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ARCHITECTURAL SSL • Chronicling the Advancement of LEDs in the Built Environment

ARCHITECTURAL ILLUMINATION MATTERS Restaurateurs, in envisioning the launch of establishments, have a lot on their plate: chef and staff; location; menu; and not of least of which, to the designers they commission, the ability to convey their vision of how the space should look and feel. [PAGE 10]

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NUMBER 61 • APRIL 2020

Warm and comfortable? Sophisticated simplicity or an architectural statement? Once decided, the design team must make the pilgrimage an extraordinary experience.

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Hexagonal and linear ceilings perfectly pair with linear lighting to accentuate the crisp, clean details of your design. Armstrong Ceiling Solutions has linear, downlight, and cove lighting solutions to help create dynamic interior spaces with consistent fit and finish. Now, check out options for compatible ceiling and lighting combinations at


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A breakthrough in acoustic lighting

Stunning design. Remarkable acoustics. Introducing Audia—part of the new ACOUSTIX family of 9 luminaires. Thanks to the power of our patented EchoCoreTM technology, Audia outperforms competing acoustic luminaires by 30%. See and hear the difference at:

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31 Project Profile: The future of retail? A look at a whole new shoe-store concept in Poland.




07 Start Making Sense

05 LED Insights

A peek at the lighting behind David Byrne's latest tour.

Today's product and design sweet spot—spanning the gap between tech and nostalgia. By Jim Crockett

08 Sleep on It 34 Code Landscape: A look at recent changes to Title 24 and 20 in California, and their impact elsewhere.

The Lighting Research Center at Rensselaer Polytechnic looks at color tuning and health.

09 A Twist to Lighting BIG's latest architectural marvel in Norway puts a new spin on gallery design.


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40 SSL Observed The 2019 LIT Lighting Awards Lifetime Achievement Award goes to Al Borden. By Ellen Lampert-Gréaux

"Designers call on their visual talents and mastery of innovation expertise to combine colors, patterns, materials, and textures with the creation of functional, decorative and symbolic lighting, while taking advantage of available daylighting."

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10 Taking AIM: The Upscale Dining Experience

33 White Pages Luminaire level lighting controls, Part 2.

Many essential components evoke the emotions that express a restaurateur’s vision for their personal style; specialty cuisine, the location, and distinctive and memorable visual elements— including lighting—that will keep guests paying return visits. by Vilma Barr

18 At the Front: RGB Best Practices There's a right way, and wrong way, to use color on buildings and structures. Turn inside for some examples of extremely creative, yet prudent, use of the technology. by AP Staff

35 Advances Decorative pendants; modular linear fixtures; downlights; acoustic-integrated fixtures; sconces; low-bay luminaires.

Architectural SSL, Vol. 14, No. 2 (ISSN# 1941-8388) is published four times per year by Construction Business Media. Publication Office: Construction Business Media, 579 First Bank Drive, Suite 220, Palatine, IL 60067; 847 359 6493; (Copyright © 2020 by Construction Business Media) POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Architectural SSL Magazine, 519 East Briarcliff Road, Bolingbrook, IL 60440.

24 Featured Project: Ready for Take Off Creative lighting preserves the character of the iconic JFK TWA terminal, designed by Eero Saarinen, transforming it from airline terminal to the lobby of a contemporary boutique hotel. by Ellen Lampert-Gréaux

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open air elements to create an innovative lighting tool. Combining decorative with performance elements, the ambient down light is supplemented with a high-performance indirect light source. Available in a range of white or RGBW outputs, the fixture can be controlled as a complete unit, or in independent 4-inch sections. An elegant yet powerful building block, Space can be installed as a single fixture, in continuous runs, or in custom shapes to fit any environment.






U P TO10 6 L M / W

Space is the re-imagination of a traditional linear pendant, balancing opaque, illuminated, and

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NUMBER 61 • APRIL 2020 Gary Redmond

Managing Partner Director Publishing Operations

Tim Shea

Managing Partner Director Business Development

Dave Pape

EDITORIAL Jim Crockett 847 359 6493

Vice President Director, Art & Production Editorial Director

Bridges, Retro Trust and Feeling Groovy its farmer customers complained they no longer

That rhymin’, (Paul) Simon once sang about the 59th St. Bridge, but the Bridges of Harlem project is doing something more iconic—it’s spanning the gap between nostalgia and tech to deliver urban inspiration.

wanted the company’s techy new “connected” vehicles, as when they broke down, the farmers couldn’t fix the machines themselves. “Dumb” phones, he added, also are making a comeback, just from the battery boost alone. Retro is powerful, said Bhargava, because there’s a sense of distrust today, and somehow, we default to our childhood as a time when things

CONTRIBUTING EDITORS Vilma Barr Barbara Horwitz-Bennett Ellen Lampert-Greaux Chuck Ross

This issue, we’re highlighting a project I just love—

were safer. The whole proliferation of LED ver-

the adaptive reuse of TWA’s former flight center

sions of Edison’s old filament bulbs certainly bears

at JFK in New York. Not only does the project keep

this out. Good business people, said Bhargava, will

alive the architectural splendor that is Aero Saa-

recognize this “protect us” need, and respond with

rinen, it’s just a wonderful venue where I’d like to

better products—and on the building side, more

stay and sip an old-fashioned. In fact, taking in the

resilient structures that are also more human. It’s

grace of this re-imagined facility, I nostalgically,

also time, he said, to rethink the values of luxury,

transport to my childhood in the late ’60s and

and “pizzazz,” for components like better daylight-

Associate Art Director

’70s. Back then, when you flew, it was a big deal;

ing, or products that are easier to use—someone

men wore suits, and ladies, equally appropriate

in the office, as we speak, is angry at the new-

Graphic Designer

outfits. Even 5-year-old me, flying for the first

fangled postage meter, that only succeeds in

time to visit my grandfather in Florida, donned a

wasting her time…

DESIGN & PRODUCTION Dave Pape Art Director Lauren Lenkowski Christine Ha

pint-sized sports coat. Of course, today, the only ADVERTISING SALES Gary Redmond 847 359 6493

Tim Shea 847 359 6493

Michael Boyle 847 359 6493

Jim Oestmann 847 924 5497

David Haggett 847 934 9123

Ted Rzempoluch 609 361 1733

Jim Führer 503 679 5409

Bob Fox 203 356 9694

Jim Morrissey 847 274 6482 SUBSCRIPTION INQUIRIES There is no charge for subscriptions to qualified requestors in the U.S. All other annual subscriptions will be charged $49 for standard delivery or $84 for air mail delivery. For subscriptions, inquiries or address changes, call 630 739 0900 ext. 100.

“Curating,” he noted—may be an answer. “Not

folks you see wearing suits are business people.

every museum puts every single piece of their

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy being comfortable as

collection out on exhibit.”

the next guy, but when I go to a play, I feel overdressed in a sports coat. Something else that’s different today than it

Find the pieces that tell the best stories, he advised, and go with that. And slow things down, as too much life in the fast lane is making every-

was then, is working remotely—a testament to

one crazy. I couldn’t agree more. I even tried Bhar-

technology. Indeed, the diminutive and flexible

gava’s recommendation to watch the “Fireplace”

nature of LED is a big reason historic gems like

program on Netflix for 10 minutes while doing

the TWA Flight Center can be recreated—but at

nothing but stare—it works! “Downtime,” said

a price: a general lost respect for things once held

the author, “is where the sparks happen.”

inviolable. For example, I like to work in my local

I recall Paul Simon singing about the impor-

library when not in the office as it aids me

tance of feeling groovy, but far north of his

in self-disciplinary issues—and theoretically—

59th St. Bridge, someone should sing about the

provides a quiet place to work or cogitate. Too

“Bridges of Harlem.” The vision of Focus Lighting,

often, it’s not the case. At some point, the “shhhh,”

as you’ll see teased within, the firm is literally bor-

one would expect for talking, has evaporated. My

rowing from the paintings of artists as templates

snarky Gen-Z son just laughs when I relay how

for really cool color recreations on the borough’s

rude I believe this behavior is—but it seems I’m

viaducts. If this is what it means to go retro—

not alone. Author and self-proclaimed “trends

with a dash of today’s tech—I’m all in.•

curator” Rohit Bhargava of the Non-Obvious Co., speaking at Dodge’s annual forecast, noted “retro trust” is a top trend for 2020. “Nostalgia is power-

A Publication of Construction Business Media

ful,” he noted, as in this age of super-tech, many want to “downgrade” as they feel overwhelmed— and it’s not just the consumer market. John Deere


for example, got a rude awakening, he said, when

Jim Crockett, editorial director


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Parking, Roadway & Area Luminaires

Hello EQ The EQ Collection by ANP Lighting establishes an exciting new equilibrium blending aesthetics, visual experience and technology. Our design and engineering team uniquely balance form, function and scale with visual comfort, performance and technology to create an unparalleled site lighting collection.





Made in U.S.A. | A family owned business

Visit or call 1-800-548-3227 Circle 04

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DAVID BYRNE’S POSTTALKING HEADS’ SHOW ZIGS FROM ROCK SHOW ‘NORM’ Winner in the category of Stage Lighting for the 2019 LIT Lighting Design Awards, the illumination of David Byrne’s World tour, “American Utopia,” by theatrical and entertainment lighting design firm Sinclair/Wilkinson, very like much of the works of the former Talking Heads’ lead man, is obtuse, as the show asks the question—what happens when the stage is empty? Lead designer Rob Sinclair is extremely proud of the show. “It is a wonderful example of precise and simple ideas taken to their logical conclusion,” says Sinclair.

THE SHOW ASKS THE QUESTION— WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THE STAGE IS EMPTY? The design invokes none of the architecture of classic rock shows, notes Sinclair, but rather, picks up ideas from dance, opera, drama and rock lighting. “We built a precise and beautiful show where no cue was inserted for the sake of it,” he says. Each of the performers were tracked in 3D space, allowing the designer to light or choose not to light the performers no matter where they were. The unusual light show also won the Knight of Illumination award in 2018. This award program honors creative lighting and video content for the entertainment industry, designed or performed in the United Kingdom.•

ABOVE: The design invokes none of the architecture of classic rock shows, notes Sinclair, but rather, picks up cues from dance, opera, drama and rock lighting. “We built a precise and beautiful show where no cue was inserted for the sake of it.” Each of the performers were tracked in 3D space, allowing the designer to light or not to light performers.

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4/1/20 9:54 AM


Shopping Around Winner in the Heritage Lighting category of the LIT Lighting Design Awards, AECOM Lighting Design, in collaboration with architect Barr Gazetas, transformed the Quadrant Arcade on Regent Street in London into a new destination. At the heart of the renovation was the incorporation of a dynamic feature pendant running the length of the arcade, that enacts subtle efABOVE: Intelligent control of interaction between the architectural ambient lighting and the theatrical pendant, creates a rhythm reflective of the West End.

fects. Combined intelligent control, interaction between ambient lighting and the theatrical pendant encourages the perception of a rhythm reflective of the neighborhood.•


Light Therapy With the support of a renewal grant from the National Institute on Aging, Mariana Figueiro, director of the Lighting Research Center, is perfecting a treatment she’s been developing since 2010 for older adults with Alzheimer’s, and related dementias, that helps to regulate sleep and reduce symptoms of depression sans drugs. “What we have proven is that light therapy is a

warmer orange-hued light tell the body that

non-pharmacological intervention that makes a

it’s time to rest—an answer to the constant

difference in the overall health of older adults.”

light found in most nursing homes, which she

Her work has shown that exposure to bright,

Circle 05

2004SSLBUZ03.indd 8

says isn’t strong enough to regulate circa-

blue-hued light throughout the day signals

dian rhythms. “It’s similar to using a personal

to the body’s clock that it is daytime, promot-

trainer.” Pictured, tunable white concepts as

ing wakefulness. As evening approaches, dim,

demonstrated by Pure/Edge Lighting.•

4/1/20 6:15 PM


Putting a Twist on Art No surprise, the architects from BIG have once again created a spectacular structure, this time spanning the Randselva river in the Norwegian sculpture park Kistefo, about an hour north of Oslo. The new building, “The Twist,” supplements the location with an architecturally unusual exhibition space. Within the complex construction the architects intended to create an impression of space that was as homogeneous so as not to distract from the art. All technology is concealed behind a wall and ceiling cladding of white wooden slats—a reference to typical Norwegian construction methods. On the lighting side, installation consisted of white Parscan lens wallwashers and spotlights from ERCO, which were installed on white track in precisely milled sections within the cladding. The spotlights can be equipped with different optics and can thus be flexibly adapted to the specific artworks of the temporary exhibitions. The Parscan lens wallwashers, on the other hand, were mounted to extra-short sections of track to ensure they’re never moved into the wrong position. By placing the focus on wallwashing, a lighting effect, as uniform as possible, is achieved, optimally emphasizing the architecture. 4000K neutral white was used throughout.•

Notice anything missing? Cut the cord and imagine the possibilities.

Contact Us to Learn More


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Circle 06


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Luminous Aperitif: Creating the Mood for an Ambrosial Experience A design brief for a new dining destination can be divided into two sections.

Many essential components evoke the emotions that express the

The first will urge the designers to specify functionally reliable selections

restaurateur’s vision for their personal style; specialty cuisine, the location,

of the myriad materials responsible for the interactive process that turn

and distinctive and memorable visual elements that will keep guests paying

raw ingredients from kitchen cutting board to the prepared dish set in front

return visits. Dynamic and bold, or warm and comfortable? Sophisticated

of the diner. The second is an adjective-laden recipe of directions for how

or casual? A breakthrough in presentation or traditional surroundings?

the place should look, feel and inspire.

A glittering design statement or a subtle background?


2004SSLAIM04.indd 10

4/1/20 6:30 PM

Two of the projects featured here take full advantage of their eye-filling

Even better?—An electronic device isn’t needed, neither is a password

environments: Skybar, overlooks the diorama of the Bangkok skyline, and

nor a dimensionless link somewhere else. Diners just need to step inside,

Vidanta, looking onto a broad Pacific Ocean beach at the tip of Baja California.

and restaurants like these five that, combined with distinctive food and

Piur in Valencia utilizes light art to give dimension to a monochromatic wood

service, hold the promise for an extraordinary experience.

and wood-tone interior. At Catch in Kiev (above), the scale of the chandelier turns an industrial building into a setting worthy of a contemporary castle.

2004SSLAIM04.indd 11



4/1/20 6:30 PM


Vidanta Los Cabos

Location: San José del Cabo, Mexico

Setting the Stage Multi-talented David Rockwell of the Rockwell Group, along with architecture, interior design and product design, creates stage sets. For the Vidanta Los Cabos, he led the reconception of Vidanta Los Cabos, a beachside resort in Mexico’s Baja California Sur state. Once a secluded getaway location for society and entertainment figures, Baja California is now home to top names in upscale hospitality. Located in San José del Cabo, at the tip of the Baja peninsula, Rockwell accepted the commission to give it over-the-top appeal to make it a strong competitor in a crowded market. His solution was to combine all four of his firm’s recognized design specialties, with an emphasis on the theatrical. A guest at Vidanta Los Cabos would find themselves a player in a staged fantasy of an imaginary civilization. Four illuminated semi-circular wood sculptures lead to a grand stairway and the walkway to the © Rockwell Group

beach. Two-story thatch-roof VIP cabanas face a plunge pool. The main restaurant, Herringbone, has been imagined as an airy Mexican beach house, decorated with themed murals. Overhead fixtures are suspended from the trellis ceiling.

The Ultimate Pizza Place Piur is a Valencia, Spain-based restaurant chain


Location: Valencia, Spain

that offers a variety of cuisine with a specialty in pizza. For its flagship in Valencia, opened in the fall of 2019, Piur management selected Masquespacio, an international consultancy that offers branding and interior design services. Christophe Panasse, the creative interiors director of the firm headquartered in Valencia, fashioned the dining area with warm-hued wood, touches of red, and light for illumination and as elements of wall design. Variegated panels of vertical strips of wood are used to cover walls, columns, the bases of seating booths and as background for groupings of dining tables. The free-standing curved bar, with red upholstered stools set on a red ceramic floor tile outline, is constructed top and bottom with the same wood paneling. Geometric designs of circular and straight lengths of LEDs are wall© Luis Beltran

mounted decorative elements. Suspended from the ceiling at different lengths are white circular fixtures accented with black wire frames.


2004SSLAIM04.indd 12

4/1/20 6:38 PM


Raffles Hotel

Location: Shenzhen, China

CONTEMPORARY CULTURE  (upper right) A cake shop has been designed as a replica of a bespoke jewelry store with amethyst-inspired lights. Further up, on level 34, the lobby leads into an all-day dining restaurant. Recessed high ceilings cleverly disguise lighting.

Raffles Hotel, Shenzhen LW Dubai has completed a stunning interior scheme for the hotel, that occupies the top floors of the 80-story Shenzhen Bay One Tower. The LW Design team, headed up by Pia Sen, was tasked with creating a contemporary interior that pays respect to the Chinese culture. Evident throughout is the connection with the spectacular views. “We were challenged to work around the views, we wanted to integrate them into the design rather than block them out,” says Sen. In the Japanese signature restaurant (right), the contemporary design uses dark materials, such a black marble floors and walls, black timber screens and rose-gold toned metal work. 

2004SSLAIM04.indd 13


4/1/20 6:42 PM


Mahanakhon Bangkok Skybar Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Sky-High Dining Thailand’s capital, Bangkok, has a lot in com-

Access to the upper level is by the curved float-

mon with New York City. Both have a population

ing staircase. The underside of the treads is light

of well over eight million. Each urban center is

beige edged with dark brown that give rhythm

recognized as a high-style hub of fashion and

to the structure. Its strong visual drama is

sophisticated dining destinations. In Bangkok,

heightened by connected LED tube fixtures that

the latest top choice is Mahanakhon Bangkok

emphasize the dynamics of the dual-level space.

Skybar, designed by Wilson Assocs., with lighting

Skybar’s lighting control system is calibrated to

by JVL Studio, located on the 76th and 77th roof-

balance the daylighting and artificial illumi-

top floors of King Power Mahanakhon. Guests

nation for evening operational hours for the

who are surrounded by abundant greenery have

restaurant and bar areas.

 DOUBLE-HEIGHT DRAMA The Mahanakhon Bangkok Skybar features vertical greenery, a glass-enclosed mezzanine and artistic placement of overhead and accent fixtures.

sweeping views of the cityscape and beyond. Upholstered seating is covered in geometricpatterned fabric in warm neutral tones accented with orange pillows. Frames of the seating pieces restate the curved profile of the central staircase, translated in open wood and a polished segmented chain that subtly reflects overhead lighting.


2004SSLAIM04.indd 14

4/1/20 6:43 PM



© Andrii Shurpenkov

Location: Kiev, Ukraine

A Glittering CATCH Elevates Fish Cuisine in Kiev

series of tall leafy green plants placed between

YoDezeen Architectural Studio’s design for the

the tables. Uplighting accents the texture and

fish restaurant, CATCH, located in the heart of

patterns of the restored original brick surface.

Kiev, is as expansive as its menu. Promoted as

At one end of the room are full-height mirrors

offering the city’s largest variety of fish and

that reflect the full setting.

seafood, the cuisine is supported by 150 kinds of champagne and 200 different wines.

Against the exposed red brick wall is a

 PALACE-WORTHY DINING The dining trend for communal tables is employed on both levels of CATCH. On the main level, the exposed massing of 450 circular lamps is dominant. Four glass-enclosed fixtures supply glitter above the lower-level extended table.

A banquet hall and meeting room occupies the structure’s lower level.•

In the main dining area of the two-floor, 5,400-sq.-ft. space, YoDezeen, based in London with an office in Kiev, infused elegance throughout the historic structure. They stripped the interiors to the brick walls, replaced old windows and created two zones: the bar and the central communal dining table. Above it, five rows of 450 closely placed lamps create the chandelier that is the room’s most dramatic statement. Single black wire-frame hanging fixtures with white glass shades over individual dining tables, at the same height as the chandelier, balance the illumination pattern.

2004SSLAIM04.indd 15


4/1/20 6:45 PM




Digital tools are more important today than they were yesterday, and with distance selling becoming the new ® norm, the industry is turning to technology for the answers. The Lighting Exchange is the industry’s largest connected community of Manufacturers, C&I Agencies and Specifiers, amounting to millions of distance selling impressions in 2019. In this vast, elaborate, multi-layered B2B lighting design & sales ecosystem, the need for better intercommunication tools and centralized team efforts has become profoundly clear. The industry (lighting) has experienced such radical changes - a complete technology overhaul that birthed solid state lighting, more sophisticated (complex) controls systems and a growing and changing list of code requirements - thus placing an importance on central communication.

The need for remote guidance from local sales Agents and access to digital education & training resources is now classified as critical and it (distance) is challenging the way teams are informed and collaborate while inside of “the bubble”. Project development doesn’t have a linear process; rather it is a congested highway of conversations and choices, met by roadblocks and potholes along the way. Working remotely in a time of social distancing gives us an opportunity to perfect the process, together.




The growing linear category has been popular for years and shows no signs of slowing.

Top Linear Suspended Q1

LEX Data

Linear form factors are no longer elementary 4’, 8’ or 12’ bulky sections of steel, lined with omni-directional fluorescent tubes; they are now slim and sophisticated products with elegant curves, precisely lit corners, integrated controls and provide an abundance of photometric distributions, mounting configurations, and output choices that are re-invigorating designers.

2004SSLADV2b.indd 16

Palladium 1 by Lumium

AX2W by Williams

Top Linear Recessed Q1

Legacy Define Series Cooper Lighting Solutions - Neo-Ray

Seem 1 Focal Point

VIA 4 Lumenwerx

Define 1 Cooper Lighting Solutions - Neo-Ray

HP-2 LED Direct/Indirect Finelite

3R American Linear Lighting

Top Linear Wall/Surface Q1 ZipTwo | Micro Profile | 707 Vode P61 Prudential Lighting SLOT 2 PSW LED Mark Lighting

Popular Linear Keywords: Recessed Linear with Tunable White Acoustic Linear Curved Linear LED 2” LED Linear Linear Wood Finish RGB+W Suspended Linear Linear Sound Dampening

3/30/20 9:10 AM

The Lighting Exchange® partners with thousands of the industry’s brightest professionals throughout North America. The expertise and insights that this collective group of progressive professionals provides is essential to the design community as it instills modern methodologies, processes and best practices needed for success.

To Read Entire Interview Please Visit: Lighting.Exchange/News

Q1: What types of projects are booming in Boston currently? Hospitality (residential-commercial) is very strong. It was determined that Boston had a shortage of hotel rooms available - under served by 8000 beds; there are currently 5 hotel projects underway, one which is 1000 beds. 18 months ago through present - Condos/Town-homes/Apt. and tenant fit-outs are very popular. Plenty of investment in public schools. Q2: What’s next for linear lighting? We see a trend in miniature linear products - 1” profile; Linear micro that is direct/indirect and/or 100% indirect. 100% indirect lighting is now becoming a true option with LED. This will make things more glare free and establish itself as a viable option to meet power density requirements with the smallest form factors available.



Q1: What is the biggest change your market has experienced recently? We are experiencing a design shift (3-4 years) regarding who takes ownership of the lighting design. Traditionally, the Engineering firm would focus their efforts on the lighting package (COMcheck and codes), but as LED has challenged form factors completely, Architects and Designers are embracing a liberating design freedom that is a result of smaller, more appealing options that compliment the space. Q2: What bleeding technologies are entering the lighting and controls market? We are beginning to see an amalgam of technologies; controls with sensors, temperature sensing, frame by frame pixel occupancy, smoke/o2 detectors, all embedded into fixtures. We may also see a growth in LiFi adoption however the LiFi gateway will come when cell phone manufacturers (catalyst) - adopt the technology, (smart phone). Once transmitting and receiving is achievable, the technology will be adopted very quickly.


AARON LARMER // PRINCIPAL Texas Lighting Solutions - Dallas | El Paso | Lubbock


2004SSLADV2b.indd 17



3/30/20 9:10 AM



2004SSLTAF02.indd 18

4/1/20 11:00 AM


By SSL Staff

DEAR PRUDENCE, LET ME SEE YOUR SMILE RGB color-changing capabilities, it’s fair to say, is what opened the way for LED to get its foot in the door of the lighting market about a decade and a half ago. That said, I’m reminded of one of the latter Star Wars’ movies, where thenPresident Palpatine, fooling the purple light sabre-wielding Mace Windu, hits the unsuspecting Jedi Master with a massive blast of blue Force lighting while screeching “raw, unlimited power,” or something to that effect. It begs the age-old question, just because one has a seemingly unlimited bounty of color and intensity to draw upon, it doesn’t mean one should release it—near, or at full—on an unsuspecting, and perhaps, vulnerable, night sky. Alas, many RGB installations do exactly this, embracing the Times Square, bigger, better, louder, mantra. In the words of another movie and comics hero—Thor—“I say thee nay, foul villain.” Instead, as the following projects model—a number IALD award winners—let us exercise dignity and decorum, as my old man would chide me, and implore the grace of prudence as our guiding light.

Honorable Design Location: Mt. Fuji World Heritage Center Shizuoka, Japan A gentle glow illuminates the base of the imposing lattice façade of the Mt. Fuji Heritage Centre in Shizuoka, Japan, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visitors enter the main gallery, which is clad in this lattice of Japanese cypress that reflects the shape of Mt. Fuji into a pool of water. As the display is visible from the interior and the exterior, the challenge for Lighting Planners Assocs., was to create a design that accommodated both situations while creating continuous lighting effects.


2004SSLTAF02.indd 19

On the exterior, the best solution involved concealing the underwater fixtures, while displaying the natural stone-covered pool bottom. To respect neighbors, low,

direct lighting shines only on the reverse-shaped cone, minimizing light pollution. Indoors, the primary challenge in lighting the lattice structure was high traffic in the gallery. After testing multiple materials in mockups, a grating was selected to cover the fixtures and prevent unexpected color shadow or dispersion. These wall-mounted and buried fixtures uplight the lattice wall, creating a soft display light, adding dimensionality to the structure. At the top of the slope, visitors see Mt. Fuji through the picture window. Several downlights in the shape of the constellations are placed above the window, an amusing lighting detail. The design took home an IALD Award of Excellence.


4/1/20 11:10 AM


Although funny and irreverent, the installations at Montreal’s Quartier des Spectacles, pay tributes to popular culture and winter folklore. Over the centuries, people have found comfort, hope and joy in gathering and partying to get through the cold, dark winter.

PARTYing WITH POP! CREATURES Location: Quartier des Spectacles Montreal, Canada Five enigmatic monoliths conceal fantastical creatures that love to party. With the public’s encouragement, calls and chanting, each monolith gradually lights up until it opens, freeing a creature that puts on a show. Just to the north, an architectural projection on UQAM’s Pavillon President-Kennedy features all five POP! creatures. © V2

Earlier this year the Quartier des Spectacles Partnership presented the 10th annual edition of its winter event, Luminothérapie. The anniversary was marked with an astonishing interactive installation on the theme of celebration: POP! by Montreal creative studio Gentilhomme.

Infrastructure of Light Location: Arches of Harlem Harlem, New York City The Arches of Harlem project, as envisioned by Focus Lighting, will serve as a bridge between history and the future—a canvas to express art through light. Classic and contemporary works by celebrated artists, the likes of Archibald Motley and Norman Lewis, can be reinterpreted into “paintings” and cast onto the 12th Ave. viaduct that features more than 1,000 ft. of repeating 50-ft.-tall arches. © Focus Lighting


2004SSLTAF02.indd 20

4/1/20 6:53 PM


Making Blue a Happy Color Location: Alingsås, Sweden Since 1999, Lights in Alingsås has been a yearly tradition, bringing together lighting designers and design, architecture, and electrical students to create beautiful light installations. The five-week long festival is the culmination of an intensive workshop, where the lighting designers and students work to artistically illuminate various public spaces. This particular slice is from the 2017 edition. There, seven installations beautifully lead the audience on a journey representing different emotional states. For Site 6,seen here, the team desired to portray the psychological term of “transference” as a means to happiness. “I wanted to work with single addressable pixels with low resolution to convey movement over a reflective surface such as the river,” said designer Miguel Angel Calanchini. Photos: Courtesy of SGM

Subtle Craft of Saturated Light Location: Rothy’s at Fillmore San Francisco, Calif. The lighting design, by Electrolight, is bold, yet calming in that the blue and purple lighting that the prototype store leaves patrons with an undeniable urge to explore. Rothy’s shoes are made from recycled water bottles, and the design team kept brand in mind as they embraced blue as the main thrust of their design. LED strip-lights are mounted sideways along each membrane perimeter to mimic the fluidity of water. Another goal was to make the space feel larger. To achieve this, the design uses lines in the ceiling and irregular quadrilateral forms to shift perspective and give the illusion of a much larger space.


2004SSLTAF02.indd 21

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A Treehouse as a Social Node Irvine, Calif. Integrated into the guardrail posts are Impact steplights from Lucifer with low-voltage cable routed through the rails. Concealed in the surrounding trees to uplight the inside of the canopy are Hevi-Lite LED Bullets. String lights supplied by Shine Illumination were wrapped around the trunks and main branches of adjacent trees.

© StudioK1

On a site formerly occupied by a Marine Corps Air Base are two new residential communities attracting families with young children. A main feature is a graceful, dome-covered Treehouse. Its signature glow was created by StudioK1 Lighting the canopy are Lumenpulse’s Lumenfacade Inground RGB fixtures with direct view lenses.

Timeless Beauty at Night Location: Moorish Clock Tower Guayaquil, Ecuador Named after a native chief who preferred to end his life than surrender to the invading Spaniards, Guayaquil is a clock tower featuring a new colorful lighting scheme powered by Eight Dyna Accent fixtures from Acclaim Lighting, which include DMX and RDM drivers, to highlight the dome, and deliver color-changing capabilities. To light the interiors and clocks, four Dyna Flood white, eight RGB floor luminaires and 24 RGBW LED luminaries were installed. © Acclaim Lighting


2004SSLTAF02.indd 22

4/1/20 11:22 AM




Lighting & Controls

Standing Tall in Texas Frost Tower has become a symbol of the city’s vibrant future, igniting the surrounding area. CATEGORY: » Lighting & Controls » Office COMPANY:

Acclaim Lighting PROJECT:

Frost Bank Tower LOCATION:

San Antonio, Texas DESIGN TEAM: » Pelli Clarke Pelli, (architect) » Kendal/Heaton (arch. of record) » Cline Bettridge Bernstein Lighting

Design (lighting design) PRODUCT SPECS: » Flex Tube RGB PHOTO CREDIT: © Acclaim Lighting

CHALLENGE: The first major addition to San Antonio’s skyline

SOLUTION: CBBLD worked with the architects, the controls

in the last 25 years, Frost Tower, a 24-floor, class A++ office and retail space, designed by Pelli Clarke Pelli, along with architect of record Kendall/Heaton Assocs., Houston, has boosted San Antonio’s upscale office space by 31%. Developed by Weston Urban and KDC through a private-public partnership that includes Frost Bank and the city, the stunning tower reaches high into the sky, with blades at the top that shoot upward like a crown. As dramatic as the building’s architecture is during the day, Frost Bank, and the city, wanted it to highlight the skyline and be a catalyst for further redevelopment.

company and electrical contractor to collaborate on a unique scheme to highlight the sharp lines. The architects did not want to have an illuminated crown that would create a visual separation between the top and the rest of the tower. As a result, the final design made the tower read as a whole with the lines of light tracing the vertical side and angled top edges to delineate the unique form of the building. A full-scale mockup was performed. After extensive research, Acclaim Lighting’s Flex Tube RGB products were selected. A flexible, direct-view LED strip that features a red, green and blue color-changing output, it has a highly durable PVC body which is outdoor rated and impact resistant. The project included a special fixture construction which incorporated a rounded bull nose design for better peripheral visibility, detailing the rounded edges on the sharp corners. The weather-tight fixture was built to length, in pieces using the modularity of a curtainwall system to establish a best fit for floorto-floor assembly of fixtures. “Acclaim Lighting also provided watertight connectors that made on-site installation easier,” said architect Brian Richardson. AL drivers provide DMX/RDM from zero to 100% for easy color changing. The input control protocols include DMX, RDM, 0-10V and DALI. One AL driver was incorporated on each floor feeding eight fixtures with eight drivers for each of the “crown” sections.

INFLUENCE: The octagonal, faceted form required special

consideration of detailing because of the angles. In addition, the design team wanted the lighting to integrate into the building in a way that it would not feel applied onto the façade. “One challenge was to ensure that the line of light would clearly be seen from different angles around the city, as a smooth line [not pixelated], while being bright enough and meeting budget requirements. The light also needed to color change to celebrate holidays and special events,” said Francesca Bettridge, principal at Cline Bettridge Bernstein Lighting Design, the project’s lighting designer.

Circle 07

2004 Acclaim CS.indd 23 23 • 2002SSLFPAds2B.indd

4/1/20 7:33 7:30 PM


TWA Hotel & Conference Center at JFK Airport New York City Architect: Beyer Blinder Belle Architects & Planners; Lubrano Ciavarra Architects Lighting Design: One Lux Studio Interior Designer: INC Architecture & Design; Stonehill Taylor Architects Photos: Courtesy of Spectrum Lighting Text: Ellen Lampert-Gréaux The Challenge: Using lighting to transform the character of an iconic building designed by Eero Saarinen from a 1960s airline terminal to the lobby of a contemporary boutique hotel. The structure was landmarked in 1994, adding to the challenges for the architect and lighting designers. The Solution: Providing warm, dramatic lighting, with contrasts and highlights appropriate for a hotel lobby, which has different attributes than an airport terminal. This was made easier by the hotel’s embrace of 1962 as a theme—the terminal’s opening— and the overwhelming desire to not change the appearance of any architectural elements.

Soaring Back to Life: TWA Flight Center at JFK

landmarked in 1994 and placed on

mination for the hotel lobby. They

the National Register of Historic

had large shoes to fill as the original

Places. As a result, this futurist

lighting design was completed by

The ultra iconic 1960s TWA Flight

icon survived to enjoy its recent

the renowned Stanley McCandless,

Center, designed by architect Eero

reincarnation, and has regained its

widely considered as the father

Saarinen at JFK Airport on Long

position as a symbol of midcentury

of theatrical lighting design and

Island, N.Y., has been beautifully

architecture, with an atmospheric,

inventor of three-point lighting.

redesigned as the retro-inspired

relaxing, hotel lobby that recalls

Their goal was to replace the origi-

lobby of the new TWA Hotel, which

1960s glamour, and former jetways

nal fixtures from the 1960s with

opened in 2019. The structure, once

that are transformed into hallways

like-for-like modern updates, using

a paragon of architectural design,

leading to the new hotel buildings.

solid-state LED sources.

stood abandoned at the airport


2004SSLFEA03.indd 24

The team at One Lux Studio, led

“We started work in the spring of

after TWA went out of business in

by partner and principal designer

2017 and the interior lighting was

2001. Luckily, Saarinen’s work was

Jack Bailey, created the new illu-

completed in the fall of 2019, with

4/1/20 7:01 PM


In order to maintain the aesthetic appearance of the space, almost all of the visible lights were custom-designed so that their appearance would match the fixtures that were installed in 1962.

the exterior floodlighting still in

the space, almost all of the visible

was reinforced by the discovery

progress,” Bailey notes. “The design

lights were custom-designed so that

that the lighting had initially been

brief was to use lighting to trans-

their appearance would match the

more direct. So I would describe the

form an early ‘60s airport terminal

fixtures that were installed in 1962.

lighting today as more dramatic,

into a hotel lobby without altering

When I first started working on the

with contrast and highlights befit-

its authentic appearance. With a

building, I had the impression that

ting a hospitality space.”

faithful architectural restoration,

the lighting scheme should be—or

lighting presented the greatest

once was—dominated by indirect

incorporate tunable white tech-

opportunity to transform the char-

lighting reflecting from the roof

nology, and some of the fixtures

acter of the space after dark.”

shell. But as I became more engaged

utilize Bluetooth for control, while

in the project, I realized that the

the system is tied together with a

masterpiece, and nothing you do

lighting would be more suited for

DMX-based ETC theatrical dimming

escapes notice. In order to main-

a hotel lobby if it were dominated

system. “Since nearly all lights

tain the aesthetic appearance of

more by direct lighting. This belief

are custom [or at least customized], 

Bailey adds: “The building is a

2004SSLFEA03.indd 25

The new lighting fixtures


4/1/20 7:01 PM

the decision about which vendors to

replicated from existing fixtures,

it was impossible to introduce new

work with was based more on their

one was a reproduction based on

lighting positions, so the fixtures

reliability and engineering/fabrica-

original photos, and the third was

had to be replaced in the exact

tion capabilities than on standard

a new design to mount at exist-

same locations.

product offerings,” notes Bailey.

ing locations. In all three cases,

The fixtures for this project

“Almost everything on the proj-

the performance of the light was

ect was redesigned multiple times

include uplights by Color Kinetics,

determined based on the present

during the construction process,

surface downlights by Spectrum

needs of the space, rather than the

for reasons beyond our control,”

Lighting, cove lighting by Axis

original lighting characteristics.

says Bailey. “Often times our busi-

Lighting, lights at the check-in desk

The three Spectrum fixtures—

ness is a marathon composed of

by HB Lighting and Nano Lighting,

eyeball, cylinder and spotlight—

sprints, where you won’t know the

and lighting for entry door header

blend modern LED components

finish line until you have crossed

and toilet rooms by Picasso Light-

and high-tech controls based on

it. It is only the last design that will

ing. Spectrum Lighting produced

original mid-century lighting

matter, and sometimes you cannot

three different custom fixtures

designs. Due to the ceiling being

be sure which one that will be.”

for the lobby. One of these was

the underside of the concrete roof,


2004SSLFEA03.indd 26


For Bailey, one of the most suc-

4/1/20 7:02 PM

cessful elements of this project is

throughout the space. All can be

like they did. Lighting positions are

the directional lighting attached

controlled via Bluetooth, connected

just where we need them and drive

to the roof shell. “This allows us to

to the master ETC dimming system.

us towards the inevitable solutions

dramatically illuminate the sculp-

“These fixtures have brought a

that Saarinen had determined for

tural elements in the space,” he

refreshing liveliness to the hotel,

us 60 years ago.”

says. “Eero Saarinen was trained

blending modern LED components

For example, an urn is just the

as a sculptor before becoming an

and high-tech controls with origi-

right height to avoid shadowing on

architect, and this is revealed in

nal mid-century lighting designs,”

the roof shell at the porte cochere

many ways throughout the build-

says Bailey.

and the surface globe lights are

ing. His was a unique genius, which is evident to even a casual visitor.”

“The irony of being a 21st-

at just the right position to avoid

century lighting designer for a

shadow from the ‘brow’ onto the

Four rows of Custom Deep

futuristic building from the middle

sign at the information desk.

Regressed Cylinder fixtures line

of the 20th century is clear to me,”

“There were practical constraints

the skylight area over the lobby,

Bailey adds. “We can do things

associated with working in a land-

and clusters of Louvered Eyeball

they wouldn’t have been able to

marked interior, and especially

Fixtures light the seating areas

imagine, and yet at times it seems

in this project, where the ability 

2004SSLFEA03.indd 27

 A BIT OF TWINKLE Clusters of louvered eyeball fixtures light the seating areas throughout the space. All can be controlled via Bluetooth, connected to the master ETC dimming system. “These fixtures have brought a refreshing liveliness to the hotel, blending modern LED components and high-tech controls with original mid-century lighting designs,” says Bailey.


4/1/20 7:03 PM

to add lighting at new positions is

lighting, was custom-designed in

almost nonexistent. In some cases,

pursuit of Saarinen’s vision. Given

we were required to not just reuse

the extensive modifications to

existing positions, but also to reuse

the lighting that have occurred

existing 60-year-old wiring,”

over the years, one of the greatest

adds Bailey.

challenges was understanding the

“You are transported to that

architect’s original vision, and how

place and time as you walk through

it could be re-interpreted for the

the doors after dark. It is the

new hotel.”•

lighting that gives the building a warmth in the evening,” Bailey comments. “The building is exceptional in almost every way. It is a masterwork by one of the greatest architects of the 20th century. Everything about it, including the


2004SSLFEA2b.indd 28

 THE ONLY WAY TO TRAVEL Keeping the authentic feel of the place was a huge part of the design brief; LED technology went along way to help the transition from terminal to hotel lobby.

4/1/20 11:32 AM

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Optimized Design, Efficient Construction: How One Company Successfully Constructed a Massive Timber Project S P O N S O R E D B Y: WO O DWO R K S CREDITS: 1 HSW

This case study presentation offers a rare opportunity to learn about mass timber from a company that built one of the largest cross-laminated timber (CLT) projects in the US—a five-story, 156,000-sq.-ft. office building in Hillsboro, Ore.

Large Format Wall and Floor Tile: Design Challenges and Solutions

Selecting the Best Sports Floor for Your Facility


M A N U FAC T U R E R S A S S O C I AT I O N , I N C . C R E D I T S : 1 H S W, 1 L U

S P O N S O R E D B Y: T H YS S E N K R U P P C R E D I T S : 1 H S W, 1 L U

Large format tile can lend an aesthetic monolithic appearance. However, when tiles become larger, special precautions need to be taken to prevent problems both during installation and throughout the life of the application.

Standards for the dynamic relationship between a sports floor and athletes demonstrate that sustainable maple hardwood flooring offers exceptional accommodation of forces while enhancing play.

As buildings increase in height, the elevator core grows to accommodate the number of elevators required, reducing floor area ratio in a building. Innovations revolve around how many elevators can be in a shaft and how to dispatch those elevators intelligently.

S P O N S O R E D B Y: M A P L E F L O O R I N G

Transportation Alternatives for Sustainable Cities

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Setting Green Purchase Boundaries S PONS OR ED BY: T H E H O ME D E P O T CR EDITS : 1 H S W, 1 LU

Starting with the entry of certified wood into the retail market in 1994, to the crescendo of the activist campaigns in 1999, to the 2018 cleaning chemicals policy, learners will hear the strategic planning and decision making process on proactive sustainable sourcing.

• 2002SSLFPAds2B.indd 30

Selecting and Specifying a Railing System for your Building Project S P O N S O R E D B Y: L AV I I N D U S T R I E S CREDITS: 1 LU, 1 HSW

This course provides an overview of building codes, safety of use and fall protection, material selection, secure installation methods, and design—that must be considered when specifying a railing system.

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Eobuwie, in Wroclaw, Poland is unlike any other retail shoe store in the world. Traditionally, shoe retailers take great care to artfully display samples of the styles they have in stock. Not so, at this new interpretation of how a basic personal commodity, shoes, can be merchandised. Continuous eye-level screens thread around the entire store, rolling images that showcase Eobuwie’s wide selection of footwear—450 brands and 40,000 styles. The content is also played on two large screens beside the cash desks. These digital displays replace traditional table tops and other free-standing surfaces, as well as wall racks. Rather, the approach is a sleek, minimal environment that emphasizes its nature as a working lab of customer service. From the back of the store, customers look into the stockroom which houses 110,000 boxes. When requested by the customer at an electronic tablet in front of them, boxes slide from the stockroom down through the racking behind the cash desks. They can then examine the styles that will match the functional and fashion requirements. No problem in rejecting any of the samples; they are tagged to automatically be returned to their slot. Eobuwie Brings Digital Fluidity to Physical Retail David Dalziel, creative director of London-based store design agency, Dalziel & Pow, describes the store as an ambitious and challenging concept, which blends the convenience of online shopping with the fast fulfillment of bricks-and-mortar. The innovative system that supports the concept is a vast stockroom responding to the customer-

ABOVE: Established as an online shop, has expanded by opening retail outlets. The technology comes from SafeSize, a Netherland-based foot-scanning company. The scanners take two seconds to accurately capture an image of customers’ feet. It is then compared to images of available footwear styles along with recommendations of shoes matched to their foot shape.

initiated electronic request to purchase or try on their selection. The store is divided into three sections. At the front, a pair of digital screens flank the open entrance to attract shoppers and invite them

2004SSLPRO_1.indd 31


4/1/20 10:30 AM


EOBUWIE, Wroclaw, Poland

THE CHALLENGE: Having previously worked with Central Europe’s largest footwear retail company, CCC, we were approached once again with a brief for their online Polish footwear brand, Eobuwie. It had to be a future fit with the changing pace of retail, responding to the way people now shop, created in an inventive and impactful way. The brand also wanted to make sure its stores appealed to those beyond its online audience. THE SOLUTION: “A sector-defining store concept has made sure Eobuwie is positioned as the ‘next big thing’ in footwear retail. We brought the best of on- and off-line retail together in the brand’s first brickand-mortar store. Building on its dominance in e-commerce, the store blends digital and physical on the high street that makes shoe shopping more exciting and easier than ever before.” —David Dalziel, creative director at Dalziel & Pow PROJECT CREDITS:

Store Planning and Design: Dalziel & Pow Photographer: Courtesy, Dalziel & Pow

ABOVE: Digitally-enabled stores of the future can satisfy both convenience and experience, believes designer David Dalziel. “The speed of delivery is only half the picture. When the buzz and excitement of a live browse is added, along with try-on service in a novel way, the experience becomes the differentiator.”

into the arrival zone, designed for quick transac-

To keep pace with the estimated growth of sales

tions and purchases. For customers seeking a

capacity to service additional outlets, and meet

slower selection pace, the large, open center of

demand on distribution efficiency, CCC S.A con-

the store has mounted interactive touchscreen

structed a Logistics Centre in Polkowice. A fully

tablets allowing customers to browse and to

automated high bay mini-load warehouse can

request styles for try-on. This space has a warm-

accommodate at least five million pairs of shoes.

er, intimate feel, with upholstered seating and fluted glass floor-to-ceiling dividers for privacy. Overhead, from a lowered ceiling, black swag

The ‘Next Big Thing’? “It feels like a success already, with queues to use

cords supply power to fixtures with black metal

the 45 digital terminals at busy times,” Dalziel

shades that coordinate with black touchscreen

has observed. “Further plans are underway to

stands. Additional ambient illumination is provid-

roll this concept out in the near future.”

ed by recessed fixtures installed in black power

Dalziel believes the ability for any future

slots, a contrast to the pale color of the ceiling.

stores to succeed in this way is to fulfill a dual-

Since 2016, Eobuwie has belonged to CCC S.A,

speed functionality.•

the largest footwear manufacturer in Europe.


2004SSLPRO_1.indd 32

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Luminaire Level Lighting Controls: Intelligent Lighting Q&A with Shaun Darragh, Senior Lighting Specialist at Lighting Design Lab

As the industry continues its steady move toward more advanced light-

longevity. In LLLC systems, each individual fixture has a sensor that

ing solutions, many experts note all signs point to networked lighting

can be programmed to speak with all the other fixtures in any way

controls. And when it comes to truly intelligent, flexible lighting with

you’d like—they become part of a unified whole that speaks a common

non-energy benefits, the future could be Luminaire Level Lighting Con-

language. It’s super powerful.

trols (LLLCs). A subset of networked lighting controls, LLLCs include integrated sensors and control in each fixture. In this ongoing series, we talk with various lighting experts to discuss the future of the lighting industry; what readers need to know about LLLCs, and the potential for big cost savings with regional utility incentives. In part two, we


When it comes to the biggest reasons LLLC systems are installed, we hear a lot about non-energy benefits and the growing cost savings potential with utility incentives. What do you see as the top reasons for specifying and installing these systems? The first case in which I would typically use an LLLC system is new construction because LLLCs simplify maintenance, allow you to choose your control zones and make design and installation easier—you don’t have to do any wiring. LLLC systems are also strong when it comes to retrofits. In a building retrofit situation, because you already have power in the ceiling, installing an LLLC system is just programming– all you need is a mobile app in many cases. It all comes down to simpli-

speak with Shaun Darragh, senior lighting specialist for Lighting Design

fication of design, maintenance and reconfiguration.

Lab, which offers lighting technology services and resources to utilities, been a lighting designer for more than 30 years, doing everything from

What advice would you give to designers who are still hesitant about considering an LLLC system in their next project?

running design studios to a brief stint in technical sales for lighting.

The hesitation I see most frequently is cost. Upfront, a luminaire

energy efficiency organizations and trade professionals. Darragh has

equipped with LLLCs is more expensive than one that’s not. But LLLCs

Where do you see the lighting industry headed?

are simpler to install and require and less wiring than less expensive

First, I think we will see a major shift toward interconnectivity: we’ll see

luminaires, which means lower labor costs. My advice would be to

building systems all working together in a unified way. I’ve done projects

check if your utility offers incentives on these products. Many utili-

with interconnected systems and there have been a lot of barriers, but I

ties are now offering incentives on LLLCs, and sometimes they’re big

think communication methods will become more integrated with the use

enough to cover the total added cost of the fixtures.

of wireless and Bluetooth devices. I also think there is going to be a greater emphasis on the quality of

Is there anything else people should know about LLLCs?

light. The industry is realizing that it’s time to improve the quality of our

I teach a lot of lighting classes for a wide spectrum of audiences, and

light sources and focus on color fidelity. In the past, we saw a big push to

the biggest thing I do is to try to make LLLCs seem less scary. They

maximize light efficacy without respect to quality—now quality needs to

used to be very complicated, but today they’re very simple. There’s no

catch up.

need to be afraid anymore!

We know that office buildings, schools, hospitals and warehouses rep-

The second idea that I teach is that people are coming to expect

resent some of the best use cases for LLLCs because of additional non-

inherent flexibility with their technology. The example I always give

energy benefits with many systems (like building system integration).

is cell phones: 20 years ago, whenever I made a call it sounded like I was in a fish bowl. I didn’t question it; that was just the expectation at

What are your favorite use cases for LLLCs and why?

the time. Today, cell phones have evolved: we now expect and demand

I agree with that list, and I would add in multifamily residential build-

higher quality. Greater expectations for our technology, including

ings as well. Generally speaking, any place with a need for large area

lighting, are all part of the digital revolution—and anybody in the

lighting will benefit from LLLCs. The savings potential with these sys-

design or construction fields that doesn’t understand the power of

tems is enormous. LLLC systems also ease maintenance and improve

systems like LLLCs will be left behind.•

2004SSLWPS2b.indd 33


4/1/20 12:25 PM

By Bernie Bauer, MIES, Principal, Integrated Lighting Concepts, Thousand Oaks, Calif.

States, Cities, Not DOE, Setting New Energy Standards California and other states filling the void left by DOE’s reversal on the 2007 Bush Administration Mandate.

Editor’s Note: Long-time SSL contributor, and PIA judge, Bernie Bauer,

stringent requirements on lamps. As such, all new construction and

the self-described “Darth Vader” on California’s energy code board,

renovations that are permitted must comply with the stricter Title

updates SSL readers on energy code changes.

24-2019 efficiency standards. Those spaces not reviving more efficient lighting through permitted remodels or new construction will eventu-

In mid-January 2020, a legal ruling cleared the way for states, and other

ally end up with more energy-efficient lighting as relamping will take

governing entities, down to the municipality level, to set and enforce

place with bulbs that conform to the new use Jan. 1, 2020 California

policies for the specifying and use of energy-efficient light bulbs. The

lamp efficiency standards.

decision was a response to a lawsuit filed by 16 states and supporting non-governmental associations, challenging the U.S. government over

Raising the Bar

the reversal by the Dept. of Energy’s ruling to exempt billions of high-

Title 20 is not the only a requirement for lamp efficiency in California.

energy bulbs from being used for commercial and residential purposes.

If a product meets the former, it does not mean it will also meet Title

California had already, on Jan. 1, 2020, put into law updated standards

24 (JA8) requirements. Title 24 JA8 lamp compliance is not required

that would prohibit the sale of inefficient bulbs in the state. This

to sell product in California, but is required for new residential and permitted remodel construction. High-efficiency Joint Appendix 8 (JA8) requirements set the base for high efficacy light source Residen-


tial Lighting. JA8 is a technology-neutral specification; any technology capable of meeting the requirements can be certified. Performance requirements for JA8 include: • CRI greater than 90 • CCT under 4000K

legislation, which falls under California Title 20 appliance standards,

• R9 greater than 50

essentially parrots legislation that the federal government was to have

• 6,000-hour lumen maintenance greater than or equal to 86.7%

instituted on that date. However, DOE did not make a move to turn

• Rated life greater than or equal to 15,000 hours

it into federal mandated guidelines. Furthermore, DOE rolled back a

• 10% dimming

number of other benchmarks of the Energy Independence and Security

• Flicker less than 30% for 200 Hz or below at 100% and 20% levels

Act (EISA) that laid out a 12-year plan to transition new bulb legislation,

• Noise less than 24dB at 100% and 20%

which President Bush signed into law back in 2007.

• Marking (either JA8-2016 or JA8-2016-E) on lamp

With a population of 40 million, California is closely watched by other states for its energy codes and regulations as they respond

Other Forward States

and adjust to changing use patterns. The state has had in place a less

States such as Washington, Oregon, New York and the northeastern

stringent version of updated energy efficiency standards in force since

corridor (Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, etc.) have or are in

2018, which DOE allowed California to enforce prior to the 1/1/2020 of

the process of adopting the latest energy-efficiently standards. Either

the DOE National Standards. Had the DOE followed through with the

adopting those developed by ASHRAE/IES and IEEC, or in the case of

1/1/2020 efficiency standards, California’s 2018 standards would have

Washington and Oregon, developing their own codes similar to Califor-

given way to the DOE 2020 standards. Lighting designers and speci-

nia’s. It is anticipated that the effective date of the latest Washington

fiers must now carefully, at a project’s outset, approach each governing

State (2018 WSEC) Energy Code is July 1, 2020. Oregon’s new 2019 Zero

body they will encounter to determine the codes and rulings in place

Energy Ready Commercial Code (2019 OZERCC) became effective Jan.

covering lighting system design for their project.

1, 2020. This code directly references ASHRAE 90.1.-2016 for technical requirements and also requires completion of the 2019 Oregon Zero

Title 24, Part 6 Now in operation is California, Title 24, Part 6-2019, Energy Efficiency

energy Ready Commercial Code Compliance Form. ASHRAE/IES just introduced an updated version of 90.1 (90.1-2019).

Standards are created with design models that are 100% LED based.

However, as of this writing, there has not been adoption of that stan-

These energy-efficiency standards work hand-in-hand with the more

dard as a state energy code.•


2004SSLWPS2b.indd 34

4/1/20 7:09 PM

Product Introductions

Two for One Addressing lighting, sound management and interior architecture, Seem 1 Acoustic Trio by Focal Point, a unique Y-shaped pendant is thoughtfully designed to address high noise levels and reverberation issues as a stand-alone pendant, clustered or as part of an integrated ceiling system with linear Seem 1 Acoustic luminaires and baffles. It is available in 4-ft. and 6-ft. diameters, various heights with direct/indirect, direct only, indirect only light distribution or unlit.  Visit or Circle 238.

Who doesn’t love a bargain? But when you get standard products that deliver dual functionality, yet look fantastic, it almost feels like stealing!

1 One Series Adapting to Your Needs Acclaim Lighting’s Dyna Drum SO is a high-output, outdoor-rated LED flood fixture with a wired digital communication network. It features an adjustable yoke, and on-board digital display, and internal 100277VAC power supply.  Visit or Circle 237.

2 Hello Innovation The 200 SERIES LED from No. 8 Lighting delivers performance, flexibility and value to a variety of ceiling applications. Available as fixed, adjustable, and wall wash with architectural quality trims that feature minimal apertures.  Visit or Circle 236.

3 A New Paradigm in Acoustic Lighting Introducing the Acoustix family from Lumenwerx. Developed in conjunction with acoustic experts, the ACOUSTIX family of nine luminaires offers exceptional illumination combined with sound baffling technology. The Audia pendant reduces sound up to 30% more than competing products.  Visit or Circle 235.

2004SSLADV03.indd 35


4/1/20 12:21 PM

Product Introductions

Renna Peerless’ Renna provides direct, indirect and bidirectional illumination without the concentrated light distribution common to smaller LED luminaires. It spreads light uniformly off of a surface, minimizing the quantity of lights needed for installation.   Visit or Circle 234.

“Lego for lighting” is a terrific trend, as it is allowing lighting designers to create signature statements while operating from a standardized modular kit of parts.

1 dweLED The dweLED collection from WAC Lighting is an all-LED technology driven line with a design fit for residential, commercial and healthcare spaces. Reminiscent of brilliant modern artwork, this unique pendant features three illuminating cubes that move independently.   Visit or Circle 233.

2 480 Lattice 480 Lattice emits a pleasing glow without the harsh glare produced by backlit luminaires, presented in an elegant fixture design that completely redefines the modern troffer. This innovation by Healthe has a cyan-enriched spectrum that closely mimics the sun.   Visit or Circle 232.

3 Hollowcore With a unique circular LED light engine and an open center concept, Hollowcore by Luminis is designed to optimize and deliver light evenly and where needed. It delivers up to 13,000 lumens of uniform light with a batwing distribution for minimal cave effect.   Visit or Circle 231.


2004SSLADV03.indd 36

4/1/20 12:21 PM

Product Introductions

A Performer Inside or Out Cliff by Eureka Lighting is a minimalist, wallmounted luminaire that enables multiple design options in the same compact package. Its angular shape, combined with its light-distribution pattern, creates a strong architectural feature. It can be installed in two different vertical orientations, encouraging designers to play with the luminaire silhouette to create a composition. Available in single or dual light direction, the luminaires can be arranged to create different patterns.   Visit or Circle 230.

The elegance of simplicity, as a rule not only for lighting fixtures, but life, can not be invoked enough; and nature’s forms are always a great model.

4 PGL8 The edge-lit drop lens on the new PGL8 from KIM Lighting reduces glare to provide exceptional visual comfort and performance. Many options are available with four distributions and six outputs up to 13,500 lumens. Specially designed with parking lots in mind.   Visit or Circle 229.

5 Andromeda Galaxy Andromeda Galaxy by SONNEMAN features LED luminaire hubs connected in linear strains and suspended to form powerful luminance within a vertical space. Available in a variety of sizes and configurations and can be completely customizable for any interior setting.   Visit or Circle 228.

6 Opal LED Nora Lighting’s Opal LED Surface Mount Series can now come with a motion sensor. Providing illumination and deactivating after three minutes of no motion.   Visit or Circle 227.

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4/1/20 12:14 PM

Product Introductions

Circumnavigator Kuzco Lighting’s Magellan is a large-scale statement piece. Multiple aluminum shades clad a hollow core, housing LEDs to create an indirect, ambient glow. Available in a black exterior and white interior, the Magellan is available in 24-in. and 32-in. diameters. Custom options available.   Visit or Circle 226.


After years of nothing but troffers and cans, it’s wonderful to see the degree of creativity, even unique forms, arising out of the fixture community.

1 An App for Beam Shaping Space by Insight Lighting is a reimagination of a traditional linear lighting product, where the fixture’s housing and diffuser are separated, the expanse between them acting as a critical design element. Light is projected across this divide, transforming the diffuser into a beam of light.   Visit or Circle 225.

2 Safety is Our No. 1 Priority Cable suspension systems are a critical safety component for objects hanging above your head. Griplock Systems tests every shipment of every part to ensure our customers .are protected from faulty parts and possible field failure.   Visit or Circle 224.

3 New Slant on Lighting USAI’s BevLED 2.2 Incline, and Mini Incline, with Infinite Color+, provide high-quality, precise and dynamic lighting to once forgotten spaces, particularly sloped ceilings of 15-degree to 45-degree angles, delivering unobstructed, full color, plus white light flexibility, to transform tough-to-illuminate spaces.   Visit or Circle 223.


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4/1/20 12:21 PM





PAg§ ∑uµB§R

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Al Borden Receives 2019 LIT Lifetime Achievement Award With a full range of color, and controls, equally

In an era of shifting science and theories regarding LED, Borden says one thing is perfectly clear: make spaces where people want to be.

precise, static or animated changes were possible, sudden or subtle, that could mimic nature or create a new reality. The best part, he adds, all this came without wasted heat or short life. Throughout his career, Borden has been drawn to projects that include a strong narrative and a possibility for dramatic interpretation. “I guess

Alfred R. Borden, principal and founder of The

this is a holdover from my theater training,”

Lighting Practice, was honored by LIT with its

as he gravitated toward historic structures,

2019 Lifetime Achievement Award. With a career

iconic sites, public art, exhibit spaces and retail/

spanning more than three decades, his mission

hospitality venues. “These are projects where

has been to create solutions that meet clients’

lighting becomes a medium for telling the place’s

needs, while respecting and highlighting archi-

backstory or delivering the message in a visual,

tectural forms, and transforming the ordinary

wordless way,” says the designer.

into extraordinary spaces. Always at the fore of cutting-edge technology and sustainability, LED brought Borden into new, yet familiar, territory. “For me, working

Borden also supports training of the next

RECENT WORK (Top) June 5th Memorial Park in Philadelphia; (below L and R) Maltz Performing Arts Center at Case Western University in Cleveland.

Part of his firm’s recruitment process is to convert other design professionals—architects, interior designers, industrial designers—into

generation and his message to young designers is

lighting designers. “The universities need to be

simple, but sincere: “We need you!”

better at promoting their programs,” he adds.

The acceptance of the lighting design profes-

“After all, in our profession, you get paid for

with LEDs has been like returning to the halogen

sion has grown rapidly since he started. “Projects

spending your days telling stories and making

sources I used when I first started in theater,” he

typically have a lighting designer now. This was

beauty by manipulating the most magical of all

explains. “The precise optics let you make light

definitely not true 30 years ago. Unfortunately,

physical phenomena: Light!”

that is very expressive ... with hard or soft edges;

the number of people training to be architectural

focused and angular, or soft and airy. You can

lighting designers has not grown. There is a lot of

to his team at The Lighting Practice: “I am a very

enhance textures with warm white accents, or

opportunity out there and not enough profession-

lucky guy to have been supported through my

cool white washes or play one off the other.”

als to service it.”

years at TLP by so many fine people.”•

In terms of his LIT award, Borden gives props

THE CHANGING LANDSCAPE Borden says today’s challenge is reducing energy usage and the destructive effect of stray light on natural systems, while making attractive, inspiring places that support and enhance our physical and emotional lives.


2004SSLOBS03.indd 40

4/1/20 9:27 AM


Introducing the newest, value-focused member of our family of innovative lighting products.


No. 8 Lighting’s new 200 Series recessed LED downlight delivers performance, flexibility, and value to a variety of ceiling applications. Available as Fixed, Adjustable, and Wall Wash with architectural quality trims that feature minimal apertures. Multiple color temperature, optic, and driver options provide ultimate flexibility in a quality, value-focused package. Visit to learn more.


• 2002SSLFPAds2B.indd 31

3/30/20 9:00 AM

E Eclipse The art of illuminating art

Magical Darklight lens for highest visual comfort

XS to XL – 5 sizes from 32mm diameter

6 light spectra and tunable white and RGBW

Wireless Connectivity via Casambi Bluetooth and Zigbee as well as DALI

11 interchangeable light distributions Combinable photometric accessories


For ERCO track and 48V Minirail track Circle 10

200312_EN_2_eclipse_kuratoren_2_LLC_228,6x276.indd 1 • 2002SSLFPAds2B.indd 101

12.03.20 13:29 4/1/20 1:40 PM