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Vol. 14 Edition 21 Free Thursday October 10, 2019

A View From A Pew

“Stay In Your Lane Wane”

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A Brother Love Opinion

Teresa Tomlinson..“Got Game or Running Game”

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The End Of An Era

Councilor Evelyn Turner Pugh Retires After 31 Years Pages 9 Of Service

“Under The Radar”

Meet Demetrius Colson of Colson Photography

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THURSDAY October 10, 2019

Kudos Captain!

The street committee congratulates Captain Joyce Dent-Fitzpatrick

Rumor Has It...

According to the street committee pastor and current Deputy Marshal David Holston is considering a bid for Marshal of Muscogee County to fill the seat of Marshal Greg Countryman who will be seeking to become Sheriff of Muscogee County.

The Street Committee

A Worthy Recognition

The street committee says job well done as the George Washington Carver high school students & faculty put on a worthy and special tribute to Tamara L. Curry-Gill as they renamed their auditorium in honor of her.

NAACP Tickets on Sale Now! According to the street committee, national radio talk show host Joe Madison, aka the “Black Eagle” will be the guest speaker for the 45th Annual NAACP Freedom Fund B a n q u e t January 3, 2020. Tickets are on sale now. Call 225.0106

Host a table in your neighborhood Tuesday October 22, 2019 Organice y sea anfitrión de una conversación en su vecindari el martes 22 de octubre de 2019 Community Foundation of the Chattahoochee Valley

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Stay In Your Lane Wane!

I am often conflicted when I hear someone say the Lord spoke to me and told me to do something. Conflicted because, although I know what the Lord can do, I also know how we as believers often mistake what we think we heard Him say, when it was really our own ego talking to us. Over the years I have been asked to run for political office numerous times and I’ve considered it numerous times. As recently as last weekend I received a call from a person I respect who shared with me that during a recent meeting my name surfaced as one they would support if I would decide to run. Ironically this felt like Déjà Vu. In 1992 I received a call from a Caucasian person I respected who shared with me that during a recent meeting my name surfaced as one they were prepared to financially support if I would run for mayor of Columbus, Georgia. At the time I was the Director of the A.J. McClung YMCA.

Needless to say my ego went into overdrive. I had only been in the city since 1990 and already people wanted me to run for political office? Then it hit me. I had only been in the city since 1990 and people wanted me to run for political office. Something was wrong with this picture. After just two years I was still trying to figure out where the bathroom and the kitchen were let alone understand the politics of the community. I called my board chairman and shared my phone conversation with him. He agreed that the timing was unusual and suggested that I give him a chance to investigate it. Sure enough he called me back to say that it was a setup. The group that said they would sup-


port me was actually backing another candidate and was hoping that with me in the race it would take enough votes from their opponent to help them win.

Unlike last time it’s been 29 years and I now know where the bathroom and kitchen are. Like then, however, I called someone I respect. This time it was a millennial who has his pulse on the voting habits of the registered voters in Muscogee County. I asked him what he thought of me running for office? His immediate response was; why would I want to. He went on to say, “Over the past 14 years you have worked to become a respected newspaper, one that speaks the truth when other mediums are afraid to do so. You have been respected for calling people out when they are wrong and praising people when they do the right thing. It will be difficult for people to see you the same if you become a politician. You may not believe it but it will become increasingly difficult for you to write objectively. Most important you can’t do it all. Your role is to write about, inform us about it. Just because people aren’t listening and acting fast enough doesn’t mean you have to step up and be the one to do it. Let someone else run. Stay in your lane.’ He was right. The truth is I had convinced myself that the Lord wanted me to run when, in fact, the Lord hadn’t told me anything. It was just my ego talking. It’s good to have someone who is willing to tell you the truth and not just you want to hear. Until further notice, Wane will stay in his lane!

Wane A. Hailes




Early Worship 8am Breakfast 9am Sunday School 9:30 am Morning Worship 11am Wednesday Prayer Meeting/Bible Study 7pm Thursday Noon Bible Study 12 noon Sunday Child Day Care Services Available For Those Attending Our Worship WEBSITE : (O FFICE )706.323-6996 (FAX ) 706.322.7596 (PASTOR ’ S HOME )706.561.6733 or Transportation available, must contact church office by Friday at 12:00 noon.



4236 St. Mary’s Road Columbus, Georgia


Metropolitan Baptist Church 1635 5th Avenue . Columbus, Georgia


Pastor Curtis Crocker, Jr.

Service Sunday School 9:30 A.M Monday Night Tuesday Bible Study

Schedule Sunday Worship 11:00 A.M Prayer 6:00 P.M 12:00 P.M & 5:30 P.M

Mission Statement A growing church for growing Christians attempting to grow the Kingdom, one soul at a time.

Fourth Street Missionary Baptist Church Corner of 3rd Avenue and 5th Street Rev. Dr. J.H. Flakes Jr. Way Columbus, Georgia 31901 706.324.2055 Rev. J.H. Flakes, III -Pastor Rev. Dr. J.H. Flakes, Jr. - Pastor Emeritus

Courier October 10, 2019


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Courier Thursday October 10, 2019

The Royale Cafe...Lila is the Star of the Story, Her Challenges, Successes and Heartaches

Her eyes welled up with tears of pain and hurt as she recalled what she felt was the worse display of disrespect to her; when she walked into the church where the funeral was being held and there was no seat for her on the front row.

By Wane A. Hailes The Courier

The Royal Cafe is an institution in Columbus, Georgia. More than one patron has described it as; “the real deal when it comes to Southern home cooking. The food is fresh, never frozen, and delicious.” For the past 55 years the Royal Café, located at 600 11th street, has been owned and operated by Lila Star who, as she did then still serves as the head cook.

“Rosa Mahone and her sister originally owned the business, says Star. “When they passed Rosa’s son Frankie asked if I would take over the business. Ever since the age of twelve I always said I wanted to have a business of my own and a brick house so on August 12, 1964 I took over the business and have owned it ever since. I have my brick house too.”

When I took over the business it only had 2 tables. I can only say that the Lord has truly blessed me with people over the years that have helped me to acquire the building and add on to the property that you see today.”

When asked to share a few of the brightest moments of owning the Café

for the past 55 years she quickly noted the relationships she has made in this community from the people she has served.

“I used to work at the Depot Coffee Shop and when I started cooking at my place my business grew as the people would start coming down for my food. Over the years thousands of people from all walks of life have come through the doors. Of course when I started there were the naysayers who were sure I wouldn’t make it in the business but I guess I get the last laugh because I’m still here and they are not.”

When the question turned to the biggest challenge or heart break she has experienced over the years Star’s jovial attitude and conversation immediately changed to a somber, quiet demeanor as she talked about the deaths of her daughter Sarah L. Porter who passed away five years ago April 25, 2014 and Sarah’s daughter, Star’s grand daughter Kim Porter who passed away less than a year ago on November 15, 2018. At times speaking through tears, you

could see the pain in her eyes, hear the hurt in her voice and empathize with a parent and grandparent who has been left feeling disrespected by the events surrounding the untimely demise of children you raised.

Lila Star shared what, for some, is an all to familiar story. It’s a story of a parent, who allegedly abandons his family, only to remarry and move away only to return once the child becomes successful.” The child grows up in a single parent home raised by the mother and grandmother.

“In spite of the situation Sarah and I were intent on making sure Kim knew she was loved. Contrary to what has been said or written we provided everything for her from piano lessons to taking her back and forth to modeling classes. All through her school years here in Columbus and even after she moved to Atlanta and New York to pursue her acting and modeling career we were the only ones who continued to make the sacrifice for her well being. I am tired of people taking credit for something they didn’t do and they know they didn’t do it. It’s not fair, it’s not right and it’s not the truth.”

“I could not believe that there was no seat for me in front of the casket that carried my grandchild. The child I had raised, cared for, loved and protected for most of her 47 years. I was hurt, I was angry and I was mad. Not even her children were seated in front of the casket. Yet there sat family members who had not been in Kim’s life during her lifetime or lifted one finger to assist her in her journey perched on the front pew as if they had done so much for her. It wasn’t true and it just wasn’t right. I tried to hold my peace but I eventually had to speak up and one of the family members moved so I could have a seat. To add insult to injurymany of my family, the Goodwin family, members names were ommitted from the obituary all together. There were names appearing in the obituary that were not related to Kim at all. It just wasn’t right” November 15th will be the one-year anniversary of her grand daughter’s death. From our conversation it appeared that this pain has been lying heavy on her heart for sometime now. I can only hope that by allowing Lila Star to unburden herself in this article she will be able to rest a little easier.

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Courier Thursday October 10, 2019


There is no great wonder that Teresa Pike Tomlinson is suddenly back on the scene and in the news locally. After not so flattering comments made by NAACP leaders (Ed Dubose/Nate Sanderson) regarding Tomlinson being out-of-touch with the Black community were reported in Mother Jones magazine back in July, Tomlinson was bound to come running back to the open arms and weeping eyes of her contingent of hometown loyalists. For some of these die hard supporters Teresa Tomlinson is the first and the last, the beginning and the end, the Alpha and the Omega. They will just about do anything or say anything to elevate her status and build her legend in the black community. Teresa is made out to be all too perfect, which will be the very reason intelligent black voters across Georgia will very soon see right through Teresa and company.

Tomlinson is not the ride-or-die friend of the black community she wants you to believe. Frankly, Teresa Tomlinson's real relationship with the black community is, let's just say, not all that and a bag of chips. She will casually drop names of other highly respected black people to prove her bona fidis, but Tomlinson is simply accustomed to using black people like that to reel in or reign in other black people. As often as she dropped Stacey Abrams' name you would have thought they were best friends forever. I have to seriously doubt she is best friends forever with Tomlinson. As a Democrat, Stacey Abrams, in my opinion, is the genuine article Tomlinson is not. Teresa will have to do a whole lot better than her mayoral campaign "Electric Slide" with the black folks to pull the wool over on Stacey Abrams and other alert black voters in Georgia, especially in and around Atlanta. She will have to do a lot more than show up at a few black churches or remind black people we come this far by faith. She is not going to be any big hit outside of Columbus talking about how she loves herself some Omega men, or telling any black Greek fraternity I am one of you. Conscious black people are not going to buy that type campaign sweet-talk to draw black support and lock up the black vote.

Incredibly, there are some black elites that are going to try to get you to

believe Teresa Pike Tomlinson is Shirley Chisholm, Barbara Jordan, and Rosa Parks all rolled into one. They follow her without question or any doubts. They are convinced that whatever is best for Teresa is best for all black people in Georgia. They want you to join on with them and put all your faith and trust in their superwoman, their idol. Teresa Tomlinson is one of those people that whenever they are dead wrong you either remain silent or tell them that they are absolutely right. No matter the case, you must totally support Teresa no matter which of the two choices you decide on. I do not doubt that some black people here are actually afraid of Tomlinson because of the huge support she has from some respected members and groups in the black community. If you are not liked by Teresa Tomlinson, if you are unafraid to hold her accountable or call her out on her trickery, then her most loyal zealots will come after you in whatever cowardly and underhanded way that they can, even if you are a fellow Democrat serving in elected office. it's true. Teresa is a good talker but she ain't no sky walker, to use my very best bad English. She is definitely no drum major for justice. She proved that much as the first female mayor of Columbus. She never eliminated the good old boy system in city government.

Tomlinson is a trained attorney turned politician, so spin to win is nothing new in her repertoire. Black voters across Georgia must understand that it is not so much a question of if Tomlinson has

got game as it is the awful reality that she is and has been getting away with running game, a game more than a

few black people have fallen for in CTown. She is trained in the game and knows the game she is playing, or, better yet, the game she is running. It was really all too easy for her to pull off in Columbus. Once in office, she quickly identified and exploited the preexisting weaknesses and divisions within the black community. Be that as it may, she is going to quickly find out that the hoodwinking and bamboozling of black voters across the state of Georgia won't be such a piece of cake. Black people are not all as defenseless and desperate for validation as she has been led to believe by her genial experience in Columbus, Georgia. May you always seek the truth, understand the truth, and enjoy your life and freedom knowing the truth.

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Courier Thursday October 10, 2019

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Courier Thursday October 10, 2019

An End of an Era...Councilor Evelyn Turner Pugh Retires after 31 Years By Wane A Hailes The Courier

In her over three decades of service to the city of Columbus, especially the citizens of District 4, Evelyn Turner Pugh has been a relentless leader in the areas of economic development, transportation, and recreational improvements in the community.

On Tuesday October 8, 20198 that all came to an end as the city’s longest serving city councilor and Mayor-Pro Tem retired.

“Over the years I have tried my best to serve my district, my community and my city the best I could, said Pugh. “God has a way of telling and showing you when it’s time and after 31 years I felt it was time for me to listen to him”.

Because of her business and governmental expertise on the local, state, and national levels, District 4 has benefited from the committed representa-

tion of Evelyn Turner Pugh to improve the district and the City of Columbus.

Because of her support of the Greater Columbus Chamber of Commerce and job development, several nationally and internationally known companies are located in District 4. These companies, representing a wide range of industries, created new opportunities for the citizens of Columbus that improved the quality of life for themselves and their families. According to Sec. 6-201. Special elections of the city charter; “If vacancy occurs more than one and onehalf years after the date of a regular election for the office of mayor or councilor, then a person shall be appointed by a majority vote of the total membership of the Council to serve until a successor is elected and qualified at a

special election held concurrently with the next regular election for the office of mayor or councilor”.

The individual expected to be appointed to serve out the remaining term of the vacated seat by Pugh is Valerie Thompson. Thompson, a resident of District 4, is currently the pastor of Revelation Missionary Baptist Church. According to the city charter the individual who is appointed to serve out a city councilors term, under these circumstances is not eligible to run for that particular seat in the next election. With that understanding of the policy we are already hearing that a number of individuals are considering running for the position in 2020.


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Demetrius Colson...Colson Photography

By Wane A. Hailes The Courier

Colson photography now offers the hottest new trend in event entertainment and memorabilia. This is not just your old fashion photo booth, Colson Photography now provides their customers the new age digital photo booth that allows you to customize and capture your special day to make it an event to remember. Owner Demetrius Colson is an expe-

rienced and highly creative professional photographer whose services are available for print on the spot in his studio or at your home or business. P o r t r a i t P h o t o g r a p h y, S p o r t Photography, and Senior Portraits. They also do headshots for business, publicity and websites. Colson Photography 1300 Wynnton Rd. Suite 108 Columbus, Georgia (706)341-6730

Courier Thursday October 10, 2019

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Courier Thursday October 10, 2019

Page 13 By Wane A. Hailes The Courier


Courier Thursday October 10, 2019

DJ OO’Kee Receives Prestigious MBEC 2019 APD Award

On September 14, 2019 Davis Broadcasting, Inc.’s own DJ OO’Kee received the prestigious 2019 APD of the Year award during the 5th Annual Music Business Empowerment Conference held in Atlanta, Georgia. The mission of the conference is to edu-tain (educate and to entertain) up and coming artists, producers, managers, and other industry professionals about the ins and outs of the industry. The goal of the event is simple: How to Empower the Industry Professional for Tomorrow. The MBE Conference is a career build-

ing event. The MBE Conference is the premiere networking event for those serious about their future in the industry. The MBE Conference has a panel of successful industry professionals, one-on-ones and showcases. The MBE Conference has a place for small to large businesses. The conference is a weekend event, however, the impact is not made during that weekend but over a period of several weeks and months. The MBE Conference is a launch pad for new products and services in the music industry. The reach of the Conference is local, regional, and national. DJ OO’Kee can be heard Monday Friday from 3pm to 7pm on Foxie 105.

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The Law Offices of Michelle De Los Santos

By Wane A. Hailes The Courier Going into a divorce or child custody case without representation can have long term consequences that can take years to undo. Many people find that they are frustrated, confused, and overwhelmed when trying to represent themselves. While they may believe that not obtaining legal representation in the beginning of a case will save them money, it sometimes ends up costing them more in the long run. An attorney can be more affordable than most may think. The Law Offices of Michelle De Los Santos focuses its entire practice on Family Law and provides individualized client service and legal advice to clients. Having an effective attorney on board as you are going through a divorce, child support, or child custody case can make all the difference in getting the results you want. Although these situations can be overwhelming, you are not alone. We will be there with you throughout the process, and we will see your case through to its conclusion—constantly working to protect your

future. Michelle De Los Santos considers herself a native of both Columbus and Harris County, Georgia. She spent half of her childhood in Columbus, Georgia and moved to Waverly Hall, Georgia in middle school, graduating from Harris County High School. Ms. De Los Santos is a graduate of Kennesaw State University with a B.S. in Political Science. She obtained her J.D. from Florida Coastal School of Law in Jacksonville, Florida. Ms. De Los Santos has been a member of the Georgia Bar Association since 2013. Ms. De Los Santos is a former Assistant District Attorney for both the Violent Crimes Unit

and Drugs Unit in Muscogee County District Attorney’s Office and prosecuted numerous sex offense, murder, and drug cases. She has tried numerous jury trials to conclusion and has resolved hundreds of cases. Ms. De Los Santos opened her firm in 2019. Ms. De Los Santos is an experienced trial attorney and her firm is committed to doing everything in its power to secure a favorable outcome in your case and keep your best interests a top priority. Attorney De Los Santos is located at 1332 Wynnton Road, Columbus, Georgia and can be reached by phone at 706-2214358.

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Michelle De Los Santos Opens Family Law Practice In Columbus

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