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MUSIC Whether you’re compiling a two-hour wave or practicing a new hoop move, these super-duper recommendations are worth your ear. Lacuna by Mockingbirds The great thing about triggering a mood during a dance is that those who have content to work through can dive in and those who don’t can just dance. Lacuna offers a wide array of emotional hues backed by excellent lyrics. A tribute to the lead musician’s father, the record goes through fields of grief, joy, stoicism, play, and transcendence. “Surprise” puts a high-energy polka into my playlist, while the title track offers a mellow comedown after a peak in tempo or intensity. – DANIEL ARI www.mockingbirdtunes.com

Swing Patrol by Tape Five At Berkeley’s Barefoot Boogie, this album hits us in all the right places. It’s playful, it’s old school, but also modern and hip, both organic and electronic, and it gets people connected and smiling. It’s got tunes that are familiar as well as great new grooves—some slow and sultry, some a happy medium pace, and some fast enough to induce an aerobic high after just three minutes. Great dance floor fun! Smarty Mart Music. – CHRISTINA TUCILLO www.digdis.de/labels/-/smarty_mart_music

I Am Soul by DJ Sol Rising This ecstatic dance DJ is probably the only veteran world-class scratch DJ (as in championship-winning, beat-juggling turntablist) to make the shift and evolve into a conscious dance hero. With the release of his first full-length album, I Am Soul, he cements his reputation as the DJ’s DJ, with a collection of user-friendly and crowdpleasing tunes. Think new-school electronica with plenty of big bass drops, but with an uplifting feel due to his old-school sensibility and ample use of classic samples. Grab this CD and shine some Sol Rising on your dancers! – MARK METZ www.djsolrising.com

Lamb 5 by Lamb I love Lamb 5. It came out in 2011, not upbeat dancing but deep inner, with some peaks and magic. They have been around a long while—after a five-year hiatus the duo (Andy Barlow and Lou Rhodes) reformed in 2009. This album with Lou Rhodes’ compelling voice is fabulous. – JO COBBETT www.lambofficial.com

Loops N Grooves by Wah! Loops N Grooves is a magical sanskrit chanting electronica blend. If you are a Wah! fan, imagine her rapturous voice and her elevating chants with a pumped groove-ability and dance factor! It’s free, wild, and sensuous, with pulsating rhythms and soaring lyrical journeys as only Wah! can create. My favorite funky, expansive tracks are “Shambho” and “Kali Ma,” where we awaken the energies of transformation. For a smooth, sensual, sacred re-mix, “Cosmic Krsna.” If you’re new to Wah! music, you can explore her chanting hits, like “Maha Deva,” “Jai Ram,” or gems from her huge collection. She is a chanting goddess of deep love and inspiration. Wah! Music. – TONI BERGINS www.wahmusic.com/music_loopsngrooves.html

Rafe Sampler by Rafe Pearlman One of the best voices I’ve ever heard is that of Rafe Pearlman, an artist whose albums are available only at shows and directly from him. Rafe’s voice is powerful and emotive, with a wide range and perfect pitch. His choice of self-written songs on any of his seven albums, which include In Moment, Drive By Star, and Live at Church, are wonderful. All of the albums are available for tasting at his website, and each includes a few good cuts for dancing. Rafe is currently working with Greg Ellis (of Vas & Juno Reactor) on a new disc with some amazing cuts. For a special treat, if you enjoy Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah,” go to youtube and check out Rafe at Unity Church in Seattle. I thought no one would ever top Jeff Buckley’s version, but see what you think. – FRANKLIN MARKOWITZ www.rafepearlman.com

Megalithic Symphony by AwolNation One song that usually brings the younger set up to the DJ stand, asking “What was that—cool?!” is “Sail” off of the album Megalithic Symphony. I discovered “Sail” while watching a TV commercial during the Olympics opening ceremony, of all things! This slow and steady, yet unique song usually brings the younger set up to the DJ stand with questions and appreciation. Its driving bass intrigues while its lilting high notes give spaciousness for improvisation and personal expression. Red Bull Records. – SHAKTI ANDREA SMITH http://awolnationmusic.com/music/ megalithic-symphony



Profile for Conscious Dancer

CD Magazine #20  

Sacred Dance: Prayerformance, Fire, Hoop, Tango; Open-Source Movements: Ecstatic Dance, Dances of Universal Peace, Lunchbeat; Subtle Listeni...

CD Magazine #20  

Sacred Dance: Prayerformance, Fire, Hoop, Tango; Open-Source Movements: Ecstatic Dance, Dances of Universal Peace, Lunchbeat; Subtle Listeni...