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PRIORITY FOCUS: Adaptive Reuse for Healthcare


Castles of Comfort thermal management No matter the cladding—stone, masonry or glass and steel— an effective envelope—walls and roof included—must fortify itself vs. thermal and moisture intrusion, be it insulation, weather barriers or high-performance glazing and curtainwalls.


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RUN CIRCLES AROUND EXPOSED STRUCTURE NOISE Exposed structure spaces can be easy on the eyes but hard on the ears. Our portfolio offers solutions for both – including Spotlight™ acoustics like SoundScapes® Shapes acoustical clouds that absorb sound from above and below, or directattached solutions like InvisAcoustics™ acoustical panels. See all of the ways you can control exposed structure noise at

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As you design tomorrow, every spec



bounds of yesterday. Forward-thinking


DensElement™ Barrier System in projects nationwide. The movement

D P.








is underway. Visit






colleagues are embracing the



is an opportunity to step outside the

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.com What will inspire you?

.com What will inspire you? Circle 25

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V I S I ON I M P R E S S A T F I R S T S I G H T This is not a test: Your design vision was made to impress—just like jumbo coated glass. Guardian Glass has a long history of creating jumbo coated glass around the world, and we’re bringing our newest jumbo coater to North America soon. Let us help you bring your vision to life. ®


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Specialty products require specialty coatings. Dura Coat Products has you covered.

Full Coverage A P P L I E D


Every application has unique requirements. Dura Coat Products has 30 years of meeting special application requisites.


VERSATILITY IS ONE OF METAL’S MANY ADVANTAGES. It can be used indoors and out, structurally or decoratively. Part of its versatility stems from the coating used to protect it. How do you find the right metal coating? Ask Dura Coat Products, Inc., the company that just makes one thing — performance coatings for metal. Roof and siding coatings require high durability and UV protection. For that we offer Durapon 70™, a premium PVDF, and Ceranamel™ XT-40S, a superior polyester. Both give long-term performance and resist chalking, fading and weathering for monumental, commercial and residential applications. Both comply with Energy Star, LEED 29 and Cool Roof standards. Applications. Let us count the ways. For applications that don’t require premium coatings, Dura Coat has a variety of options. If your application is outdoor, for products like screen and door frames, trim, truck trailer, entry, garage door or HVAC, we have what you need. For indoor appliances, office furniture, closet hardware, T-bar or lighting, Dura Coat can cover that base too. Solutions include high, medium and low gloss finishes in polyester, acrylic, urethane and primer formulations. Whatever your need, we have you covered. One call, one order, one responsibility. Make your life easier and your products better. Call 951-341-6500 or 256-350-4300 or visit for all your metal coating needs.

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Richland Two Institute of Innovation, Columbia, SC Architect: LS3P General contractor: MB Kahn Installing contractor: Watts & Associates Roofing Profiles: Reveal and Flush Wall Panels, Tite-Loc Plus, HWP Colors: Almond, Slate Gray, Sierra Tan, Interstate Blue, Silver

See us at the IRE - booth 744

Incredible Metal “The PAC-CLAD® panels were economical yet offered a nice blend of systems and profiles that could create the contemporary, industrial aesthetic we were going for.” -Mary Beth Branham, Principal, LS3P








Complete case study at PAC � CL AD.COM�RICHL AND PAC-CLAD.COM | INFO�PAC�CLAD.COM IL: 1 800 PAC CLAD GA: 1 800 272 4482

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The Product Publication of the U.S. Architectural Market


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PRIORITY FOCUS: Adaptive Reuse for Healthcare


Trend Lines


Form by Mindi Zissman One Wingate Way, Needham, Mass. In suburban Boston, The Architectural Team has created a more modern home for seniors.





Castles of Comfort thermal management No matter the cladding—stone, masonry or glass and steel— an effective envelope—walls and roof included—must fortify itself vs. thermal and moisture intrusion, be it insulation, weather barriers or high-performance glazing and curtainwalls.


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by Alan Weis Insular Thinking. There’s more than one way to deliver a high-performance envelope, but perhaps comfort should be the key consideration.

by Chuck Ross Milken Institute of Public Health, Washington, D.C. George Washington University’s newest building puts its organizational philosophy of outreach into visible practice.

Health and Wellbeing: Reconstructing Healthcare

on the cover

No Adaptive Reuse Band-Aid

Thermally Secure. Occupant comfort and reasonable utility bills are not mutually exclusive. Thermal management is the key; fortify your facilities with sound heat and moisture mitigation strategies. Page 31.

As the heathcare industry continues to evolve, so to must architecture to its needs. The latest trend?—Shifting and spreading services deeper into communities by repurposing existing buildings who’s original purpose has gone awry.


Departments Perspective


Specifiers’ Solutions by John Mesenbrink


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Last Detail by Megan Mazzocco

by Megan Mazzocco

Tod Williams and Billie Tsien on “quieter” architecture

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Product Developments  Digitally inked façades

86 by Chuck Ross by Barbara Horwitz-Bennett by Mindi Zissman by Megan Mazzocco by Chuck Ross



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Gary Redmond

Managing Partner Director Publishing Operations

Appreciating the Beauty of Resiliency’s Dawn

Tim Shea

Managing Partner Director Business Development

As a quality control exercise, I went back and

vivability; and 3) Peak energy and declining capacity


looked at my columns from the past year to make

vs. district thermal, cogeneration and renewables.

notes for following up on issues that need to be re-

Recommended zoning action items included the

addressed. As far as the latter, three main subjects

implementation of deep conservation/passive

jumped out: solar, resiliency and master planning,

buildings; implementation of renewable power and

particularly in suburbia.

storage; and the creation of energy resilient safe

First, as Washington becomes ever-more mired

harbors at a neighborhood level.

in misrule and morass, I’m convinced time is bet-

Town hall participants were then invited to add

ter spent lobbying local and state government to

their suggestions, perhaps to force participants to

promote the importance of the preceding topics. To my shock and delight, I recently discovered that not only is local solar legislation on the rise, it very sensibility is being addressed in places I did not expect, notably Cook County, Illinois, that wretched hive of scum and villainy where I reside. SolSmart—which

While zoning codes are not sexy, they are critical, offering communities a plan of action.

source of this wonder. In Chicagoland, 12 municilaying important ground work to create PV policy. regional chapter, it’s all part of “making the process

case study of a pilot project Arup is doing in San

easier.” SolSmart is actually a set up/certification

Francisco. In California, MacGregor argued, earth-

program that advises communities how to go about

quakes are a very real threat, and in the aftermath

creating PV policy, and then offers review/certifica-

areas can be left without power for anywhere from

tion once communities are ready.

three days to a full week. As a result. Arup’s power resiliency idea is to implement a series of emer-

most municipal city halls, even if there’s a desire to

gency powered locales where people can go. The

do so,” says Makra. “The idea of community solar is

most logical places, in his mind, are schools. In their

sexy, but no one’s really done it, so one of the bet-

test case, at Thurgood Marshall High School, which

ter roles for us is to help get solar going in cities.”

already had photovoltaics in place, Arup added

a permitting process and an amendment to zoning codes so that when a developer is ready to imple-

robust battery storage and other grid “islanding” equipment to make it a viable emergency hub. “PV and batteries have a big advantage over

ment solar, it can be approved easily and quickly.

diesel, in that not only is it cleaner, but more than

“But it’s also to facilitate potential issues, such as

half of the diesel gensets in the last earthquake

a city might not want ground-mounted PV. So it

didn’t work,” says MacGregor.

forces them to clarify what they want.” Starting with the basics, while not “sexy,” may pave the way for very important initiatives. At Greenbuild in Boston this past November, a panel

For more information on this program, visit Loftness announced she plans to aggregate all the town hall responses. While zoning codes are definitely not sexy, they

of three sustainability warriors—Vivian Loftness of

sure are critical, offering communities and local leg-

Carnegie Mellon, Alisdair MacGregor of Arup, and

islators a plan of action. “Just think if a system like

Bert Gregory of Mithun—conducted an interac-

this was in place in Puerto Rico,” noted MacGregor.

tive resiliency town hall that very well may result

Senior Editor

John Mesenbrink

Copy Editor

Contributing Editors: Vilma Barr Ellen Lampert-Greáux Chuck Ross Alan Weis Katy Tomasulo

Barbara Horwitz-Bennett John Mesenbrink Stan Walerczyk Kevin Willmorth Mindi Zissman

Dave Pape

Vice President, Director, Art + Production

Lauren Lenkowski

Associate Art Director

Alex Mastera

Associate Art Director

But back to energy, and the idea of neighborhood safe harbors, MacGregor presented a

In a nutshell, that starts with implementation of

Megan Mazzocco

“clarify what they want,” as Makra noted earlier.

According to Edith Makra, head of the Chicago

“Right now, it’s virtually impossible to put PV on

Editorial Director


is actually a program available nationwide—is the palities and four counties have adopted this plan for

Jim Crockett


Jeff Heine



Gary Redmond 847-359-6493

Tim Shea 847-359-6493

Michael Boyle 847-359-6493 Jim Oestmann 847-838-0500

David G. Haggett 847-934-9123

Jim Führer 503-227-1381

Bob Fox 917-273-8062

Ted Rzempoluch 609-361-1733

Amen, and at this “dawn” of resiliency, while

in a manifesto for creating a model zoning code

it still may be a bit dark, it offers the promise of a


for resilient communities. The trio identified seven

sunshine-powered day even in the darkest of hours.

Architectural Products c/o Construction Business Media LLC, 579 First Bank Drive, Suite 220, Palatine, IL 60067; Editorial: 847-359-6493; Fax: 847-359-6754; (Copyright © 2017 by Construction Business Media LLC)

major resiliency issues: water, energy, food, waste, mobility, human health/safety and ecological health. The session organizers included three sub-issues within each category, and proffered two-to-three


zoning changes that might address these problems. For example, energy resilience was broken

Jim Crockett, editorial director

down as follows: 1) Affordability, equity and waste vs. deep conservation; 2) Insecurity vs. passive sur-



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Quality. Service. American Made. Specify SheerWeave, the world’s most trusted brand of solar screen fabrics. 800-221-5497

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 McNichols has opened its nineteenth Metals Service Center just outside of Salt Lake City, Utah.

Cooledge Lighting has opened a new facility in Waltham, Mass. Visit


Peale™ PANEL ©2017 modularArts, Inc.

AHR Expo Jan. 22-24 McCormick Place, Chicago

February 2018


Therapeutic Landscapes: An Evidence-Based Approach to Design Healing Gardens and Restorative Outdoor Spaces is a comprehensive and authoritative guide offers an evidence-based overview of healing gardens and therapeutic landscapes from planning to post-occupancy evaluation. Visit

Maison Et Objet Jan. 19-23 Parc de Expositions Paris Nord Villepinte, Paris



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International Roofing Expo Feb. 6-8 Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, New Orleans, La. The American Architectural Manufacturers Assn. Feb. 19-22 Loews Portofino Bay at Universal Studios, Orlando, Fla.


It’s Not Easy Being Green presents the key principles of ecological design and planning of built and research work in an easy-to-read graphic novel. Visit

Sustainability Training Workshop Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens Feb. 20-21 Pittsburgh, Pa.

The CTBUH has released Downtown High-Rise vs. Suburban Low-Rise Living: A Pilot Study on Urban Sustainability. A preview of the book can be downloaded free. Visit Gensler Research & Insight has released its Experience Index. Visit BROCHURES

J+J Flooring Group has released “What Design and Facility Managers Need to Know about LVT.” Visit IOTA’s Emergency Lighting Solutions Product Guide has been updated. Visit Granada Tile has released its RELIEF line of decorative cement tiles in a 2018 look book. Visit CONTINUING EDUCATION Lucy™ TILE ©2017 modularArts, Inc. modularArts® new EZ-Seam™ panels and tiles include mirror inserts that cover the mount points. No filling and sanding! Walls come alive, reflecting light and movement. Paint the gypsum surface any color or leave natural white. Inserts are available in silver or gold mirror, as well as various woods.

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22nd International Passive House Conference March 9-10 Munich, Germany LEDucation 2018 March 13-14 NY Hilton Midtown New York City

Sloan has published a CEU on the importance of selecting proper plumbing fixtures in healthcare facilities. Visit Sponsored by VOLA, Hastings Tile & Bath has announced its first CEU has been approved for 2.0 CEU credits for AIA, ASID, IIDA, IDC and NARI.

CORRECTION: In the October issue, on p. 57 of New and Improved, the incorrect image ran with the text for Titus’ TJD diffuser. The image shown was Rockfon’s Infinity Edge product. 206.788.4210 made in the USA

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The easier way to a stronger roof Introducing the Simpson Strong-Tie Three-Connector Roof System. ®

It takes more than just nails to build a strong roof. Our LSSJ adjustable jack hangers, HHRC hip-ridge connectors and LRU rafter hangers are ideal solutions for designing resilient and cost-effective stick-frame roofs. These connectors not only provide strength, their versatile and intuitive design allows for quick and simple installation – making it easy to meet code. HHRC



To learn more, visit or call (800) 999-5099.

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Strong-Tie Company Inc. STRONGROOF17-S

12/11/17 11:55 PM AM 1/10/18 12:03

on spec By Scott M. A. Marchio, LEED AP ID+C Associate Principal and Director of Sustainability, The AZTEC Corp.


A Rebirth of Interior Space: Designers Wanted “Today, I missed lunch. I was caught up in a pile of work and when I finally looked at the clock it was 3 p.m. I simply carried on. I was equally surprised when I came out of my office, what seemed to be a short while later, to find everyone had vacated for the day: it was 7:30 p.m.” We spend a tremendous amount of our day in a static environment designed to maintain peak, ideal conditions for multi-functional work environments, disconnected from what’s going on outside. The lighting is consistent and appropriate for the work we do; the materials that surround us often have nondescript, neutral-colored surfaces intended to minimize disruption and soothe, or at least avoid offense. This is all about to change. In recent years, lighting manufacturers have been marketing a tunable white light that can be adjusted from a rather warm yellow/white light to a cooler blue/white light. The ability to flexibly tune light allows the user to render their space differently. Speculation might point to the retail industry where change of materials occurs often, but the cost was too high for the product to be effective. We all know that natural light in the built environment improves health and performance. In fact, our body needs sunlight; 30 minutes a day at minimum, 120 minutes is ideal. “After 15 years of putting in my dues at the office, I finally got moved out of the interior cubicle farm and now I sit next to a window which gives me plenty of light, right?” Wrong. Studies show that windows block 100% of the ultraviolet (UV) light our bodies crave. You might think, “Wait a minute. Isn’t ultraviolet light bad for us?” There are three types of UV light: UVA, UVB, and UVC. “A” and “B” are good for our bodies; “C” is not: It burns our skin. But, when we set out to block UVC, we end up blocking UVA and UVB, too, and that’s not good. Or is it? As it so happens, 98% of the light we need from the sun enters through our eyes, while only 2% enters our body through the skin and produces vitamin D. “Well, light is light and I’ve been sitting under 12 fluorescent tubes all day for years. That’s got to help, right?” Not likely. Neither incandescent nor fluorescent light provide any benefit which might even remotely resemble the impact of the sun. If you’re lucky enough to have “full-spectrum” lighting in the office and you sit under it for six hours a day, you may be matching an equivalent of 30 minutes of natural light, meaning you might just be getting by on those administrative in-office work days. But can’t we do better? As research progressed, a link was made, more specifically connecting the color of full-spectrum



1801APONS.indd 12

light to those health benefits we get from the sun. The link is quite simple and profound: It’s “time.” The color of natural light progresses over time, and now we can mimic natural light in our electric LED lights by using controls. Possibilities opened across the board and the lighting industry salivated. It was found that tunable white light could be connected to a time clock or daylight sensor, and controls could be designed to mimic daylight that changed from blue tones to red tones over the course of the day; “Dynamic” white light was born. The healthcare industry rolled out the red carpet to connect patients to the outdoors, to nature, to realign circadian rhythm. Speculation spread to other areas of health; mood, recovery, concentration, relaxation… the opportunities could be endless, but also signifi cantly important. As prices come down on this technology, this will soon be the norm everywhere. The lights in my office will shift slightly as the day goes by, subconsciously connecting my body and mind to the time of day. I will never again be surprised by an empty office or completely miss my lunch break … but that’s only the beginning. The idea is that lighting is changing; Everyone’s going to be engaged by healthier spaces; we’ll all be happier and sleeping better. But what are the other implications of dynamic white lighting? Let’s start with a simple realization: Nothing has inherent color. Your sweater is not red, the carpet is not green, the house is not blue. Color is a perception of the eye caused by a combination of reflected and absorbed light. Variables in chemical composition cause certain wavelengths of visible light to be absorbed by a material and others to be reflected. The result is a color perceived by our eyes. If you change the type of light, the temperature of light, or the rendering capacity of light, you can change the perceived color of an object. As architects and interior designers, we select the aesthetics of a space to be as dynamic as possible while using static materials. We choose carpets, paint, furniture, fabric and tile—all by looking at samples under lighting conditions similar to those in the intended space in order to ensure the desired look. Material manufacturers do the same, looking at their products under a spectrophotometer when determining perceived color before marketing their new color as “chartreuse.” We all know that materials look different under incandescent light vs. fluorescent light vs. LED vs. natural light. We have all purchased that new shirt because it caught our eye on the mannequin but it never seems to look good in the closet.

Lighting will benefit people in designed spaces; we’re not ready for the effect it will have on the rest of our environment.

If the lighting in a space is dynamic, all the finishes in a space could potentially change over the course of the day. As to how much they change, that’s a product of conversation and research. As a designer, I may not care if the carpet I propose is slightly bluer or blacker under different light but I would care if my accent carpet appears blue and my field carpet appears black. And I would want to know if and how significant that shift was going to be in order to properly prepare for those conditions. Maybe I want to play with color, maybe I can’t. It seems to me we have two issues to contend with. Both involve a significant industry and market shift. One also involves potential liability. If I am designing a restaurant, and that restaurant caters to a formal, conservative, business-class lunch crowd, I would propose a certain aesthetic. But if that same restaurant caters to a completely different dinner crowd, one that is more lively and perhaps hosts live entertainment with dancing, I might propose a completely different aesthetic. I can easily create those conditions with lighting, but shouldn’t the rest of my space change as well? Wouldn’t it be awe-inspiring, and appropriate if the stuffed shirt who had lunch there that afternoon, came back with his wife for dinner and didn’t recognize the place? We already know that different lighting conditions can change humans’ perceived color of materials, so why not harness that ability to create dynamic spaces; spaces where the tan carpet turns green and the green walls turn tan, maintaining the color pallet but inverting the design; spaces where the pattern in the carpet inverts, so the accent becomes the field and vice versa. Think of the possibilities in art where an image takes on a completely different look after staring at it awhile. What if you could introduce a completely new space by simply adjusting the lighting? On the flip side, if I’m designing an assistedliving facility, visual acuity is paramount. Aging eyes require significantly more light and significantly more contrast to function normally. To give you a comparable example, studies show that a 40-year-

01 10.2014 . 2018

1/10/18 1:04 PM

on spec



old requires 3 times more light than a 10 year old to tackle the same task. The degradation of eye sight deteriorates exponentially from there; a 60-year-old requires 15 times the light; an 80-year-old requires 150 times the light. If either adequate light or adequate contrast is lacking, there is greater probability that elderly persons will reduce their own exposure to their daily routine out of fear. They will venture out less often because of reduced visual confi dence. But by staying inside and becoming more closed off, they will disassociate themselves from the outdoors, losing connection to natural spaces, and becoming at odds with their circadian rhythm. As a designer, it is my job to create strong contrast between the solid floor color and the solid wall color; a strong contrast around the door frames and a greater intensity of light to maintain normal behavior for aging eyes and bodies. If, over the course of the day, the lighting were to change in order to reinforce occupants’ connection with the time of day, I would need to ensure there was no shift in color or contrast within those spaces. Under these circumstances, I am responsible for the design. If my design causes the reverse effect, or creates liability through slip-and-fall lawsuits, I’m going to find myself in a bad situation real fast. This lighting technology is here now, and while it will benefit the people in the spaces we design, we’re not ready for the effect it will have on the rest of our environment. I predict an epic explosion of possibilities for the design community, an unprecedented financial reinvestment in research and development, a scavenging of small and inexpensive product lines by large manufacturers. And from the ashes of this transformation, I believe we will witness the emergence of glorious and incredible dynamic materials which will adorn every interior environment.

7500 LIGHTING APP Technology, as seen with Finelite’s FineTune app, lets users tune the light intensity with dimming from 100% down to 1%.

Editor’s Note: This article appears courtesy of the National Lighting Bureau. A companion video “Designing with Tunable White Light,” can be found at

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on spec by David Cocuzzi, National Coil Coating Assn. (NCCA) Technical Director


Five Reasons to Consider Solar Reflective Metal Roofs In recent years, solar reflective coated metal roofs, also known as “green” or “cool” metal roofs, have become more popular. Metal is now the second choice in both the residential and commercial reroofing markets. That is up remarkably from 10 years ago when metal roofing often was not even considered. This is directly attributable to the use of advanced pigments now commonly used in the protective coatings. Solar reflectivity is achieved through the pigmentation in the coating that is coil

As building industries make strides in reducing carbon footprints, professionals are making the switch to solar reflective roofs.

some building envelope requirements, the metal substrate and its inherent recyclability factor often lead to numerous green construction requirements being met. Cool metal roofs are designed to be extremely resistant to fire and heavy winds and most cool metal roofs are designed to last over double the lifetime of an asphalt shingle roof.

Savings Using solar reflective roofs can potentially lead to receiving energy credits by complying with the energy efficiency standards in your area. Reflective coatings protect the roof substrate from harmful UV, extending the life of the roof and saving replacement costs. The roof’s temperature reductions will lead to lower overall energy costs for the building. Over time, this can have a large impact on overall energy consumption costs.

HOME TO HIGH-RISE From the modest homes to massive offices, building owners can ensure a high return on investment with energy savings, flexibility and outstanding performance possibilities that result when installing a solar reflective metal roof.

Design Flexibility applied over aluminum, hot-dipped galvanized steel, or Galvalume steel. Solar reflective metal roofs are designed to reflect more sunlight and absorb less heat than other standard roofing materials. These reflective metal roofs accomplish this through the use of highly reflective paint systems that can be fabricated from metal into various shapes such as panels, tiles and shingles. As the architectural and building industries continue to make strides in reducing its carbon footprint, there are many reasons industry professionals are making the switch to solar reflective roofs, including:

Environmentally Friendliness One of the biggest advantages of using solar reflective roofs is the environmental benefits. Solar reflective coated metal roofs reduce the “urban heat island effect,” thus reducing health hazards due to excessive heat in cities. Cool roofs are 100% recyclable and reduce landfill waste, because their light weight means they can often be placed over existing roof materials and are fully recyclable. They also reduce CO2 emissions by lowering roof surface temperatures by up to 50%, subsequently requiring less energy to cool the building’s interiors.

Efficiency Benefits Solar reflective coated metal roofs are compliant with Energy Star, LEED, ASHRAE and other code body standards. The selection of solar reflective metal roofing can often lead to points or credits offered by the various code writing organizations. Not only do the cool coatings directly comply with



1801APONS.indd 14

Metal roofs with solar reflective coatings can be used for both steep-slope and low-slope roofs. They are lightweight, so material handling and construction is easier than heavier alternatives. While many have perceived cool roofs to be beneficial only for white flat roofs in hot urban climates, researchers have created new roofing materials that combine properties of color with reflective surface materials. Advancements in pigment technology have increased across a broader spectrum to reflect more infrared energy. Cool compliant products are now available in almost any color. The availability of deep and bright colors for steep sloped roofs have broadened the design and aesthetic possibilities for architects and building owners.

Excellent Performance Coated metal roofs hold up due to resistance from weathering. They are designed to be watertight and practically weather proof. The NCCA offers a toolkit stating that a cool metal roof has an un-retouched service life greater than 40 years when a PVDF (fluoropolymer) coatings are used on metal panels. The reflection of UV and temperature reduction not only reduces the need for cooling, it also increases the longevity of the roof. With so many innovations and benefits with solar reflective coated metal roofs, making the switch is easier than ever before. From modest homes to massive offices, building owners can ensure a high return on investment with the energy savings, flexibility and outstanding performance possibilities that result when installing a cool roof.

BEATING THE HEAT Solar reflective coated metal surfaces help reduce the “urban heat island effect,” thus reducing health hazards due to excessive heat in cities.

01 10.2014 . 2018

1/10/18 1:05 PM


We bring an attentive eye for detail to everything we do. Not out of obligation—but out of determination. An innate drive to push boundaries. An undying will to set the standard. Circle 33

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product developments

material advances + product breakthroughs

Noteworthy Earlier this month, Denver joined San Francisco as one of the first cities in the United States to mandate green roofs on new buildings. Oregon Governor Kate Brown has issued an executive order accelerating energy efficiency for new homes and commercial buildings, including other carbon reduction strategies on par with the Dept. of Energy’s Photos: Pablo Mason

Zero Energy Ready standards. The New Buildings Institute has released a model stretch building code that targets 20% better efficiency than current national building energy codes. The new stretch code offers jurisdictions a set of energy-saving building strategies that cover design aspects including envelope, heating mechanical, water heating, lighting and plug loads. The Building Energy Exchange (BE-Ex) is seeking six to eight instructors to help teach New York City building owners, managers and developers the fundamentals of the Passive House standard and its relevance to the NYC real estate market. SmithGroupJJR has hired Stephen Palumbo AIA, LEED AP BD+C, to lead the growth of the Science and Technology Practice in the Boston region. In other news, the firm opened a new office in San Diego, and will now offer mechanical and electrical engineering services in-house there, as well as at its Los Angeles and San Francisco offices. HDR’s Princeton architecture studio has received the



The ‘Razzle Dazzle’ Play E-Ink is a nano-thin digital ink technology applied to E-Paper, and digitally controlled for use as a color-changing surface in architectural applications. The concept, called E-Prism, has been applied to interior surfaces, including 3Form’s woven-wall, but now includes an exterior installation, “Dazzle,” which introduces the product on a large-scale media façade installation. Inspired by Norman Wilkinson’s “razzle dazzle” camouflage technique used during World War I, Dazzle transforms the 1600-ft.-long façade of San Diego’s new airport rental car center into an interactive mural—a landmark viewed by hundreds of thousands of airport visitors, as well as motorists on the I-5 Freeway and Pacific Coast Highway. E Ink Prism does not emit light, but reflects ambient light. The E-Ink tiles are fully programmable to give content providers and designers creative freedom. Its reflective properties provide a print or paint-like appearance and a natural visual experience, and only requires ultra-low power during visual changes. Visit or Circle

CAMO TECHNIQUE Ueberall International designed the site-specific artwork for the parking structure with inspiration from Norman Wilkinson’s “razzle dazzle” camouflage technique, which was used during World War I in the waters of San Diego to alter the perception of ships to the enemy by visually scrambling their shapes and outlines. The artwork is truly sitespecific, as it responds to the unique, faceted geometry of the building’s architecture.


American Institute of Architects’ New Jersey 2017 Firm of the Year award. CannonDesign is merging with engineering firm FKP. The latter will be known as FKP | CannonDesign until a future transition to the CannonDesign name. Emily T. Cooperman, PhD, a nationally recognized

COLOR-CHANGING ‘PAPER’ E-Ink is applied, nano-thin, to color-changing digitally controlled ‘e-paper’ that can be used as a dynamic, color-changing architectural fi nish.

expert in evaluating the historical significance of buildings, structures and landscapes, has joined the cultural resource management practice of PS&S. Fitwel has expanded to include multifamily residential buildings and developments. ThyssenKrupp has been recognized as a Top Product by BuildingGreen for its efforts surrounding retrofitting elevators to achieve net-zero energy status, as well as for its leadership in material transparency. In other news, the company’s MULTI building transport was named one of Time Magazine’s best inventions of 2017.



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product developments


Penny for Your … Partition During last summer’s NeoCon, decorative precision metals expert, Zahner, featured Dirty Penny Copper, a dynamic copper metal finish with an authentic patina surface that provides artists and architects a stunning architectural surface. The pre-weathered copper features a complex mosaic of light and dark tones ranging

ORGANIC TIMELINE Zahner’s pre-weathered Dirty Penny Copper finish has an irridescent surface and a microfilm that develops on the exterior layer. The exterior oxidized layer that will patina further, or maintain its original luster depending on the type of sealing finish applied.

and respond to its environment to create a site-specific installation, architectural accent or work of art. Visit or Circle


Photos courtesy: A Zahner

from blues to greens and reds. The metal will endure


Table Top Power The PCS94 Tabletop Power Monument from Mockett is a freestanding power dock with a weighted base and grip pad underneath that goes anywhere power access is needed. The

The low-maintenance cladding requires no paint or sealing with a 30-year color fade warranty.

device offers all the elegance of an in-desk power grommet with the convenience of mobility. Great for work desks and home offices, or


Turning Decking on Its Side

pop-up and temporary work spaces, it’s also

AZEK decking may now be used as cladding. Each

plug and play, and easy

collection features a natural, wood-like aesthetic and

to adjust. It’s available in

is resistant to mold, mildew and moisture damage.

three sizes and configu-

With its stain, scratch and insect resistance it is a low-

rations in black, white

maintenance long-lasting cladding. Protected with Alloy

and metallic silver.

Armour Technology, it does not require painting or seal-


ing, and offers a 30-year limited fade and stain warranty.

or Circle

Visit or Circle

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MULTI-USE CLADDING AZEK has now made it possible to use its decking for cladding installations.



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product developments



Hey, Architects, Get Flexible Post-WWII housing for traditional “nuclear” families represented 43% of stock; today, that number has declined drastically, as the “traditional” family no longer represents the majority. That said, housing is still being developed along these lines—why? The National Building Museum is aiming to answer that question with a new exhibit.


Disparity Between Perceived and Actual Housing Needs

1950: 43%

1970: 40% 1990: 25%

The exhibit “Making Room: Housing for a Changing America,” at the National Building Museum in Washington, D.C., aims to show the disparity between perceived housing needs and actual needs—a disparity which is currently exacerbating housing shortages and market conditions. Through a series of interactive displays, the exhibit illustrates how architects, policy makers, developers and planners—even the general public—can use design as an integral tool to meet America’s housing needs. The exhibit’s anchor is a 1000-sq.-ft. house designed by Italian architect Pierluigi Colombo of Clei. Dubbed “The Open House,” it features a flexible footprint and utilizes “smart” technology, such as movable walls and multifunctional furniture, to explore how new spaces, both urban and suburban, should function in order to perpetuate ownership of the same unit over time. For example, the flexible space will be configured to adapt to three entirely different living arrangements throughout the duration of the exhibit to illustrate how the space could potentially transform from accommodating roommates, to a space suited for an expanding family, or facilitate a retired couple aging in place. Currently, the home is staged to accommodate roommates, but later furniture will be changed out and flexible walls will be reconfigured to suit a multi-generational family, and finally, a retired couple. The house’s main finishes and fixtures include off-the-shelf products currently available from brands such as FLOR, Hufcor, Ceramic Tiles of Italy, Duravit and Hansgrohe, proving that this type of housing is feasible and affordable. Clearly, Hufcor’s movable wall systems are the keystone of The Open House, as the installation uses movable walls to enhance the capabilities of multi-family construction. The walls provoke the idea of how developers may achieve multi-purpose functionality and add value within pre-defined living spaces. Bathroom settings emphasize the needs of bathroom technology that serves an aging and diversifying population with furniture and toilets that provide ease-of-use, sustainability, accessibility and hygienic technology. Duravit’s OpenSpace B, is basically a collapsible shower, it saves space by folding flush to the wall when not in use. See for yourself by taking a virtual tour: exhibition/making-room.


2017: 20%

The exhibit includes a 1000-sq.-ft. house designed by Italian architect Pierluigi Colombo of Clei, dubbed “The Open House.” The exhibit will showcase other cuttingedge projects including micro-apartments in NYC, shared housing experiments in Washington, D.C., backyard accessory cottages in Seattle, tiny houses for the formerly homeless in Austin and cohousing communities.

Only 20% of American households are a traditional nuclear family  One-third of all American households are single adults that live alone  Many live with roommates or extended family  Rapidly aging population requires supporting Aging-in-Place with diminished physical or cognitive abilities

OPEN BATHROOMS The space-saving showever design of OpenSpace B features walls that fold flush away. Duravit and the EOOS design group have taken this innovation, and with a new mounting bracket, no additional diagonal wall support is required. The clear or mirrored glass and bright polished aluminum shower folds back against the wall. Accessories include a seat, handle and basket.

“ T H E O P EN H O U S E ” F L E X I B L E H O U S I N G

The exhibit suggests the solution to rapid urbanization and shifting demographics is not simply density, but intense flexibility, as architect Pierluigi Colombo emphasizes in his design.



MOVABLE WALLS/ FOLD AWAY FURNITURE Hufcor movable walls play an integral role in making the pre-determined living space live up to the needs of all users in several distinct housing scenarios.




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The clear choice.

RESHAPE YOUR STOREFRONT WITH FRAMELESS GLASS Divide your space seamlessly with Hufcor’s Frameless GlassWall™. Ideal for spaces where a physical but not a visual barrier is needed, our Frameless GlassWall™ allows natural light to penetrate a space and deliver maximum space flexibility. Frameless GlassWall™ incorporates glass mounted on slimline top and bottom horizontal rails, eliminating the need for vertical frame members which block sight-lines and obstruct views. Contact Hufcor to learn more about our diverse range of movable glass walls. » » » » »

No floor tracks Polished glass edges Single or paired panels In-line or hinged pass doors Multiple rail finish choices

» Multiple glass options » Factory or field applied custom graphics and decals » Door handle options » Locking Solutions

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product developments

Ceramic Tile


Tile Transforms Reimagined Spaces The Tile of Spain awards recognize excellence in architecture, interior design and planning where ceramic tile is the cornerstone of the design. Judges recognize the ingenious use of the surface material in its ability to create welcoming spaces, cohesive designs and long-lasting installations that stand up to the requirements of high-traffic environments. The following are the winners and honorable mentions in the architecture and interior design categories.

Architecture Honorable Mention: Santa Creu Hotel Location: Island of Tabarca Architect: Diego López Fuster + SUBARQUITECTURA Photographer: Jesús Granada

A hotel designed to promote intense relaxation uses ceramic tile to frame the sweeping views of Tabarca island. The judges particularly valued the use of ceramic tiles that flow from the exterior to the interior, with a break in continuity in order to draw the eye to points of particular architectural interest, such as the open rooftop courtyard, as well as the use of ceramic tiles in the interior, forming a sharp chromatic contrast with the exterior.

Architecture Winner: Bodega Mont Ras Location: Mont-Ras (Girona), Spain Architect: Jorge Vidal and Víctor Rahola Photographer: José Hevia Ceramics were used at Bodega Mont-Ras to adapt to the character of the architecture of the vineyard and wine-making facility, enhancing the contrast of ceramic, industrial and rustic-type materials. The panel of judges particularly valued the industrial- and rustic-type materials used in the program, which also reflects the capacity of the chosen materials to adapt to the layout of the various spatial geometries, adding a strong sense of character to the entire setting.



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Architecture Honorable Mention: Gon-Gar Repair Shop Location: Benissanet, Spain Architect: NUA Arquitectures Photographer: Adriá Goula A repair shop in an unusual urban location gets a makeover in simplicity. The complex geometry of the unitary construction takes on a more monolithic nature when treated with ceramic materials that had an overall calming aesthetic that borders on modernity, while staying true to its environmental context. The challenges presented by this complex unitary construction were successfully resolved thanks to the use of ceramic materials that generated an overall aesthetic effect in a composition fully in keeping with its environment, adding a sense of modernity to an unusual urban location and program.

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product developments

Ceramic Tile

The Tile of Spain winners demonstrate the inherent flexibility of ceramic tile to adapt to existing architecture while also existing as an enduring, timeless finish on exterior and interior installations.

Interior Design Honorable Mention: Can Picafort Architects: Ted’A arquitectes Location: Sta Margalida (Mallorca), Spain Photographer: Luis Díaz Díaz

The project was recognized for its imaginative use of a variety of materials interconnected through the use of ceramic tiles both in the interior and exterior.

Interior Design Honorable Mention: Renovation of a Home between Party Walls Location: La Tallada d’Empordà, Spain Architects: ARQUITECTURA-G Photographer: José Hevia The judges valued the sense of maximum continuity achieved through the use of a single ceramic material on all the horizontal surfaces, forming an eye-catching monochromatic contrast with the neutral tones of the other surfaces featured throughout the home and that continues partially to the exterior.

Interior Design Winner: Barcelona Metro Architect: Garcés—de Seta—Bonet arquitectes Location: Barcelona, Spain Photographer: Adrià Goula The judges highlighted the contrast created by the use of clean, convenient and practical ceramic floor tiles in areas in contact with people traffic, and the stark, radical nature of the other surfaces. They especially appreciated the solution of applying a single material capable of overcoming all the challenges posed for floor coverings in public spaces.

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product M R developments E



Travel Accommodations Foster Health and Fitness Keeping one’s body, mind and spirit healthy is a goal for the traveler on the go, and hotels are getting more proactive in helping their health-minded clients stay well in the privacy of their own rooms. Hilton is starting their guests’ day off on the right side of the bed—five feet from the bed to be exact. Dubbed “Five Feet to Fitness,” Hilton’s new fitnessminded suites treat guests to access to a trainer for cycling, yoga or any choice of fitness routine; and of course, the suites include a fully stocked mini-bar of sports drinks and muscle-soothing salves. Hilton’s in-room fitness center encourages travelers to stay dedicated to their fitness routines while on the road, as it accommodates guests with sports equipment ranging from an in-room cycle, a balancing ball, weights for resistance and strength training; even a meditation cushion is provided. All equipment is supported underfoot on a footprint of state-of-the-art ergonomic flooring. The flooring generates a 17% force reduction that not only provides cushioning to absorb impact on athletes’ joints, it also helps to increase sound control so as not to disturb neighboring guests during workout sessions. Fitness instruction is accessed via a touchscreen monitor on the fitness kiosk interface that provides more than 200 guided exercise tutorials, as well as body weight exercises and 25 classes, using equipment found in the room. The first iterations of Hilton’s Five Feet to Fitness in-room exercise suites have been introduced at Hilton McClean Tyson’s Corner and at Parc55 in San Francisco, with plans to expand into other markets including Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Las Vegas, New York and San Diego. Visit


Ecore Forest Rx





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Each of the fitness rooms will have a section covered in Ecore Forest Rx flooring to create an ergonomic surface intended to reduce the risk of injury associated with falls and hard impact. The flooring choice addresses common risks associated with falls and exercise activities through the use of itstru technology, which combines 5 mm of Ecore’s recycled rubber backing with Polyflor’s heterogeneous vinyl, Forest fx surfacing.

Project: “Five Feet to Fitness” Locations: Hilton McClean Tyson’s Corner and Parc55 in San Francisco expanding to other markets

“The idea that you need to sacrafice your routine when traveling for work doesn’t fly anymore. Travel can put a lot of stress on the body and we know that making movement attainable makes for a better stay and more productive trip.” —Melissa Walker, Senior Director, Global Brand Wellness, Hilton


MINDFUL OPTIONS Hilton is meeting the demand for more mindful options, as well, such as this meditation cushion with backrest. From floor to kit, thoughtful environments make working out at a hotel appealing.

Meditation Cushion and Balance Trainer

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Every Dri-Design panel is carefully manufactured – created without ACM, MCM, or any composite materials. Each Dri-Design product is a single-skin, non-combustible metal panel.


Lackland Air Force Base – HDR, Inc.

The Dri-Design Wall Panel System can be customized with a nearly endless combination of materials, finishes, shapes and textures, providing the freedom to design beautiful facades. However, Dri-Design’s truest beauty lies in the elegantly simple design, which eliminates the need for joint sealants and gaskets, can never delaminate and is 100% recyclable. This means the striking white façade at Lackland Air Force Base needs minimal maintenance to be dazzling for decades. • No sealants, gaskets or butyl tape means no streaking and no maintenance for owners.

• At Dri-Design, we have a strict policy of recycling and creating products that the world can live with.

• Not laminated or a composite material, so panels will never delaminate.

• Fully tested to exceed ASTM standards and the latest AAMA 508-07.

616.355.2970 | DRI-DESIGN.COM

• Available in a variety of materials and colors. Circle 35

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product developments

OLED INTERVENTION Flexible OLEDs (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) are fully integrated into the wallcoverings. OLED is an organic material-based surface light source. It has the closest spectral power distribution to natural light, creating emotional comfort and a relaxing atmosphere ideal for places where natural light is unavailable or where quality light is needed.


Future of Illuminated Surfaces LG and Meystyle continue to deliver decorative LED and OLED breakthroughs. LED wallcovering designers, MeyStyle, have released a new collection dubbed Parallel Perception. The new line is a joint pursuit with a preview into the ground-breaking new development in collaboration with LG Display. The collaboration is a synthesis of technology with creative application and a testament to what can be achieved when mixing design with cutting-edge development. The OLED option will be available for order beginning 2018. Visit or Circle



Silent Film Seeyond by 3form is a series of lightweight dimensional tiles made from acoustic felt that feature an NCR rating of 0.80. Users can use the company’s Seeyond Configurator to build walls, divide a space or create dramatic wall-to-ceiling features. Available in five patterns and eight colors, the soft texture of felt offers a comfortable, quiet and tactile aesthetic. Visit or Circle



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• Fully automatic operation at the push of a button


• Exceptional convenience with dynamic opening and closing speeds of up to 30 ft. per minute • UL® 325 safety-tested and certified


• Patented Smart Control System navigates complex layouts achieving proper set up every time

Contact your local Modernfold, Inc. Distributor today to learn more about movable wall automation and the new ComfortDrive® Self-Driving Panel System by calling 800-869-9685 or visiting

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product developments

Below: 3form’s Varia Ecoresin envelops various handdyed fabric interlayers to create depth, movement and a unique color story.


Mother Nature’s Beauty Shines Light Art Seattle is exploring the abilities of natural dyes at its studio in Seattle. The handcrafted light fixtures are a reflection of the seasonal bounties of local plants, flowers and foliage. The Botanical Seasons collections feature four fixtures dubbed spring, summer, autumn and winter. The studio is also installing a custom-designed iteration to meet all of the requirements of the Living Building Challenge-certified headquarters of the International Living Future Institute at the Bullitt Center, the greenest commercial building in the world. Visit or Circle


The Botanical Seasons collections feature four fixtures: spring, summer, autumn and winter (left to right).

Natural pigments are derived from organic botanicals, such as dried wildflowers.

LightArt offers a new interlayer that complies with Declare. “Working on this project pushed us to find a gorgeous new interlayer, and to further consider each and every piece of material and technology that go into our fixtures.”

Botanical Colors supplies organic materials and the know-how to dye textiles with less water, using nontoxic and biodegradable ingredients resulting in an incomparable color palette.

—Ryan Smith, LightArt President and Creative Director


Salt of the Earth Raw Earth is a contemporary building material that uses the most basic ingredients to create a beautiful, natural, hypoallergenic wall finish. Artist Matteo Brion’s latest creation, Terra Evoca, is the result of a meticu-

TIME CAPSULE Raw Earth is an artistic take on a modern concrete finish. The latest creation, Terra Evoca, is a timeless work of art that is an indelible imprint, which records the materials and the moment of creation. The finish expresses coloration and depth as it interacts with changing light conditions.

lous pre-selection of clays and aggregates. Originating from multiple regions, the raw earth materials are blended together to obtain the precise chromatic, tactile and functional qualities to suit any space. Visit or Circle



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product developments

Pop Up Architecture


Temporary Spaces: Who You Gonna Call? Opening urban space for temporary collective uses, the Spacebuster bubble is a mobile structure that can transform public spaces into impromptu community zones. Spacebuster’s 70-ft. bubble is a traveling architectural structure with the ability to transform public spaces into impromptu community zones. During the Chicago Architecture Biennial, the exhibit touched down on the South Side as an extension of the

architectural event, creating buzz in the art scene and neighboring galleries. This was not its first American tour, but during the most recent 17-day “We Like America” tour, Spacebuster touched down in Chicago, St. Louis and Cleveland and across

the five boroughs of New York City, culminating in Central Park for the New York Public Art Fair. Debuting in 2009, this year’s tour was increasingly relevant, including a poignant stop to the Lower East Side that drew members of New

York’s creative and architectural scene to a pop-up lecture Emergency Architecture by Harvard theoretician Niklas Maak. Visit

Spacebusters on the Lower East Side, New York City

The portability, adaptability and simplicity of erecting this temporary enclosure are aspects of what is being discussed inside: the ability to mobilize and react to natural disasters and catostrophies in urban locations.

POP TOP Like a pop-up Big Top, Spacebusters landed in Chicago’s Bridgeport neighborhood during the city’s Architecture Biennial. The impromptu community zone hosted a discussion on “The Community of the Future,” transforming later that evening into an experimental music venue for the artsy South Side crowd.

NYC photos courtesy: Spacebuster and Kevin McElvaney

INSTA-AUDITORIUM At a stop in a borough of New York City, the Spacebusters bubble transformed into a lecture hall where Harvard theoretician Niklas Maak discussed Emergency Architecture on the Lower East Side.



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Fin–ish. How do you add a final touch of performance to a facade? Our terracotta fins affix to the curtain wall to provide shading and add visual rhythm. Engineered and extruded to your precise specifications, ensuring an end result that expresses your vision.


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One way to think about a building is as a castle of comfort, though that comfort can be expensive. But with the right thermal solutions, comfort doesn’t have to come at the price of high heating and cooling bills. Following is a brief look at thermal management means and methods from around the envelope—including roofing, windows, air and water barriers and insulated panels—as demonstrated by the following products and projects.

By Alan Weis, contributing writer

01 . 2018

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Windows and Glazing An envelope’s weakest point, performance-wise, is its fenestration. Yet, many will argue a building without daylight or views to the outside might not be one worth living or working within. The good news is that there are plenty of glass-related products that deliver excellent thermal performance. That said, when it comes to windows and curtainwalls, it is not just about the glass itself, but also the structure. The various components of window systems and curtainwalls can offer thermal management advantages in different ways, such as at Owego Elementary School in Oswego, New York, where the right glazing choices delivered triple-pane performance at a double-pane economy.

In a building where maximum heat-flow resistance was desired, adding an interior surface coating helped make the U-value of doubleglazed units closer to that of triple-glazed units.

Photo Credit: Guy Cali Assocs.

Project: Owego Elementary Location: Oswego, N.Y. Architect: Highland Assocs.

PERFORMANCE DELIVERED The combination of SunGuard products delivered a 60% visible light transmission and a low 0.26 solar heat gain coefficient, for an impressive light-to-solar gain ratio of 2.34.



1801APTRL2.indd 32

THERMAL EFFICIENCY The 1630 Vinyl SingleSlider window reduces heating and cooling costs in both new construction and replacement projects. Dual-pane insulated glass packages offer outstanding thermal performance qualities that help lower solar heat gain when temperatures get warmer. Its slim profile provides a large viewing area and unobstructed outlook with clean, continuous lines.

MI Windows and Doors Circle 419

COMMERCIAL SPACE The Mikron C3-11300 AW-Rated Window System brings an optimal mix of strength, thermal performance and versatility to meet the demands of commercial spaces. The manufacturer states it is the only operable nonmetallic window and door system to meet all requirements for AW ratings per the North American Fenestration Standard (NAFS).

HYBRID COMPOSITION Featuring a hybrid composition, TGI-Spacer M with Wire is a cold-bendable, warm-edge spacer bar comprised of a thin, lowconductivity stainless steel, a spring steel wire and an engineered thermoplastic. The bar improves overall thermal and structural performance, reduces the risk of condensation and enhances the appearance of window systems.

Quanex Building Products Circle 418

Technoform Glass Insulation Circle 417

A Beacon of Determination Owego Elementary was destroyed by Tropical Storm Lee in the 2011-2012 school year. Within days of the flooding, Highland Assocs. Architects was on site working with the district, FEMA and the New York State Education Dept. to begin again. The architects were committed to creating an atypical elementary school. According to David Degnon, senior associate with Highland, it was important to ensure it embody a sense of healing, and serve as a symbol of the determination and perseverance of the community. Natural light would play a major role in this vision. To avoid tunnel-like corridors, halls are bent and broken, creating intermittent learning spaces filled with daylight and outdoor views. Since the school involves several multipurpose rooms used year round, glazing needed to manage solar heat gain and thermal performance. “The spaces have a sense of relaxed vitality that comes only with a strong connection to the outdoors,” Degnon says. “This would not be possible without the strategic use of specialized glass products.” Specifically, Highland specified Guardian SunGuard SNX 62/27 coated glass to balance performance and light transmittance. “We initially looked at a triple-pane system,” he says. “But because of the added complexity of the laminated glass [for acoustical purposes], the curtainwall system would have become a custom system, which would have dramatically increased the cost.” The solution was to use argon in place of air for the airspace and to couple that with SunGuard IS 20 coated glass. “By doing this we were able to achieve triple-pane performance in a laminated, double-pane system,” says the architect.

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Welcome to the new ASI—the world’s leading manufacturer of commercial partitions, washroom accessories and lockers. So what makes ASI so unique? Only ASI designs, engineers and manufactures fully-integrated solutions. So all of our products work together seamlessly. Welcome to choice, welcome to innovations, welcome to the new ASI. For more information, call 914.476.9000 or visit:

Partitions . Accessories . Lockers Circle 40 39

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Project: Summit, Snowbird Ski & Summer Resort Location: Snowbird, Utah Architect: GSBS Architecture

Barriers Like glazing, air and weather barriers add to the overall performance of an envelope. A prominent Arizona home developer, Mandalay Homes, has picked up on this, and has turned to an automated, single-process approach to seal building envelope on all new domiciles built by the company. The system, AeroBarrier, was developed at the University of California, Davis, and it turns a labor-intensive, multi-step procedure into a single application process that can quickly and easily deliver passivehouse level envelope tightness. Mandalay recently completed final field trials where it was used to seal the envelopes of hundreds of homes, multi-family apartments and other buildings. The technology is now being made available to commercial building contractors looking to quickly and cost-effectively attain high levels of air tightness. “AeroBarrier may be the most important innovation to hit the building community in years,” said Geoff Ferrell, Chief Technology Officer, Mandalay Homes. “We were seeking a tighter building envelope and AeroBarrier answered the call. The technology is easily deployable in the field, delivers results immediately and works well in a fast paced production environment.” Unlike today’s multi-step, multi-product methods used to seal envelopes, the technology is administered as a single step process that delivers into the air an aerosol mist of sealant that seeks out and seals leaks throughout the entire structure. The computer-controlled procedure can seal a single room or an entire home to passive house levels of 0.6 ACH50 in a matter of a few hours. At the end of the process, the computer-controlled sealing equipment generates a printout report documenting final results. “The ability to consistently seal all the small leaks that would otherwise take countless man hours to seek and hand seal, assuming you even find them all, in just one automated application is simply amazing,” said Ferrell. “The cost effectiveness is beyond immeasurable when you consider the total sealing solution AeroBarrier provides and all the lab or saved by automating the application process.” According to the U.S. Dept. of Energy, sealing the envelope is one of the most critical features of an efficient home. Leaks reduce indoor comfort by allowing moisture, drafts and unwanted noise to enter a space, and further reduce IAQ by allowing dust and contaminants to permeate the structure. Envelope leaks, in fact, account for as much as 40% of the energy used to heat/cool a typical home. The technology builds upon concepts used the company’s aero seal duct-sealing technology, according to Amit Gupta, president and CEO of JMD Corp., sole licensee of AeroBarrier. “Now, imagine a similar computerized approach to envelope sealing that, in one step, can quickly seal all the leaks around windows, drywall, electrical outlets, canned lighting and other areas where leaks affect overall building performance.”



1801APTRL2.indd 34

ACH Foam Technologies’ Foam-Control geofoam

Hitting HardTo-Reach Spots

The Aerobarrier affixes itself only around the envelope leaks, leaving other surfaces free of sealant. It can be used either before or after drywall construction. AeroBarrier technology finds and seals all the leaks that compromise the external and internal building envelopes.

Flexible and sprayable insulation also helps manage more diffi cult applications. For example, The Summit is a new 23,000-sq.ft. glass-enclosed guest services center perched on the highest peak at Snowbird Ski & Summer Resort in Utah. At 11,000 ft., soil stability and hauling heavy equipment and materials was a challenge. The tram climbs 1.6 miles and 2900 vertical feet to arrive at the anchor structure on top of the mountain. Site excavation uncovered the tram structure’s vulnerable CMU block foundation. Project leaders’ GSBS Architecture and Layton Construction addressed the issue by using ACH Foam Technologies’ FoamControl geofoam which

provided a quick and easy protective structural barrier for the foundation. “We didn’t want any additional loading in the form of settlement to be added to the tram’s foundation walls as the result of the new building,” says Tang Yang, principal with GSBS Architecture. “We developed a structural barrier between the foundations by filling the void with EPS geofoam blocks from ACH Foam Technologies. EPS geofoam is a lightweight material with high compressive strengths and predictable performance.” While architects and engineers take comfort in ACH Foam Technologies’ FoamControl geofoam’s performance, builders like Layton often find it to be particularly well suited to difficult

circumstances where a lightweight structural fill is needed. “ACH Foam developed shop drawings for the geofoam block configuration,” says Layton Construction Assistant Project Manager, Cooper Darling. “Once the geofoam was on the top, it was surprisingly easy to work with.” The blocks were moved into place by hand. His team used a hot wire cutter to customize blocks as needed. Once the Foam-Control geofoam was put in place it was covered with 4 in. of free draining gravel and a concrete patio slab. “Special considerations require special products,” finishes Yang. “This was a special project for all of us for many reasons and ACH Foam Technologies played a part in realizing this dream.”

01 10.2014 . 2018

1/15/18 11:01 AM




Flexible and sprayable insulation helps manage more difficult applications.

Due to site issues, the team used geofoam technology to avoid stability problems.

SUPERIOR ELASTOMERIC PERFORMANCE SOPRASEAL LM 204 VP is a one-component, 98% solids content, lowodor, vapor-permeable, liquid-applied polyether air barrier product. This new, hybrid STPE technology provides excellent air infiltration and moisture protection while also offering ease of use in low- and high-temperature applications, superior elastomeric performance and tie-in compatibility. A fully adhered, monolithic membrane option, it provides a continuous air barrier.

SELF-SEALER Enverge Air and Vapor Barrier (AVB) is an asphalt based, self-sealing wall barrier that provides energy savings and contributes to better air quality for building occupants. Its reduced maintenance costs are attributable to its moisture and thermal control, and self-adhered installation is available in 40-mil or 25-mil thickness.

Firestone Circle 415

SUPERIOR SUBSTRATE Georgia-Pacific Gypsum’s DensElement Barrier System, an integrated gypsum sheathing waterresistive barrier and air barrier (WRB-AB), has passed testing as a substrate in exterior insulation and finish systems (EIFS) with drainage, meeting the criteria of being building code compliant and meeting EIFS water drainage and adhesion criteria.

Georgia-Pacific Gypsum’s DensElement Barrier System Circle 414

Soprema Circle 416

01 . 2018

1801APTRL2.indd 35

Circle 41

1/15/18 11:02 AM



Roofing On the roofing front, material innovation is also making a difference. The Polyisocyanurate Insulation Manufacturers Assn. (PIMA), for example, recently released a technical bulletin detailing the advantages of high-density polyiso cover boards. An important component in roof systems, polyiso cover boards provide a thermal substrate for roofing membranes and protection for underlying insulation. “PIMA’s new technical bulletin illustrates that high-density polyiso cover boards perform well with less structural loading and improved long-term maintenance when compared to other options,” said Justin Koscher, President of PIMA. “We see broad acceptance of these highdensity boards in both new construction and the retrofitting of existing roofs.”

Project: Castaway II Location: Tupelo, Miss. Design: Marc Rutenberg Homes

According to the technical bulletin from PIMA, high-density polyiso cover boards, when compared to other options offer project teams many advantages: Can be shipped with approximately three times more square feet per truck load Significantly lighter than alternatives of the same thickness Require less crane time and are easier to maneuver around the roof, which can decrease the hoisting, loading and staging costs Virtually dust-free during the cutting process, eliminating itchy residue Can be cut without specialized tools Can be lifted by a single worker They also provide high R-values, superior water and mold resistance while boasting impressive long-term durability and service life. Their compressive, flexural and tensile strength provide impact resistance from foot traffic, hail and other extreme weather. These boards also contribute toward meeting or exceeding the newest continuous insulation standards and can qualify buildings that use them for preferred insurance ratings. “In terms of both installation and effectiveness over time, high-density polyiso cover boards provide savings and deliver superior results from installation through the life of the roof,” added Koscher.



1801APTRL2.indd 36

AIR IT OUT Ventilation and airflow also have their place in effective roof systems. For example, cool roof systems incorporate a combination of tile products designed to increase air flow and ventilation under tile with materials that reflect UV heat from the roof to reduce the amount of heat transferred into the structure. This translates into fewer on/ off air conditioning cycles to maintain interior temperatures. Comparative testing has shown a heat transference differential of as much as 45 degrees on the underside of roof decking when simulated solar energy is directed at the tile installations compared to like-colored asphalt shingles using the same roofing materials. Research conducted by Oak Ridge Laboratories determined that this heat transference differential can equate

to a savings in energy consumption for cooling and heating costs of up to 22% a year for a typical home. Pictured above is Castaway III, a LEED Platinum, zero net energy home in Florida. The vision of Marc Rutenberg Homes, a custom home builder in Florida and founder of Zero Energy America, is to inspire Americans to break from fossil fuel dependence. The home features Boral Roofing’s Clay Cool Roof.

Boral Roofing Clay Cool Roof Circle 413

01 10.2014 . 2018

1/15/18 11:02 AM




A system of concrete pavers and a patented 1-in.-thick Vacuum Insulated Panel (VIP) from R-50 allowed crews to address the damaged roof and add the required energy efficiencies without completely reconstructing the roof.

WEAR A COAT! Cool roofs can be achieved by other means. Guardian elastomer-based coating options, for example, can cost-effectively transform metal, BUR, modified bitumen and aged single-ply roofs into reflective roofs that can reduce building energy requirements. Roof Guardian RG-170 is a white finish coat with a solar reflectance index (SRI) of 109. Roof Guardian RG-180 is a fibered white coating (SRI 108) that achieves Class A fire rating. Both are Energy Star and CRRC rated. The waterproofing products are formulated using an acrylic polymer base for enhanced adhesion and durability, and both resist cracking and peeling. Roof Guardian products are also useful for gutterways, repairs and other projects, and can be quickly applied with a commercial-grade sprayer, roller or brush. They complement Kemperol cold liquid-applied Cool Roof membrane systems, which are fully reinforced for long-term performance. This includes the odor-free Kemperol Reflect 2K FR (SRI 110), and the fast-curing Kemperol AC Speed FR (SRI 108), a PMMA which allows one-day application.

Kemper Circle 412

Necessity, the Mother of Invention Transforming roofs themselves, is an important consideration, particularly in instances, such as the seven-story Mitchell H. Cohen U.S. Courthouse in Camden, N.J., which began to experience water leakage from the roof and walls. Management sought a long-term repair solution, but had concerns about the amount of demolition it might involve, and damage that might be required to complete repairs. The building’s owners turned to R-50 and its sister company Roofing Resources, Inc. (RRI) to review the site and propose a solution. RRI conducted a visual assessment of the roof and discovered several areas

A visual assessment of the roof revealed several areas of water intrusion; a subsequent infrared thermographic survey of the affected areas uncovered even more extensive areas of damage. of water intrusion, then performed an infrared thermographic survey of the affected areas and discovered more extensive areas of damage. RRI recommended replacing the roof to an R-value of 50. Using conventional insulation, however, would require the addition of almost 1.5 ft. of extra height to the structure. R-50 and RRI, instead, employed a system of concrete pavers and a patented 1-in.-thick vacuum insulated panel. In doing so, crews were able to avoid rebuilding the damaged roof while adding the desired energy efficiencies with far fewer destructive building modifications. In addition, by implementing the recommended system, the cost of construction was approximately $200,000 less than the original plan and realized substantial efficiencies in the building’s heating and cooling in the years that followed.

COOL ROOF SPOTLIGHT Colonial Seam, a new residential standing seam metal roofing panel, is a clip-less panel from Accel Roofing Products, a division of ATAS, that offers a traditional standing seam aesthetic with contemporary factoryformed advantages. It is installed by locking the one-piece panel into the previous panel and fastening through pre-punched slots, allowing for expansion and contraction. All fasteners are concealed by the adjacent panel. The positive locking action makes it virtually impossible for the panels to slide apart. Panels are available in widths of 12.375in. and 16.375-in., with a 1-in. seam height, in 0.032 aluminum and 24 gauge metallic coated steel. Both substrates have the same PVDF paint finish in a variety of colors. Colonial Seam can be installed on any solid surface with a minimum slope of 3:12. Colonial Seam is an economical solution to residential metal roofing for both new construction and re-roofing. The standing seam panel offers an attractive alternative. It provides the benefits of metal roofing with ease of installation, since this is a one-piece panel that does not require the use of clips. Lower energy consumption and reduction in energy bills can be achieved by the use of Colonial Seam. Depending upon many factors, including the panel color chosen, the slope of the roof, and the location of the building, up to 70% of the sun’s energy may be reflected away from the home, minimizing heat retention and keeping the home cooler.

Accel Roofing Products, a division of ATAS, Colonial Seam Circle 411

01 . 2018

1801APTRL2.indd 37



1/15/18 11:02 AM




Insulated Façades Sometimes, a building’s skin, itself, can add to an envelope’s performance, such as in the case of insulated metal panels. One IMP manufacturer, Kingspan, believes so strongly in this that it has pledged to become a net-zero manufacturing operation. It’s also stamped a claim to leadership in the healthy building segment having recently earned GreenGuard Gold certification of its insulation products. The certification took effect Aug. 2017 for all current polyisocyanurate foam core insulation (PIR) product sets in addition to all products using Kingspan’s QuadCore foam technology. It is the only metal panel manufacturer in North America that offers GreenGuard or GreenGuard Gold Certified products. “Kingspan was founded with a vision: to lead the way in creating energy-efficient buildings,” says Brent Trenga, director of Building Technology for Kingspan Insulated Panels. “That vision has naturally extended to considering the health and wellbeing of those who occupy the buildings that use our products.” Formerly known as GreenGuard Children & Schools Certification, the Gold level ensures with the strictest standard of testing that products have low emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). GreenGuard Gold can be applied to any structure, but the certification has proven particularly important for healthcare facilities and schools where the quality of indoor air is vital to the health of vulnerable occupants, like children and the elderly. “The standard is strict and for good reason,” Trenga says. “In sensitive environments, like schools and hospitals, it’s vital that the indoor air quality is not compromised by the building materials that make up the structure.” At the Gold level, emissions are limited to 360 VOCs and products must meet the California Dept. of Public Health’s Standard Method for the Testing and Evaluation of Volatile Organic Chemical Emissions from Indoor Sources Using Environmental Chambers, V1.1 (2010) (California Section 01350). Trenga adds that GreenGuard Gold is recognized for certified credits in a range of sustainability rating schemes. “Products that bear the Gold mark can help earn credits in rating programs like the Collaborative for High-Performance Schools Best Practices manual for K-12 schools, U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED rating system, Green Guide for Health Care, Green Globes and others,” he says. The GreenGuard Environmental Institute oversees the certification program, and UL conducted the testing. Kingspan began working with UL to verify VOC emissions at the beginning of 2017. During the next eight months, Kingspan and UL looked at multiple configurations and various PVDF coatings in both current PIR and QuadCore foam cores. Working with UL was imperative for Kingspan in a green-washed marketplace. “Kingspan did not want to pursue a sustainable certification that would overwhelm an industry filled with basic green statements,” says Karim Muri, Director of Marketing, North America, for Kingspan Insulated Panels. “An important part of Kingspan’s ethos has been to lead the industry in innovation and third-party certification. Pursuing the GreenGuard stamp shows that we can provide products that are good for not just the built environment but also the human environment. We believe it will help push the insulated metal panel industry forward as a whole by raising the bar.”



1801APTRL2.indd 38

Metl-Span’s 2-in. insulated metal panel—Bright Red LG and Textured White MM

Project: The Apollo Career Center Location: Lima, Ohio Design: Rutenberg Homes

Just the Right Touch Regarding IMPs in action, in Lima, Ohio’s Apollo Career Center was a perfect candidate. Having seen steady growth since opening in the 1970s, it recently underwent a $53M renovation and expansion. The new facility adds more than 100,000 sq. ft of space. Renovations included adding 22 academic rooms, as well as three labs, technology spaces, a high school multipurpose room, additional auto and carpentry work areas, a welding lab and student resource center. Metl-Span insulated metal

panels were an important component in updating the look of the facility and helped the project apply for LEED Gold status. “That’s what we’re anticipating, LEED Gold status,” says Laura Little, project manager with architect Garmann Miller of Minster, Ohio. “One thing we were trying to do is update the appearance of the facility so it didn’t look like a 1970s building. The goal was a state-of-the-art facility that looks like a state-of-the-art facility, and as a perk, we were able to incorporate Apollo’s colors into the renovation.”

Little says the panels helped with the overall appearance of the building because the larger pieces helped provide a clean appearance. Two colors of Metl-Span’s 2-in. insulated metal panel—Bright Red LG and Textured White MM—were installed. The textured panels were delivered with a stucco-type coating. The Bright Red panels, featured a PVDF finish on 22-gauge Galvalume and were ordered only after the framing was constructed.

01 10.2014 . 2018

1/15/18 11:47 AM




HALF-HIGH, FULLY INSULATED The InsulTech Concrete Masonry System’s Half-High product line features roughly a dozen profiles— in finished nominal dimensions of 12.25-in. wide × 4-in. high × 16-in. long—offering more flexibility and design options for architects designing hospitals, schools and other institutions. The components make up a complete, thermally broken insulated masonry system with a molded high-performance Neopor EPS insulation insert and thin veneer face to provide a 16.2 R-Value at 75°F. The system is available in both standard finishes as well as Trenwyth Stone Veneer’s variety of colors and textures.

Oldcastle Architectural Circle 410

Project: Savio Hall at Don Bosco Preparatory High School, Ramsey, N.J.

CONCRETE SOLUTIONS The new Kooltherm K20 Concrete Sandwich Board is a premium performance rigid thermoset insulation that is ideal for tilt-up and precast concrete wall applications. According to manufacturer Kingspan Insulation, it offers a higher R-value per inch than any commonly used insulation and is designed to enable thinner wall assemblies, helping to maximize building space. The core of the board is a premium performance rigid thermoset fiber-free phenolic insulant manufactured with a blowing agent that has zero ozone depletion potential and low global warming potential. It offers outstanding fire and smoke performance, is unaffected by air infiltration, and is available in standard sizes or can be ordered in custom lengths and comes in R-values ranging from 13.5 to 40.


Every room of the building has been equipped with motion sensors for lighting control to continue the college’s efforts to reduce the campus’ carbon footprint. To facilitate egress, two unconditioned additions housing stairs and elevators, were clad with ATAS Isoleren insulated metal wall panels, detailed to complement the existing structure. The construction stands separate but does not overwhelm the original building. The insulating properties of the panels keep the spaces at a comfortable level.

01 . 2018

1801APTRL2.indd 39

Kingspan Insulation Circle 409

Reflection + Reduction Similarly, the mill-finished aluminum of Savio Hall at Don Bosco Preparatory High School in Ramsey, N.J., designed by Michael Graves Architecture and Design makes for a light, reflective surface, meaning higher albedo (reflection of solar radiation) and reduction of the heat island effect, heat absorption by the building and reduced cooling loads. Additionally, mill finished aluminum does not require a chemical finish, reducing the overall environmental impact. Moreover, aluminum roofs have a long lifespan, and the material is easily recyclable, meaning lower overall lifecycle impact. The building envelope is a traditional brick-on-block

veneer construction with a double-height curtainwall on the north-facing side allowing for ample daylighting of the building’s central space (cafeteria) while allowing for minimal solar heat gain. The curtainwall is adjacent to a deep loggia, which provides additional shading. The frame of the curtainwall is detailed as thermally broken to mitigate heat transfer through the building envelope. In addition to the construction of the frame of the curtainwall being thermally broken, the head and sill derails are thermally broken as well, resulting in additional effi ciencies. In the masonry and block cavity walls (west, east and south façades) a 2-in.-thick layer of high-density rigid insulation provides excellent R-value, while an

Credit: Sal Forgione

Lafayette College’s historic Hummel Lumber Building on its Easton, Pa. campus, had fallen into disrepair and was converted to new office space for the school’s Facilities Plant Operations/Planning and Construction Departments, as well as the Public Safety and Environmental Health and Safety Dept. Originally built by the Speer Lumber Co. of Easton in the early 1900s, the original post and beam structure, was wrapped in a masonry façade and located at the edge of College Hill, making it an ideal building for a retrofit that could also meet the college’s desire to contribute to the revitalization of the community.

air gap allows for the movement of heat energy that is transferred through the exterior brick face. Windows in these façades are detailed with thermal breaks and are operable in the classrooms and other occupiable spaces, allowing occupants to adjust for thermal comfort.

That’s a Wrap Be it roofing, better windows, air and water barriers or insulated panels, basic thermal management can deliver greatly in fortifying against heating and cooling bills.



1/15/18 11:02 AM




1:13 PM

Meet The SR6700.









Authenticity, Reliability and Strength.


Steel windows from the early 20th century were big, with true divided lites and single pane glass. Accurately reproducing them means incorporating modern materials and insulating glass to create a contemporary version of this classic design. Graham’s innovative SR6700 meets the challenge. This authentic look is achieved with large openings, minimal sightlines, applied grids and even a floating vent. So authentic that we have helped numerous projects attain National Park Service historic approval. Bring your vision to life. Call Graham.

Learn more about Graham’s SR6700:

GRAHAM ARCHITECTURAL PRODUCTS 800-755-6274 Architectural Windows

Window Wall

Curtain Wall


Starrett-Lehigh Building, New York City

Circle 42

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ď ľ

D E S I G N + H E A LT H

Filling the Empty Box

Healthcare Providers Embrace Adaptive Reuse By Barbara Horwitz-Bennett, contributing writer

Repurposing existing buildings into healthcare spaces are a growing trend to more effectively and efficiently deliver healthcare services to more communities.

More and more healthcare providers are considering abandoned commercial and industrial spaces for adaptive resuse projects.

01 . 2018

1801APFEA.indd 41

Former rebuilt spaces offer the benefits of wide open floor plates and higher parking ratios.

Hospital campuses, may have tapped out their space in established neighborhoods and therefore need to expand in buildings that can be retrofitted.



1/15/18 12:10 PM



D E S I G N + H E A LT H

Before Photos: JRA Architects


Formerly: Standard Sanitary Building Year: 1920s Location: Louisville, Ky. New Project: Family Health Centers

After Photos: Bryan Moberly Photography

ADAPTIVE BENEFITS After re-hauling Louisville’s former Standard Sanitary Building—built in the 1920s as the forerunner to the American Standard plumbing company—the city is benefitting from a new Family Health Centers.

EXTERIOR UPGRADES Built in the mid-1920s, exterior improvements sought to minimize any visual impact to the historic appearance. AFTER

From former retail spaces to municipal buildings to auto showrooms, more and more healthcare providers are considering abandoned commercial, institutional and industrial spaces for adaptive reuse projects. Seeking to cost effectively—and quickly— build healthcare clinics, ambulatory care centers or emergency rooms, particularly in urban cites where greenfield sites are hard to come by, adaptive reuse has become a viable option.



1801APFEA.indd 42

“Adaptive reuse projects are common today in the healthcare sector,” says Theresa P. Harris, AIA, NCARB, EDAC, LEED AP BD+C, principal, Steffian Bradley Architects, Boston. “It is not unusual to see an urgent care center or a primary care clinic be constructed in a former grocery store or in a suburban office park.” As the need for accessible outpatient clinics outside a community’s hospital campus continues to grow, healthcare organizations are

realizing that tapping into under-utilized structures, especially in the more populous areas, is often their best bet. “Our clients are looking for the highest and best use of their real estate assets and often this means retrofitting non-healthcare spaces and buildings with outpatient and retail health programs,” reports Randy Guillot, FAIA, LEED AP, design director, firm-wide practice area leader, Health+Wellness, Gensler, Chicago.

While existing structures will offer a variety of pre-existing features, in all cases, the shell already exists as do site utilities and parking. And while a number of structural features may have to be re-built or altered, these renovations are generally less costly than new construction, adds Steve Wiser, FAIA, JRA Architects, Louisville/Lexington, Ky.

Four major factors are driving the growing popularity of adaptive reuse for healthcare: The growth of outpatient care has spurred city-centric hospitals to create suburban ambulatory health centers to provide patients easier access to care. Established campuses have become outdated and need to be refreshed to meet updated codes and standards, and to improve patient/family and staff interactions with renovated space. After a merger/acquisition, the newly joined health system needs to present a freshly re-branded appearance and experience. Many health systems do not have the real estate or capital for a brand new greenfield building.

01 . 2018

1/15/18 12:10 PM



D E S I G N + H E A LT H



Formerly: Standard Sanitary Building Year: 1920s New Project: Family Health Centers Location: Louisville, Ky.

OLD INTERIOR Due to periodic flooding from a nearby creek, the front windows were partially replaced with a ceramic tile façade, and the west façade had an EFIS surface installed to eliminate water seepage through the deteriorated masonry.

INTERIOR UPGRADES A modern, upscale interior with large artwork images of the surrounding neighborhood provide a comforting, welcoming aesthetic to lessen the stress of visiting this healthcare clinic.


Evaluating Pros and Cons When considering adaptive reuse, former retail spaces offer the advantage of open floor plates and higher parking ratios than typical office buildings, says Kate Morris, first vice president, CBRE, healthcare services group, Phoenix. Because the existing building is already enclosed, interior fitup can proceed right away, often with no weather delays. Wiser points out that existing buildings are normally vacant so construction does not disrupt adjacent functions.

01 . 2018

1801APFEA.indd 43

Similarly, construction doesn’t have to be phased, thereby enabling a more costeffective process. For former retail spaces in particular, site modifications for drop-off and pick-up can easily be accommodated and the floor-to-floor heights are often generous. These high ceilings often don’t include dropped ceilings, which will need to be added, along with sound attenuation, in some cases. “The building’s configuration is already established and may not be the best shape

for the most functional layout,” says Wiser “The concrete slabon-grade may need to be fully removed to install below-grade sanitary lines to all the plumbing fixates, and in many cases, the infrastructure will need to be gutted and newly installed with electrical and plumbing systems, air handling units, etc.” Another issue is evaluating the envelope. For example, Harris points out that typically former office/retail spaces do not have humidification, whereas

healthcare facilities, especially ambulatory surgery centers and radiology spaces, require humidification. In many cases, an HVAC strategy will need to be implemented to avoid condensation. Furthermore, the roof and/or windows might require replacement. Moisture content in the slab-on-grade might also present challenges, particularly if the building is more than 50 years old and doesn’t have a vapor barrier. “It is highly recommended to perform a moisture test of the

slab during the design process in order to determine if there might be a moisture problem that could impact installation of the flooring material,” instructs Wiser. “A sealant may need to be installed over the slab prior to the new floor surface.” Similarly, the existing exterior material—for example, masonry— may not be moisture resistant and following a heavy rain, water could seep through any porous material. In such a case, brick joints may need to be

tuck-pointed or new surface installed over it, he says. Asbestos and lead paint are additional concerns, which may warrant a hazardous material survey. And being that mold is a major concern for healthcare occupancies, this may require analysis to verify if any harmful bacteria exists. A final consideration for existing multi-floor buildings are seismic and wind-load code requirements which might require strengthening an existing building with a shear wall.



1/15/18 12:10 PM



D E S I G N + H E A LT H

Selecting a Site Generally speaking, in evaluating a potential space, flexibility and adaptability are paramount and access to natural light or outdoor spaces are an added perk, says Guillot. But to ensure an adaptive reuse site is compatible for healthcare, Wiser states the structural system is the most important factor to consider, including ceiling height (at least 9 ft., preferably 10 ft.). If the vertical dimension is too high, he points out it could cost more to run ductwork from a roof-mounted air handler. Alternatively, if a second floor exists, it may pose a maintenance challenge to access the plumbing

piping under the upper floor. “Existing buildings with clear-span trusses or wide column placements are preferred, whereas a column grid could make a floor layout less efficient,” he adds. Another challenge, in Harris’ experience, are elevator sizes, and building floorplates in general, as they’re not ideal for ambulatory healthcare occupancies. “In one instance, we had to add a hospital-sized service elevator and an additional egress stair to a suburban office building to accommodate an ambulatory surgery center. Without the addition of the stair,

the travel distances to an exit would not have complied.”


10 ft. 9 ft.

When adapting an ambulatory healthcare occupancy within a multi-story business occupancy building, the building team must verify the existing floor construction provides the needed one-hour fire separation. “Similarly if adding a radiology suite, the existing building needs to be studied to see if the floor/service elevator can handle the delivery weight and travel path of a CT or MRI gantry to the scanner room, and structural support and vibration mitigation of the radiology equipment,” he says.

To ensure that adaptive reuse is compatible for healthcare, the structural system is important, including ceiling height, at least 9 ft., preferably 10 ft.

Photo courtesy: JRA Architects


When embarking upon an adaptive reuse project for healthcare, Guillot advises preparing for the unknown. Because the expectation in healthcare construction environments is often precise, it is important the owner and design and construction team be on the same page regarding the inevitable unforeseen circumstance that will arise during design and construction.



1801APFEA.indd 44

—Randy Guillot, FAIA, LEED AP, Design Director, Gensler

Adaptive Advice


EPIC TRANSFORMATION A 180,000-sq.-ft. vacant big box store in central Kentucky was recently transformed into an outpatient healthcare center for a major medical facility.

“Our clients are looking for the highest and best use of their real estate assets and often this means retrofitting nonhealthcare spaces and buildings with outpatient and retail health programs.”

To ensure a project starts off on the right foot, it is essential to have a precursory review of the project with the authority having jurisdiction after conceptual design. “This allows you to ensure the project’s code compliance strategy will be acceptable, thereby decreasing the likelihood of running into code issues down the road,” explains Harris.

Secondly, the team’s architects and owners need to create an inclusive and collaborative design process for stakeholders and all user groups at the project’s onset. “This results in project design buy-in and ultimately ensures a successful project outcome,” he explains. In many cases, only administrators and clinical leadership are involved in the design, but this approach lacks the ability to benefit from the critical feedback of front-line clinical and administrative staff, family/patient advisory councils, environmental services, infection control, safety, security, IT, bio-med and facilities engineering.

01 . 2018

1/15/18 12:10 PM

WE COULD TALK ABOUT FLEXURAL STRENGTH FOR HOURS. (SORRY IF YOU GET STUCK NEXT TO US AT DINNER.) We admit it. At Tectura Designs, our passion for architectural products is bordering on the obsessive. And it has been ever since we opened our doors 65 years ago. Our passion for precast concrete, architectural pavers, site furnishings, terrazzo and more shows in all our products, in our craftsmanship and in our innovative production methods. It’s why award-winning architects around the world have chosen us to help them fulfill their creative vision. From New York City’s Hudson Yards to Cleveland Public Square to the Miami Worldcenter, you’ll find Tectura’s products turning big ideas into beautiful spaces.

Circle 43

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D E S I G N + H E A LT H


Tracking the Trend

Ultimately, healthcare designers anticipate an increase in adaptive reuse projects in the coming years. “As healthcare clients continue to seek ways to minimize construction costs and expedite project schedules, reuse of existing buildings will always be a viable option,” reports Wiser.

In the bigger picture, Guillot observes that as the healthcare industry continues to build, there is growing pressure to more critically analyze the optimal use of buildings.


“Owners understand that they are being held accountable by their boards and communities to intelligently look at all of the options on the table. I personally also believe that we have a responsibility to look past the current uses of any building or space we design to two, three or more potential uses in the future. Single purposebuilt buildings and spaces are becoming more and more rare,” he concludes. AFTER

Photo Credits: Bryan Moberly Photography

As physician and hospital groups move closer into the neighborhoods they serve, Morris makes two important points. One is that hospital campuses in established neighborhoods may have tapped out their space and therefore need to expand into retrofitted buildings across the street. And even if there is land available, there is frequently insufficient time to build a new building and/or new construction is prohibitive.


Formerly: Vacant strip retail center Year: 2017 New Project: Hardin Memorial Health: Medical Group Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Location: Elizabethtown, Ky. BREATHING NEW LIFE INTO A BUILDING JRA Architects took a vacant strip retail center in Elizabethtown, Ky., and transformed it into the Hardin Memorial Health medical clinic outpatient healthcare center.

Before Photo Credits: JRA Architects



1801APFEA.indd 46

01 . 2018

1/15/18 12:14 PM


© 2018 Trex Company, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Trex is a federally registered trademark of Trex Company, Inc., Winchester, Virginia.

Color: 4C Bleed: 10.625” X 12.75” TRIM: 10.375” X 12.5” LIVE: 9.375” X 11.5” Date Produced: 12/21/17 Publication: ARCHITECTURE PRODUCTS

SC Railing will now be known as Trex Commercial Products. We thought that might grab your attention. To learn more about what to expect now that one of the world’s best commercial railing brands has joined forces with the world’s leader in outdoor living, visit

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D E S I G N + H E A LT H



How Sustainable is Adaptive Reuse? While the adaptive reuse of an existing shell certainly saves on the production of brick and mortar and its associated emissions, it’s more challenging to repurpose an existing building into a healthcare facility in the most sustainable fashion. “It is always easier to design when you have a blank slate,” admits Theresa P. Harris, AIA, NCARB, EDAC, LEED AP BD+C, principal, Steffian Bradley Architects, Boston. “Nonetheless, it is very rewarding to replace inefficient building systems with energy-efficient sustainable infrastructure, and it is an added bonus when you are able to reduce costs for the owner.”

LOUNGE LONGEVITY A Nightingale Gold Award winner in the seating/guest lounge category, Integra’s Valayo Collection meets rigorous design, strength and comfort needs required of furniture products for today’s healthcare market. Chairs have both wall-saver and clean-out design elements with replaceable or recoverable components. This sleek design with exceptional strength comes with Integra’s Lifetime Warranty.

“Targeted or smaller renovations that do not affect the overall building performance tend to focus on materials and localized air quality issues, for example, and have a lesser overall effect … but can still be a net positive,” he explains.

Integra Circle 408

SOUND ACOUSTICS Adagio offers optimal sound absorption and attenuation that can enhance space privacy compliance in functional, high-traffic areas in healthcare spaces. Part of the Smooth-Textured collection, the unique encapsulated Adagio panel meets NICU requirements.

In addition to taking advantage of the embodied energy and carbon that went into the original construction, more extensive renovations afford the opportunity to upgrade mechanical, glazing and other key performance contributors, although this will depend on the level of the renovation, explains Randy Guillot, FAIA, LEED AP, design director, firm-wide practice area leader, Health+Wellness, Gensler, Chicago.

CertainTeed Ceilings Circle 407

LOW WATTAGE JET DRYER Considered to be the lowest wattage jet dryer in the commercial industry at just 200W, the InstaDry is ideal for high-trafficked applications such as healthcare spaces. Projecting no more than four inches from the wall, the ADAcompliant design run for more than 7500 hours, the equivalent of ten years in these environments.

THE DEEP END Ideal for healthcare and sanitation applications, the Deep Well Lavatory utilizes a molded single piece design featuring integral extra height splashes to help contain water, minimizing slips, falls and messes. Bradley’s TDWL22 Hand Hygiene Sink features a unique design that channels water away from users standing in front of the bowl toward the extra height side splash. This channeling helps contain water and bacteria inside the sink and reduces splashing outside of the bowl. The sink is made of Terreon and Terreon RE a non-porous, chemical, stain and impact resistant and resist bacterial growth. Bradley Circle 405

Bobrick Washroom Equipment Circle 406



1801APFEA.indd 48

01 . 2018

1/11/18 5:23 PM



Flexible, wireless control with the fixtures you choose

Hubbell Lighting Vive Enabled Fixtures Hubbell Industrial Lighting

Columbia Lighting

Utilibay LED Highbay








LitewaveTM LHE



LitewaveTM LHF

For the full product offering, please visit For other Hubbell Control Solutions, please visit © 2017 Hubbell Lighting, Inc. All rights reserved.

Circle 45

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D E S I G N + H E A LT H

PORT OF CALL FOR COLOR Mannington Color Anchor LVT collection was developed to coordinate with the brand’s Color Anchor carpeting, a collection, which was developed to harmonize with any of the brand’s patterned carpeting lines. The collection’s two patterns bring color cohesion by enabling designers to blend fields of color or accent pieces, and experiment with bolds or understated neutrals. Available in 20 colors, two patters and as 18-in. × 18-in. squares, 12-in. × 24-in. tiles and 6-in. × 36-in. planks with a 20-mil wear layer and 2.5-mm overall thickness.

Mannington Commercial Circle 404

Terrain rx is used in Johns Hopkins Hospital’s Meyer Neuro & Rehab facility in Baltimore.

MAY THE BEST FLOORING WIN After conducting a system-wide multidisciplinary research flooring testing study over a 90-day period, Johns Hopkins Hospital (JHH) reported that one of the best-performing products was Ecore Commercial Flooring’s Terrain rx. A combination of performance rubber fusion-bonded to a heterogeneous vinyl sheet surface reduces the risk of falls and offers sound control and comfort underfoot. The product also tested well for durability, stain removal and clean-ability. Triumphing over 20 different tested products, JHH ultimately selected the Terrain rx for its new Meyer Neuro & Rehab facility in Baltimore.



1801APFEA.indd 50

Ecore Commercial Flooring www.ecorecommercial Circle 403

WATER AT ALL TIMES Great for critical water applications, the Emergency Backup Power System (EBPS), for Chicago Faucets’ HyTronic and E Tronic 40 Series electronic faucets, automatically detects an AC power loss and switches to battery power until AC power is restored. Plugging easily into a standard AC transformer, the faucets and EBPS unit are ADA accessible. Chicago Faucets Circle 402

01 . 2018

1/10/18 3:24 PM

Hanover® Porcelain Pavers

Porcelain Pavers; 12” x 48” , HP1001

Porcelain Pavers with Grouted Joint 24” x 24” , HP102

Porcelain Pavers 12” x 48” , HP1001 & HP1003

Porcelain Pavers 24” x 48” , HP2003

Porcelain Pavers on Pedestals 12” x 48” , HP1002

Hanover’s Porcelain Pavers are the right solution for any type of outdoor flooring. They are hard-wearing, anti-slip, weather resistant and capable of withstanding heavy loads without compromising aesthetics. Stocked in a range of colors and sizes, Porcelain Pavers are quick and easy to install and require little maintenance. Contact Hanover® for more information. Architectural Pavers | Garden & Landscape Walls | Granite Pavers| Porcelain Pavers | 800.426.4242

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new & improved

The Year of ‘I Don’t Know’ Taking a cue from culture critic Maria Popova, let 2018 be a year of rediscovery, and let it start with what you don’t know about products. Design professionals enjoy the position of “master creators” who orchestrate solutions for clients. But if in 2018, your New Year’s resolution is to design more spaciously, graciously and humbly, a first step is realizing you don’t know everything. No more is this more true than in the world of product composition. For instance, new Declare-rated products are coming online about 15 per month. Not knowing

“Whatever ‘inspiration’ is, it is born from a continuous case of ‘I don’t know.’” something, however, is not necessarily a bad thing. Maria Popova, in her Brainpickings Blog, reflects on the virtues of not knowing, as she revisits Nobel Prize-winning poet Wislawa Szymborska. The Polish poet notes that all sorts of dictators, fanatics and demagogues, “struggling for power by way of a few loudly shouted slogans,” “know” their jobs. But what they know, says the poet, is enough for them once and for all—what they don’t want to find out “is anything else that might diminish their arguments’ force.” She goes on to say any knowledge that doesn’t lead to new questions quickly dies. “This is why I value that little phrase ‘I don’t know’ so highly,” says Szymborska. “It’s small, but it flies on mighty wings. It expands our lives to include the spaces within us, as well as those outer expanses, in which our tiny Earth hangs suspended.” Szymborska goes on to laud the insatiable curiosities of Isaac Newton and Marie Curie. “Whatever inspiration is, it is born from a continuous ‘I don’t know.’” In that spirit, and in the spirit of the New Year, let’s revisit what we know about products, materials and finishes by re-examining them. By approaching rote subjects with curiosity and open-mindedness, firms and individuals can become more intentional about continuing education, the R&D of resource libraries, and hours devoted to enriching relationships with organizations such as the International Living Future Institute, Biomimicry 3.8, AIA, the USGBC or the WELL Building Institute. Whatever you choose, let 2018 be the year of “I don’t know.”

A-MOZING METALS Móz recently completed a custom wall-to-ceiling feature for Ally Financial in their new Detroit office. Inspired by the city’s growing infrastructure, the metal feature mimics industrial masonry, while offering all the benefits of Móz metals: easy to specify, easy to install and easy to maintain for a long-term surfacing solution. SmithGroupJJR specified Graphite and Light Graphite in a Mason pattern for the 75 aluminum metal extensions that form an office partition that also serves as a site-specific decorative feature. Circle 401

MÓZ DESIGNS Engravings Collections Metal Paneling and Metal Extensions

Project: Ally Financial Detroit Offi ce Architect: SmithGroupJJR

Graphite and Light Graphite in a Mason pattern for the aluminum metal extensions

Megan Mazzocco Senior Editor



1801APNEW2.indd 52

0110.2014 . 2018

1/11/18 1:40 PM

new & improved

TRESPA Meteon Lumen Collection

EXPRESSIVE EXTERIORS Trespa Meteon is a versatile cladding panel that brings compelling aesthetic and colors to faรงade design. The decorative high-pressure compact laminate is comprised of a blend of natural fibers and thermosetting resins; it features an integral surface manufactured using Electron Beam Curing Technology. The Lumen collection includes eight colors with three enlivening finishes dubbed Diffuse, Specular and Oblique. Diffuse removes glossiness, reflection and texture for smooth, subdued appearance. Oblique provides matte and gloss surfaces echoing a natural patina or weathered look to the faรงade. Specular offers a reflective surface that adds drama with deep colors and gloss. They are currently are available in eight colors, including black, white, gray and several terracotta hues. Circle 400

Our skin is designed to take advantage of natural light; from a biomimicry perspective, perhaps finishes should be designed to take advantage of the dynamic nature of sunlight.

The Lumen collection includes eight colors with three enlivening finishes.

01 . 2018

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1/11/18 1:40 PM

new & improved

“Hanging fixtures from the ceiling saves floor space and provides an easily adjustable layout. Open glass shelves promote light transmission, merchandising from both sides, and frames offer optional electrical power supply.”

VITRA Multi-Lane

FIRECLAY TILE Black and White

CENTRIA Intercept RZR Panel System

STORES WELL Use the ceilings, implies Vitra’s extensive multi-lane storage systems. Designed for retail settings, the floorsaving storage solution can easily be repurposed for the home or office. Attaching from the ceiling, multilane offers electrical power for optional lighting and is an easily adjustable layout that generates the impression of a floating display. Multi-lane leaves floors clear for routine sweepings and under-floor access. Circle 397

Create more dramatic aesthetics and plane changes by combining Intercept RZR panels with Intercept Entyre and Intercept LVLZ.




Fireclay Tile’s Black and White tiles are handpainted. Twelve new patterns in the collection are available as a monochromatic selection mixed together or stand alone as statement tiles. Circle 399

The Intercept RZR rainscreen system offers the option for sloped cladding panels at a depth of up to 4 in., and integrates easily with both Entyre and LVLZ Intercept systems to give designers greater flexibility to create dynamic exterior patterns. The panels are available for both vertical and horizontal applications, with zinc or aluminum substrates and in a broad array of colors. Circle 398


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0110.2014 . 2018

1/12/18 11:09 AM

“The acoustical genius of BuzziPleat comes in the form of its pleated design, which maximizes surface area and forms an ideal material-toairspace ratio, maximizing the product’s acoustical properties.”


SOPHISTICATION INSIDE AND OUT Created to emulate the look of contemporary stone, Merit features StepWise, a revolutionary technology that provides slip resistance. Merit is ideal for openconcept environments for multi-family, or senior living where indoor living extends outdoors. Known for its realistic veining and variation, Merit is available in four neutral shades with large format sizing and coordinating mosaics. Circle 392

Flexible. Modern. Smart.

Work that room Put every square inch of floorspace to use, with Woodfold Accordion Doors. Subdivide a too-large space for multiple functions, or reduce noise from area to area in schools, daycares, churches, and group homes. ADA compatible, Woodfold Accordion Doors feature ease-of-use, custom materials and finishes, and durable hardware options like locks and curvable tracks.

ROSS TECHNOLOGY Steel Forced Entry/Ballistic Resistant Windows

Roll with it Top-mounted roll-ups define public and private areas, secure customer windows or service areas at closing time, and divide rooms with the classic style of a rolltop desk. Choose from a variety of latches and locks and let it roll with manual, motorized, or crank operation. Woodfold Roll-Up Doors provide sophistication and smooth, problem-free performance, tailored to your needs. For more ideas, go to BALLISTIC RESISTANT WINDOWS Ideal for high ballistic and forced-entry resistance applications, as well as requirements for minimal frame profiles or unique shapes, Ross Technology’s Steel Forced Entry/Ballistic Resistant Windows have been tested to rigorous U.S. Department of State standards. Fabricated as a complete system, the windows are construction with a heavy-duty structural steel frame, laminated/insulated glazing, glazing stops, ballistic protection bars, interior/exterior trim and a plate or tube-type sub-frame. Available in assorted glazing options, interior and exterior trims, and finish types, the windows offer anti-terrorism level security, minimal sight lines and architectural design flexibility. Circle 391

01 . 2018

1801APNEW2.indd 55

©2018 Woodfold Manufacturing, Inc. Forest Grove, OR 97116 503-357-7181

Circle 47

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new & improved

Neolith Sintered Stone was specified for floors, walls, bathrooms, kitchen worktops, cabinetry and air extraction systems.


DINING ROOM REFLECTS CUISINE The story of Neolith’s ENIGMA started with renowned Catalan chef Albert Adrià’s vision to create a restaurant project that was to reflect his cuisine as well as his career. His vision took shape when 2017 Pritzker Prize winners RCR Arquitectes/P.Llimona drew their design idea in watercolors and decided to bring it to life with the help of Neolith by TheSize, manufacturer and designer of Sintered Stone. Through an incredibly creative and close collaboration, as well as Neolith’s expertise and technical know-how, the enchanting, out of this world interior of ENIGMA was created. Circle 396

Photo courtesy: Bruce Damonte


INDOOR/OUTDOOR ART STUDIO Meeting the transparency requirements of Watsonville, Calif.’s Saint Francis Central Coast Catholic High School, WRNS Studio specified NanaWall’s SL70 Thermally Broken Aluminum Framed Folding System for an art classroom looking to utilize an outdoor patio for teaching space. Supporting the school’s passive energy strategy, the folding glass wall delivers natural daylight, heat gain control and natural ventilation. Circle 395

Circle 48

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01 10.2014 . 2018

1/11/18 5:38 PM


PLACID PLEATS BuzziSpace’s BuzziPleat may be suspended at any height, helping to mitigate noise in spaces from classrooms to cathedrals. The acoustical genius of the product comes in the form of its pleated design, which maximizes surface area and forms an ideal material-to-airspace ratio, maximizing the product’s acoustical properties. The hand-assembled acoustical cloud contributes to dynamic design topography while creating a biophilic event for the brain, suggests designer Anastasia Su of 13&9. “With the digital overload, we need smart and simple solutions to balance that shift with the physical world and biophilia.” Designers may use BuzziSpace’s ingenious RT60 app to illustrate the reverberation levels in a space before and after the installation of room acoustics solutions. Circle 394

BUZZISPACE BuzziPleat LIVEWALL Vertical Garden Project: Whole Foods Chicago


BuzziPleat is available in any color in 100-cm and 150-cm diameters.

Acoustics EcoSystem Designed by 13&9 for BuzziSpace, BuzziPleat is constructed of 100% postconsumer recycled felt and hand-stitched in High Point, N.C. without cutting, glue or waste. The acoustical genius of the product comes in the form of its pleated design, which maximizes surface area and forms an ideal materialto-airspace ratio, which maximizes the product’s acoustical properties.

01 . 2018

1801APNEW2.indd 57

VERTICAL GARDENING Natural-food retailer Whole Foods is making a statement about its connections to nature with its new Midwest flagship store—the exterior of the 75,000-sq.ft. outlet is wrapped on three sides with a green wall featuring more than 5000 plants. The LiveWall system totals 4,740 sq. ft. and uses modular planter boxes supported by a rail system with integrated irrigation. Circle 393

2.875X11.5.indd 1

Circle 49

8/22/17 3:54 PM

1/11/18 1:41 PM

Fire Resistant. Design Consistent. Fire-Rated Aluminum Window And Door Systems


Aluflam has a complete offering of true extruded aluminum fire-rated vision doors, windows and glazed wall systems, fire-rated for up to 120 minutes. Available in all architectural finishes, our products are almost indistinguishable from non-fire-rated doors and windows. You won’t have to compromise aesthetics to satisfy safety regulations.

DEPTH AND DURABILITY Arborite has introduced 36 new colors to its laminate collection. Along with an authentic mid-century colorpalette, a pearlized metallic pallet gives more depth than has previously thought possible. Chambray is a modern twist on the original laminate, Linen. The collection adds a large array of distressed and urban woods, and even an urban concrete that is ingenious for its undetectable wear-and-tear. Circle 390 Trend boards:

Simplicity + Authenticity: Feels like mindfulness, vitality and wellness. Timeless and uncluttered aesthetics encourage reflection and minimize fragmented distraction. Mixed Metals: Feels warmer than the austere stainless finishes of the recent trends. Replies to rose gold and copper accents found in functional roles like lighting and hardware. Refined Industrial Elegance: Allows for juxtaposition with clean white and new neutrals. Provides context for oxidized metals, chunky textures, reclaimed materials and concrete. Eliminates gloss v. matte because both can be effective in application.


ARBORITE Laminates

The CCTLed Series of downlights has a new Wall Wash optic in its options lineup, expanding the current array of spot, flood MWFL and WFL distributions. The manual-aim system offers 30-degree tilt and 355-degree rotation capabilities, and interchangeable reflectors and trims allow designers to address application-specific requirements. Circle 389

GESSI Via Manzoni


Photo: Nick Merrick ©Hendrich Blessing

Aluflam North America 562-926-9520 Circle 50

1801APNEW2.indd 58

Gessi’s Via Manzoni collection is offered in Gessi’s Innovative Matte Black, and “Finox Brushed Nikel” finishing. Being a neutral, black is never “not in style,” but it’s sure enjoying a moment in the spotlight, especially in its subtle matte form. The fascinating “stainless steel” look of Finox Brushed Nikel finishing requires that a precisely 6 micron nickel layer and a 0.3 micron Finox layer are deposited onto the fixture. Circle 388

01 . 2018

1/11/18 1:41 PM

DITCH THE FISH BOWL Bendheim’s +2 Collection offers glass that eliminates the “fish bowl” effect in corporate settings. The lightdiffusing laminated safety glass maintains daylight advantages while controlling views and noise with a STC of 36 or greater. The trend-forward glass combines the obscuring brushed effect with a range of neutral color tints, including bronzes and a smoked gray. A combination of translucent and mirrored +2 glass varieties extends the collection’s aesthetic from partitions to wall surfaces. Available in slim standard thicknesses ranging from approx. 0.25-in. to 0.5-in. in sizes up to 60-in. × 120-in. Circle 387

BENDHEIM +2 Collection


“Acoustical privacy is not a luxury, and acoustic properties now accompany the visual privacy provided by translucent glass partitions.”



COMPOSITE CLAPBOARDS ICON composite cladding is formulated from a thermoset, polyurethane material that bears the appearance of natural wide-cedar planks while offering significant moisture, rot and insect resistance. The boards are lighter and more flexible than fiber cement or real cedar and are designed for easy installation. Circle 386

01 . 2018

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2.875X11.5.indd 2

Circle 51

8/22/17 3:55 PM

1/11/18 5:38 PM

ANGELIC ASPIRATIONS Suspended horizontally or at an angle, Halo circular pendants appear to float like celestial headpieces awaiting their angels. The luminaires can be ordered as singles or in groupings of two or three, and a linear version also is available. The opalized PMMA diffuser helps create even distribution for this ambient light source. Circle 385



The iridescent effects invite natural lighting while providing privacy.

ALL NET Net Works window collection is inspired by the durable and high-performance qualities of active wear. The three draperies offered—Globe, Space and Link—all feature an open-knit technology that casts light in an intriguing way while adding a contemporary flair. The iridescent effect of the textiles invites natural lighting in while simultaneously providing privacy and meeting stringent fire codes. Circle 384

Circle 52

1801APNEW2.indd 60

01 . 2018

1/11/18 1:42 PM

CORIAN Corian Cabana




INTRODUCED OVER 20 YEARS AGO, PROVIDING: stormwater management solutions reduce retain delay extended roof longevity additional usable space full assembly warranty

Learn more today at CABANA CULTURE During last year’s Milan Design Week, Corian created what it has dubbed the Corian Cabana, an experiential path, which combines Corian with a variety of decorative patterns, lighting effects and music. The “Corian Cabana Club” different rooms in this Corian “village” form a bazaar of design applications of Corian fabrications. Shown here is the ornate walls letting light into the Mystery Tunnel. Circle 383 SIMPSON STRONG-TIE Fascia-Fastening Solution

BORE-ING SOLUTION The two-part Fascia-Fastening Solution is designed specifically for the installation of increasingly popular composite and PVC fascia boards, to address expansion and contraction issues that can lead to material failure due to environmental exposure. First, the fascia counterbore bit is used to counterbore a hole through the board that’s wider than the screw shank. Then the fascia screw is driven through this hole and into the backing substrate. The wider hole allows room for expansion and allows the screw head to sit flush with the board. Circle 382

© 2017 Garden Roof is a registered trademark of American Hydrotech, Inc. Harness the Power of Rain is a trademark of American Hydrotech, Inc.

01 . 2018

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2.875X11.5.indd 3

Circle 53

8/22/17 3:55 PM

1/11/18 1:42 PM



high performance translucent building systems


photos: Mark Duffus


800 258 9777 | KALWALL.COM | +1 603 627 3861 Circle 54





March 13–14, 2018. New York Hilton Midtown, NYC. Visit to Register Today!

The Ultimate Marketplace for Solid-State Lighting Innovations Register today to attend LEDucation® 2018 to learn about the latest innovations and trends in LED lighting! This year the show floor will feature over 250 exhibitors showcasing their new products and technologies. In addition, you will have an exclusive opportunity to advance your education and earn AIA/CEU credits from more than 30 dynamic seminars. From technical issues to design topics, learn all aspects of solid-state lighting from the industry’s most acclaimed experts!

Register Today! Visit

Circle 46

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new & improved

“As material scarcity becomes the new norm, resourceful designers embrace and refine an industrial design vernacular known as recycled chic.”

FORMICA SurfaceSet 2018 Collection

NEW DESIGN, HOT OFF THE COUNTERTOP Thirty-two new Formica Laminate colors, patterns and woodgrain designs, as well as one new finish, make up the SurfaceSet 2018 collection, ideal for commercial spaces. Inspired by “beautiful waste” and small-batch craft production, Tonal Paper Terrazzo (shown), uses small fragments of recycled post-production solid color paper from Formica Laminate, layered directly into the neutral backing. Circle 380

BRADLEY CORP. Virtual Design Tool

BRADLEY’S NEW VIRTUAL DESIGN TOOL To assist designers with planning and visualizing restroom designs, Bradley Corp. introduces an online Virtual Design Tool featuring four types of restroom environments—corporate interiors, high traffic, institutional and hospitality. Users can pair different Bradley hand washing fixtures and partitions with varying color and material selections. The tool then presents these selections in two angles for viewing each room. Circle 381

01 . 2018

1801APNEW2.indd 63


SPEAKMAN Clodagh Collection



Class A, water-resistant NRP-FIRESTOP wall panels by Parkland are laminated and can be installed over painted walls, concrete block, plywood, insulating foam and even unfinished drywall. Installed with a tube-type adhesive to save time, the NRP-FIRESTOP also features flame retardancy. A variety of finishes are available: veneers, metallic, marbles, pebbled textures and even marker boards. Matching and contrasting moldings are available, or panels can be installed in a seamless construction. Circle 379

Featuring three distinct handles and a clean, minimalistic spout, the new Clodagh Collection from Speakman offers what the luxury bath manufacturer describes as “experience-inspired” handles, designed to feel “beautiful” in ones hands. Making its debut this month, the new faucets are available in polished chrome, polished nickel, polished brass, brushed nickel, brushed bronze, matte black and oiled bronze. Circle 378



1/11/18 5:38 PM

new & improved


ALUCOBOND Terra Series

GET STONED New PLUS natural Terra Series aluminum-composite cladding finishes were inspired by iridescent stone. Introduced in Europe last year, the weather-resistant finishes create a sparkling appearance in daylight, creating the look of stone in a lightweight material. Circle 377

ROLL OUT THE BARRELS Its design might be inspired by the barrels used by French wineries, but the sophisticated Sauterne luminaire is much better suited to a Parisian salon than the Bordeaux countryside. The fixture’s “staves” are crafted from handmade Venetian glass flecked with gold, and its handcrafted iron “hoops” are finished in gold leaf, with polished stainless steel rivets as accents. Circle 374



Highlighting change in gradation and scale by using the effects of variation, Gradient Form carpet collection allows for self-patterning and a designer’s choice of gradients. Available in 12-in. × 48-in. planks and nine neutral colorways, Gradient Form is constructed with Eco Solution Q and Eco Worx backing, and is backed with a lifetime warranty against stain, colorfastness to light, static and abrasive wear. Circle 373

PATCRAFT Gradient Form

COOL AND CUBE The combination of softly-angled corners and a geometric base characterizes WETSTYLE’s new Cube sink, ideal for hotel and restaurant applications. Featuring slender walls and proprietary WETMAR BiO material, the sink is easy to clean and durable. Circle 376

CSL Adjustable Downlights

YOU’LL FLIP FOR ALL THESE OPTIONS Acrobat adjustable downlights are available in four trim styles, along with a trimless version, in four diameters and with four possible beam spreads: spot, narrow, flood and wide flood. Additionally, four housing types help address needs for both new construction and remodel applications. Circle 375



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0110.2014 . 2018

1/11/18 5:38 PM

The Best Pavements


SAFE AND DURABLE All J+J Kinetex products now offer the International Living Future Institute’s Declare label. Kinetex advanced textile composite flooring combines key attributes of a soft surface floor covering with the long-wearing performance characteristics of hard-surface flooring. Its latest designs, Foundry, Put a Cork In It and Tri-Plex are shown here. Put a Cork in It is a 24-in. × 24-in. tile with multi-tonal cork-like flecks scattered through 16 colorways and Tri-Plex is a 24-in. × 24-in. modular tile with modern patterning and crisp color. Circle 372


parking • relanes • driveways • trails • utility access • ADA compliant

grass porous paving


gravel porous paving IN





1982-2012 invisible ctures com | 800 800-233-1510 1510 Circle 55

CRL-US ALUMINUM Cambridge Bypass Sliding Shower Door System

Commercial Roofing Products 1.800.624.8642 | | |


Visit U at IR s Boot E h 64 1

THE DOUBLE BYPASS Featuring minimal hardware and double bypass configuration for convenient entry on both sides, the new Cambridge Bypass Sliding Shower Door System expands the company’s portfolio of frameless shower doors. The header incorporates two standard rollers per door for effortless sliding and two anti-lift rollers per door for improved safety. Circle 371

01 . 2018

1801APNEW2.indd 65

© 2018 Hart & Cooley, Milcor, RPS, and PortalsPlus are registered trademarks of Johnson Controls, Inc. in the United States and other countries.

Circle 56

1/11/18 5:40 PM


Inspired Product + Material Choices

One Wingate Way Needham, Mass. Baby boomers across the country are redefining what it means to age gracefully with independent living facilities like One Wingate Way. Located in suburban Boston, local owner/developer Wingate Healthcare has created a modern home for seniors to grow old in five-star style. Emphasizing wellness, socialization and an active lifestyle, One Wingate Way was designed by The Architectural Team (TAT) and Jessica Schuster Design; it features a yoga studio, meditation room, an immersive theater, a dining room that includes an interactive display kitchen and more—all packaged in the furnishings of a luxury hotel. Throughout the common spaces and the living quarters, which are made up of 52, one- and two-bedroom units configured in more than 25 layouts, One Wingate Way is highlighted



1801APFRM.indd 66

with light colors and wood for a more “biophilic” feel to bring nature indoors. “We used as many natural elements as possible for the residents to see and touch,” said Andrew Stebbins, senior project manager with the Chelsea, Mass.-based The Architectural Team. “When residents experience the outdoors inside, it promotes mental wellness.” The 81,475-sq.-ft. independent living facility is part of a larger 219,000-sq.-ft. senior living campus built over three phases, that includes a skilled nursing facility and assisted living wing with memory care. Inside and out, One Wingate Way was designed to look and feel like pedestrian-friendly Main Street, USA, with design elements promoting an open concept that links interior spaces with exterior seating, sculpture gardens and green spaces.



The design of the 150W Metal Halide fixtures capture the rustic look and feel of the southwest with a bell-shaped reflector shade and choice of elegant mounting arms.

A flush-glazed system for low-rise applications desiring strength and thermal performance, it features extra-heavy intermediate verticals for performance against strong windloads.

Visionaire Lighting, Oden Monterey

Tubelite, T-14000 Series Storefront

11 . 2017

1/10/18 4:37 PM

Lap Siding

Lap Siding


The expressed faรงades feature the siding in a custom color. All styles are primed with baked-on ColorPlus Technology, and are engineered for climate.

The second and third floors are clad with Mainstreet Double 4-in. Vinyl Siding in Cypress and Sandpiper colors.

Energy Star-certified glazing surpasses the DOE standard with a U-Factor of 0.25.

JamesHardie, HardiePlank Select Cedarmill

11 . 2017

1801APFRM02.indd 67

Certainteed, Mainstreet Double 4-in. Vinyl Siding

Harvey Building Products, Classic Vinyl Double-Hung Windows

Andrew Stebbins, LEED AP, Sr. Project Manager, TAT, is known for his collaborative approach to the design and project management, and for his adaptive reuse expertise across senior facilities.

David Feldman, VP of Real Estate, Wingate Healthcare, is responsible for more than 20 facilities encompassing almost 2 million sq. ft. He implements comprehensive, preventive maintenance programs.



1/26/18 2:15 PM


“We wanted the building to be warm and inviting with finishes that are familiar to people. We also didn’t want to overburden people, so we made spaces as maintenance-free as possible.”

Carpet Tile

Side Tables


From the Noble Materials’ collection, the 24-in. × 24-in. tiles in “Forge” are PVC-free.

The 44-in. × 19-in. tables are crafted from travertine marble and metal.

Maxwell Thomas furniture is designed specifically for senior living with features that elevate aesthetics and functionality.

Honed Tile 5T134 Shaw

Mill Valley Round Cocktail Table; Mill Valley Demilune Console Table Hooker Furniture

Stratford Sofa Maxwell Thomas

—Andrew Stebbins, LEED AP, Sr. Project Manager, The Architectural Team


Carrying the Main Street-look inside, The Architectural Team designed the wellness studio—a pool, yoga studio and meditation, fitness and massage rooms—to be bright and relaxing, clad with storefront access to the yoga studio.

Chairs and Awning Regardless of the actual weather outside, the wellness studio has a cruise ship feel. “To give the feel of an outdoor cabana, we added the awning,” said Stebbins. “Like you are outside at a pool and then you go inside to the yoga studio when it’s time for your class.” Sierra Lounge Summer Classic Color: Oyster Fabric: Sunbrella, Fischer/Graphite Sunbrella Fabric Awning Sunbrella



1801APFRM.indd 68

Lighting Wall-hung light fixtures are placed on either side of yoga studio entrance. Midtown Tall LED Wall Sconce Sonneman

Storefront T-14000 Series Storefront Wood wall paneling: Clear-stained horizontal Mahogany siding Tubelite

01 . 2018

1/11/18 5:47 PM

INTERCEPT your Inspiration ™

And tap into a higher level of design. High-performance INTERCEPT™ metal wall panels interrupt conventional thought on rainscreen systems to inspire spectacular visual results. Within every architect is an artist, and your palette is the Intercept Modular Metal Panel System.


Circle 57

• 1710APAds.indd 69 ArchitecturalProducts_CNT-Intercept_10.375x12.5_fc.indd 1

1/10/18 1/3/18 12:09 4:03 PM


Lighting 

Visionaire Lighting Product: Oden Monterey

Circle 


Sonneman Product: Midtown Tall LED Wall Sconce



Product: Puri 5-in. Cylinder Pendant



Product: Cantina 6-light Tri-Spreader LED Pendant Light



Storefront 

Tubelite Product: T-14000 Series Storefront



Siding 

JamesHardie Product: HardiePlank Select Cedarmill

Circle 


Certainteed Product: Mainstreet Double 4-in. Vinyl Siding



Windows 


“The open demonstration kitchen was designed to create an interactive experience between our residents and the chef,” said David Feldman, Vice President of Real Estate, Wingate Healthcare. The star feature is a CombiMaster Plus oven that cooks only with humidity, constantly monitoring the heat level in the food within. “Theoretically, you can grill, seam and bake all at the same time on different shelves in this oven and it won’t dry out. Every time you open the door it recalculates the humidity level, the time it will take to cook, etc. It cooks to perfection whatever our residents want, precisely the way they want it.”

Lighting Pendants overhang dining area creating a restaurant feel rather than cafeteria. Puri 5-in. Cylinder Pendant with Silver Organza Shade and Back Chandelier Sonneman



COREtec Plus Plank 7.12-in. × 48-in. Wood-Look Vinyl USFloors

Chairs Endorse Dining Chair Flexsteel



DL Couch, Reese Color: Fog

Wall in staircase

Sunbrella Product: Sierra Lounge Summer Classic


Size: 82,000-sq.-ft.

Product: Fabric Awning

Architect: The Architectural Team, (TAT) Interior Design: Jessica Schuster Design

Circle 

Structural Engineer: Veitas & Veitas Engineers

Light fixture in Staircase

Mechanical and Plumbing Engineer: Dubin Engineers Electrical Engineer: Sam Zax Assocs. Lighting Design: Lumen Studio


1801APFRM.indd 70



Product: Mill Valley Demilune Console Table



Carpet Tile 

Shaw Product: Honed Tile



Product: Style Fault



Flooring 

USFloors Product: COREtec Plus Plank Wood-Look Vinyl




Hooker Furniture Product: Mill Valley Round Cocktail Table


Civil Engineer: Kelly Engineering Group Landscape Architects: Hawk Design


Flexsteel Product: Endorse Dining Chair


Construction Manager: Callahan Construction Managers

Neolith, Estuario E01 porcelain sheet material

Sonneman, Cantina 6-light Tri-Spreader LED Pendant Light


Project: One Wingate Way

Owner: Wingate Healthcare

Shaw, Style Fault Color: Forget Platinum

Maxwell Thomas Product: Stratford Sofa


Opened: April 2017




Location: Needham, Mass.


Harvey Building Products Product: Classic Vinyl Double-Hung


01 . 2018

1/11/18 5:50 PM

Circle 58

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Converging Architectural + Performance Goals

George Washington University, Milken Institute School of Public Health Client representatives wanted an academic building to put their organizational philosophy of outreach into visible practice. Daylight is a central element in the resulting plans, with extensive glazing opening up visual connections with the community.

Winner of two top AIA awards, the new home of the Milken Institute School of Public Health has become a landmark of sorts on the campus of George Washington University in Washington, D.C. The building’s wedge-shaped site offers a gateway position to the school’s Foggy Bottom campus and architects from Boston-based Payette, along with local associate firm Ayers Saint Gross, made the most of that location, with a



1801APFXN.indd 72

glassy façade facing out toward an adjacent city park. But it’s in how the building’s interior reflects the school’s broader philosophy of the teaching and practice of public health that its real innovation lies—a fact noted by judges of the 2017 AIA Awards for Interior Architecture. Through a creative rethinking of how academic buildings are typically organized and broad attention

to occupants’ health, well-being and desire for community, designers might have created a new paradigm for this market. And, as a winner of a 2017 AIA Committee on the Environment (COTE) Top Ten award, the LEED Platinum building also reflects real respect for the broader D.C. community, as well. A significant factor in the design’s success is a decision early in the planning process

to create seven floors above ground, within a height restriction that might otherwise have only supported six. By adopting a floor-to-floor height of 12 ft., instead of the 14 ft. or 15 ft. that’s more standard for a teaching building, architects gave themselves room to breathe, so to speak. The move allowed more space to incorporate informal gathering spaces and to open up visual sightlines between floors with a signature central

staircase and cutouts in each floor that further passage of air and daylight throughout. “This site was capped at about 90 ft., and the agreement with the city required use of 90% of the site,” says Payette principal Peter Vieira, AIA, LEED AP, noting the site-usage requirement forced a wedge-shaped footprint into the plans. Opting for a slim-lined posttensioned concrete structural system and

chilled-beam—instead of ducted—cooling, allowed for reduced plenum spaces and room for the added level. “It was kind of a highwire act to pull off,” Vieira says. With the added floor, designers were able to meet an important goal of shaking up the standard academic organization of classrooms on lower floors and offices above, to encourage collaboration.

01 . 2018

1/11/18 9:50 AM

ADDING DRAMA TO DAYLIGHTING Designers saw natural daylight as an important resource for students and faculty at the new facility, and they made ample use of glazing and spatial orientation to maximize daylighting access. Key to this effort was the skylighttopped central atrium, with its eye-catching monumental staircase. Faculty offices feature windows looking out to the atrium, with the staircase’s glazed safety panels allowing clear views through classrooms and study spaces and out to Washington Circle, and beyond.


A White PVC roof minimizes heat-island effect A

B Green roof absorbs rainwater


C Planted buffer utilizes water efficient landscaping

13 B



D Reclaim system uses rainwater in cooling towers and toilets

H 4

E Low-flow plumbing reduces water




M 9


G Skylights adds daylight 8



H Active chilled beams decouple cooling from ventilations



High-performance glazing minimizes heat gain/loss


1 Auditorium 12

2 Lower Lobby 3 Convening 5 Classroom C


11 K

10 E

7 Lounge

K 13


K Low-velocity underfloor displacement air in seat pedestal L Concrete structure used recycled slag



8 Open Office 9 Enclosed Office

J Occupancy sensors control lighting + ventilation



4 Case Study Classroom 6 Open Study

F Heat recovery chiller and energy wheel


10 Exercise Science

M Wall paneling made of rapidly renewable bamboo N Dedicated outdoor air system provides ventilation

11 Gallery 12 Planter 13 Mechanical



14 Arcade 15 Future Fit-Out

Peter Vieira, AIA, LEED AP, Principal, Payette, leads teams that intelligently conceive, creatively develop and meticulously execute challenging projects.

“A 6-ft. × 2-ft. panel takes on a scale that’s much more the scale of a stone panel. The coloration had a lot to do with the existing brick-andlimestone campus. But in its size and its treatment, it introduced a scale with the façade that, all the sudden, had a more monumental presence.” —Peter Vieira, AIA, LEED AP, Principal, Payette

VISUAL OUTREACH The building’s five principle faces range from almost entirely transparent to almost entirely solid, based on concerns related to the building program, neighborhood context and solar orientation. A glass curtainwall emphasizes the “public” in the building’s public health mission, providing clear views in and out along the two façades facing Washington Circle.

A green roof covers 32% of the roof surface. Excess rainwater is guided to an 8,800-gallon cistern. This water is treated for toilet flushing and cooling tower make-up water.

CAMPUS-REFERENCED CLADDING The rear of the building faces a more residential neighborhood, with a southwest orientation that also makes solar heat gain a potential issue. Here, glazing becomes minimal and cladding shifts to a rainscreen featuring monumental terracotta cladding panels, finished in a buff tone that mirrors the brick that predominates the campus. The panels, from NBK, feature custom fluting details, and the Payette team was struck by the company’s ability to furnish vertical units up to 6-ft. high. TERRACOTTA PANELS NBK

01 . 2018

1801APFXN.indd 73



1/11/18 9:51 AM

A Thermal Buffer The plans had to address the need of commuting students for gathering and study space. This was accomplished by pulling classrooms into the interior of each floorplate to allow creation of attractive seating areas along the periphery. Classroom windows allow daylight to pass into those spaces. “That arrangement had the benefit of creating a thermal buffer,” Vieira says, describing how the reduction in solar heat gain allowed for downsized cooling supplies for the classrooms. “So there was both a social benefit and a sustainability benefit to the idea.”





DAYLIGHT/SKYLIGHT By adopting a floor-to-floor height of 12 ft., the move allowed more space to open up visual sightlines between floors with a signature central staircase and cutouts in each floor that further the passage of air and daylight throughout the facility.

“We wanted there to be teaching, faculty and research on every floor— an almost forced interaction between faculty and students.” —Peter Vieira, AIA, LEED AP, Principal, Payette

MAXIMIZING DAYLIGHT FOR ALL A traditional academic design might have pushed classrooms to the exterior, but Vieira’s team saw this as a potential waste of valuable daylight—“it’s not uncommon for shades to be drawn for audiovisual needs,” the architect notes. Instead, classrooms have been recessed into the interior of each floor-plate and are showcased in a jewel-box-style arrangement, with large windows that still offer occupants an ample access to daylight.

WOOD PANELING WITH ACOUSTIC VALUE However, with the classrooms now surrounded by public spaces, the possibility of sound transmission became a critical issue. To address this concern, exterior walls of enclosed spaces are wrapped in a unique bamboo paneling from Rulon Intl. “The panels are all micro-perforated to afford a pretty decent noise reduction coefficient,” Vieira says. “You don’t see the perforations, but they do a remarkable job. It’s the chief material in play in the interior.”

STAIRWAY TO HEALTH There are elevators in the Milken Institute, but you have to work a bit to find them. Instead, the building’s staircase is the star design element. “The chief reason has everything to do with the building being about public health,” Vieira says, explaining the staircase’s prominence as a design element. “When you enter the building, you’re meant to encounter the stairs, first of all.” The building’s lower ceiling heights allowed designers to eliminate mid-level, between-floor landings. Not only does this create some sweeping floor-tofloor visuals, Vieira says it also makes using them seem to be less of a chore. “The fact you can take the whole floor in one run makes of the feeling of ascent from floor to floor feel much closer.”

WALL PANELS Rulon Intl. Bambo



1801APFXN.indd 74

01 . 2018

1/11/18 9:51 AM

creating better environments

new colors. new textures. arriving 2018.

endless possibilities.

beautiful. durable. sustainable. hygienic. Circle 59

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DESIGN FLEXIBILITY The structural design created a bit of a learning curve for Payette, but the flexibility in enabled was a huge boost for the designers’ free-form plan, Vieira says. “It was a new system for this team,” he says. “There is no grid or column lines. It’s completely free-form. There’s just incredible flexibility in where you can place the columns, that was the real discovery for us.”

INNOVATIVE STRUCTURE PROMOTES DESIGN FLEXIBILITY The strength of the post-tensioned concrete structural system allowed Payette’s architects to play with column placement and the patterning of floor cutouts that both aids the passage of daylighting and adds to the sense of connectedness and community that was a unifying theme to the Milken Institute’s design. “The easiest thing would have been to stack them all the way up,” Vieira says, but instead, “none of the floors are alike and the holes move around. It has the effect of creating a series of two- to three-story interior spaces and it creates a bewildering array of interior views—I think people find themselves getting unexpected sightlines.”

SLICE OF HEAVEN To accommodate the large skylight that’s so important to designers’ daylighting goals, the penthouse is bifurcated, with a V-shaped cutout to accommodate the skylight.

“We wanted classrooms and offices to be spread out evenly throughout the building.” —Peter Vieira, AIA, LEED AP, Principal, Payette

FLEXIBLE LECTURE SPACES To help support greater interaction with the larger D.C. area, Milken Institute managers asked architects to include space that could be configured to meet the needs of variously sized campus and community gatherings. A series of movable walls, which fold up into the ceiling instead of from side to side, help create a run of four rooms to address this requirement. “We were even able to incorporate white boards on them, so they’re actually usable,” Vieira says of the walls. “Compared to a horizontal wall, these walls are incredibly easy to use.”



1801APFXN.indd 76

NICHE OPPORTUNITIES Designers deliberately incorporated corners and niches that offer getaway spaces for study, conversation or just those contemplating the view.

01 . 2018

1/11/18 9:51 AM


“BEST IN CLASS” Higher Education

Kent State University CAED Building

The Best Impressions are Made with Brick Choosing brick over other alternatives is the foundation for a smart, long-term investment in durability and beauty. Brick gives you the highest quality, energy efficient, environmentally friendly product over other structural building materials. It has a life expectancy of hundreds of years. Belden Brick is the unparalleled choice above all other material options. Don’t settle for less. Ask for the best. Ask for the industry leader delivering the largest selection of more than 500 colors, 20 sizes, 13 textures and unlimited shapes. Belden Brick can meet all your building needs with the time-honored quality and experience the Belden name represents.

An ISO 9001 Compliant Quality Management System. An ISO 14001 Compliant Environmental Management System. • 1710APAds.indd 77 BeldenBrickKSUAd18_ArchitecturalProducts.indd 1

Circle 60

1/10/18 12:09 PM 12/6/17 8:18 AM

specifier’s solution


Staff members indicate that improved lighting has made them more effective with serving customers.

POSITIVE IMPACT Improved light distribution has made an impact on the members visiting the facility and staff who work there.

Credit Union Banks on Precision Illumination The location of 1st Choice Savings & Credit Union in Alberta, Canada, was designed to be a bright and inviting facility with an open lobby, featuring a high ceiling and glass façades that allow plenty of sunlight. CHALLENGE: While the architect had the best of intentions, the lighting of the credit unions’ lobby became an issue as unforeseen circumstances came to fruition. One of those issues had to do with the physical position of the building itself. Facing north, the large windows offered plenty of daylight on sunny days, which is always welcome in a commercial space. This caused a tremendous amount of glare, however, during prime working hours that made it difficult for staff members to do their jobs. To rectify this issue, the maintenance team applied a tint to the windows.

The tinting strategy amplified the illumination issues in the facility on overcast days. The 22 legacy 150W indirect/direct metal halide fixtures provided inadequate illumination for the lobby and many of the members visiting the facility were compelled to comment on how dark it felt, especially the high number of elderly members. The fixtures were doing a poor job of throwing light out across the space and instead light would puddle on the floor and ceiling, which resulted in poor illumination levels as both the teller and the customer were blocking the light from each side. Staff frequently found it difficult to perform critical tasks. Additionally, the metal halide fixtures’ recurrent maintenance issues were becoming cost prohibitive. Lamp and ballast failures were prevalent every week or two and a quick fix upgrade to Medium Base MH



1801APSPS.indd 78

lamps proved to be unsuccessful when the burnouts continued. CRITERIA: The team at 1st Choice called in Optics Lighting, and they evaluated a number of lighting solutions. The team realized LED technology would most certainly solve the maintenance issues, but noted performance would still be challenging due to the unique dimensions of the room and ceiling. SOLUTION: After a thorough evaluation, the team decided it would be beneficial to pilot KIM Lighting’s innovative ArcheType X luminaire. It has the ability to precisely place light where it is needed most with higher target efficiency. In ArcheType X, LEAR modules are individually controlled to provide custom adjustable light distributions. Each optical assembly accommodates 359-degree rotation and tilts between zero and 70 degrees.

The lighting is evenly illuminated across the entire ceiling and the required footcandles are being met on the floor. In fact, the custom distributions of the ArcheType X presented the opportunity to reduce the number of fixtures needed to light the space from 22 to 14 while achieving greater uniformity and efficacy over anything with a standard IES distribution. Less luminaires are needed to do the job, and 1st Choice is now using 57% less wattage. The legacy fixtures, in total, operated at 3300W. The new ArcheType X fixtures operate at 1414W.

Project: 1st Choice Savings & Credit Union Location: Alberta, Canada

PRODUCT SPECS: Product: ArcheType X

KIM Lighting Circle 353 PROJECT SPECS

MORE EFFICIENT The luminaire has the ability to precisely place light where it is needed the most with higher target efficiency.

01 10.2014 . 2018

1/11/18 11:01 AM




LEED® v4 Credit Support

FSC® Certified

CHOOSE FROM A LARGE SELECTION OF VENEERS AND CORES RediFinish - a UV coat protects from scratches RediPly - a hardwood veneer face with a TFL back for cabinentry applications

3660 Gateway Street / Springfield, Oregon 97477 / 800.245.1115 / Circle 61

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specifier’s solution


VRF Solution Helps School Achieve Living Building Challenge Certification Sustainability drives both the curriculum and building design for the Willow School, so when the school was designing its fourth building— the Health, Wellness and Nutrition Center—the project team selected a variable refrigerant flow (VRF) zoning system.

CHALLENGE: With a proud history of green building—in 2002, it built the first LEED Gold certified school building in the United States and, in 2007, the first LEED Platinum school building in New Jersey—Willow School and its co-founder Mark Biedron, wanted to up the ante for its new Health, Wellness and Nutrition Center. “With this project, we were focused on taking the Living Building Challenge (LBC).

“With solar panels and the VRF system, we were able to achieve net-zero or net-positive status.” —Mark Biedron, Co-owner, Willow School

SUSTAINABILITY EXEMPLIFIED Given the generated energy, and the countless other benefits offered by the HVAC system, it is no surprise that Mark Biedron, co-founder of the Willow School, and his team decided on the VRF system to further the school’s sustainability goals.

Project: Willow School Location: Gladstone, N.J. Architect: Farewell Architects

INFLUENCE: Being a ‘living building’ means that


everything in the building is 100% electric. Basically we were trying to answer the question, ‘How do you make a building like a tree?’ Well, a tree uses nothing but sunlight, so we have to as well,” said Biedron.

Product: PUHY Y-Series Outdoor Unit, PURY R2-Series Outdoor Units, PUY P-Series Outdoor Unit, PEAD Ceiling-concealed Ducted Indoor Unit, PEFY Ceiling-concealed Ducted Indoor Units, PLFY 4-Way Ceiling- recessed Cassette Indoor Unit, PVFY Concealed Vertical Ducted Indoor Units, LGH Lossnay Energy Recovery Ventilators

Michael Farewell, head designer at Farewell Architects, Princeton, N.J. was one of several professionals called in to solve that challenge. He designed the foundation of Willow’s energy efficiency: a high-performance envelope that he described as “a combination of effective machinery—where all of the energy is generated by solar panels on the roof. It’s a whole package that saves energy without having to use any.” SOLUTION: Nitish Joy of Loring Consulting Engineers, Princeton, was the lead mechanical engineer on the project. The HVAC selection process included comparative data projections for geothermal and for variable refrigerant flow, as paired with the super-insulated envelope. “VRF was well ahead on net-zero efficiency,” he said.

Mitsubishi Electric VRF Circle 352 PROJECT SPECS

VRF, according to Vin Farese, a principal at Loring, the technology solved an additional challenge: “As LBC prohibits the use of fossil fuels, the commercial kitchen had to be electric. That drove Willow toward selecting high efficiency, electric heat pumps and using photovoltaic [panels] to offset the energy used.”

VRF V. GEO The mechanical engineer ran comparative data projections and VRF was ahead in net-zero efficiency. VRF WORKS FOR ALL SPACES The 20,000-sq.-ft. building contains four classrooms, a faculty room, a dining room, a commercial kitchen and wellness spaces that support the mission of the school.



1801APSPS.indd 80

The project team selected a VRF zoning system from Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating. Willow’s efficiency is exceptional: A conventional facility built to code uses between 100-150 kBTU /sq. ft., but this building uses only 21 kBTU/sq. ft.—and that was including the kitchen. “When people look at this building, they’re looking at one of the most energyefficient buildings in the country.”

01 10.2014 . 2018

1/11/18 11:01 AM

specifier’s solution

Films & Finishes

Stadium Relies on In-State Architectural Solutions 3M solutions allowed light into mini turf suites without sacrificing privacy, made concession stands easily identifiable, and displayed Vikings branding throughout the entire stadium. CHALLENGE: For more than three decades, the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome served as the home of the Minnesota Vikings. In 2013, the roof collapsed under the weight of heavy snow, signaling the end of one iconic stadium and the beginning of another. As plans to rebuild got underway, the Vikings set the bar high. “With other stadiums in the marketplace being as sound as they are, and knowing the passion of our fan base, there was pressure to get this done, do it right and ensure that we include amenities that today’s fan wants,” said J.P. Paul, Vice President of Relations and Corporate Development, Minnesota Vikings. CRITERIA: Comfort, accessibility and ease of navigation were top priorities. Aesthetics and visuals that magnified Minnesota pride were critical. The team also wanted to make sure the classic Vikings branding that fans have come to love had a prominent presence in the new facility. Designing the stadium with these factors meant thinking outside the box. Finding the materials to turn the team’s design ideas into reality was paramount.

SOLUTION: Choosing to incorporate many 3M products throughout U.S. Bank Stadium helped the design team achieve many goals, including maintaining a light, open environment and carrying on the classic Vikings brand.

“The Vikings’ relationship with Minnesota is very important. Choosing to work with 3M, a Minnesotabased company, just made sense. With all that 3M does and with the ability to learn more about the products at the Innovation Center on the 3M campus, it was the clear choice,” says J.P. Paul, Vice President of Relations and Corporate Development, Minnesota Vikings. Furthermore, one vital factor in the design and construction of the stadium was collaboration with local businesses. 3M is proudly Minnesotan, based in St. Paul. By using 3M products, the team stayed on target with this effort. In fact in May 2016, just two months before the new stadium opened, the Vikings named 3M the official science partner of the football team. To achieve these design goals, a partnership with 3M was a natural solution. With an extensive selection of products, 3M met a variety of needs throughout the stadium. In fact, more than 50 3M products were implemented for this project.

Project: U.S. Bank Stadium Location: Minneapolis Architect: HKS Architects


FASARA GLASS FINISHES Eight mini-suites on the turf, reserved for private parties, were constructed using glass dividers. In order to provide privacy between the connected rooms, the design team used Fasara glass finishes. The gradient window film creates privacy, while also allowing natural light into the suites.

01 . 2018

1801APSPS.indd 81

DI-NOC ARCHITECTURAL FINISHES As part of the fan experience, making food easy to locate was key. To help guide, the design team added a natural wood grain of DI-NOC to every concession stand in the stadium. The uniformity helps quickly identify food service stations from afar.

3M products helped the design team achieve many goals, including maintaining a light, open environment.

IJ180 GRAPHIC FILMS Throughout the stadium, as well as the team’s administrative offices, IJ180 graphic films were applied to windows and walls to bring the classic Vikings’ aesthetic to life. Graphic designs include tributes to legendary Vikings’ players and coaches, as well as the proud history of a football team and its fans.

PRODUCT SPECS: Product: 3M Fasara Glass Finishes, 3M DI-NOC Architectural Finishes, 3M IJ180 Graphic Films




1/11/18 11:01 AM

specifier’s solution


FIRST AND FOREMOST Four flooring surfaces provide safety, ergonomic and acoustic properties for the fitness center.

Flooring Revitalizes School Fitness Center During a renovation of the Calvary Christian Academy’s fitness center in the spring of 2017, flooring was an important piece to the puzzle and a top priority for safety and ergonomics. CHALLENGE: According to Dana Ridenour, director of Advancement at Calvary Christian Academy (CCA), a pre-K3-12 school located in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., “Everything starts with the flooring. Then you can start building and painting, but you have got to have a great floor first.”

Adjacent to the weight lifting area, 495 sq. ft. of Speed & Agility Turf was installed. This surface features a 3-mm tight nap fusion bonded to 12-mm performance backing. The result is a high performance surface that is ideal for CCA students’ sprint drills and sled pushes.

When CCA renovated its fitness center in the spring of 2017, school leadership recognized that flooring was an essential piece to the puzzle.

The multi-performance area—which is primarily used by CCA’s cheerleaders and wrestling team— had 869 sq. ft. of Bounce 2 installed. Prior to this, the floor consisted of wrestling mats on top of concrete. “This was very advantageous for the wrestling team, but the cheerleaders couldn’t do what they needed to do,” said Ridenour.

INFLUENCE: The surface of the entire fitness center, which is housed inside a former warehouse adjacent to the campus, was concrete. Four surfaces provide safety, ergonomic and acoustic properties for the 3774-sq.-ft. space, which is used by more than 200 students and student athletes daily. SOLUTION: The academy had 1482 sq. ft. of Monster Roll installed in the weight lifting area, which features 14 racks with custom, in-laid platforms for Olympic-style weight lifting. Monster Roll is a 22.5-mm system designed to provide the firm footing desired in strength training with the ergonomic demands of aggressive functional training. “It’s going to save us so much on weights and other equipment, because all that stuff is no longer getting banged up,” said Ridenour.



1801APSPS.indd 82

The new Bounce 2 surfacing features a synthetic wood-grain surface fusion bonded to a 5-mm performance backing. The surface looks like real wood, but is more economical, ergonomic, safe, durable and easier to clean. The last type of surfacing installed was one of Ecore’s heritage products, 928 sq. ft. of Everlast. This roll good was installed in the cardio equipment area and at the entrance to the fitness center, and features a custom eagle head logo, CCA’s mascot.

Bounce 2 surfacing features a synthetic woodgrain surface

Speed & Agility Turf (above) and Monster Roll (below)

Project: Calvary Christian Academy Location: Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

PRODUCT SPECS: Product: Monster Roll; Speed & Agility Turf; Bounce 2; Everlast

Ecore Intl. Circle 350 PROJECT SPECS

01 10.2014 . 2018

1/11/18 11:01 AM


WHETHER YOU’RE A CLIENT, PATIENT, VISITOR, OR EMPLOYEE, MAPES CANOPIES HELP DRAW YOU TOWARD THE PRIMARY BUILDING ENTRANCE. We have years of experience working with new construction or adapting our canopies to existing and remodeled building entrances. Our canopies not only assist in way-finding, they also provide entry protection from the elements. Visit our website for more examples of health care projects we’ve completed for customers all over the country. 888 -273 -1132 W W W.MAPESC ANOPIES.COM Clockwise from top: Ortho & Spine Hospital - Gaithersburg, MD UNC Health Care - Chapel Hill, NC, Methodist Southlake Hospital - Dallas, TX


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specifier’s solution

Building Envelope

PERFECT MATCH Envelope 2000 metal composite material offered the style, color and durability the team was seeking.

Project: Westminster Neighborhood Services Facility Location: Indianapolis Architect: Axis Architecture & Interiors

PRODUCT SPECS: Product: Envelope 2000 Material: Metal Composite

Non-Profit Facility Designs to Durability and Style Westminster Neighborhood Services, an Indianapolis non-profit organization, needed to find a material for its building envelope that could stand the test of time and serve the community well into the future.

CHALLENGE: Westminster Neighborhood Services is a non-profit organization on the east side of Indianapolis that works with community partners to provide food and clothing to neighborhood families as well as children’s programs that meet nurturing, safety, educational and developmental needs. The 16,620-sq.-ft. facility, which also serves as a neighborhood adult soup kitchen, contains a computer lab, adult classroom, learning center, a store for basic needs and a dining hall.

During the design phase of the facility, one of the main goals was to construct a building that would hold up over time and serve the community far into the future. CRITERIA: “It was all about durability,” says Doug Shoemaker, AIA, LEED AP of Axis Architecture & Interiors of Indianapolis. “Obviously, they wanted a cost-effective facility they could be proud of over the course of time.”



1801APSPS.indd 84

SOLUTION: Envelope 2000 metal composite material (MCM) from Citadel Architectural Products offered the style, color and durability the board was seeking.

Regal Blue, one of more than 50 color options offered by Citadel, was a perfect match for the Westminster logo. Shoemaker says the Citadel panels were the “color pops” on the project.

Citadel Architectural Products Inc. Circle 349 PROJECT SPECS

One of the main goals was to construct a building that would hold up over time and serve the community far into the future.

Spohn Assocs. of Indianapolis, a representative and installer for Citadel, installed 7884-sq.-ft. Envelope 2000 panels with the Reveal System attachment. “We have used Envelope 2000 on many different projects,” Shoemaker says. “It has become our standard go-to product. I like the reveals, the detailing and the compatibility with other systems.”

01 10.2014 . 2018

1/11/18 11:01 AM

The whole package. With ARCAT, you get the whole package, no signature required. We provide architects, engineers, spec writers and contractors with the most comprehensive libraries of building product content. You will find this and more online at FREE, and no registration required!!!

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Green Roofs for Healthy Cities (GRHC), the North American green roof and wall industry association, reports that the industry grew by double-digits in 2016 according to its 2016 Annual Green Roof Industry Survey. At the top of the list is Toronto, followed by Chicago, Washington D.C. and Seattle. According to the survey, corporate members recorded 889 projects in 40 U.S. states and six Canadian provinces, installing 4,061,024 sq. ft. of green roofing, an increase of 10.3%.

According to the 2016 Annual Green Roof Industry Survey, corporate members recorded 889 projects in 40 U.S. states and six Canadian provinces, installing 4,061,024 sq. ft. of green roofing, an increase of 10.3%.


Duro-Last Duro-Shield


American Hydrotech InstaGreen GT-4 Tray


Hartong Homestead Green, Ohio



West Springfield High School West Springfield, Mass.

1 LIKE SUNSCREEN FOR YOUR ROOF Duro-Shield Coatings are formulated from 100%- elastomeric acrylic and can seal to a range of single-ply membrane materials, along with metal, wood and built-up substrates, to protect roofs from UV damage and heat build up. The coatings create a bright white finish to reflect the sun.

Duro-Last Circle 348 2 VEGETATED SOLUTION Designed to give a pre-vegetated garden roof option with a fully integrated assembly the InstaGreen GT-4 Tray features a uniquely structured bottom element that provides large amounts of water storage for plant use, as well as an aeration feature that helps ensure gas exchange can occur at the bottom of the media column. This water storage area is useful where stormwater management is a consideration.


3 TIMING WAS EVERYTHING With at least 20 different elevation levels, the 146,000-sq.-ft. roof of the new West Springfield High School in West Springfield, Mass., posed some serious timing challenges for both installers and construction managers. Interior contractors couldn’t do finish work until the roof in those areas was watertight, so roofing schedules had to be closely coordinated with other trades. Using DensDeck Roof Board, topped by VapAir Seal 725TR self-adhered air and vapor barrier membrane, provided the necessary waterproofing and allowed interior work to progress while remaining roofing components, including the finishing layer of SureFlex PVC membrane, to be installed at their own pace.

Carlisle-Syntec Circle 346

Hunter Panels Target Sump

4 BRINGING A HISTORIC ROOF UP TO DATE The original slate roof of the 1883 timber-framed Standard Pennsylvania-style barn on the historic Hartong Homestead in Green, Ohio, had deteriorated beyond repair. Braun & Steidl Architects were called in to oversee needed repairs. Single-Width composite tiles with a slate finish were installed. The composite slate was able to recreate the original appearance of the 1883 construction date.

DaVinci Roofscapes Circle 345 5 FASTER ROOF SUMPS Factory-assembled and pre-cut, the 4-ft. × 4-ft. Target Sump is a prefabricated polyiso panel sloped to direct water to flow to the integral drain. A coated glass facer adds dimensional stability and fire performance and resists mold growth—and it’s compatible with all major roofing membranes and application techniques.

American Hydrotech

Hunter Panels Circle 347 Circle 344


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The most interesting AIA-approved courses on the internet are streaming video

Here are some of the latest courses available free on in full HD video.

Emerging Top Daylighting Strategies In this course you will learn about the challenges within current daylight applications as the course focuses on best application practices, utilizing technological advancements with monument/architectural skylights, unit skylights and tubular daylighting devices.

Aspen Art Museum: Design and Construction of the Wood Roof Structure This case study presentation will describe the design and construction of the wood structure, including paths explored but not chosen for the final design.

NFPA 285: Assembly Test of Exterior Walls With Combustible Components This course explains NFPA 285 testing of building envelopes and materials, describes when testing is required and enumerates considerations necessary for compliance.

1711-TCA-InSite.indd 93

The Noise Around Acoustics

Surface Applied Moisture Vapor Barriers

In this course we'll explore the changing world of acoustics. Growing evidence shows that adequate acoustics can have positive, rippling effects on occupants.

Participants will receive a brief explanation of the purpose of moisture vapor barriers and a description of the various types, followed by an in-depth discussion of surface applied moisture vapor barriers.

Suspended Wood Ceilings: Design to Delivery This course covers the benefits of suspended wood ceilings; materials including wood options such as veneers, solid or reclaimed wood, sustainability attributes and performance.

To view these high-quality courses and browse the full catalog, visit us today at Courses play on all desktop and mobile devices. Enroll and take courses for free.

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Daylight Harvesting


Sierra Pacific Windows H3 FeelSafe



CRL-U.S. Aluminum Mojave Series

Daylighting design involves the architect, lighting designer, electrical engineer, and—for purposes of energy-use modeling—the mechanical engineer.

1 TRIPLE-LOADED WINDOWS Combining extruded aluminum, vinyl and solid wood, Sierra Pacific’s new H3 FeelSafe storm-protected windows delivers energy efficiency, high performance, enhanced aesthetics and a high quality seal. With its innovative snap-lock design, installation is simplified with no need for screws or fasteners.

Photo courtesy: Astula Inc./EXTECH

EDITOR’S NOTE: Developing effective daylighting design is not simple; it requires a team approach. According to Sara Lappano with SmithGroupJJR, who participated in a roundtable discussion conducted by the National Lighting Bureau, it’s critical that team members realize that more daylighting is not necessarily better daylighting, given that too much daylighting can have a negative impact on energy consumption and overall lighting quality. An architectural outcome of the emphasis on daylighting is that new buildings are becoming “slimmer” to allow more occupants to have a view out the window. While this approach costs more to build on, Brent Protzman with Lutron Electronics noted that those who intend to purchase or rent space find that the benefits of better daylighting justify higher prices for space acquisition. Watch the “Windows and Daylighting” discussion at

2 NEW STOREFRONT IN TOWN With its polyamide struts and advanced internal insulation, CRL-U.S. Aluminum’s new Mojave Series advanced thermal storefront and entrance systems is just 1.75 in. in depth, yet meets rigorous California Title 24 requirements. Compatible with a wide range of locking and mounting hardware, the product is ideal for upgrading existing entrances. With a center-glazed 2 in. × 4.5 in. thermal frame, the system accommodates 1-in. insulating glass units.

CRL-U.S. Aluminum Circle 342

EXTECH LightWall 3440

3 DAYLIGHTING A NEW STEM SPACE Bringing in ample daylighting through a 30-ft.high exterior wall into a two-story common space, Cuningham Group and MOA Architecture specified more than 3000 sq. ft. of EXTECH’s LightWall 3440 interlocking polycarbonate translucent wall system for Roosevelt High School’s new Pathways Innovation Center in Casper, Wyo. Customized vertical sunscreens deliver light diffusion and aesthetic accents while the dual wall system provides high thermal performance of up to R 8.2.

EXTECH Circle 341

Sierra Pacific Windows Circle 343



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Doors and Hardware 4

Allegion Schlage M


Hager 34K Series


Corbin Russwin ML2000


Perkins Eastman has released a white paper, “A Handle on Accessibility: Designing for a Future of Limited Mobility.” Co-authored by Assoc. Michael Schur AIA, LEED AP, and Joshua Bergman, both based in the firm’s Chicago office, the paper marks the culmination of a six-month long, in-house exercise in which the Chicago staff engaged in various “empathy experiments.” There is an accessibility challenge facing the U.S. According to the most recent census data and studies conducted in less than 25 years, nearly a quarter of the U.S. population will be faced with the physical limitations that come with aging: reduction of mobility and dexterity, visual and hearing impairment, bone and muscle weakness, and immune and memory deterioration. On the front lines of this challenge is the door handle, a ubiquitous product that often gets overlooked, or otherwise tends to be designed with a form-beforefunction approach. Following the teams’ empathy experiments, solutions for new types of door handles materialized, resulting six prototypes fall into three categories: 1) handles that adapt/evolve traditional handle forms; 2) handles that rethink the handle from “Hand Hold” and “Loop” handles; and 3) handles that rethink how doors can be operated— “Long” and “Crank” handles. “A Handle on Accessibility” is available for free download at


Maars Living Wall



The ML2000 series is a Grade 1 mortise lock designed to meet the needs of high-traffic commercial, institutional, industrial and government applications. Constructed of heavy-gauge steel, the ML2000 lockbody features a patented Quick Reversible latch bolt, and a 1-in. stainless steel deadbolt. A wide variety of trim designs and functions are available. ML2000 security trims provide a vandal-resistant barrier. The series comes with a 10-year warranty. Corbin Russwin Circle 340



The 34K Series battery-powered cylindrical locks are ADA-compliant push-button keypads and can store up to 500 total access codes. Available in a keypad only or keypad plus prox, granting access via an HID card. With additional software, the programming can be transferred to the locks via your laptop. Hager Companies Circle 339





Allegion, a leading provider of security products and solutions, announced they will launch a line of ergonomic levers that were designed with Gensler, a prominent global architecture, design and planning firm. The levers are part of the Schlage M Collection and are well suited for healthcare facilities, high-end office spaces and senior living facilities. The levers are designed to reduce discomfort and make operation more comfortable for the hands and wrist. Allegion Circle 337

Acoustic glass sliding door stays tight even when closed thanks to a special seal around the perimeter, keeping sound in or out to ensure privacy in educational or corporate settings—up to 35 decibels. The Maars Living Wall is available in perforated steel or covered with open fabric. Different perforation designs are available, including micro perforation and slots. Maars Circle 338

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Don’t overlook art, or its benefits to end users in the commercial environment, says Indiewalls, a new technology platform helping designers source original art on a variety of substrates. “Too often, art is viewed as a frilly, unnecessary add-on to a space.” Another roadblock to the adoption of original art into the first iterations of a design is the additional time and billing hours associated with finding the right artist or medium. “Even when it is valued, supporting artists can be a challenge both financially and logistically, especially when working within the constraints of a larger organizations guidelines,” says Indiewalls. Check out Indiewalls at and below for surfaces that provide dual roles of art and finish.


Interstyle Basho



MDC Custom Wall Art

Kirei EchoPanel Mura

1 A PATH TO ART Let MDC help source your next custom wall art. They curate from a dynamic collection of limited editions and independent artists, and design it with a full suite of wall decor substrate options. Create individual art or a floor-to-ceiling installation for a unique finish that creates a memorable experience.

2 DIAGONAL TILE ART Basho geometric artesian architectural glass features a composition of mixed surface finishes for a unique effect. Each 4-in. × 8-in. tile is divided by a diagonal that balances glossy and matte. With six tone-on-tone colors, four contrasting colors and left and right angled compositions, designers can mix and match to form dynamic patterns out of triangles, diamonds and chevrons. Named for the 17th-century Japanese haiku master Basho who invented the term “haiku.”

MDC Circle 336


Aesthetically pleasing as they are functional, wall surfaces can affect a number of sensory experiences for occupants ranging from visual to auditory, and how light and sound behave in a space. Custom-printed surfaces do double duty when they also introduce an element of art. Circle 335 3 BRING TEXTURE TO YOUR WALL EchoPanel Mura wallcovering is made of up to 60% recycled content with low-VOC emissions, absorbs sound and adds dynamic design factors to nearly any flat surface. Class A fire-rated, it is ideal for hospitality, restaurant, education and entertainment spaces.

Kirei Circle 334



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Patcraft Material Paradox

Antolini Stratospherica

4 INTERACTION BETWEEN LIGHT AND MATERIAL Patcraft’s newest modular collection, Material Paradox, uses light to enhance patterns and add textural and visual depth. Available in 18-in. × 36-in. and 9-in. × 36-in. planks and 10 colors, Material Paradox is inspired by the interaction between light and material. Made with Eco Solution Q and Eco Worx backing, Material Paradox is Cradle-to-Cradle certified. Products are backed with a lifetime warranty against stain, colorfastness to light, static and abrasive wear for maximum performance and appearance retention.

5 STONE-FACED GLASS Antolini's new Stratospherica collection is a collaboration between the Italian stone company and Mutaforma, an Italian brand that operates in the field of augmented materials. It starts with glass and involves the application of nanotechnology to produce bold, fascinating patterns using the diverse materials. The stone slabs are extremely versatile and even allow for book-matched or continuous layouts.

Patcraft Circle 333

01 . 2018

1801APPRF02.indd 91

Antolini Circle 332

In large, open areas such as a spa natatorium or a ballroom, floors and wall surfaces become the piece de resistance. Mosaic patterns in tile have the ability to camouflage awkward geometry, and diverse carpet tile shapes may also serve to break up otherwise rectilinear spaces.



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2 Corbett Lighting Pulse


Dark winter nights—even afternoons—are here. Paul Nulty, founder of the eponymous architectural lighting design practice, offers these ideas to bring warmer light on cold evenings. A common mistake, he says, is putting too much emphasis on the design and not enough on the quality of light. Color temperature for LED bulbs is indicated in Kelvin (K) units. The lower the K value the warmer the light, so 2700K is usually “warm.” Warm-dim LED lamps provide bright and functional light that gradually becomes warmer as you dim them. Dimmed to the lowest point, it exudes the effect of a soft candle. As far as decorative fixtures, Nulty says to be sure to complement high-level fittings, such as a feature pendant, with below eye-level options such as table lamps so attention is not drawn to the ceiling.

Eaton Portfolio

2 3


Uplight Group Global Series




Visa Lighting Laterna

Karice Enterprises Retta

1 LIGHTING FOR LA DOLCE VITA Inspired by several large custom installations, designers with Italy’s Metal Lux developed the Global series of chandeliers, pendants and sconces, all featuring a mid-century modern flair. Clear acrylic globes are suspended by metal arms in black or bronze finishes, with custom colors available on request.

2 IT’S GOT RUFFLES Obviously designed for the minimalist-averse, the Pulse fixture family includes three pendants, a semiflush model and a wall sconce—and all feature an exploding profile of handcrafted iron mesh topped in rich gold leaf. Dimmable LED lamps shine through the mesh to create diffuse illumination.

4 CREATE SOME ATMOSPHERE Portfolio 2-in. LED Cylinders incorporate Dim-to-Warm technology mimics the performance of less-efficient halogen light sources, shifting their color temperature to warmer tones as they’re dimmed. Ceiling-, wall- and pendant-mount options are available, along with multiple beam distributions, lumen packages and colortemperature offerings.

Uplight Group

Corbett Lighting Circle 331 Circle 330


1801APPRF02.indd 92

Eaton Circle 328

3 HANG IT UP Designers have a choice of mounting options for the Laterna outdoor pendant—use a standard junction-box style canopy connection or suspend the fixture over open space using stainless steel cable in a catenary connection. Illumination from an LED light source is diffused by a white or frosted acrylic shade. The outer cage is available in any of 16 standard finishes.

5 LINEAR THINKING Retta means “straight line” in Italian, and the new Retta pendant certainly lives up to its name, with a slim, linear profile that seems to continue around its rounded end caps, thanks to the three lines machined into their gold anodized finish. Three fixture lengths are available, along with three color temperature offerings.

Visa Lighting

Karice Enterprises Circle 329 Circle 327

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Blueprint for better communities villages societies neighborhoods towns boroughs regions cities. At A’18 we’ll explore how to design cities, towns, and communities that are smarter, healthier, more equitable, and sustainable. Join us!

Registration now open! opens January 24! • 1710APAds.indd 93

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Resources for further product + material consideration

Incredible Metal

NEW APPALACHIA PREST® BRICK Designed to create a look reminiscent of the Appalachian Mountain region, the NEW Appalachia Prest® Brick’s texture is formed by a series of alternating ridge lines and valleys. Nominally sized at 5” × 15” × 3” and stocked in three unique color blends, Hanover’s Appalachia is an industry stand out in almost any type of application. Visit or call 800.426.4242 for more information. Circle 67




Circle 70

PAC-CLAD.COM | 1 800 PAC CLAD PAC Carson Res Ad_1_9_pg_ARCH PROD.indd 1

Circle 71 9:39:14 AM 12/8/2017

Belden has introduced their version of “linear” to the Clay Segmental Paving market. Belden has always shown great pride in bringing products to the market that are beautiful and long lasting. With the ability to produce this product out of two plants Belden offers many beautiful color combinations. Circle 65

Circle 68



For OR floors, there is one choice -- Stonres RTZ. It’s seamless and sanitary, easy on feet and backs, resistant to stains including Betadine, and easy to clean. We manufacture and install our floors, so you work with one company that provides a warranty on both product and installation.

For durable, high-quality finished floors, Maxxon’s high strength Commercial Topping underlayment sealed with Thermal-Chem creates a beautiful, durable floor ideally suited for office and retail applications. And with the myriad of finish options available through Thermal-Chem, a unique look can be created to suit any environment.

To learn more: 800-356-7887

Circle 66 94

Circle 69

Circle 72

© 2018 Maxxon® Corporation, all rights reserved.


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last detail: architectural leader

Quiet Architecture Please credit: © Michael Moran/OTTO

Tod Williams and Billie Tsien, founders and partners of their eponymous firm in Manhattan, eloquently compose spaces from the inside out: buildings that support the human spirit and skillfully meet at the intersection of art and use. Tod Williams and Billie Tsien are dedicated to making a better world through architecture at TWBTA.

Editor’s Note: The following is excerpted from the duo’s presentation in Chicago in Nov. 2017. TWBTA co-founders Tod Williams and Billie Tsien were honored guests of AIA Chicago at the Pella Showroom in the Merchandise Mart. As a humble gesture of welcome, Williams quoted Lao Tse, noting the reality of the building does not consist of roof and walls, but in the space within. “We do believe that architecture does start from the inside out,’” said Williams, adding, interior wellbeing is more important than the exterior deterioration—or the beauty—that occurs on the outside. “So we like to work on the inside.” He went on to share the partners’ beliefs on architecture, craft and life, and how they culminate in meaningful designs, which are the product of respectful interactions with collaborators. “Quiet allows different voices to be heard—a tree to be seen and a place to be experienced,” says Williams. The duo recognizes infinite collaborators may be present in their lives and work, encompassing associates, clients, the landscape, or the history and craftsmanship of the regions in which they work. As such, Williams and Tsien presented projects in which listening to one or more of these collaborative voices revealed a hidden human dimension, and how that quiet information manifested itself in pronounced elements of humanity in their architecture. One example was an Indian stepwell, where landscape and culture served as collaborators. A structure with no presence above ground, one enters the stepwell through a slot in the ground to access a staircase leading to underground chambers. Similarly, the partners’ designs humbly unfold, then powerfully envelop occupants. “It’s really about trying to be invisible, but then creating a very powerful sense of enclosure once you find it,” said Tsien. Discovering stepwells, and the underground temples at Lalibela, Ethiopia, as well as participating in carved snow caves in Finland, have inspired several solutions for the firm’s work. “You find something that touches you, and then you keep on finding it again in other ways,” said Tsien. The design for the headquarters of Indian software company TCS, just outside Mumbai, uses slope and the topography of the site to its advan-



1801APLSD.indd 96

tage, as it carves out courtyards and walkways that allow occupants to step outside and experience the environment at multiple elevations, yet still feel a reassuring sense of cool enclosure, enveloped by the surrounding buildings, lawns and shade trees. The latter, and the dappled shade they provide, are practically sacred in India, and with that value in mind, Williams and Tsien carefully placed buildings around each and every tree, using them as pillars of the landscaping which creates connective tissue amid the multi-building campus. The firm also “listened” to the landscape in the design of a residence hall project at Haverford College in Pa., as well as at the University of Chicago’s Logan Center for the Arts. According to Tsien, the architects try to never see buildings as objects, but try to make a relationship. “Often we’ll separate aspects of the building, and the landscape is the binder for two extremely simple bars. The landscape provides the complexity,” she explained. The TCS project also afforded the team time to explore and be inspired by the abundant culture and craftsmanship of India. “One of the great gifts of spending time in India was to be in a country where crafts are still very, very powerful, and they’re often less expensive than things that are manufactured,” said Tsien. “So it gave us an opportunity to think about materials in a way that we haven’t been able to think about them here in the states.” The corporate campus consists of many locally sourced crafts, including perforated copper columnar light fixtures, stone latticework, called jollies. The latter are carved into a Jaipur limestone, which comes out of the ground green and soft, then hardens over time through oxidization. The material is then handcrafted into tiles for a large interior oculus that collects water during the monsoon season. Many, many hands make architecture; certainly not just ours,” said Williams. “Our studio is 40 people. It’s the people who build the work and the people we work for that count.” In conclusion, Williams noted, as architects, it is totally appropriate to feel humble, and “be part of a much larger world, where we’re thinking about larger issues in whatever we’re doing; it’s an extraordinary way of life.” —Megan Mazzocco, Senior Editor

TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES, BANYAN PARK, INDIA The design for the campus headquarters of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) uses the topography of the site to its advantage as it carves out courtyards and walkways. It preserves the site’s trees and allows occupants to frequently step outside and experience the natural environment.

“I became mesmerized by a building that works with the environment instead of dominating it.” INSPIR ATION

STEPWELLS Through their travels, Williams and Tsien discovered Indian stepwells. One enters a stepwell from a slot in the ground, and as the staircase descends into the structure, the interior opens up and envelops the occupants. LALIBELA, ETHIOPIA Entering through slots, carved paths lead to a stone courtyard that reveals an entrance to a church that’s been carved from the inside out.

THE SNOW SHOW, FINLAND 2000 In collaboration with Carsten Holler, Williams and Tsien thought to compress and carve into, rather than build up snow, which could be inhabited like an underground igloo.

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Experience. Innovation.

Keep operating costs from going through the roof Our thermally broken roof hatch lowers building operating costs by minimizing heat transfer between interior and exterior metal surfaces, thereby resisting harmful condensation and providing superior energy efficiency under any conditions. See us at the IRE, booth number 1739.

Roof Hatch Features: • • • • •

Patented thermally broken design R-20+ insulation Aluminum construction Engineered cover gasket system Lab tested & certified for thermal performance

800.366.6530 WWW.BILCO.COM Circle 73

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Create Aesthetic Adaptable Spaces

©Garrett Rowland

Gensler Morristown, Morristown NJ • Architect: Gensler • NanaWall HSW60 with open corner, no floor track, and swing door

NanaWall Single Track Systems Panels can stack anywhere.

Design interior spaces that transform with ease. Individual panels allow for endless configurations with no floor track required.

All the same performance qualities as NanaWall Folding Systems: Wind & Water


Energy Efficient

Highly Secure

Easy Operation & Durable

Collaborate with our Design Team on your plans.

Showrooms Nationwide Visit 800 873 5673 Circle 74

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