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Imagine Showcases Business Transformation Strategies IMAGINE COMMUNICATIONS INVITES ATTENDEES at IBC 2018 to visit its stand at the Amtrium, 4.A01. Industry experts will be on hand to demonstrate practical innovation and migration strategies that enable media companies to personalise the path and pace of their transition to next-generation architectures and business models. IBC attendees are invited to bring their technical, operational and business questions to Imagine experts who can share insight on key industry issues from how SMPTE ST 2110 actually works in the real world, to how value can be extracted from remnant advertising inventory, to when it makes sense to virtualise playout operations or transition content origination and distribution to a public cloud. “The end goal of an all-IP environment is now widely agreed upon across the industry, but the journey will be unique to every customer,” said Imagine CEO, Tom Cotney. “The timing and availability of capital will be different for every customer. And there are various schools of thought about when to buy into the maturity curve of new technology. Our goal is to serve our customers regardless of how the variables converge for them and help them meet their goals.” Cotney continued, “With their businesses in transition, our customers need partners, not vendors. Partners need to have a complete understanding of how a media company makes money today and where capital is being applied to enable them to compete – and be ready with a solution that matches their strategy. People come to Imagine because we can take a 360-degree view of their business and present them with a new technology solution or the migration strategy that is right for them.” At IBC 2018, Imagine Communications will demonstrate practical innovation and strategies for making a gradual, managed transition to next-gen architectures and business models across three major solution pillars. Ad Tech Visitors to the Imagine stand can explore a unique portfolio of integrated inventory management and optimisation, data analytics and targeted delivery solutions designed to help media companies increase revenue and decrease costs across multichannel, multiplatform and multimarket operations. Highlights include the worldwide debut of xG Scorecard, a business intelligence solution that provides at-a-glance, real-time insights and precise knowledge of how spots drive sales for advertisers. The first-of-its-kind reporting tool blends data from traditional sales and traffic systems, operational databases, ratings, clickstream and even social networks into a single view that can be customised

to meet the needs of specific users. By bringing together data that is normally siloed, xG Scorecard simplifies the process of discovering trends and spotting correlations vital to growing a media company’s business. Live Imagine will showcase its latest innovations for live production, including industry-first, high-capacity 100GbE network links, an intuitive live sports control panel that provides enhanced automation break manipulation, and SMPTE ST 2110-capable processing for HD, UHD and IP. Highlights include a demonstration of Imagine’s ward-winning Selenio Network Processor and UHD-ready EPIC MV multiviewer working together to efficiently monitor the signals of multiple dedicated screens, with inputs and monitor outputs all in IP. To address the enormous bandwidth challenge associated with monitoring uncompressed UHD signals, SNP makes a proxy signal from every UHD signal that it touches in both directions. EPIC MV uses these proxy signals – which are full-colour, full-frame-rate, and typically HD resolution – rather than the UHD original, resulting in a significant reduction in overall system cost. Playout Visitors to Imagine can get hands-on experience with proven, nextgeneration playout innovation, such as Versio Platform, the first cloud-native, microservices-based playout ecosystem, Versio IOX, the only high-availability, parity stack, multi-petabyte storage solution designed from the ground up for the reliability and performance demands of broadcast; and Nexio+ AMP, the industry’s highest-density media server with hybrid SDI/IP and H.265 capability. Imagine will also demonstrate various transition scenarios for migrating from traditional to next-generation playout operations at a pace that works for each individual customer. For example, media companies using Imagine’s ADC and D-Series automation can continue on their platform of choice, while layering in new features and capabilities that the Versio playout engine offers. As customers seek more flexibility in deployment platforms, move to standard commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) infrastructure, or consider datacenterbased or cloud-ready operations, Imagine offers multiple transition paths for seamlessly migrating ADC, D-Series and Nexio+ customers to Versio Platform. Visit Imagine Communications at IBC 2018 at the Amtrium, stand 4.A01. Visit www.imaginecommunications.com

Agama Offers Containerised Solutions for Video Monitoring and Analytics AGAMA TECHNOLOGIES RECENTLY ANNOUNCED the launch of a fully containerised solution for monitoring, analytics and customer insights. This new functionality will be showcased at IBC 2018. The continuous evolution of OTT and other video services increase demand for flexible deployments and operations. Agama’s solutions now offer full support for cloud-based and containerised services throughout the operator’s production environment. These cover virtualised in-house

“We are proud to introduce container-based support for our products that enable operators to efficiently and quickly deploy systems in any

Visit http://www.agama.tv

“Today’s market requires any vendor to be at the forefront of cloud and virtualisation” said Johan Görsjö, Agama Director of Product Management.


Containers allow for efficient use of computational resources. They provide fine-grained scaling and deployment of services instead of monoliths, as well as reduce dependencies between components. This lowers cost, reduces risks and increases operational agility for DevOps teams. All Agama software has the possibility to deploy in container environments, such as Docker. The solution has extensive automation features, enabling systems to be automatically deployed and configured using the orchestration tool of the operator’s choice, such as Ansible or Chef – all to fully realise the potential that containers give.

deployments as well as public cloud environments, such as AWS and GCE.


environment: cloud, on-premises, or any combination, to support customers wherever their video services are created and consumed.”

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Content+Technology ASIA August-September 2018  

IBC2018 ISSUE NEWS - APAC Teams Take Pipeline Awards at SIGGRAPH, PadamyarFM Adopts World-Class Workflows with Elevate, Ideal Dominates Soc...