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Circles of mirth and connection create community at the edge of chaos.

And recent research in Austria has verified that “TaKeTiNa activates Vagotonus (the vagus nerve) and produces the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, known as the healing remedy—especially in the moments where people drop into rhythm without strain.” People from all walks of life are attending Flatischler’s classes and teacher trainings worldwide, as well as at five different universities throughout Europe. Whether to use the process therapeutically or in musical settings, some also become facilitators of TaKeTiNa, which is taught by Flatischler and his wife Cornelia around the world. With the groundswell of Americans who have discovered the pure joy of beating a drum over the past decade, it’s no surprise that many people are drawn to TaKeTiNa, not just for its healing powers, but also for the sheer fun of it. Thanks to Zorina Wolf at for her contribution to this article.

balancing acts TakeTina Find a teacher in the global network and discover how rhythm and chaos work to fuel transformation. D a nc e s o f U n i v e r s a l P e a c e A living library of over 1,000 traditional circle dances, these free gatherings are found virtually worldwide.

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b r a i n g y m This international program of learning through movement improves lives with educational kinesiology. B o d y o f s o und Lively combo of body percussion, Balinese monkey chanting, and contact improv. KIVO Discover your “Kinetic Voice” with this ceremonial celebration. Tribal chants and circle dance connect you to your indigenous roots.

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CD Magazine #8  

Dance Therapy, Energy Medicine, TakeTina, Dancing & Fashion, Sound Healing, and Superfood Mixes

CD Magazine #8  

Dance Therapy, Energy Medicine, TakeTina, Dancing & Fashion, Sound Healing, and Superfood Mixes