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conTinuum movemenT • WorldWide “movement is something we are, not something we do.”

nia TechniQue™ • WorldWide somatic training for Body and life

continuum is an extraordinary awakening to the fullness of what it means to be alive. in continuum we experience the interconnection of our origins with the larger currents of all organismic life, beginning with the first cell and ultimately layered into the intricacies of human form.

a movement practice based on the Body’s Way. suited for all levels of students and professionals in fields of health, wellness, dance, and fitness. over 30 years’ success in teaching the art of moving and living in a body.

one aspect of the entire human system is comprised of a vast communication network within our bodies. continuum uses movement, the dexterity of breath, the resonance of sound and the value of meaning to amplify and refine this far-reaching communication with ourselves, others and our world.

the White Belt, first of a five belt level system, somatically explores anatomy and sensation science, music and the language of sound, structured and free movement and choreography, and nine movement forms that provide nia variety and flavor: martial arts, dance and healing arts. leadership and communication skills, and the philosophy: through movement We find health provides the foundation for healing and human development.

We become liquid streams capable of a vast range of resources moving through domains of burgeoning life. liberated we are encompassed by a world of creative inspiration fed by the passionate fire of universal love.

7-days, 50+ hours. extensive Pre and Post Training support with the opportunity to become a certified licensed teacher.

Center for Movement Education and Research

kinecTions ™ • rochesTer, ny connection not perfection – est 1984 Kinections, the home of livingdance~livingmusic™, is the only free-standing institute in the usa offering all dance/movement therapy courses required for certification by the american dance therapy association (adta). dr. danielle fraenkel, director, now offers a hybrid section of her course, dance/movement therapy theory & practice i: foundations & principles – eight video conferencing classes and a week in residence during June at Kinections. this course is essential to dance/movement therapy training, and required for certification in livingdance~livingmusic facilitation – dr. fraenkel’s unique approach to dance/movement therapy practice. • Dance/Movement Therapy Theory and Practice I: Foundations and Principles begins April 11 • LivingDance~LivingMusic—Monthly workshops (Rochester); extended retreats (Costa Rica, Greece)



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Journeydance™ • WorldWide emBody, empoWer, eXpress, elevate! toni Bergins’ Journeydance™ is an hypnotic container weaving expressive movement, guided imagery, ritual, voice and affirmation. embody your temple on an evocative, grooving soul ride through the Journeydance’s flow of experiential movement and musical qualities. liberate yourself on this spiritual and emotional journey that inspires uninhibited free expression of the true self. let your mind become clear, free, and positive; and your body fluid, energized, and powerful. Journeydance reconnects us with our innate state of joyous, funky and divine well-being. facilitator trainings worldwide. see our website for details. “you are the Prayer: your body, your movement, your breath. you are the goddess: your passion, your emotions, your sensual heart. you are the inner shaman: your power, your intentions, your life’s journey.” –Toni Bergins, founder 42 | spring 2013

educaTion and healing Through movemenT cmer classes integrate the educational and healing poWer of movement Training in Dance/Movement Therapy longest running alternate route dmt training in california. course syllabi are approved by the american dance therapy association (adta) and all faculty are board certified dmt’s. (Bc-dmt). Workshops Leading an Embodied Life in our increasing “virtural” and computer driven world, our bodies and senses are easily ignored. this workshop is designed to bring you into yourself using movement, sensation, feeling, thought and action. no prior movement training is needed.

TamalPa insTiTuTe • WorldWide eXploring the Wisdom of the Body tamalpa institute, founded in 1978, offers certification programs and workshops in the life/art process, a movement-based expressive arts approach that integrates movement/dance, visual arts, performance techniques and therapeutic practices. our approach is based on the relationship between body and movement. for us, movement is synonymous with life. it is the body’s primary language, serving as a connection to a more creative and purposeful life. our comprehensive training programs with tamalpa life/ art process can be utilized in fields such as expressive arts therapy, education, consultation, health care, organizational development, community service and the arts.

Courses Laban Movement Analysis (LMA) understand human movement based on the theories of rudolf laban and irmgard Bartenieff.

Training programs begin in September, as well as weekend training programs beginning in April. Public workshops are also offered throughout the year.

CD Magazine #21 + Upshift Guide  

Education 2013: 100 Danceformative Colleges and Modalities; 5Rhythms Gabrielle Roth Tribute; TaKeTiNa and Whole Person Drumming; Body Tales;...

CD Magazine #21 + Upshift Guide  

Education 2013: 100 Danceformative Colleges and Modalities; 5Rhythms Gabrielle Roth Tribute; TaKeTiNa and Whole Person Drumming; Body Tales;...