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JAN 24–28 Goa, India Travel to India for a weekend of embodied movement and ecstatic dance grounded in the 5Rhythms® of Gabrielle Roth and the stirring work of Soul Motion™. Following the inspiration of the inner heartbeat and outer deeply felt music, we will journey to a core connection with our ecstatic selves. Jo Cobbett holds space to find the adventure that life is holding for you in each moment and embrace the life you have been called to live. Use the tools of breath, listening, open dancing, written and spoken word, as well as witnessed and shared exercises, to create a new level of connection to our full potential selves.

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South African Improvisation Meeting (SAIM)

SEP 22 – OCT 2 Cape Town, South Africa Intensive dance and improvisation seminars for performers, dancers, movers, and educators in Cape Town, South Africa. Baba Yaga Theatre is proud to announce SAIM, co-hosted by UCT School of Dance and Stellenbosch Drama Department. The SAIM will focus on Contact Improvisation and improvisation with top international teachers: Kirstie Simson (Chicago), Bo Madvig (Copenhagen), Jori Snell (Holland/Denmark), and Nicky Visser (S.A). The workshops are open to all level participants who are interested in learning more about Contact Improvisation as a means to expand their movement vocabulary, reconnecting to a place of authenticity, and to learn tools whereby improvisation becomes a performing art in itself. Various workshops, classes, and open jams.

Spiritual Nutrition with The Fathomless Five

SEP 24, OCT 21, NOV 7 New York, NY The Science of Fasting is a powerful workshop designed to demonstrate the effects of juice fasting on the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual, being and the overall effect of a plant source diet on the entire planet. Juice fasting not only cleanses the physical body, but also the emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies, thus affecting our quality of life and how, after the fast, we choose to live in the world. Join the The Fathomless Five to learn how to improve concentration, expand creative thinking, cease insomnia, fade anxieties, and become more tranquil, promoting the natural joy of living. The Fathomless Five are experts in spiritual nutrition, movement therapy, psychology, creative writing, and the medical field. Join Raw CEO Doug Evans; Parashakti, the founder of Dance of Liberation; Carol Marie of Karuna Wellness; Neal Borowsky of Steel Neal; and other guest educators.



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SERVICES Financial Therapy Understand your relationship to money

8/11/09 11:10:27 AM

Every Monday Night at 7pm

Bookkeeping Set Up and Training Quicken and Quickbooks

With a hybrid of DJʼd music accentuated with live percussion and flute. In the beautiful old Davies Theatre Building at the base of the San Gabriel Mountains

Financial Coaching Learning to use a budget (Map of Intention) Tax Consulting & Filing *Individuals, Couples, Families & Entrepreneurs *Private Sessions & Tele Courses

WWW .IMJAM. NET 568 E. Mount Curve Ave, Altadena, CA

Facebook & Twitter: MovementJam UPCOMING TELECOURSES Free Introductory TeleSeminars Level I: Wake UP With Money Foundation Course Level II: Map of Intention Budget Course

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We offer a Free 1/2 Intake Session (visit our website to schedule)

Universal Rhythm: Music and Trance Dance

Yoga Meets Dance Teacher Training

OCT 15–25 Sedona, AZ Set your body, mind, and spirit wildly free! Relax your body and mind with gentle stretching, then soar into a wildly fun transformational dance journey for all ages, shapes, and sizes, non-dancers and dancers. Be swept away, inspired, and uplifted. Unleash dormant energy and dissolve energy blocks while receiving an easy aerobic workout that never feels like exercise. Then melt into deep relaxation at the frequency state where healing on many levels can take place. Benefits reach well beyond the physical, into the emotional, mental, and spiritual realms, restoring a deep sense of well-being to one's entire being.

Bari Tessler M.A. Founder

We are a team of Financial Therapists, Bookkeeping Trainers and Financial Coaches here to support you in transforming your relationship with money! ISBN 978-0-9715994-3

NOV 3–8 Marrakesh, Morocco Dive into the univeral ecstatic rhythm with Shiva Rea, Patrick Richey, and extraordinary Berber and Gnawa musicians. In a retreat center outside of the pulse of Marrakesh, the desert and Atlas Mountains at a distance, we will immerse into the pulse of Moroccan trance culture. Each day will begin with the sacred activation with three hours of prana flow energetic vinyasa and meditation to the pulse of Moroccan music and chant. Following a delicious brunch, you will be free to rest, heal in the Hammam spas, explore Marrakesh via free shuttles, and then dive into optional afternoon immersions into Moroccan music and trance dance culture where you can learn frame drum rhythms and various dance forms. Some evenings will be free, but most will include additional yoga sessions, ecstatic Kirtan with beloved Dave Stringer, and an all-night Moroccan Trance Dance.

Written by a teacher of ballet, expressive, and sacred dance, Lisa Michaels. Claim 4 free gifts NOW when you visit

Live in Boulder and San Francisco Phone consulting and TeleCourses for our national clientele

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CD Magazine #8  

Dance Therapy, Energy Medicine, TakeTina, Dancing & Fashion, Sound Healing, and Superfood Mixes

CD Magazine #8  

Dance Therapy, Energy Medicine, TakeTina, Dancing & Fashion, Sound Healing, and Superfood Mixes