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Delivering Industrial Construction Services to Industry Leaders for 70 years.
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From its humble beginnings in Corpus Christi, Texas, in 1953, second-generation, family-owned Bay Ltd. “Bay” is now a recognized leader throughout the Americas in Heavy Industrial Construction, Maintenance, and Fabrication services for the Process Industry. Their business partners include Industry leaders in the Upstream, Midstream, and Downstream Process Industry space as well as low carbon innovators ranging from renewable fuels to leaders in the Wind Power Industry. Bay’s success is born from the commitment of over 3,000 skilled Supervisors and Craft professionals who execute complex, industry hallmark projects every day. Supported by outstanding project management systems and processes, Bay is able to document, track and report project status metrics to their field teams and clients no matter how remote their worksite may be. These same Field and Support teams contribute thousands of volunteer hours in all the communities where they operate, benefitting the disadvantaged and organizations that support the community. Their culture inspires taking the lessons learned and applied in the industrial work setting home to their families and neighbors to ensure safety and quality in their communities.

Excelling at What They Know

Excellence in executing challenging projects is what Bay does every day with genuine care for the safety and well-being of coworkers, clients, and other contractors. Its people’s culture of caring is supported by its business partners and, collectively, positively impacts all communities where they operate.

Bay Ltd. has an extensive track record of successfully executing large-scale industrial construction projects both domestically and internationally, with ventures that include grassroots construction projects, process unit revamps and upgrades, and plant turnarounds

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for refineries, power generation, and chemical and petrochemical facilities. In addition, by selfperforming the majority of construction disciplines on a project, including civil, structural, piping installation, instrument and electrical, crane and heavy hauling, scaffolding and insulation, and industrial dismantling, their project delivery system provides a single point of contact for business partners.

People Focused on and off the Job Site

As a family owned and operated company, their employees are Bay Ltd’s greatest source of

pride. Throughout the company’s history, generations of employees have been proud to call Bay Ltd. home, with grandparents working alongside children and grandchildren as they strengthen the company’s progress through dedication and hard work. They value the health and well-being of every member of the Bay Ltd. family. For this reason, instilling a culture of safety and accountability has become their number one priority with its Beyond Zero Culture: People Caring About People’s Safety, a nationally recognized, award-winning safety program. Bay Ltd. is more than an operation; it sets standards for performance and innovation. Continually recognized for an outstanding safety record, their team of craftsmen and supervisors hold each other accountable on the job each day to ensure that every project is completed safely and efficiently. Their Beyond Zero Safety Program emphasizes that safety is more than a practice; it’s a responsibility to care for others, with far-reaching impacts that extend beyond the job site and into their families and the community. This commitment to safety and improving the quality of their workforce has led to a record-breaking 30 million safe manhours without an OSHA LTI, making Bay Ltd. one of the safest industrial contractors in the

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nation. Feats such as this cannot be accomplished alone. For this reason, the Beyond Zero safety program stresses the importance of each employee’s responsibility for the safety of others and ensuring that everyone returns home in better condition, both mentally and physically than that in which they came to work. Above all, Bay’s commitment to an injuryfree workplace is what continues to push its impeccable safety record to even greater milestones.

Bay strives to share this “Culture of Caring” outside the confines of their company to the local communities and beyond through the Bay Ltd. Volunteer Program.

Being a Bay Ltd. volunteer allows employees to collaborate with local officials, community and non-profit leaders, and organizations with missions to improve the quality of life in the community. The Bay Ltd. volunteer program aims to “Build Better Communities” by sharing their success through personal investments in neighbors and causes that make a positive and lasting impact.

Commitment to Quality

Bay recognizes the relationship between the quality of work, products, and the safety of personnel. In reviewing near-miss safety incidents, they invariably

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discover areas for improvement in elements of work quality that can improve safety outcomes. For this reason, Bay has initiated a similar Beyond Zero emphasis in its Quality Program, as safety and quality in the industry are so closely linked. Their commitment to Quality: Through continual impact, Bay Ltd. is dedicated to furnishing its customers a highquality product with timely delivery in accordance with the contract at a competitive price. In order to ensure continuity in Quality across their Fabrication facilities, Bay has invested in ISO 9001 certification for their Fabrication Shops. Their clients are assured that the same work/quality processes are

followed no matter where their projects are fabricated.

A True Multi-service, Direct Hire Industrial Contractor

Over its almost 70-year history, Bay has reinvested in assets and facilities that further position the company to deliver the best fabricated process units and field construction services to its Clients. Featuring worldclass fabrications facilities, Bay fabricates and assembles Process and Pipe Rack Modules ranging from Truckable size to over 10,000-ton Modules destined for offshore service. Bay has long been recognized as an Industry leader

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for Modular Fabrication, Assembly, and Marine loadout of Process units destined for both Domestic clients via Inland Waterways and International locations loaded out onto both ocean-going barges and specialized Heavy lift ships. Bay’s Fabrication facilities all feature Bay-owned Dock facilities allowing the efficient final assembly and loadout from a common facility without the logistic challenges of having to utilize a Public Port facility. All Modular projects are executed under a turnkey execution approach, with Bay self-performing all principle construction disciplines. With the ability to fabricate ASME Pressure Vessels up to 30 feet

in diameter and over 300 feet long, Bay has been involved at the heart of many Refinery, NGL Fractionation, and Petrochemical facilities throughout the Gulf Coast and the Americas. Owning their own Dock facilities and specialized loadout Equipmentthese very large Pressure Vessels are routinely shipped via Marine transport both domestically and to international locals. Bay’s Industrial Field construction services range from daily baseload maintenance services to major Capital Construction projects. Bay has executed major hallmark projects throughout the US and from South America to Western Canada. Bay self-performs all

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major construction disciplines through a single, integrated Project Management Organization, ensuring accurate and timely, detailed project status reporting to their business partners. In support of these Field operations and to deliver and erect the aforementioned fabricated components, Bay owns and operates one of the largest fleets of Heavy lift cranes in the US. This modern crane fleet totals over 25,000 tons in lifting capacity, with individual units capable of lifting up to 1200 tons. In addition to their presence in Process plants, Bay’s Crane fleet supports leaders in wind power development, many in remote work locations throughout

the American Southwest.

Bay’s suite of services also includes API and LNG Storage Tank construction and repairs. Projects range from routine repairs to turnkey fabrication and construction of Crude Oil and Refined Products Terminals in excess of 2MM barrels of storage capacity. Hand and hand with the Tank group, Bay’s Pipeline Services support Midstream terminal operators and the upstream Drilling and Production industry with valuable fabrication, crosscountry pipeline construction, and related support services. Their Instrument and Electrical operating group perform daily

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baseload maintenance services for their business partners, as well as major capital projects executed both on a standalone basis and as a key component of the overall Bay General Contractor role on major Field and Modular projects.

Further servicing both Field and Modular projects, Bay’s Scaffolding and Insulation and Coatings group performs critical support services in the areas of Industrial Aerial access and key system insulation and multi-coat paint systems. With many Gulf Coast process plant customers, new greenfield construction real estate is a significant challenge to siting new operating unit construction. Bay’s Investment Recovery Group works

with key business partners to dismantle outdated and orphaned operating units creating valuable greenfield real estate, markets and sells usable components, and manages the resultant scrap all under a strategic agreement that cash flows back to their business partners.

Rounding out Bay’s service offerings is the Heavy Civil Group which has been a regional leader in major Interstate Highway and Bridge projects, industrial site preparation, and aviation projects for over 45 years. Featuring one of the largest fleets of modern, earthmoving and asphalt paving equipment in the region as well as aggregate mining, transportation,

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and five (5) regional asphalt plants, has allowed Bay to build critical transportation infrastructure for an ever-expanding region. From city and county streets, miles of interstate highways, and complex, elevated concrete bridge interchanges, these talented craftsmen have put their stamp on key projects and have improved traffic mobility and safety for millions of folks.

Bay’s partners enjoy the benefits of proactive management teams with extensive experience in project and safety management, problemsolving, detailed CPM schedules, cost monitoring and analysis, productivity measurement,

and construction materials management.

Key Projects Showcase Bay’s Diversity and Ingenuity in Major Capital Project Delivery

Refinery and Petrochemical Process Unit Construction

Bay has been the overall Mechanical General Contractor on dozens of Refinery Unit additions to meet Low Sulfur requirements as well as changes to Crude Slates processed by their business partners. One such project involved the construction of a grassroots Low Sulfur Gasoline (LSG) unit for a Gulf Coast facility – the project

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involved process equipment and pipe fabrication, all Equipment setting, structural steel, and piping interconnects for the unit. The project also involved the construction of new API storage tanks to store the resultant LSG. Several years later, with the implementation of the Tier 3 low sulfur requirements, their client tasked Bay with the fabrication, heavy haul, and erection (with one of their 1,000ton cranes) of the over 600ton CDHDS reactor, which was integrated with the LSG unit. Project peak craft manpower at over 650 folks and close to 1,000,000 manhours over the course of the projects.

Heavy Civil

Bay was contracted by a leading Petrochemical client to perform site preparation, site drainage, utility infrastructure, construction of all site roadways, material laydown areas, parking areas, and process area subgrade on an approximately 1,600-acre site which was a legacy cotton farm. Many of the Process

Unit components were built as mega-modules (10,000 tons), necessitating the construction of an over 5-mile Heavy Haul corridor from the Marine Quay site to the process areas, which was also part of Bay’s scope of work. The project involved mass earthmoving over

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the huge site and the placement of over 900,000 tons of crushed limestone.

Spearheaded by their Highway Service Group, Bay’s heavy civil construction services possess an outstanding record of successfully completing grassroots infrastructure projects, including civil site development projects and extensive road and bridge construction projects throughout Central and South Texas. Bay’s comprehensive civil construction services are second to none and have solidified its reputation as a leader in the construction of airport runways, roads, highways, bridges, and other structures.

Working in partnership with the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) and numerous municipalities, their crews strive to exceed every expectation during each project, with total dedication to job safety, quality, and productivity. In addition to being one of the most experienced teams around, possessing years of experience in new construction, hot mix and seal coat projects, and road maintenance, Bay’s team is continually recognized as one of the safest in the industry. So safe, in fact, that the highway group achieved a major milestone in April of 2009 with 12 consecutive years with no OSHA lost time

16 Bay Ltd. | THINK PLATE. THINK RANGER. the Plate Company ▪ Dependable Since 1958 ▪ STEEL 713.633.1306 ▪ 800.231.5014 Houston ▪ Forth Worth ▪ Tulsa ▪ Los Angeles Basin

injuries. To ensure that every civil construction project begins with the best foundation possible, Bay Ltd. provides site preparation services for both large and small construction projects. Their teams of experienced professionals work diligently to prepare sites before construction to facilitate the most efficient means of production from start to finish. With a modern GPS (laser-guided) fleet of equipment, the civil and highway group’s personnel are able to maximize project efficiency and provide each client the highest quality service possible when it comes to highway and road construction projects. Bay Ltd. maintains the largest fleet of bottom and end dumps and

bobtail tandem trucks in the area. Bay’s numerous bulk materials facilities throughout the area keep sand, gravel, caliche, topsoil, select fill, clay, recycled asphalt, and crushed concrete readily available for its clients, and their strategic location affords them with the capability to load, unload, and haul materials from ships, barges, and trains to anywhere in the world. Bay Ltd. owns and operates numerous asphalt plants and bulk material facilities throughout South Texas. From the largest contractor to the smallest, they can readily supply all grades of asphalt, sand, gravel, caliche, topsoil, select fill, clay, recycled asphalt, and crushed concrete to be delivered anywhere

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on time.

Modular Fabrication, Erection, and Marine Loadout

Bay partnered with a leading Engineering services provider on the Fabrication, Assembly, and Marine loadout of High Alloy Utility and Piperack Modules for two (2) different Northeast Utilities, one in Queens, NY, and another in Newark, NJ. The projects were executed at Bay’s Corpus Christi fabrication center and loaded out onto barges for transport to the job site. This execution strategy took an estimated 200,000 field manhours off the table in the Northeast and resulted in significant economic benefits to

Bay Ltd. has a 30-year history of successful fabrication services for both upstream and downstream industries. Their fabrication facilities afford them the capability to easily fabricate, assemble, and transport products anywhere in the world. Their fabrication and assembly shops are supported by dockside assembly and storage areas that allow Bay’s operation to assemble modules in a range of sizes for transport, ranging from truck-sized projects to over 5,000 tons of heavy haul. Conveniently located adjacent to the Corpus Christi Ship Channel with waters up to 45 feet deep, their dockside

18 Bay Ltd. | UNITED
ESSENTIAL SITE SERVICES 1.800.TOILETS Portable Restrooms Hand Hygiene Solutions Temporary Fence Trailer Solutions Roll Off Dumpsters
the projects by Modularizing key project components with Bay.

area accommodates Intracoastal barges, ocean-going barges, international heavy lift ships and supports loadout via an RO-RO dock, skidway or onto barges or ships via heavy lift cranes. Bay’s ASME pressure vessel fabrication, modification, and maintenance services began operations as a Section VIII Division One pressure vessel shop as Berry Fabricators in 1969. By 1997, their ASME pressure vessel operation achieved a Division Two Certification and now encompasses over 200,000 square feet of shop space. The modular fabrication facilities span more than 100 acres and offer 200,000 square feet of shop space for the fabrication and assembly of modular pipe rack systems and process units for clients in the

oil and natural gas production, chemical manufacturing, and refining industries. Modular systems and packages range from a single skid-mounted unit to complete production packages and process units with loadout weights in excess of 5,000 tons. Each of Bay’s pipe fabrication shops features automated plate cutting, pipe profiling, rolling and welding capabilities, and onsite QA testing.

Upstream Offshore Production and Living Quarters Fabrication

Bay has supported the Gulf of Mexico and the International Offshore O&G Industry for over 50 years with key Topside components from Process

19 Bay Ltd. |

Units to Living Quarters (LQ) Modules. Bay’s work is on display on virtually every continent and includes offshore Nigeria, Angola, Brazil, Trinidad/Tobago, the Mediterranean Sea, and even on-shore in the former Soviet Republic, just to name a few. Bay has long been an Industry leader in the final design and construction of offshore Modules designed to house and meet the daily needs of offshore workers servicing operating platforms across the world. One such project involved the final design, fabrication, assembly, outfitting, and loadout of two (2) 100-person LQs destined for offshore Brazil. The 4 story facilities, with a loadout weight of approximately 900 tons each, include workers’ quarters, dining facilities, recreational facilities, meeting rooms, Helidecks, and related facilities.

Innovative Low Carbon and Renewable Fuels Capital projects

Bay has been involved in a number of major capital projects focusing on reducing product carbon footprints, CO2 reduction/removal, and Renewable Transportation fuels. On one such Renewable Diesel fuel project, Bay was tasked with extensive Modular, NGL Tanks, and Reactor Fabrication and delivery to the site and the subsequent Field installation of

the units and interconnecting piping. Bay’s ability to fabricate key components offsite and their follow on installation in the Field represented significant value to the client.

Crane and Heavy Haul

Since its inception, Bay Ltd. has long been a leader in providing a full range of heavy construction equipment services to the process industry. Equipped with one of the region’s largest and most modern fleets of specialized heavy hauling and rigging equipment, Bay Ltd. offers the most comprehensive

20 Bay Ltd. |

services under one roof for everything from routine projects through complete plant-wide turnarounds.

Supported by engineered lift plans and haul route analysis, we provide world-class service and solutions to even the most challenging hauling and rigging projects. Bay’s commitment to safety and doing it right the first time makes its experienced team of personnel a continual leader in customer satisfaction. In addition, Bay’s large fleet of modern equipment and experience in all areas of rigging and heavy

hauling allow them to coordinate and execute all elements of a project completely in-house. In addition to Bay’s modern fleet of erection equipment Bay also has the capability to transport large loads using its state-of-the-art Self Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMTs). Bay has the ability to haul individual loads in excess of 10,000 tons. Their lifting services are both safe and flexible thanks to their state-of-the-art equipment that handles the heaviest and tallest vessels/reactors with the maximum operational safety and precision. With vast experience in haul route planning and a range of heavy haul projects, Bay’s team is prepared to meet the specific needs and challenges of any specialized industrial heavy hauling project. This diversity of services and skill set enables Bay to provide a variety of services and facilities to complement all heavy hauling and erection activities completely in-house. Bay’s specialized resources include private barge and deep water docks and facilities, transshipments by rail, barge, or truck, and the sales and service of support equipment, including cranes, forklifts, man-lifts, air compressors, and more. Their fleet of over 2,500 pieces of construction equipment makes them the ideal partner for contractors in need of a wide range of services for major

21 Bay Ltd. |

projects and turnarounds. To round out their fleet, Bay has made the investment in Enerpac gantry and load leveling systems to ensure there is no lifting or placement of modules or loads they can’t handle.

API/Storage Tanks

Their Tank Services group offers clients Bay’s knowledgeable and experienced workforce to supply a range of field-welded, bolted, and shop-welded storage tanks. Bay’s Storage Tank group is skilled in the engineering, detailing, fabrication, and construction of storage tanks, including API-12D, API-12F, API-650, and API-620, as well as AWNA-D100 storage construction, repair, maintenance, and inspection.

Bay Ltd.’s Tank Services Group provides an array of specialized fabrication of and field erection services for API storage tanks for the process industry. Their service focuses include the construction of new storage tanks, including grassroots LNG tanks, as well as repairs, alterations, and maintenance to existing storage structures.

infrastructure, metering/transfer facilities, and instrumentation and electrical. Bay is also experienced in the more stringent specifications and procedures required for the repair, construction, and modification of LNG re-gasification tanks requiring 9% Nickel alloy and other API-620 specialty applications.

Their tank and vessel division also offers a complete “turnkey package” for storage facilities. Bay can successfully perform work scopes, including site preparation, foundation design and construction, storage tank design engineering, fabrication, erection and hydro testing, piping, electrical and instrumentation, and painting.

Investment Recovery

Bay’s tank repairs and modification services vary from minor tank repairs that are API-653 compliant to multi-tank “grassroots” product terminals, including foundations,

Bay’s Investment Recovery Services Group specializes in the dismantlement, salvage, and marketing of surplus and/ or obsolete manufacturing equipment and process facilities. They have served both industrial clients and governmental agencies with the removal and disposal of their obsolete and/or surplus equipment and machinery. Bay also provides many years of experience in providing quality performance on projects that range from emergency response, plant relocation, demolition by

22 Bay Ltd. |
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explosives, and partial or complete dismantling of process plants, individual units, storage tanks, and industrial buildings.

Instrument and Electrical

Bay Ltd. provides comprehensive Instrument & Electrical Services on both Grassroots New Construction Projects and Baseload Maintenance environments. New construction projects include refinery and petrochemical unit construction and comprehensive I&E assembly on Bay’s modular construction projects for both Downstream and Upstream clients throughout

North America. Their skilled craft professionals meet all State Licensing requirements and offer fully staffed I&E capabilities from all operating locations.

Scaffolding and Insulation (Soft Crafts)

Bay Ltd.’s Scaffold Services Group provides efficient project planning through concise estimating, designing, erection, and dismantling of scaffolding. Specific areas of expertise are projects involving FCCUs, Coker Units, and Modular Process Units. Their Scaffolding Team also specializes

24 Bay Ltd. |

in new construction, maintenance, emergency support, turnarounds, and offshore scaffolding services. Bay produces high-quality results in the safest and most professional manner possible. Major markets include petrochemical processing, power plants, refineries, fabrication yards, offshore assets, ship yards, and oilfields. Bay has an extensive inventory of scaffolding materials at all of its operating locations for efficient delivery to the work site.

Overcoming Challenges

Challenges like rising labor costs, smaller skilled labor pools,

increased material and delivery costs, and escalation in steel and concrete prices are just a few of the challenges Bay Ltd. faces. So, how do they overcome these and maintain a consistent safety, quality, and productivity mission? They rely on their philosophy of maintaining a family-oriented environment in everything they do.

Bay Ltd. treats every staff member as part of the family and recognizes them with the respect it entails. This family orientation has given Bay Ltd. a reputation as a company to work for, affording it the distinction of being one of the largest privately owned employers on the Gulf Coast. Because of this reputation of encouragement and building family relationships, Bay Ltd.’s employees stay in the family, with several employees celebrating 40 and even 55-year employment milestones.

Building Foundations for Tomorrow

Bay Ltd. is committed to safety, quality, and productivity daily, from

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26 Bay Ltd. |

contributing to the community to fulfilling the needs of its clients. They pride themselves on treating their clients and vendors not as business acquaintances but as partners in success. This mentality of respect and recognition has given them a reputation as a great workplace and a caring and compassionate company. From the open door policy of the CEO to the charitable contributions the company gives back to the communities it works with, Bay Ltd. fulfills its founder’s mission of being a company of people caring about people. Showing success is possible with hard work and consistent commitment to the company’s mission.


Company Name: Bay Ltd.

Country: United States

Industry: Construction

Est: 1953

Premier Services: Fabrication, Assembly, Heavy Haul, Industrial


CEO: Rob Powers


27 Bay Ltd. |
Bay Ltd. 1414 Valero Way Corpus Christi, TX. 78409 P: (361) 693-2100 E:

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