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What makes my heart sing is… listening… and responding to who I’m relating to.

Dance Alive Mariane Karou Creatrix of the vital energ y training system Dance Alive, Mariane has also developed the transformational process When Women Love and the leadership training system Take Charge Now. She leads Dance Alive classes and workshops in Los Angeles, integrating movement, awareness, communication, and empowerment. MK: Dance Alive is a journey to connect with ourselves,

connecting with where we’re already connected. One of the keys that I’m working with is building the “awareness muscle” so we can stay aware of ourselves as we’re moving. So that we actually choose which direction is most needed at any given time. Movement is the basis of what I’m doing, but my interest is really about utilizing the movement in our everyday lives. RC: So this can translate from dance into other parts of our lives? MK: A lot of what I work with is being able to relate, being

able to build the self, build someone else, and build the team of the relationship. I teach staying connected to our embodied selves, being part of a team, and seeing what’s needed: how do we show up and be present in a relationship? And see what’s needed for the whole of the relationship? I’ve been married for 32 years (or 33, something like that) and I’ve raised three kids. So I’ve really brought movement into my whole life, and that’s why I’m so relationship-oriented and family-oriented. RC: Do you see your work as part of a larger shift that’s

happening in consciousness?

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PARTNERS IN PRAYER Teamwork and shared energy bring a loving spirit to Prayerdanse.

Prayerdanse LIFELONG LEARNING Mariane Karou embarked on the path to Dance Alive over 40 years ago.

Rachel Levy & Susana Nudelman Perczek This dynamic pair are dance instructors and community builders in Miami who co-founded Prayerdanse, a practice integrating dance, spirituality, and emotional release. Rachel is director of Sacred Space Miami and Susana is a graphic designer based in Miami and San Francisco. RC: What is Prayerdanse? SNP: I would say it’s a conscious movement practice where

you invite your body to move. RL: We enter in spiritual silence, we respect our bodies, each other’s bodies, take care of ourselves. The guidelines are to create safety and welcoming; it’s all about creating that sacredness in the space.


SNP: With Prayerdanse we bring in that everyone counts,

everyone is so important, everyone is bringing something. c o n t i n u e d o n pa g e 3 1 | summer 2012


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