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Digging In As A MultiOne Partner MultiOne America, based in Springfield, MO, plays a key role in establishing North American Distribution network Written by Kevin Doyle Produced by Stephen Marino


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o say that MultiOne America, established in 2015 as the U.S. distributor of international manufacturer MultiOne, has undergone a whirlwind existence would be understating the case. MultiOne, based in The Grumolo delle Abbadesse, Veneto region of Italy, invented the revolutionary multifunctional mini articulated loader in 1998. The company opened the Springfield, MO facility a little more than five years ago. The machines – manufactured in Italy with more than 170 job-specific attachments and distributed in 54 countries – have proven to be perfect for use in farming, landscaping and grounds care and with do-it-yourselfers. “It’s innovative. Headquarters in Italy definitely has a commitment to the US and North American market because it’s potentially a larger market than Europe. They have definitely made the investment,” says Doug Campbell, the company’s U.S. Operations and Business Development Manager and a 25-year veteran of manufacturing and distribution. Earlier this year the company announced it had entered into a distribution agreement with Vermeer Corporation of Pella, Iowa. Vermeer models will be manufactured at MultiOne’s facility in Vicenza, Italy and sold, serviced and supported


MultiOne America | 4 exclusively through Vermeer dealers across North America and the Caribbean with MultiOne’s Springfield location serving as a key hub in the network. Founded in 1948 by Gary Vermeer, the company is a global concern still owned and operated by second- and third-generation family members. “To have reached the point where we are partnering with Vermeer to distribute the product kind of speaks for itself,” Campbell states. The companies released a joint statement in announcing the partnership in January 2020. “MultiOne has a strong, 20-year track record of supplying customers around the world with compact articulated loaders that are known for high quality, versatility and efficiency,” said MultiOne

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“It’s innovative. Headquarters in Italy HQ definitely has a commitment to the US and North American market because it’s potentially a larger market than Europe. They have definitely made the investment.” - Doug Campbell, Operations and Business Manager

Technical Director Stefano Zanini at the time. “We are excited to partner with Vermeer and its dealers to help equip their customers with the highperforming tools they need to more efficiently get work done.” “Across our landscape, tree care, rental and general construction markets, we are seeing a growing demand for highly maneuverable material handling

equipment capable of productive speeds and low turf disturbance, while helping to solve labor challenges on the jobsite,” added Doug Hundt, President of Vermeer Industrial Solutions. “By combining MultiOne’s proven loader line with the reach, service and support of the Vermeer dealer network, we can quickly expand our already robust line-up of compact equipment to meet this demand.”


MultiOne America | 6 The company is scheduled to show at the EIMA (Feb. 3-7) and Samoter (March 3-7) trade shows, both in Italy, in 2021.

Meeting Challenges The use of skid steers and mini skid steers – rigid-frame machines with lift arms that attach to a wide variety of tools – has been the prevailing technology in North America for decades. MultiOne saw the opportunity to introduce a new option to a potentially massive market. “Introducing the mini-loader concept for landscape, tree work and this type of thing and explaining, educating and

Proud to Manufacture Quality Together with . MultiOne builds their machines with CEJN’s efficient hydraulic Multi-X multi-connectors to save their customers time and money. We’re glad to be a part of that.


Connect under residual pressure Install in tight, confined spaces 2, 4, & 6 Ports 3/8" to 1" Sizes



pioneering new concepts in machinery to the North American market was the biggest hurdle. Now it’s becoming very popular where a couple of other bigger names out there in the market place (John Deere for one) see the benefits of it and are starting to get in on it,” says Campbell. Campbell has direct oversight of the U.S. warehouse and distribution facility and developing the North American dealer network. He typically spends his day talking to dealers and end users

and coordinating with headquarters in Italy about market demands and the amount of inventory being shipped to North America. “It’s been fun, exciting and challenging to be part of the company that is bringing in a new line to the North American market. This type of equipment is very popular in Europe and it will be in this part of the world. Helping launch the business from the ground up you learn something new everyday,” Campbell notes.

MultiOne America | 7 The Product In contrast to the rigid frame skid steers, MultiOne/Vermeer machines are articulated with front and back halves connected by a juncture. This provides the ability to work in confined spaces and ensures all four wheels are able to drive in varying conditions. Multi-functionality is the key to the company’s success. The machines are compact, comfortable, efficient, versatile and packed with the latest


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“With the product, once you educate potential distributors about the mini-loader concept and its benefits versus the skid steer, they can really see the advantages.� - Doug Campbell, Operations and Business Manager www.multione.com

MultiOne America | 9 technological advances. “With the product, once you educate potential distributors about the miniloader concept and its benefits versus the skid steer, they can really see the advantages,” Campbell points out. The company offers 11 distinct series, 26 different configurations and more than 170 attachments, with an array of capabilities for use in agriculture (round balers, seed drills, irrigators), landscaping, and property maintenance and small construction projects. The machines have an attractive telescopic boom feature and range from approximately 933 to 1590 pounds operating capacity. The 10 Series is regarded as the world’s most powerful mini-loader boasting impressive lift capacity, 2,700kg tipping load, and a 75hp engine that produces a top speed of 40kg per hour. The EZ Series is fully electric with zero emissions and is well-suited for indoor use where there are noise restrictions and limited or no ventilation. It is powered by two electric motors and equipped with a battery and integrated charger that can be used with any domestic power outlet. Additionally, the 12 Series is growing

in popularity in the construction field because of its compact dimensions, all-wheel drive, high payload, superior maneuverability and low operating weight.

Looking Ahead You can expect this partnership to extend well into the future. The backing and commitment of MultiOne to its North American operation coupled with the sheer size of Vermeer’s work force (3400+ employees) and its reputation should make this a profitable operation for years to come.


Company Name: MultiOne America Country: United States Industry: Construction Est: 2015 (US) Premier Services: International manufacturer and distributor of multifunctional mini articulated loader. Website: www.multione.com


3031 E. Cherry Street Springfield, MO 65802 P: 417 379 4174 E: d.campbell@multione-america.com MULTIONE INTERNATIONAL via Palù, 6/8 36040 Grumolo delle Abbadesse | Vicenza | Italy P: +39 0444 264600 E: info@multione-csf.com VERMEER 1210 East Vermeer Road Pella, Iowa 50219

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