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ARCHITECTURAL SSL • Chronicling the Advancement of LEDs in the Built Environment

STEPPING OUT ON THE TOWN In the core of any urban nightlife center, it’s critical for restaurants, night clubs and entertainment venues to stand out—especially with the public re-emerging from a COVID cocoon. Lighting plays an essential role in reassuring that return. [PAGE 20]

NUMBER 64 • MAY 2021


The 27-story W Hotel Osaka’s interior design by Amsterdam-based Concrete is a lively interpretation of an outwardly expressive urban center.

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SSL BUZZ Light used as infrastructure in urban interactions; reconsidering ceiling illumination strategies; grazing maximizes façade materiality.

SSL PROFILE Lighting’s role in wellness, including aperture versatility, is explored in this look at the Center for Health & Wellbeing in Winter Park, Fla.

AIM FEATURE Streets, bridges, parks and plazas no longer have to be slaves to utilitarian illumination, but rather can deliver poetry sans words.

5/6/21 2:28 PM

Typology Forms that Inspire, Experiences that Captivate A beacon. A looking glass. An immersive room of light. Architectural lighting that is striking industrial design by day, and by night, enchanting and ethereal pieces of luminescent art. Discover the groundbreaking luminaires from the Typology Collection, designed and engineered in collaboration with Designworks, a BMW Group company. Find us at or contact us toll free at 800.430.6205.

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Structure Mini by

Remarkably small. Incredibly powerful. Structure Mini is an ultra-compact highperformance linear fixture with a wide range of outputs, configurations, and finishes. The 1.25-inch square profile boasts a perfectly diffuse downlight and powerful batwing uplight with performance up to 120 LM/W. Available in single fixtures or continuous runs with surface or powered suspension cable mounting.

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27 Project Profile: Striking circular pendants help launch a new Steinway Piano showroom and performance hall.

07 Light Art

05 LED Insights

Interactive, traveling artwork helps create pizzazz in underutilized city spots.

Color. Color. Color. Just as spring flowers are bursting, it is time to embrace RGB on a bigger scale. By Jim Crockett

31 Project Profile: Museum of antiquities modernizes to a state-of-the-art lighting and control system.

08 Office Design Video game company reimagines the office ceiling with a series of illuminated triangles.

10 Façade Illumination

"Used singly or stand-alone, a project’s transformational message isn’t delivered until it is complete."

40 SSL Observed Atriums are known for daylight. Meet Radiant Echo, a perfect complement. By Vilma Barr

A Quebec theater is wrapped in a new glass envelope with lighting recalling the original cladding.


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14 Architectural Illumination Matters: Exteriors

32 Advances Track, decorative pendants, tape light, cove lighting, downlights, drivers, exterior lighting.

The dimensional poetry of transformational projects reflect brilliant, singular examples that go beyond their illuminated qualities to emotionally reach the user or viewer. by Vilma Barr

20 Featured Project: W Hotel, Osaka Its interior, designed by Amsterdam-based Concrete, the W Osaka is a lively interpretation of an outwardly expressive urban center. by Vilma Barr

36 White Pages A look at the standards for measuring circadian rhythm.

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5/7/21 9:25 AM

We’ve stayed up for hours so you don’t have to

DMF’s next-generation DRD Series is engineered to allow for ultimate flexibility. A single housing can handle 98% of downlighting needs – fixed, adjustable, wall wash; we have you covered. Our modular solution offers a range of color temperatures, field changeable beam angles from 15 to 90+ degrees, 120/277 voltage regulation, and 1% dimming with TRIAC/ELV or 0-10v built into the module. Learn more at:

Available This Summer Circle 03

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NUMBER 64 • MAY 2021

Gary Redmond

Managing Partner Director Publishing Operations

Tim Shea

Managing Partner Director Business Development

Dave Pape

EDITORIAL Jim Crockett 847 359 6493 John Mesenbrink

Vice President Director, Art & Production Editorial Director

Colour My World I regularly change the background display of my computer. Currently, it’s an early van Gogh of a harvesttime farm in his native Netherlands. Painted at sunset, it is dominated by rich oranges, golds and ochers. I realize I love color.

Copy Editor

Of course, the choice of the painting was likely my subconscious screaming for relief from the

CONTRIBUTING EDITORS Vilma Barr Barbara Horwitz-Bennett Ellen Lampert-Greaux

gray of winter. Fortunately, spring is in full bloom; the verdancy of the landscape, is, in fact, the opposite end of the spectrum of the harvest

DESIGN & PRODUCTION Dave Pape Art Director Lauren Lenkowski

Associate Art Director

CIRCULATION MANAGEMENT Jim Wessel 847 504 8180 ADVERTISING SALES Gary Redmond 847 359 6493

Tim Shea 847 359 6493

Bob Fox 917 273 8062

Jim Führer 503 679 5409

David Haggett 847 917 0287

Jim Morrissey 847 274 6482

A 2020 IES NYC Lumen Awards winner, this exhibit reminds us of the impact of climate change.

scene, yet both seasons share deep, saturated colors. It’s not surprising these are my favorite times of the year. Speaking of spring and van Gogh, before

us of the importance of water innovation and the impact of climate change. “I think we should

COVID shut everything down, I spent a wonderful

work toward a society where we live and work

weekend in Philadelphia prior to the last actual

with nature instead of against it,” said Roose-

Lightfair, biking all around the city, and stopping

gaarde. “Waterlicht is, for me, is about that—

in at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. There, up

nature, technology, people, landscape; trying to

close and personal, I was able to consume one

form a new harmony, a new sense of balance.

of Vincent’s “Sunflowers” still lifes. Beyond the

We all know the numbers. But numbers won’t

intensity of the yellows, the texture of the paint-

change us, imagination will.”

ing really hit me, and I really wanted to touch it.

Personally, I think this a wonderful example

For Impressionist history, and comedic fan-

of art and architecture coming together. The

tasy fans, check out Christopher Moore’s novel,

exhibit, the 2020 Lumen Awards jury noted,

“Sacre Bleu.” Beyond delivering entertainment,

instantly communicates water, compelling one to

it renders insight on the creation of paints, not

think only of it, while powerfully delivering social

the least blue. As to that color, as I’ve mentioned

commentary without getting preachy.

before, one of my last public appearances was

Jim Oestmann 847 924 5497


At the conclusion of my previous column, I

judging the 2020 IES NYC Lumen Awards. One

declared, let the “Spring of Luminosity” begin,

of my favorite entries was Waterlicht, a light

so, in our own way, let’s start the celebration of

art exhibit in 2019 by Studio Roosegaarde, at

rich color with this issue, be it our exploration of

EDITORIAL SUBMISSIONS Email or call 847 359 6493. Architectural SSL c/o Construction Business Media, 579 N. First Bank Drive, Suite 220, Palatine, IL 60067-8126

the Columbia University School of the Arts. Its

the fabulous pink tunnel in our featured project,

creator, Daan Roosegaarde, noted it’s a “dream”

the W Hotel in Osaka, Japan, or at another water

landscape about the power and poetry of water.

show—Niagara Falls. Either way, this much is

SUBSCRIPTION INQUIRIES There is no charge for subscriptions to qualified requestors in the U.S. All other annual subscriptions will be charged $49 for standard delivery or $84 for air mail delivery. For subscriptions, inquiries or address changes, call 847 504 8180 or email

Combining LEDs, lenses and fog, Waterlicht cre-

obvious: lighting designers are making some

ates an ever-changing layer of light—a virtual

serious magic. Be amazed.

A Publication of Construction Business Media

flood, if you will, influenced by wind and rain. Visitors encounter the heights the sea level could reach with continued melting of polar ice and more extreme weather. Illuminating the power of light, Roosegaarde noted the exhibit


is a collective experience of wonder, reminding

Jim Crockett, editorial director


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5/6/21 11:42 AM

Give every landscape the light it deserves aRondel-6

When it comes to lighting design, why should architecture have all the fun? We’ve added more than 50 new landscape luminaires to our product portfolio offering unmatched performance, simple installation, and compatibility with state-of-the-art Luxor® cloud technology for zoning, dimming, and RGBW color control. Discover endless new possibilities to bring your next landscape lighting project to life at rEcho-6




Learn more. Visit Circle 04

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RECONSIDERING INFRASTRUCTURE NOT TO HINDER, BUT HELP LIVES Brooklyn-based design studio, Urban Conga, was recently selected as a winner of Architizer’s A+Firm Awards. Its work highlights the impact play can have on the health, identity, social and economic values within the future development of cities and communities. “Oscillation,” shown here, is an interactive installation that focuses on using sight, sound and movement to spark spontaneous social interaction and conversation within a once underutilized space. The five-piece artwork acts somewhat like a giant theremin, where, as one walks toward it, it plays different sounds and pitches depending on one’s distance to it. The colors reflect and refract light differently based on people’s angle and position to the work—an open-ended invitation to play, dance, jam out and come together as a community in public space.•

ABOVE: The interactive installation was designed as modular pieces so the work can travel and activate new and unique underutilized spaces around the world.

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5/6/21 10:51 AM


In the Image of a City Video game studio developer Eidos-Montréal evolved in just over a decade from two employees to nearly 500 associates. Expanded working areas were needed to keep up with staff growth for the firm that created Tomb Raider and Deus Ex games. A two-level office space was leased in the heart of Montréal and La Shed Architecture was retained to unify the space into one coherent whole. La Shed developed its program in the image of a community. Eidos-Montréal management wanted a warm, human-scale environment where its designers, creatives and artists would feel at home. The architects designed the layout of the new space with a village in mind. Creative rooms, meeting rooms and management offices create paths that converge toward the forum, the heart of the studio, open on two levels that allows meetings as well as gatherings. The architectural elements and the custom furniture contribute to this social life of the agora, whether around tables designed to assemble or on the staircase that connects the two floors that also serves as an amphitheater during presentations. The urban geometry of this village is based on human interaction with city streets, intersections and squares. Desks are arranged to provide winding circulation areas. Pods are working pavilions for informal and creative meetings, creating subspaces. Inspired by the triangular shape of the company logo, the centerpiece of the project is the ceiling above the entire studio, functioning as a frame of thousands of triangles. It is comprised of acoustic foams, light fixtures, ventilation grids and the sprinkler system. To balance the angular side of the triangle and introduce softness, the architects accentuated the rounded profiles of furnishings supplied by local firms, De Gaspé, Kastella and Margoglia. © Maxime Brouillet

Thicker acoustic foam extrusions in meeting

ABOVE: Inspired by the triangular shape of the company logo, the centerpiece of the office is the ceiling above the entire studio, functioning as a frame of thousands of triangles.

places and triangles left empty at the perimeter create contrast and texture on the ceiling. Triangulated lights overlook the traffic areas and draw a signage path as they energize the space. They appear as a starry vault, contributing to Eidos-Montréal’s singular character that is conducive to creating their specialized product.•


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5/6/21 2:43 PM

© Iosaghini Associati


Rail System Contributes to its Own Power With a total length of 3.2 miles, the Marconi

with the urban fabric, rather than as a motorized

Express in Bologna, Italy, is moving architecture.

electro/mechanical people mover machine. It is

Its elevated monorail route carries passengers

an elegant example of rail transit, to attract rid-

from the area’s airport to the train station to link

ers and offer a pleasant travel experience rarely

with the regional rail service into the city.

encountered in public transport.

Named for native son Guglielmo Marconi,

Even in its daytime life, the project is about

inventor of the wireless telegraph, it presents a

light, in that the canopy covering the tracks

sleek, white, and at night, illuminated image—a

becomes an environmentally friendly energy-

curved line of light—that connect non-travelers

generating belt moving from point to point along

to the airport and back. Designers at Iosaghini

its route. Its shape and form permit the instal-

Associati approached its design as a piece of

lation of photovoltaic panels on the southwest

moving architecture, connecting an outlying base

side that produces 30% of the energy used by the system. North glazed panels serve as balustrades that give the entire line a sense of lightness and transparency. Trains are painted green on the bottom and white on top, with an aerodynamic sloped front on the first car. Station structures are also white, with extensive use of daylighting for the interior spaces. Station roofing is sloped to accommodate pho-

LEFT: The elevated monorail carries passengers from the area’s airport to the train station to link with the regional rail service into the city.

tovoltaic panels. Slender tapered support piers range in height from 23 ft. to 82 ft. The express becomes a bridge over a motorway before arriving at its terminal station stop in Bologna.•

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Circle 05

5/6/21 11:03 AM


Transparent Solution Since its grand opening in 1971, the Grand Theatre de Quebec has been a prized icon. The build-


ing is admired for its brutalist architecture, by Victor Prus, which is entwined with an integrated artwork—a concrete mural by sculptor Jordi Bonet that covers close to 60% of the interior. By the turn of the century, moisture had caused the steel anchors of its concrete panels to disintegrate. The latter could not be simply removed and replaced. An innovative solution was needed to protect the building’s heritage elements. The solution? Enclose the entire structure in glass, down to a bespoke silicone joint base. Lemay/Atelier 21 created a delicate steel structure on which the new glass rests—the result of intense teamwork among architects, engineers, construction specialists and manufacturers. With the glass envelope, illumination became a major component. Handling that end of the project was architect Guy Simard, who had working on a dynamic lighting concept for 15 years. With LED, his vision could now be fulfilled. To bring his vision to life, Simard selected Lumenbeam Large Color Changing and Lumenbeam Large luminaires in 3000K. Placed in tandem at the top of each vertical recess, the luminaires (one white and one color changing) light down to street level, providing the option for both classic white light and more festive color illumination. “We wanted people to know, just by looking at the building, what was going on inside. So if it was lit in blue, for example, they would know it was the symphony orchestra that night; if it was red, a rock concert—we wanted to establish a pattern, which would tighten the bond between the theater and the city,” Simard said. To complement the color-changing element, he positioned two 4-ft. Lumenfacade luminaires and one Lumenbeam Large in 3000K at the bottom of each concrete panel between the recesses. These are aimed back up toward the cornice, grazing the concrete and bringing out its character, resulting in a dynamic design that has © Stéphane Groleau

captured the public’s attention, and breathed new life into the theater. • 

Visit or Circle 238.


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5/6/21 3:21 PM


Adding Pop Panache Designed by New York-based RUR Architecture, the Taipei Music Center (TMC) is helping the metropolis fulfill its desire to be a “City of Pop Music.” The TMC is a key part of cultural urbanism in the post-industrial revival of Taipei in Northern Taiwan. A faceted double skin wraps around and encloses the auditorium, made of anodized aluminum cladding the outer layer and the gypsum wall inner layer. The geometric volumes mirror the terrain of the nearby mountains, a sitespecific reference that ties the building into its

various ceiling connection options

environment. The venue features state-of-the-art technology, including its lighting system, which allows the exterior to be highlighted in a new way at night, while doubling in communicating the message of being a venue for Mandarin and Asian pop music.•

nearly invisible aircraft cable

fast, tool-free adjustable grippers

any type power cord

second-to-none quality control

quick release plunger

heavy-duty construction

external or internal thread

side or bottom exit

© ERCO GmbH, Gavriil Papadiotis

The Art of Suspension® ABOVE: The center functions as a discrete urban organism within the city’s landscape, yet extends beyond the city as an urban peninsula into nature.

2105SSLBUZ05.indd 11


photo courtesy Prudential LTG.

® | 1-866-523-4490 Circle 06


5/6/21 2:44 PM


Art Deco Shines on Renewed Waterfront Located on an island within the San Francisco Bay, Naval Air Station Alameda was decommissioned in 1997 and since that time had remained relatively untouched. The site is now being transformed into the Seaplane Lagoon Ferry Terminal, public parks and housing. Architectural lighting design firm HLB Lighting Design was hired to create the lighting scheme for Alameda Point, including the ferry terminal, adjacent parking, public pathways, parks and streetscapes. The design team sought a new lighting standard for the area for several reasons. “Alameda’s existing street lighting standard was a traditional ‘acorn’ style,” said Andrew Moore, senior associate at HLB Lighting Design and lead designer for Alameda Point. “The design team didn’t feel that style luminaire would harmonize with the character of the architecture that was to be built on-site and would have appeared jarring in that context.” Equally important, the acorn fixture did not provide full cut-off, which would have had environmental ramifications. HLB selected Luminis’ Eclipse EC801 luminaire, which is mounted on Luminis’ PTA round tapered aluminum pole. There are approximately 30 fixtures at Seaplane Lagoon and its immediate vicinity. Double-headed luminaires line the waterfront promenade, illuminating bike paths, pedestrian pathways and a parking area adjacent to the dock. Moore chose a Type III distribution for all fixtures at Alameda Point, because the EC801 also lines roadways and adjacent walkways and sideABOVE: Luminis collaborated with HLB to provide some additional modifications to the luminaires to anticipate the city’s future needs. Light levels are adjustable via a step dimming switch, giving public works the versatility to make local adjustments as required. As well, the luminaire has been adapted for the future provision of a seven-pin photocell, which the city can add at a later date if and when it moves toward a smart city system.

walks. As a result, it illuminates the full width of the streetscape. “I’ve had the opportunity to visit the site several times, both day and night,” Moore said. “The Eclipse luminaires and accompanying poles are a very attractive complement to adjacent buildings. The quality of the illumination they provide is comfortable and inviting, and the streetscapes

© Billy Hustace

feel safe and secure.”•


2105SSLBUZ04.indd 12

Visit or Circle 237.

5/6/21 11:11 AM


The EQ Collection’s catenary mount allows the designer unparalleled flexibility to provide visually comfortable illumination to courtyards, plazas or streetscapes. To see the entire EQ Collection, please visit Circle 07

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5/5/21 10:44 AM



poetry without words The dimensional poetry of transformational projects reflect brilliant, singular, examples that go beyond their illuminated qualities to emotionally reach the user or viewer. By Vilma Barr, contributing writer


2105SSLAIM08.indd 14

5/6/21 11:29 AM


At its inception, clients don’t typically ask that

“transformational” projects from around the

their project be transformative. Almost no design

world. Their size, shape, use and placement

brief closes with the clause, “And while you are at

within the built environment are all reflections of

is formed by distinctly differing inputs found

it, make it transformational.” Similarly, designers,

examples that go beyond their dimensional and

nowhere else. They might involve thousands

at a project’s kickoff meeting, won’t proffer, “For

illuminated qualities to reach the user or viewer.

of hanging polycarbonate rods, which create

the same cost, we can make it transformative.” Transformative is defined as “causing or

Used singly or stand-alone, a project’s

positive and memorable emotional reaction. A project’s transformational personality

a weather effect, or lighting in symphony with

transformational message isn’t delivered until

bodies of water to dramatically outline the struc-

able to cause an important and lasting change

it is complete. It’s not in the specs. It needs to

tures that span such waterways. Then again,

in someone or something,” or “causing some-

interact with the user in a silent role that has no

they might take visitors 50-ft. above ground to

one’s life to be different or better in some

stated dimensional limits. Rather, it goes beyond

walk among leafy branches in a mini-forest-

important way.” Here, we present a number of

programmed functions to illicit, in many cases, a

like setting. The sky is virtually the limit.

2105SSLAIM08.indd 15


5/6/21 2:32 PM


Walterdale Bridge

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Painting an Elegant Portrait Edmonton’s Walterdale Bridge seems to dance across the North Saskatchewan River. Its main sweeping arch can be perceived as a ballerina at the peak of her Grand Jeté movement—both feet off the ground. At 763 ft. in length, the bridge, which connects the north and south sides of Edmonton, has both ends solidly anchored with massive thrust blocks. Seen in profile, the elegant structural form blends seamlessly into its city and river valley environments. The canted arches of the througharch structure are illuminated in classic white or with color-changing lights. Walterdale Bridge is a gracious, single span, twin through-arch steel structure. It carries three lanes of northbound vehicle traffic, a sidewalk to the west of the roadway and a separated footbridge for pedestrians and cyclists to the east. Another lane can be added in the future. The current population for Edmonton, capital of the Alberta Province, is 972,000, having added 72,000 to the residency rolls since 2016. DIALOG, a multi-disciplinary design firm with offices in Edmonton and other cities, was responsible for the architecture, structural engineering, landscape and electrical design. HLB Lighting Design was responsible for the illumination of the structure and the approaches. HLB specified low-level LED lighting integrated © Tom Arbavn Photography; David Lai; City of Edmonton

into the handrail to provide controlled illumination on the cantilevered shared use path, while allowing for unobstructed views of the river and the Edmonton skyline. Continuous arches of lights required for this project made GVA Lighting’s HL-DL and STR9 RGB the solution to this project’s challenging lighting requirements. All luminaires are powered by the company’s Infinity technology, allowing the structure to be free of additional wiring and bulky power supplies. ETC Lighting Control system was combined with the products to achieve the desired end result. WOW Lighting and Controls was the supplier for both


the LEDs and the lighting control system.

prevailing winds. At each end, the path is about

STR9 RGB are power wall washing and wall grazing linear LED luminaires and are high performance and compact line of linear luminaires with great versatility. or

twice as wide as it is in the middle, gracefully

Circle 236.

The bridge deck, supported by 32 hangers, is a steel framework supporting a cast-in-place concrete deck covered with asphalt. Benches with high backs help reduce traffic noise and soften

connecting with the valley.


2105SSLAIM08.indd 16

 GRACE PERSONIFIED The Walterdale Bridge’s graceful slender profile with its illumination capabilities is recognized as a public asset for the entire North Saskatchewan River Valley, North America’s largest stretch of urban parkland with more than 93 miles of public parks and trails.

5/6/21 11:30 AM


4th St. SW Underpass

© Bruce Edward Statham/yellowcamera

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

 ILLUMINATED INFRASTRUCTURE A program animates the space with colorful shapes in response to pedestrian movements.


Underpass Anew: When Art Meets Security and Amenity Enhancements

Boutin, an alumnus of the school and an

internationally for his work in projecting

Constructed beneath the Union Pacific Railway

associate professor at the school, envisioned a

images and sound onto architectural façades

train tracks running through downtown Calgary,

colorful, sculptural link. He and his collaborators

and public monuments, who became a consul-

Alberta, the 4th. Street SW Underpass was a

developed schemes to integrate art into the plan

tant to the Calgary project.

heavily used, but dingy unadorned shaft for vehi-

and explained the concepts at public meet-

cles and pedestrians. As part of a major rehabili-

ings. The final choice utilizes screen lighting,

The bottom layer has panels of white rectangles

tation undertaking, $6.7 million was budgeted

responsive, high resolution, pixel-based fixtures

defined by a black grid, while the top band is

by the city of Calgary to encourage pedestrian

to depict the lighting narrative; veil lighting,

created by a series of elements influenced by

use between the city center and the Beltline

responsive, low resolution, linear-based fixtures

pointed directional traffic signs and signals. A

neighborhood by turning it into a lively illumi-

contributing to the art lighting strategy; and

computer program, developed by Boutin and his

nated link. Local firm Marc Boutin Architectural

frame lighting, non-responsive, low resolution,

associates with Wodiczko, animates the space

Collaborative enlisted a team from the Univer-

linear-based lighting to help guide pedestrians.

with colorful shapes in response to pedestrian

sity of Calgary School of Architecture, Planning

Veil and screen lighting respond to the pres-

Boutin divided the side walls into two layers.

movements, an example of lighting that is as

and Landscape to solicit ideas from community

ence of people in the space. Boutin was familiar

much of an art feature as a security and

residents and coordinate the aesthetic approach.

with the work of Krzysztof Wodiczko, known

amenity enhancement.

2105SSLAIM08.indd 17


5/6/21 2:33 PM


Schwartz Common and Pavilion

© Reid Freeman

Harvard Business School Campus, Boston


Flexible, Functional and Open

Design Assocs. (JCDA) was named artist/

The Schwartz Common and Pavilion, a trans-

designer for the project, working closely with

parent enclosure on the Boston campus of the

Reid Architecture and landscape architect Reed

Harvard Business School (HBS), was envisioned

Hilderbrand. The team sought to mesh landscape,

as a landscaped space rather than a building by

engineering, architecture and art to create a sin-

its architect, Reid Freeman of Brooklyn, New

gularly defined place for year-round experience

York–based REID Architecture. Placed beneath a

combining personal use and gatherings.

stately London planetree, a native sycamore and

JCDA’s configuration is comprised of two over-

non-native Asian planetree hybrid, the 4,200-sq.-

lapping canopies of different heights with paral-

ft. structure brings a laid back, informal sensibil-

lel rows of flush-mounted downlights that link to

ity to the surrounding quadrangle featuring

the scale of the open lawn of the commons and

classic McKim, Mead & White buildings, designed

the surrounding buildings to define the primary

from their original master plan.

covered spaces of engagement. Light-responsive

A gift from The Gerald Schwartz & Heather

materials of the canopy and vertical partitions

Reisman Foundation, the pavilion introduces an

provide privacy, delineate space, and display

indoor/outdoor hub of community life at HBS,

activity and occupancy. Offering a visual link

becoming a destination for campus activity, from

with the surrounding natural world, the glass

casual interactions to ceremonial events that

canopy reveals the tree canopy and sky, while

bring together faculty, staff, students and alumni.

transmitting light and shadows into the pavilion.

Winner of a competition, James Carpenter


2105SSLAIM08.indd 18

Lighting was created by DotDash, Brooklyn.

 DAYLIGHTING The glass canopy reveals the tree canopy and sky, offering a visual link to the surrounding natural world.

5/6/21 11:30 AM


Grant Street Pier

© LionEye Aerials; courtesy, Fisher Marantz Stone

Vancouver Waterfront Park, Wash.

Public Park 90-ft. Over the Columbia River

structure. Two sets of low-level steplights, inte-

Situated along a half-mile stretch of south-facing

grated into guardrail stanchions, provide pedes-

riverfront, the Vancouver Waterfront Park in

trian lighting. The exterior set outlines the shape

Vancouver, Wash. represents the redevelopment

of the pier. An interior set illuminates the board-

of the old Boise-Cascade mill site on the Columbia

walk. Marker lights along the pier edge define its

River. Part of a private-public partnership, the

shape, visually linking it to the cityscape lights

park reconnects the city’s downtown core to its

in the distance. “We mounted and concealed wall


washers below the pier to accent its floating

Reclaiming nearly 32 acres and 21 city blocks of available land, the park includes the Grant

lights, which are 4000K. Stone points out that the

Columbia River, the Grant Street Pier is a dra-

slight difference in color temperature empha-

matic addition to benefit users of all ages.

sizes the crisp white finish of the mast, creating

Grant Pier was PWL Partnership. Charles Stone

2105SSLAIM08.indd 19

All lighting is 3000K except for the mast flood-

Street Pier and Plaza. Suspended 90 ft. over the

Landscape architect for the 18,000-sq.-ft.

 CITY LINK Marker lights along the pier edge define its shape, visually linking it to the cityscape lights in the distance. “We mounted and concealed wall washers below the pier to accent its floating feel,” says designer Charles Stone.

feel,” Stone indicated.

visual punctuation points along the pier. FMS coordinated with Portland International

led a Fisher Marantz Stone (FMS) team of Kevin

Airport, Ore. for approval of the project’s

Frary and Danielle Kelly to provide the light-

lighting specifications and with the Audubon

ing design to enhance the site. Floodlights, with

Society to minimize the effect on migratory bird

precise optics to minimize spill, are mounted

patterns. The project received an IALD Award of

to cable-stay piers, highlighting the masts’

Excellence in 2020.•


5/6/21 11:31 AM


W Hotel Osaka, Japan Architect: Nikken Sekkei; Tadao Ando for the façade Lighting Design: Lighting Planners Assocs. Interior Design: Concrete Photos: Courtesy, Marriott International Text: Vilma Barr The Challenge: Create hotel interiors and vignettes that match the vibrancy and excitement of Osaka’s streetscapes and the electric nightlife of the Dotonbori District, just around the corner. A secondary challenge was to counter the hotel’s simple, black monolithic façade with an interior that reflects the facets of the city. The Solution: The W Osaka blends Japan’s celebrated cultural heritage with bold contemporary designs in a rarified milieu of playful chic and boundless luxury, often expressed with light. Work hard, and play even harder, while making your mark and owning the moment, was the theme. The spaces deliver both super social and mouth-watering dining experiences.

W Osaka Reflects City’s Facets Since its founding more than two

interpretation of an outwardly

design. The W Osaka, seamlessly,

decades ago, W Hotels, part of

expressive urban center. Osaka has

blends Japan’s celebrated cultural

Marriott International, has grown

grown as a center of commerce

heritage with bold contemporary

to have its name on 55 properties

with a regional population of 19.2

designs in a rarified milieu of play-

around the world, now including

million. Architect of Record for the

ful chic and boundless luxury.

Osaka, Japan. In the competitive

facility of 337 rooms and suites was

hospitality market, the chain’s

Nikken Sekkei with Tadao Ando

Concrete, the true spirit of Osaka

image is promoted in each loca-

for the façade. Lighting Planners

is extravagant simplicity. Every W

tion to interpret and represent

Assocs. (LPA) served as the lighting

hotel, notes the firm, is designed

the surrounding cultures and

design consultant.

for its specific location—with for-

environment. For the 27-story W Hotel Osaka,


2105SSLFEA04.indd 20

From the interior designer,

The electric nightlife scenery

eign designers invited to offer the

of Dotonbori, the city’s ’s nightlife

fresh perspectives of an outsider.

the interior design by Amster-

district, just around the corner

dam-based Concrete, is a lively

from the hotel, is reflected in its

Running through the heart of Osaka City, the hotel grants easy

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Don’t be deceived by the hotel’s simple black monolithic design—inside hides a world of extravagance, inspired by the many facets of the city, welcoming guests to experience Osaka.

2105SSLFEA04.indd 21

access to the city’s main shop-

To meet the requirements of

ping, dining and entertainment

the developer, Sekisui House, LPA

2700K, employing a variety of LED fixtures with various wattage. Rep-

districts. So, for W’s first hotel in

explained the lighting program at

resentative manufacturers include

Japan, Concrete absorbed the sites,

the design phase with a series of

Koizumi Lighting Technology;

sounds, flavors and thrills of Osaka.

visual presentations with detailed

Daiko Electric; DN Lighting; Color

From the simple beauty of the

sketches and drawings to obtain

Kinetics Japan; Atex, and Modulex.

cherry blossoms and gingko trees

the overall initial agreement. At

lining the Midosuji Boulevard to the

the start of construction, LPA had

It All Starts Out Front

vibrant neon and busy streetscape

models built of the lighting scenes

In line with the area’s vibrancy,

of Dotonburi, Concrete found

at the hotel for the review by

color linear lights were embedded

inspiration in both the simple and

developers and operators which

on the entire feature wall at the

traditional, as well as the modern—

were approved following several

entrance drop-off of the hotel.

even obsessive and extravagant—to

revisions. The color temperature

Mirror balls make up the “W” sig-

celebrate the spirit of the city.

was established at a standardized

nage and glitter with the aid


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of in-ground up-lights. The theme of linear color up-lights continues

of extravagance. Spotlights hidden in the wall

“The Living Room” The suspended light sculptures of

into the metallic, origami-style

slits, light the “asanoha” ceiling.

the facility’s main lobby and bar,

arrival tunnel. The faceted tunnel

The latter is one of the most popu-

or “Living Room,” is an artistic

changes colors, reflecting to guests

lar traditional patterns often seen

illuminated interpretation of the

the seasonality and experience

on kimonos. The geometric pattern,

bright outdoor signage commonly

of the seasons. The fixtures are

although abstract, represents over-

displayed on Osaka streets and

installed behind the perforated

lapping hemp leaves, which the


tunnel walls; foot lights are located

pattern is named for, although the

under the walkway.

name also applies to other triakis

bar features live music, stand-up

In the lobby itself is the hotel’s

The Living Room restaurant and

shapes, such as the triakis icosahe-

comedy, a DJ booth and a rotating

iconic staircase. Leading to the

dron and triakis octahedron.

stage in red, accented throughout

staircase, a geometric asanoha

Luminous bar sconces and

with vibrant and colorful furniture.

pattern is integrated into the ceil-

indirect footlights were integrated

ing design with a theme of origami,

into the hexagonal staircase in the

riors are custom-made Japanese

adding an extra component

center of the lobby.

kokeshi dolls, exquisitely backlit,


2105SSLFEA04.indd 22

Mixing local culture into the inte-


Origami, as well as ginkgo blossoms, inspired the changing colors in the tunnels to reflect the seasons. The walls feature more than 3000 circles laser-cut into metal and folded randomly.  ENTRANCE LOBBY

Spotlights hidden in slits illuminate the “asanoha” ceiling: a geometric pattern, representing overlapping hemp leaves, a traditional pattern often used in kimonos in Japan.

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that can be seen just before patrons

Oh.lala... Restaurant

enter the restaurant, Oh.lala...

A brasserie in the hotel, Oh.lala...

Inspired by the traditional room


Mixing local culture into the interior design are custom-made Japanese kokeshi dolls.

serves a number of French special-

divider in Japanese architecture,

ties created by Michelin-starred

a shoji screen—translucent sheets

chef, Yusuke Takada. Circular

on a lattice frame—guests see a

pendant luminaires set a festive

flowing curtain, with a folding

atmosphere for the main dining

effect that curves through the



The hotel’s unique “Living Room” is accented by colorful furniture and its signature, circular luminaires housed in various geometric shapes. The theme of circles carries into the restaurant Oh.lala... in the lower left.

whole floor, adding privacy while

2105SSLFEA04.indd 23

also merging each of the spaces


with one unifying element. The bar

Mirror ball pendant lights illumi-

is the pulsing heart of the Osaka

nate the counter and the Mix Bar

W, with an abundance of lanterns

in the standard guestroom. The

above the bar that create an

MixBar embodies W’s “cocktail

extravagant feel, while maintain-

culture.” In the guest rooms, guests

ing simplicity.

can create their own in-room con-


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coctions. Guests are also treated to

with rain showers and floor-to-ceil-

extravagance. Sized at 80 sq. m

an experience of “light cocktails,” if

ing windows that offer sweeping

with a ceiling height of 2.7 m., all 35

you will, as seamless linear lights

views of the striking Osaka skyline.

suites have king beds, and the bed-

appear on the black mirror when

State-of-the-art in-room tech-

rooms feature an expansive living

the “Escape” scene turns on.

nologies featuring LED TVs and

room and dining space, and

Bluetooth speakers are available

a striking 90-degree view in

ed with neon lights as an homage

so guests can continue the party

corner rooms.

to the energy of Osaka. Floor-to-

in their rooms. During the day, the

ceiling windows offer views of the

room is filled with an abundance of


city’s skyline.

natural light, while at night guests

Novel lighting even appears within

The rooms offer a Zen ambi-

can change the mood with vibrant

the hotel’s workout area. Sus-

ance upon first impression and

neon lights to feel the lively ambi-

pended seamless, linear lights are

then boast bold and provocative W

ance of city life.

installed in the gym with custom-

Each guest room is also decorat-

designs with playfulness and sur-

Zen-inspired ambiance turns to bold and provocative W designs,

recessed in the stretch room ceil-

equipped with spacious bathrooms

with playfulness and surprising

ing. The thinking behind the clean

2105SSLFEA04.indd 24

The Extreme WOW Penthouse Suite on the top 27th floor looks over and beyond the skyline. The penthouse has a panoramic view across five interlocked rooms.

ized ring luminaires that are

prising elements. Each room comes



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and detailed lighting was to reflect

pool steps, create an inspirational

and blue tiles, envisioning

W’s mantra of remixing one’s

sight at the pool. Luminous bar

the ocean.

lifestyle through “detox.retox.

pendants hang above lounge

repeat.” An illuminated highlight is

couches poolside.

the “Running Man.” Taken from the

Luminous counter and seamless foot lights were integrated in the bar counter. Ring pendants

iconic Glico running man at Doton-


with ring-shaped luminous bottle

bori, an outline of an illuminated

For guests who prefer to swim out-

shelves are suspended above

man runs across the back wall to

side, the hotel’s WET Bar also func-

the counter.•

motivate guests and their fitness

tions as an event space with an

goals to stay fit and go longer.

LED screen behind the bar perfect for events. The mood can be shifted

Poolside Inside or Out

from day to night with changing

The pool area continues LCA’s use

light colors to keep the fun going.

of deep saturated color. Indirect

natural elements with the wood

underwater luminous lights in the

panels layering the sides of the bar

2105SSLFEA04.indd 25

• Koizumi Lighting Technology • Daiko Electric • DN Lighting • Color Kinetics Japan • Atex • Modulex

The area incorporates many

lighting in the ceiling cove, and



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Challenge: Upgrade the control system for Niagara Falls. Influence: Often referred to as a Wonder of the World, Niagara Falls is actually a collection of three individual waterfalls on both sides of the border. For decades, using technologies, from carbon-arc search lamps to Zenon, the falls have been illuminated; three years ago, the system was upgraded to LED. That said, technology’s continuing advance left the fall’s managers with a desire to implement greater flexibility for both developing new design concepts, as well as remotely managing the control system in the cloud. Solution: Pharos Architectural Controls was appointed to deliver a new system for lights,

ABOVE: Attracting millions of visitors each year, the waterfalls bridge the border between the aptly named

supplying an LPC 4 that controls both sides of the

cities, Niagara Falls, N.Y., and Niagara Falls, Ontario. The falls bring together natural beauty, flora and fauna, with a host of attractions, hotels and restaurants that have entertained families for decades.

falls. While this unit is compact, its capabilities rival that of a bigger unit, delivering cutting-edge controllability. The LPC 4 is physically located on the Canadian side, and is linked via a fiber network to distribute data to three separate loca-

with the added benefit of their position being at

tions in Niagara Falls, Ontario to illuminate all

eye level with the waterfalls which really puts the

three waterfalls.

public in the driver’s seat. After any live changes,

The project was a collaboration between Pharos, Pathway Connectivity—who delivered

the system seamlessly reverts to its normal programming.

the data distribution via fiber optics—as well as a

According to Linus Mac Donald, lighting

new back-up system, the SixEye platform, which

consultant for the Niagara Falls Illumination

manages both systems in the cloud. The collabo-

Board, their Toronto-based programmer is able to

ration has provided a real opportunity to offer

quickly program stunning looks using Pharos. “He

bespoke features, such as kiosks allowing the

can even make small tweaks to the program from

public to interact with the lighting. Content can

home, then easily upload using SixEye without

be synchronised on both sides, with three modes

being on site.”•

of operation: public interaction on touchscreens; unique settings for special occasions and holidays

Visit or Circle 235. © Niagara Falls Illumination Board

on the fly; or fully automated, usually between midnight and 2 a.m. This live control is made possible for the team via two touchscreens connected to the lighting system, with interfaces designed by Pharos. They offer the ability to control the falls in real time,


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Challenge: When Steinway & Sons, manufacturer of pianos since 1853, established its first Asia Pacific flagship store in Beijing, the company sought to create a music hall to combines its classic heritage and innovative music technology. Influence: Doubling as a retail store and a showroom of Steinway and family pianos, Steinway Hall Beijing brings the company’s most important innovative products and artistic movements to its music lovers. Furthermore, the hall incorporates the Horowitz Recital Hall on the second floor, which can accommodate more than 100 spectators, enabling concert hosting and master classes given by artists, musicians and educators. The basement boasts piano halls with professional acoustics and a recording studio. It also provides world-class piano technical services by its technicians. Solution: Serving as striking centerpieces in Steinway Hall are several Corona pendants from SONNEMAN–A Way of Light. Available in multiple sizes, each pendant casts a warm ringed glow of LED illumination, providing both the presence and the absence of volume. They are available in a range of larger diameters. These circular profiles of light complement the pianos below, creating a sophisticated atmosphere for musicians and music enthusiasts. According to Steinway CEO Ron Losby, the company is looking forward to ushering in more of China’s music lovers going forward. “We firmly believe that Steinway Hall Beijing will become a musical gallery where we can bring our most important innovative products and artistic movements to its music lovers, and thus provide them with an extraordinary musical experience.”• 

ABOVE: Doubling as a retail store and a showroom of Steinway and family pianos, Steinway Hall Beijing brings the company’s most important innovative products and artistic movements to its music lovers and provides an extraordinary musical experience.

Visit or Circle 234.

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Challenge: Create a dynamic color-tunable space where people could enjoy sophisticated lighting typically not employed in most homes. Influence: As the pandemic forced people indoors, homes quickly morphed into makeshift gyms, offices, classrooms, and so much more. Such was the case with a newly redesigned residence in the Hamptons, where the owners wished to ensure their utmost health and wellness benefits weren’t impacted by more time spent indoors and away from nature. Solution: The three-story estate, located in Sagaponack, the Hamptons, centers its design around state-of-the-art USAI Lighting LED fixtures and technologies. Common areas, such as the kitchen, living room, dining room and game room, feature trimless BeveLED Mini fixtures

ABOVE: The Hamptons home is a case study of human-centric lighting that ranges from cool white in the

morning hours, to warm candlelight in the evening. Its gym provides the perfect place for color experimentation, as the system supplements workout routines with bright oranges and reds to stimulate energy and movement.

with the brand’s award-winning Infinite Color+ technology that is capable of bathing the space in hues of white light and saturated colors. Infinite Color+ provides limitless color and tunable

temperature and brightness to mimic the sun’s

boost in the bathrooms where it is able to achieve

white light technology to achieve flexible and

journey across the sky—also known as circadian

warmer tones that match the color experience of

sophisticated lighting that can evolve with the

lighting. The lights are automated to emit crisp,

traditional incandescent and halogen lights—cre-

homeowner’s daily rituals and preferences. The

cool white light with blue wave lengths in the

ating a flattering glow throughout the space.

gym, in particular, was programmed to display

morning, and as the sun sets, the lighting dims

bright orange and red colors to stimulate energy

and gets warmer with more red and orange

tainment, including multiple surround sound

and promote movement during a workout, and

wavelengths. This natural process and varying

systems, a dedicated home theater, security,

soft blues and purples to create calm and reduce

exposure to lighting is tied to how bodies regu-

outdoor entertaining spaces, video tiling, a robust

heart rate for cool-downs or meditation.

late metabolism, release signals to the brain and

network infrastructure and motorized shades.

The home also featured connected-home enter-

The Savant system allows easy end-user scene

The system offers high quality white light as

body to get ready for bed, and so much more. As

well. Lighting in the master living room automat-

people spend more time indoors, they are signifi-

control and creation—allowing for one-touch

ically, and subtly, adjusts throughout the day to

cantly cutting back on the body’s access to these

controls that range from simple, one-room light

seamlessly transition from the natural outdoor

natural lighting triggers.

settings, like “Energize” for optimized lighting in

Technologies like Warm Glow Dimming are

the gym, to “Entertainment” that set lights to a

ing the senses. This type of dynamic lighting

installed in the bedroom to help the homeowner

fun party mode along with turning music on in

allows the homeowner to create an ideal interior

better entrain their circadian rhythms and

specific zones and setting the house to entertain

despite the outdoor weather—enjoy crisp sun-

improve sleep. Their bedroom automatically

guests. The homeowners are able to adjust and

like lighting even if it is a cloudy day.

adjusts between a cool bright setting in the morn-

manage those scenes right from their app.•

lighting—creating big changes without shock-

In addition to color-tuning lighting, parts of the house are automated to adjust lighting


2105SSLPRO3.indd 28

ing that dims to a candlelight to induce sleep at night. Warm Glow Dimming is also an added

Visit or Circle 232.

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Challenge: Residents of Winter Park, Florida, need to see healthcare professionals, as well as exercise, swim, eat and socialize in an environment that promotes both safety and warmth. Influences: Wellness, fitness and medicine are all under one roof at Duda|Paine Architects’ Center for Health & Wellbeing. The firm wanted the lighting to work well with the chosen materials, and have input on how lighting would accentuate each space. Cline Bettridge Bernstein Lighting Design (CBB) was commissioned for the project. © Robert Benson

One of their desires centered around families of lighting that could easily be mixed and matched. Solution: CBB turned to Gotham, and EVO and Incito lines of recessed luminaires for general illumination and accent lighting in the atrium, reception area, fitness center, multi-purpose rooms, corridors and stairwells, and swimming pool. “With comparable aperture sizing between the lines and consistent reflector finishes, you can install an EVO downlight next to an Incito accent. And from below, they look the same, creating a very quiet ceiling,” said Francesca Bettridge. Added Sang Yup Lee, senior associate at CBB, the lines use the same LED modules, so the light output and colors are consistent. “This contributes to the elegance of the design and enables us to meet the aesthetic demands of the space.”

ABOVE: “Constellation” themed lighting in the natatorium was inspired by a series of circular skylights

above pools. In the Nourish Coffee Bar + Kitchen, EVO 4-in. wall washers and corner wall washers highlight the combination of wood, painted upper walls and subway tiles.

An atrium known as the commons is the centerpiece of the space. The second floor features a popular walking track and lounge space that par-

walls and subway tiles. The warm 3000K lighting,

tially overhangs the main floor. EVO 4-in. down-

mounted primarily over the counter and food

lights are recessed in the overhang to illuminate

preparation area, supplement pendants.

walkways below as visitors navigate the facility.

“Constellation” themed lighting in the nata-

available in three different sizes. CBB, noted Lee, also worked with Gotham to create a solution so the LED drivers could be stored in a room nearby. “This gives the center’s

Incito 4-in. accent lighting is also strategically

torium was inspired by a series of circular sky-

team exceptional flexibility for cost-effective

placed along the main floor’s perimeter ceiling.

lights above pools. Using wide beam Incito 2-in.

maintenance. They can address most concerns

downlights and EVO 4-in. and 6-in. downlights in

without first having to drain the pool.”•

In the Nourish Coffee Bar + Kitchen, EVO 4-in. wall washers and corner wall washers highlight

random patterns helped represent planets and

the unusual combination of wood, painted upper

stars. The fixtures are nanotorium rated and


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Visit or Circle 231.

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Challenge: At the Gruuthuse Museum, tapestries, stained glass windows, portraits and artistic porcelain tell the story of three periods in the city of Bruges, Belgium’s history. The collection is exhibited in a setting that radiates serenity and warmth. “Adapted lighting plays a leading role in this,” says museum coordinator Aleid Hemeryck. “The lighting brings the art objects and the building to life. In almost every museum, © Gru Museum

it makes or breaks the experience.” Influence: After a five-year renovation, this former city palace would become a contemporary museum requiring a well-thought-out lighting concept that also maximized preservation of the collection. Old works of art are particu-

smartphones. Another benefit of Bluetooth is

larly sensitive to light, notes Hemeryck, which

that it allows a mesh structure as a network

means there is a real risk of damage if they are

topology. Each module in the network has its own

exposed too intensely for too long. The control

intelligence, making central control a thing of

system also had to be combine durability and

the past. “An important advantage of this is that


the proper functioning of the lighting installation does not depend on one central component,” says

Solution: Fixtures from Scottish Stoane Lighting,

van der Meulen. “As a result, the majority of the

which incorporate Xicato LED components, were

installation will continue to do its work pending

selected. According to Patrick van der Meulen,

the replacement of a broken component.”

business development manager at Xicato, the modules have unique properties relating to

According to Hemeryck, it is up the museum

luminous flux and color consistency, and are

to exploit the “smartness” of the system. For

better maintained over the entire lifespan. In

example, it is perfectly possible to calculate,

addition, built-in sensors provide temperature

based on the burning hours, when a work of art

monitoring, and create additional functionality

should be moved back to the archive for a short

for lighting and other applications. “For example,

while in order to prevent excessive aging. “We

built-in beacons allow location-driven services,

also think it would be interesting to take advan-

so an application that provides information on a

tage of the beacons’ ability to develop location-

smartphone or tablet can tell visitors more about

based services. We could even respond creatively

the art object they represent.”

to COVID-19, for example with a warning signal

ABOVE: Although displaying antiquities in

a historic building, the museum operators wished to maximize the “smartness” a hightech lighting system could deliver. One such aspect are the built-in beacons that allow location-driven services—especially desirable during COVID—to manage space populations.

when there are too many visitors in the same For object lighting, Bluetooth Low Energy is used

room. Another option is that technical services

for control, while general building lighting is via

automatically receive an SMS if something goes

DALI. The fact that the LED modules for object

wrong with a module.”•

lighting work with Bluetooth is an asset in that it allows the LED to be adjusted via tablets and

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Visit or Circle 230.


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Product Introductions

Durable Corner Mount A corner mount fixture that withstands physical impact and environmental abuse, Luminaire LED’s VCM8 luminaire’s soft edges, combined with a robust construction, make it ideal for high-abuse, highly visible environments. It features an IK10 rating for outstanding impact resistance, an IP65 rating and a highly durable finish that withstands a 4,000-hour salt spray test. Combined with ligatureresistant and tamper-resistant hardware, VCM8 is offered with a lifetime warranty against vandalism. Ceiling-, pendant- and wall-mount are available for the 8-in.-wide luminaire and 2, 3, or 4-ft. lengths.  Visit or Circle 229.

Comparing the circadian lighting models, the data shows that for color temperatures 3500K, 3000K and warmer, all circadian lighting models are in almost complete agreement.

1 Purely Cylindrical Modular Lighting Instruments’ Minude is defined by a cylindrical shape with a thin, sharp edge and curved inner side. Perfect for both high and low ceilings, the fixture includes a surface-mounted and a stand-alone suspended variant. It includes a deeprecessed light source for a glare-free light effect.  Visit or Circle 228.

2 SkyBlue Circadian LED Solution In partnership with BIOS Lighting, Lumileds has engineered a circadian lighting solution that delivers superior melanopic ratios at comfortable CCTs. Comprised of LUXEON SkyBlue, and white 3030 HE Plus, the LEDs eliminate technical challenges and enable a single-channel driver to support circadian lighting.  Visit or Circle 227.

3 The Devil Is in the Details Lucifer Lighting’s two new sources, a fixed 2200K LED, as well as a new warm dim LED, are calibrated to the incandescent dimming range from 2700K to 1800K. These 90+ CRI sources are available for all downlights, trackheads and surface mount fixtures.  Visit or Circle 226.


2105SSLADV03.indd 32

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Product Introductions

Packs a Luminous Punch With smooth edges and a minimalist design, the Hydrel Specialty Architectural Family family delivers powerful lumen output and precise distributions in two small luminaires. Available in 9-in. and 12-in. diameters, the SAF family was designed to illuminate and accentuate architectural details of a façade, to accent signage, landscape or hardscape elements of an open space, or to provide area lighting. The minimalist housing ensures the fixture remains unobtrusive. The SAF7 provides up to 5000 delivered lumens and the SAF14 provides up to 9500. And with an output as high as 90 LPW, each also contributes to excellent energy efficiency.  Visit or Circle 225.

At its inception, clients don’t typically ask that their project be transformative. Almost no design brief closes with the clause, “And while you are at it, make it transformational.”

4 0-10V New Color Coding In response to the 2020 NEC and NEMA Wire and Cable Section and Lighting Division, eldoLED will phase out purple/gray in favor of purple/pink connectors (or flying leads) in the 0-10V LED drivers that carry UL certification. The transition is expected to be completed by the end of Dec. 2021.  Visit or Circle 224.

5 Emergency Illumination IOTA ILB CP18 HE CW LP64, an 18W cold-weather emergency driver, features a two-part external lithium battery design. In the event of a loss of power, the driver enables the outdoor/cold-weather fixture to provide emergency illumination along potentially icy and hazardous outdoor paths of egress.  Visit or Circle 223.

6 Slim Is In SSL’s Slim-Line series are an ultra-clean engineered cylinder family without visible seems or fasteners designed for both 1.5-in. and 2-in. diameter offerings; multiple glow rings and baffle options available.  Visit or Circle 222.

2105SSLADV03.indd 33


5/6/21 12:52 PM

Product Introductions

X Marks the LX Spot BRUCK’s LX Series is a high-tech fixture with endless options (pictured left is the LX Spot). Performance spot features up to 3360 lm and precision 10-degree to 60-degree beam options, dynamic LensVector or elliptical beam spread. Rich in technology, LX includes SUNlike, Warm Dim, Tunable White, Lumenetix, RGBW, with many control options. Tilts 90-degree and rotates 350-degree. Architectural housing in textured matte: black, white and chrome. Glare reduction accessories include louver, snoots and barn doors.  Visit or Circle 221.

Bluetooth is gaining ground. The fact that the LED modules for object lighting work with Bluetooth is an asset in that it allows the LED to be adjusted via tablets and smartphones.

1 Uniform Illumination Tivoli’s Flexile Series features color temperatures and sizes to enable lighting designers to create unique patterns for aesthetic interior applications, including food-grade environments. It includes a UV-stabilized silicone housing that resists saline solutions, acids, alkali, corrosive gases, yellowing and cracking.  Visit or Circle 220.

2 Elegant Cylinder Design With direct or direct/indirect, and round or square styles, 4, 6 and 8-in. H.E. Williams’ new line if cylinders create an elegant ambiance in every environment. Unique TwistLock surface mount technology ensures a simple and secure installation.  Visit or Circle 219.

3 Highly Adaptable Cove from Acclaim Lighting is a low-power, high output, dimmable LED cove light. With ColorSwitch technology, its compact 1-ft. and 4-ft. sections fit into tight spaces and long runs of up to 80 ft.  Visit or Circle 218.


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Product Introductions

Floating Work of Art Modern Forms’ Konstrukt, a sculpture of side-lit interlocking panels, renders a thought-provoking aesthetic. Subtle, ambient illumination draws attention to this floating work of modern art. Interlocking panels forged seamlessly together at variant angles create a one-of-a-kind look and design while a slide-on canopy complements this 48-in. luminaire. Each panel features edge-lit ambient illumination, providing a distinct look at every angle. Dims down beautifully with ELV, TRIAC and 0-10V dimmers. The barely visible powered aircraft cables add intrigue.  Visit or Circle 217.

As the pandemic has forced people indoors, homes quickly morphed into makeshift gyms, offices, classrooms, and so much more. Color tunable lighting became a big part of that.

4 The Right Prescription Lightheaded’s Guardian, a tamper-resistant downlight, features BIOS SkyBlue Dynamic Spectrum lighting to provide full daytime circadian stimulus.  Visit or Circle 216.

5 True Colors Luminus and NewEnergy have recently introduced new linear modules built with Salud MP3030 LEDs. The latter are engineered to achieve specific melanopic/photopic ratios in addition to providing light that is both comfortable and renders true colors.  Visit or Circle 215.

6 Glaze Pendant Arteriors, in conjunction with Workshop/APD, Glaze collection is an ode to hand craftsmanship, inspired by beautiful glazed tableware and ceramics that reveal the hand of the maker. The pendant’s super geometric blackened steel armature is paired with rounded ceramic shades in a ivory stained crackle glaze and soft frosted glass that casts a flattering glow.  Visit or Circle 214.

2105SSLADV03.indd 35


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By Robert Soler, VP Biological Research and Technology, BIOS

The Science is Settled on Circadian Lighting Many designers, specifiers, architects and engineers understand the potential health benefits associated with circadian lighting.

Focusing on the overlap in agreement between the models, it becomes

tonin suppression) during at least the first couple of hours of the day.

clear that there is enough information supporting the fundamental sci-

The main point of differentiation between WELL and the CS model is

ence behind circadian lighting to move forward with confidence.

this: the LRC believes that cones play a significant role in the circadian

Comparing the circadian lighting models, the data shows that for

entrainment, and this cone contribution contains a sub-additivity

color temperatures 3500K, 3000K and warmer, all circadian lighting

component known to existing in color vision. Thus, the CS weighting

models are in almost complete agreement. This means that designers

model shows a peak at 465nm, with a subtraction element accounted

can use 3500K and warmer CCTs (3000K, 2700K, etc.) in their circadian

for in the green part of the visible spectrum. An interesting facet

lighting design, no matter what standard you reference.

that is often omitted when explaining CS is that the sub-additivity in their model only exists for cooler color temperature light sources. For

The Players

warmer color temperatures (3500K and lower), the CS model actually

As the lighting industry has tried to decide whether, and how, to estab-

uses a similar weighting function as WELL.

lish metrics and recommendations for circadian lighting, the majority of the disparity lies between the Lighting Research Center (LRC) and

Vertical Light Levels For Daytime Circadian Light Criteria

the WELL Building Standard (IWBI). Most recently the International

In examining side-by-side comparisons showing the amount of vertical

Commission on Illumination (CIE) also released a set of recommenda-

footcandles needed to meet WELL and LRC CS=0.3, they are the same

tions for circadian lighting. The LRC, which developed the “Circadian

for 3500K, 3000K and warmer. For cooler color temperatures, signifi-

Stimulus” model (CS), uses this as its preferred circadian lighting met-

cantly more light is needed in order to meet the circadian lighting

ric. WELL focuses on different aspects of design to improve the health

criteria from the LRC, as compared to WELL.

and wellness of building occupants. WELL uses Equivalent Melanopic

As mentioned earlier, the CIE released an international standard on

Lux (EML) as its circadian lighting metric. CIE has issued a position

the subject in 2018 (CIE S 026:2018) which defines a way to measure

statement and published melanopic Daylight Equivalent Illuminance

light for ipRGC influenced responses. In this paper, CIE utilizes the

(EDI) as its preferred metric.

exact same weighting function as WELL, but refers to their metric as “Melanopic EDI,” rather than equivalent melanopic lux. CIE does not

What We Agree On

provide any threshold of how much day and nighttime exposure, but as

To start, we know that circadian lighting must be measured at the

of Oct. 2019, they have issued a position statement that says:

height of the eye of the observer and in the vertical plane (as opposed to the commonly used horizontal light level measurements taken at the taskplane which are used when designing for vision). WELL uses equivalent melanopic lux, which is based on the Lucas model as its circadian lighting metric, and provides points for circadian lighting

• A high melanopic EDI during the day is usually supportive for alertness, the circadian rhythm and a good night’s sleep. • A low melanopic EDI in the evening and at night facilitates sleep initiation and consolidation. All in all, the data shows that melanopic EDI, equivalent melanopic

design so long as the design meets specific targets as outlined in the

lux, and circadian stimulus, all fundamentally align for 3500K, 3000K


and warmer. Furthermore, CIE Melanopic EDI and WELL equivalent

In WELL v2, and for spaces that rely only on artificial lighting (no

melanopic lux are in total alignment for all color temperatures of light.

daylight contribution), the lighting design must provide 150 vertical melanopic lux to achieve one point, or 240 vertical melanopic lux,

Time to Get to Work

to achieve three points. The lighting design must also provide this

The fundamental science is settled—there are basic principles which

amount of vertical melanopic lux from at least 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. daily.

can be used to implement circadian lighting, and as the data shows,

LRC’s Circadian Stimulus model is designed to estimate the amount of melatonin suppression provided by a given light source. Circadian Stimulus, (CS)=0.1, means that the light source provides an estimated 10% melatonin suppression; CS=0.2 means that the light source

there is even agreement within the lighting industry regarding the circadian impact for light sources with CCTs of 3500K and warmer. For more information on the science behind circadian lighting, technology and applications, visit•

provides an estimated 20% melatonin suppression, and so on. LRC recommends a CS greater than or equal to 0.3 (30% estimated mela-


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This course introduces the lighting technology Germicidal UV (GUV), which can play a role in reducing the transmission of the virus that causes COVID-19. Germicidal effectiveness, risks of exposure, important safety considerations, and design best practices are all explored during this interview with Steve Guarracino, LC, IESNA, Source Market Specialist.

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This course shares the experiences of a commercial lighting manufacturer and explores how they work with dynamic lighting (tunable, color-changing and circadian) in luminaires, controls, and where the lighting community is being directed by standards.

Advancing Light Quality for Human Preference and Well-Being S P O N S O R E D B Y: FO CA L P O I N T C R E DI TS : 1 . 5 H S W, 1 . 5 L U

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This course aims to help educate what solar control fabrics are, the content of various fabrics, how they work, and the benefits to a sustainable design in meeting and maximizing goals of occupant health, safety, wellbeing, and sustainability.

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CORRECTIONS: On p. 28 of the March issue, in the Chartwell Retirement Residence Profile, Luminis’ website was incorrect. It is On p. 32 of the same issue, the incorrect image ran for Acclaim Lighting’s Adapt Cove luminaire. The correct image is on p. 34.

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Radiant Echo: A Starburst of LEDs Transforming the atrium, the hanging light sculpture at Washington College, with its various reflective orbs and LEDs, commemorates the achievements of a former president. Suspended in the glass-walled McLain atrium of

ceiling. The base building’s contractors, Morabito

the Toll Science Center at Washington College,

Consultants and Gipe Engineers, connected it to

Chesterton, Md., Radiant Echo is a light sculp-

the existing structure and power systems located

ture dedicated to the achievements of Joseph H.

in accessible ceilings in adjacent study rooms. In

McLain, a former president of the college who

the electrical closet is the media server. Artwork

specialized in the chemistry of pyrotechnics.

fabricators at 4Wall in Las Vegas assembled the

Designed by Glenn Shrum of Flux Studio Ltd.,

main components and shipped them to Chester-

Baltimore, Md., it evokes the power and brilliance

ton for installation. Observers experience Radiant Echo from

286 reflective orbs and 3,640 programmable LED

multiple interior vantage points as well as from

lights to display a series of dynamic sequences.

outside, where it takes on a night identity as seen

Hanging on the east side of the three-story

© Flux Studio

of fireworks based on scientific principles with

from the adjacent lawn. The project has been

atrium, the sculpture is 27-ft. high, 14-ft. wide and

recognized with awards from the Illuminating


32-ft. deep, and comprised of 78 strands sus-

Engineering Society and the IES District of

pended from aluminum channels at the atrium

Columbia Section.•

The reflective orbs and programmable LEDs, displaying a series of dynamic sequences, transform the atrium.


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TIVOLI’S TIMELESS CLASSIC REIMAGINED Litesphere True RGB+W is the TRUE original commercial grade, outdoor rated, low voltage LED strand light.

Algorithm Performance Tivoli’s research in algorithm performance eliminates the need for a fourth channel from the standard RGBW DMX setup. The use of three channels reduces data consumption, leaving channels open for added elements or fixtures. Auto-Addressed Each globe is auto-addressed and individually controlled with DMX512 protocol for fast setup and connection. 714-957-6101

Audio Enhanced Audio enhanced using MADRIX 5 software and DMX512 protocol, Litesphere True RGB+W delivers more than 16 million combinations of pure and precise color tones. Circle 08

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Engineered by Design with the Power to Perform


This sophisticated lighting system delivers high performance technology from a flexible modular system achieving a comprehensive and unified approach to dynamically lighting interior spaces. Explore the possibilities at SEE THE LIGHT VISIT: SONNEMAN SHOWROOM | THE NEW YORK DESIGN CENTER 200 LEXINGTON AVE NYC 10016 | VISIT IN PERSON OR CONTACT US FOR A VIRTUAL MEETING. U.S. and Foreign Patents Pending Circle 09

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