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ARCHITECTURAL SSL • Chronicling the Advancement of LEDs in the Built Environment

OK TO ZIG OR ZAG Lighting designers have demonstrated that their treatment of illumination has become like an artist’s brush on canvas. Their approaches and expertise via layered lighting, create a definitive expression to the aesthetics of the architecture. [PAGE 14]

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NUMBER 63 • MARCH 2021

Using linear geometries throughout the space, Dubbledam Architecture drew from a “threads of communication” concept for the design of Slack’s Toronto office.

3/15/21 3:14 PM

Ubik Shining Outside the Box Geometric purity meets the best in illumination performance in Ubik, our new linear family. From linear downlighting to long linear runs to elaborate light patterns to striking corner illumination, Ubik’s potential is immense.

— Up to 1600 lm/ft — Low glare with a UGR of 6* — 145 lm/W (HLO) — Optical flexibility with parabolic louvers, HLO, wall wash or blanks

*3500K, 500lm, black louvers Circle 01

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3/15/21 10:10 AM

Scope Scope is a tool designed to help realize the most innovative visions in lighting. The fixture’s minimal structure is optionally finished with a jewel-like gem, offering the unique ability to produce functional down light while simultaneously providing white or RGB ambient light. Available in a variety of sizes and elegant finishes, Scope is powerful on its own or can be used in series to create truly phenomenal lighting applications.

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26 Project Profile: Smart and subtle controls system helps the world's largest pillarless ballroom get a handle on lighting.




06 Art of Light

05 LED Insights

Amsterdam festival of light offers inspiration and hope in the winter darkness.

Not just a mid-winter thing: Let's embrace year-round celebrations of light. By Jim Crockett

08 In the Spirit 28 Project Profile: Outdoor illumination of sports amenities at a senior facility adds an air of safety.

Award-winning wellness spa achieves the look and feel of natural light with almost no actual fenestration.

40 SSL Observed Let in rain: Dark and scary streetside viaduct transformed into safe, inviting art installation. By Vilma Barr

"Lighting energizes the learning experience that characterizes Tulane’s educational experience for all undergraduate and graduate students.”

11 Community Intervention Students in Calgary take to the street, bringing light to instill a sense of vibrancy and safety.


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14 At the Front: Layered Lighting

32 Product Advances Decorative pendants; linear fixtures; drivers; acousticaddressing luminaires; track; downlights; sconces.

The formula, noting the illumination of an interior space should be based on the trio of general/ambient light, task lighting and accent light, remains valid. Today, however, other factors based on the whirlwind advances in technology of the past half-decade, human performance trends, and the integration of art influences, have added new considerations to the equation. by Vilma Barr

20 Featured Project: Tulane Takes Care of Business At the Freeman School of Business, continuous lines of light run perpendicular to fritted windows across the entire ceiling creating a strong graphic that emphasizes the curved façade. by Vilma Barr

36 White Pages Future-proofing lighting: the final installment of our luminaire lighting controls series.


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3/15/21 1:29 PM

STUNNING RECESSED LED LIGHTING. DESIGNED TO SUIT YOUR STYLE. No. 8 Lighting offers a family of distinctive recessed LED lighting options to take your project to the next level. Whether it’s accent, wall wash, or general lighting applications, No. 8 Lighting’s precision downlights are easy to install, aim, and adjust. Designed for all ceiling types in a variety of trims and finishes to suit any style.


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NUMBER 63 • MAR 2021

Gary Redmond

Managing Partner Director Publishing Operations

Tim Shea

Managing Partner Director Business Development

Dave Pape

EDITORIAL Jim Crockett 847 359 6493 John Mesenbrink

Vice President Director, Art & Production Editorial Director Copy Editor

A Beacon for Deacon Blues stores and restaurants than with some kind of

As we wait for the sun to start staying out longer, I dare say, making some of these art installations permanent is not a bad idea, as they not only add a sense of wonder to our streets, but create non-ugly ways to increase the level of safety.

light spectacle? Over the years, we have covered some fantastic, imaginative works, that have, indeed, brought in crowds—Cologne’s Cathedral (see Observed from Feb. 2020), and a projection project on concrete silos along the St. Lawrence River in Quebec City, come to mind. The latter was a summertime event. And after this long hibernation, who wants to stay cooped up inside? With a new administration entering the stage,

CONTRIBUTING EDITORS Vilma Barr Barbara Horwitz-Bennett Ellen Lampert-Greaux

DESIGN & PRODUCTION Dave Pape Art Director Lauren Lenkowski

Associate Art Director

CIRCULATION MANAGEMENT Jim Wessel 847-504-8180

As I write this, February is edging into March,

word out of Washington is that the new Green

and I’m hoping for relief, as heavy snow and

Deal might be back on the table; one of the won-

wind has battered much of the country, along

derful impacts of FDR’s original legislation was

with bitterly frigid temps. In fact, one windy

all the art work commissioned under the WPA.

storm that blew in from the Great Plains amped

I think it is time to bring that idea out of the

up my safety “Spidey Senses,” to the point I felt


obligated to flip, back on, my Christmas lights,

public financing may be attached, But how about

can’t honestly deny my intention was simply an

technical difficulty? Well, there’s good news

excuse to put the lights, I love so much, back on.

there, too, as the complexity of controls—the key

This raises a larger question: Apart from the mid-

to any cool light installation—is getting easier.

winter holiday season, why can’t we have more

According to an ongoing study conducted by the

regular celebrations of light?

Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA),

My village does a terrific job illuminating

ADVERTISING SALES Gary Redmond 847 359 6493

Tim Shea 847 359 6493

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OK—it’s all good to dream—especially if some

amid the near white-out conditions. That said, I

which since 2017, has tracked and benchmarked

things in our downtown, and frankly, I’m sad

the cost-effectiveness of luminaire level lighting

to see the lights go. And this, of course, pales

controls (LLLC), compared to other LED lighting

compared to events such as Montreal’s annual

options (based on equipment and labor costs),

Quartier des Spectacles, which is just a fantastic

the researchers found that between 2017 and

exhibition of illuminated art work, that has noth-

2020, the per-fixture incremental cost of the

ing to do with the holidays—just sayin’…

most basic LLLC fell 28% with the 2020 cost per-

This issue, our intrepid reporter Vilma Barr

fixture totaling $149 vs. $100 for a standard LED

has done an outstanding job in collecting fine

fixture without controls. Over the same period,

examples of illumination at night, some of which

the per-fixture incremental cost of advanced

are purely artful—and many that are utterly

LLLC with added features also fell by 16%. By the

transformational. Take, for example, the “Rain”

way, be sure to check out the final installment of

project on our last page—a literal beacon for a

our LLLC series in the White Pages section.

darkened cityscape, with “dark” being the key word, both literally, and figuratively. As we wait

Like a phoenix rising, let the summer—and dare I dream—spring of luminosity begin.•

for the sun to start staying out longer, I dare say, making some of these art installations permanent is not a bad idea, as they not only add a sense of wonder to our streets, but create nonugly ways to increase the level of safety. Let me take this argument a step further: If, and when, the snow ever melts, and vaccination and other measures finally get COVID in check,


what better way than to get people back into

Jim Crockett, editorial director


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3/15/21 9:25 AM

NIGHTTIME, IN MIDWINTER, IS THE RIGHT TIME FOR INSPIRATION Amsterdam was the location—and inspiration— for some eye-catching light installations that lit up the Dutch capital over the course of two months during the winter holiday season. Floating above the canals themselves, Drawn in Light project by Ralf Westerhof, was an illuminated artwork with figures containing minimal lines, and mostly, empty space. The structure relies greatly on the exact placement of parts/ details in spatial relation to the other parts. The metal wire is hand-bent into various shapes,


ABOVE: Against the dark night sky, a bright three-dimensional line drawing of a typical Amsterdam-style canal building hung, slowly spinning in the air, as elements of its surroundings gently orbited around it.

which form illuminated “drawings,” if you will. The lines, further, reflect the light and illuminate the dark evening sky. The “drawing,” in this case, shows a typical Amsterdam-style canal building, and the scenery and people around it. Moved by the cold winter air, the installation actually rotates, resulting in a continuously moving, ever-changing, drawing of light. Another of the noteworthy exhibits was HEART/EARTH by Tom Biddulph & Barbara Ryan. Written in mega-sized letters, a light “sentence” is placed behind the windows of the “floating” bridge of the University of Amsterdam. © Janus van den Eijnden

Originally from London, the artists have been living and working in Amsterdam for a few years now. With their light “text”—which is somewhat reminiscent of old neon signs—the goal is to want to make viewers think about their personal relationship with the earth, with a call, ultimately, to treat it with care.•


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ABOVE: Listen to it; celebrate it—the goal of artists Tom Biddulph and Barbara Ryan, via illuminated text messages, was to make passersby think about their relationship with the planet.

3/15/21 2:27 PM



modular architectural illumination Cubix brings scalability, volume, and constructive interest to architectural illumination. Arrayed in precisely interconnected relationships, these suspended cubes are joined to each other by a shared leg on each frame. With each cube set at one of four vertical positions to the next, the construction allows for expansive horizontal and vertical arrays across the plane and height of a space. Cubix brings constructivist context to architectural illumination. Explore the possibilities at SEE THE LIGHT VISIT: SONNEMAN SHOWROOM | THE NEW YORK DESIGN CENTER 200 LEXINGTON AVE NYC 10016 | VISIT IN PERSON OR CONTACT US FOR A VIRTUAL MEETING. U.S. and Foreign Patents Pending Circle 04 • 2010SSLFPAds.indd 7

3/15/21 10:10 AM


Timeless Design Entropia, designed by Ofist, an award-winning global design studio, hosts three luxury watch brands in the St. Regis Hotel Nisantasi in Istanbul. In a world where one no longer needs a watch for checking the time, exclusive pieces— and the places to shop for them—are crucial. Designed to be an exclusive meeting point, clientele will experience something different every visit, including the Star Wars-like “Light Speed” lighting. The interior is designed as a blend of Art Deco timelessness and French elegance. Meeting haute horology with art and design, the store is composed of three main spaces: a meeting room enclosed by an elegant library, a cozy lounge area called the Da Vinci Room and the Collectors’ Room for VIP gatherings. In the end, however, Entropia, thanks to its lighting, becomes a place where time truly stops.• HUMAN CENTRIC LIGHTING: THE WELL, NYC

Getting in the Spirit For a membership-based wellness club, lighting, by BOLD—an IES NYC Lumen Award winner— is meant to feel ethereal and calming. By suffusing spaces with indirect light, the illusion of abundant natural light is created. A mock oculus in the meditation room, in fact, incorporates color-tunable white light to bring in circadian rhythm therapy. The various studios are accented with concealed coves and washes to augment the clean interiors. Some whimsy is found in the corridors, via dichroic glass walls set aglow from the interior of the consultation rooms, which add color. The heart of the club features more than 300 hand-shaped Capiz shells © IESNYC

in a decorative pendant, supplemented by soft

© V2

architectural cove lighting.•

ABOVE: Entropia in Istanbul is one of the most creative jewelry stores to debut in a long time.


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3/15/21 2:27 PM


Going with the Flow Nowadays, offices are as diverse as the work itself. From individual or open-plan offices to coworking spaces—each office form has different requirements in terms of office layout and therefore lighting. The key is maximum possible flexibility. Particularly in times of social distancing, existing furniture arrangements in offices need to be rethought—and with them the lighting. The Jilly downlights represent a new luminaire type that combines the visual comfort of downlights with the flexibility of spotlights. Instead of being mounted rigidly on the ceiling, the luminaire sits on a track and is therefore also perfectly suited for loft offices with a visible open

ABOVE: Light can be easily switched and dimmed with a smartphone or tablet via Casambi Bluetooth.

ceiling. If the arrangement of furniture or walls in the office changes, it can be repositioned and fixed in the track without tools in just a few simple steps.•

Visit or Circle 237.


ABOVE: Employees can individually adjust the lighting level for their workplace or set preprogrammed lighting scenes; sensors can be integrated for daylight and movement detection.

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Circle 05

3/15/21 2:27 PM



Jewel of the East Sharjah, in the United Arab Emirates, is a destination ripe for exploration, not only for its landscapes, but also for its culture. One of its most fascinating places is the Sharjah Mosque, whose brilliant illumination was created by the Light Concept Firm, in conjunction with Linea Light Group solutions. The goal of the project, which involved the entire architectural complex, was to give the place a specific identity through lighting. Every detail was duly emphasized to create the right atmosphere throughout the day, both for prayer and for tours. To prevent glare, indirect fixtures with a color temperature of 2700K, were selected. Various Linea Light Group products were used, © Khatcho Demergian

both in standard and custom versions. Linear Xenia and Archiline products outline the unique details of the mosque’s architecture. The products used: Bond_Pro, Shaker, Xenia, Archiline, Fasim, Vedette, Zalex, Suelo, Loro, LV54, Quantum and Paseo.• 

Circle 06

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Visit or Circle 236.

ABOVE: The project goal was to give the architectural complex a specific identity through lighting.

3/15/21 2:30 PM

© V2


Safety by Design For years, officials in Calgary, Canada have been concerned with improving the perceived sense of safety and vibrancy in the city’s downtown. The city partnered with the Building Design Lab, a collaborative research arm for the University of Calgary’s School of Architecture, Planning, and Landscape, to develop an experimental installation tailored to improve the sense of safe-

How’s it Hanging? With No Power Cords!

Flux LED Pendant © Hubbardton Forge

ty and vibrancy in the area. A team of students designed and built a 70-ft. long wooden canopy equipped with fully interactive 3D-printed lighting fixtures. The LED lights are fitted with sensors that playfully respond to pedestrians walking underneath. The lamps vary in size from approximately 16 in. to 40 in. in diameter and were developed by means of an algorithmic script that controlled their dimensions, number of LEDs, individual geometry and formal relation with the rest of the structure. The canopy is part of a year-long study aimed at identifying the potential of fasttracked, low-cost, architectural interventions to strategically improve the perceived sense of safety in urban settings.•

ABOVE: A temporary student experiment is shedding light on urban safety at night.

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It’s Time to Cut the Cord 866-523-4490 Circle 07

3/15/21 2:31 PM


Take Off, Eh Who would have thought that Tim Hortons would turn into our next trendy must-try food destination? The design of the donut shop is a far cry from the bare-bones, brown-and-red interiors the chain is known for. Hockey details are everywhere, from the rink-like curved ceiling to the funky hockey-playing chicken mural. With a capacity of about 140, the interior is lush with detailing like light fixtures inspired by face masks; bathroom tiles that mimic hockey


socks; net-like forms above the draft bar; and a

Art on Art

texture fronting the cash register that references holes in a jersey. Toronto’s CTV News argues the aesthetic

For its winter 2020 façade, the Tate Britain

design, menu items, Instagrammable Fruit Loops

commissioned light artist Chila Kumari Singh

doughnuts, and oat milk are an effort to reach

Burman to create a design covering the classic

younger generations who wouldn’t necessarily

entry. She uses remarkably executed neon. Some

visit a regular Tim Hortons, citing that the coffee

of the elements are her family’s ice cream truck,

market has been “shifting upscale.”•

lower right, Hindu deities and several illuminated animals. Across the top the illuminated text says: “Aim—Dream—Truth: Love Shine Light” and on the

ABOVE: Laying a check into Starbucks, the idea is to provide a less expensive, but competitive alternative.

cornice: “Remembering a Brave New World.”• 


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3/15/21 2:32 PM


Light, the Brush That May Spark a Ukraine Renaissance Winner in the Landscape Lighting category of the 2020 LIT Awards, “Lighting for a Boulevard of Arts,” in Dnipro City, Ukraine, by Expolight, is a bold and dynamic streetscape illumination for the area, which is close to theaters and art sites. The goal is that the new lighting will help the area become a new creative cluster for the city.

“EVERYONE GETS THE CHANCE TO CREATE PAINTINGS OR SCULPTURES ON A LARGE SURFACE.” According to lead designer Mykola Kabluka, ABOVE: The dominant supports, made of corten steel, provide “scenic” narrow-beam light. Crafted, perforated lamps are spread over the entire boulevard on carrier cables.

the Expolight team formed a space, using light, for creative people to create. “We provide the boulevard with non-intensive ‘art’ light, that is courteous and non-flooding.” As if in the performance hall, general lighting is unsaturated, and able to change intensity and shades of light according to different events on this “stage.” At the same time, Kabluka says, individual elements and zones are accents. Metal columns, made of corten steel, create a dominant visual, which provides “scenic” narrow-beam light. Specially crafted, perforated lamps spread over the entire boulevard on carrier cables. “For them, we created special lenses that give good caustic waves to the pedestrian plane.” Gobo projectors, complement the streetscape with light projections that reflect the various creative professions that occupy storefronts. Every passerby too, says Kabluka, will themselves be creator thanks to an interactive media screen. “With the help of projection technologies, everyone will get a chance to create paintings


or sculptures on a large surface, or even be an orchestra conductor,” says the designer.• ABOVE: Gobo projectors complement the streetscape with light projections. General lighting is unsaturated and able to change intensity and shades of light according to different events on this “stage.”

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3/15/21 2:32 PM



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3/12/21 2:45 PM


By Vilma Barr

REAL AND VIRTUAL LAYERING OF LIGHT Classic texts on layering of light typically indicate consideration of three basic formats for an interior space: general/ ambient light; task lighting; and accent light. These suggestions are still valid. But today, other factors based on the whirlwind advances in technology of the past half-decade, human performance trends, and the integration of art influences in lighting bring new considerations. Examples in this report include four retail projects, a spa/retail boutique, a pair of offices, a private lounge and a building lobby. They demonstrate that a single source can now be responsible for all three layers. Ambient lighting for the retail projects add drama to the spaces and create a stage-like setting for mannequins forming the groupings at Saks Fifth Avenue’s fashion departments. At Caudalie, illumination is provided by backlit Continued on page 16


Slack Toronto Office Location: Toronto Slack is a business communication platform developed by American software company Slack Technologies that now operates worldwide. For the Toronto office, located on three levels of a mid-rise brick-andbeam mid-rise former knitting and textile factory in the heart of downtown Toronto, the design reflects the building’s heritage and Slack’s contemporary work culture. Using linear geometries throughout the space, the project team from Dubbeldam Architecture + Design drew from a “threads of communication” concept, utilizing continuous angular light fixtures running through the length of the 23,000-sq.-ft. office on the ceiling and walls. Marcel Dion served as the lighting design consultant.

2103SSLTAF06.indd 15

Colored networking cables are a subtle reference to yarn used in the mechanized knitting process when textiles were the end product. Throughout, vibrantly colored acoustic wall paneling matches textured carpeting and distinctive furniture pieces. Angular light fixtures appear to thread through the ceiling, knitting workspaces and meeting rooms together. The large communal café picks up on the linear theme with its white and wood diagonal slat finish. Slack’s interiors, combined with the bold approach to the lighting meet the functional requirements of 140 employees, communicate a sense of continuity and community to the workplace.


3/15/21 2:49 PM



Continued from page 15

display walls running the length of both side walls of the rectangular space. At Filson, the job of the lighting fixtures is to seamlessly accent the themed frame of the store environs and the arrangement of the merchandise collections. Strong geometrics at Body Factory, the Gare du Nord lounge, the lobby conversation area, and the Slack offices are applied to overhead and wall surfaces to represent task and accent lighting.

Caudalie Location: New York City Through creative programming, its designer, Mapos, merged the idea of boutique, spa and treatment center. In the main area, a browsing table beneath a chandelier in the shape of a grapevine draws customer interest. An overall grid is created by defining in black the wood drawer storage system and the glass display cases.

© Garrett Rowland

A term that refers to the time the flavors of a wine linger on the palate, the skin care products firm choose Caudalie as its name to tie in with the formulation of an anti-aging product they market. Located in the Meatpacking District, their recognition strategy was to go a step further than just a handsome presentation, installing a wine bar.

Saks Fifth Avenue Location: New York City In a $250 million redesign of the flagship store, Gensler collaborated with Saks to create openings in the floor and ceiling to all of the levels. An atrium becomes a focal point for visual merchandising presentations, which, along with high-design fixturing, guide the customer down runway-inspired aisles. Concentric cove-lit circles are given additional dimension by a circular sculptural hanging of gold-tone metal. Cove lighting provides illumination for hanging garments. © Gensler


2103SSLTAF06.indd 16

3/12/21 2:33 PM


Lighting designers have demonstrated that their treatment of illumination sources have become like an artist’s brush on paper or canvas, or a muralist on a ceiling or wall. Their painterly approaches and technical expertise have created a definitive expression to the aesthetics of the architecture where they appear, and adds to visitors’ sense of place and relationship to the area they occupy.•

Filson Location: NoHo, New York City Heliotrope Architects blended wood textures and tones that form the store’s dimensional background and exposed timber structural elements. The wood columns and beams and suspended canoes provide visual interest to accent merchandise. Lighting, by Invisible Circus, is integrated into the rusticthemed interior and accents product and decorative displays.

© Kevin Scott

Dating back to outfitting Yukon Gold Rush prospectors out of Seattle, the company’s iconic collections are sold internationally including two stores in New York City, the first, a 4,000-sq.ft. location in NoHo, shown here, and a second in Union Square. Both interpret the lure of the Pacific Northwest with settings inspired by the region’s signature natural beauty.

Saks Fifth Avenue Location: Brickell City Centre, Miami The lighting by Oculus Light Studio for the Miami store bears a family resemblance to its big sister up north. Recessed downlights give a lively sunnylike ambient rendition to the selling environments. Overhead circular fixtures in a variety of fixture types and adaptations give emphasis to the grouped or individual displays. This project won a Shop!Retail Design Silver Award and an IES National Award of Merit.

2103SSLTAF06.indd 17


3/15/21 2:51 PM


Eurostar Lounge Location: Paris Taking inspiration from a chic Parisian apartment, Cinimod Studio collaborated with Softroom Architects on the Eurostar Business Premier Lounge renovation in Paris’ Gare du Nord. Tasked with designing a lighting scheme to complement the interiors, the lighting scheme works to create a cohesive series of spaces within one environment. “Wayfinding” and “place-making” concepts formed the basis of the scheme, which enables visitors to distinguish between areas of transition, and those designed for respite.

Body Factory Location: SoHo, New York City The entry space, designed by BFDO Architects (now BAAO), is a faceted enclosure of triangular panels surfaced in concrete, illuminated indirectly by LED tape lights in the gaps between them. A custom triangular LED light fixture frames the edge of the paneled surface where it stops to expose the ceiling. The custom white Caesarstone reception desk complements the walls. Along the side walls, products line the floating acrylic shelving units, edge-lit by hidden LEDs. The paneled surface splits to create an entrance to a cove-lit corridor with treatment rooms on either side where direct lighting comes from large round lenses set in the lowered ceiling, with indirect lighting from perimeter coves, which conceals air vents. Black penny tile in the bathroom contrasts with white fixtures and the backlit mirror.


2103SSLTAF06.indd 18

3/12/21 2:37 PM


BASF Head Office Location: Istanbul The whole space, designed by Mimaristudio, was created as a holistic shell, where elements complement each other. The company’s innovative, dynamic and colorful identity is emphasized with the different forms, shapes and geometric uses of finishing materials. The lighting design was also carried out by Mimaristudio as part of the overall design concept, with professional support obtained for measurements and calculations. The ceiling panels, which are designed with different finishing materials, in different geometries and elevations, stand out with their irregular geometric composition contrasting with homogeneous lighting distribution. LED technology is used in general lighting products, such as spots or stretch ceiling luminaires, as well as all of the decorative fixtures. Acoustic lighting products were selected for some of the decorative lighting according to specific usage of specialized areas. Reflecting innovative, environmentalist and colorful corporate identity of the employer, and focusing on happiness and motivation of the staff, the project received full marks from the client not only as a workplace, but as a space for living.

2103SSLTAF06.indd 19


3/12/21 2:39 PM


Goldring/Woldenberg Business Complex, A. B. Freeman School of Business, Tulane University New Orleans, La.

Elegant in its Transparency

Architect: Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects Architect of Record: Manning Architects Lighting Design: CBBLD Photos: Jeff Goldberg/Esto Text: Vilma Barr The Challenge: Integrate undergraduate and graduate students—previously in two separate buildings—into a single facility to accommodate the growing student population. Tulane’s leadership requested the project meet LEED Gold criteria, but would also have to withstand local weather conditions. Spaces dedicated to learning and promoting student interaction were defined and included areas for informal meetings, collaboration, classrooms and lecture halls. The Solution: Funding was initiated for a 46,000-sq.-ft. renovation to the original facility and a new 46,000-sq.-ft., four-story addition, combining the two buildings. The interior theme is openness and transparency. Spaces encourage gathering throughout the day and evening for students, faculty and visitors on each level. Visibility and approachability for community learning and collaboration is emphasized.


2103SSLFEA04.indd 20

With a pedigree that extends back

and special courses. Its sports

façade, which bends around four

187 years, when first founded as

teams have achieved national

live oak trees, showcases school

a public medical college, Tulane


activities and allows light to filter

University became private when

To accommodate enrollment

acquired by philanthropists Paul

growth, the university undertook

through to the interiors. Lighting was created by Cline Bettridge

Tulane with Josephine Louise

a major expansion of the existing

Bernstein Lighting Design (CBBLD),

Newcomb in 1884. Since then,

Goldring/Woldenberg Complex for

led by president and principal

Tulane has grown to a 110-acre

the A. B. Freeman School of Busi-

Francesca Bettridge, and associate

urban site in uptown New Orleans.

ness, almost doubling the space

principal Michael Hennes.

The current student population

to 85,000 sq. ft. Designed by Pelli

By bringing two buildings into

is 12,650, with 60% in undergradu-

Clarke Pelli Architects, based in

one academic complex to meet the

ate programs and 40% graduate

New Haven, Conn., with Manning

demanding needs of contemporary

students, enrolled in liberal arts,

Architects as Architects of Record,

business education, the project

sciences, social sciences, business

the curved glass curtainwall

combined an existing classroom

3/12/21 3:09 PM


The façade of this 42,000-sq.-ft. business school addition features a block-and-a-half long, curving glass wall that integrates the historic live oak trees. Teamed with the lighting, the architecture’s bold design adds significant impact on Tulane’s campus.

renovation with a major addition

multi-phase project. The custom

interior moisture and thermal

featuring an expansive, multi-use

YKK serpentine steel curtainwall

transfer. Customization was neces-

gathering space, that together, cre-

was preassembled, while the struc-

sary for the sunshades and fins,

ated an elegant, modern structure

tural steel beams, and concrete,

which had to be miter-cut due to

to the traditional campus. With an

were put in place on-site. Thermal

the nature of the undulating façade.

open and transparent environment

performance of the curtainwall was

that responds to the university’s

achieved with the fitting of Viracon

wanted to put their institution’s

objective for the new presence

glass in the design of the custom

working model of the enjoyment of

on the institution’s grounds, it

frit pattern.

learning on display, our strategy

enhances a sense of community

shelves were assembled as com-

inside the building’s three-story,

and faculty.

plete curtainwall system units,

curving glass wall façade,” says

allowing for a climate-controlled

Bettridge. “We analyzed lighting

environment that eliminates

solutions for the Freeman School 

and construction process was a

2103SSLFEA04.indd 21

was to maximize views of activity

and collaboration for students The design, development

Thermal sunshades and light

“Because Tulane’s administrators


3/12/21 3:09 PM

and agreed that it was meant to be

block. “To emphasize the expanse

bottom light, are both decorative

dramatic, expressive and respon-

of space, we decided to light the

and functional. A dimming system

sive to a human scale,” Bettridge

large room with a single gesture,”

incorporates photo-sensors as

explains. “Our team developed the

Bettridge says.

part of a daylight harvesting

lighting composition to respond

“Continuous lines of light

dynamically to the architecture’s

run perpendicular to the fritted

bold design.”

window, across the entire ceiling,

system that turns off specific task lighting during daylight hours.

creating a strong graphic that

Stairway and Balcony

The Atrium

emphasizes the curved façade,”

LED strips are mounted into a cus-

The signature feature is the

she describes. Each fixture, with a

tom metal rail along the bottom of

Marshall Family Commons, a

dropped lens whose side-glow casts

the wood stairs and balcony fronts.

three-story atrium fronted by a

light onto the ceiling is by Insight.

Natural materials are accented

curving glass exterior wall. Topped

Around the perimeter of the glass

with a delineating glow.

by a wood slat ceiling at the third

curtainwall, the 48-in. diameter

level, the atrium spans more than

pendants, with their tapered-

nies, LED coves provide indirect

the length of a New Orleans’ city

drum-shaped shades and diffused

illumination that eliminates the


2103SSLFEA04.indd 22


Continuous lights run perpendicular to fritted windows, across the ceiling. Each fixture has a dropped lens with a sideglow casting light onto the ceiling. Insight Lighting or Circle 235.  CIRCULAR PENDANTS

Around the perimeter of the glass curtainwall, 48-in. diameter pendants have tapered drum diffusers and an open center.

At each level under the balco-

OCL or Circle 234.

3/12/21 3:09 PM


Each glass-enclosed column contains three floors of classrooms and collaboration spaces. They are illuminated on the outside by Color Kinetics PureStyle Intellihue Powercore RGBW fixtures in 12-in. increments. or Circle 233.

2103SSLFEA04.indd 23

need for downlights, leaving the

each level is a central, oval-shaped


clean lines of lighting in the ceil-

cove lighting feature, transforming

ing plane unbroken. Optic Arts

the pod structures into extended

provided surface-mounted LED

architectural maxi-lanterns. The

strips with fronted lensed channel

recessed lensed downlight are by

mounted on the architectural cove

USAI installed in 12-in. increments

and surface-mounted LED strip

around the cove, as well as in the

LED strips are mounted into a custom metal rail along the bottom of stairs, which highlights balcony fronts. At each level, under the balconies, LED coves provide indirect illumination that eliminates the need for downlights.

with fronted lensed channel for the

central upper ceiling.

balcony stairs.

Fritted glass captures light from RGBW grazers that are detailed

Towers of Transparency

into a top cove around the outer

Anchoring each end of the Com-

perimeter. The colored lights set the

mons are full, triple-height pods—

towers off from the atrium and can

glass-enclosed columns—containing

change over the day and evening

classrooms and meeting and col-

for special events. Suppliers of the

laboration spaces. On the ceiling of

fixtures are Moda Light and Color 

Optic Arts provided 3000K, 8.8W-ft. surface-mounted LED strips with fronted lensed channel mounted on the architectural cove and surface-mounted LED strip with fronted lensed channel, 3000K, 5W-ft. for the balcony stairs. Optic Arts (Luminii) or Circle 232.


3/12/21 3:10 PM


Kinetics. Lighting on the outside of

Optic Arts provided a 3000K, 8.8W-

the pods has a narrow beam spread

ft. surface-mounted LED strip with


and is aimed straight down so it

frosted lensed channel mounted

does not impact the illumination

on the architectural cove, and a

inside the classrooms.

surface-mounted LED strip with

Ceilings feature a center, oval-shape with cove lighting, which transforms the triple-height silo-like structures into glowing “lanterns.”

On the stairway and balcony, LED strips are mounted into a

a frosted lensed channel, 3000K, 5W-ft., for the balcony stair.

custom rail along the bottom of the wood stairs and balcony fronts.

An Energizing Force

Natural materials are accented

Dean Ira Solomon was pleased with

with a delineating glow. At each

the collaboration. “Lighting ener-

level under the balconies, LED

gizes the learning experience that

coves provide indirect illumination

characterizes Tulane’s educational

that eliminates the need for down-


lights, leaving the clean lines of the

Recessed lensed downlight, increment cove inside of room: USAI or Circle 231. Concealed linear luminaire: Color Kinetics PureStyle Intellihue or Circle 230.

illuminated ceiling plane unbroken.


2103SSLFEA04.indd 24

3/12/21 3:10 PM



TIVOLI’S TIMELESS CLASSIC REIMAGINED Litesphere True RGB+W is the TRUE original commercial grade, outdoor rated, low voltage LED strand light.

Algorithm Performance Tivoli’s research in algorithm performance eliminates the need for a fourth channel from the standard RGBW DMX setup. The use of three channels reduces data consumption, leaving channels open for added elements or fixtures. Auto-Addressed Each globe is auto-addressed and individually controlled with DMX512 protocol for fast setup and connection. 714-957-6101

Audio Enhanced Audio enhanced using MADRIX 5 software and DMX512 protocol, Litesphere True RGB+W delivers more than 16 million combinations of pure and precise color tones. Circle 08

• 2103SLFPAds02.indd 25

3/17/21 3:08 PM



Challenge: Create a diverse and flexible lighting control system for the new Caesars FORUM Conference Centre, the latest Strip structure that continues Sin City’s credo to build “bigger, bolder and brighter.” The complex, in fact, spans 550,000 sq. ft., and boasts the world’s two largest pillarless ballrooms. Influence: In all, the facility features 300,000 sq. ft. of flexible meeting space, including two pairs of large, and smaller, ballrooms, six boardrooms, and an outdoor event plaza connected to the hotels. Flexibility would prove key as the amount of event space used can be scaled up or down. The two largest ballrooms can each be divided into 38 sections, while the two smaller ballrooms can be split into 22 sections. configuration. As rooms combine to make larger

The most important four ballrooms, for example,

grated within the impressive facility is digital

areas, the system adapts to combine lighting

each use a Pharos LPC X controller. The remain-

lighting. It is the largest single installation of

zones into the user’s Crestron Control interface.

ing pre-function spaces, conference rooms and

One of the cutting-edge technologies inte-

DMX controlled tuneable white lights. The main

The main component of the Pharos system is

exterior lighting are controlled using Pharos LPC

lighting control system, in fact, features more

the LPC. Featuring individually controllable and

2 controllers combined with multiple EDN 20 (Eth-

than 4,500 individually controllable DMX fixtures.

independently running timelines and scenes, it

ernet Data Node) DMX distribution units, offering

“Lighting is such a critical component when

allows for the build of dynamic, precise and fully

scalable and cost-effective Ethernet-distributed

designing events. We’re excited to have so much

customizable pre-programmed lighting effects, as

DMX ports that are ideal for large projects.•

flexibility in creating unique environments,”

well as on demand control of brightness and color

said Reina Herschdorfer, director of market-

temperature for any individual zone of fixtures.

Visit or Circle 229.

ing, National Meetings and Events at Caesars Entertainment. Solution: The colossal degree of flexibility is made possible by dividing the facility’s lighting needs into seven core sub-DMX systems controlled by Pharos’ Lighting Playback Controllers (LPC), which, in turn, are commanded by the main Crestron system. With systems for each of the four ballrooms, pre-function spaces, boardrooms and exteriors, this subsystem offers a high resolution of individual fixture control or zoned group control. Each small section, for example, can have up to 11 zones of light based on the room’s size and


2103SSLPRO3.indd 26

3/15/21 10:42 AM



Challenge: Supporting high-growth technology companies through research, programming and education, Wilfrid Laurier University’s Lazaridis School of Business and Economics was challenged to adapt a turn-of-the-century building to serve as its new Executive Development Center in Kitchener, Ontario. As a former manufacturing facility producing wooden seats for theaters and arenas, the structure consisted of exposed wood ceilings and columns. Influence: Tasked with converting the centuryold industrial building into a modern educational space, Dfy Studio sought the right kind of lighting fixture that would simultaneously fit in with

ABOVE: Eureka’s Slice luminaires, placed inside Arena magnetic rings, integrated well with the exposed ceilings

the existing shell and lend a modern flair. “We

of an old manufacturing facility, successfully updating the space to serve the needs of Wilfrid Laurier University Lazaridis School of Business and Economics’ new Executive Development Center.

had beautiful bones to work with,” says Tahani Gunal, senior designer, Dfy Studio, Waterloo, Ontario. “We wanted the elements of the lighting and walls to create a clean, crisp and vibrant environment.” In particular, the exposed ceiling in the main

a custom-engineered acrylic diffuser, which

event room posed its own challenge as the light-

can be rotated 180 degrees on-site. This provides

ing solution had to gel with the open beams,

the facility with the option to angle the diffusers

pipes and duct work and be dynamic enough to

down to provide direct illumination to a meeting

add the “wow” factor the university wanted to

table set-up below, or turn them upwards to

achieve for the space. Further, the space had to

provide dramatic indirect illumination to the

serve many functions, from presentations to

wooden ceiling above for a reception or more

social events to breakout meetings.

informal atmosphere. Further, each Slice can be overlapped to create unique and eye-catching patterns. “Arena’s size was the right fit for the large

fixture that features a magnetic ring. Its seamless circular profile has a discreet, innovative

event space,” Gunal explains. “Slice adds style

low-power ring with instant magnetic connec-

and uniqueness to enhance its surroundings.

tions so light sources can be easily placed any-

Together they add to the appeal of the space

where along the ring to create a unique lighting

without taking away from its original beauty.”•

© Robert Lowdon Photography

Solution: Dfy turned to Eureka Lighting’s Arena

environment. Three Slice luminaires are attached with mag-

Visit or Circle 228.

nets across the 54-in. diameter. In all, 12 Arena fixtures were placed across the industrial ceiling. Slice features an 8W LED linear light engine with

2103SSLPRO3.indd 27


3/15/21 3:11 PM



Challenge: Julie Couillard, president of JC Éclairage, was hired by EMD-Batimo Construction to develop the lighting scheme for the indoor and outdoor spaces at the Chartwell Retirement Residence in Cap-Rouge, Quebec. Choosing the appropriate illumination for the exterior areas in particular was essential to the design to provide safety and security for the seniors. Influence: The five-story facility houses spacious apartments, unique assisted-living suites and numerous modern amenities, including a state-of-the-art demonstration kitchen, library, arts and crafts room, gym, yoga studio and a golf simulator. The grounds feature a landscaped

ABOVE: Maya MA10 fixtures illuminate the shuffleboard and petanque courts at the Chartwell Retirement Residence courtyard in Cap-Rouge, Quebec. The 42-in.-high Maya MA30 bollard fixtures (below) light up walkway and seating areas. Custom woodgrain finish complements nearby wooden flower boxes.

courtyard with walkways, outdoor garden, bistro and casual seating, and shuffleboard court. Solution: Contributing to the project, winning the Canadian Property Awards 2018/2019 “Best Residential Development Canada” award, Luminis’

about the shorter lifespan and higher mainte-

Maya MA10 illuminates the courtyard’s gaming

nance of using real wood,” says Couillard. “Find-

areas. MA10 fixtures, installed at 180-degrees,

ing Luminis’ MA30 in a ‘wood-look’ aluminum

are mounted on each of three poles, positioned

alloy enabled me to stay true to the design intent,

along the shuffleboard and petanque courts. The

while offering a much more durable solution.” The same MA30 bollard luminaires also line

MA10 optic, with Type IV distribution, effectively directs light down to the game surfaces, but with

pathways adjacent to the facility’s main entrance.

no noticeable residual glare back to nearby resi-

Couillard chose Type V distribution for fixtures

dent windows. Residents can safely enjoy evening

in this location to provide wide coverage for the

activities under warm, comfortable illumination.

larger walkways approaching the front door.

installed along walkways and around seating

Residents and visitors can safely navigate the well-lit sidewalks as they arrive and depart. “Luminis provided a high-quality lighting solu-

areas in the courtyard. The 42-in.-high luminaires provide a stylish accent to the space, as the cus-

tion, in a variety of type distributions, so we could

tom wood grain finish complements the nearby

deliver light exactly where it is needed,” said

wooden flower boxes. The choice of Type II light-

Couillard. “Both EMD-Batimo and I are thrilled

ing distribution provides broad, even coverage of

that we could maintain the award-winning design

light for garden visitors as they stroll around the

aesthetic with beautiful fixtures that will also

courtyard or sit for a chat.

stand up to the rigorous Quebec winters.”•

© Stephane Groleau

Luminis’ Maya MA30 bollard fixtures are

“Original specifications from the architect called for wooden bollards, but I was concerned


2103SSLPRO3.indd 28

Visit or Circle 227.

3/15/21 10:43 AM



Challenge: Home to the Golden State Warriors and nearly 200 annual events, the lighting design for the state-of-the-art, 18,000-seat Chase Center in San Francisco had to create an inviting atmosphere to its visitors. Influence: The array of suites, diverse club and public spaces were challenged to evoke a new caliber of design for arenas—a hospitable blending of high-end luxury and sports. Solution: For this IES 2020 Illumination Award of Merit-winning project, the main concourse level emulates ambient lighting—kinetic in form—to fill the vast scale of a contemporary zone. Evok-

BELOW: San Francisco’s Chase Center’s main entrance lobby evokes an elaborate interior that features a four-story atrium, punctuated by progressive ornamentation, with lighting from Targetti. The four-story-plus theater lobby features a custom color-changing chandelier and theatrical color cove lighting. The lounges, above, embrace opulence with independent scene controls in an expansive private experience.

ing an elaborate and grand interior that features a four-story atrium, punctuated by adventurous and progressive ornamentation, the customized color cove lighting boldly represents the team’s blue and gold color badges and can be seen throughout a variety of the public areas. The customized Targetti TONES, designed in collaboration with Gensler, were utilized to

and complementary color temperatures to create

boldly represent the teams blue and gold color

a warm and inviting environment. The clubs inte-

badges. The special color combination of colors

grate an industrial theme with purposeful high-

was composed by a precise LED combination

contrasting finish selections and exaggerated

that was carefully selected, mixed together and

fixture scaling while hidden lighting illuminates

controlled to produce an ideal light spectrum.

open structural arena space overhead. Utilizing an unprecedented technique, the

These rich emission spectrum’s incorporating color quality with pure color rendering index can

interior lighting color rendering was specified

be seen throughout a variety of the public areas.

at a warm, 3000 K, 90 CRI luminaires to support subtle layers of color-changing lighting,

through layered integrated lighting. This exclu-

integrated within the interior massing of seven

sive arena space utilizes 2700 K lighting, reveal-

leveled tiers, and proudly representing the War-

ing a warm and relaxing residential expression.

riors team colors of royal blue and golden yellow.

The Courtside Lounges display design ele-

Erected on schedule, within energy code com-

ments that reflect the luxury and comfort of the

pliance, and with 100% LED technology and LEED

local Napa Valley wine country as seen in design

certification, the Chase Center delivers a new

elements inspired by a wine barrel interior. The

standard in arena design.•

© Jason O’Rear/Chase Center

The Chase Center Owner’s Club exudes luxury

bright white and dark wood accents and shelving are accented with a variety of layered lighting

2103SSLPRO3.indd 29

Visit or Circle 226.


3/15/21 10:44 AM



Challenge: Architects Paul Bauer and Oskar Melzer were looking to make a statement with the lighting scheme for the real estate company ZIEGERT Knight Frank in Frankfurt, Germany: “Light, colors and materials—everything has to come together, otherwise it won’t work.” Influence: Designers Paul Bauer and Oskar Melzer sought to transform what they described as a “complete dump” into a contemporary, loose and casual aesthetic while “making a statement.” Solution: “Our idea here was to spatially separate the 70-sq.-m area and divide it into two entirely separate atmospheric zones,” relates

ABOVE: ERCO Pollux spotlights (below) create a gallery-like, relaxed lounge-like island of light around the sofas

Melzer. The precise interplay of light, color and

at Frankfurt’s ZIEGERT Knight Frank. Real estate company. ERCO Skim track downlights (above) combine the flexibility of spotlights with the visual comfort, efficiency and simplicity of downlights and create a pleasant working atmosphere.

perfection creates a functionally coherent and aesthetically attractive whole. “Good lighting was critical for us, because the perception of the colors depends on it,” zone, with an open, laid-back atmosphere, is

the flexibility of spotlights with the visual com-

determined by the warm reddish orange of the

fort, efficiency and simplicity of downlights—thus

seating. The entrance is uniformly illuminated

providing the ideal lighting solution for flexible

by 12 ERCO Pollux spotlights as if in a gallery,

office layouts. Two further Skim track down-

and a relaxed lounge-like island of light is cre-

lights (12W LED) with wide flood, approximately

ated around the sofas. While the track remains

50-degree distribution above the conference

unobtrusively discreet in the tone of the ceiling

table, create a pleasant working atmosphere. Bauer justifies his decision in favor of ERCO

color, the black housings of the Pollux spotlights set specific accents.

with the high quality of its luminaires and the

On the other hand, the ambience in the rear

company’s reliably good support. “ZIEGERT

area of the shop is, in contrast, subdued. Melzer

Knight Frank clients,” according to Melzer,

calls this “visual calm.” The built-in cabinets

“should ultimately think: they also know some-

and fronts of the panelled walls are in a striking

thing about interior design here.” With its precise

turquoise blue, the complementary color to the

implementation, their design of the new real

reddish orange of the entrance.

estate shop should not express an anonymous

When it came to the lighting, a high level of

© Robert Lowdon Photography

explains Bauer. The front area and entrance

form of office aesthetics, but rather an almost

flexibility was important to the two designers.

homely sense of poetry. And “feeling good,” adds

Three plain black desks arranged in a row are

Melzer, is everything.

individually illuminated by Skim downlights for track (16W LED). These lighting tools combine


2103SSLPRO3.indd 30

Visit or Circle 225.

3/15/21 3:13 PM



Challenge: In its quest to attract and retain students, with a focus on innovation and safety, the Pulaski County Special School District in Little Rock sought to build a new state-of-the-art middle school. The 145,000-sq.-ft. school hosts classrooms, administrative offices, a gym, dining and common areas to cater to its 800 students. Influence: As a greenfield project, WER Architects/Planners was presented with a clean palette to create a modern, attractive space. Solution: Interested in bringing playfulness and movement to the school’s common areas, the project team selected A-Light’s Accolade D3 and

ABOVE: Suspended and recessed A-Light Accolade fixtures deliver interesting visuals and safe wayfinding

Accolade D5 linear fixtures to create custom-

for staff and students at the new Joe T. Robinson Middle School in Little Rock.

patterned lighting schemes. Staff and students entering the campus are greeted with suspended geometric patterns of light. The suspended D3 and recessed D5 luminaires form large, open rectangles traveling up

One of the most intriguing lighting design

a broad staircase, which is flanked by exterior windows along one wall. It creates a striking

challenges for the project was the central

effect as visitors approach the building, while

staircase in the lobby. The design intent was

also providing direct illumination down to the

to create a custom pattern fixture integrating

stairs. The geometric theme continues through

multiple angles (as much as 110 degrees in some

the lobby as the luminaire’s clean lines form an

cases), and multiple mounting options into one

eye-catching pattern of suspended squares along

luminaire. The installation would start as wall-

the ceiling. High-performance LEDs disperse the

mounted, then transition to suspended mount,

light down and across the floor below so students

and finally to surface mount with the light distri-

pass through a safe, well-lit space.

bution changing direction.

as a cafeteria and an auditorium, Russell Fason,

the design objective and effectively lit the angled

principal, WER Architects/Planners, Little Rock,

corner of the upper staircase with a line of con-

Ark. relates, the firm was looking for a way to

tinuous light. The powerful light engine and HE

add interest to the large expanse of ceiling.

Tech lens provide a wide, uniform distribution of

Collaborating with A-Light’s Design Assist team,

direct illumination along the stairs. Additional D5

WER was able to create a signature room. A

linear fixtures are recessed in the upper ceiling

pattern of suspended D3 and recessed D5 linear

to add additional downlight to the floor below.•

© Dero Sanford

A-Light’s Design Assist successfully achieved

As for the “cafetorium,” an area that doubles

luminaires, also in squares, is interspersed across the ceiling

2103SSLPRO3.indd 31

Visit or Circle 224.


3/15/21 3:12 PM

Product Introductions

Suspended Wave Rectangular and square shaped in convex and concave curvatures, Peerless introduces Venue suspended luminaires for open ceilings. The fixture delivers direct light distribution through a dual optical system that creates uniformity across the lens. Made from a one-piece, thermoformed automotivegrade polymer housing, the luminaires are available in black, white, painted aluminum or a range of custom colors.  Visit or Circle 223.

“Shape of things” adroitly describes the state of product development, as the manufacturing community responds to COVID’s continuing impact with forms that bring hope.

1 Highly Adaptable Delivering up to 450 lm at only 5 W/linear ft., Adapt Cove from Acclaim Lighting is a low-power, high output, dimmable LED cove light. With ColorSwitch technology, its compact 1-ft. and 4-ft. sections fit into tight spaces and long runs of up to 80 ft.  Visit or Circle 222.

2 Curves The Curvano from Amerlux has a 2.5-in. aperture in a recessed and pendant mount, or direct and direct/ indirect, with five curved-diameter corner options and three circular selections. The highly flexible product offers color-rendering capabilities of up to 4000K and 90 CRI.  Visit or Circle 221.

3 Versatile Driver Designed for use with 24 VDC constant voltage LED loads and compatible with wall-mount and rackmount options, the D4 CV Driver family joins ETC’s ArcSystem Pro luminaire platform. The drivers come in different outputs and can reach maximum load capabilities of 528 W across four channels.  Visit or Circle 220.


2101SSLADV02.indd 32

3/15/21 2:58 PM

Product Introductions

Light and Sound Expanding its Atlas family to include acoustic panel options and surface wall mounting, Alights offers enhanced functional capabilities and scalability. A full line of products enables designers to combine light with sound absorption to achieve a scalable, consistent design aesthetic. Available in three sizes—20 in., 32 in. and 48-in. diameter—the sound absorbing panel is made of high-density PET (polyethylene/polyester) felt and is sourced from recycled bottles.  Visit or Circle 219.

In the face of economic uncertainty, boldness is becoming a call to arms in creating novel and exciting luminaires that help lift spaces and address social-distancing efforts.

4 Acoustic Bridge With linear baffle and luminaire arrays, Focal Point’s AirCore Bridge offers acoustic performance with a variety of lengths, heights, direct lumen outputs, color temperatures and dimming options. The Bridge comes in three configurations: Truss, Cantilever and Cantilever Wave.  Visit or Circle 218.

5 Candlelight Randomly flickering like a candle, ArcLamp’s Flicker from ETC creates a 2700 K Fade to Warm effect or can operate in constant brightness mode. The ArcLamp line also includes new driver form factors, offering both wall-mount and rack-mount options.  Visit or Circle 217.

6 Another BIG Idea Louis Poulsen and BIG Ideas present a new lamp series, the Keglen. Pendants deliver their own diffusion of light using a curved glass insert, which is built into and adapted to each version of the shade. The lamps feature a uniform opening at the top that allows a little light to flow gently upward.  Visit or Circle 216.

2101SSLADV02.indd 33


3/15/21 2:57 PM

Product Introductions

Crystal Glow Described as contemporary and celestial, the new Nuvole from Allegri Crystal is crafted with precision cut Firenze crystal, creating brilliant refracted light. Each row of baguette-shaped Firenze crystal is framed within a chrome square and gradually increases in size, thereby allowing light from a hidden LED light source to organically flow down each row of crystal. Supported by aircraft cables, Nuvole’s arched shape gives the illusion of a floating halo when lit.  Visit or Circle 215.

Slim, and often unobtrusive, today’s suspended luminaires offer a stylish, yet functional means to illuminate spaces, that accent, rather than detract, from the environment.

1 Round and Rondel Tracy Glover Studio expands its Rondel series with the Rondel Pendant. Available in 12 to 14 in. in diameter, the glass hangs down from a cord or metal downrod. The pendant canopy dimensions are 5 in. × 0.5-in. high, and available as a flushmount. The 12-volt fixture holds 2.5 W dimmable LED bulbs.  Visit or Circle 214.

2 Museums and Shops The ARCOS III from Zumtobel is compatible with different ceiling heights, new room configurations for photography, sculpture and painting exhibitions, while the VIVO ll features electronics fully integrated into the housing or track.  Visit or Circle 213.

3 Great Visual Cut-off Aculux’s AX series of ceiling downlights feature a 45-degree visual cut-off and an enhanced 4-in. aperture. Initially available in an adjustable format for accent lighting, the AX4 can be specified with a fixed downlight housing or a wall wash housing.  Visit or Circle 212.


2101SSLADV02.indd 34

3/12/21 3:44 PM

Product Introductions

Line of LED Ideal for modern offices, hotels, restaurants and retail environments, Lazer Line 0.5-in. wide aluminum tape from PureEdge Lighting creates a 3-dimensional appearance with turnbuckles mounted wall to wall, ceiling to floor, or ceiling to wall. The field-cuttable aluminum tape provides continuous lengths up to 60 ft. with soft, dot-free illumination and can be positioned 0-60 degrees relative to the mounting surface.  Visit or Circle 211.

Flexibility is the name of the game, as fixtures and systems must adapt to offices and spaces that are adapting to environments trying to meet the changing workplace.

4 New Sconce The Lineal Sconce is a high performance aluminum wall sconce from Structura. The 4-in.-wide × 3-in.wide deep body profile comes in a single and double module, which uses two different distribution types within a single sconce.  Visit or Circle 210.

5 Adjustable Cylinder Featuring interchangeable optics, the BeveLED Mini Adjustable Cylinder from USAI Lighting incorporates a 3-in. round- or square-aperture recessed downlight that delivering 700 lm. at 12W or 950 lm. at 18W. Color-curve dimming starts at 3500K and dims down to 2200K.  Visit or Circle 209.

6 Hooked Buster + Punch’s HOOKED lighting collection hangs single light pendants from a solid brass hook. Users can manually adjust the drop length of the diamond-cut, cross-knurl pendant. Pendants can be reinstalled into the ceiling, enabling highly customizable designs.  Visit or Circle 208.

2101SSLADV02.indd 35


3/12/21 3:44 PM

By Erin Bothwell, Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA)

Luminaire Level Lighting Controls: Intelligent Lighting Q&A with Damon Bosetti, Technical Manager at DesignLights Consortium

As the commercial lighting industry continues its steady move toward

What should people know about LLLCs?

more advanced controls and lighting solutions, for many experts, all

LLLCs make lighting controls easier for both designers and install-

signs point to networked lighting controls. And when it comes to truly

ers. You no longer need to figure out where to place sensors—they are

intelligent, flexible lighting with non-energy benefits, the future could

already built into every fixture. You also don’t need to install separate

be Luminaire Level Lighting Controls (LLLCs). A subset of networked

sensors and deal with associated wiring and mechanical challenges—

lighting controls, LLLCs include integrated sensors and control in each

again, they are pre-installed.

fixture. We sat down with lighting experts to discuss the future of

LLLCs are a great way to future-proof your lighting design against

the lighting industry, what you need to know about LLLCs and the big

unknown changes in your facility. Building in sensing and control

potential for cost savings with regional utility incentives. This Q&A is

points at each luminaire maximizes a system’s flexibility, which allows

with Damon Bosetti with the Design Lights Consortium.

for all kinds of behaviors that can save energy while improving the way people experience the space. The same aspects that make LLLCs relevant in the energy space are


going to give them great dual-use capabilities for non-energy benefits, or NEBs. The sky is the limit with ubiquitous sensing and data collection: the data that these systems will collect will help us find answers to questions we don’t even know to ask yet.

What are your favorite use cases for LLLCs right now? LLLCs are already delivering value to early adopters in specific vertical

Can you summarize your experience in the lighting industry?

markets. Sensors in every luminaire allow LLLCs to deliver precise

I’m a technical manager at the DLC, a non-profit whose mission

data about location, for example. In hospitals, that can mean that

is to drive efficient lighting through thought leadership, technology

medical staff, patients and portable equipment get to the right place at

and collaboration. I focus on horticultural and networked lighting, and

the right time. In warehouses and retail, the same technology can map

spend my days working to get the lighting industry to accelerate its

occupancy patterns and help place products based on their popularity.

transition to the newest solid state lighting and control technology.

In schools and office conference rooms, LLLCs improve efficiency and support a suite of new lighting experiences.

Where do you see the lighting industry headed?

LLLCs are also a great “thin end of the wedge” for slowly diving into

The energy-related benefits of increasing efficiency will continue to

the concept of improved building automation. By letting a few extra

guide the industry. And, while we are improving slowly now, we will

sensors piggyback on the lighting control and communication network,

eventually see fixture efficacy in the range of 200 lm/W. And LLLCs and

users can experiment with a “Building Management System-lite”

other networked controls help cut the energy consumption of already

experience at a very reasonable cost.

highly-efficient sources by an additional 50% or more. in a facility. If you wanted to change what the switch did, then you

What advice would you give to people who are still hesitant about considering an LLLC system in their next project?

needed to pull more wire—at great cost. I’ve begun thinking of the

Try before you buy, and start small. Find two or three system manufac-

future as one of a software-defined lighting, in which the physical

turers on the DLC Networked Lighting Control’s Qualified Products List

fixture’s installation does not drive considerations of control and sens-

(be sure to filter for interior and Luminaire Level Lighting Controls),

ing. Just like a computer can change what it does with new software,

and ask them to arrange a demonstration with real hardware and

a building’s lighting will be as flexible and responsive as its firmware

software. Don’t just read the brochure: get a feel for what it’s actually

and software allow.

like to work with a system. You will find that manufacturers have put

Also, until now physical wiring has defined the behavior of lights

a lot of work into developing products, and that those products have improved dramatically from even just a few years ago.•


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Highlighting products, materials, and systems behind the architecture. No other editorial source prioritizes the solutions that are enabled by LED lighting. Product choices can transform spaces, and real-world ‘proof-ofuse’ case studies offer insight into ‘proof-ofperformance’ realities.


Stay current with the product, material and system developments that are shaping lighting. Brief, relevant, editorially-written and curated news items that keep you on the forefront of specification.


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For Quality and Trust: The Continuing Architect is now .EDU

Continuing education courses when you want it on any device for free. Here are some courses from the Architecture, Design and Building Science Program.

Fundamentals of Electric-Run VRF Technology SPONSORED BY: MITSUBISHI E LE CTRIC CREDITS: 0.25 HSW

This course reviews the fundamentals of Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems for architects providing insight into the technology, how it is applied compared to traditional HVAC systems, and management and control in various applications.

Three Innovations Changing the Face and Function of Fabric Architecture

Bringing Mass Timber and Life Cycle Analysis to Scale



A look at an exterior fabric membrane that allows for entirely new forms and functionalities in fabric constructions; a modular ceiling system made from photometrically optimized precision fabric; and a composite glass, fabric and metal facade material.

New mass timber initiatives are helping production and reducing carbon footprint: First, LCA systems are allowing comprehensive tracking and evaluate]ion on a building’s environmental performance; second, cross-laminated timber is coming to scale.

Getting to Privacy-Intent to Installation SPONSORED BY: A SI GROUP CREDITS: 0.25 HSW, 0 .2 5 LU

Privacy has always been an important objective in restroom design, but too often design intent went unrealized, leaving occupants with gaping sightlines, feeling exposed and undervalued. This course shares tips and features now available in toilet compartments that can help designers ensure privacy.

Meeting Your High Standards: The Continuing Architect (TCA) is institutionally accredited by the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training. ACCET is listed by the U.S. Department of Education as a nationally recognized accrediting agency.

Cast Iron Architecture: Its History and Future SPONSOR ED BY: C ORNELLCOOKSON CR ED I TS: 1 LU

Tracing the history of cast-iron as a building material, this CEU also showcases the rich history of CornellCookson as an American family business that played a significant role in developing the early New York City skyline.

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Designing with Translucent Panel Daylighting Systems

TCA is an American Institute of Architects Continuing Education Service Provider (AIA CES).


The features and benefits of Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP) daylighting systems are explored, as well as load capabilities and code requirements for such systems are covered.

3/17/21 4:05 PM

3/17/21 4:02 PM




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A Tunnel Becomes a Work of Light Art “Rain,” a positive environmental statement, was a competition winner in D.C. to turn a dark vehicular and pedestrian tunnel into a dynamic work of urban art.

specifications. The polycarbonate tubes, rep-

the box beam, relying on neoprene pads inside

resentational of falling drops of rain, pulse in

of aluminum clamps, without resorting to any

response to vehicular traffic in the tunnel, mov-

through bolts or welds. “The system also helps to

ing as if activated by a gentle breeze.

absorb the live load being transmitted through

Initially, one light rod was prototyped to

the existing structure,” Thurlow says.•

examine the quality of the soft blue-white light— how the PMMA material distributed light down along the length of the polycarbonate rod. An

Designed by Thurlow Small architects, in

entire bay was created in the warehouse of gen-

association with NIO Architecten, a Dutch firm

eral contractor M.C. Dean, Roanoke, Va., to visu-

experienced in tunnel design, “Rain” responds

alize the dynamic programming, measure output

dynamically to auto and pedestrian traffic with

levels, and optimize the wiring. The lengths

a lively and original illuminated solution.

were parametrically controlled to fit the shape

Spine, was the work of architect and urban planner Daniel Burnham, who included infrastruc-

of the overhead vaults. A total of 29 differential light rod lengths were ultimately installed. The Spine measures 150-ft. long × 80-ft. wide,

tural, urban and architectural elements. Now

which includes the large sidewalk space of 28-ft.

referred to as the M Street NE Underpass, it was

each. “A primary concern was the live load of

part of a 1901 major urban design plan for Wash-

the freight and commuter trains overhead,” says

ington, D.C., which included Burnham’s Union

Thurlow. “The structural calculations were even

Station and the c. 1907 spine leading into it.

more complicated, as Amtrak stipulated from the

Andrew Thurlow of Thurlow Small, and

outset that we could not permanently affix to

Herman ter Hennepe of Maramoja, lighting

their existing steel structure, nor could we touch,

consultant, invented the system that animates

or attach to either the ceiling or the granite wall

the 3,942 light rods varying in length from 13

surfaces to affix the rods,” Thurlow indicates.

in. to 37 in. They were the primary contractor,

The solution for the team was to invent a

fabricator and installer, including the material

structural clamp which grapples the flange of


2103SSLOBS.indd 40

© Sam Kittner

The historical design plan for The Burnham

VARYING LIGHT POINTS Custom 10-mm diameter light rods were affixed to 1,164 2.5W NW SPOT 004V2 LEDs with 110V AC 3-way Y splitters, as connected to a Pharos LPC DMX2CC 12 CH dimmer. Vista Pro was the supplier of choice for the LEDs. Four programmable patterns vary the intensity and placement of the light points.

3/12/21 3:55 PM

JOIN US FOR AN EVENT AS UNIQUE AS YOU ARE LIGHTING MANUFACTURERS: Be sure to register now to participate in ArchLIGHT Summit, a bold new commercial lighting show for the architectural, specification and design communities coming to Dallas Market Center in fall 2021. Reserve your booth before February 28, 2021 to take advantage of the early commitment discount. FOUNDING AGENCY PARTNERS

SEPT 21-22, 2021


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The EQ Collection’s catenary mount allows the designer unparalleled flexibility to provide visually comfortable illumination to courtyards, plazas or streetscapes. To see the entire EQ Collection, please visit Circle 09

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