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MOLLY PROFFITT and LEAH KNIGHTON 2012 alumnae in Interactive Design and Game Development and Animation written by MATTHEW CORNWALL photographs courtesy of KER-CHUNK GAMES


olly Proffitt, CEO of Ker-Chunk Games, and Leah Knighton, Narrative Designer and Animator of Ker-Chunk Games, are making a huge difference one Intellectual Property (IP) at a time. Both SCAD alumnae work for at this video game company where the mission is to empower women as players. Proffitt found an early interest in technology when she started building websites at the age of twelve. Online communities of the early 90s and 2000s helped her find the Photoshop tools and tutorials needed to create them. She also had hobbies of filmmaking and playing video games. Proffit said “Digital games ended up being the best way to mesh all of those hobbies, but it did not become clear to me that I could make games until much later.” While she was focusing on film out west, she transfered



over to SCAD with the release of the iPhone. “I think it was obvious to a lot of people that this was a hardware

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