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elcome to another special issue on Leadership. It has a different flavour from the last one some two years ago, and I believe God is challenging leaders with new territory to conquer. I can certainly vouch for that in my own business. We all know that a leader is one who has a vision and cuts a road for others to follow. Part of leading is inspiring and equipping your followers to stick to the course. But something I am learning as KBN and Connect grow and more people become involved, is that there is another function of a leader which isn’t so popular. And that is when you have to draw a line in the sand and bring correction to the course to ensure that the vision is never compromised. They say that it only takes a few centimetres at a time to totally get off track. In business, a vision can very easily get derailed as others join in, and the core values and beliefs of your business become clouded with the busyness and routine of

day-to-day tasks. Sometimes leaders need to bring change to the status quo. And that is the tough side of being a leader. I recently read an excellent book by Andy Stanley called Visioneering. Andy writes: “A call for extensive change will always seem extreme to those who are comfortable with the status quo. What is considered conventional wisdom to the visionary is often viewed as radical to the people in the trenches. That’s to be expected. Visionaries see things differently. Eventually there are trends that must be reversed, wrongs that must be righted, issues that must be resolved, and conduct that can’t be tolerated. When problems surface, the leader must rise to the occasion and take decisive action.” There are two vital ingredients in leadership: a clear Vision and a Team to make it happen. Without these you aren’t going anywhere. Elephants are a great example of incredible leadership and teamwork. They have a clear leader, and they also groom their next leader so that there will always be another. It saddens me how many leaders are protecting their position instead of growing others to stand on their shoulders. Leaders have no business being insecure. If you can’t have strong “mighty men and women” around you, you are a weak leader, and that will damage the team and threaten the vision. If you are building a Kingdom business, it is meant to last longer than just your lifespan. Your business should be built for at least 3 generations. Do you have a vision and a succession plan? These will totally change the way you do business. If you have lost the vision along the way, go back

Leading through


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Sheena Jonker, Durban, South Africa. Sheena heads up ADR Network South Africa which practises alternative dispute resolution and seeks to transform justice via reconciliatory processes like mediation. She is also an Activist for Access to Justice and Co-Owner of DreamCo (which is producing the Influence Project).

Congratulations to Belinda, our new KBN Director of Operations

to it and if need be, make a decision to be unpopular by bringing the changes that need to happen to ensure that the Godgiven vision is fulfilled. One way to do this is to attend the Biblical Entrepreneurship course that we are making available for you. Another way is to attend leadership conferences (Check out our first international advertiser on our back cover. I have personally met them and can vouch for an amazing time of equipping and connecting). Are you building to be part of HIS story?

PS. Check out our authors


Nevil Norden, Pretoria, South Africa. Nevil and Rina Norden have been in ministry since 1978. They have ministered all over South Africa and Nevil has been a Pastor of Lewende Woord (Living Word) since its establishment in 1986. Nevil is also privileged to be the spiritual father of Word in Action, a national ministry that ministers to people on weekend retreats. Stuart Fourie, Westville, South Africa. Stuart is an attorney, notary and conveyancer at Fourie Stott in Westville. Prior to that he was an English and Zulu teacher at Westville Boys’ High. His focus is helping people through the difficulties of contracts and property transfers.

Ed Ramsami, Johannesburg, South Africa Ed is the founder of SHIFT, a company that specialises in helping companies, churches and individuals to shift from their current reality to a vibrant, effective and productive future reality. Tracey Swift, New Zealand A self-confessed “peopleholic” and “change champion”, Tracey is the owner of New Identity Ltd. Her company’s purpose is to liberate and love people who are orphaned in life and business, enabling them to harness the right tools to acquire a ‘voice’ in the marketplace. As founder of Arise Shine New Zealand, she also has a passion to see women rise up in every sphere of life and become the ‘significant influencers’ they were called to be. | 5

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of The Success Company, taking many of South Africa’s leading companies toward their success using People Development, namely Skills Development, Team Building and Inspiration. As a business woman, she has devoted her life to equipping people and businesses to discover their true potential for success. Adele's motto in life is “If you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life” and she is blessed to say that is exactly what she does.

Andries Koen is qualified in labour

relations (industrial relations) with 12 years' experience in this field. Andries assists businesses with day-to-day advice regarding formal internal processes for labour matters. His experience extends to assisting with CCMA and bargaining council disputes, wage negotiations with Unions and assisting companies with retrenchment and restructuring exercises.

Patrick Kuwana is the founder of Crossover

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A reader in New York sent us the following letter:

“I have an excellent Christian magazine in my hand that ignites and equips marketplace Christians in building Kingdom business to reach maximum influence in our communities! I believe God is upping the levels of our impact on the world and He will use you where you are – the marketplace.  Good news is that you can read any issue online for free!  KBN Connect is a one-of-a-kind business magazine. In their recent issue, articles such as ‘Force of Favour’, ‘In Pursuit of Influence’, and ‘Influence is in Your DNA’ fuel you and those working under you to reach for the More.   ‘The Force of Favour’, for example, is an article written by Lance Wallnau. He starts, ‘What exactly does favour do?  Favour is the affection of God towards you that releases an influence through you so that other people are inclined to like, trust and cooperate with you.’ Read the rest online....  The article on ‘Meekness is not Weakness’, written by Patrice Tsague, recounts Biblical forefathers (Moses, Abraham, Joseph) and Jesus who exemplified meekness in their stand as most powerful influencers of all time.  The ‘how-to’ steps he provides are for bathroom mirror posting; they shift thinking!  I see God all over this magazine.  What’s in it for me?  I found something GOOD and I want to pass it on.” 

A FACEBOOK CONVERSATION WITH OUR KBN CONNECT COMMUNITY We asked what makes a great leader. These were your answers

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The Game-



o speak about leadership, I’d have to start from the beginning. My beginning, that is. I was born back in 1982‌okay, okay it was 1972. Forgive me, I am not one for minute details. Ten months later I contracted viral encephalitis while away on holiday with my Mom and brothers. My Dad was overseas on business. Within a few days I was completely paralyzed from the neck down. The house doctor was called in twice and diagnosed flu at first. On the second visit he diagnosed measles, because apparently babies stop moving when they have measles. The genius finally referred me to a specialist, I was hospitalized, lumbar punctures happened and so on. We later 10 |

found out there had been an epidemic and seven babies in the area had contracted viral encephalitis. Six lost their lives. One lived. May I say I have a profoundly beautiful mother. And the most beautiful thing about her is that she loves the King. And through much adversity, including the loss of her first baby girl two days after she was born, the paralysis of the baby girl she yearned for and later a heart-wrenching divorce, she just continued to fall more in love with the King. And what did she do with her paralyzed infant? One of the things she did was she encouraged me. She literally put courage into me. And she dragged me to every tent crusade and healing service

showing early signs of paying off. I was going to crawl no matter what, even if I dragged motionless baby legs behind me. So began the next ten years of surgery and physiotherapy, and I used a wheelchair until age ten. I also had to be in a special school where I was able to have physiotherapy every day. May I say that I hated being in a special school and that a lot of the time I thought my physiotherapist was a complete jerk. And I was single-mindedly intentional about getting out of there. And so was my Mom. Big apologies for calling someone a jerk in this beautiful Kingdom publication but the reason I thought so at the time (now I look back with pure love and esteem) was that she resisted my getting the surgery that we believed would enable me to walk. She constantly told us that it would never work. In the meantime, I was not sitting around waiting in apathy. My Mom would never have allowed that. I excelled academically and in swimming. For four consecutive years I was awarded the cup for academics as well as the Victrix Ludorum. I also joined a swimming club with my big brothers, and when I was seven I

One of the things she did was she encouraged me. She literally put courage into me. known to mankind. You know the preacher running down the aisle with the white suit, the shiny teeth, the hairstyle…and the big personality? Yes, I have met them all, or at least a representation of them all! There was just something about all that stuff and my Mom’s tenacious faith and unwavering declaration over the years that I would be healed. There would come a day that I would walk, run and even fly. So what happened? Within a few weeks of being paralyzed, my upper body regained mobility and I started crawling again, but with no use of my legs. But the “putting-courageinto” that my Mom was so good at had started

completed a lifesaving and survival course with them. The Transvaal Swimming Association sent a message that I was an inspiration to many and the youngest to have completed the course. At age nine, my physiotherapist finally agreed that I could have the surgery and she would teach me to walk. I told her that in one year I would abandon my wheelchair and that I would be going to a mainstream school. My Mom backed me. She was in my corner and the King…He backed me too. My physiotherapist said it would never, ever happen. I even overheard her telling someone else that I would never make it in a normal school. So what did I do? I got out of the | 11

The true leader is the one who releases others into their destiny. The one who may never even get the credit. But the one who tirelessly and militantly prays for others, watches over others, encourages others and looks ahead for others. wheelchair. Literally. I went on to excel academically, head up the debating society, represent my school on the Town Council and serve as Deputy Head Girl in Matric. I then went on to graduate from University with a BA in Law and an LLB, and by 24 I was an admitted attorney and conveyancer with my own practice. I also graduated from the University of Hard Knocks. I have a failed marriage, major depression, prescription drug dependence (for three years) and the accompanying professional setback on my Curriculum Vitae. But guess what? I had someone backing me, in my corner throughout it all, throughout life. My Mom never gave up declaring healing and restoration over me. And my King held my hand through it all. I feel as if He believed in me even when I didn’t and He continued to breathe over my life. Almost a decade later I have two of the most beautiful kids in the world, and the most incredible and handsome husband. (Handsome is always a cool bonus!) And professionally? I studied law because I wanted to be a freedom fighter. Today I head up a company that specialises in alternative dispute resolution. We practise restorative, reconciliatory methods, like mediation, to resolve disputes. Our mission is to make Justice look like Jesus and what He has done, which is a restoration of mankind to the original template. Early last year someone gave me a word that I would be granted an audience with Kings and Presidents. I thought the person was crazy. Within weeks Andrew McGibbon and I founded the Influence Project and within a few months doors mysteriously started to open before us. Over the past year I have had audiences with 12 |

the Minister of Traditional Affairs and I have been invited to present my views in parliament, to the Director General of Human Settlements, to the Chief State Law Advisor and the list goes on. I also got a message recently that the King of the Hlube Tribe wishes to speak to me. A year ago I took up swimming again and started doing open water swimming. I came third in the Sun City Mile in October. In four years the Paralympics may be favoured with my presence. No really! So what has this all to do with Leadership Today? My view is that the true leader is the one who releases others into their destiny. The one who may never even get the credit. But the one who tirelessly and militantly prays for others, watches over others, encourages others and looks ahead for others. These are Leaders of Leaders. These are the true game-changers. Today I honour those unsung leaders. Today I honour my Mom who, being rooted firmly in an unwavering love for Jesus, is the biggest gamechanger I know. Jesus said, “You are already clean because of the word I have spoken to you. Remain in me and I will remain in you. No branch can bear fruit by itself, it must remain in the vine. Neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in me� (John 15:4). Leadership today is about the unseen leaders that remain, abide and release the leaders that become obvious to others. These are the true game-changers. These are the world-changers.

Sheena Jonker


his has got to be one of the most exciting times to be alive in history (all past generations who said this - well it’s our time now). Everyone I speak to is feeling more alive and more in touch with who they were created to be - that’s amazing! In business we’re embracing concepts like “loveable marketing”. Advertisers are hard at work to project a nostalgic return to the values we embraced in the fifties, and show how much their clients genuinely care. Companies are working harder than ever to start a conversation with their customers, albeit in cyberspace. Gone are the cold, hard, fact based websites and brochures, as we look to show the world that we have a heart and a personality to boot! Company executives are no longer the “untouchables” but they blog, post fun photos and talk about their hobbies. Social responsibility is no longer neatly packaged and dropped off on the doorstep of the Salvation Army, but companies have stepped up to the plate, dug their hands deep into their pockets and begun supporting social change in a meaningful way. Suddenly there seems to be a lot of love around. And if you’re not seeing it - start being it! Now as I type this I can hear all the cynics out there saying “What love?” “Hmph they may be giving money, but what’s their motivation?” Dare I say - I don’t care! I choose to celebrate every time someone does or says something positive that changes the landscape for others. One thing I’ve noticed is this; whenever someone, anyone does anything good, there are always several sceptics waiting in the wings to pounce on their good intentions and dishonour them. What happened to celebration and encouragement? It seems there will always be those who thrive on drama, gossip and bad news. STOP IT! Choose to be part of the rising tide of good. Whether you believe it or not, there is way more of it around than you think. Think of it this way; when you relay negative information or speak negatively it's like black particles coming out your mouth. If you continue to develop a lifestyle of constantly passing on bad news or

speaking negatively, you will have a big black cloud around you. Eventually you are incapable of seeing any good thing. Having taken a giant leap of faith myself recently, by starting my own business, I can tell you that I kept well clear of anything that slightly resembled a black cloud. Vital to your health and well-being in business and life, is the ability to surround yourself with love! By this I mean, people who at their core have your best interest at heart. Business partners who have a culture of “preferring one another”. Family who call out the greatness in you and hold you accountable to gifts and talents within you.

Love wins

Right now the best marketers and business people are realising that relationships and connections with their clients, staff and business partners that show a little love are producing a harvest of loyalty and increased revenues. Some pretty smart multi-million dollar entrepreneurs of our time, are giving away their knowledge and incredibly good advice online. They “love” people through free downloads, advice, how-to videos and great marketing tools for personal development and building your business. Two of my favourite include Ramit Sethi and Sandi Krakowski. So do this: 1. Inject some “love” into your business, whether it's appreciating and celebrating staff, rewarding customers or giving stuff away! 2. Talk to people. Blog, vlog, tweet or Facebook. 3. Don’t participate in “Black Cloud” behaviour - stay free and positive. 4. Find ways to support and love your community 5. Stop thinking formulas and start thinking friends! 6. Have fun and remember LOVE WINS! [There are now more than 800 million active Facebook users; Twitter has 225,000,000 users; YouTube has 490 million unique visitors per month; LinkedIn has 135,000,000 users] Tracy Swift | 13


ORDINARY won’t CHANGE the world “Good is the enemy of great”


oo many people settle for average, simple leadership. I believe that every leader can shift from being a good, ordinary leader to the kind of leader God destined us to become: great, extraordinary leaders. Ordinary won’t change the world! If you are willing to make the shift from ordinary to extraordinary and from being a good leader to a great leader, then I believe the following principles will help you make it happen. 14 |

– Jim Collins

EVERY GREAT LEADER HAS: A Vision for Something Better

Proverbs says that without vision people perish. They don’t just faint, become tired or lose interest, they perish. As a leader it is your responsibility to ensure that the vision you are imparting to your followers is white hot with energy and a call to follow. Jack Welch has said that “Great leaders create a vision, passionately articulate the vision, and relentlessly drive the vision to completion.”

As a visionary leader, you need to be your organisation’s eyes into the future, driving its performance down a pioneering path. In order to be a positive, transformational leader you need a clear vision if your organisation is going to survive and thrive. But you and the vision are indistinguishable. Without a clear vision, you won’t last. And without a visionary leader, neither will the vision.

An Ability to Communicate

Communication styles vary widely; what may work for one organisation may not work for another. “As a great leader you need to set the bar high for communications skills, give people training where they come up short, and correct style mis-matches before harm is done. Great communicators build teams and trust; poor communicators create and feed uncertainty. Also ensure that all your communication as a leader is clear, concise, and consistent,” says Meghan Biro, a contributor at Forbes.

Integrity in All Things

Byrd Baggett defines integrity as “doing what you said you would do, when you said you would do it, and how you said you would do it”. The number one question that both existing and potential followers are asking is, “Do you have integrity as a leader?” Your followers are not looking for a motto to say but a model to follow. To be a great leader you need to have integrity lived out through consistency in your actions, strong values and deep godly principles.

necessary skills and set aside regular time to implement these skills. Some of the areas that great leaders need to manage effectively include: · Time – We have all been allocated the same amount of time in the day. How we manage that time makes all the difference between a good and a great leader. · Emotions – We need to be aware of how we react in testing situations. · Behaviour – This links back to integrity...doing what you say. · Resources – As great leaders we need to set the example by managing our own resources. Remember the parable Jesus told regarding the servants with the talents. Are we going to be great stewards of what God has entrusted us with?

A Drive to Empower Others

The Apostle Paul challenged his young protégé when he wrote in 2 Timothy, “And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others”. I believe that great leaders are always to identify potential leaders, equip them with the necessary skills and then mobilise them into action as leaders. If you are looking to move your leadership from ordinary to extraordinary, then ensure that these five principles are in your leadership make up… and allow God to empower you to become the great leader that He created you to be.

Self Leadership

Bill Hybels recently said that you are the most difficult person you will ever lead. Good leaders know that self-leadership is important. But great leaders engage in ongoing self -leadership, develop the

Ed Ramsami | 15


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if you want to see change in your job, team, leadership, company or life as a whole, it starts with you. If you want better relationships at work, be more relational to your colleagues. If you want more commitment from those around you, start showing them more commitment. If you want to see your company do better, do better at your role in the company. If it is to be, it is up to you . . . So BE the CHANGE YOU want to SEE. 16 |

Leslie Venter

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Challenge of


Lead By Example In every home, business, company, city council or government, strong leadership is required. Yet leadership should be by example. The Zulus have a wonderful saying: “Sir, your life speaks so hard I cannot hear what you are saying”. In essence they are saying: “What you talk, you must walk or we can’t hear you.” Pierre Spies senior used to say: “Don’t keep on telling me what I’m doing wrong; it only increases my guilt feeling. Rather teach me or show me how to do it right and that will increase my confidence.”

18 |

Every Leader Has Weaknesses

Just because you are a leader does not mean that you don’t have issues. Every leader has weaknesses, and if you live in denial of those weaknesses the enemy will use that to trip you up. Paul says in 2 Corinthians 12:9 (Amplified Bible), “I will all the more gladly glory in my weaknesses … that the strength and power of Christ may rest (yes may pitch a tent over and dwell) upon me!” Every leader needs to stay in close relationship with mature mentors and

trusted peers who know their temptations, insecurities and any past addictions. Many ministries or leaders that are imploding today either worked in isolation or they surrounded themselves with “yes” men. If your friends and colleagues are rubber stamping everything you do, consider that a warning sign in your life. If they tell you that they cannot correct you because you are either authoritarian or subtly controlling, take time off and get counselling immediately.

Be Open to Take an Audit of Your Actions

Luke 16:10 (Amplified Bible) says, “He who is faithful in a very little thing is faithful also in much and he who is dishonest and unjust in a very little thing is dishonest and unjust also in much”. Are you faithful? Do you have checks and balances in place so that you can always comply with the law of the land? As far as financial expenses go, do you give a full account of your expenses or do you exaggerate? Are you truly faithful in that which belongs to another? If you are, God will entrust even more to you. Ask yourself an honest question: if I die today, will my family, church, company, etc. be in trouble because I did not plan for a successor or have a succession policy in place? I work with many widows whose husbands left them in big trouble after their death. No policies, no properly filed documents, nothing in place. These poor women are left in the dark and they battle for months to work through all the legal documents – and that at a hefty price.


I have a co-worker who speaks of “the ability to count”. True accountability

can give a very good account of things and if that is not your strong point, get someone to help you. Good strong leaders have to learn to delegate and the people they delegate to must also be accountable. God wants to bless us, but we also have a reasoning ability. Proverbs 24:3-4 (Living Bible) says, “Any enterprise is built by wise planning, becomes strong through common sense and profits wonderfully by keeping abreast of the facts.” •

Wise planning builds! Are your plans in place?

Common sense makes your enterprise strong. (Enterprises can refer to family homes, businesses, companies, etc.) Don’t be so heavenly minded that you are of no earthly good.

Profits are made by keeping abreast of the facts. Remember, you cannot manage what you cannot measure.

If You Fail to Plan, You Plan to Fail Seek advice from wise people. Proverbs 19:20 (Living Bible) says, “Get all the advice you can and be wise the rest of your life”.

Stay in touch with reality

As a leader you can so easily lose touch with the real needs of your people. You can lord it over them instead of leading them.

Keep out of debt Romans 13:8 (Amplified Bible) says, “Keep out of debt and owe no man anything, except to love one another”. The Greek can also read: | 19

“Don’t continue to owe any person anything”. Biblical debt is not forbidden. There is a moral difference between an obligation and a liability or a loan. You must be able to pay back the loan without putting unnecessary pressure on your budget. In the Bible there was a controlled debt system. Deuteronomy 15:1 (New King James Version) tells us that “At the end of every seven years you shall grant a release of debts”. The borrower had to release the lender after seven years. Simply put: you must be able to pay off your loan in seven years, not in 20 years as the world system offers. We call this a Godly controlled debt system. This is a stern warning against consumerist debt according to

20 |

the world system. According to Ezekiel 22:12 (Living Application Bible), “hired murderers, loan racketeers and extortionists are everywhere”. God’s ways are always of overcoming the world system. If you honour His ways and His principles, you will be a true overcomer. I bless you on your road of success.

Pastor Nevil Norden

Join us for a journey of a lifetime. | 21



t’s funny how God speaks to us. One of our church pastors had gone on a mission trip to Zimbabwe with four other people last year and was telling the congregation about how difficult the lives of the people living there are, particularly in drought conditions. Our senior pastor then spoke about the issues many people in the world face and how fortunate we are to be in the top 1% of the world’s population. God chose that sermon to plant the word “raindrop” in my heart. It took a few days for me to understand why, but I suppose that’s how God works sometimes. Water is made up of molecules. From one perspective, a water molecule is of little value. It’s invisible to the naked eye and floats in the air without being subject to the law of gravity. The bonds between its component elements (hydrogen and oxygen) can easily be broken and we go through life unaware of its existence. From another perspective, however, a water molecule has the potential to link with other water molecules, eventually forming a raindrop

22 |

which falls to the earth to give life to an expectant plant. That molecule, and its partners, mean a lot to that plant. From one perspective, a raindrop is of little value. If the raindrop falls in the wrong place, it will simply evaporate and the water molecules will have to regroup in the atmosphere and try again. From another perspective, a raindrop, when falling together with other raindrops, becomes a shower and, over time, has the potential to turn a desert into a forest or to end a drought. As in many other cases, perspective is everything when looking at a raindrop. If we focus only on the water molecule, we will miss the potential that the molecule has to group together and make a difference to a plant. If we focus only on one raindrop, we will miss the ability of that raindrop to group together with other raindrops to cause significant change in the world. It takes many molecules to make a raindrop and many raindrops to make a shower. From one perspective, a Christian is insignificant when seen in the context

of the world’s problems. Most human influence world events and make beings have little ability to influence the a difference in the world. Infrastructures course of history by themselves. We are (or churches) are only good if the people all limited by the number of hours we who support them work together to can function in a day and the amount perform tasks well. of energy we can devote to a specific As the body of Christ, we are able task. Many of us look at the world’s to bring Christ to the world if we each problems from this perspective and get do our part. disheartened. We wonder whether our Indeed, like gravity, it is a nonindividual effort will really negotiable requirement matter if one considers that, if we are to be genuine As the body in the time you have taken Christ followers. The nature of Christ, we are to read to this point in this of what we do will differ, article (I’m assuming one able to bring Christ depending on our talents minute), the following has and our spiritual gifts. Paul to the world if we happened in the world: reminded us that some of each do our part. us need to be “eyes” and • 40 people were sent to others “hands” in Christ’s hospital for dog bites body (1 Corinthians 12:12• 200 babies were born 30). The point, however, is that we need • 10 children died from malnutrition to work together to fulfil our Great Commission. This is well illustrated in the • one person was murdered. movie Finding Nemo. Near the end of the movie, a group of fish is caught in a net From another perspective, if we and waste their energy swimming in all understand that we are more effective directions in a panic. When they follow combining our efforts than by acting Nemo’s suggestion and swim down alone, we will realise that we can | 23

together, they break their bonds and communities. A denomination should recapture their freedom. not be a barrier between one group of Individuals working together in Christians and another. Our country and small groups can, like water molecules, our world needs to know that their lives make small changes. I still remember need not be miserable and that Christ needing help a few years ago to move has the key to eternal joy. This message a small wooden shed. It was impossible can be spread by individuals but it would to move by myself but, be more effective if those when eight people from individuals worked together Churches working my church arrived to help, it towards this shared goal. together can, like was moved in ten minutes. Let’s “swim down” There are many other together and be Christian raindrops, make practical ways in which to a spiritually significant changes raindrops individuals acting together dry world by following the in our country can make small changes. Holy Spirit’s direction. We For example, bringing a can do this by remembering and in our world. meal to someone whose water molecules. If we spouse is in hospital can start by getting ourselves bless the bringer more than the receiver. in order, we will play a meaningful I encourage you to discuss these ways of role in the deluge to come. working together with other Christians. “…But as for me and my household, Churches working together can, we will serve the LORD.” (Joshua 24:15) like raindrops, make significant changes in our country and in our world. It is encouraging to see pastors from different denominations working together to Stuart Fourie reach the lost and hurting people in their 24 |

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The story of a man, a brand… and a grand vision

Five years ago, after living a largely hedonistic life and travelling extensively to China for two weeks at a time, Max Pienaar got involved in coaching soccer because he wanted to spend more time with his son. That was the beginning of a different kind of journey – one led by God, into a territory Max and his wife never dreamed they would enter. Thank you Max for sharing your story with us.

churches, but were frustrated at the difference between people’s behaviour on a Sunday and during the week. “I wanted no part of that. We are supposed to be the most loving, nonjudgmental and serving people around and yet we can be exactly the opposite,” says Max.

St. Teresa’s: the beginning

Wanting to make a real difference, Max and Nicki started helping out with the orphanage instead. He started by connecting people with needs. “I have met a lot of people in my life, some “One day a new team of young orphans from St. Teresa’s Sydenham came to play soccer wealthy, some with giving hearts. For example, I have a friend who is a billionaire with our kids,” Max begins. and who will not give money “They had nothing. Their kit but is happy to give food. He was all mismatched, and those gives St. Teresa’s 200kg of meat who had shoes didn’t have every fortnight. This has been socks. I was struck by the stark such a blessing for the kids contrast between our kids who who often had only one meat had everything, and those meal a week,” says Max. kids who had very little – but “Then we saw that their played the game with such kitchen was completely heart and smiles from ear to inadequate. So we made a plan ear. In that moment God did and went to one of the Jewish something incredible. He broke Max Pienaar foundations and they donated my heart and my wife Nicki’s. an extra R100 000 towards We both just wept on the side fixing the kitchen. Then we saw an opportunity of the field, and after chatting to the driver we to teach kids how to garden and we got them found out more about this team and where started with a garden and funds for a tunnel they came from.” – things like that. As for church, when it suited This is what started a now five-year-long me and when I was in a comfortable state, journey. At the time Max and Nicki weren’t I would get involved,” Max recalls. involved in a church. “I had done the Sunday school and confirmation thing, but had never fallen in love with God. God was just someone I was going to deal with when I died,” Max explains. He and Nicki been trying out various 28 |

Full surrender: the challenge

Two years ago, God really started moving. Max and Nicki had become part of the Glenridge

community and had started changing the way behaviour. This made an impact on my life as I started to practically apply it. I started to talk they were living, doing business and getting to people about what was on my heart and involved in the life of the church. “That’s when started finding out more about the stories we really started searching. One day I pictured of those at St. Teresa’s.” myself as God giving up my own son to die; and it struck me that if God was giving his son to die for somebody else, what did He want The beginning of the vision from me in return? There had to be more One of the things Max found out was that not than just going to church on all the kids at the orphanage Sunday morning, making were parentless; some were the token appearance at the there because they had been prayer meeting and talking abused by their families. He Christianese. I wanted so much then found out that in our more than that,” he says. Constitution, when a child “Then I came across this turns 18 they are deemed an term called ‘full surrender’, and adult and their welfare grants I grappled with it. What does it cease. Because our welfare really mean to surrender your establishments are under such life? I started thinking about pressure financially, these kids this in its simplest terms (we who are still too young are sent Work in progress! love to complicate the Bible!). out into the world. The answer was so simple: “When the ones that service – love others, help the aren’t pure orphans turn 18, poor, including the broken, the homes try to find families the widows and the orphans. that will foster them. But they Once we understand this, we don’t usually last there. If these are compelled to do something families didn’t take them on about it. when there was a welfare grant “Full surrender” will destroy in place, they will definitely not your ambitions and plans for take them on when they are your future – it will turn it all 18 when there is no money. upside down – or maybe that Even for those who want to Lucky manning the table should read 'the right way help, it is difficult,” says Max. at the iHeart Market where they sell their products. up'. The thought of this both “At 18 most of these scared me and intrigued me,” guys are just used to fighting remembers Max. “At the time I was battling and they are angry. God really put it on my with smoking. In that moment where I was heart to help these kids. Just like our kids, weighing up everything wrong I had ever done these kids have dreams; they also want to be and bringing it before God, God removed my architects, doctors, jewellers and artists. But many addictions, including my potty mouth society overlooks these dreams. Turning 18 and smoking habit. It seems like a small thing, and becoming an adult should be a happy occasion… but these kids get a little box with but it was His ‘hug’ to me. I have never smoked some rice and some beans and are told to go since and have had the opportunity to pray for to a stranger. Most of them land up on the others to walk in the same freedom. street. The kids that we see on the street are so “One of the elders, Ray, preached one broken; they are being shepherded by gang morning that everything that we do is holy, leaders who help themselves to their takings because we are saints. This should modify our | 29

for the day and give them some glue in return. There is also prostitution and trafficking.” One day a friend of Max’s walked in to his office and told him that he had had a dream about him: that he was going to start a Christian clothes line which would be a ministry by helping the kids do something creative. Nicki and Max brainstormed some ideas and started to try and knock a few things out of demin, but Max wasn’t happy with them. “They were nice enough but you could get them from any Chinese shop,” he recalls. “Then one morning I woke up and had this insane ability to work with leather. I didn’t know where it came from but was so grateful. It was a tool to start the dream.”

Savior Mission Life Visions for 18’s and over,” says Max. The project’s mission statement sums up what SMLV +18 is all about:

“We decided to use the American spelling of the word, and it actually became a talking point at the markets,” says Max. “It was a way to open the door to the conversation about what we were doing. It became our way to engage a market that normally wouldn’t care.”

corporate sponsorships of their products (click on “Hello Pretty” under the Dealers tab on their website, or by offering corporate internships, skill-set training and employment opportunities Or you can come and see for yourself what they’re up to, and support them through prayer and simply spreading the word.

“We exist to enable the next generation of leaders in our nation. We place parentless young adults into a familial, structured environment, a home, where they can receive unconditional love, spiritual discipleship, nurturing and level guidance. We aim to provide the BRIDGE between institutionalised orphan children and a selfsustaining and independent adult that operates in the real world. [Part of this involves trade skills acquisition and] education Savior Brand through a network of Lucky with his new ride carefully put together that he was blessed with. Co. is born Now he can get around. And so they launched partnerships with private Savior Brand Co., a line of sector, government and handcrafted, functional leather the church. We see the 18-24-year-old products with a Kingdom purpose. According age group as pivotal in the secondary to their website, “The name Savior Brand Co. developmental phase of the young adult was born out of our dream to help orphans. life. This is where THEY make the biggest We are passionate about transforming the lives decisions about the future of those lives. of orphans, so by purchasing a Savior Brand Our dream is to see many transitional Co. product, we are also enabling you to be residential ‘homes’ in our cities and a Savior in your own right, impacting the lives towns across our nation, raising future of our kids and literally saving the dreams of young adults.” decision makers.” You can help SMLV through

SMLV - Savior Mission Life Visions

Savior Brand Co. has started a residential SMLV +18 programme. SMLV is a play on the media acronym for age suitability i.e. - Sex Nudity Language and Violence, “but ours stands for 30 |

We commend you, Max and Nicki, and we are “confident of this, that He who began

a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus” (Philippians 1:6). Hallelujah! !

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So God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him male and female He created them. Then God blessed them, and God said to them, Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it, have dominion over the fish of the seas, over the birds of the air, and over every living thing that moves on the earth” - Genesis 1:27-28

At this year's conference you will learn: • God’s original plan for the family and business • How to use your business to fulfill God's plan for your family • How to build a multi generational business • Biblical business succession and exit strategy • How to ensure that you and your mate are properly aligned in operating your business • How to engage your family in the business without cultivating the spirit of entitlement • How to protect the business from the family and the family from the business

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