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Portfolio HND in 3D Design, Photographic Techniques Packshot Photography

Konstantinos Chatzichristofis

Obsession for men by Calvin Klein

Obsession for men by Calvin Klein The idea of this commercial concept refers the viewer to the known story of heaven that the apple was the women’s top temptation. This advertisement claims that the cologne is so good that makes the man who wears it the biggest temptation of a woman. It is compared with the unused apple that has rotted and could symbolizes the other mens. The used font for the slogan is similar to that is used in the official logo of Calvin Klein. The image is focused on the cologne, which is placed on a leave that might indicates sex.

Nesscafe Classic and Nesscafe frappe

Nescafe Classic and Nescafe frappe The ice coffee known to Greeks as Frappe is made by the same product with the hot coffee Nescafe Classic. For this reason I thought to create a commercial that covers both kind of coffees, trying to convince consumers that Nescafe Classic is the one coffee which should accompanying their day whatever the weather is. The background illustrates a place that in the left side the weather is warm while in the other side is gold. Respectively, in the foreground the Nescafe Classic packaging is placed in the middle, its left a cold frappe surrounded by ice and to the right a hot coffee surrounded by coffee beans.

Samsung 3D Glasses

Samsung 3D Glasses The trade 3D TVs are usually sold without the required glasses for 3D watching. My reasoning was an advertisement with promotional campaign. Compared with the common televisions, Samsung to provide for free 3D glasses with TV purchases. Based on this promotion I created an advertisement depicting a Samsung TV that a hand comes out of its screen and gives the required 3D glasses.

ION Bulk Melted Chocolate

ION Bulk Melted Chocolate This commercial composition illustrates the Bulk Melted Chocolate of ION over a waffle with syrup. The logo of ION is placed on the chocolate after this product sold in bakeries and patisseries without packaging. There are two text balloons. In the first the mother asks her child how would like the waffle for breakfast and in the other balloon the kid answers “with ION overall� as the company slogan.

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Packshot Photography Portfolio  

Contain commercial packshot photos and commentary.

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