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clockwise from left: DWJ 2’s dolsot bibimbap, made up of vegetables, rice, and an egg with a choice of protein, is a highlight of the menu; it’s one of those rare combinations that’s greater than the sum of its parts. The dish arrives to the table in a smoking-hot stone bowl with a spicy gochujang sauce. Customers can also BBQ their own meats at specially designed grill tables. Jun Lee, co-owner of DWJ 2, helps new customers navigate the extensive menu.


DWJ 2 in Cooper-Young by amy lawrence


always want to find the latest cool but unassuming place with amazing food, and lately, DWJ 2 is it. The original DWJ is on Hacks Cross and was started by the Lee family. Now, brothers Jun Lee and Hwan Lee are partners in DWJ 2, which opened in Cooper-Young in late 2016. The letters in the name reflect the first-name initials of Du (dad), Won (mom), and Jung, which means friendly relationship in Korean. (Son Jun also appreciates that the word starts with the first letter of his own name.) Jun Lee’s mom was always the chef in the house, and while watching her at work in the kitchen, he thought, “I’m really interested in food, so I might as well learn how to cook.”

At DWJ 2, small side dishes are only 50 cents apiece. The three different varieties of kimchi are perfect, and we also love the seasoned zucchini, bean sprouts, and potato salad (seriously!). Goonmandu — pan-fried, oversized half-moon dumplings filled with tofu, cabbage, and green onions — are savory bombs of flavor. We also can’t pass up what is simply called Sizzling Butter Cheese Corn, an apt name for the cast-iron skillet dish. I also recommend ordering the total-comfort-food dolsot bibimbap. It’s served in a stone bowl, which ensures the rice dish forms a sought-after crispy crust at the bottom. It’s topped with lettuce, nori strips, carrots, zucchini, mushrooms, and a

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fried egg and is served with beef, chicken, or tofu. Beer, hot and cold sake, and a house red and white are available, but desserts aren’t on the menu yet. A Korean sweet pancake, however, is currently in the works. Before finding DWJ 2, I’d never had a meal at a Korean restaurant. I loved the fast, efficient service, the low-lit, no-fuss atmosphere, and the confidence and expertise inherent in the cooking and presentation of each dish. I also like watching customers use the Korean BBQ grill tables, and those who are up for cooking their own orders are having a blast. DWJ 2, 2156 Young Avenue (901-207-6204) $-$$


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