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ARCHITECTURAL ILLUMINATION MATTERS Restored and Relit: Historic renovations—which highlight art and architecture—include freshly lighted and relighted spaces, taking adaptive reuse to new levels with thoughtfully illuminated facades and renovated interiors. [PAGE 12]



Rather than treating the interior of the Beaux-Arts Farley building as a blank slate, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill developed a modern design that celebrates the historic, landmarked structure.

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SSL BUZZ Celebrating projects that stretch the imagination of lighting design, historic interior and playful exterior illumination is explored.

SSL PROFILE Standout lighting projects connect community, security and wellbeing through innovative integrated controls and sophisticated design solutions.

SSL OBSERVED Transporting the audience in a whole new way, lighting and digital content reinvigorate classic opera, illustrated by Opera Australia’s digital production of Aida.

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We’ve stayed up for hours so you don’t have to

DMF’s next-generation DRD Series is engineered to allow for ultimate flexibility. A single housing can handle 98% of downlighting needs – fixed, adjustable, wall wash; we have you covered. Our modular solution offers a range of color temperatures, field changeable beam angles from 15 to 90+ degrees, 120/277 voltage regulation, and 1% dimming with TRIAC/ELV or 0-10v built into the module. Circle 01

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26 Project Profile: Green Bay's Lambeau Field combines disparate lighting controls into a single solution.

07 Historic Site Reborn

05 LED Insights

Lighting thoughtfully brings new life to a 100-year-old bank in Tianjin, China.

27 Project Profile: Custom lighting poles offer rhythm and connectivity for a Miami pedestrian path.

08 Heritage Listing Revived

A holistic approach to lighting for heritage projects can create vibrant, prosperous, inclusive places for those who live and work near them. By Vilma Barr

30 Project Profile: Security and safety key goals of lighting upgrade in hotel parking garage.

09 World's Fair Icon


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Layers of light create warm, inviting intimacy for diners at Harrods Dining Hall in London.

Spokane, Wash.’s Riverfront Park Pavilion, built for the Expo 1974 world’s fair, is now an event space defined by its tent-like array of steel cables with new lighting and controls.

Successful lighting of our heritage buildings creates an opportunity to provide benefits in terms of social and economic value for a variety of stakeholders.

40 SSL Observed High-power lighting and digital content reinvigorates classic opera. By Vilma Barr

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12 Architectural Illumination Matters: Restorations

32 Advances From luminaires to lighting controls, lighting products deliver greater functionality and reduced energy consumption.

Highlighting art and architecture, historic restorations are taking adaptive reuse spaces to new levels with illumination. by Vilma Barr

20 Featured Project: Moynihan Train Hall, New York City Rather than treating the interior of the Beaux-Arts Farley building as a blank slate, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill developed a modern design that celebrates the historic, landmarked structure. by Vilma Barr

36 White Pages After the long, COVID-induced hiatus, tradeshow events are back, for now.

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Typology Connecting Sky & Earth, Light & Shadow A beacon. A looking glass. An immersive room of light. Architectural lighting that is striking industrial design by day, and by night, enchanting and ethereal pieces of luminescent art. Discover the groundbreaking luminaires from the Typology Collection, designed and engineered in collaboration with Designworks, a BMW Group company. Find us at or contact us toll free at 800.430.6205.

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NUMBER 65 • 09.2021

Gary Redmond

Managing Partner Director Publishing Operations

Tim Shea

Managing Partner Director Business Development

Dave Pape

EDITORIAL Jim Crockett Jeanie Fitzgerald

John Mesenbrink

Vice President Director, Art & Production

Heritage Lighting’s Far-Reaching Benefits train line on the West side of New York that was

The extraordinary projects profiled in this issue, though widely separated geographically, share an outreach to the urban locales in which they are located.

Copy Editor

CONTRIBUTING EDITORS Vilma Barr Ellen Lampert-Greaux

Barbara Horwitz-Bennett John Mesenbrink

group of area residents proposed that it become a landscaped overhead trail. The first phase opened in 2009 and has spawned numerous renovations and upgrading of commercial and residential buildings all along its length that has

Editorial Director Managing Editor

threatened with demolition when a determined

since been extended, and a popular new hotel A holistic approach to lighting for heritage projects can create vibrant, prosperous,

that spans its width. Repurposing buildings that have stories

inclusive places for those who live and work

and histories to share with their new occupants

near them. Successful lighting of our heritage

sets them apart from those that lack such a

buildings creates an opportunity to provide

heritage. The Enoch Pratt Library in Baltimore

benefits in terms of social and economic value

is now a reinvigorated center for learning and

for a variety of stakeholders, from site owners

interaction in a setting marked by exquisite

to members of the local community.

fixtures that impart a singular beauty to its

While the actual lighting design expertise

distinctive environment.

DESIGN & PRODUCTION Dave Pape Art Director

for the projects described in the following pages

The visual energy that can be created by

occurs within the buildings, the effect of regen-

thoughtful lighting in an historic setting can

Lauren Lenkowski

erating the structure’s status from the interior

increase footfall and unlock new opportunities

extends well beyond its physical dimensions.

for the site. To attract more visitors to the Phila-

These projects now rejoin the urban scene, after

delphia Museum of Art, a new expansiveness

decades of not contributing to their surrounding

for the interior spaces was created by exposing

economy. Adaptive reuse, for the Farley Build-

long-hidden vaulted tiled ceilings and lighting

ing now housing the Moynihan Train Hall and

its formidable length with a sleek fixture that

Associate Art Director

CIRCULATION MANAGEMENT Jim Wessel 847 504 8180 ADVERTISING SALES Gary Redmond 847 359 6493

Tim Shea 847 359 6493

offices, and the Cook County Hospital to now two

emphasizes it grandeur. In London, Harrods’

Hyatt hotels, have succeeded with the integra-

iconic first floor market hall is welcoming a

tion of light with architectural repurposing.

steady flow of guests to its new exuberant Din-

Bob Fox 917 273 8062

Jim Führer 503 679 5409

They are connecting significant structures

ing Hall, generating traffic for the entire store.

David Haggett 847 917 0287

Jim Morrissey 847 274 6482

with another generation. For example, it can enliven the urban envi-

Having studied city planning and urban design as a graduate student, my professors pointed

ronment for tourists and the local population,

out that older cities have an amazing amount of

rekindle the national interest in a forgotten

building stock of all sizes, shapes and heritages,

Jim Oestmann 847 924 5497

landmark and even unlock new commercial

some industrial, some commercial, some, like the

opportunities for the site and its neighbors.

Cook County Hospital, for public health services.

The increase in investing in urban regeneration

When investment is made in the adaptive reuse

EDITORIAL SUBMISSIONS Email or call 847 359 6493. Architectural SSL c/o Construction Business Media, 579 N. First Bank Drive, Suite 220, Palatine, IL 60067-8126

can be identified as starting in Boston with the

of these buildings, it offers the ability to create

opening of the Faneuil Hall Marketplace in 1976,

a city that is more diverse in its architecture

a sprawling Greek Revival structure 535-ft. long

than can be appreciated during the day and

SUBSCRIPTION INQUIRIES There is no charge for subscriptions to qualified requestors in the U.S. All other annual subscriptions will be charged $49 for standard delivery or $84 for air mail delivery. For subscriptions, inquiries or address changes, call 847 504 8180 or email

and 50-ft. wide that was no longer a wholesale

in the evening when lit, inside and out. And

center. Under the leadership of redevelopment

that city ends up being a better place to live

visionary William Rouse, it became a retail and

and work, and to communicate its distinctive

dining destination that upgraded the surround-

personality over the long term.•

A Publication of Construction Business Media

ing business enterprises. Another mile-marker on the growth of restoration and adaptive reuse is the High Line in


New York. Not a building, but a former spur of a

Vilma Barr, contributing editor


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9/9/21 12:24 PM

Engineered by Design with the Power to Perform




Wall Wash


INTERVALS, a sophisticated lighting system, delivers high performance technology from a flexible modular system achieving a comprehensive and unified approach to dynamically lighting interior spaces. Explore the possibilities.


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Innovation can lend a timeless quality to many things—coffee and architecture included. The new Starbucks flagship Reserve store in Tianjin, China, which has been lauded as thoughtfully bringing new life to a 100-year-old site, is a perfect example of this sentiment. “Beyond preserving the century old architecture in its fullest form, the Starbucks flagship store has also made creative use of its unique features,” said Luo Shuwei, famous historian and senior academic researcher from the Tianjin Academy of Social Sciences. “Starbucks partners have shown great passion and dedication to ensure that every design detail is in harmony with the original architectural style, to create a warm and welcoming ambience that is also filled with history.” The 1921 building, designed by Shen Liyuan, is an iconic city landmark that originally housed a bank and the architecture reflects the scale and grandeur that was popular for these types of projects at that time. The lighting, designed by a team at WEGO Lighting Design Co., has been updated to highlight the preserved architectural features, while improving functionality and creating the right ambience for coffeehouse culture. The high intensity floodlights that illuminated the Greek-style exterior were replaced with 2200K LED fixtures. Inside, lighting was carefully, and ingeniously, incorporated to avoid damaging the original architectural elements. Instead of relying on typical installation methods, some LED lighting was embedded into the glass dome and bronze tubes were used creatively to ensure that no nails were stuck into the imported ABOVE: Lighting was carefully incorporated to avoid damaging the original architectural elements; some LED lighting was embedded into the glass dome and bronze tubes were used to ensure no nails were used in the marble columns.

marble columns. Color temperature was used to create definition within the space and develop visual interest.•

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9/9/21 6:44 AM

Photos: Courtesy of Harrods


The Jewel in the Crown “This is the third phase of Harrods’ two-year

one big, buzzing brasserie. “Each bar has its own

and without doubt, it is the jewel in the crown

unique pelmet lighting feature on the front of

of the whole enterprise,” says Simon Rawlings,

the soffit, lit from front and rear by concealed,

creative director of David Collins Studio, the inte-

indirect 2500K linear LED,” explains Rollins. “The

rior designers for the transformation that turned

warm diffused lighting from the bespoke decora-

Harrods Meat & Fish Hall into Harrods Dining

tive fittings is punctuated by dramatic ultra-

Hall in London.

narrow seven-degree downlights focused on indi-

This grand, tiled space with its handsome

contrast lighting makes the food a main feature,

made critical waves when first unveiled in 1903.

against the backdrop of chefs engaged in culinary

While the existing tiled floor, walls and ceiling

theater.” Open kitchens have black ceiling soffits

were retained, turning the space into a modern

to eliminate light reflection, and brighter, slightly

dining hall for 200 diners was a major undertak-

cooler (2700K) high color rendering downlighting

ing for the studio, assisted by heritage specialists.

to provide contrast against the dining hall.

tional joined the team, led by Graham Rollins. The main lighting design challenge on the proj-


2109SSLBUZ3.indd 8

vidual dining plates at the bar seating. This high

columns, arches and extraordinary central coffer

Lighting consultants Lighting Design Interna-

ABOVE: Tabletop lamps from Enigma Lighting and discrete LED details on the bar tops give a soft wash of lighting all around. Under bar lighting from small narrow beam fittings accentuate the bar.

The Dining Hall contains six restaurants in

overhaul of the store’s four historic Food Halls,

In addition to the soffit downlighting, manufactured by Lucent Lighting, Rollins’ dramatic lighting design includes tabletop lamps from Enigma

ect, according to Rollins, was creating layers of

Lighting and discrete LED details on the bar tops

light and warm, inviting intimacy for the diners,

that give a soft wash of lighting all around the

in such a large-volume, tiled space. “Due to the

surface. Under bar lighting is provided by small

heritage listings, we had significant limitations

narrow beam fittings that accentuate the bar

on the types of lighting we could use and intro-

form. The central ceiling and cartouches are lit by

ducing new cabling for lighting control. This led

linear LEDs from KKDC Lighting during the day.

to various bespoke fixture designs and the use of

At night, those lights dim giving prominence to

Bluetooth to control the lighting,” says Rollins.

spotlights on the individual cartouches.•

9/9/21 6:46 AM


Spokane Riverfront Swirls into Action Spokane, Wash.’s Riverfront Park Pavilion was

the blades, which is important, because there are

built for the Expo 1974 world’s fair before becom-

a lot of blades. The final design called for 479—

ing an event space defined by its tent-like array

enough to span half a mile if laid end to end.

of steel cables. David Baumann and the team

“The blades come in 3-, 4- and 6-ft. lengths. The

at NAC Architecture and Engineering chose an

spacing of the segments depended on gaps in the

ETC Mosaic system to control their new lighting

cable structure—it was a giant electrical jigsaw

design for a recent renovation at the pavilion.

puzzle,” says Baumann.

Their design received a 2020 Outdoor Lighting

The LED strips, built by GVA Lighting, operate

Design Award and a 2020 Control Innovation

on 380 volts DC fed by custom cables that deliver

Award from the Illuminating Engineering Society.

power and DMX data to the individual blades.

Baumann and NAC’s lighting design attached

All told the design uses nearly 10,000 channels

hundreds of lighting “blades” to the steel cables.

(about 17 universes) of DMX, all pixel-mapped

The blade is a semi-opaque acrylic structure

and controlled by a Mosaic Show Controller X.

about the size and thickness of a surfboard that

“When we told the

houses a strip of RGBW LEDs. “In the daylight you

Parks Department we

can see through them, at night the LED strips

could do anything, the

appear to float in space and do a great job of

programming possibili-

lighting the cables they hang from,” explains Bau-

ties seemed limitless,”

mann. “We laser etched one surface of the blade

says Baumann.”•

ETC Mosaic Show Controller X

to increase the diffusion effect of the LEDs.” The etching also helps birds avoid flying into

Visit or Circle 238.

ABOVE: Spokane’s Riverfront Park Pavilion is run by an ETC Mosaic Show Controller X. The IES recognized David Baumann and the team at NAC Architecture and Engineering for their work with a 2020 Outdoor Lighting Design Award and a 2020 Control Innovation Award.

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Circle 05

9/9/21 6:46 AM


Infrastructure with a Twist The Helix, a pedestrian bridge for visitors to Marina Bay in Singapore, was created by the team of Arup, Cox and Architecture 61, and demonstrates a new solution of how to make a structure span between two supports. To create a visual spectacle, Arup’s lighting designers incorporated LED lights that accentuate the sweeping structural curves, while illuminating the internal canopy. The canopy consists of metal mesh for both safety and to add visual impact during the day.• 


THE TAVOLO features a high-CRI output and can accommodate numerous accessories. It allows the lighting designer to add glare reduction with louvers, barndoors, or snoots. The twist-lock TIR optic provides a tight 5° spot. All dimming options go to 1% of total output. THE CELESTE is a powerful, American-made house light which features tight dimming control. Featuring numerous dimming options, seven available beam angles, and five standard finishes, its durable construction and craftsmanship ensure that it will be a fixture in your venue for many years to come.


Circle 06 5 Holt Drive Stony Point, New York 10980 | 845.947.3034 |

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9/9/21 6:46 AM

Fund Distributes $160,000 for 2021


The second largest annual number of grants and awards in its 32-year history has been distributed by The Nuckolls Fund for Lighting Education for 2021. Nine recipients received a total of $160,000, ranging from $5,000 to $30,000. The Nuckolls Fund was established in 1988 and supports college-level lighting programs that enable students to learn and apply the fundamentals of lighting design, and to recognize the achievements of the late lighting designer and pioneer lighting educator, James L. Nuckolls.

How’s it Hanging?

Nuckolls Fund president Lee Waldron, FIALD, and president of Grenald Waldron Associates, recognized the generosity of the lighting community for the fund to continue financial support for the advancement of lighting education.“It has allowed a great number of schools to improve the ways they deal with new lighting technology, and the unique lighting requirements

With No Power Cords!

Flux LED Pendant © Hubbardton Forge

that contribute to the wellbeing for users of interior spaces.” One of those 2021 recipients was Morgan State University, the first Nuckolls Fund program participant from the Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU). The school earned a $30,000 grant to pursue the topic, “Light in the Built Environment.” “Morgan State University’s Graduate Architecture Program will be the first HBCU to develop a graduate level transdisciplinary lighting class. The proposers pointed out that while the 106 HBCUs make up 3% of America’s colleges and universities, they are responsible for 25% of all African American graduates in the

It’s Time to Cut the Cord

STEM fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. This Nuckolls Fund award is an important and needed knowledge resource within the lighting industry,” Waldron said.• 

Visit www.nuckollsfund.or g.

Visit us in Booth #1257


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Circle 07


9/9/21 6:58 AM



RESTORED AND RELIT By Vilma Barr, contributing editor

Historic restorations—which highlight art and architecture— include increased lighted spaces, taking adaptive reuse to new illuminated levels.


2109SSLAIM08.indd 12

9/9/21 11:49 AM


Let there be “more” light. Restorations such as the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s ambitious renovation includes new illumination that highlights its historic architecture and art. The Enoch Pratt Free Library in Baltimore, Md., has lighting that integrates custom, restored and new fixtures, and saved from destruction, the 105-year-old Cook County Hospital is reborn as a Hyatt with a thoughtfully illuminated façade and renovated interiors.

Philadelphia Museum of Art’s Lenfest Hall ARCHITECTURAL SSL • 09.21 • 13

2109SSLAIM08.indd 13

9/9/21 11:49 AM


LIGHTING A MASTERWORK From its commanding view atop Fairmount on the Schuylkill River, the Philadelphia Museum of Art has been a symbol of the city’s cultural status and proud historical heritage since its completion in 1928. Its main physical drawback is that there are no open adjoining surfaces to adapt for expansion. With expansion possibilities limited, the decision was made to go beneath the sprawling landmark and simultaneously open previously hidden spaces to make room for more public and exhibit space. The $233-million Core Project was projected to open nearly 90,000 sq. ft. to public access. For the project, an architectural firm headed by Frank Gehry was selected, even though he is better known for his exuberant designs of above-ground museums, performance halls and other public structures. He is reported to have said, “I’m ready to take on the project,” when he accepted at the age of 77. On the creative team Gehry assembled was the lighting design firm of L’Observatoire International, headed by Hervé Descottes, who had directed an impressive list of interior and

Williams Forum

exterior installations for various exhibit and

Connected to the Vaulted Walkway is a grand

performance venues. “The lighting design mod-

triple height space (above, left) suitable for large

ernizes the building for the twenty-first century

scale works. Embedded into the double-sided

with illumination that supports the most innova-

curved ceiling are pinhole downlights and power

tive modes of exhibiting its renowned collection,”

points allowing for the attachment of tempo-

said Descottes. “New lighting is in tandem with

rary art accent lighting. The area is designed to

existing natural lighting to create a memorable

accommodate a range of installation types, while

experience for the visitor, balancing the grand

maintaining a clean ceiling surface. The curved

scale of the museum through layers of light.”

ceiling is up lit by fixtures that have been integrated into the Forum Gallery columns below.

The firm’s scope for the Philadelphia Museum’s Core Project included the building façade and entrances, new and renovated public spaces, and circulation and exhibition spaces. While improvements were made throughout the museum, this article will focus on four major areas—the Vaulted Walkway, Williams Forum, Forum Gallery and Lenfest Hall.


2109SSLAIM08.indd 14

© Philadelphia Museum of Art, Steve Hall © Hall + Merrick Photographers

9/9/21 11:41 AM


Vaulted Walkway Opened to the public after a half-century of being closed off for operational functions, the 24-ft.high tile-covered North/South Vaulted Walkway (above, right) made its dramatic debut. Clad in a system of terracotta tiles invented by Catalan architect Rafael Guastavino in 1885, the self-supporting arches are comprised of a layer of tiles in a herringbone pattern set in Portland cement. It extends the full width of the building or 640 ft., more than twice the length of two football fields. Suspended from the arched ceilings is a custom Light Bar. Descottes describes it as a linear element which integrates all lighting for the

Lenfest Hall

space. Uplights accentuate the singular overhead

Previously the principle building entrance,

expanse of the tiled vaults, while downlights

Lenfest Hall (p. 12) is now filled with daylight,

guide visitors along the remarkable corridor.

and further illuminated by a coffered ceiling

Between the downlights, track lights can be

with integrated LED lighting. Combined warm

inserted for highlighting of art exhibits.

and cool lighting is integrated into the threetiered coves—cool lighting enhances daytime light levels, while the warm color temperature enhances the limestone walls and washes the

Forum Gallery

space in soft light in the evening.

In the adjacent Forum Gallery, the downlight grid aligns with the space’s original columns, maintaining its classical symmetry. Anchored by a sculptural staircase, its curving lines are highlighted through carefully aimed downlighting. The stairs lead to the museum’s ground level, where areas once used for the museum’s offices and retail have been transformed into two wings of galleries as part of the Core Project.

2109SSLAIM08.indd 15


9/9/21 11:41 AM


AN ELEGANT BLEND OF OLD AND NEW The $115 million restoration of the Enoch Pratt

Historic Look and Feel

Free Library, in Baltimore, Md., painstakingly

The design team faced several obstacles when

recreated the stunning interior of the original

trying to recreate the lighting fixtures with a

1933 building, giving visitors today the same

historically accurate aesthetic. “Many of the

sense of awe and wonder people experienced in

lost originals had to be newly designed by using

that exact space nearly 90 years ago. To accom-

historic photos as inspiration,” explains Suzan

plish this feat, historic materials, finishes and

Tillotson, Tillotson Design Associates.

lighting fixtures were restored or replicated in a

The Art Deco-style lighting fixtures first

way that returned these run-down, painted over,

installed in the

historic pendant, produced by Tillotson for the

antiquated and long-forgotten elements to their

library were charac-

Pratt project, features several instances of spin-

original glory. Elaborate plaster rosettes and

terized by intricate

nings and stamped or embossed banding.

historic millwork and terrazzo were repaired.

detail work and

Ornate paintings and metalwork refreshed.

decorative finials,

lighting that filled the library interior in 1933

Existing lighting fixtures were reengineered

which needed to be

was another important aspect of the light-

or custom-made to match pictures taken in 1933,

reconstructed cor-

ing design. The design team specified lighting

while their performance and controllability were

rectly to effectively

sources with a correlated color temperature

upgraded to suit modern-day energy codes

reproduce the histor-

(CCT) of 2700K for use throughout the build-

and convenience.

ic look and feel of the

ing including the Central Hall, North and South

The design team was comprised of experts

space. For example,

Reading Rooms, Children’s Creation Space, the

in historic preservation, including lead architect

the diagram of the

Boardroom and even the Poe Room.

Replicating the warm glow of incandescent

Beyer Blinder and Belle and managing architect Ayers Saint Gross. Tillotson Design Associates provided the lighting design expertise, which included overseeing the custom replications of seven fixtures and the restoration of eight existing historic fixture. The lighting design also required the addition of a dozen modern fixtures—downlights, wall washers, task lights, etc.—to balance light levels and dramatically improve overall ambience.

 HISTORICAL PHOTOS The original 1933 building was recreated to give modern day visitors a glimpse of what the structure looked like some 90 years ago.


2109SSLAIM08.indd 16

 DAYLIGHT AND UPDATE LIGHTING IN THE CENTRAL HALL The stunning daylight in the three-story Central Hall still contains the original glass cleaned and reinstalled. The element was retrofitted with LED linear fixtures and daylight sensors to coordinate artificial lighting with natural light, saving energy and preventing the space from being over lit.

9/9/21 11:45 AM


© Joseph Romeo, courtesy Tillotson Design Associates


Beautiful and Better Performing The design objectives for this project demanded

preventing the space from being over lit. Incorporating LEDs into the historic pendants

that the lighting system achieve a historical

and chandeliers made the fixtures more efficient

accuracy, in terms of the aesthetic of the fix-

but replacing the omnidirectional incandescent

tures, and perform, in terms of light distribution,

bulbs with directional LEDs also affected their

efficiency and control, in a way that reflects the

lighting distribution. Tillotson and team added

capabilities of current and energy code-compli-

LEDs in layers of direct and indirect light. The

ant technology. This required that the design

more powerful, more efficient indirect light

team find a way to incorporate LED light sources

better highlights the ornate ceilings, while the

into the historical replicas and effectively cam-

enhanced direct light helps to meet illuminance

ouflage the more modern fixtures throughout

targets at the floor and working surface. This

the interior, so they could provide adequate lev-

strategy of customizing a distribution with direct

els of even illumination, without distracting from

and indirect layers of light was employed in all

the historical nuance of the space. As Tillotson

the renovated fixtures in the project.

describes, “Another challenge lay in updating all

In the reading rooms, newly designed linear

the historic fixtures to contain LEDs, while care-

bronze stack and table lights were specified with

fully introducing minimal, standard fixtures and

careful attention to glare, optics and vertical

a new control system.”

footcandle levels.

There are several examples that illustrate how the lighting team effectively balanced histori-

Controls Story

cal accuracy with improved performance. The

The Pratt library reopened in September 2019,

stunning daylight in the three-story Central Hall

and, just as designed, it has been creating a sense

still contains the original glass installed in the

of awe and wonder for visitors and members

1933 building. It was cleaned and reinstalled dur-

of the design community alike. The project

ing the renovation. The element was retrofitted

has received several impressive accolades and

with LED linear fixtures and daylight sensors

recently won the IESNYC Lumen Citation for His-

to coordinate the level of artificial lighting with

toric Restoration and the 2021 IES Illumination

the presence of natural light, saving energy and

Award of Merit.

2109SSLAIM08.indd 17


Lighting suppliers include: Xicato; Philips; Specialty Lighting Industries; Lumenpulse; Lucifer; Litelab; USAI Lighting; and Circa Lighting.


9/9/21 11:47 AM


ONCE A HOSPITAL, NOW A HIGH-END HOTEL Public advocacy for preservation of historical structures has had a checkered history. It worked in New York City when violinist Isaac Stern and Jackie Kennedy led the reversal of a developer’s proposal to tear down Carnegie Hall. It couldn’t stop the destruction of the original, glass© Mike Crews, Crews Photography

enclosed Penn station or Adler and Sullivan’s Chicago Stock Exchange. When the massive Cook County Hospital, a building that was first constructed in 1912 and served as a working hospital until 2002, was threatened with destruction, supporters and the Chicago advocacy group Landmarks Illinois mobilized and, ultimately, succeeded in getting the building restored and repurposed into a Hyatt Place Hotel and the extended-stay Hyatt House. A meticulous $140 million restoration of the old hospital followed. Led by a devoted team


from Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, the architects and their consultants restored the neglected exterior and once-crumbling interior to a hand-

Products in Use

some and smoothly functional facility. KOO was

“On the large columns, we used Targetti Dart

tasked with the design of the hotel’s interiors.

Maxi on the column sides to uplight these

Lighting design was under the direction of Hugh

features. The fixtures offered a precise beam

Lighting Design.

and flexibility. Between the columns is Ecosense

“The building has landmark status, which con-

Exterior Trov in a 2200K color to highlight the

strained where light fixtures and conduits could

4,500 pieces of terra cotta that were replaced,”

be located,” says Peter Hugh. “The main façade

Hugh indicated. For the top, Hugh’s choice was Targetti’s Mini-

way, and we wanted the illuminated façade to

lini with a narrow beam distribution to empha-

be in clear view, so we used a technique of light

size architectural features. At the ground level,

and shadow to let some architectural features

Targetti Stilo wall fixtures give definition to the

go dark and play up others.”

arches as well as provide lighting on the ground.

© Peter Hugh, Hugh Lighting Design

faces a main highway, the Eisenhower Express-

Hugh coordinated with interior specialist Jackie Koo for illumination of public spaces and guest rooms. “The interior was lighted with USAI beveled downlights on the first floor and second floor bar/restaurant,” Hugh says. Corridors and circulation areas on these levels are lighted with Erco Pantec uplights, selected for their widespread applicable to tight mounting conditions. Typical floors were lighted with downlights by H.E. Williams to accommodate differing ceiling heights that occur on different floors. A multiarm chandelier fashioned of metallic circles and white globes lends sparkle to the lobby.•


2109SSLAIM08.indd 18


• Targetti Dart Maxi, Minilini, Stilo • Ecosense Exterior Trov in a 2200K INTERIOR PRODUCTS USED:

• Erco Pantec uplights • H.E. Williams downlights • USAI beveled downlights

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Transforming architecture through light, now with DALI®/0-10 V control

When it comes to lighting design, more flexibility means you can create the exact system you need to ensure optimal long-term performance. That’s why we’ve added DALI/0–10 V compatibility to our best-in-class Foundation Family of luminaires. Use DALI/0-10 V control to create a fully capable, adaptable, and cost-effective design in every installation.


Circle 08

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Moynihan Train Hall New York City, N.Y. Architect: Skidmore, Owings & Merrill Structural Engineer: Severud Associates Structural Engineer (Skylight): Schlaich Bergermann Partner MEP/FP/IT/Telecom: Jaros Baum & Bolles Civil/Geotechnical Engineer: Langan Engineering & Environmental Services Lighting Designer: Domingo Gonzalez Associates Historic Building Restoration: Building Conservation Associates Photos: Courtesy, Empire Development Corp.; John Bartelstone Photography Text: Vilma Barr The Challenge: Convert the former mail-sorting hall inside the James A. Farley Building, a massive Beaux-Arts structure built during the early 1910s, into one of the busiest train halls in North America, and improve the travel experience of the 650,000 (pre-pandemic) daily commuters who used the rail lines feeding into New York’s Penn Station, and make the Moynihan Train Hall a significant structure on the map of New York City. In addition, the project is targeting Silver Certification in the new LEED for Transit category.

The design by architects Skid-

design team that has extensive

Liberty Airport, JFK Airport and

more, Owings & Merrill (SOM)

expertise in illuminating trans-

is currently leading the lighting

marries utility with history and

portation and historical facilities

design for Delta’s terminal at the

delivers the functionality of a

was another cornerstone of the

LaGuardia Airport. The team has

modern transportation hub in

project’s success.

been involved with planning the

a structure of another era.


2109SSLFEA-Moynihan04.indd 20

Domingo Gonzalez Associates,

illumination for the Moynihan

The thoughtful incorporation of

(DGA) has created the lighting

Train Hall since the formal begin-

natural and artificial light was

design for numerous high-pro-

ning of the design planning process

critical in creating a transit space

file transit hubs, including the

in 2014. “It’s been a labor of love for

that was easy for hundreds of

Miami Terminal for Go Brightline

many years,” said AC Hickox, vice

thousands of people to navigate

Miami, several New York subway

president and managing principal

and capable of providing an uplift-

stations for the Metropolitan

of DGA.

ing and inspiring experience in the

Transit Authority (MTA), and

process. Consulting with a lighting

airport projects including Newark

The design brief, originated by the coordinating agency Empire

9/8/21 7:19 PM

© ESD | SOM | Lucas Blair Simpson

State Development and architects

forward-looking face for New York,

had to be both powerful, compact

at SOM, identified many of the

aspects that were lost when the

and fully concealed from normal

design objectives for the Moynihan

original Penn Station was torn

viewing angles. DGA specified con-

Train Hall.

down in 1963.

tinuous linear four-channel RBGW

© ESD | SOM | Lucas Blair Simpson

“The project’s planners

2109SSLFEA-Moynihan04.indd 21

fixtures to highlight the massive

expressed their desire to highlight

The Role of RGBW

skylight structure and trusses,”

the structure, provide a central

DGA conceived the idea of using

said Dodaj.

destination for commemorative

dynamic, well-concealed and

events and create a space that

layered color-changing lighting to

process, all products had to be

would become an icon in New

highlight the historical trusses that

standard fixtures, available off-

York,” said Ilva Dodaj, DGA direc-

had been unveiled after being hid-

the-shelf,” noted Hickox. In order

tor and lead project designer, and

den for decades and the impressive,

to accommodate the potential

Hickox. State and local officials

vaulted skylight structure. “Given

variability that exists in the bid

wanted to create a vibrant and

the spatial constraints, the fixtures

process, the design team prepared 

“Because of the procurement


9/8/21 7:20 PM

© DGA | John Bartelstone

capabilities of the RGBW fixtures

Balance and Complement Natural Light

with the client team, which also

The presence and accommodation

included Skansa, the project’s

of daylight was another impor-

design builder.

tant consideration on this project

 several mock-ups showcasing the


“Ultimately, the RGBW linear

because the Train Hall features

system from Color Kinetics was

four catenary vaulted skylights,

selected and coupled with sophis-

which contain more than 31,000

ticated programming and controls

sq. ft. of glass. Hickox pointed out

by Crestron. This combination

that basic objectives for large and

allowed us to develop the sophisti-

complex projects like transit hubs

cated lit visual environments that

are to balance daylighting at the

met and exceeded the client team’s

transit hub and maintain the safety

vision and what they wanted to

of the facility for the user.

achieve,” said Dodaj.


DGA specified continuous linear fourchannel RBGW fixtures to highlight the skylight structure and trusses.” Truss/ skylight/façade lighting from Color Kinetics (RGBW LED linear fixtures).

Daylighting studies identified the potential for extreme contrast


2109SSLFEA-Moynihan04.indd 22

9/8/21 7:20 PM

© DGA | John Bartelstone

between the skylit halls and

in these areas and continuously

adjacent low-ceilinged spaces,

adapts the lighting to complement

which could affect wayfinding, so

and balance the interior visual

several measures were added into

environment with the intensity and

the design to ensure the issue was

color temperature of the natural

addressed. DGA coordinated with

light present at the skylight.

SOM on the frit to improve visibili-

Here’s a closer look at a few

ty of the skylight structure at night

specific spaces within the Moyni-

and to modulate the amount of

han Train Hall and an explanation

daylight entering the space. They

from the DGA team on how they

also added tunable-white linear

achieved the design in each space.


frames of light at each of the sky-

2109SSLFEA-Moynihan04.indd 23

light openings to balance contrast

Lighting the Trusses

in circulation zones. The specified

The Train Hall’s distinctive

lighting control system automati-

trusses mandated thoughtful inte-

cally minimizes luminance ratios

gration of the luminaires. Layers


9/8/21 7:21 PM

© DGA | John Bartelstone  of color-changing lighting fixtures



2109SSLFEA-Moynihan04.indd 24

The inner trusses are always lit

are concealed in the double his-

to layer in with daylight and create

torical trusses. Trapped within the

contrast on an overcast or sunny

trusses’ bottom cavity are deeply

day. Controls are programmed to

shielded, 14,000-lumen downlights

allow for adjustment of the lighting

that provide the only direct light

system at sunset and sunrise. Spe-

within the hall. Concealed linear

cial lighting scenes have also been

RGBW luminaires affixed to the

carefully curated to mark holidays

outer side of the historical trusses

and state and local events.

beam light upward to cast soft color onto the downward slope of

Lighting the Grand Stairway

the vaulted skylights, 92-ft. tall at

The grand stairway in the mid-block

their apex. Concealment was criti-

connector, between the entries at

cal to the architect’s realization of

31st. St. and 33rd. St., sits under the

a “grand civic space that melded

singular central skylight overlooking

the old with new,” said Hickox.

the annex and the Farley Building

9/8/21 7:22 PM

© DGA | John Bartelstone

façades beyond. The dramatic stair

daytime light is set at neutral white

room and ticketing areas benefit


with escalators on each side funnels

during the day and warmer during

from a more organic approach that

travelers into the Train Hall. The

overcast conditions.

relies on recessed downlights as

• Controls: Crestron Controls • Truss/Skylight/Façade Lighting: Color Kinetics (RGBW LED linear fixtures) • Circulation Lighting: iGuzzini • Main Hall Downlights: Luminis • Amtrak/LRR/Baggage Waiting Rooms: USAI, VODE • Daylight Transition Zone Linear Lighting: Lumenwerx

lighting that expresses the stone

well as concealed light coves in the

surface framing, while the escala-

Lighting for Navigation

dropped ceiling panels, which are

tors are hidden away from the

All lighting in the Train Hall is

out of user sight lines.

user’s direct view. Integrated hand-

LED. In the central circulation

rail and escalator lighting create a

area, low-glare/high-brightness

Penn Station helped catalyze the

unified visual statement. Down-

recessed downlights completely

modern historic preservation move-

lights are low-glare, high bright-

disappear, rendering ceilings

ment, and the lessons of that move-

ness for this transitional space.

absolutely “quiet.” At track access

ment guided the creation of the

areas, small aperture linear lights

Moynihan Train Hall. Rather than

lighting frames the daylight open-

outline the escalator openings.

treating the interior of the Beaux-

ings and continuously adapts to

Perimeter wall washers glow in

Arts Farley building as a blank slate,

the changing intensity and color

the marble enclosure and reinforce

SOM developed a modern design

temperature of natural light. The

direction of movement. Waiting

that celebrates the landmark.•

In the overhead skylight, linear

2109SSLFEA-Moynihan04.indd 25

The demolition of the original


9/8/21 7:24 PM



Challenge: In operation since 1957, Lambeau Field is one of the most legendary and longstanding sporting venues in the United States. The stadium underwent a significant renovation in 2001 and has added several upgrades and expansions since then. As a result of these two decades of changes, there were over 12 disparate lighting control systems from different manufacturers that were not fully integrated. This sparked the search for a single technology provider that could unify and standardize solutions into one ecosystem. Solution: Lambeau Field transitioned the vast majority of lighting in the stadium to Crestron,

STADIUM MANAGEMENT: The Crestron installation is a cohesive lighting automation system that

allows stadium management to easily upgrade lighting preferences and closely monitor and control energy expenditures for the facility.

which now controls concourses, suites, club seats, event spaces, parking lots and façade lighting from a single platform. The stadium also implemented robust information security standards that Crestron built into the makeup of its solutions using Active Directory Credential Management, which integrates the authentication on a Crestron device with the stadium’s enterprise-wide IT infrastructure. Through this monitoring, facilities personnel can proactively keep track of their system instead of having to react to situations, ensuring that on gameday, they know the system will work as intended. “The decision to standardize on Crestron was an easy one,” said Anne Larson, facilities office coordinator for the Green Bay Packers. “It was evident that it could handle every aspect of the project, including meeting required IT security standards using Active Directory. We now have one vendor and one system that is easy to use and update.”• 

Visit or Circle 237.


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Challenge: Create a cohesive lighting scheme for the half-mile stretch of The Underline (a 10-milelong, 120-acre linear park) that simultaneously satisfies the illumination needs of the pedestrian path, bike trail, off-road path and vehicular intersections. “Our lighting design had to meet these goals: safety, security, visual acuity and comfort as people move through the park at various speeds,” said project lighting designer Simi Burg, HLB Lighting. Solution: Arne area lights from Santa & Cole Urbidermis offered the flexibility and perfor-

VERTICAL ELEMENTS: HLB worked closely with Landscape Forms to create custom, code-compliant, 18-ft.-tall poles for Arne fixtures.

mance that enabled the design team to meet the various target illumination levels demanded in different spaces, in addition to the site restric-

requirements shift along the track. HLB worked

tions and code requirements unique to this Miami

closely with the Landscape Forms lighting and

project. “Arne gave us one vocabulary and an

engineering teams to create custom, code-com-

extremely successful fixture that was versatile

pliant, 18-ft.-tall poles for Arne fixtures. “Miami

but also uniform in its design,” said Isabel Castilla,

is a tricky place for lighting due to its high winds

Principal at James Corner Field Operations, the

and hurricanes,” said Landscape Forms’ lighting

landscape architecture and urban design firm

specialist Chad Gleesing.

chosen for the project. “Arne’s flexible multi-head fixture allowed

HLB also requested that the Arne lamps have a CRI of 80, a custom request at the time that is

us to create different lighting schemes with a

now a standard feature. “It was all about visual

consistent language across the park,” said HLB

acuity for us,” says Burg. “Plantings needed to

lighting designer Eddy Garcia. Another key fea-

be fresh in the light. The park includes a lot of

ture was the fixture’s uniformity. “Uniformity was

signage and artwork, making it all a dynamic and

important as was good vertical illuminance and

fun place to be. We wanted lighting to render

the ability to see approaching people,” explained

everything to its full potential, and the CRI of 80

Burg. “The lighting design and fixtures needed

helped us achieve that.”

to minimize opportunities for vandalism and

“Arne lighting is one of our favorite site ele-

reduce the need for maintenance. Finally, we

ments,” says Castilla. “The park is flat. There are

addressed light trespass and skyglow. The park

no canopy spaces, few tree plantings, nothing

runs through highly developed neighborhoods, so

that could impede the trains running above or

we had to be mindful of trespass.”

rail inspection. The light poles are the only verti-

The lighting also had to conform to some inter-

cal element in the park. We knew we wanted a

esting clearance and code restrictions. Miami-

series of elements that maintained the singular

Dade County and the Department of Transit

character of The Underline. The fixtures have a

and Public Works had clearance requirements

simplicity but also a strong character. They are

of 12-ft. below the rail structure and 5 ft. from

functional and beautiful, and they have become

it, but the track varies in height, making those

something iconic within the park.”•

2109SSLPRO05.indd 27

Visit or Circle 236.


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Challenge: Anchored by the Ritz Carlton, Naples Grande Beach Resort, Waterside Shops and The Marketplace, Pelican Bay features 88 acres of parks and recreation areas and 6,500 residences ranging from single-family homes, high-rise condos and luxury apartments located in 95 distinct and luxurious associations, each offering unique amenities and personalities. It is in one of these private residences that lighting designer Illuminated Design transformed what was once an underlit condo into a warm, inviting place to call “home.” Influence: As part of the lighting design, Lynne

WELCOMING: Lighting designer Illuminated

Stambouly, Senior Lighting Designer, wanted to

Design transformed an underlit condo.

complement daylighted views of the Gulf of Mexico with elegant downlights throughout, but was limited by narrow and crowded ceiling spaces.

module. A single housing can accommodate 98% Solution: Thanks to its low profile and modular

of downlighting use cases—fixed, adjustable and

design, DMF Lighting’s OneFrame housing and

wall wash.

next generation DRD Series modules are one,

“When the electrical inspector was looking

versatile solution that meets the unique lighting

at the project, he mentioned how ingeniously

demands of different rooms.

the OneFrame was engineered. We were faced

The DRD Series and OneFrame housings are designed to simplify installation, even in less-

with many obstacles to contend with and DMF performed beautifully,” says Stambouly.•

than-ideal mounting conditions. The compact 4-in. housing slides and adjusts for optimal

Visit or Circle 235.

fixture placement in crowded plenum space to accommodate ductwork, framing and plumbing. “DMF Lighting’s OneFrame product helped us overcome the challenge of limited plenum space in this condo—5-in. max height is all we were allowed,” says Stambouly. “DMF’s engineered OneFrame allowed the product to fit perfectly alongside the ductwork and all the other mechanicals.” Combining the OneFrame with the DRD Series produces ultimate flexibility. The modular solution offers a range of color temperatures, fieldchangeable beam angles from 15 to 90+ degrees, 120/277 voltage regulation, and 1% dimming with TRIAC/ELV or 0-10V, all integrated into the


2109SSLPRO05.indd 28

9/8/21 8:31 PM



Challenge: In 2014, the State of Missouri commissioned a new behavioral health facility to replace the outdated maximum security state mental hospital that opened in 1851. Fulton State Hospital (FSH) is home to high- and low-security psychiatric patients, developmentally disabled clients and a Sexual Offender Rehabilitation and Treatment Service program. A state bond issue provided $211 million in funds to replace the facility, and the new Fulton State Hospital and Nixon Forensic Center was completed in May 2019.

SECURED: Kenall increased the lumen output of the round surface-mounted fixtures (Kenall Millenium

The 500,000-sq.-ft. state-of-the-art complex

Round MR17 Series) and replaced the prismatic lens in the 1 × 4 troffer, shown here in the corridor, with a soft, diffusing lens that made the fixture appear softer and more attractive.

includes 12 residential halls, a treatment mall with stores, teaching kitchen, gymnasiums, chapel and a medical center. It incorporates two large outdoor areas and multiple smaller courtyards and can house up to 300 patients. The primary challenge for the design team of WSP USA, EYP, Mazzetti and general contrac-

meditation rooms at our request.” These changes

tor River City Construction was resolving the

to the lighting helped FSH combine the security

seemingly contradictory goals of creating a safe,

of a maximum-security penal facility with the

recovery-based environment for patients and

therapeutic and uplifting environment of a

staff while providing security levels for all users

mental health hospital.

commensurate with the admission of forensic psychiatric patients who may do “harm to others

Solution: Ultimately, different types of lumi-

or themselves.” Finding the appropriate balance

naires were installed in different areas of the

of these contrary design objectives required

project. “We used more attractive vandal-resis-

thoughtful design decisions when selecting prod-

tant luminaires in supervised locations, while

ucts and systems large and small.

correctional grade, anti-ligature luminaires were

According to Mark de la Fuente, a senior associate at Mazzetti, the MEP engineering firm

used in spaces with direct patient contact,” de la Fuente explained. As a cutting-edge example of the way that a

retained for the project, “Our greatest challenge was trying to achieve a therapeutic and uplift-

project can serve as a healing and safe psychi-

ing environment while utilizing high-security

atric care space, the design of FSH has earned

luminaires. In general, this genre of luminaries is

several awards including: the 2019 Design

focused solely on function and cost; the majority

Award AIA Mid-Missouri, the 2020 Architecture

seem to be fluorescent products with LED boards

Distinguished Award from the AIA St. Louis

in place of lamps. Kenall Manufacturing worked

Design Awards, 2020 Healthcare Design Show-

with us to make small adjustments to meet our

case—Honorable Mention, and the 2020 ASHRAE

unique project requirements. They replaced pris-

Technology Award, Healthcare.•

matic lenses with more attractive diffusing films and added sky images to their security troffers in

2109SSLPRO05.indd 29

Visit or Circle 234.


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Challenge: The AC Hotel SouthPark was purposefully designed to deliver a sophisticated, comfortable, European-inspired environment and the design team intended to carry this aesthetic all the way into the new parking structure. Unfortunately, creating a comfortable, safe, code-compliant parking garage depends upon identifying a lighting fixture that can deliver the right amount of light into the right location, while preventing it from spilling into unwanted areas. The project also demanded that the luminaires have a certain level of aesthetic sensibility, so that the first impression guests had of the property would align correctly with the intended experience of the brand. Solution: Architects at LS3P Associates consult-

BRIGHT AND INVITING: Finding a direct/indirect lighting fixture to avoid a “cave effect” and dark shadows common in parking garages was the PGL8, an edge-lit drop lens parking garage luminaire that features a standard uplight allowing the fixture to brighten the ceiling.

ed with TEAM Lighting to design a parking area lighting system that achieved the many objectives of the project. The PGL8 from KIM Lighting was quickly iden-

team. The goal was to avoid the “cave effect” and dark shadows common in parking garages. The

tified as the ideal luminaire for this application

PGL8 is the only edge-lit drop lens parking garage

due to its precise optical control, unique direct/

luminaire to feature a standard uplight allowing

indirect lighting distribution and sleek form,

this fixture to brighten the ceiling plane, while

which complemented the sophisticated aesthetic

precisely placing light in the occupied space.

of the larger hotel property. The edge-lit drop lens technology offers next-

The fixture was also nice to look at. The sleek, low-profile, round form complemented the

level optical control, which means that the fixture

sophisticated aesthetic developed throughout

can effectively place the right amount of light

the larger hotel property.

exactly where it is needed. Great optical control

As for the details on the specific luminaire

also minimizes spill light which can cause glare.

selected for the AC Hotel Southpark project, the

This enhanced glare control is important in a

team chose the PGL8 with a Type V Square dis-

parking garage as hot spots in the visual field

tribution pattern ideal for typical parking garage

reduce visibility and create discomfort for drivers

applications at 8-ft. to 12-ft. mounting heights.

and people walking through the space. The PGL8

The distribution is designed for optimal lumi-

is available with four distributions and six lumen

naire spacing and improved uniformity. In terms

outputs so the design team was able to perfectly

of color temperature and color rendering, the

match the different needs of the drive lanes,

PGL8 installed offered a 4,000K CCT and 70 CRI.

ramps, parking areas, entrances/exits, elevator

At 6,197 lm, this version provides 116 lm/Watt.

banks, and stairwells to the right luminaire.

The result is uniform, glare-free illumination

Finding a direct/indirect parking garage lighting fixture was also important to the design


2109SSLPRO05.indd 30

across the entire footprint of the parking garage that looks good. •

Visit or Circle 233.

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Challenge: The Passenger Terminal Amsterdam (PTA) is a unique three-story building that was uniquely crafted to tell a story of time and place. Designed by renowned, and now retired, HOK London architect Larry Malcic, the form of the PTA, with its undulating roof, symbolizes the connection between land and water. The huge wooden beams in the interior are a called out as a reminder of the shipbuilding tradition that dominated the Amsterdam economy for so many

A MILLION DOLLAR VIEW: The extensive use of glass on the building offers breathtaking views of the harbor and the historic Amsterdam Center City. It was relatively unnoticed at night, until now.

years. The extensive use of glass on the façade offers incredible views of IJ harbor and the historic Amsterdam Center City. While the spectacular building was able to be enjoyed by passersby during the day, it went relatively unnoticed at night, until now. Solution: The PTA now has a state-of-the-art nighttime lighting system that features 172 Dyna Drum SO Color luminaires from Acclaim Lighting. The Dyna Drum SO Color is a high output, outdoor rated LED flood fixture with a wired digital communication network. The fixture features spectrum technology to offer more usable colors, including pastels, dedicated whites and dynamic white options, all in the same system. In addition, it has an adjustable yoke, on-board digital display, and a 100-277VAC internal power supply. The Dyna Drum SO Color is ideal for creating dynamic façade lighting applications. The fixtures are controlled by an Obsidian Onyx system and were programmed by lighting designer Tibbe Warnier. The result is that the PTA has become an extraordinary structure day and night and travelers and locals alike will find it hard to look away at any time of day.• 

Visit or Circle 232.

DYNAMIC LIGHTING: The Dyna Drum SO Color G2 (above, right) is ideal for creating dynamic lighting. Controlled by an Obsidian Onyx system, travelers find it hard to look away at any time of the day.

2109SSLPRO05.indd 31


9/8/21 6:55 PM

Product Introductions

Wireless-Enabled Fixtures Several Luminis luminaires are now enabled with the nLight AIR wireless lighting controls platform, which allows the fixtures to communicate wirelessly with other nLight enabled devices such as dimmers, switches, and occupancy sensors. Whether a project calls for the more modern Hollowcore high-bay fixture, general illumination from contemporary Aramis or Prisma fixtures, or exterior Bellevue lighting fixtures for landscape or streets, the lighting design will be dramatically simplified when built upon the nLight wireless lighting control platform.  Visit or Circle 231.

“The engineering behind Sail, (below, left) made of a single piece of folded metal, creates a sense of lightness that lends itself to the idea of being caught up in a breeze off the Bay.” —Jennifer Greene, Associate Partner, TOSS, New Brunswick-based firm that designed Hyatt Place hotel

1 Convey a Sense of Weightlessness Sail luminaires from Eureka Lighting offer an artistic way to illuminate a space, as pictured at the Hyatt Place hotel in New Brunswick, Canada. The product is illuminated by an ultra-thin OLED light source, less than 1-mm thick, is easy to install and adjust.  Visit or Circle 230.

2 Floating Pendant Featuring a 30-in.-diameter spun-aluminum shade and a diffusing disc that appears to float at the shade’s center, the Torrey Pendant from Cerno can be suspended by cord or stem. The shade is offered in five exterior and four interior finishes.  Visit or Circle 229.

3 Combining Forces In a strategic partnership, Xicato is integrating its smart wireless controls with amBX SmartCore lighting control software. The result is a fullly intelligent and wireless solution that includes lighting, sensor and data management in one unified platform.  Visit or Circle 228.


2109SSLADV02.indd 32

9/9/21 6:34 AM

Product Introductions

Illuminate More with Less Luminaire Hydrel introduces the Specialty Architectural Flood (SAF) exterior lighting fixtures designed to illuminate the architectural details of a building façade, accentuate landscape and hardscape elements, provide area lighting or accent signage. This family of floodlights delivers powerful lumen output and precise distributions in small packages. The SAF7 has a 9-in. diameter and provides up to 5,000 delivered lumens and the SAF14 produces up to 9,500 delivered lumens from a fixture with a 12-in. diameter.  Visit or Circle 227.

Museum lighting design helps guide audiences as they explore particular scenes. Ultimately, it shapes the narrative.

4 Museum-Quality Spotlights Designed for museum and exhibition lighting, Zumtobel’s new spotlight series ARCOS III is flexible and can be adapted to illuminate different-sized artwork with a precise, uniform light from every beam angle and from a ceiling height of up to 10 meters. The same light distribution from different distances or different light distribution from the same distances can be achieved, and beam characteristics adapted.  Visit or Circle 226.

5 Pleated to Perfection From Danish designer and engineer P.V. Jensen-Klint, the iconic hand-pleated shade of the mid-20th century moves into the 21st, with new materials and designers. Ameico’s Bouquet is a contemporary chandelier inspired by spring flowers.  Visit or Circle 225.

6 Slim is In Expanding its LP Slim series, Louis Poulsen is now offering rectangular and round versions. The fixture can be connected lengthwise into a double-length unit for greater design flexibility.  Visit or Circle 224.

2109SSLADV02.indd 33


9/9/21 6:40 AM

Product Introductions

Geometric Aesthetic With its curved and softened design elements, Relay from A-Light can be configured into various striking geometric patterns. Ideal for high ceilings in offices, libraries, high-end retail or food markets, and upscale gyms and recreational facilities, the luminaire is available in 90- and 120-degree angles. Designed with direct or indirect illumination, or a combination of both, the direct lighting option offers reduced glare and continuous illumination while the indirect lighting features multiple batwing distributions to highlight ceiling elements.  Visit or Circle 223.

“The Flur (below) shades are colorful and quite playful. Our laser-cut steel shades, Cassi and Rionna, reference lace shades or an abstracted view through the trees.” —Chris Poehlmann, Founder of CP Lighting

1 An Oldie but a Goodie To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the opening of the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen (Radisson Collection), Louis Poulsen reintroduced the original versions of AJ Table Mini and AJ Royal and relaunched versions of the AJ Lamp in stainless steel. The design reflects the fixture’s surroundings, emphasizes its minimalist and distinctive shape and design, and accentuates its illumination. Originally designed for the hotel by the famous Danish architect Arne Jacobsen in 1957, the AJ Royal is available in its original sizes, and a new, smaller version joins the line-up.  Visit or Circle 222.

2 Playful OLED Light Fixtures Nadarra Lighting and designer Chris Poehlmann, founder of CP Lighting, have joined forces and the result is a collection of fun OLED lighting fixtures. Poehlmann lent his creative vision to craft a new variety of shades that add more flourish to a few of Nadarra’s existing OLED fixtures. Customization, like the ability to add customer branding to the shades, is available. Flur and are Rionna are pictured.  Visit or Circle 221.


2109SSLADV02.indd 34

9/9/21 7:03 AM

Product Introductions

Active Light Zumtobel’s Vaero features both a minimalist design—which discreetly integrates into a room’s interior—and Active Light technology linked to the changes in daylight dynamics and occupant’s circadian rhythms throughout the day. The result is a luminaire that only draws attention when it’s turned on. When turned off, the hanging luminaire is extremely thin and conceals itself inside a flat converter box.  Visit or Circle 220.

Office lighting not only impacts mood, circadian rhythms and physical health, it also affects productivity and creativity.

4 String of LEDs Targetti DURATAPE HIVOLT ARCH by Duralamp is a direct line voltage strip with opaque side walls for clean illumination cutoff. With no need for a remote LED driver, the light can reach long distances in continuous lengths. LED strip can be set up without a power supply.  Visit or Circle 219.

5 Smart Lighting American Lighting’s new Spektrum+ is a line of Bluetooth mesh technology for streamlining lighting applications. With a user-friendly app and open mesh network, the receiver allows users to integrate smart lighting device control to any low voltage lighting product.  Visit or Circle 218.

6 Elegant Crystal Expanding its luxury crystal lighting portfolio, Allegri Crystal introduces the Lucca collection. Featuring a jewelry-like band of polished chrome that emits soft LED light into a cluster of hexagonal crystal rods, the hanging vertical rods vary in length and height.  Visit or Circle 217.

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9/9/21 6:40 AM

By Jeanette Fitzgerald Pitts, Managing Editor

The COVID-Era Conference Trends A closer look at the shifting requirements from one show to the next.

After the long, COVID-induced hiatus, trade events are back. “We are

Lightfair, Oct. 27-29, Javits Center, New York City

so excited to be the first commercial lighting event in almost two

The COVID rules in New York City are quite different from the COVID

years,” said Laura Van Zeyl, vice president of lighting, Dallas Market

rules in Dallas and, as such, the rules for exhibitors and attendees at

Center. She’s referring, of course, to the upcoming ArchLIGHT Summit

LightFair are different as well. LightFair recently announced that it

in Dallas taking place toward the end of September. It essentially kicks

will require vaccinations for all individuals 16 and older who plan to

off the long-awaited lighting tradeshow season followed, a few weeks

attend LightFair 2021. This update puts the show’s policy squarely

later, by the IES Site and Area Lighting Conference (SALC) in Atlanta,

in compliance with the NYC ordinance that states, “As of August 17,

and LightFair in New York City.

people 12 and older are required to show proof they have received at

However, this welcome return to the tradeshow floor will be far

least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine authorized for emergency use

from a uniform experience one show to the next, as different COVID-

by the FDA or WHO for…indoor entertainment…convention centers,

related rules, requirements and conveniences try to recreate the spirit

exhibition halls.”

of an industry event, while keeping attendees and exhibitors safe and complying with local ordinances.

According to the LightFair website, safety-protocols, “Individuals must show proof of vaccination at access points to the Javits Center. Proof of vaccination may include: the


RECOMMENDED NYC Covid Safe App: Android or iOS, an Excelsior Pass, a CDC Vaccination Card (or photo), a NYC Vaccination Record, or an official immunization record for outside NYC or the U.S.”

IES Site and Area Lighting Show, Oct. 10-13, Atlanta, Ga. While LightFair is requiring proof of at least one vaccination, the IES recently announced that it will require all in-person attendees

ArchLIGHT Summit, Sept. 21-22, Dallas, Texas

to be fully vaccinated. “The Illuminating Engineering Society takes

The Dallas Market Center (DMC) is the busiest open-daily design

the health and safety of its members, staff, and event attendees very

center in the country. It has been open and serving its design clientele

seriously. After careful consideration, the IES Board of Directors has

for much of the last eighteen months and, in that time, has racked

decided to allow in-person attendance at this year’s SALC by fully

up incredible experience in learning how to host large quantities of

vaccinated individuals only, and to offer a virtual attendance option

people safely. “One of the things unique to the ArchLIGHT Summit is

that is available to everyone. If you have any questions regarding this

that we own our facility, so we’re in complete control of the conditions

policy, please contact” They also state that they will,

at our venue and we can be confident that we’ve created a space that

“continue to monitor federal and state guidance on face coverings

is safe,” explained Van Zeyl.

and intend to comply with applicable guidance at the time of the

“In accordance with local mandates and CDC recommendations, vaccinations are not required to attend the show, but masks are highly

conference.” This year, whether taking in the latest lighting innovations on the

encouraged, and all DMC personnel will be wearing them,” continued

tradeshow floor or attending virtually, and possibly in pajamas, it is

Van Zeyl. Of course, the situation is somewhat fluid, and exhibitors

safe to say that the experience will be illuminating.•

and attendees alike are encouraged to visit the DMC blog,, for the most up-to-date information about the show. ArchLIGHT Summit also offers on-site, concierge, COVID testing during the show. It’s a PCR test that provides results within 24 hours, the type of test most often required for travelers, or necessary to bypass a quarantine period. “Offering the COVID tests onsite have been working really well and provides a level of convenience important to bringing the lighting industry back together,” Van Zeyl added.


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9/8/21 4:37 PM

We’re Live

Case Studies

Highlighting products, materials, and systems behind the architecture. No other editorial source prioritizes the solutions that are enabled by LED lighting. Product choices can transform spaces, and real-world ‘proof-ofuse’ case studies offer insight into ‘proof-ofperformance’ realities.


Stay current with the product, material and system developments that are shaping lighting. Brief, relevant, editorially-written and curated news items that keep you on the forefront of specification.


Sort by building type, company name or product category, such as spot, task, downlights, pendants, suspended luminaires, direct/indirect, acoustics, lighting controls, tunable white, daylighting and more.

Updated Daily

Fully Responsive

Articles are added daily by our editorial staff and offer objective perspectives on real-world solutions. Timely and relevant. Editorial that follows the trends shaping lighting.

Take us on the go with you. The website is now fully responsive and optimized for viewing on all of your devices.


Be the first to know when the next digital issue goes live, get each issue’s editorial highlights, as well as links to exclusive content by following us: Twitter: @archsslmag | Facebook: archsslmag | Linkedin: archsslmag

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3/17/21 10:48 AM

For Quality and Trust: The Continuing Architect is now .EDU

Continuing education courses when you want it on any device for free. Here are some courses from the Art and Technology of Lighting.

Germicidal UV Lighting 101 C R E D I T S : 0 . 2 5 H S W, 0 . 2 5 L U S P O N S O R E D B Y: T H E L I G H T I N G E X C H A N G E

This course introduces the lighting technology Germicidal UV (GUV), which can play a role in reducing the transmission of the virus that causes COVID-19. Germicidal effectiveness, risks of exposure, important safety considerations, and design best practices are all explored during this interview with Steve Guarracino, LC, IESNA, Source Market Specialist.

Dynamic Lighting CR EDITS : 0 . 2 5 H SW, 0 .2 5 LU S PONS OR ED BY: H E W I LLI A MS

This course shares the experiences of a commercial lighting manufacturer and explores how they work with dynamic lighting (tunable, color-changing and circadian) in luminaires, controls, and where the lighting community is being directed by standards.

Advancing Light Quality for Human Preference and Well-Being C R E D I T S : 1 . 5 H S W, 1 . 5 L U S P O N S O R E D B Y: F O CA L P O I N T

This course will review how today’s tech allows the quality of light to be more tailored to human preference, especially when it comes to designing interior spaces using lighting.

LED Lighting Designs for Architecture C R E D I T S : 1 H S W, 1 L U S P O N S O R E D B Y: I N S I G H T L I G H T I N G

This course examines several categories of LED technology and the appropriateness of each to various facets of architectural design, then a discussion of color-changing LED technology and its impact on the comfort and health of building occupants.

Meeting Your High Standards: The Continuing Architect (TCA) is institutionally accredited by the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training. ACCET is listed by the U.S. Department of Education as a nationally recognized accrediting agency.

Discussing Circadian Lighting and the WELL Building Standard with Marty Brennan

Egress Path Lighting & Emergency Lights ISO 502

TCA is an American Institute of Architects Continuing Education Service Provider (AIA CES).

CR EDITS : 0 . 5 H SW, 0 .5 LU S PONS OR ED BY: T H E LI G H T I N G E X C H A N G E

C R E D I T S : 0 . 5 H S W, 0 . 5 L U S P O N S O R E D B Y: I S O L I T E

This course will explore the requirements, challenges, and best practices for achieving the Circadian Lighting Design Feature L03 in the WELL Building Standard version 2.0.

This course discusses emergency light selection and installation according to specific building codes standards. Once installed, these systems must be tested to ensure their efficacy in case of an emergency.

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9/8/21 7:31 PM

A Dazzling Aida High-power lighting and digital content reinvigorate classic opera.

First performed in 1871, the story of Aida is considered by many to be timeless, but even classics can benefit from a reimagined mode of storytelling. This point is perfectly illustrated by Opera Australia’s critically acclaimed digital production of none other than Aida, which incorporates integrated digital technologies to transport the audience in a whole new way. Opera Australia describes the digital set as, “Ten towering digital screens that create everchanging floor-to-ceiling set pieces. Immersive digital video design ranges from rich symbolism to vivid landscapes.” The five pairs of programmable UniView Tekken LED screens featured in the performance are 30-ft. high and 6.5-ft. wide. They glide around the stage on tracks and can rotate 540 degrees. Video images are delivered by 4K Tessera SX40 LED processors from Brompton. The use of digital screens as a significant production element presented some unique challenges to lighting designer John Rayment. “Screens are light emitting. Therefore, I am constantly adjusting the lighting to balance, as content changes,” he explains. In the core rig, Rayment installed a combination of Martin Encore CLD Performance (× 67) and Martin Encore CLD Wash (× 24), equipped with a 460W LED light engine, generating a luminous output of 39,400 lm. The Ayrton Wildsun S25 (× 9) is a major single source wash instrument, which can output up to 60,000 lm, via 217 × 600 lm RGBW sources per lantern, with a zoom range of 10 degrees to 60 degrees. All lanterns have a range of color temperature capacity up to 6000K.•

Aida, which takes place in fictionalized ancient Egypt, has a cast perform in front of 10 movable 30-ft.-high programmable LED screens on stage. © Prudence Upton for Opera Australia


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9/8/21 6:00 PM

BELLA VISTA LUMINAIRES NOW AVAILABLE WITH LED LIGHT GUIDE TECHNOLOGY The LED Light Guide is now available in ANP Lighting’s Bella Vista luminaires, utilizing the latest in edge-lit LED technology, which significantly reduces glare and eliminates pixelation of the LED source. With uniform illumination and superior optical control, the LED Light Guide takes visual comfort and performance to the next level.

Made in U.S.A. | A family owned business Circle 09

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9/7/21 10:25 AM

Scope Mini Sconce by

Luxuriously discreet. Scope Mini Sconce is an ambient wall light that combines high-quality materials and finishes with simple yet elegant design details. The 1.25-inch diameter cylinder is available in multiple lengths and finishes and can be accented with either powder coated aluminum, anodized aluminum, brushed brass, or pressed glass gems.

Circle 10

Scope_Sconce_Ad_Arch_SSL.indd 2 42 • YYMMSSLFPAds-Template.indd

8/11/2021 9:34:07 AMAM 9/7/21 10:25