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The Curbside app gets its name from the fact that you never have to leave your car. Curbside is a preorder service that eliminates the hassle of shopping by doing it for you. When orders are ready, users can pick them up at their convenience. Curbside offers a wide range of stores to shop from, including Target, Best Buy, CVS, and entire shopping malls like Oakridge and Valley Fair. Users can shop by price or category, making it easy for go-to items, basic household necessities, and restock purchases. The order process takes less than five minutes, and an alert is sent when items are ready for pickup. Using Curbside eliminates the hassle of parking, dodging people, and standing in those seemingly never-ending lines. This new way of shopping makes errands quick and easy, especially during holiday season. There is no additional fee for the service, no markup from the store price. However, once the order is in, it can be an hour or more before the items are ready for pickup. On the plus side, you can spend that time doing something other than shopping. If Curbside eliminates much of the hassle of shopping by creating a drive-thru experience from phone to pickup, other apps like DoorDash take convenience a step further by bringing your order straight to your door. Your food order, that is. Redefining the meaning of “takeout,” DoorDash is a mobile app that allows users in the South Bay to order lunch or dinner without lifting more than a finger. The app is easy to use, allowing users to search by restaurant, food item, preference, popularity, or delivery time. However, some drawbacks make this app a little less convenient. First of all, there is a fee for the service. The luxury of not leaving the house is going to cost you an additional $6.99, not including driver tip. Many users won’t mind paying a little extra: the right-to-your-door delivery is enticing enough to compensate for the up-charge. Once the order is confirmed, the driver gives an estimated time of delivery, usually forty-five minutes to an hour. Users are able to track their order every step of the way. But once the food arrives, now’s when you may experience the second drawback: the potential chill factor. Delivered-to-the-door meals sometimes arrive lukewarm. When this happens, many of us may calculate the time spent waiting, as well as the additional cost, and figure we may as well have donned our shoes and gone to fetch the food ourselves. social media: trycaviar instagram: shopcurbside twitter: curbside

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FEATURING: Day Trip to Santa Cruz, Ca | Illuminating Change | Artist, Emo Gonzales | HillStack Studio, Ron Hemphill & Tricia Stackle | SJSU...

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