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What 90ss slang word are you?!

I still have my Pogs and slammers!

I totes owned Hammer pants at one point in my life. Crimped hair, don’t care.

I wanted to be a New Kid on the Block when I was little!

DJ Tanner bangs for life!

written and illustrated by MOLLY MORRIS

Let’s face it – we’re (mostly) all millenials, and for some of us that’s a burden to bear. However, thanks to ever-changing pop culture and the interwebz, we now have a whole millenial language of our own (so that’s pretty neat). This is your chance to embrace your milleniality and discover the heritage that is your own identity in slang word form, yo. Take this quiz and you’ll be Saved by the Bell.


I have no idea what any of this means. I’m a 2000s kid.

I may or may not have had laser lines.

I heart Steve Urkel! (Did I do that?)

Surge and Crystal Pepsi. enough said.

Fall 2016  

SCAN is the student magazine of SCAD Atlanta

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