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So it’s not the words, but the tones that we need to learn to use. If certain pitches are beneficial, are there also those that are destructive? According to Goldman, “Depending on the time, place, and need of the individual, any music can be potentially healing. If something doesn’t feel good, then it’s not right for you.” He recommends avoiding extremely loud music as it activates the “fight or flight” response and can overstress the immune system. It’s also important to choose the music and sounds that are conducive to a desired activity, like upbeat and activating music for exercise. I strive to enhance my life each day by attending to sounds and their resonance. Try this practice on your own by taking some steps to influence the sounds around you. Choose your music to match a purpose in order to align the mood. Select the tone of your voice to support your intention. Learn to mindfully tune into sound, and you'll be able to harmonize its amazing power into everyday life.

TAKETINA: • Explore a non-linear rhythm learning process • Discover your authentic self • Become fully present in all areas of your life • Guide people into a place of stillness, transformation and joy

SIGN UP FOR OPEN PUBLIC WORKSHOPS OR THE TEACHER TRAINING SELECTION PROCESS: Learn from the founder of TaKeTiNa, world-renowned master percussionist Reinhard Flatischler and Master TaKeTiNa teacher Cornelia Flatischler

Sound it Yourself

SELECTION AND OPEN PUBLIC WORKSHOPS Portland, OR: October 9 – 11, 2009 Register:

Harmonize to synchronize! Your body is the sounding board that clears the way for connection. Try these techniques to tune in.

Atlanta, GA: October 16 – 18, 2009 Register:


Use your body as your instrument to connect with your own frequency. • toning - om, ah, ma • solo chanting • body percussion • wind instruments

TAKETINA TEACHER TRAINING 30 motivated individuals will be selected for the U.S. teacher training beginning Spring 2010.


Relax and receive the benefits of intentionally applied sound vibrations. • tuning forks • singing bowls • sound tables • didgeridoos

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When sounds combine, magic happens. Share your resonance with others. • singing in harmony • kirtan chanting • toning- om, ah, ma • beat boxing


conscious dancer | fall 2009


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CD Magazine #8  

Dance Therapy, Energy Medicine, TakeTina, Dancing & Fashion, Sound Healing, and Superfood Mixes

CD Magazine #8  

Dance Therapy, Energy Medicine, TakeTina, Dancing & Fashion, Sound Healing, and Superfood Mixes