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When it comes to the most stressful time of year, Bethany doesn’t think about christmas, she thinks about summer. The time when everyone is looking for the latest trends and what to copy. It is exactly what Bethany wants to happen, for her followers to copy the sort of clothing what she wears on a day to day basis.


hen Bethany isn’t doing part of her hobby, horse riding, she is all about her fashion. When it comes to summer even Bethany makes the time to have a break and go on holiday. When it comes to this time, lots of people worry and question the sort of things which you need to bring, however Bethany has found the way to solve everything without needing the bag packed to the brim with clothes, leaving more space for all of those holiday gifts.

One of the best things to do is to wear shorts, and then depending the place, wear tights or nothing at all. By doing this you will be able to wear shorts all over the place. Bethany’s favourite place to get her shorts is from Abercrombie and Fitch as they have a lovely quality feel. While on holiday it is essential for you to carry around your stuff in something however most people actually don’t want to have a large bag. Bethany’s favourite small bag is actually from Tory Burch. Bethany loves this shop

A subtle cafe on the coast of Cornwall

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as she is able to choose from such a large range, as also lovely the treatment from the shop.

As Bethany is part of a horse team she has been able to travel all around the world so has a pretty good insight for the sort of things which you can wear in different countries. When





“I’m just me on holiday”

countries, Bethany’s favourite by far is Vietnam. This is partly due to the tropical weather but mainly due to the people. ‘For one of the only places is Asia, they aren’t obsessed about brands and spending money on unnecessary things’. What really stood out for Bethany was how the people were delightful and very welcoming. Vietnam has something special about it as well. As it doesn’t really have just one faith, people are able to wear whatever they want without offending another

Taken from the live city of Macau

religion, ‘which means a lot to me and i wouldn’t want to intentionally hurt someone else.’ Bethany has found that Salvatore Ferragamo shoes are the most reliable in this climate due to the fact that they are breathable while still comfy which is difficult to achieve. Although Bethany doesn’t like to admit it, Gucci and Chanel are pretty good brands when it comes to countries with slightly colder climates as they tend to be more extravagant clothing which makes the model feel very hot. On the other hand when it comes to the hotter climates and more humid places, typically the cheaper costing places are actually the best places to get clothes. Some good brands for this include: Pretty Little Thing, Zara and Abercrombie and Fitch. ‘To be honest, when it comes to different climates i think that the best thing to do is to bring a lot of clothes intended for the hotter climate, by doing this it will enable you to layer up if it gets too cold but then you also have the chance to wear cooler clothing.’

This was taken from a wine vinyard in the South of France

www. - Feburary 2019

In this image she is wearing a top from Abercrombie and Fitch and the necklace is from Pandora




casual look is the exact thing which i was looking for as i am just about to go away . I personally love the off the shoulder look as it makes you feel free to move . B y having the slight flare around the top , the top can also be worn on a night out !�

Words by Samantha Willingham

Go to Tailand and experience the local life

www. - Feburary 2019

Taken at My Sun, Vietnam, mid Feburary

This was taken in the Maldives, Lily Beach

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Spend It TheRight Way

Bethany Davis

Bethany stated that it was down to her modeling job that she ‘learned how to properly accessorise and put together outfits which properly suit her shape and tastes’ in order to make her, Bethany, feel better about herself.


ethany loves to be bold while mixing brands, as she loves to say ‘go big or go home.’ Bethany loves her colourful clothes if its channels summer season of tops, or the latest of Tory Burch’s shoes and then ted Baker clothes. The more that you mix what you wear, the more that you will stand out. Bethany loves to wear her shorts and then a bright top. By doing this it allows her to show off her legs but then still be bold in her bright top. I personally think that this is a very good idea and Bethany has even found a way to continue this style during the colder months, by wearing an oversized trench coat. Usually Bethany wears a trench coat from Michael Kors as they are very fluffy however if she wants to be more colourful, then Bethany likes to wear a coat from Ted Baker. Bethany’s favourite places to get

Get this classic peice in your nearest BeaverBrook

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her accessories are from a range of places. For example, Bethany gets her handbags from Mulbury, this is because of the lovely way which the leather matures. When it comes to necklaces, Bethany likes the best of the best. By this i am talking about Cartier although not the clunky jewelry.

‘Passion, power and persuasion’ Bethany may not always like her life around glam, but this doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have her own opinion on brands. Bethany loves the brands which aren’t all about the money, and actually care about the customers. This may mean sometimes that she doesn’t spend the top end money however Bethany values treatment over everything else a lot more.

Satisfy your sparkly needs at Swarovski

One of Bethany’s favourite brands is Mulberry. This is due to the fact that they produce good quality products in a presentable manor. They also bring a personal touch to Bethany due to the horse riding side of her. I do love that these are the reasons which she has a favourite brand rather than just for the name. One of Bethany’s pet peeves is when brands chose to treat customers in different ways just because of how they look. They think that it’s ok to deny entry to some customers as they don’t want to ‘taint their reputation’. I think that you all know the exact brands which i am thinking about… The worst for this is of course Chanel and Gucci. ‘I hate going into Chanel and Gucci and seeing how they pick who they are going to let in! Who do they think they are to be able to judge people on how they look. They don’t know the salary for any customer…’

Be classy at Goldsmiths

www. - Feburary 2019

Romper from Holister, earrings from Pandora, makeup done by Charlotte Tilbury

Words by Samantha Willingham

Feel your best with Michael Kors wedges

www. - Feburary 2019

The signiture look you are looking for, Pandora

Reliable traniers from Reebok

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D y n

a h et


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t a th

d i a s y l ho n o “W n a e c n u o o t y a d o o g ” e ? b g n i h t Interviewed by Dom Selvey

www. - Feburary 2019

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Bethany Davis




is by far my favourite go to outfit , as it is so easy to put on and i know that it will look good . What’s also great about this look is that i am able to quickly and simply accessories with almost anything . I f that is the latest and bougiest C hanel handbag or the largest belt i could get my hands on ! D efinitely a keeper and would highly recommend for all sorts of people !.” Dickies original jumper with the latest Topshop jeans

10 - Reveal

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The Next

Big Thing

‘It shouldn’t matter about other people’s opinions, in the end it all comes down to how you feel about yourself.’


ots of people think that modeling is easy and that it requires no skill,’ in which Bethany continued by saying ‘it is just as difficult as any job and that only a few people are really right for the part.’ Whats lovely to see is that Bethany has a fire within her that stands up for this growing industry. One outfit that Bethany loves to wear is a boob tube with either a denim jacket or an oversized jumper (which you can see on page 13). This is due to the fact that she adores the japanese fashion styles of layering pieces of clothing which all have different styles (only a less extreme style than the japanese.) One of her favourite japanese brands is UNIQLO. Bethany got her inspiration for this style while she was on a fashion tour around Asia. ‘As the fashion is so different to the fashion which we see in the western culture, it makes for a really interesting outfit.’ Another one of Bethany’s signature outfits included a knitted black and white jumper made by Chanel as part of their fall 1991 collection. Fitted with multiple chains of pearls and a small leather skirt. This classy piece is meant to be worn in a hot climate and for some special events. This particular combination led the inspiration for multiple celebrities such as Laverne Cox and Kylie Jenner. Although it is more of an over the top

www. - Feburary 2019

outfit in which you would wear once or twice, it is completely stunning and is a perfect representation of Bethany, stunning from head to toe! Bethany had a figure hugging Vera Wang dress, complete with dior shoes and a chanel necklace to finish it off. Unlike most extravagant outfits, Bethany chose to choose her dress around her shoes and jewelry. Just another example of how she is unique and doesn’t ‘try to be like everyone else.’ Bethany was seen wearing this whole outfit in Paris, 2018 for the Met gala. It was, and still is, one of the best outfits seen on the runway.

‘Who said that you can’t be good at more than one thing’ Although Bethany is yet to reuse a new outfit, this doesn’t mean that she won’t reuse her outfits, at least to a degree… Bethany isn’t afraid of being eco friendly and reusing her clothes, however Bethany never wears the whole same outfit before. Usually Bethany chooses to use her jewelry and mix them for different outfits. By doing this, it makes her, Bethany, ‘feel better about her impact on the environment.’ As quite a lot of Bethany’s audience is concerned about the impact on the environment, as a large step to help Bethany decided to donate $2,000

worth of clothes every year to people in need. Since she has started to do this, her popularity has risen significantly but for the people who are impacted on the donations, it has made such a significant difference. Bethany herself ever said that ‘I feel better about myself knowing that i have made a large impact with the clothes. I don’t mind if the people sell the clothes so that they can get money or if they just want to keep it.’ As the majority of the clothes are Gucci and Chanel it’s not like they aren’t worth anything. When it comes to finding the perfect outfit, there are no lengths which Bethany isn’t willing to go to finish of an outfit. Personally i love the determination that this young and inspirational girl is showing to the world. The most impressive distance which Bethany has travelled, to finish an outfit, is from London to Hong Kong. Bethany chose to take the almost 13 hour flight in order to get her hands on a limited edition necklace from Cartier. When Bethany showed it to me, all i can say is wow. That is one thing which i really admire about Bethany, although she is willing to travel extreme lengths, she will always donate a large sum towards a environmental charity to compensate for her footprint. I think that this is a lovely touch and makes her seem cautious for what her audience wants.

Words by Samantha Willingham

11 - Reveal


‘Who said that models can’t have a life outside of their career…’ What a way to start an interview. Bethany Davis is an elite model who has a passion for horses as well as fashion . Her love for horses and fashion ‘consumes her life but in a good way.’


hat really intrigued me about Bethany was how she has a real love for horse riding on the side of an ‘amazing job’ which she equally shares the passion. Unlike the majority of models, who base their home life on working out and being on a diet, Bethany has chosen to spend her free time doing what she ‘loves doing’, Riding. Bethany likes to alternate between two different outfits, one which is more casual while the other is better for competitions. Throughout the week, Bethany loves to go riding more than once a week,due to this her clothes get very dirty quickly so obviously she doesn’t want to ruin perfectly good quality clothes from Louis Vuitton or Ted Baker. Bethany likes to get her tops from cheaper stores such as top shop or pretty little thing, so it doesn’t matter as much if a top is ruined. The sort of tops which Bethany likes to wear are the ones which look similar to denim but are actually more like cotton, light blue shirt. Due to the material of the fabric, it is breathable enough so that she can move comfortably and not overheat. This top is is usually accompanied by dark blue jeans. Bethany made it pretty clear that you ‘just can’t wear anything too thin on your legs while you are

12 - Reveal

trying to ride otherwise you end up feeling like the insides of your legs are on fire!’ Bethany’s favourite and most reliable jeans come from Abercrombie and Fitch as they are reasonably priced but are slightly more reliable than from somewhere like Primark.

‘It is all about the true connections between rider and horse.’ When it comes to Bethany’s competitions, she likes to spend a little more money so that she is ‘more presentable and looking the part’. In order to achieve this look, Bethany has a very simple colour scheme, black and white. Bethany wears a pure white turtle neck top from Michael Kors with a military blazer from Chanel 2002 spring. When it comes to the trousers, Bethany chooses to get them from a proper riding wear shop, Calevo as ‘they provide padding and support in just the right places.’ Bethany conveyed a strong feeling about all of the riding shops, that the clothes which they provide ‘aren’t anything special and don’t have a massive image on riding.’ Due to this opinion, Bethany only owns a few pairs of ‘proper riding trousers’. Bethany loves to get her clothes from all

different shops to make sure that she doesn’t look like any of the mannequins. Some of Bethany’s favourite brands for riding includes: Top Shop, Pretty Little Thing, Abercrombie + Fitch, Chanel and Calevo. What really makes Bethany stand out while she rides is the fact that she has a wide range of quality of clothing, unlike the majority of riders. What is great about Bethany is that her personality is full of life and so energetic. This is one of the main reasons why she chose to start horse riding as the majority of other animals wouldn’t be able to take in all that energy! What is truly inspiring is how Bethany chooses to give free lessons to kids, where she gives tips and tricks which she has learned over the years.

‘I learned how to channel my fiery passion’ Bethany describes to me ‘the sense of accomplishment you feel after taking care of such a large animal, and how you truly understand and feel respect to and from the animal.’ After having this meaningful conversation, i can really tell that her passion means so much to her and she ‘truly’ enjoys what shes does.

www. - Feburary 2019

Bethany Davis Latest boob tube from MisssGuided, necklace from BeaverBrooks

Then Bethany went on to explain ‘how they are beautiful creatures and how it feels to “fly” when you jump’. What was lovely to see, is how passionate Bethany is about riding and how she loves the thrills that you can get. While talking about her own horse, Bethany tried to explain how the personalities of horses varies wildly and the best match between the rider and the horse is when they have similar personalities. personalities. As Bethany is so energetic and bubbly it only makes sense that her horse, Winter, is also full of life.

Words by Samantha Willingham

www. - Feburary 2019

13 - Reveal

Queen Of Comfort

‘Tis the season to be comfy’. These immortal words were spoken by Jenner Cooper, the world’s best winter model. While on an interview with this queen, she continuously emphasised how her favourite time of the year is by far winter, because of the infinite possibilities of fabric and fur.


urprisingly, Jenner expressed that she ‘hates’ trends! This is due to the fact that they ‘make everyone look the same.’ I think that we all know what she is talking about, the fiend for Christmas are those dark green coats. ‘I am obsessed with detail and pattern. Jenner further explained that she would rather wear ‘pure grey during the summer as to me this is a bigger statement that just the normal pale blues and pastel pinks. To end on the unique level as Jenner, she suggests that the best thing to do when it comes to fashion is to ‘stand out and not just follow the crowd and it will help with your confidence as well as things like your personal identity’.

In the end Jenner ended up having businesses in Canada, Hong Kong, the UK and parts of Europe and Japan. She is now known as a world wide designer and is up in the big leagues.

“If you have it, then you can make anything look good” Jenner

While talking about why she, Jenner Cooper, chose to be a seasonal designer the first thing which she talked about was how much freedom you have compared to clothes only for summer or something. Personally i love how Jenner focus on one area as it means that she is ‘more specialised and should therefore be the best of the best when it come to winter.’

Jenner has a few tips and techniques in which she told us how she chooses to accessories her jumpers. One of the first tips which she has given is that ‘when you wear an oversized jumper, either just wear it without any jeans or legging and add a belt so it cinches the waist’. As the latest fashion is to show off and extenuate the figure for the body.

Originally Jenner just had a store open in New York due to the extreme winters. In the first year which she was open, 2008, her sales went through the roof. All the fashion magazines were talking about how Jenner was putting the other designers to shame.

‘Clothes can transform your mood and confidence’, this attitude is what sets apart her and everyone else when it comes to fashion. Most of her special fashion designs can be seen during the Paris fashion week along with chanel and Mulberry.

After a year or two, Jenner started to expand into other countries and areas where the weather starts to get cold.

‘Some people think that opposite of chic and expensive is sloppy and lazy however that all depends on how

14 - Reveal

you execute it’. I loved this personal viewpoint on fashion as it really changes the whole stereotype for what is acceptable in today’s fashion. One of the things which Jenner loves to do is to challenge the norm within fashion, trying to change the rules and conventions for what is acceptable. ‘Fashion is all about the time in which you live in’. Jenner uttered these words while talking about her opinions on some of the styles. What i loved was while she was talking all she kept mentioning was about the biggest problem within fashion, the most important fashion issue. ‘The one which is trying to make women look younger.’ As this is the goal is the basis for all companies and businesses, it shows’ just how difficult this is to achieve.’ Jenner prides herself as she has found the solution to make women feel ‘even more joyous and rejuvenated’ than ever before. ‘The secret isn’t down to wearing the tightest things or the most revealing, the trick is so feel comfy while having a tight part not on the body, around the lower arms/ wrists.’ We even got part of the team to get involved in this idea and to

www. - Feburary 2019

try out the technique for a week. Not shockingly she was right. All of the women who tried this idea felt younger without having to feel uncomfortable. Maybe comfy is the way forward. ‘This is one of my favourite combinations’, the main feature image on the page, ‘as the bright pop of red flashes with the array of colours within this week’s hair colour’. (This is a reference to how Jenner changes the colour almost every other week, so that she can match her hair and clothes as much as possible.)






While discussing Jenner’s career i thought it was very interesting on one of her main comments as she was so right. As ‘breakfast is the most important meal it would only make sense that you start every day in the right outfit for you’. This is a great new outlook on this topic and a positive direction which more people should follow. Jenner personally doesn’t like to wear other brand clothes like Michael Kors due to the fact that she doesn’t want to ruin her image. There is an immense amount of pressure for artists to produce new styles every season but ‘you don’t expect a writer to produce multiple books every few weeks and get a quality level.’ I feel as though Jenner is really emphasising the issue that designers work is underappreciated now days as people don’t really understand the immense effort which goes into every piece. Due to this Jenner has opened a company which allows people to see and experience what it’s like to be a fashion designer and all of the pressures which they must overcome. For example Gucci chose to develop one or two products for a few years as they really struggled to think of that what the customers haven’t seen yet.

Words by Jess Smith Oversized jumper from Gucci, styled with minimalistic jewlery from Channel

www. - Feburary 2019

15 - Reveal


e z a

r B l

n w o


s she is new to this fierce game, we wanted to ask her a few questions and understand more about how she feels about this whole thing. One of the first things of which Hazel actually stated was that ‘fashion is a very stressful place to work and i have found that the only way to really be heard, is to make as much noise as possible.’ Although i think that this may be a way forward for some people, it may seem a little overbearing for the majority of other people. Growing up Hazel never found the ‘perfect clothes’ for her. This became an alarming issue for her and she wanted to change the problem. Hazel persued her dreams and started company of her own which specifically tailored to all of the other peoples issues. This was a very popular issue and therefore the business become very popular.

Teddy bear jumper from Gucci, red tank top from MissGuided, hoop earring from Holister and glasses from Mulburry

15 - Reveal

Hazel expresses her opinions of why she believes that she has become successful in this field, ‘personally i think that i have a great ability to speak up and be heard, i just thought that the best thing to do would be to use the skill.’ Once we started this discussion about skills, Hazel gave a few tips which she recommends that everybody follows, no matter what the job is. The first thing is that ‘you shouldn’t change yourself to fit the part for a job’. Hazel is referring to the fact that so many people choose a job which they don’t particularly like for other benefits such as money. The second tip which Hazel gives is that you should do something ‘which makes you want to get up in

www. - Feburary 2019



If you haven’t heard about this amazing person, where have you been? Hazel is one of the newest designers which has entered the fashion world. Unlike the majority of the trends, Hazel likes to manipulate and change the designs in order to be unique and more recognisable as her own style. the morning rather than just sleep in.’ Hazel has so many relatable tips which just makes me believe that she is even more down to earth than i have heard. Unlike the majority of conventional designers, Hazel chooses to take designer brands such as Gucci, Michael Kors and Ted Baker and turn their clothes into more casual style. I think that it is very interesting that Hazel felt as though the majority of brands haven’t achieved the perfect range of clothes which people can wear out and about. Although this is just a hobby of Hazel’s, many of her close friends have actually asked her to modify some of their designer things so that they can wear them more often. One of Hazel’s signature looks is wearing tartan pants with a tight spaghetti top and usually a teddy bear jacket on top. This combination was created to best show off her curves and waist as what she loves best about her body is her ‘curves’. What is truly great about this outfit combination, is how Hazel will be able to adapt her outfit for the different seasons. ‘The biggest thing in life which i hate is when there is waste, i really love the minimalist style which is what i strive to achieve in life’. Hazel has a very unique and refreshing outlook on the amount of clothes which people “need” to have, she wants to show people that if you simplify the simple things in life such as what you wear, it can actually have massive impacts on the rest of your life. ‘By having a clear space where you live, you instantly clear your mind of stress and worries.”

www. - Feburary 2019

Unlike most designers, Hazel isn’t afraid to be seen wearing other brands. These will include things like Gucci handbags and shoes from Salvatore Ferragamo. However when is comes to her clothes, she always wears her own creations.

“My passion is fashion, and as long as i am doing that, i’ll be happy.”

Hazel Brown. Without a doubt one of the best coaches which I have seen in action, the lady who I never stop hearing about, one woman who never stops anything in her way. Hazel if responsible for people like Kendall Jenner, Rebecca Davis and our own Lowri Medina. One of Hazel’s signature outfits has started to trend amongst some celebrities, some of which include: Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner. This latest trend is by having jogging bottoms or tracksuit on with a tight top. ‘A ll the people who like my trends have shape to them.’ We can really see the style of Hazel coming through in these outfits as they combined her need for comfy designer stuff while still giving her shape. Isn’t this what we have

all tried to achieve at some point? Due to the rise of popularity which Hazel has gotten, she has been invited to co-host at the Paris fashion week as well as the London and Milan fashion week. We hope the best for Hazel and that her fame just continues to rise.

Written By Francesca MiltonJones

Following the life of this celeb around Hong Kong isn’t easy. From the constant fans, to everyday traffic . I t ’ s a wonder that she is able to do anything on a wild trip out . While

being very photogenic , this queen loves the spotlight and all the right places to get that instagram worth image . - Follow her on Instatram @HazelBrown

‘Do what you

17 - Reveal

www. - Feburary 2019


a i love about H azel , is her free spirit to do exactly what she wants , whenever she wants . hazel isn ’ t afraid to show her fun side , as seen off camera .


my surprise , i found out that her favourite colour is yellow , despit her not owning a single yellow peice ! H azel chose to wear a vivid red colour in order to compliment ‘ her ’ colour .

u love most’

www. - Feburary 2019

Written by Francesca Milton-Jones

18 - Reveal



‘Once you find your passion and thing in life, don’t ever let it go’. Once i met Lowri i could see her becoming one of my closest friends due to her positive outlook on life. Unlike most people of whom you meet in this industry, Lowri has a fresh atmosphere and isn’t obsessed about what she can and can’t have to eat.


owri loves to find comfy and soft clothing which she can model and dance in at the same time. Her goal is what most dancers wish to find although i think that Lowri has done this best of all. ‘A ll i want to do is dance, this is the main impact on what i am wearing’. She expressed

how she struggled for years to try and find the right brand of clothes to dance in which would suit all of her dancer needs. Since this she has discovered that Ted Baker as well as more mass market shops that have created the perfect blend of comfy and stretchy which can withstand dance.

“You can always go forward by making mistakes.” - Lowri

While asking Lowri about her dance practice, i asked her about some tips which she had learned over the past few years, the main thing which she stated was that ‘if you really love to dance, you won’t have to force yourself ’ as a way of motivation. What I really loved about Lowri is how her attitude for life has changed dramatically due to dance. ‘I can’t remember the last time which I wasn’t dancing, practising or even not thinking about dance.’ What is truly great is how Lowri can immerse and adapt herself into anything which is

19 - Reveal

thrown at her. By this I am talking about how Lowri is also a full time model. Lowri explained that she really struggles to think of poses to do while she is on the catwalk due to a lack of self confidence. ‘Lowri isn’t a natural model like Kendall Jenner however when she combines her dance and voguing skills, Lowri is arguably a better model than I have ever seen before’. This very inspiring quote was taken from Lowri’s coach, who has won several awards herself and is the reason why models like Kendall, Bella and Gigi are so famous now. Her name is Hazel Brown of whom you can read about on pages 16 and 17. ‘Growing up I always saw myself as being different and never really fitting in with all of the other girls. This was partly due to my height but also how I loved to be in the spotlight 24/7. Which as you can imagine didn’t go down very well with all of the other girls’. This story of a little girl who didn’t feel as though she fit in, really moved me while we were talking due to the fact that her story is so relatable to so many people yet she is one of the few who actually do something about it. Nowadays Lowri has learned to channel those feelings which developed while she was a kid so that she has even more power and control over what she does.

www. - Feburary 2019



In response to what she wants to do in the future, she replied: ‘My next hurdle is to become the white swan in swan lake as only the top people can do it and although I may not have as much practise as other, I know how to channel my emotions and feelings through a dance’. Personally I think that Lowri is definitely one of the best dancers in this country, continent, correction the world. ‘If you never aim high, how do you expect to live your life in the stars’.




Shoes and skirt from Boutique Repetto, leotard from Red Shoes

On a daily basis Lowri said that she is ‘either in two moods, extremely casual or dressed up a little.’ When Lowri wants to be very casual she normally wears clothes from places like topshop or even pretty little thing due to the fact that they they usually have clothing which is lose fitting and a bit sloppy. To be fair on Lowri, as she has intensive practice for dance, it is only fair that she should be allowed to relax a little while she is walking. The other type of outfit style which Lowri likes is slightly dressed up. Lowri loves her accessories especially the handbags from Mulberry and Chanel.

Words by Kimaya Gracias

www. - Feburary 2019


20 - Reveal

Ria Parsons

“No matter how much you earn, make sure that you don’t forget the natural beauties of the world.”

Leather Jackct from Ted Baker, white tee from your closet H&M

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Luxury Life Of

See how the real life ‘cinderella’ lives her life of luxury in her own home. Learn to live the contemporary lifestyle which is the leading example for Ria. This independant woman loves her life but keeps a low profile, isn’t this what we all want?


hat’s great about Ria is how she likes to wear clothes which aren’t over the top looking but the nice thing is that her clothes are actually pretty good quality. For example Ria likes to wear discrete Versace jeans with a pair of complimenting Jimmy Choo trainers. Personally i love how the washed out jeans fit to just above the ankle which means that the attention isn’t taken away the shoes.

put together an outfit if Ria puts in different selections and filters such as chic. By doing this Ria is able to digitally see what her outfit is going to look like before she puts it on. I honestly can say that everyone needs one of these as it can cut down hours of time trying to decide what to wear, i would definitely need this in the morning!

of jeans from Pretty Little Thing. This is only because of the fact that ‘they are able to show of her shape.’ Isn’t this what everyone wants?

When it comes to accessories, Ria loves to get her handbags from michael kors as they are some of the most durable handbags. ‘As they aren’t over priced, this means that they aren’t too Ria almost looked shocked expensive to replace which is that i asked this question and always a good thing when you replied, ‘how can anyone have have to carry around makeup in just ONE favourite brands your bag.’ However when it comes Her extensive shoe collection is when there are so many.’ Due to jewelry, Ted Baker is the way ‘one of her favourite rooms in to this response, she agreed to forward when wearing a low key her house’ and after seeing it for give me her favourite company outfit as ‘it makes sure that you myself, i can safely agree with her. for each category of clothing. still have a little bit of a flare.’ This contemporary room in her house has a big impact due the When it comes to shoes, ‘there is Ria’s house is one of the the serene feel from the whole no competition’ that Jimmy Choo most amazing houses that i room. One of my favourite things is the very very best for shoes. This have ever seen let alone been about this shoe closet is how all is due to the fact that they don’t in. I was so honoured to be her shoes are lined up in gradient have their brand name plastered able to have a tour around it. order. By doing this it allows Ria over everything. Some of Ria’s to ‘brush past with her clothing favourite shoes are actually part Even from this small selection of and she can find the exact of a summer collection, they are a pictures you are able to see, Ria has colour match.’ Personally i think nude colour and have a few simple got everything which you could that this is a really good idea. floral patterns along the sides. think of from the large chandelier These ‘sandals’ aren’t suitable to the spiraling staircase. This As part of Ria’s house, she is testing for some of the colder months. open space plan is meant to out a new product for a business maximise the space and as all of called called ‘Cotton’ where a Moving onto the jeans, as i her furniture is contemporary, computer knows all of the content mentioned before, Ria does love nothing seems overwhelming. of her wardrobe. This impressive her non branded versace jeans but Words by invention is able to randomly she also has a substantial amount

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Wrought Iron is the latest fashion for your home, from the gate to the railing feature in your home. Words by Samantha Willingham

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“All that you could ever want is only an arms reach away, Ria reached out and she’s loved every moment since.”

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