution platforms as service aggregators will be crucial. By preventing churn as they offer longer-term contracts, bundling and tailoring content recommendations to users, and controlling the billing ecosystem, video services providers and super aggregators will have a fundamental role in today’s game. They also offer a safer and more regulated environment, protecting the end users and the content providers’ integrity from deep fake and piracy.”

TV5MONDE broadcasts 3 live 24-hours channels in Asia: TV5MONDE Asie and TV5MONDE Pacifique, 2 general entertainment HD channels with a wide variety of subtitled primetime films and TV series, in-depth coverage of international news, live sports events, high-quality documentaries and magazines, kids’ programmes, game shows... TV5MONDE Asie covers Central Asia, Indian subcontinent, Greater China and Southeast Asia and comes with subtitled in English, French, Vietnamese and Russian. This channel is also provided in a SD format with burned-in English subtitles, while TV5MONDE Pacifique covers North Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands with subtitles in English, French, Japanese and Korean. TV5MONDE Style is a channel entirely dedicated to the “art of living”; The French lifestyle HD programming covers the whole AsiaPacific region with one encrypted feed with DVB subtitles in English and Korean.

Target Audience

Our channels are designed for the entire family thanks to our wide range of content. The TV5MONDE channels are also the meeting points between French culture lovers, francophones and French language learners.


TV5MONDE Asie, TV5MONDE Pacifique and TV5MONDE Style are both linear channels and available on-demand on


TV5MONDE Asia-Pacific channels are also available through a subscription-based TV service available on our local website - - and via Apps free to download on Google Play/Apple local stores. The online OTT service gives access to all three live channels, as well as two dedicated news and kids feeds and a full On Demand service. The interface is available in 4 languages (French, English, Korean, and Japanese) and offers subtitles in French, English, Vietnamese, Korean and Japanese.

Asian channels/services

TV5MONDE’s content comes from our PBS shareholders from France, Canada, Belgium, Switzerland and Monaco, as well as in-house productions and coproductions.


We offer an average of 510 hours of fresh content and less than 10% of repeat programmes monthly on TV5MONDE Asie & TV5MONDE Pacifique. TV5MONDE Style is closer to the industry standards for Pay-TV with 1 664 hours of fresh content per year.

58 contentasia april 2024 6 C NTENT ASIA
Nicolas Bence Alexandre Muller Contact:
5 September 2024 Taipei Pictures from ContentAsia Awards 2023
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