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DEC 10–15 Maui, HI Enjoy contemplations and insights daily with Ram Dass. Immerse yourself in chants of devotion with Krishna Das. Practice yoga with the masterful Saul David Raye and follow the mindful meditations of Therese Fitzgerald every morning. Experience native Hawaiian ceremony and rituals with Lei ohu Ryder. All of this and more at the Napili Kai Beach Resort on Maui—an absolutely beautiful property with resort accommodations, superb international cuisine, and pristine beaches for swimming and snorkeling with turtles.

Paint and Dance from the Source

SEP 20–25 Stockbridge, MA Aviva Gold and Toni Bergins lead this “magical journey to the beloved,” an adventure into the Temple of Paint and Dance. The experience combines these two powerful and ancient rituals for healing, moving back and forth between dancing and painting on a journey of radical breakthrough to the authentic Self. Use paint, dance, and other creative modes to dive deep into the shamanistic source of all creation and healing. Paint not for outcome, but to be in the moment. Paint and dance until your mind releases judgments, comparisons, and personal stories. Paint until the painting paints you, until the dance dances you, until you paint the dance and dance the paint. This is living poetic myth, a sacred container in which painters and dancers bond in openhearted community.

Rainbow Awakening Retreat

JAN 10–16 Maui, HI Join us in the luscious and tranquil sanctuary of Hana, Maui. We have created an exciting and integrated retreat to explore the Chakras, our essential energy centers. Our days will include sunrise yoga and meditation, crystal bowl vibrational healing, transformative workshops, organic "living" and superfoods, incredibly nature adventures, and evenings filled with live music.

Release: 5Rhythms Waves Workshop




DANCE/MOVEMENT THERAPY Understand the therapeutic role of movement in expression and behavior.

Alternate Route Training Intro DMT Workshops CE Classes for MFT/LCSW

Northern & Southern California

Intro to DMT Nov. 15, 2009

Sonoma State University

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conscious dancer | FALL 2009

NOV 6–8 Santa Fe, NM Anything goes—being seduced by music and dance and tapping into truthful body gestures allows silence and sound to inspire art, healing, fitness, and emotions into a weekend of a deepening nonverbal body journey. Facilitated by Amara Pagano, co-hosted by Elizabeth, Nia Black Belt, everybody is invited to join in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual dancing story of discovery. "Release" is a 5Rhythms waves workshop that focuses on the motion of letting go, on learning to trust the motion of letting go as it delivers us over and over into the unfolding moment. Move with the freedom and spontaneity in your heart!

Sacred Dance with Dolphins

OCT 24–30 Big Island, HI Expand and raise your vibration as you dance into intimate reunion withbody, self and soul. In Sacred Dance with Dolphins we prepare the temple of our spirit through movement, dance, meditation, and breath practices to invoke and deepen the sacredness of our connection to all of creation. Join Leela Francis of VividExistence and renowned wild dolphin swim guide Roberta Goodman to embody, dance, and radiate in oneness with the divine love and healing frequency of wild dolphins.

Secrets of InterPlay in Seattle

OCT 1–4 Seattle, WA Unlock the wisdom of the body! This nonresidential retreat covers the techniques and body wisdom principles of InterPlay. "Secrets of InterPlay" is part of the core curriculum for those enrolled in or considering the InterPlay Life Practice Program, and will be led by Cynthia Winton-Henry, cofounder of InterPlay, teacher, performer, writer, and organizer. Cynthia is interested in the use of InterPlay for individual and group healing, fostering freedom, and innovating down-to-earth strategies for playing with life issues. The workshop is also open to anyone desiring an in-depth introduction to InterPlay, a set of practical tools and ideas to help us thrive, reclaim our lives, and get more of what we want.

Soul’s Rhythm

Profile for Conscious Dancer

CD Magazine #8  

Dance Therapy, Energy Medicine, TakeTina, Dancing & Fashion, Sound Healing, and Superfood Mixes

CD Magazine #8  

Dance Therapy, Energy Medicine, TakeTina, Dancing & Fashion, Sound Healing, and Superfood Mixes