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match... [trails off] But when we figure out how to compromise and get to the other side, we end up with something bigger than what we could have done alone. That’s what keeps us going. It’s that passion for the details. R: We do great a lot of the time. We have a very similar aesthetic even though our previous work is very different and our methods and techniques are different. We both like similar things. We have similar artists we look up to. But when it comes to the specifics—a technique, or a priority—we often conflict about what we should do next or how something should look, what combination is better than the other. It’s always the subjective things. We both are visionaries. It’s a power struggle in many ways. But I think our relationship is stronger for actually confronting it. We do not shy away from it. We argue. We both have trouble being clear about what it is we have to say. When we get to the heart of what it is we mean, we usually agree more than Lastly, do you ever experience tension when working on we thought we did. It’s the language. Tricia has taught me language collaborations? T: [laughs] There’s definitely tension. It’s what to be able to talk about material and 3D art. And I’ve taught her makes us great though. It’s terrible to work through when it’s language to talk about 2D art. In order for us to communicate, we happening. We have very strong, clear ideas of what we want had to use this lexicon of words to talk to each other. That’s a big things to be like and we’re attentive to details, so if those don’t thing that’s helped us grow individually and together. So what’s next? R: We eventually want to turn it into a subscription service where a patron can subscribe yearly. Then quarterly we’ll give them the product of the collaboration. We wouldn’t have to make extra if they’re preordered. T: Funny Bunnies will keep going. We like the idea of having one limited edition come out every year around November, but we’re going to expand throughout the year and have some smaller ones. We’re playing with how to either streamline that a little more or find a way to make them a little more efficiently... We are also trying to expand to offer some workshops where you can come and build your own bunny. We want to meet people. We want to build a community around what we’re up to. [Another collaboration we want to try is] stitched photography where I respond to some of his photographic images with linear, geometric designs with thread.

instagram: triciastackle HillStack Studio | 1068 The Alameda | San Jose, CA 95126

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FEATURING: Day Trip to Santa Cruz, Ca | Illuminating Change | Artist, Emo Gonzales | HillStack Studio, Ron Hemphill & Tricia Stackle | SJSU...

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