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Barry: the Author As well as researching, teaching, and consulting, Barry Katz has authored and coauthored several books in which he brings a historical perspective to bear on a particular area of inquiry. His latest solo effort is Make It New: The History of Silicon Valley Design, published last year by MIT press. Today, Silicon Valley is a hotbed of designers, one of the epicenters of design. But it was not always so. Katz has traced the history of the area back through the decades to August 1, 1951, to the Valley’s first designer, someone he’s dubbed “Designer 1.0.” Then he brings us forward from that time, showing how it all happened, how technology slowly, inexorably converged with design to create the Silicon Valley culture we know today. And in tracing the sinuous history of design in this one industry, Katz engages in one of his favorite pursuits, the mystery of how the design field “arrived, matured, evolved, and transformed.” It’s a journey worth taking. linkedin: barry-katz-58b183


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FEATURING: Day Trip to Santa Cruz, Ca | Illuminating Change | Artist, Emo Gonzales | HillStack Studio, Ron Hemphill & Tricia Stackle | SJSU...

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