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Howard Paul Trio@The Mansion


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On the Cover: Julie Sonnenberg-Klein on the porch of a house under construction

in Godley Station in West Chatham (photo by Jim Morekis)

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Table of Contents Volume 4, No. 46, August 10, 2005

Week at a Glance

THE 411|


Layla’s Caravan What: Join belly dancer Layla Katrina and her troupe of advanced students in a special performance that will include a fire dance and a sword dance. Layla will teach an introductory class in belly dancing to girls at the Delaware Center prior to the performance, and if willing, they may also do a performance in the show. When: Saturday, Aug. 13 from 8-10 p.m. Where: Black Box Theatre at S.P.A.C.E., 9 W. Henry St. between Bull and Whitaker streets. Cost: Free, although donations are greatly appreciated. Call: Layla Katrina at 354-5808 or send email to

Connect Savannah

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Fine Sterling Silver Exclusive Accessories Dynamic Interior Accents

compiled by Linda Sickler

NOW OPEN!!! 325 W. Broughton St. (Corner of Broughton & Montgomery)

e g d i r b h t u o S Vickery’s at

Thursday, Aug. 11 Speaking Bean Slam What: Featured poet Mary C. Kim will host a full slam. Any poet willing to perform their original poetry, engage and enlighten audience members is welcome. The first place winner will receive a $100 Banana Republic gift certificate, second place will receive How to Make a Living as a Poet by Gary Max Glazer, 1998 Poetry Olympics winner. Third place will receive $5. When: Aug. 11 at 7 p.m. Where: The Sentient Bean. 13 E. Park Ave. Cost: $2. Call: 232-4447.

Friday, Aug. 12 Lunchtime Concerts in the Squares What: Bring a sandwich and enjoy the tunes as the American Federation of Musicians presents performances ranging from ragtime to jazz. The Sandra Embley Four will perform this week. When: Aug. 12 from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Where: Johnson Square. Cost: Free.

Dodge Ram Series Championship Round Three

Vickery's at Southbridge is open daily for lunch from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sunday brunch is served from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Dinner is served Tuesday through Friday evening from 5 to 9 p.m. 415 Southbr idge Boulevard • (912) 651-5455 Banquet facilities available for all group sizes.

What: Double NASCAR features create double the excitement, double the racing action and sometimes double the trouble on the speedway. Five NASCAR divisions of stock car auto racing will be featured. When: Aug. 12. The gates open at 6 p.m. and racing begins at 8 p.m. Where: Oglethorpe Speedway Park on U.S. 80 in Pooler. Cost: $10 adults, $9 military or seniors, $3 kids 6-12 and free for 5 and under. Call: 964-8200 or visit

Sand Gnats Homestand Begins What: The Savannah Sand Gnats take on the Augusta Greenjackets for a four-game series. When: Aug. 12, 13, and 15 at 7:05 p.m. and Aug. 14 at 2:05 p.m. Where: Grayson Stadium, East Victory Drive. Call: 351-9150.


Tybee Theater Cafe Presents Godspell (thru the first weekend in September) What: The musical Godspell will be presented by Tybee Theater Cafe, Trinity United Methodist Church and Savannah Children’s Theatre. The production is directed by Kelly Miley, executive director of Savannah Children’s Theatre. When: Aug. 12, 13, 19, 20, 26 and 27 and Sept. 2 and 3 at 8 p.m. Also, a special matinee performance will be presented Sunday, Aug. 28 at 3 p.m. Where: Tybee Theater Cafe, U.S. 80 and Jones Avenue, above Las Palmas restaurant on Tybee Island. Cost: Tickets are $18 general admission and $15 for students and seniors. Reservations are required. Call: 786-6384.

Saturday, Aug. 13 Child Safety Program What: The DNA LifePrint Child Safety Program promotes child safety awareness and provides tools to families which can help protect their children against violence. Everyone who attends will receive a child safety journal which will provide law enforcement officials with vital information about their child; a high-quality full-color digital photograph of the child; a video-CD with audio and visual of the child; and a home DNA identification kit that is easy to use and lasts through generations. When: Aug. 13 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Where: Savannah Toyota, 11101 Abercorn St. Cost: Free. Call: 927-1234 or 897-1713.



FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 2, 2005 7:30PM Savannah Civic Center Arena SEE SAVANNAH'S OWN







5 Undercard Events 2 CO-MAIN EVENTS featuring



What: This event will celebrate all things Elvis, Disco and Polyester. There will be prizes for the best Elvis attire and best disco attire. Dance hits will be played all night. When: Aug. 13. Where: Venus de Milo, 38 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. Contact:

Reel Savannah Presents 3-Iron

of Savannah, GA



CESAR FIGUEROA Mexico City, Mexico

What: This Korean film is about a young man who distributes restaurant takeout menus and the unhappy housewife who joins him as he wanders through Seoul on a motorcycle. They never speak to each other or to anyone else. Instead, their glances and gestures emphasize the loneliness that surrounds them. When: Sunday, Aug 14 at 7 p.m. Where: Lucas Theatre. Cost: $6.

Wednesday, Aug. 17 Psychotronic Film Society Presents Mondo Cane What: This 1962 “shock-umentary” takes a harsh look at strange rituals and society conventions from around the world, including ritual slaughter by natives in New Guinea, Malaysian street vendors skinning snakes, and Portuguese bystanders who are gored by bulls. When: Aug. 17 at 8 p.m. Where: The Sentient Bean, 13 E. Park Ave. Cost: $5. Call: 232-4447. ◗


Tickets on Sale NOW! For ARENA Seating call the Civic Center Box Office (912) 651-6556 AREA Seating is also available online @: WWW.ETIX.COM

ASK ABOUT VIP TABLE SEATING!! Tabled seating includes buffet dinner for 8 & beverages



In Memory of Amanda Jarrell

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Sunday, Aug. 14


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The Dead Elvis Memorial Disco Bash



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Cover Story


story and photos by Jack Star


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Julie Sonnenberg-Klein peers at her computer screen. She has just discovered what appears to be a deep, dark secret in coastal Georgia: the power of the sun. Old Sol shines with such intensity that it can heat water to over 200 degrees, slashing hot water heating costs at least 50 percent, and the total electric bill by nearly 20 percent. With that knowledge she quickly makes the decision to install a solar water heating panel on the roof of the home she and husband Ben, a professor of electrical engineering, will be building in The Arbors neighborhood in Godley Station, a large planned community in West Chatham County A physicist by training and disposition, Julie has become deeply immersed in the technologies of alternate energy as a project manager for InfinitEnergy ( Working from an office in one of the three gray and white masonry buildings clustered in the moonscape setting of the nascent Savannah campus of Georgia Tech, she coordinates conferences, seeks out grants, constructs solar demonstration projects, develops lesson plans for science classes and builds networks of people and organizations to actively promote Savannah and Chatham County as a budding center for energy technology. Although over a thousand homes have sprung up in West Chatham, and tens of thousands more are planned, rooftop solar water heating and solar electric generation are not even offered as options by local home builders. Julie and Ben will become solar pioneers. Savannah Technical College is psyched over solar. President C. B. Rathburn, III seized on the opportunity to work as an InfinitEnergy partner with Georgia Tech on joint solar projects. He sees it as a natural, and necessary, extension of a current two-year program.

Solar 101

THE ENERGY FROM THE SUN comes in two familiar forms – heat and light. The inventive minds of scientists and engineers have developed an extraordinary mix of ways to capture that energy and transform it for residential, commercial and industrial use. Solar researchers around the world seek to find new ways to capture, store and distribute that energy, or to optimize existing technologies. Solar energy is limitless, nonpolluting, and free. Typical thermal uses for solar energy are: solar cooking, solar heating of potable water (or some other fluid through a heat exchanger) for residential and commercial use, solar heating of swimming pools, solar desalination, solar radiant space heating, and solar evaporative cooling. In residential developments a four-foot by eight-foot roof mounted panel will preheat water which then circulates through a standard water heater. On days with intense sunshine water is heated to over 160 degrees and the regular water heater never kicks in. (In fact the water can be so hot that an anti-scald valve is needed to bring the temperature down to a safe level.) On cold days, or days with less intense sunshine, water is still preheated by the sun and the standard water heater therefore runs for a much shorter period of time. The photons of light striking Photovoltaic (PV) cells (typically silicon ) displace electrons and create electricity. These cells are arranged in modules in a variety of sizes and are the ones frequently seen on rooftops. PV cells can also be embedded in special roof shingles that act both a standard roofing material and generators of electricity. Industrial strength solar. Presently, there are four major technologies that will produce electric power at the same level as many power plants (over 300 MW) and at far less cost per kilowatt than roof mounted photovoltaics. Pole-mounted photovoltaic modules that track the sun; Dish concentrators. Large (60’) dishes with mirrored surfaces that concentrate the sun’s rays on a Stirling engine, or photovoltaic cells, and directly generate electricity; Trough concentrators. Parabolic reflectors that concentrate the sun’s rays on a tube filled with a special fluid that can be heated to over 375 degrees C. The heated liquid powers a steam engine that generates electricity; Fresnel lens concentrators. Giant arrays of Fresnel lenses which focus light on special photovoltaic cells resulting in very high efficiencies. Presently, solar farms built around these technologies, have been, or are being, installed; and more orders are anticipated. Manufacturers state that as they ramp up production prices will fall to as little as $2 per watt, making them competitive with fossil fuels in as little as 5 years. At the present time, concentrator technology requires substantial acreage to be cost competitive. However, once economies of scale are reached, 30 to 40 acre solar mini-farms will be feasible (enough to supply 1,000 – 1,200 homes). ◗


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Connect Savannah

“People need to be confident that credit, with a cap of $2000, through there will be trained personnel to 2007, for both solar thermal and photomaintain the equipment.” Solar installavoltaics. Businesses that buy solar tions are labor intensive and he sees systems can claim a 30 percent tax the growth of the solar industry crecredit (up from the current 10 percent), ating many good-paying jobs in the with no upper limit, through 2007, when area. the credit slips back to 10 percent. As Joseph Franklin, Dean of “I’m just tickled to death to see it go Occupational and Technical Programs through,” crows Stan Hedgecorth of explains it, “Georgia Tech works on the Coastal Solar Technology theory and design, we work on training (c, about the new electricians in installation and mainteenergy bill, signed by President Bush nance.” Solar also fits in to the whole this past Monday. The burly installer of concept of the state-of-the-art both types of systems says the tax Industrial Technology credit will cut nearly center at Savannah Tech. $1000 on thermal with “Vocational training is payback for typical out,” he says. “It’s techsystems within 3 years. nology now.” Tommy Davis, presAccording to Lester ident of RemoteWiggins, department Technology head, Electrical (, Construction & has always been Maintenance Technology, puzzled by the relucand point man on the tance of homeowners to project. “We will start by install solar water offering a three-unit heating. “It would seem course as an elective. As like a no-brainer.” it will have no prerequiAs for commercial sites. We will also welcome Savannah Tech’s Joseph installations, he says, “It local electricians.” Franklin, left, and Lester just seems foolish not to As with everything in Wiggins; below, a full solar have it. Payback for busiWiggins’ classes, he will panel module on a trailer nesses is just a few stress plenty of years.” hands-on activity. A Even with the new stickler for doing tax credit, some conthings by to the book, sider solar electric Wiggins will make systems too pricey. sure his students fully However, the credit understand all brings a $6000 building code requirestarter system down ments. He is an active to $4200 with a member of the useful life of over 25 International years. And people Association of don’t always base Electrical Inspectors, and spent over their decisions on frugality or costeight years as a senior electrical effectiveness, as 50” plasma HDTVs, inspector with the City of Savannah. granite countertops, SUVs, and Wiggins has just returned from an designer jeans attest. intensive course at Florida University, Solar early birds include those who with many hours spent on rooftops. want to explore the newest tech(“They said to make sure to bring nologies, get in on the ground floor of plenty of sunscreen,” he says). He will a new industry, hedge against future fashion that experience into the course spikes in the costs of electricity, curriculum. provide emergency backup in stormAll three men share a palpable prone Savannah, and do their share to enthusiasm for introducing solar techprotect the environment. In addition, nology on campus. The first installation there are the independent souls who will consist of sufficient solar panels to just want to lead self-sufficient lives, light a classroom. Rathburn would like detached from the electric grid. to see more solar panels on other “Solar systems are the only applibuildings, but faces the reality of tight ances that make you money,” claims budgets. He’s working with Hedgecorth, “and they add to the InfinitEnergy, a public/private partresale value of your house.” nership, and the newly created Coastal Besides, today’s prices are not Georgia Alternative Energy Alliance to tomorrow’s prices. With worldwide attract grants and outside funding. demand for solar PV modules surging, The recently signed Energy Bill, exceeding supply, prices have held while only tossing a pittance at solar firm. Every manufacturer, however, is technologies, does contain the first expanding facilities. According to federal financial encouragement since Davis, “I’ve been told by one supplier 1982 for homeowners to install solar that after October, prices should begin systems. It includes a 30 percent tax to come down.”

Connect Savannah

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Cover Story


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Industry associations project that improvements in technology and increasing economies of scale in manufacturing will cut the costs of solar PV modules in half within five years. Just as real estate agents will say “It has great potential” about a property that still needs a lot of work, so the planned residential developments on the Westside have “great solar potential.” But none of that potential has yet to be realized. “Solar energy isn’t even on the radar,” is the blunt assessment of Gary Plumbley, an experienced project planner at the Metropolitan Planning Commission (MPC). According to Will Burgstiner, land sales manager at IP Realty, an arm of International Paper, the master plans establish land usage patterns. IP Realty sells the residential and commercial pods to developers. The individual builders decide whether to incorporate solar systems. Developers, like Jack Wardlaw of Jerry Wardlaw Construction, say that most buyers are very cost conscious, “especially first-time home buyers.” As with other major builders, like Hallmark Homes and Genesis Designer Homes, who pride themselves on the energy efficiency of their new homes, solar is still not part of the equation. By far the biggest solar potential can be found in the giant 4,000+ acre jigsaw

States and utilities that are serious about solar energy like California, New Jersey, Ohio, Oregon and Hawaii, offer a combination of tax breaks, low interest loans and outright cash rebates to stimulate the growth of a local industry and help keep down utility bills. Georgia, like most of the states in the Southeast, barely acknowledges solar energy. Tim Blackwell and Keith Freeman, partners at OneWorld Sustainable Energy, have hired a (o lobbyist to help lead legislators out of the darkness of coal-fired greenhouse gas-producing electric generating plants and into a bright Stan Hedgecorth of Coastal Solar Technology solar future. with a solar product They seek the bare minimum of state support – state-level tax credits and sales tax exemption — puzzle piece – the New Hampstead established for Georgia home and Plantation master plan — that has just business owners who wish to utilize received the blessing of the MPC and solar energy. Local counties can conthe City of Savannah. tribute by not including solar improveCommunity oriented, the plan calls for ments when assessing real estate taxes. over 9,000 homes, over 1,000 multi-family At the present time, local planners, dwellings, a village of over 800 dual use developers and builders do not appear commercial and residential buildings, a to be taking into consideration the school, government buildings and explosive growth of solar concentrator common areas. technology that will be commercially Whether the new federal tax credits available in just a few years. As a result will grow a solar crop on the Plantation there is no planning for setting some is yet to be seen. acreage aside to produce electricity

within, or near, the developments, or to utilize the millions of square feet of roof surface on large distribution centers in the area. Setting aside three to four percent of the total acreage of a development, for example, would provide nearly half of the electric requirements of residential and commercial structures, with a payback period of less than 14 years and a useful life approaching 25 years. From a solar perspective, the ideal community would draw power from a local solar farm and commercial/residential rooftop modules. This mix combined with energy efficient construction, the use of Energy Star appliances, and low wattage lighting, could yield a Zero Energy neighborhood. Savannah has the potential of becoming the “Solar City of the South.” Will she rise to the challenge? ◗

To comment in a letter to the editor, email us at Jack Star is a local freelance writer and solar energy advocate. For more info visit For more info on solar energy and tax benefits, visit

PARENT NOTICE The DNA LifePrint Kit Endorsed by John Walsh - Child Advocate & Crime Fighter John Walsh is America’s most recognized child advocate and crime fighter. Since personal tragedy invaded John’s life, he’s had a passion to apprehend criminals and prevent crime. John has received numerous national honors and awards from the United States Department of Justice, the National PTA, the National District Attorney’s Association, and the F.B.I.

Parents Please Bring Your Children to this FREE Child Safety Program A corporate citizen steps forward and underwrites this program. In your area, ths service is being provided as a donation to your community by: Where: Savannah Toyota & the R.O.C.K. Group 11101 Abercorn St, Savannah Contact: Chris Hafer 912-927-1212 Colette Balder 912-897-1713 When: Saturday, August 13th, 2005 10:00am - 4:00pm The DNA LifePrint Child Safety Program promotes child safety awareness and provides important tools to families which can help protect their children against violence. This community event provides parents:


Child Safety Journal which will provide law enforcement officials with all the necessary vital information about your child and other important facts they will need immediately after a child is reported missing.

• High quality full color digital photograph of your child. • Super Video-CD (with audio and visual) of your child. • Home DNA Identification Kit that is easy and lasts through generations.



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Letters to the Editor:

Connect Savannah prints letters from across the spectrum of ideas. Printing a letter does not necessarily imply our endorsement of the opinions expressed therein. Letters may be edited for space and clarity. E-mail: • Fax: 231-9932 Snail mail to: 1800 E. Victory Dr., Suite 7, Savannah, GA 31404

SCAD responds on issue of expansion into Atlanta


You’ll like being a docent at the Telfair Museum of Art! An open house for prospective docent candidates will be held at 3:30 p.m. on August 31 at the Telfair Academy. Interested individuals should contact Sara Ward at 912.232.1177 x25 by August 30 to receive an information packet and 121 Barnard Street application form.

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A fully-hollow sapele body meets your choice of a spruce, figured maple, or figured Hawaiian koa top, making the Taylor T5 as irresistible as it is inspiring. Gold-plated hardware and the T5 Custom's Artist inlay add even more appeal and depth, as you explore endless acoustic and electric tones.

Abercorn, North of Oglethorpe Mall


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No experience necessary

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Editor, I’ve read a lot of letters to the editor that have made me shake my head. However, Elizabeth Faris’ letter in the August 3 edition of Connect Savannah was without a doubt the biggest bunch of rubbish that I’ve ever read regardless of how you view the war in Iraq. First, Ms. Faris’ asserts that Sgt. Benderman was persecuted “for being man enough to contest the injustices which are being perpetrated in Iraq.” Not true. Sgt. Benderman was courtmartialed for failing to do his duty according to the military code of conduct. Kevin Benderman got everything he deserved. Second, (and it just gets worse) Ms. Faris laments “How can anyone sleep at night knowing that we invaded another country and are slaughtering its citizens?” Slaughtering its citizens? You’ve got to be kidding me. There is not a military force in this world that follows stricter rules of engagement than the U.S. military. Next Ms. Faris asks “But what if there were more people like Sgt. Benderman?” Yes, what if. “If” being the pivotal word here. The fact is that most of the military support the war in Iraq. The other fact is that those soldiers who don’t support the war still support their units and their comrades-in-arms as the military code of conduct, both written and unwritten, demands. This is the part that really made me laugh aloud. Ms. Faris writes, “Mrs. Benderman, I just want you know to know that I think your husband is a hero.” I would like Mrs. Benderman to know that I think her husband is a coward. If I were Mrs. Benderman I would hang my head in shame at my husband’s cowardly, self-serving actions. The reality is that Mrs. Benderman is probably a coward also. That’s why she supported her husband’s actions instead of convincing him to do his duty as a soldier. The duty that he was being paid to do. The duty that was putting a roof over her head, food on her table and clothes on her back. I’d like to thank Ms. Faris’ father for his service to our country during World War II. I’m sure there were times that he thought he might not survive the war and maybe he didn’t. Unfortunately for soldiers, they don’t get to pick and choose which presidents they will serve or which wars they will fight. Kelly Newberry

Do you like

Connect Savannah

Editor, On Tuesday, July 26, the Atlanta College of Art Board of Directors announced that it had approved a proposal to recommend to the Board of Trustees of the Woodruff Arts Center that the Atlanta College of Art become part of the Savannah College of Art and Design beginning summer 2006. The Woodruff Arts Center Board of Trustees and SCAD Board of Trustees will meet to consider the recommendation. While the Savannah College of Art and Design did not initiate this action, the college is honored by this vote of confidence received from the ACA Board, entrusting a venerable, 100-year-old institution into SCAD's stewardship, due to SCAD's excellent track record, exceptional resources and outstanding academic programs. Should this recommendation be further approved, SCAD will commit its best efforts to the success of this union. SCAD and the Woodruff Arts Center are committed to preserving the strong legacy of the Atlanta College of Art in several meaningful ways, such as naming opportunities, the library collection and scholarships. Everyone is working to provide ACA faculty, students and staff with a variety of options from which to choose. Currently enrolled ACA students will be able to continue with their chosen ACA course of study and degree program or transfer into a SCAD program. ACA scholarships will be honored and students may qualify for additional SCAD scholarships. Tuition will remain stable, with normal annual increases. ACA faculty and staff are expected to continue in their current positions as much as possible. While both colleges have regional accreditation through the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Schools, SCAD's professional Master of Architecture program also is accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board. ACA also holds programmatic accreditation from the National Association of Schools of Art and Design. Should the Woodruff and SCAD boards approve the recommendation to join the two colleges, SCAD would consider the possible benefits or disadvantages of pursuing NASAD accreditation. The college is confident that students, faculty and staff of both institutions, as well as the city of Atlanta, the state of Georgia and the entire Southeast will benefit. As the boards vote, more information will be available at Bruce Chong Dean of Communications, SCAD

Sgt. Benderman is a ‘coward’



A docent is a volunteer who leads tours and assists with educational programs for visitors of all ages and backgrounds.




continued from page 9

Connect Savannah

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Says National Guard ‘whines’ and Benderman should be shot Editor, I am writing to rebut the recent letter “In defense of Sgt. Benderman� by Elizabeth Arata Faris. For the record I am a former US Army Ranger. I served in the Middle East during Desert Shield and Desert Storm and during the “Cold War Era� as well as operations in many countries around the world. Let’s just say that I have some first hand experience of what sort of things happen in the rest of the world that our way of life protects Ms. Faris from needing to endure. Saddam Hussein has been compared to the likes of Hitler for a reason. Our “invasion� is intended to liberate the citizens of Iraq from the atrocities that they have suffered at this man’s hands. I have been there, you have not. It is quite convenient for you to sit back in your classroom watching CNN and drawing conclusions on a topic you are so ill informed on by the liberal media. The “lie� you referred to is WMD. Let me propose this; the United Nations were to give me three months to hide the Statue of Liberty with unlimited resources, I can reasonably say that I can hide it during that time and no one could find it in whole. So where are the WMD? Syria. Same place most of the Iraqi air

force is. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure that one out. There are many more details that support that theory. Those details will come to light soon enough. Now to the meat and potatoes of this letter: Sgt. Benderman. Shoot him! Sergeant Benderman lost his nerve. Period. This is not some conscientious objector. He is a deserter and should be treated like one. He is like so many others that enlisted to enjoy the benefits of military life during peace time but can’t stand the heat now that it is put up or shut up time. Enlistment is down in the active services and the Reserve and National Guard are decimated due to retirements and non-reenlistment. Is it because they don’t believe in war? No, it’s because they’re now paying the price for all the training and the G.I. Bill that is putting them or put them through college. I have a business associate that is a pilot for the Army National Guard who whined about having to go to Afghanistan for 18 months. He thought because he owned a business and had a family that he should get special consideration. Simple fact is he was just scared of dying. He told that to my face. My response was this “we live in America, there is no draft enacted, you enlisted by your own free will, deal with it�. Your tax dollars and mine paid for his

$250,000 education and training. Not to mention his $20,000+ salary he collects each year now as a Captain for his “parttime� flying club/job and his $8 million aircraft. It is now time for a return on yours and my investment. As for Iraq and the middle-east as a whole, they are in a word “nuts� and are a danger to you, me and our way of life. Saddam Hussein was head man on the totem pole and needed to go but won’t be the last to fall. Iraq is first in an attempt to establish balance to an unstable region. Sadly to say that Iraq and Afghanistan will not be the only countries in the region that we will invade before it is over with in my opinion. And last I saw on CNN it is not our troops that are strapping bombs to themselves in the name of Allah and “slaughtering� Iraqi citizens, it seems to me that we are trying to protect them and help them build a democracy and a military for the people and not palaces for a dictator. It is fellow Muslims that are killing them NOT us. America has NEVER waged a war on a people, only the government/leaders. There are casualties of war, wars much like the American Revolution which gives us both the right to exchange opposing views in this arena. So before you get back on your soap box and praise Mrs. Benderman for supporting her treasonous husband you need to wake up to

some harsh reality. It is war in all that is ugly about it that gives you the freedoms you enjoy as an American citizen. And as a veteran of War it is a slap in my face, to be one of many to have risked his life to preserve your freedom to write the absolute filth that you have written about our president and our presence in the Middle East. As long as our presence there helps to prevent another 911 we are well justified in our “invasion�. If you think our insertion into the region is unwarranted let me remind you of the only other foreign terrorist attack on American soil, Pearl Harbor. We haven’t heard much from Japan since Hiroshima and Nagasaki have we? Eastern Europe not speaking German as an universal language is another great example of what comes from American “invasion� forces. The French, Russians, Poland, Italy and Great Britain and most of all the Jews thank us I am sure. Ms. Faris, you continue to blurb your rhetoric and sit back in your air conditioned classroom and enjoy your freedoms as an America and bitch about our president with your left wing agenda all whilst you live in your liberal “love it all away� la la land and people with a spine like our troops in Iraq and all over the world keep your bubble from bursting. I bet you even voted for Kerry. ‘Intruder’

BALDING? Expert Hair Transplants Board Certified

F. Chris Pettigrew M.D.,F.A.C.S.

& August 11-Erickson&Strong August 12- Radio Dogs August 13- Too Blue August 14- Bucky and Barry

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Sunday, August 14th

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That won’t be happening this year. Our love affair with electronics, with shielded information, with using anything but our brains -- or a little charm -- continues. But even with cell phones, land lines and email addresses, we seem to be talking less and less to one another. We’re getting more messages but talking less. At the exit counter of a doctor’s office recently, I got up all my courage to inquire about the results of a test I just had. “They were good,” the clerk opined, although she didn’t really know how much the whole thing would cost. “OK? They were good.” “But I want to know what the numbers on the test were, so I can compare them to last year’s,” I said. “They were 50, 70 and 90,” she reported after calling a nurse. “But what does that mean?” I ask. “That’s like the radio announcer from the West Coast who used to say, ‘Now I have tonight’s baseball scores. Eight to six. Four to one. Three to nothing.’” “It’s $30,” said an eavesdropping fellow clerk, trying to be helpful, thinking I was asking about the money. “That’s her co-pay.” Doctors know the drill. They know what’s going on. They know that because of all the new privacy regulations designed to protect us from dangerous people, mostly our families -- people at the front desk are supposed to call patients, “M’am” and “Sir,” not by their names. Doctors have seen it all. A few minutes before checking out, my eyes got wide when the doctor popped back with several packets of free samples. At that, he grew somewhat downcast. “Isn’t that sad?” he said. “How happy something like that can make someone?” He was right, of course. But still, as someone who has broken away from the mothership of an employer, I now know what it costs to buy drugs. And he was right. Seeing those free samples did make me elated. The numbers on my test should have made me happy. I think. But the doctor was on to the next patient. He was busy running a business. And I was busy, too answering calls, leaving messages, talking to machines, getting freaked if someone answers the phone. It might be time for a wave of counter-culture activity. Talking one-onone. But can we handle it? ◗

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EVERYONE’S BUSY. Have you noticed? But are we busy or just out of the practice of talking to one another? I used to get put out if someone didn’t call me back, dial me up to say hello or at least stop over for a quick meet-andgreet. Then I wised up, chilled out and let it go. The 21-century version, I suppose, of Timothy Leary’s mantra of the ‘60’s: turn on, tune in, drop out. Now when the phone rings, it’s usually Henry, “calling for Sen. John Kerry”; Louisa, representing Bank of America; or John, offering me a great refinancing deal. Now my longest conversations are with Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and they’re not long because they’re pleasant. Yesterday, after inserting about 102 numbers on the dial pad, I finally heard a human voice, “Thomas,” asking me to repeat the very same numbers. “You might consider saying good morning, Thomas,” I address the operator. “Do you think that would be possible?” But he was not going there. “We are very busy here,” he answered. “We are running a business. Our customers want us to be efficient, not friendly.” Then at least be efficient, I said. Of course, how many ways are there to say, “Look, lady, you yourself haven’t filed one darn claim, but your insurance has still gone up nearly 20 percent this year. What do you want me to do about it?” Before that -- silly me -- I called Clifford, the man who signed me up for the policy, thinking I could get a little clarification or maybe -- I don’t know -- a little sympathy. “Oh, did your policy go up?” he said. “I wouldn’t know. I’m just the enrollment guy.” I’m the guy who tells you a few jokes, gives you a snow job, gets your name on the proper line, then forgets you. Accountability? Nah. Continuity? What’s that? I’m telling you, the future lies with companies that hire real people sitting in real rooms answering real calls. I know these are HUGE companies with HUGE lists of customers. But there are also HUGE numbers of people without jobs. Smart people, too. Show me a company employing real people and I’ll be the first to buy ten shares of stock.


Searching For A Liberal Religious Home? We welcome different beliefs. Yours. Join us this Sunday.

Unitarian Universalist Church of Savannah

Mary’s Seafood & Steakhouse

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Temporally meeting at Congregation Mickve Israel 20 East Gordon Street on Monterey Square 11 AM Worship Service and Religious Education (912) 234-0980

• Live Music Tues-Sat • Private Parties

• Reservations Recommended • Happy Hour 4-7

10002 Abercorn Street Savannah, Georgia 31406


Thank you for voting us Best Exotic Restaurant 2004 Also voted Best International Ethnic Cuisine 2002 by Savannah Morning News Delicious Moroccan Cuisine! Authentic ceremonial atmosphere! Belly dancing shows nightly! Fun & memorable dining experience!

We specialize in birthday parties!

234-6168 118 East Broughton St. Downtown Savannah Reservations Suggested. 5:30 to 10:30pm nightly

Free Speech


by Tom Parrish

Outing the truth about AIDS IT MUST HAVE BEEN TWENTY YEARS or so ago when I first heard of AIDS. The at risk groups at that time were Haitians, homosexuals and intravenous drug users. Today AIDS is growing 15 times faster in women than men. African American women are this deadly virus’s latest and most popular target. AIDS is diagnosed in U.S. black women at a rate of 25 times higher than white women, and four times higher than Hispanic women. As if those terrible figures were not enough, here is the startling statistic: Eight of 10 of these infections come from heterosexual sex with an infected partner. The African American culture in this country, as in most cultures, has historically been male-dominated. Homophobia thrives in this type atmosphere. I drive a bus for a living, and I am continually disappointed by the overt cruelty I witness displayed by black youths towards their gay brethren. Back in the ‘70s I worked at the old County jail on Habersham Street. It was then and still is a beautiful example of Moorish architecture. SCAD owns it now and it is only a shell of its former self. What it wasn’t then was a nice place to work, or be incarcerated in. I spent a year there as a jailer on the night shift, and the things I saw and experienced there are worthy of a book in itself. We have over two million men and women incarcerated in this country, more than any other country in the world. While African Americans make up only 12.3 percent of the general U.S. population, they account for 43.9 percent of the state and federal inmate population. Countless studies have proven that primates will and do resort to homosexuality while in captivity. Ever watch the HBO series “OZ,” or any modern prison movie for that matter? The graphic depictions of homosexuality are not a Hollywood ploy to attract ratings. Homosexuality is rampant in our prison system. Behind bars, a completely different culture exists. It is one that no one will talk about, but I’ve seen it first hand. We had many long time “cons” at the county jail awaiting trial for sometimes

years at a time. I once booked a transvestite, and you would have thought Marilyn Monroe had entered the building the way they carried on. If I booked a young male, he was open game for these long-timers. If he was not segregated he was certainly going to end up someone’s girlfriend. I think of this when I see these young black males with their “street attitude” boarding my bus. Little do these politically incorrect macho men know that when they graduate from the street to the joint, they will understand in a hurry why they have been wearing their pants below their backside all this time. Then I listen to all the older “Pen State” alumni reminisce amongst themselves, and there is one topic that I never hear mentioned. You guessed it, homosexuality. I don’t blame them, and I’m not judging them, but guess what? I am “outing” them. The reason I am doing this is that it has become a matter of life and death. Solutions? Obviously, our prison system is in shambles, and we are not rehabilitating anybody, merely caging our citizens. Perhaps we can do a better job at least with the spread of AIDS in prison. How about pre and post-incarceration testing? Free condoms? Education? Counseling maybe? What you do in prison might stay in prison, but what you take with you when you leave is often passed on to your loved ones. They do not deserve this potential death sentence. Testing nowadays is free, do the right thing. The strides African-American women have made in the work force and education of late are unparalleled. By far, they are the single most improved segment of our population; perhaps they should do themselves the compliment of dropping this cultural naiveté and facing the problem head on. If your man or one you’re interested in has been incarcerated for any length of time, assume the worst, and demand testing. As for the rest of us? Please practice safe sex, abstain -- or quite literally take matters into your own hand! ◗

To comment on this story in a letter to the editor, e-mail us at

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Discover the Chopra Center at Memorial Health 300 Bull St. • 236-2131 • Downtown adjacent to DeSoto Hilton. Yoga/Tai Chi/Soul Movement Dance Classes Classes are offered at a variety of times every week.

Spa Services

•Odyssey This service combines elements of the signature treatments: Abhyanga, Vishesh, Marma Point Therapy, Aromatherapy, and the Gandharva (singing bowls) therapy into a profoundly nurturing experience. Mind/Body Workshops Sign up for a daylong workshop that could change your life. • Primordial Sound Meditation, 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Friday, August 19 • Creating Health, 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Saturday, August 20 Stop by any time for a tour.

• Massage • Acupuncture • Yoga • Gift Shop

Monday – Friday 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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Hours of Operation

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We offer a variety of spa services from basic relaxation massages to exotic Ayurvedic treatments with warm herbal oils, including: • Rhythmic Oil Massage/Abhyanga (ah-bee-hang’ ah) This treatment includes a rhythmic oil massage performed by two therapists, followed by a hot towel treatment. • Warm Oil Pour/Shirodhara (sheer’ o-dah’ rah) A soothing stream of warm oil is poured over the forehead to calm the nervous system. • Herbal Steam Massage/Swedana (sway-dah’ nah) This herbal steam treatment releases tension and allows impurities to be released through the skin. • Rhythmic Deep Tissue Massage/Vishesh (vih-shesh’) This treatment includes a deep tissue friction massage followed by a hot towel treatment. It loosens impurities and relieves tension. • Warm Herbal Massage/Pizichilli (peet’ suh-chi’ li) A continuous stream of warm herbal oil is poured over the entire body as two therapists perform a gentle massage.




Live Entertainment Nightlly

• Open Lunch & Dinner 7 days a week

• Happy Hour daily 4-7

Family, Food and Flavor • Indoor and outdoor dining 216 Johnny Mercer

Wilmington Island (left of Piggly Wiggly) 898-4161

• Private Catering Facility • Gift certificates are available

• “Casual Coastal Cuisine” • Sunday Brunch 10-2

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$5 OFF Purchase of $25 or more. One coupon per table.

See our menu and dining specials at

from recent Savannah/Chatham Police incident reports

• AN OFFICER RESPONDING to the report of a subject sleeping in front of a business on East Congress Street found a man passed out in the doorway of the business. The officer approached and woke the man up and asked for his ID. The man pointed to a wrist band on his right wrist and said, “There’s my ID.” The officer again asked if the man had ID and he started laughing at the officer. The man was visibly intoxicated. When he stood up, he was unsteady on his feet. The officer told the man to turn around and place his hands behind his back, at which the man began laughing and said, “Oh, so we are playing this game again.” The officer placed the man into custody and found an ID on him. He also found a brown wooden container in his pocket which held a small pipe, which appeared to be a crack pipe. The other side of the container held a green leafy substance that appeared to be marijuana. The man was charged with public intoxication and possession of marijuana less than one ounce and was taken to the Chatham County Detention Center.

• After responding to a report of an auto burglary, an officer spoke to the victim, who said he had taken his car into an auto repair shop. The victim returned later for his car, and discovered that two 10-inch speakers and a 1,200watt amp were missing from the trunk. There were no signs of forced entry. No one saw or heard anything, so the car was fingerprinted, at the victim’s request. He was given a case report number and advised to notify police if he discovered more items were missing. • Officers responding to the report of a suicide attempt on Abercorn Street found what appeared to be a struggle between two persons. A man at the scene told officers that his wife had attempted to jump out of a second floor window, causing him to physically remove her from the window. He said she later jumped into a swimming pool in an attempt to drown herself but her son pulled her out. The man said his wife was intoxicated at the time. ◗

All cases from recent Savannah/Chatham Police Department incident reports. Give anonymous crime tips to Crimestoppers at 234-2020

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ANDY GRIGGS! Tuesday Aug 25th Doors open @ 7pm with special guests:

Bryan Clees & Hazzard County Limited tickets still available at Island Grill, Rody’s Music & Sunset Novelties $20.00

Live Music • Food & Drink Specials

966-0969 HWY 21 & I-95 Exit 109

Non Sequitur


by Wiley Miller


News of the Weird

Least Competent People Citing the high quality of the workforce in Ontario, Toyota decided recently to build a second plant in the province even though Ontario was offering only about half the subsidy offered by Mississippi and Alabama to build the plant in one of those states. According to a July Canadian Press story, a Toyota spokesman said it had learned from Nissan and Honda, which had found the workforce in the U.S. South to be often untrained and illiterate, and that, in Alabama, trainers had to use pictorials to teach some workers how to use the equipment.

Thinning the Herd

First prize in the youth division of the Fourth of July parade this year in Haines, Ore., went to three kids, all aged 9 and 10, who dressed as large, shelled insects (actually, in inner tubes covered by garbage bags), pushing huge rubber balls coated in sand, dirt and dead grass, according to the Baker City Herald. (Yes, the parents had conspired with their kids to dress them up as dung beetles!)

he Queen’s ueen’s Closet loset The New & Resale Clothing Accessories Vintage Clothing Custom Jewelry FREE Toe Ring w/ ad!

Recurring Themes Incompetent Home Improvement: A bee-plagued homeowner in northwest Tucson, Ariz., attempting to “frighten the bees off” (according to a fire department spokesman) by lighting a small fire in the attic, inadvertently ignited insecticide vapor, with the resulting blaze causing about $100,000 damage to the roof (March). And a woman in Mecklenburg County, N.C., attempted to chase snakes out of a couch on her front porch by dousing the nest with lighter fluid, but then an accidentally dropped match set a fire large enough that she had to jump out a window to safety (June). Fetish du Jour: In July in Exeter, England, Paul Pennington pleaded guilty to engaging in sexual activity in a public restroom, while incidentally dressed in a baby diaper, bib and girl’s dress and carrying a baby bottle (but also wearing a stuffed bra). And Sean Kelly, 35, was arrested in Sebastian, Fla., in July, and charged with fraudulently attempting to obtain health-care services after he showed up at a clinic complaining of back pain but dressed in a baby diaper (which he eventually “loaded,” demanding a change). And Calvin Milo Alvarez, 30, was arrested in Fayetteville, Ark., in

May on a child pornography charge after he was found by police, arguing with another man at an apartment house, with Alvarez dressed in a baby diaper and bleeding from the mouth.

Latest Religious Messages Britain’s Church Mission Society, with 200 missionaries around the world, decided recently that a place that needs one the most is the town of Telford, England (population 150,000), where fewer than one in a hundred residents attends an Anglican church. (Said a CMS spokesman, “These days the CMS goes to the hard places and takes on the hard cases.”) (The Church of England might have a larger problem, according to a July survey by Bangor University researchers: 3 percent of its clergy doubts the existence of God, which works out to nearly 300 non-believing ministers.) A growing number of historical sites in Mecca (perhaps even including the home of the Prophet Muhammad) may soon fall to urban renewal as developers plan skyscrapers with stores and condominiums, according to a July Reuters dispatch. (Ironically, many devout Wahhabi Muslims support the demolition, hoping to prevent people from worshipping such “sacred” buildings instead of concentrating on their proper duties in Islam. Those Wahhabis view only the Grand Mosque, which is the destination for the annual hajj pilgrimages, as untouchable.) The New Born Fellowship Christian Center in Rochester, N.Y., recently adopted a several-weeks-long “Spiritual Warfare” theme that featured its pastor, Warren Meeks, delivering sermons while in military fatigues (and asking congregants to wear fatigues, too), to battle the spirits opposing U.S. troops overseas and those challenging American youth with drugs and gangs. Meeks also brought in an Army missile, to help with the message, according to a report on WHAM-TV. ◗

Now Open!!! Located right beside Oglethorpe Mall 108 Mall Blvd 354-0300

Bringing the Taste of Downtown to the Southside

10% off entree w/Military or College ID

Happy Hour All Day, Every Day Globe Shopping Center 19 E. DeRenne Avenue Savannah, GA 31405


$1 Draft • $1.75 Margaritas

Stay Posted for Our Grand Opening We Accept SCAD Cards Downtown

Visit our other 2 locations: 5700 Waters Avenue 420 E. Broughton Street (912) 692-0057 (912) 236-0530

A French bus line filed an unfair-competition lawsuit against a group of cleaning ladies in Moselle, who used to be customers but who recently began carpooling to their jobs across the border at European Union offices in Luxembourg. Transports Schiocchet Excursions wants

Questionable Judgments

The Living Word Tabernacle in Waverly, Ohio, terminated the membership of Loretta Davis recently, according to a July report by WCMH-TV in Columbus, because she had stopped paying her tithe. Davis’ contributions ended in January after she was hospitalized the first of 15 times this year for congestive heart failure. The church’s founder said non-member Davis could still attend, but Davis’ daughter said, “In the time of (her) need, (the church) should be caring, supporting, asking what she needs, help her if she needed help.” (When healthier, Davis was donating $60 a month out of her $592 Social Security check.)

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Cultural Diversity

the ladies fined and their cars confiscated. And in Tokyo in July, a group of French-language schoolteachers filed a lawsuit against the city’s governor (asking the equivalent of almost $100,000) for his having denigrated the French language, calling it a “failed international language.” Said Malik Berkane, head of a French school in Tokyo, “(I)t’s unacceptable for him to insult French in this way.” In Kyrgyzstan (and some neighboring Central Asian countries) the pre-12th-century tribal custom of “ala kachuu” continues, in which a man reduces the time and expense of courtship by riding up on horseback to a woman, snatching her up, and taking her to his family home, where his relatives (and sometimes hers) prepare her for marriage. According to an April New York Times dispatch from Bishkek, more than half of wives are acquired by ala kachuu (although the term can also mean a more-benign “elopement”), and even some of the snatched wives eventually “consent” to the marriage. Ala kachuu has been illegal for years, but the law against it is rarely enforced.

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The bodies of Kentucky State Reformatory inmates Avery C. Roland, 26, and Michael Talbot Jr., 24, were found in a nearby landfill the day after they went missing in July; a Department of Corrections official said they had probably hidden inside a garbage truck without realizing that, to prevent escapes, the prison requires that garbage be compacted twice before it leaves the grounds. And four days apart in July, two 19-year-old men (in Sheboygan, Wis., and Louisville, Ky.) fell to their deaths while car-surfing at high speeds. (According to a witness, the Sheboygan man’s fatal fall came shortly after he yelled to his driver, “Is that all you got?”)


by Chuck Shepherd

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Digital Diva


HAVE YOU EVER BEEN 30 MILES out at sea in a sinking boat? It’s quite a remarkable experience. This of course would be a day when the weather was absolutely perfect. The sea was glass. And the fishing? Those lines were whirring. Just when the day couldn’t get better, the captain filled us in that the boat was sinking and we needed to finish up with what was left of the bait and start moving fast. I’m focused on the fishing, and I didn’t enjoy hearing that news. But then came the news that the radio was out. And the engine wouldn’t start. Diva to captain: “OK, you mean to tell me we are out in blue water‚ and not only are we sinking but the engine won’t start, and to top it off we also have a broken radio?” Captain to Diva: “Yeah, he probably doesn’t have any life jackets on the boat either; at least we have sugar cookies and plenty of water.” Naturally, we started laughing. What else do you really do? It all ended up working out and we didn’t even need to get towed in. My point is, like fishing the deep blue sea, you have to make preparations to keep your computer from sinking...

annie's guitars

Memory fails me My home PC with XP operating system seems to have slowed up after a year or so of heavy use. Programs open slower, and I especially notice that windows explorer and folders open slower. IThe computer is a Dell with 128 MB of memory. — Gordon Kinlaw Holy memory, what are you thinking? 128 on XP? No wonder. Add a few sticks. Nothing is more irritating than the “slowdown.” Especially if you bought a brand new computer and it was so wonderful at first because it was so fast! Remember those days? It really also depends on your operating system. If you are running Windows 98 or XP, msconfig is a great tool, but msconfig is not available for Windows 95, NT, or 2000. But there is a free “StartupControl Panel” program at If your computer is running slowly check those startup items — they don’t always appear in your system tray. MSconfig is a tool which you can utilize to remove start-up items, processes and allow you to startup in diagnostic mode — but be careful with it.

Go to *start* then run. Type in msconfig. Hit enter or select ok. The only startup items you really need are: Your antivirus program, TaskMonitor, ScanRegistry, SystemTray and LoadPowerProfile. Make sure those items stay checked if you have them. If you don’t have a couple of those startup items, that’s OK. Don’t stress. The rest are all optional. A good rule of thumb to go by is to disable only those programs that you recognize and don’t need to have running all the time. If you’re in doubt leave it on. And get more RAM!

Fishing for a new computer I’m looking into purchasing a new computer. There are so many choices out there. What would you recommend as a rule to follow when considering the purchase? — Mary wondering Consider the words of Warren Buffet: “Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.” I have found Warren’s rule to be true on most occasions, but there are always exceptions. Want a $400 E-Machine? Hey, it may possibly work but it surely isn’t the best of quality, in my opinion. Plus, think about the name E-Machine. I con-

sider them only good for getting on the net to browse the web and send email. You also have your lower-end HP/Compaq systems. Then there are the other two — Gateway and Dell... the list goes on. Sony makes a great product, but you’re going to spend a little more on their lower priced units than the above brands. Apple is also great in my opinion, and there are many price ranges and options with them. If you just care to get on the internet and email, go for a low-end unit. These are what I consider to be disposable computers. You don’t have to spend over $1000. Every module is built onto the motherboard, and there is no need to upgrade anything later other than the memory or maybe the hard drive. If you’re into serious graphic design, editing, using CAD, etc, then go with a better unit. Spend the extra cash. Always get a unit that is easily upgradeable. If you will be doing more than emailing and downloading music off the net, get XP Professional. I don’t recommend Home Edition in a business environment. It lacks additional networking services that XP Pro provides. Whatever system you decide on — Quick, Cheap or Good — choose two. Alas... Computers and boats always needing maintenance. ◗

Attention Music Students!

WE’VE EXPANDED! We are now accepting piano/keyboard students, guitar students, and percussion students.

Annie’s Guitars & Drums, Inc. has expanded and now has 5 stateof-the-art rooms for music instruction. Our additional facilitiy is conveniently located directly adjacent to the existing store. Our instruction staff currently includes Chad Berghman, Ricky Standard, Jesse Jordan, Annie Allman and Amanda Reese. Several additional instructors are coming on-board after the Labor Day holiday.

Call us NOW to reserve your time and day of the week. Our schedules will fill up quickly for the fall term, which begins August 15.

MORE GOOD NEWS! Annie’s Guitars & Drums, Inc. will open TWO well equipped rehearsal rooms for hourly rentals available 7 days a week starting on August 15. Just bring your instruments...we’ll supply the amps, mics, drums and PA system.

Parents will be happy to know that we’’ve included a comfortable waiting room! There is plenty of parking behind the new facility, which is at 5205 Waters Ave.

savannah georgia

A n n i e ’s G u i t a r s & D r u m s , I n c “Always Buying Used Guitars, Amps & Drums”

5203 Waters Ave. Savannah, GA 31404 912.352.1333 or 912.352.1301 • Mon-Fri 10am-7pm • Sat 10am-5pm • Sun Noon-4pm




by Steve Newman

Food Chain Collapse

Bird Flu Spreads


European Tempests


Jeff Kirk

Average: Water: High


91° 83° Gulf Stream Low 72° 86°

Rain Gauge Total July rain through 7th: 0.82”, normal 1.59”, -0.77” for the month. Total 2005 rain: 28.58”, normal 30.56”, 1.98” for the year.

A whale mourning the death of her calf kept divers at bay who were attempting to retrieve the marine mammal’s body on Australia’s Gold Coast. The 13foot baby humpback died after becoming entangled in nets intended to protect swimmers from sharks. The death prompted further demands by environmentalists that the nets be taken down during the winter months, when an estimated 5,000 humpbacks make the annual migration up the Queensland coast. While there have been no fatal shark attacks since the nets were erected at 87 popular beaches in the early 1990s, four whales are known to have died after getting tangled in the nets, and 21 others survived after being set free. ◗

Daytime Tides for Wed through Sun: Wed 06:04AM L

12:15PM H

06:34PM L


06:43AM L

01:01PM H

07:23PM L


07:28AM L

01:52PM H

08:20PM L


08:22AM L

02:48PM H

09:25PM L


09:24AM L

03:48PM H

10:32PM L

Call toll free for Jeff’s daily forecast: 1-866-369-2228


Whale Mourning

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Tropical Cyclones

Southeast Asia’s bird flu crisis spread into central Russia and parts of neighboring Kazakhstan, where officials began slaughtering poultry to stem the spread of the disease. Russia’s chief public health official, Dr. Gennady Onishchenko, believes the virus may have entered the country in migratory birds. The Kommersant news5.6 paper reported that one poultry company in the western 4.1 Siberian province of Orenburg said it was preparing to shoot down any migratory birds it sees flying over the area. Some wild birds migrate from northern Siberia to the Caspian and Black Sea region during autumn, and Russia’s Emergencies Ministry warned that the virus could soon spread to western parts of the country, where Russia’s main poultry farms are located.

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A series of disturbing environmental changes this year along the U.S. Pacific coast and parts 5.6 5.3 Harvey of coastal British Columbia are Masta 4.7 3.7 causing concern for marine bioloWashi 4.7 +1210 gists. Unusually high water tem4.6 5.0 Hassiperatures are being accompanied Messaoud, by a sharp drop in the number of Algeria 5.9 fish catches, and very little plank6.3 ton is being found in coastal wa5.7 ters. Many dead birds have also been seen littering the beaches. -1110 The usual summer upwelling of South Pole, deep, plankton-rich waters just offAntarctica shore has failed to appear this year due to weaker-than-normal prevailing northwest winds, which produce the effect. “The bottom Week Ending August 5, 2005 has fallen out of the coastal food chain, and there’s just not enough Concepcion, which caused ash to rain Castle, toppling a tree into a crowd of food out there,” said Julia Parrish, a down on their houses. 1,200 people. seabird specialist at the University of • Ongoing activity at Mexico’s Washington. Scientists say the air-ocean Popocatepetl Volcano sent a rain of ash pattern could return to normal next year. A strong earthquake off falling on Mexico City. But if this year’s shift proves to be a longNicaragua’s southwest coast term trend, it could have serious consewas felt widely across that quences for the Pacific’s maritime Tropical Storm Washi killed country and neighboring Costa ecosystem. three people as it roared Rica. ashore in northern Vietnam. • Buildings in the Turkish capital of Severe thunderstorms that pro- Ankara swayed when a sharp tremor More than 1,000 families were duced the greatest number of evacuated to higher ground in Hai Phong rocked the area. lightning strikes ever detected before the storm wrecked 21 houses in • Earth movements were also felt in in parts of Europe also killed the port city. Washi had earlier lashed northern Egypt, Indonesia’s northwest four people in tempests that unleashed China’s island province of Hainan. Sumatra and Ambon islands, New flash floods and brought down trees. • Typhoon Masta battered some of Zealand’s North and South islands, Germany’s Meteomedia weather forecastJapan’s southernmost islands, and was Taiwan, central and northeast Japan, the ing company said its equipment detected predicted to make landfall on China’s Aleutian Islands and central Utah. 104,000 lightning strikes within a six-hour Zhejiang coast, just south of Shanghai, period. The British Midlands city of late in the week. Nicaragua’s Territorial Studies Birmingham was struck by a freak tor• The center of weak Tropical Storm Institute warned citizens living nado, and high winds ripped off tile roofs Harvey passed very near the island of around Concepcion Volcano of and downed trees in parts of the Bermuda. a possible large-scale eruption. Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland. The alert was issued after residents on One storm struck suddenly during a Ometepe Island, in Nicaragua Lake, beGerman open-air concert in Leuchtenberg came alarmed by an explosion within


Performing Arts


by Jim Reed

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‘SCAD Don’t dream it; be it.’ stages a campy revival of the cult rock opera The Rocky Horror Show MENTION THE NAME “ROCKY” to most Americans of a certain age, and they’ll instantly flash on an image of Sly Stallone pounding meat in a walk-in cooler or kissing a butt-ugly dog. However, there are an equal – if not greater number – of pop culture enthusiasts for whom that name inspires a strikingly different mental image. That of a tall, well-toned blonde stud with a goofy grin who’s wearing nothing but a pair of tight, gold lamé underwear. Oh, he may also be surrounded by a rail-thin, balding, malevolent butler with a dirty set of tails and spats, a bewitchingly androgynous transvestite scientist with a penchant for pearl chokers and pink Playtex gloves, and – alternately – a buxom-but-ghoulish french maid with a flaming red mane, or a brazen and perky tap-dancer with a Sally Bowles haircut and a ballsy attitude. If none of these characters ring a bell, it’s a cinch you’ve not familiar with the world of Rocky Horror. While that may be hard for many folks under the age of forty to imagine, there are certainly a great many individuals who have (for whatever reason) never stumbled across this peculiar subculture of Western stage and cinema. If you’re not a Rocky virgin, then feel free to skip ahead to the meat of this piece – namely the interview. But, if you have absolutely no idea what I’m on about, then read on for an overview of the RHPS phenomenon: Originally titled The Rock Horroar Show (sic), this voyeuristic and taboobreaking British rock opera premiered in June of 1973 at the sixty-seat Theatre Upstairs in Chelsea’s Slone Square, but within an extremely short time proved to be such a hit that it was relocated to a five-hundred seat capacity theatre on King’s Road (where it subsequently became one of the most talked-about hits of the theatrical season). Written by London actor Richard “Ritz” O’Brien, the experimental musical found the B-movie buff putting his encyclopedic knowledge of American sci-fi and horror films to good use. The plot concerns a prototypical American couple, Brad and Janet Majors, whose car breaks down one rainy night, and are offered shelter in a creepy castle. Unbeknownst to them, they have arrived just as the castle’s “owner”, the transvestite Dr. Frank-N-Furter is about to bring his hunky blonde surfer boy-creation to life in front of an invited group of freakish party guests. Things progress at a steady clip from there, with murder, cannibalism and incest all making brief but crucial appearances in the play.

Soon, the straight-laced couple find themselves placed in “compromising situations,” which force them to drastically reconsider their own sexuality, morals, and general attitudes toward life... itself. Oh, did I happen to mention that virtually everyone at the party is an alien? Within a short time, The Rocky Horror Show’s campy take on genderbending and pop-culture was the toast of swinging London, and a parade of celebrities lined up at sold-out performances to see what the fuss was all about. American record label magnate Lou Adler (who produced The Monterey Pop Festival) bought the rights to the stage show and brought it – and its breakout stars Tim Curry, Meatloaf, and creator O’Brien – to Los Angeles for a successful cabaret-style run at his Roxy Theater, and before long a deal was in place to turn the play (with his backing) into a full-fledged motion picture. The cinematic version, redubbed The Rocky Horror Picture Show, was released in 1975, but its backers were in for a rude awakening. It turns out the American public at large didn’t know anywhere near enough about 1950’s scifi flicks to catch the inside jokes and sight gags which peppered the film. Furthermore – with all apologies to Adler’s Hollywood friends and neighbors – the U.S. of A. was not swinging London, and despite the growing popularity of David Bowie on the Billboard charts, seemed completely incapable of grasping the obvious connection between cross-dressing, bisexuality, rock and roll music and extra-terrestrials. To say it was a flop would be polite. However, a strange thing happened. One New York theater owner who had booked the film noticed that while hardly anyone was coming to see it, many of the same people were returning night after night to watch it over and over again. And they brought their friends. Soon, the tiny – but fanatical – crowds were familiar enough with the film, and emboldened enough by the nearly empty theater to start shouting insults at the characters onscreen. Before long, the more creative among them were crafting new dialogue to add to the existing script – shouting these sarcastic comments in between the actors’ own lines for maximum effect. Then came the costumes, and the props, and within another year, groups of the faithful were getting up in front of the screen while the film was being projected to re-enact the story as it was unfolding – essentially becoming one with the movie. Once word of this behavior spread, it became something of a rite of passage

for the disenfranchised, or disillusioned, or dramatically-minded, or merely apprehensive and confused. It wasn’t long before theatres across the country (and later the world) began to rent scratchy, beat-up prints of this commercial dud specifically to screen at midnight on the weekends, tacitly promoting this sort of behavior and reaping the financial rewards of a bonafide cult sensation. Unfortunately for Richard O’Brien, his contract with Adler was rather onerous, and while “his” film slowly began to rake in millions of dollars through ticket sales, soundtrack albums and merchandise, he saw quite little of this unexpected profit. “I should be rich,” he groused once to a television interviewer who made the mistake of asking for his take on the film. However, his creation lives on through revivals of his original stage play (including a successful run on Broadway a few years back). And, while many of Rocky’s most fervent fans – the most faithful of whom count the number of times they’ve seen the film in the hundreds – have never actually witnessed a straight-up live production of the original show, they may be at how well it functions as rather intimate cabaret. SCAD’s production of the updated Broadway version features a cast of eighteen and is being directed by Jeff DeVincent, a Professor of Media and Performing Arts at the school (he also selected the show). While he’s never been involved in staging it before, he’s seen both the Broadway run and several smaller companies’ efforts, and says he’s watched the film “at least 50 times!” He says the updated version has “more of a rock and roll edge than the original play, with some amazing backup vocals.” That aspect of the play is being handled by Musical Director Kelly Blackmarr, who is overseeing not only the actors (all of whom had to pass singing auditions as well) but a full live rock band which will accompany them. DeVincent says despite the show’s reputation for racy humor and controversial subject matter, he feels that not only does it make an excellent choice for the students, but that the core message of the work is specifically appropriate for an art college to embrace. “The messages of acceptance, forgiveness and freedom via high quality art always supersede any form of taboo! High caliber work is simply high caliber work!” He also says the students are thrilled to sink their teeth into this famous show. Bobby Kean agrees wholeheartedly. The Senior from Boulder, Colorado, plays the lead role of Dr. Frank-N-Furter.

“I think that this musical is in no way dated or out of touch,” he explains. “Its ability to shock and amuse the audience is still very much alive. I think that in the last three decades since the show’s release people have become more accepting of alternative lifestyles in theory but not in practice – meaning that many will still be shocked by the blatant sexuality of the piece. However, the message of the show will hopefully come across too: ‘Don’t dream it; Be it!’” Kean says the tension surrounding the opening is palpable for everyone. “I have been involved in quite a few other SCAD productions, but I have never been this excited,” he admits. He says that’s at least partly because of what Rocky represents to so many. “I think the impact this show has had on people’s lives is very large. Knowing that so many people will come with such high hopes really makes me want to give the best performance of my lifetime.” Sasha Travis, a junior from Texas who nabbed the plum role of Janet, says it’s hard for her not to get caught up in the play even as it’s happening. “This show makes me cry. I have a very difficult time near the end not breaking into a teary mess. I hate crying on stage, so it’s rough,” she says. “The play is so heartbreaking, it begins as a piece about acceptance and about expanding one’s mind, but that changes... through the deaths of so many precious characters. It’s a heartwrenching play. But people don’t come to see it for those reasons. People want to see the wild characters that everyone has inside of them. I think a lot of people wish they could live like Dr. Frank and the others, but in reality that never really works. For an evening of song and dance, though, it’s fun to pretend.” ◗

The Rocky Horror Show takes place at 8 pm, Aug. 12-13, 19-20, Sept. 16-17, and 23-24 at The Mondonaro Theater (217 MLK, Jr. Blvd., inside Crites Hall. Tickets are $10 for the public and $5 for Senior Citizens. Admission free with SCAD ID for faculty, students and staff. Intended for those 17 years or older. Audience participation encouraged, but no objects can be thrown at the stage, and no open flames will be allowed for safety reasons.


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Music Feature


by Jim Reed



Berklee grad who won the ‘99 USA Songwriting Contest, and has been working with industry heavyweights. Says her publicist, “her songs stick in your head like the sweet glue of the soundtrack to our lives.” Texas-born guitarist and songwriter Jason Bible opens. Wed., 8 pm, The Sentient Bean.

Classic, Southern and hard rock covers (plus a few originals. Fri. - Sat., 9 pm, Steamers (Georgetown).

The Plaids Extremely young punks (they look like they could be in middle school) playing an ALL-AGES show. Sun., 5 pm, St. Thomas Episcopal Church (Isle of Hope).

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Bottles & Cans

Too Blue

Rough and tumble electric blues combo featuring members of Too Blue and GAM. They eschew the slick mannerisms of the B.B. Kings and Robert Crays for the more hardscrabble chaos typified by such underdog icons as R. L. Burnside or Hound Dog Taylor. Thurs., Savannah Blues.

Up-and-coming jam band from South Carolina with a strong reggae influence. Thurs., 10 pm, Fiddler’s Crab House + Sat., JJ Cagney’s.


The Sarah Colvin Ensemble If you like your piano jazz on the light and mellow side (and dusted with airy female vocals), this Jacksonville-based combo is just the ticket. Better still, there’s no cover... Sat., 9 pm, The Mansion on Forsyth Park.


Red Moon

WormsLoew members of Souled Out and Bluesonics) that should appeal to Clapton fans and Parrotheads alike. Thurs., 7 pm, Uncle Bubba’s Oyster House.

This above-average thrash metal act from Queens recently had all the photos on their MySpace account deleted by The Man. Seems this Testament-meets-M Metallica gang got a bunch of young girls to pose seminude (but strategically covered with the band’s stickers). That should give you an idea of where they’re coming from. Oh, by the way, the pics are back up now... Sat., 10 pm, The Jinx.

She Alice With a female singer/keyboardist, and a lineup that includes the drummer from The Positions and the bassist from The Sapphire Bullets, this pop/rock party band is well worth checking out. Fri., Mary’s Seafood & Steaks.

Impressive, fresh female-fronted NYC art-metal that rewards listeners like few such bands these days – sounding like a bizarre but captivating cross between Jagged Little Pill Alanis, To Bring You my Love PJ Harvey, and the sorely missed Babe The Blue Ox. Pop-leaning, but relatively uncompromising. Get there early to catch ‘em. Sat., 10 pm, The Jinx.

Speaking Bean Poetry Slam

Eat Mo' Music

Hell-raising Southern and classic rock hits and originals from a band of veteran local players.. Fri. - Sat., 9 pm, Tommy’s (Pooler).

Duo of singing blues guitarists Jeff Beasley and Ray Lundy, occasionally augmented with the rhythm section from Ray’s main band Bottles & Cans. Fri., 5:30 pm, The Warehouse + Sat., 7 pm, Uncle Bubba’s Oyster House + Fri. Sat., Mercury Lounge, 10 pm.

Craig Johansen


Funky instrumental dance grooves and soul jazz from a local quintet of trumpet, bass, drums, guitar and trombone. This is a relatively unique approach for our area. Fri. - Sat., 9 pm, Jazz’d Tapas Bar.

Erickson & Strong Extremely laid-back blues and calypso-influenced duo (featuring former

This month, featured poet Mary C. Kim hosts the slam, and there will be prizes awarded (some great, some lame). All are welcome to sign up at 7 pm. Thurs., 8 pm (7 pm signup), The Sentient Bean.

High Velocity

Solo acoustic show by the guitarist and vocalist for eclectic cover band The 8-Tracks. His solo shows cover even more ground, from ABBA to Guns ‘N’ Roses and back again. Sat., 6 pm, The Warehouse.

Molly MacPherson’ss

Too Blue

Local “y’allternative” Americana band playing twangy, electric covers by Skynyrd and the Drive-By Truckers, as well as originals in the same general vein. Fri. - Sat., 10 pm, Fiddler’s Crab House. ◗

TH E SENTIENT B EAN 13 E. Park Ave | 232.444 7

Scottish Pub & Grill

Watch For Our Grand Opening Weekend On Aug. 19 & 20! • A u t h e n t i c S c o t t i s h & A m e r i c a n Fo o d • L a rg e s t S i n g l e M a l t C o l l e c t i o n In Savannah • Scottish & Southern hospitality A perfect combination!

Where the only thing under our kilts is... our shoes!


• Monday - Thursday 11:00am - 11:00pm • Friday - Saturday: 11:00am - close • Sunday: 12:00am - 11:00pm

Live Music, Indie Film, Poetry For events listings visit:

311 West Congress Street • (912)239-9600



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This is your beer.



©2005 Anheuser-Busch, Inc., Michelob® ULTRA™ Light Beer, St. Louis, MO 95 calories, 2.6g carbs, 0.6g protein and 0g fat, per 12 oz.


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by Jim Reed

important (and influential) musical artists. This Atlanta-based trio (of Ward Abel, Just to rattle off a few brings to mind Steve Rawls and Sloan Hayes) has just a whirlwind of different styles and completed their moods: Stevie Wonder, Aretha third indie CD, and Franklin, Sammy Davis, Jr., The it’s a winner. Over Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, Mose the course of Allison, Joshua Redman, Gregg fourteen songs, Allman, George Benson, Tinsley the tightly-conEllis, Ray Charles... Yet, despite the structed pop tunes obvious differences between each they’re known for of those performers (and there are Abel, Rawls and Hayes seem to be on the many, many more), there is one verge of sonically bursting at the seams. quality they all share: soul. The heart of the band continues to be Well, okay, maybe not the ASO, but their meticulous songcraft – an organicyou get my point. sounding blend of Cat Stevens, early Scott is a phenomenal talent behind (pre-disco) Bee Gees, and John Prine – the traps, and his calling card is a gift for but with Flash On A Film, they seem to expressive improvisation. That’s served be flexing their rock muscles a him very well since 1995, when he bit more than usual. Sometimes joined The Derek Trucks Band – this works and sometimes it an association that has brought comes across as a tad forced, him more notoriety with the but if you appreciate mature, general public than most of his sincere, guitar-based pop that past work put together. When isn’t aimed at teenagers, you Derek’s not on the road playing can’t help but be impressed with slide guitar in The Allman Brothers what ARH has accomplished Band, Yonrico’s out with him. But, completely on their own. Yonrico Scott when Derek’s otherwise spoken Fri., 8 pm, The Sentient Bean. for, Yonrico splits his time between his own group and Earl Klugh. This two-night stand is being billed as Over the past quarter of a century, featuring “special guest appearances,” drummer and percussionist Yonrico and while one might be tempted to Scott has played with an amazing list of assume that Trucks himself will show,

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Abel, Rawls & Hayes

The Yonrico Scott Band

word on the street is that at least one guest will be vocalist Angela Fish, frontwoman for Savannah’s own alt.rock combo Vermillion X. Regardless of who sits in, the core group of Scott and infamous Atlanta ringers Kofi Burbridge and Todd Smallie will be on hand to lay down plenty of soulful blues-based grooves until the wee hours. Thurs. - Fri., JJ Cagney’s.

Greenbriar Center Benefit featuring The Embers Members of the South Carolina Rhythm & Blues Hall of Fame, The Embers represent decades of Southern pop music history. They’ve opened for the Stones, done commercials for Budweiser, played the ‘96 Olympics The Embers and entertained throngs at Bill Clinton’s inauguration. Led by drummer Bobby Tomlinson and billed as The Heart and Soul of Beach Music, they still pack in the crowds after all these years with a dance-oriented mix of R & B and shag tunes by themselves and many of their contemporaries. Proceeds from this annual Cabaret Fundraiser go to support

local children who have become victims of abuse, neglect and homelessness. Tickets can be purchased at Greenbriar Children’s Center or the Trustees Theater Box office for $30. For more information please contact Greenbriar Children’s Center at (912) 234-3431. Fri., 7 pm, Trustees Theater.

The Howard Paul Trio The Casimir Lounge in this luxury hotel bordering Forsyth Park has quickly become one of the most important venues in town to regularly present live jazz music. What is setting this room apart from the (very sparse) competition is a willingness to regularly book both Alist local talent and exceptional regional and national acts who happen to be passing through our area. Even more noteworthy is the fact that there’s never a cover charge to get in. Howard Paul is one such local artist who rarely plays in town. He’s an ace guitarist who uses a custom-made Benedetto instrument. It’s a 7-string variation on a traditional guitar that is notoriously difficult to master, but affords a wealth of creative options unattainable on a standard-issue axe. Expect a full evening of challenging, virtuosic improvisation and interpretation from Paul and his all-star group of sidemen. Fri., 9 pm 1 am, The Mansion on Forsyth Park. ◗

J.J. CAGNEY’S Voted Savannah’s Best Live Music Happy Hour Every Day ‘til 9:30 ✶ 2 for 1 Wells ✶ $1 Domestic Drafts Wednesday Aug 10 Thursday Aug 11

Yonrico Scott Band w/ special guest appearances

Friday Aug 12

Yonrico Scott Band w/ special guest appearances

Saturday Aug 13

Red Moon

Monday Aug 15

S.I.N. Night: $1 off everything (w/ pay stub)

Tuesday Aug 16

Happy Hour 4-8pm $1 Drafts

DJ Will2k Live

Voodoo Soup Ladies Night: 2 for 1 Wells & Shooters • $1 Domestic Drafts • No Cover for Ladies

Wednesday Aug 17

College Night • 2 for 1 wells • $1 Dom. Drafts (w/ College ID)

Kind Bud Fridays $2 Bud Bottler

Turtle Open Mic w/Red Moon 2 for 2’sday: 2 for 1 all night, & Free Pool

Voodoo Soup Ladies Night: 2 for 1 Wells & Shooters • $1 Domestic Drafts • No Cover for Ladies

Coming Soon: Aug. 18- Eric Culberson Blues Band Aug.19- Turtle Folk Aug.20- Red Moon Aug.26- Elliot Holden Group

305-307 W. River Street • 233-2444


Good Show, Will Travel

by Jim Reed




Voted Best Blues Bar!! Happy Hour 4-9 • No Cover Mon-Thurs

Leon Redbone All shows subject to change - please call the venues for ticket info...

AUGUST Thursday the 11th

Saturday the 13th Jeff Black, National Grain - Smith’s Olde Bar, Atlanta

Guess Who I Saw?

Sunday the 14th Montgomery Gentry, Miranda Lambert Barton Field, Augusta Flickerstick - Gathering Spot, Greenville Ingram Hill - Visulite Theatre, Charlotte

(smog) - Tremont Music Hall, Charlotte

Wednesday the 17th LeAnn Rimes - Chastain Park Amphitheatre, Atlanta John Hammond - Red Light Café, Atlanta Simple Plan - Tabernacle, Atlanta Tishamingo - Georgia Theatre, Atlanta “Summer Of Rock” w/Supagroup, Brand New Sin, Dog Faced Gods, The Black Halos - New Brookland Tavern, Columbia “The Scream Tour” w/Bow Wow, Bobby Valentino, Marques “Batman” Houston, Omarion, Pretty Ricky - Bi Lo Center, Greenville Gore Gore Girls - The Room, Charlotte The Knitters, Phranc - Visulite Theatre, Charlotte Cigar Store Indians - Freebird Live, Jacksonville Soilent Green, Into The Moat, A Perfect Murder - Thee Imperial, Jacksonville

Thursday the 18th

Monday the 15th James Taylor - Chastain Park Amphitheatre, Atlanta Edwin McCain, Kevn Kinney, Emerson Hart (of Tonic) - The Windjammer, Isle of Palms, SC

Tuesday the 16th James Taylor - Chastain Park Amphitheatre, Atlanta Flickerstick, Mercury Drop, Coma Ralley New Brookland Tavern, Columbia Robert Earl Keen, Abigail Washburn - The Handlebar, Greenville

Flickerstick, Mercury Drop - Smith’s Olde Bar, Atlanta Kings Of Leon / Secret Machines, Helio Sequence - Tabernacle, Atlanta (smog), Day Mars Ray, Drew Deman & Handful of Snakes - The EARL, Atlanta Supagroup, The Black Halos - The Masquerade, Atlanta Blue Dogs - Locals, Columbia Angie Aparo - New Brookland Tavern, Columbia The Knitters, Phranc - The Handlebar, Greenville Hootie & The Blowfish, Ingram Hill Florida Theatre, Jacksonville. ◗

KEVIN BARRY’S Irish Pub & Restaurant Voted Among The Top 10 Irish Pubs In America By America’s Best Online

Tonight–Sun Night Live Music w/ Harry O’Donoghue Voted Best Neighborhood Bar!

Pinkie Master’s 318 Drayton 238-0447

All Next Week Live Music w/ Frank Emerson LIVE MUSIC 7 NIGHTS A WEEK 117 WEST RIVER ST • 233-9626 Full Irish & American Menus Serving Until 2am Nightly

Patio Kings $1 PBR

Thurs, Aug 11

Bottles & Cans $1 Well & Dom Draft for Ladies

Fri, Aug 12

Turtle Folk

$5 Jaeger Bombs $2 Cuervo

Sat, Aug 13

Pocket Change Mon, Aug 15

The Unknown Boyz $2 Jaeger, Cuervo, Bud & Bud Lt

Tues, Aug 16

Open Mic w/ The Hitmen Mon-Thr 7pm-3am • Tues-Fri 5pm-3am Sat 2pm-3am

206 W St. Julian St.


Danielle Howle, Little Country Giants Smith’s Olde Bar, Atlanta Jackopierce - Atlantis Music Conference, Atlanta Sister Hazel - Chastain Park Amphitheatre, Atlanta Caroline Herring - Red Light Café, Atlanta Honestly - The Masquerade , Atlanta Leon Redbone - Variety Playhouse, Atlanta Antiseen, Hammerlock - Milestone Club, Charlotte

Hootie & The Blowfish, Ingram Hill Chastain Park Amphitheatre, Atlanta Keith Sweat - HiFi Buys Amphitheatre, Atlanta Moonshine Still, David Berkeley - Smith’s Olde Bar, Atlanta Whitesnake, Supagroup - Tabernacle, Atlanta The Working Title, The Melee, Lucky Boys Confusion - The Masquerade, Atlanta Garbage - Underground Atlanta Mike Geier’s Elvis Death Day Memorial w/Dames Aflame A Go Go, Kingsized Variety Playhouse, Atlanta Dubconscious - Kickin’ Chicken, Charleston Cruis-O-Matic - The Windjammer, Isle of Palms, SC Honestly - Gathering Spot, Greenville Drivin-N-Cryin - BAR, Charlotte

Wed, Aug 10

0 8 .1 0 . 0 5

Friday the 12th

Kings of Leon

Connect Savannah

“Disney Live! Winnie The Pooh” - Arena @ Gwinnett Center, Duluth Jupiter Coyote - The Windjammer, Isle of Palms, SC Flickerstick, Honestly - Amos’ Southend, Charlotte O.A.R., Pepper, The Southland - Florida Theatre, Jacksonville “Jagermeister Music For FREEdom” w/Crossbreed, Dope, Mushroomhead, Nocturne - Freebird Live, Jacksonville Jimbo Mathus & Knockdown South Fuel, Jacksonville The Working Title, Meelee, Lucky boys Confusion, Dropping Daylight - Jack Rabbits, Jacksonville

John Hammond


W E D N E S DA Y AU G U S T 10 T H

0 8 .1 0 . 0 5

AU G U S T 11 T H AVM ENT. COMPLEX (formerly IBIZA)‘80s night w/DJ Octavio B & D BURGERS (Downtown)- Live Music TBA (6 pm) B & D BURGERS (Southside)- Live Music TBA (9 pm) BAJA CANTINA (The Landings)- Larry Barker (6:30 pm) BAY STREET BLUES- Karaoke BAYOU CAFÉ- Liev Music TBA BERNIE’S ON RIVER STREET- Thomas Claxton (8 pm) BOGEY’S- Karaoke w/Ron CHUCK’S BAR- Karaoke (10 pm) CLUB ICE (formerly THE CAVALIER)- DJ Will 2K

SAVANNAH SMILES- Dueling Pianos SCANDALS (Tybee)- Karaoke w/DJ Marty Corley (9:30 pm) THE SEA GRILL (Pt. Wentworth)- Live Music TBA (6 pm) THE SENTIENT BEAN- Kodac Harrison’s Speaking Bean Poetry Slam (8 pm) SPANKY’S (River St.)- Live Music TBA (8 pm) STEAMERS (Georgetown)- Karaoke w/Eddie Foster STINGRAY’S (Tybee)- Eddie Mercer (7 pm) SUZABELLE’S- Live Piano Music TBA TOMMY’S (Pooler)- Karaoke w/Jeff & Rebecca TUBBY’S (River St.)- Live Music TBA TUBBY’S (Thunderbolt)- The Courtenay Brothers (7 pm) TWILIGHT MUSIC LOUNGE (Daiquiris on Bay)- Open Mic Night UNCLE BUBBA’S OYSTER HOUSEErickson & Strong (7 pm) VENUS DE MILO- DJ Maybe spins disco & house (9 pm)

F R I DAY AU G U S T 12 T H AJ’S DOCKSIDE RESTAURANT (Tybee)“Georgia Kyle” Shiver (7 pm) AMERICAN LEGION POST #36 (Thunderbolt)- Karaoke AVM ENT. COMPLEX (formerly IBIZA)DJ Octavio (Electronic, House) B & D BURGERS (Southside)- Live Music TBA (10 pm) BAY STREET BLUES- Karaoke BAYOU CAFÉ- Live Music TBA (9 pm) BERNIE’S ON RIVER STREET- Live Music TBA (9 pm) BOGEY’S- Live Music TBA CAFÉ LOCO (Tybee)- Live Music TBA THE CAPTAIN’S LOUNGE- Karaoke (9 pm) CLUB ICE (formerly THE CAVALIER)- DJ Will 2K CLUB ONE- Local Cast

CRYSTAL BEER PARLOR- The Beer Parlor Ramblers (7:30 pm) DAQUIRI DEPOT (Pooler)- Live Music TBA DAQUIRI FACTORY (Tybee)- Live Music TBA (9 pm) DAQUIRI ISLAND (Abercorn)- Karaoke DOC’S BAR (Tybee)- Live Music TBA DOLPHIN REEF (Tybee)- Live DJ DOUBLES (Holiday Inn Midtown)- “World Famous” DJ Sam Diamond DRIFTAWAY CAFÉ (Wilmington Isl.)- Live Music TBA ELYSIUM WINE BAR- LIve Music TBA FANNIE’S ON THE BEACH (Tybee)- The New Christy Alan Band (9 pm) FELIPE’S MEXICAN RESTAURANT- Live Music TBA (6 pm) FIDDLER’S CRAB HOUSE- WormsLoew (10 pm) FINNEGAN’S WAKE (Formerly O’Connell’s Irish Pub)- Elohsa FOSTER’S PUB (Tybee)- Karaoke THE GOLD CLUB- Live Music TBA (10 pm) HOOTERS (I-95 & Hwy 204)- Live Music TBA (7 pm) HUC-A-POOS (Tybee)- Live Music TBA (9 pm) IL PASTICCIO- Eat Mo’ Music (9:30 pm) THE ISLAND GRILL (Pt. Wentworth)Chuck Courtenay & G.E. Perry (8 pm) THE ISLANDER (Wilmington Isl.)- Live Music TBA THE JAZZ CORNER (Hilton Head)- Live Music TBA (7:30 pm) JAZZ’D TAPAS BAR- Eat Mo’ Music (9 pm) THE JINX- Live Music TBA JJ CAGNEY’S- The Yonrico Scott Band JOHNSON SQUARE- The Sandra Embley Four (11:30 am - 1:30 pm) JUKEBOX BAR & GRILL (Richmond Hill)Live Music TBA (9 pm) KEVIN BARRY’S- Harry O’Donoghue THE MANSION ON FORSYTH PARK- The Howard Paul Trio (9 pm - 1 am) MARY’S SEAFOOD & STEAKS- She Alice

THE JAZZ CORNER (Hilton Head)- Live Music TBA (7:30 pm) JAZZ’D TAPAS BAR- The Chris Chandler Trio (9 pm) THE JINX- Shadowgate, Devolo JJ CAGNEY’S- Red Moon KEVIN BARRY’S- Harry O’Donoghue AJ’S DOCKSIDE RESTAURANT (Tybee)- Joey LOCOS DELI & PUB- Turtle Folk Manning (7 pm) THE MANSION ON FORSYTH PARK- The AVM ENT. COMPLEX (formerly IBIZA)- DJ Sarah Colvin Ensemble (9 pm - 1 am) Octavio (Electronic, House) MARY’S SEAFOOD & STEAKS- Live Music B & D BURGERS (Southside)-Live Music TBA TBA (8 pm) (10 pm) MCDONOUGH’S- Karaoke BAY STREET BLUES- Karaoke MERCURY LOUNGE- Too Blue (10 pm) BAYOU CAFÉ- Live Music TBA (9 pm) MOON RIVER BREWING CO.- Live Music TBA BENNY’S (Tybee)- Live Music TBA (8:30 pm) BERNIE’S ON RIVER STREET- Live Music TBA MULBERRY INN- The Champagne Jazz Trio (8 (9 pm) pm) BOGEY’S- Live Music TBA NORTH BEACH GRILL (Tybee)- Live Music CAFÉ LOCO (Tybee)- “Georgia Kyle” Shiver TBA (6 pm) (10 pm) NV NIGHT CLUB (Sedah/Main Floor)- Old THE CAPTAIN’S LOUNGE- Karaoke (9 pm) School Hip-Hop & Top 40 CHUCK’S BAR- Karaoke (10 pm) THE OYSTER BAR (Wilmington Isl.)- The CITY MARKET COURTYARD- Live Music TBA Permanent Tourists (9 pm) (12 pm) PLANTER’S TAVERN (OLDE PINK HOUSE)CLUB ICE (formerly THE CAVALIER)- DJ Will Gail Thurmond 2K POGY’S BAR & GRILL (Richmond Hill)- Live CLUB ONE- Local Cast Music TBA DAQUIRI DEPOT (Pooler)- Live Music TBA SAVANNAH BLUES- Pocket Change DAQUIRI FACTORY (Tybee)- Live Music TBA SAVANNAH DOWN UNDER- DJ Blue Ice & (9 pm) Tropical Thunder DAQUIRI ISLAND (Abercorn)- Karaoke SAVANNAH SMILES- Dueling Pianos DEB’S PUB & GRUB- #@*! Karaoke (9 pm) SCANDALS (Tybee)- The Variations (9:30 pm) DJ’s PIANO BAR (Tybee)- Live Music TBA SEA DAWGS (Tybee)- Live Music TBA (1 pm) DOC’S BAR (Tybee)- Live Music TBA THE SENTIENT BEAN- Bean Head Writers DOLPHIN REEF (Tybee)- Live DJ Group (1 pm) DOUBLES (Holiday Inn Midtown)- “World SILVER DOLLAR BAR & GRILL (Hwy 204)Famous” DJ Sam Diamond Live Music TBA (9 pm) DRIFTAWAY CAFÉ (Wilmington Isl.)- Live SPANKY’S (River St.)- Live Music TBA (10 pm) Music TBA STEAMERS (Georgetown)- Perception (9 pm) FANNIE’S ON THE BEACH (Tybee)- The New STINGRAY’S (Tybee)- Robert Willis (3 pm), Christy Alan Band (9 pm) Randy “Hatman” Smith (7 pm) FIDDLER’S CRAB HOUSE- WormsLoew (10 SUNDOWN (Hilton Head)- Live Music TBA pm) TOMMY’S (Pooler)- High Velocity (9 pm) GO FISH- Live Music TBA (7 pm) TUBBY’S (River St.)- Live Music TBA (6 pm) THE HIDE-A-WAY (Middleground Rd.)TUBBY’S (Thunderbolt)- Jason Courtenay (6 Karaoke pm) HUC-A-POOS (Tybee)- Live Music TBA UNCLE BUBBA’S OYSTER HOUSE- Too Blue IL PASTICCIO- Eat Mo’ Music (9:30 pm) (7 pm)

WET WILLIE’S- Live DJ Brad Tatom


VENUS DI MILO- DJ Maybe, DJ Aerochron & Friends (10:30 pm) THE WAREHOUSE (River St.)- Craig Johansen (6 pm) WET WILLIE’S- Live DJ Brad Tatom

S U N DAY AU G U S T 14 T H AJ’S DOCKSIDE RESTAURANT (Tybee)- Joey Manning (7 pm) B & D BURGERS (Southside)- Live Music TBA (6 pm) BAYOU CAFÉ- Chief BELFORD’S (City Market)- Jason Courtenay (6 pm) BENNY’S (Tybee Island)- Live Music TBA BERNIE’S ON RIVER STREET- Live Music TBA CAFÉ LOCO (Tybee)- “Georgia Kyle” Shiver (10 pm) THE CAPTAIN’S LOUNGE- Karaoke (9 pm) CITY MARKET COURTYARD- Live Music TBA (1 pm) CLUB ICE (formerly THE CAVALIER)- DJ Will 2K DAQUIRI FACTORY (Tybee)- Live Music TBA (1 pm) DAQUIRI ISLAND (Abercorn)- Karaoke DOC’S BAR (Tybee Island)- Live Music TBA DRIFTAWAY CAFÉ (Wilmington Isl.)- Jason Courtenay (6 pm) FANNIE’S ON THE BEACH (Tybee)- Randy “Hatman” Smith (3 pm) THE HIDE-A-WAY (Middleground Rd.)Karaoke THE JAZZ CORNER (Hilton Head)- Deas’ Guyz JAZZ’D TAPAS BAR- Annie Allman (7 pm) KEVIN BARRY’S- Harry O’Donoghue THE MANSION ON FORSYTH PARK- Harpist Kristin Gustafson (11 am - 2 pm) MARY’S SEAFOOD & STEAKS- Live Music TBA MCDONOUGH’S- Karaoke NV NIGHT CLUB (Sedah/Main Floor)- Secret Sunday (w/The Gold Club) PLANTER’S TAVERN (OLDE PINK HOUSE)Gail Thurmond RIDERS LOUNGE (Hilton Head)- Live Music

2 2 for for 1 1 Happy Happy Hour Hour

$1.00 12 oz. Domestic Mugs $2.00 Domestic Bottles $6.00 Domestic Pitchers 32 oz. Mug Specials

Tuesday Tuesday 9’til11 9’til11

Award Winning Karaoke Club 7 7 days days aa week, week, 9-until 9-until

formerly O'Connell's This Friday:

Next Tuesday: Open Mic Night w/ Eric Britt Coming Soon: Aug. 18- The Trainwrecks Aug.19- Hazel Virtue

(912) 495-0705 Open 11am EVERYDAY! Ask About our Lunch Specials

showtime is 6:00-9:30

Live music w/ Elohsa

11 West Liberty Street • Downtown Savannah

Open Monday - Friday 4pm to 3am • Saturday Noon to 3am

21 E. McDonough St.


AU G U S T 16 T H

AVM ENT. COMPLEX (formerly IBIZA)- DJ Octavio (Electronic) BAY STREET BLUES- Open Mic Night BAYOU CAFÉ- Chief BERNIE’S ON RIVER STREET- Live Music TBA BLUEBERRY HILL- Karaoke DEB’S PUB & GRUB- #@*! Karaoke (10:30 pm) DRIFTAWAY CAFÉ (Wilmington Isl.)- Live AVM ENT. COMPLEX (formerly IBIZA)- DJ Music TBA (6 pm) Octavio (disco, R & B, old-school hip-hop) FIDDLER’S CRAB HOUSE- Live Music TBA (10 BAYOU CAFÉ- Chief pm) BERNIE’S ON RIVER STREET- Live Music TBA FINNEGAN’S WAKE (Formerly O’Connell’s BLUEBERRY HILL- Karaoke Irish Pub)- Open Mic w/Eric Britt CLUB ICE (formerly THE CAVALIER)- DJ Will HOOTERS (I-95 & Hwy 204)- Live Music TBA 2K (6 pm) DOUBLES (Holiday Inn Midtown)- DJ spins THE JAZZ CORNER (Hilton Head)- Masteller & Beach Music The All-Stars FIDDLER’S CRAB HOUSE- BN Trivia w/Artie & THE JINX- Hip Hop w/Selvis & DJ D-Frost Brad (latenight freestyles/breakdancing) THE GRILL BEACHSIDE (Tybee)- Live Music JJ CAGNEY’S- Open Mic Night w/Red Moon TBA (7 pm) KEVIN BARRY’S- Frank Emerson THE IRISH TIMES- Live Irish Music MARY’S SEAFOOD & STEAKS- Live Music THE ISLANDER (Wilmington Isl.)- Open Mic TBA w/The Bandtastics MERCURY LOUNGE- Open Mic Jam w/EROK THE JAZZ CORNER (Hilton Head)- Howard NV NIGHT CLUB (Sedah/Main Floor)- Teen Paul & The John Brackett Quartet Night w/DJ Triple A THE JINX- Open Mic Night PLANTER’S TAVERN (OLDE PINK HOUSE)JJ CAGNEY’S- Turtle Gail Thurmond KEVIN BARRY’S- Frank Emerson SAVANNAH BLUES- Open Mic w/The Hitmen MARY’S SEAFOOD & STEAKS- Live Music THE SENTIENT BEAN- Kyler England (8 pm) TBA SPANKY’S (River St.)- Ansel Daniel PLANTER’S TAVERN (OLDE PINK HOUSE)STEAMER’S (Georgetown)- Karaoke Live Piano Music TBA VENUS DI MILO- Open DJ Tables - bring SAVANNAH BLUES- The Unknown Boyz needles & vinyl (10 pm) SAVANNAH NIGHTS- Karaoke WET WILLIE’S- Karaoke (9 pm) SCANDALS (Tybee)- DJ Marty Corley (9:30 SUZABELLE’S- Live Piano Music TBA pm) THE SEA GRILL (Pt. Wentworth)- Live Music NOTE: All Bands Scheduled Subject To TBA (6 pm) Change


AU G U S T 15 T H


Too B l ue Th i s S a t . N i g h t C ra i g Joha n s en Th i s S u n . N i g h t Th o m a s C la x to n

Mon-Fri Mon-Fri 8-8 8-8 Wells, Wells, Domestics Domestics & & house house wine wine

Ladies Night


sic u M L i veTh i s Fr i . N i g h t

Savannah’s Ultimate

Happy Hour 4-7pm

THE SENTIENT BEAN- Old-Time Music Jam (7 pm) SUZABELLE’S- Live Piano Music TBA WET WILLIE’S- Karaoke (9 pm)

issue. Please enclose, publicity photos and band bios as well. A d d r e s s : Connect Savannah, Inc., 1800 E. Victor y Drive, Suite 7, Savannah, GA 31404 F a x : (912)231-9932 E m a i l : All Bands S c h e d u l e d A r e S u b j e c t T o C h a n g e

STILL Savannah’s Most Authentic Irish Pub!

Dine In Take Out Delivery

TBA ST. THOMAS EPISCOPAL CHURCH (Isle of Hope)- The Plaids (5 pm) SLUGGERS (Abercorn)- Karaoke STEAMERS (Georgetown)- Live Music TBA (8 pm) STINGRAY’S (Tybee)- Robert Willis (3 pm), Eddie Mercer (7 pm) SUZABELLE’S- Live Piano Music TBA UNCLE BUBBA’S OYSTER HOUSE- Bucky & Barry (7 pm) THE WAREHOUSE (River St.)- Jeff Beasley (6 pm)

108 West Congress Street • 231-8499

B E S T Wi n g s i n S ava n n a h !



18 East River Street 234-6003 • CAll In Order

N O T E : Clubs, if you have live music and want to be listed for free in Soundboard or Music Menu, just mail, fax, or email your lineup to us BY NOON ON WEDNESDAY for inclusion in our next

MCDONOUGH’S- Karaoke MERCURY LOUNGE- Too Blue (10 pm) MOON RIVER BREWING CO.- Live Music TBA (8:30 pm) MULBERRY INN- The Champagne Jazz Trio (8 pm) NORTH BEACH GRILL (Tybee)- Live Music TBA (6 pm - 9 pm) NV NIGHT CLUB (Sedah/Main Floor)- Latin Night w/DJ Salsa Hits THE OYSTER BAR (Wilmington Isl.)- The Permanent Tourists (9 pm) PLANTER’S TAVERN (OLDE PINK HOUSE)Gail Thurmond POGY’S BAR & GRILL (Richmond Hill)- Live Music TBA (8 pm) SAVANNAH BLUES- Turtle Folk SAVANNAH DOWN UNDER- DJ Blue Ice & Tropical Thunder SAVANNAH SMILES- Dueling Pianos SCANDALS (Tybee)- The Variations (9:30 pm) THE SEA GRILL (Pt. Wentworth)- Live Music TBA THE SENTIENT BEAN- Abel, Rawls & Hayes (8 pm) SILVER DOLLAR BAR & GRILL (Hwy 204)Live Music TBA (9 pm) SLUGGERS (Abercorn)- DJ Mike Ambrose SPANKY’S (River St.)- Live Music TBA (9 pm) SPANKY’S (Tybee)- Live Music TBA STEAMERS (Georgetown)- Perception (9 pm) STEED’S- Karaoke STINGRAY’S (Tybee)- Randy “Hatman” Smith (7 pm) SUNDOWN (Hilton Head)- Live Music TBA SUZABELLE’S- Live Piano Music TBA TANGO (Tybee)- Live Music TBA (8 pm) TOMMY’S (Pooler)- High Velocity (9 pm) TRUSTEES THEATER- The Embers (7 pm) TUBBY’S (Thunderbolt)- Hazzard County w/Jason Courtenay (9:30 pm) UNCLE BUBBA’S OYSTER HOUSE- Radio Dogs (7 pm) VENUS DI MILO- DJ Maybe, DJ Aerochron & Friends (10:30 pm) THE WAREHOUSE (River St.)- Too Blue (5:30 pm) WAYS STATION TAVERN (Richmond Hill)Karaoke (9 pm)

0 8 .1 0 . 0 5

Connect Savannah


CLUB ONE- Industrial Resurrection w/DJ Shrapnel (10 pm) DOC’S BAR (Tybee)- Live Music TBA DOUBLES (Holiday Inn Midtown)- DJ Sam Diamond’s Karaoke DRIFTAWAY CAFÉ (Wilmington Isl.)- Live Music TBA FANNIE’S ON THE BEACH (Tybee)“Georgia” Kyle Shiver (7:30 pm) FELIPE’S MEXICAN RESTAURANT- Live Music TBA (6 pm) FIDDLER’S CRAB HOUSE- Red Moon (10 pm) THE GRILL BEACHSIDE (Tybee)- Live Music TBA (7 pm) THE HIDE-A-WAY (Middleground Rd.)Live Music TBA THE ISLAND GRILL (Pt. Wentworth)Karaoke (9 pm) THE JAZZ CORNER (Hilton Head)- Live Music TBA (7:30 pm) JAZZ’D TAPAS BAR- Trae Gurley’s Sinatra Tribute (7 pm) THE JINX- Dance Party w/MCs Awesomesex, Vinyl Ritchie & ShizNite JJ CAGNEY’S- The Yonrico Scott Band KEVIN BARRY’S- Harry O’Donoghue LOCOS DELI & PUB- Open Mic Night w/Hitman THE MANSION ON FORSYTH PARKRicardo Ochoa Jazz Ensemble (8 pm 12 am) MARY’S SEAFOOD & STEAKS- Live Music TBA MOON RIVER BREWING CO.- Eric Britt MCDONOUGH’S- Karaoke MERCURY LOUNGE- Live Music TBA (10 pm) MULBERRY INN- The Champagne Jazz Trio (8 pm) NV NIGHT CLUB (Sedah/Main Floor)Reggae Madness w/Syndicate Sound PLANTER’S TAVERN (OLDE PINK HOUSE)- Gail Thurmond POGY’S BAR & GRILL (Richmond Hill)Live Music TBA (7 pm) SAVANNAH BLUES- Bottles & Cans SAVANNAH DOWN UNDER- DJ Blue Ice (Hip-hop, Reggae, Top 40, R & B)

Connect Savannah

AJ’S DOCKSIDE RESTAURANT (Tybee)Joey Manning (7 pm) AVM ENT. COMPLEX (formerly IBIZA)DJ Octavio BAY STREET BLUES- Open Mic Night BERNIE’S ON RIVER STREET- Karaoke (8 pm) BOBA INTERNET CAFÉ (City Market)Open Mic (9 pm) CLUB ICE (formerly THE CAVALIER)- DJ Will 2K DEB’S PUB & GRUB- #@*! Karaoke (10 pm) DOUBLES (Holiday Inn Midtown)- DJ Pat McBride (Savannah Shag Club) DRIFTAWAY CAFÉ (Wilmington Isl.)- Live Music TBA (7 pm) FANNIE’S ON THE BEACH (Tybee)- Live Music TBA (7 pm) FIDDLER’S CRAB HOUSE- Jason Bible (9 pm) FUN N’ GAMES (Whitemarsh Plaza)Karaoke THE HIDE-A-WAY (Middleground Rd.)Karaoke THE ISLAND GRILL (Pt. Wentworth)Don Coyer (7 pm) THE JAZZ CORNER (Hilton Head)- Live Music TBA (7:30 pm) JAZZ’D TAPAS BAR- Live Music TBA (7 pm) THE JINX- “When Music Mattered” w/Johnny Chicago & MC Awesomesex JJ CAGNEY’S- Voodoo Soup KEVIN BARRY’S- Harry O’Donoghue LOCOS DELI & PUB- Trivia w/Ben Bennett * THE MANSION ON FORSYTH PARKPianist Inman Dewey (7 pm - 11 pm) MARY’S SEAFOOD & STEAKS- Live Music TBA MCDONOUGH’S- Karaoke MERCURY LOUNGE- The Eric Culberson

Blues Band NV NIGHT CLUB (Sedah/Main Floor)(Hip-hop, R & B, Top 40) NV NIGHT CLUB (Nevaeh/Top Floor)Open Mic Poetry Night w/Spitfire, A.W.O.L. & W.O.R.D. (8:30 pm) PLANTER’S TAVERN (OLDE PINK HOUSE)- Gail Thurmond POGY’S BAR & GRILL (Richmond Hill)Live Music TBA (7 pm) SAVANNAH BLUES- Patio Kings SAVANNAH DOWN UNDER- DJ Blue Ice (Hip-hop, Reggae, Top 40, R & B) SAVANNAH SMILES- Dueling Pianos SCANDALS (Tybee)- Karaoke w/DJ Marty Corley (9:30 pm) THE SENTIENT BEAN- Adrianne, Jason Bible (8 pm) SLUGGERS (Abercorn)- Karaoke SPANKY’S (River Street)- Live Music TBA STEAMERS (Georgetown)- Live Music TBA SUZABELLE’S- Live Piano Music TBA TUBBY’S (River St.)- Sunset Party w/Live Music TBA (6 pm) TUBBY’S (Thunderbolt)- Jason Courtenay (8 pm)





Art Patrol


compiled by Jim Morekis painter Kathy Miller and ceramic artist Linda Whitt Smith.

gallery hop, Friday, Sept. 16, 5–7 p.m. Free and open to the public.

‘Unemployment Line’ by Jacob Wenzka at Gallery Espresso

Connect Savannah

0 8 .1 0 . 0 5

‘Savannah At Its Best’ -- Art by Jack Leigh, Elena Madden and Sam Ward through Sept. 5 at the Mansion on Forsyth Park. Reception Friday, Aug. 12, 6-10 p.m. Jacob Wenzka -- New paintings by this Athens, Ga., artist through Aug. 25 at Gallery Espresso, 234 Bull St. Reception Thursday Aug. 11, 6-8 p.m. ‘Feline Beloved’ -- Photography of cats by Kathleen Thomas at the Starlander Cafe & Gallery, 11 E. 41st St. ‘Reorder’ -- SCAD presents this mixed media exhibit that explores how artists process information about their environments. Aug. 19–Sept. 27, at Red Gallery, 201 E. Broughton St. The exhibition will be featured on the college’s monthly

‘Variegate’ -- A SCAD fibers department group exhibition, through Aug. 30, at Alexander Hall, 668 Indian St.

Call for Entries -- For “Mod Podge Collage,” a show celebrating the art of collage at the DesotoRow Gallery in the Starland district. Accepting any works 2D and 3D combining multiple forms. Show runs Aug 18-31. Reception Friday August 19, 7-9 p.m.

‘Perfectly Right and Perfectly Wrong’ -SCAD presents this mixed-media exhibition by Fred Jesser that explores the realization that the conceptualization and the production of art are much different, through Aug. 28, Pinnacle Gallery, 320 E. Liberty St. Michael Story -- Friedman’s Fine Art presents this award-winning artist renowned for his marshscapes on display the month of August at 28 W. State St., hours Mon. – Fri. 9-5:30, and Sat. 10-5. ‘Guale Gold’ --Images of Ossabaw Island by Tim Coy; proceeds benefit the fund to restore the historic Boarding House on Ossabaw Island. Through Sept. 30 at Gallery 440, 440 Bull St.

‘Fabricated Cindiisms’ -- Show by fiber artist Cindy Male at the DAC Gallery at One East Broughton Street in Savannah. 'Phyllis Limbacher Tildes -- Award-winning illustrator of children's books exhibits at Cutters Point Coffee, 7360 Skidaway Rd. in Sandfly, thru Aug. 13.

‘Cold Mellons’ by Jack Leigh at the Mansion Placeless’ -- Nathan Abels’ MFA Thesis ‘P exhibition runs through Aug. 19 at Pei Ling Chan Gallery, 322 MLK, Jr. Blvd. ‘Cloudy Day’ -- Original paintings by Russian artist Vitold Barhatkov at Maggies Antiqiues, 2819 Bull St. ‘Show Horse’ -- SCAD mixed-media exhibition inspired by the nature and mystique of horses, through Aug. 14, at the Red Gallery, 201 E. Broughton St.

‘Farm Team: A Season in the Minors’ -Joseph C. Gamble’s thesis exhibition chronicles life in baseball’s minor leagues. At Grayson Stadium on Victory Drive through the Sand Gnats season. Maureen E. Kerstein -- New paintings through Aug. 31 at the Hospice Savannah Art Gallery, 1352 Eisenhower Drive. The Hurn Museum -- locateed at 1015 Whitaker St., will be closed throughout the month of August. ◗

Art Patrol is for rotating shows, exhibitions and receptions. Send your art info to

Gallery 209 August Artists -- Artists of the Month at Gallery 209, 209 E. River St., are

Win The Groovy Sunset Novelties’ customized Love Bug 6614 Waters Ave 355-9610

(Waters at Stephenson) Find out where you can see and win the Love Bug this week at 10419 Abercorn Ext.


(Magnolia Plaza-Next to Sluggers) Open till 1am Mon. - Thur. Open till 2am Fri. - Sunday


Connect Savannah

0 8 .1 0 . 0 5


Theatre Review


by Jim Morekis

Chasing S ondheim Into the Woods

Connect Savannah

08.1 0.05

Little Theatre’s production of S T E P H E N S O N D H E I M ’ S INTO THE WOODS isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. It’s a show very much in the Andrew Lloyd Webber vein of all music with little or no dialogue. Light opera, really. It’s not my cup of tea, personally. But that being said, the larger objective truth is that the Little Theatre’s recent run of Sondheim’s 1987 smash at the Armstrong Atlantic Fine Arts Auditorium is perhaps the most consistently highcaliber local musical production I’ve seen since -- well, maybe ever. Director Bob Patterson has, in his own inimitable manner, forged a tight, fast-paced show which nonetheless never sacrifices quality for speed. The tale itself is a wordy and cerebral barrage of chorus-deficient songs linked by almost constant recitative and punctuated by vaguely urban, Woody Allenstyle humor. The age-old fables of Cinderella, Jack and the Beanstalk, Sleeping Beauty, Little Red Riding Hood and Rapunzel are tied together by the stubborn and willful Wicked Witch, catalyst for a Faustian bargain entered into by the Baker and his wife, who desperately want a child. And I mean desperately.

Or is the Witch really the catalyst? Indeed, the larger point of Into the Woods is that in adult life, it’s up to you which path to take -into the woods or somewhere else -and only you in the final analysis are responsible for your own actions, witch or no witch. Many of the principals just came off a demanding (and outstanding) run of Grease at the Trustees Theatre, which overlapped the rehearsal schedule for Into the Woods. If any of them are feeling fatigued they certainly didn’t let it show at the performance I saw. Holding all plotlines together is Faith Boles as the Witch, who combines a powerful, soulful singing voice with a clear mastery of comic technique. Robert Bush and Stefanie Selai shine in the key roles of the Baker and his wife.

Restaurant, Wine Bar Mon-Thurs 5:30-10:00 Fri-Sat 5:30-12am Sun 5:30-9:30

“Award of Excellence” Wine Spectator “Top Ten Best Italian in the U.S.” USA Today

2 East Broughton St. • 231-8888 w w w. i l p a s t i c c i o . c o m

maintains fast pace while retaining quality Bush’s comic touch remains as deft as ever, while Selai is one of Savannah’s most well-rounded performers, blessed with flawless comic timing to go with her flawless singing voice. In the less flashy role of Cinderella, Amanda Hosmer gives a remarkably layered and sensitive portrayal, both musically and dramatically. Her performance is so evocative it’s almost out of place in this breezy, glib show. Mark Rand is excellently cast as the cheesiest Prince ever. And Nick Bushkar provides the right touch as the dim-bulb but sweet Jack, wisely underplaying an already well-written role that a lesser actor would ham up. As tightly as Patterson directs Into the Woods, however, there’s still a sense that the thing is about 20 minutes too long. This can’t possibly be the fault of Patterson, a director nearly obsessive about pacing. It’s certainly not the fault of music director Joseph Walker, who whips his able live ensemble through their cues like Clyde Barrow through the clip of a Browning automatic rifle. I blame the marketplace. Long ago, producers in New York figured out that if they’re going to charge so damn much

for tickets, they need to make sure the audience can’t complain that they didn’t get their money’s worth. Hence you get writers who know better -- like Sondheim -- writing long on purpose. It’s in technical areas where this production is a little bit less than what it could be. I know the name of the show is Into the Woods, but there are still too many earth tones in this set. It’s not that the set is bad; I enjoy how the downstage is divided into thirds, each with its own spotlight, and the big ramp circling the entire upstage area makes excellent use of the auditorium’s huge expanse. But other than Little Red Riding Hood’s red cloak -- the conspicuous nature of which reminds me of a similar bit in Schindler’s List -- there’s precious little color on this stage. More please. I’ve noticed sadly that individual mics are now de rigueur for almost all local shows. While there’s a case to be made for individually miking actors, I find that the devices tend to push the upper register into a tinny, harsh place and unfairly penalize actors who project properly. But to be fair, perhaps the problem in this show is more of an acoustic issue with the venue itself. ◗

DVD Reviews


by Matt Brunson


Happyr Houpm

Great Food Great Music Great Everyday



¢ R a w Oyste rs (Anyt ime)

Martini NIght Wednesdays


(for ladies only)1 0pm-close,$1 domestic drafts $1 well drinks

Live Music: Jason Bible


Shooter Thursday

Live Music: Red Moon

$3.00 Buck Shots

Live Music Friday



Live Music Saturday 4 Wormsloew Sunday 4 FUBAR (Fed Up By Area Restaurants) Service Appreciation Night 1/2 Drinks on Selected Item $4 Yager Bombs


Monday Trivia with Art & Brad

All You Can Eat Crab Legs only $19.99! (Must be seated by 9:30pm

7 Tuesday’s Service Industry Night

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131 W. River St 644-7172

Fox Home Entertainment continues its “Studio Classics” line with releases 32 through 34. Unlike Warner, which clears out the studio vaults looking for tantalizing DVD extras, Fox only offers a smattering of bonus features on their discs. But because the movie’s the main attraction the lack of extras is a pardonable sin. Until the spectacular climax, In Old Chicago has as much in common with reality as Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Alice Brady plays Mrs. O’Leary, a hard-working widow raising her three sons to the best of her ability (never mind that the real Mrs. O’Leary wasn’t a widow). One sibling (Tyrone Power) emerges as a politically connected heel, another (Don Ameche) becomes Chicago’s mayor who’s hell-bent on wiping out corruption, and the third son (Tom Brown) has so little backstory or screen time that he barely registers. The

Crab House

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With apologies to Spain, there's simply no way that country's quadriplegic weepie The Sea Inside deserved to best this German production for the ForeignLanguage Film Oscar. A powerful telescoping of a few crucial days in world history, Downfall centers on the final moments in the life of Adolf Hitler as he huddled down in his bunker with sycophants of varying degrees of loyalty and watched as his empire collapsed around him. A handful of critics stated upon its original release that the movie took the controversial stance of humanizing its central figure, which forces me to conclude that they must have seen a different film with the same title. Downfall depicts Adolf Hitler as a human only in the sense that he's shown to have two eyes, a nose and a mouth and possesses the ability to walk, talk and blink. Otherwise, the figure shown here remains a contemptible man, dogged by paranoid tendencies and exhibiting contempt even toward his fellow Germans. The excellent Bruno Ganz, a mainstay of international cinema since the 1970s (Knife In the Head, Wings of Desire), delivers a mesmerizing performance as Hitler, capturing the essence of an evil man perpetually marinating in his own arrogance and atrociousness. DVD extras include audio commentary by director Oliver Hirschbiegel, a making-of featurette, and cast and crew interviews. Movie: ★★★1/2 Extras: ★★1/2

torching of Chicago is screen spectacle at its finest, as well as a reminder of the untainted magic of grand-scale moviemaking before computers took over the industry. The DVD includes two versions: the more familiar 94-minute cut and the 115-minute edit that was snipped soon after its premiere. Other extras include a documentary on Ameche and footage of the premiere. Like The Best Years of Our Lives, The Man In the Gray Flannel Suit offers a study of what happens when WWII vets return from the war and attempt to assimilate themselves back into American society. Unlike Best Years, which was universal enough in its approach that its post-war content remains as forceful as ever, Flannel Suit (based on Sloan Wilson’s bestseller) retains its topicality more in its exploration of a man who must choose between advancing his career or spending quality time with his family. Gregory Peck, as dependable as ever, stars as Tom Rath, a Madison Avenue type with a needy (if sympathetic) wife (Jennifer Jones) and three small children. When he’s not distracted by memories of his wartime experiences in Europe -including a dalliance with an Italian beauty (Marisa Pavan) -- he’s busy fretting over how to make ends meet. He accepts a higher-paying job at a company run by Ralph Hopkins (Fredric March), a fairminded employer who, having long ago abandoned his wife and daughter for the sake of a career, finds himself envying Tom’s integrity and idealism. DVD extras include audio commentary by author and film scholar James Monaco, a look at the film’s restoration, and a photo gallery. Thanks to the success of 1962’s What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?, which found real-life nemeses Bette Davis and Joan Crawford sparring under the gleeful direction of Robert Aldrich, the rest of the decade yielded several more films in which aging actresses camped it up in low-budget thrillers. The best of these knock-offs was arguably this atmospheric creepshow that reunited Aldrich and Davis. The actress essays the role of Charlotte Hollis, who’s spent the last few decades holed up in her Louisiana mansion and going crazy over the possibility that she may have been the one to chop up her lover (Bruce Dern in one of his earliest roles) with a meat cleaver. But could the actual killer have been her housekeeper (Agnes Moorehead, snagging one of the film’s seven Oscar nominations)? Her father (Victor Buono)? Her soft-spoken cousin (Olivia de Havilland)? The family doctor (Joseph Cotten)? DVD extras include audio commentary by film historian Glenn Erickson and the theatrical trailers. All Three Movies: ★★★ Chicago Extras: ★★1/2 Suit Extras: ★★1/2 Charlotte Extras: ★★






by Taylor Eason

New Red (headed) Stepchild

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Despite swipes by snobs and filmmakers, merlot continues to delight the public IT JUST AIN’T right what that movie did to merlot. Like Cinderella or Rodney Dangerfield, this hapless grape gets no respect, thanks to the now infamous line “I’m not drinking any fucking merlot” in the movie Sideways. But the resilient grape isn’t dying quietly. Although wineries might be ripping out merlot vineyards and cutting back on their single varietal production, it still reigns as one of the uber grapes that will stand the tests of taste. Some say the wineries brought the distain on themselves. An easy grape to grow, fruity, nondescript merlot produces huge profits the casual drinker willingly generates. Basically, Joe Wine Public goes ga-ga for the stuff since lower tannins and that in-your-face cherry zing are a white wine lover’s answer to red.

But the snob hoards have grown restless. A principal grape in many famous St. Emilion Bordeaux reds, merlot, they said, should be revered. After tasting bottle after bottle of generic California plunk, though, they disdainfully proclaimed merlot had been sold out. And it had, by many producers, but not all. I remember drinking a worthy-ofworship 1999 Flora Springs Napa Valley Merlot, with the 2000 and 2001 not far behind. I knew California hadn’t completely exploited this modest grape. On the other side of the pond, France has remained convinced of its worth. Sure, there were some Southern French wineries that bottled appallingly gutless merlot by the jugful, but Bordeaux producers continued to make balanced, age-worthy juice that snobs craved. How did they escape without scorn? Bordeaux doesn’t bottle single varietal wines (meaning: labeled by grape type), so the merlot stigma is lifted and snobs can sip without ridicule. Thus, the irony

in the movie Sideways: The sacred 1961 Cheval Blanc that Miles chugged in the diner — it’s a merlot blend. Although snobs may have rejected California merlot and impressionable newbies are nervous to drink it, most of America is still buying the hell out of it. In fact, A.C. Nielson reported that merlot represented 11.6 percent of all table wine sales before the release of Sideways, and at the end of January — the indie flick was released in October — those sales had climbed to 12.2 percent. The future of merlot remains up in the air. What many are saying, including Paul Wagner of Balzac Communications in Napa Valley, is that the disparaged merlot grape is being replaced by its stepbrother, syrah (shiraz). Syrah has plenty of fruit with a strong personality, something merlot lacks if it’s mass-produced. Wagner feels California is finally reacting to what the evolving public really wants. Since you’re the public they’re referring to, you tell me: Are they

full of crap or right on the mark? Send your opinions to ◗

Recommended Wines Toasted Head 2002 Merlot California Easy to drink and approachable, yet has plenty of heft. Lovely floral nose, followed by lively raspberry and roasted coffee in the sip. Sweetness = 3. $14.


Clos Pegase 2001 Mitsuko’s Vineyard Merlot Carneros (California) Elegant and sensual as it rolls over your tastebuds, easing into blueberries, red cherries and tart raspberries. Velvety yet firm tannins. There’s nothing wimpy about this merlot. Sw = 2. $18. ★★★★ Chateau Trimoulet 2001 Saint Emilion Grand Cru (France) This Bordeaux blend is 60-percent merlot, and has the earthy cherry thing typical of wines from this area. Nice little raspberry kick after it has aired a while. Sw = 1. $28. ★★★.

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Joker’s & The Comedy Store now has Full & Part-Time Sales Associates positions available. We are celebrating 30 years as Savannah’s #1 Gift Store. Our reputation is paramount! Only mature customer oriented people with good work ethics need apply- If you have a desire to be a part of a winning team and earn an above average salary!

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Marsha Graves Michael Caputo

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by Matt Brunson


Zupan declares, he’d rather have someone punch him during an argument than back down because of his condition; he’ll punch them right back). The movie loses steam whenever its attention turns to the on-the-court rivalry between the U.S. and Canadian teams; far more compelling are the personal glimpses of people whose broken bodies are no match for their brawny spirits.

SKY HIGH ✰✰1/2

Better than Fantastic Four but nowhere near the league of The Incredibles, Sky High is yet another feature film that centers on a family of superheroes. Cribbing as much from X-Men and the Harry Potter series as from the aforementioned pair, this live-action Disney romp stars appealing Michael Angarano as Will Stronghold, the son of superhero legends The Commander (Kurt Russell) and Jetstream (Kelly Preston). As a freshman at Sky High, a high school populated exclusively by kids with special powers, Will is expected to emerge as a hero ahead of his time; instead, his lack of powers finds him relegated to the “Hero Support” classes, where he and other underachievers learn the basics to becoming a sidekick. As

long as Sky High tweaks the superhero genre, it remains on solid ground, thanks to knowing dialogue and smart casting (Russell and Bruce Campbell certainly have the square jaws required of superheroes, and former Wonder Woman Lynda Carter appears as the school principal). But whenever the movie gets distracted by the conventions of the typical teen flick (the Heroes are the popular kids and the Sidekicks are the nerds -get it?), it becomes a pale imitation of Mean Girls, Clueless and half the John Hughes oeuvre.


I wasn’t a fan of Michael Bay’s first two films, Bad Boys and The Rock, though I can at least understand their appeal to action-film wonks. But Armageddon and Pearl Harbor were simply stupid and noisy and sloppy, while Bad Boys II was unwatchable. Lately, Bay’s been plundering Hollywood’s past as a producer, offering execrable remakes of horror films both classic (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre) and clunky (The Amityville Horror). But The Island has enough going for it to assuage a substantial number of critics who may view the film as the director’s first baby steps toward


The first Herbie picture, The Love Bug, hit theaters back in 1969 -- yet given the sort of cacophonous kiddie dreck that routinely fills the auditoriums today, this blast of old-fashioned sentiment isn’t half-bad. Lindsey Lohan, whose tight outfits continually threaten to put the kibosh on the film’s G rating, stars as Maggie Peyton, a third-generation member of a NASCAR family whose lineage includes her deceased grandfather, her retired pop (Michael Keaton) and her clumsy brother (Breckin Meyer). Forbidden by her dad from ever taking part in races, Maggie goes against his wishes once she discovers that the rusty VW she rescues from a junkyard is magically endowed. ◗

An award-winning audience favorite at Sundance, Murderball is a movie that’s easier to admire than adore, and its makers wouldn’t have it any other way. Though its focus is quadriplegic men who play wheelchair rugby, this documentary refuses to traffic in easy pathos and cheap sentiment: Its emotional moments are earned the hard way -- that is to say, honestly -- and its most startling declaration is that many of its subjects didn’t turn into crude, caustic men angry at the world once they received their life-altering injury. On the contrary, some of these guys were jerks since Day One, long before they found themselves leading their lives sitting down. The movie’s poster boy (literally; he’s in all the ads) is Mark Zupan, an intense wheelchair warrior who earned his injury in a car accident; the other major character is Joe Soares, a team coach who somehow manages to be even less appealing than Zupan. Clearly, Murderball doesn’t want us to feel uplifted by the everyday struggles of these men; instead, it neatly averts the audience condescension that’s invariably generated by documentaries of this ilk by forcing us to view its characters as equals, as guys -- sometimes likable, often not -- who are macho jocks first and physically impaired men second (as

Many of the elements that have made the contemporary romantic comedy such a grueling (and formulaic) experience are present in Must Love Dogs, and yet the movie nonetheless will work for those willing to surrender themselves to its dreamy passion. The film’s success begins and ends with its leading players, and yet it’s important not to under value director Gary David Goldberg’s script (adapted from Claire Cook’s novel), which adds some interesting quirks to a familiar framework. Diane Lane, so beautiful that it almost hurts to look at her, plays Sarah Nolan, a recent divorcee who takes a chance on meeting single men who contact her through an Internet dating service. John Cusack, so adorable that even heterosexual guys might feel inclined to give him a big bear hug, portrays Jake Anderson, one of her prospective suitors. Over the course of the film, they date and dally with other people, yet they find themselves repeatedly drawn to each other. Elizabeth Perkins (as Sarah’s sarcastic sister), Christopher Plummer (as their suave dad) and especially Stockard Channing (as the dad’s girlfriend) excel in key roles, yet the movie firmly belongs to its stars: Lane as a warm and empathic woman who’s generous to a fault and Cusack as a sensitive artist-type (he builds wooden boats by hand) who watches Dr. Zhivago incessantly. You either buy into this fantasy or you don’t -- me, I happily wallowed in it.

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Airing from 1979 to 1985, the TV series The Dukes of Hazzard was basically created for people who had trouble following the plotlines featured on Three’s Company. Inspired by the glut of socalled “hick flicks” that dominated driveins throughout the 1970s, the hit show was primarily an excuse to showcase good ol’ boy shenanigans amidst plenty of car collisions. This film version follows suit, and the entire enterprise, appropriately enough, can be summed up in the sort of blurb found in TV Guide: “Bo (Johnny Knoxville) and Luke (Sean William Scott) try to prevent the corrupt Boss Hogg (Burt Reynolds) from seizing all the land in Hazzard County for his own devious purposes. Daisy: Jessica Simpson. Uncle Jesse: Willie Nelson. 97 minutes. (Repeat)” An extended sequence in which Bo and Luke drive through downtown Atlanta suggests that the movie could have worked as a clever reimagining in which the coarseness of the Old South repeatedly bumps up against the sensibilities of the New South, but this promise quickly dissipates to allow more room for the usual mix of lame slapstick humor and smash’n’crash auto theatrics. But let’s be honest: If you’re a fan of either the original series and/or Johnny Knoxville, you’ll probably get your money’s worth, so just ignore the critics and zoom on over to the nearest multiplex.

respectibility. Because the movie deals with the hot-button issue of cloning, expect to see critical blurbs pushing the film as “Bold!,” “Smart Entertainment!” and “Complex And Challenging!” Set in the not-so-distant future world of 2019, The Island casts Ewan McGregor as Lincoln Six Echo and Scarlett Johansson as Jordan Two Delta, two survivors of a global catastrophe that has destroyed most of the world’s population. Like everyone else still left alive, they exist in a carefully controlled environment, an enormous facility in which all their activities are carefully monitored by Dr. Merrick (Sean Bean) and his vast army of security guards. Merrick constantly assures the populace that the police state has been established for their own protection; to give the people hope, he periodically holds a lottery in which the lucky winner will be allowed to take up residence on The Island, a shimmering paradise that’s reportedly the only place left on Earth that’s inhabitable. Conservative opponents of stem cell research may view the film as a cautionary tale, while leftists can appease themselves with the appearance of a beady-eyed U.S. President who’s dismissed by one citizen with the line, “He’s an idiot.” Yet a summer film from Michael Bay isn’t about to weigh itself down with heady themes, so all thought goes out the window whenever Bay deems it time to amp up the volume by staging a massive action scene. The whole enterprise feels like a clone of a dozen earlier films: When the movie isn’t busy emulating Coma or Gattaca or Blade Runner, it’s frantically borrowing from Minority Report or Logan’s Run or THX-1138. And as if to further accentuate its status as nothing more than a commercial commodity, The Island features an astounding amount of shameless product placements. Brand names like MSN, Aquafina and Xbox don’t just appear hazily in the background: They’re each accorded their own close-up, hogging so much screen time that they should have received star billing.



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Rules for Happenings Nonprofits -- We will list your event or service at no charge if you are a bona fide nonprofit. Free events or services -- If your event or service is free of charge, we will in turn list it at no charge. Current Connect Savannah clients -- We will list your Happening at no charge in gratitude for your continued support of our newspaper. Private business or individual -- We will charge $5 per week per entry, payable up front by check or credit card. This goes for art classes, yoga classes, workshops, seminars, etc. that do not meet the above criteria. We retain the option to place your happening in the appropriate category. Send Happenings and/or payment to: Connect Savannah, 1800 E. Victory Dr, Suite 7, Savannah, GA, 31404. Fax to 231-9932. E-mail: We reserve the right to edit or cut non-paid listings because of space limitations.

Activism & Politics Amnesty International

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Local group meets regularly the third Tuesday of the month at 6 p.m. at the Sentient Bean Coffeehouse, 13 E. Park Ave. Call Raymond at 898-3506.

petition offered by the Savannah Chapter of the Green Building Council. Call 236-0781 or access the petition online at

CUTS Public Involvement Plan

For information, call Maxine Harris at 3520470 or 484-3222.

The Metropolitan Planning Organization is requesting that residents review the Chatham Urban Transportation Study report and provide comments. Written comments will be accepted until Aug. 19. Copies of the plan are available for review at all Chatham County public libraries, the MPC office or at A public meeting with the Citizens Advisory Committee will be held Thursday, Aug. 18 at 5 p.m. in the MPC Arthur A. Mendonsa Hearing Room, 112 E. State St. Call 651-1452.

Chatham County Young Republicans

Fellowship of Reconciliation

For information, call Brad Morrison at 5964810. Call Maxine Harris at 352-0470 or 484-3222.

The oldest interfaith peace and justice organization in the United States meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m. at The Sentient Bean, 13 E. Park Ave.

Curbside Recycling

League of Women Voters

Persons who would like the city to initiate a curbside recycling program can sign a

The Savannah-Chatham chapter of the League of Women Voters meets on the first

Chatham County Democratic Committee meets on the second Monday of each month. at 6 p.m. For information, call Joe Murray Rivers, chair, 234-5969, or Janice Shay, 547-5212 or visit

Chatham County Democratic Women

Coastal Democrats

Monday of the month at 5 p.m. in Room 3 of the Heart and Lung Building at Candler Hospital. The league is a statewide, non-partisan, non-profit, multi-issue organization that encourages citizen participation in government and takes action on public policy issues. membership is open to any citizen at least 18 years old.

Libertarian Party of Chatham County Libertarian Party of Chatham County meets each Monday at 8:30 p.m. at Barnes & Noble at Oglethorpe Mall. Call 308-3934 or visit

Rap Sessions A free-flowing discussion of spiritual, political and social issues on Thursdays at 7 p.m. at 223 E. Gwinnett St., on the corner of Lincoln and Gwinnett, next to Kroger. During the 1960s and 70s, rap sessions (times when people got together and discussed what was on their minds) were going on at college campuses all over the U.S. Has today’s generation become totally leveled or

do we have something to say? Don’t let your human voice be silenced. Call 232-1165.

Savannah Peace Coalition Keep up with current events every Tuesday night on Yahoo Chat around 7 p.m. Send an e-mail to to receive an invitation to join the chat.

Savannah Republican Club Meets every 2nd Tuesday of the month. Call 927-7170.

Sierra Club Regular meetings held on the 3rd Thursday of each month at 7:30 p.m., at the First Presbyterian Church, 520 E. Washington Ave. 351-7436.

Skidaway Island Democrats For information, call Tom Oxnard at 5984290 or

Speak Up! Local activist group focused on protesting the illegality of the war in Iraq. Contact Richard DiPirro at 441-7167 for more information.

Food Specials Noon - 4 $5 T Bone and Fries - Mon-Fri 4-7 (Happy Hour) $2 Small appetizers Mon. - $10 Wings Tues. - 2 for $1 Tacos Wed. - Italian Night (Featured Italian Dishes For $6) Thurs. - T Bone Dinner Fri. - Fish and Chips $6 Sat. - Free Breakfast Buffet


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Armstrong Atlantic Youth Orchestra The Armstrong Atlantic State University Department of Art, Music & Theatre and the Savannah Friends of Music will hold auditions for the AAYO on Saturday, Aug. 20. Students from primary to college level who are interested in participating should call Lorraine Jones at 236-2560 to schedule an audition time. The AAYO will meet for rehearsals on Sunday afternoons from 2-4:30 p.m. beginning in late August. The membership fee is $70 per semester. Family discounts and scholarships are available.

CityKids Production of Many Moons The Department of Cultural Affairs will present Many Moons in October. Auditions will be held Monday and Tuesday, Aug. 15 and 16, at 4 p.m. at 9 W. Henry St. between Bull and Whitaker streets. The reading is for ages 8 through adult. For information, call Chris Soucy at 651-6783 or visit

Lowcountry Ensemble Company

Call for Entries 3rd Annual Coastal Beta Technology Awards Coastal Business, Education & Technology Alliances is seeking nominations for Outstanding Achievement in Education, Outstanding Achievement by an Emerging Company, Outstanding Achievement by a Mature Company and Outstanding Community Contribution. Submit nominations now through Aug. 15 at

Chatham County Chamber seeks musicians The Chatham County Chamber Group is seeking classically trained musicians. Call 232-2326. Crafters who are interested in selling their handmade goods are asked to apply to his upcoming show, which will be held Saturday,

• Weight loss and body building products • Free body fat testing • Nutritional counseling • Nutritional seminars Come in and speak with our certified personal trainers.

109 JEFFERSON ST. (1/2 block off Broughton St.) Coming This Summer!


“The Protein Bar” Protein Shake Cafe

Coming This Summer!

Classes & Workshops 2003 Grassroots Arts Workshops The City of Savannah’s Department of Cultural Affairs/Leisure Services Bureau will sponsor Grassroots grant writing workshops to assist potential applicants through the application process. The program is open to non-profit organizations based in Chatham County, including social, cultural, educational or health-related organizations. Applicants must provide a 50-percent cash match for the amount requested and may not request more than $2,000. Workshops are set for Aug. 24 at 3:30 p.m. and Aug. 20 at noon at 9 W. Henry St. Space is limited, and registration is required. Call 651-6417. The deadline for applications is Friday, Sept. 16.

AARP 55 Alive This two-day, four-hours-each-day class focuses on refreshing driving skills, reviews the rules of the road and identifies areas where changes take place as we age. The cost is $10 per person. Upon completion, most insurance carriers may deduct up to 10 percent on certain parts of an insurance policy for a period of three years. Classes will be held Aug. 16 and 17 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Magnolia Manor in Richmond Hill. Call 7564653.

AASU Computer Courses Armstrong Atlantic State University’s Department of Professional and Continuing Education will offer computer courses. ExcelLevel III will be held Aug. 15 and 16 from 6-9 p.m. The fee is $89. Microsoft Access-Level III is an advanced class to learn how to customize and enhance your reports in Access

Adult Education

Tori Amos, “Sleeps With Butterflies”

Art and Theater Classes at S.P.A.C.E.

U2, “Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own”

Several classes in art and theater are being offered for both children and adults at S.P.A.C.E., 9 W. Henry St. For information, call 651-4248.

Jack Johnson, “Sitting, Waiting, Wishing”

Dave Mattews Band, “American Baby”

Art Bodies

Carbon Leaf, “What About Everything?”

The next session of Art Bodies, a weekly adult figure studio will be Wednesday, Sept. 7 through Oct. 12. The group meets Wednesdays, from 9 a.m. to noon, at The Art School, 74 W. Montgomery Crossroads No. B-2. A variety of models and extended poses are available to artists who would like to pursue figure work. The cost is $60 for a sixweek session. Pre-registration and prepayment required. Call 921-1151 for information.

Kathleen Edwards, “Back To Me”

The Art School

Ben Folds, “Landed”

The Art School provides quality art instruction for ages 6 through adult. Register now for afterschool classes. Classes provide a comfortable, non-competitive atmosphere for students of all levels. Tuition includes professional art supplies. Located across from Summit Gymnastics/Sharks Cheerleading at 74 W. Montgomery Crossroads. Call 921-1151 or visit

Marc Broussard, “Home” Snow Patrol, “Chocolate” Joss Stone, “Right To Be Wrong” John Butler Trio, “Zebra” Moby, “Beautiful” Charlie Mars, “Try So Hard” Ben Lee, “Catch My Disease”

This Week At

Baby sign classes Savannah Speech & Hearing Center is offering Baby Sign classes for babies aged 612 months and their parents. Communicate with your baby before you knew it was possible. Classes are offered in four-week sessions every month. Times vary. The cost is

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Mon.-Thurs. 6-9 2-For-1 Wells & $1 Dom. Draft

M o n . - We d . 6 - 9

International Gentlemen’s Club The Finest Adult Entertainment Savannah Has to Offer • Lunch & Dinner Specials • Late Night Kitchen • VIP Champagne Rooms • Every Wednesday Night Prime Rib Dinner - Only $9. 95 • Bachelor Parties of All Sizes Our Specialty

Blue Merle, “Burning In The Sun”

Madeleine Peyroux, “Don't Wait Too Long”

FREE Happy Hour Pool


New Music You Can Hear on WAVE 104.9

The Women’s Center of Wesley Community Centers in collaboration with Royce Learning Centers and Hope House of Savannah offers tutoring every Tuesday and Thursday from 6:30-7:30 p.m. in basic literacy skills, GED preparation and computer training. Call 4475711 or stop by the center at 1601 Drayton St. to register.


Mon-Sat 11a.m. to 3a.m. Happy Happy Hour Hour 4-7pm 4-7pm Drink & &Appetizer Appetizer Specials Specials Drink


12 North Lathrop Ave. • Savannah, GA only 2 miles from River St.



Mutation: the venue for misfit crafts

are held at The Art School Monday evenings from 7-9 p.m. and Tuesday mornings from 10 a.m. to noon. Beginners are welcome. For information, call Lind Hollingsworth at 9211151.

This call for entries asks artists to unearth personal conviction, boldly translate international politics to local consequences. All politics is local, all politics is personal. Please send submissions and proposals to David at The submission deadline is Sept. 21. The work will be selected by Sept. 23 and installation will begin Oct. 2. The exhibit will run Oct. 7-29 at the Starland Center for the Contemporary Arts, 2428 Bull St.

Adult Art Classes

Tu e s d a y Tr ivia Night 2-For-1 Tues. w/ $2 Corona & Wells

We d n e s d a y FREE Pool & “Flip Night”. Flip A Coin, Call It Right, Get Well or Draft FREE from 11pm-1am

Thursday Karaoke & $1 Jello Shots

Saturday Karaoke


301 W. River St.


Open auditions for this musical will be held at Tybee Theater Cafe. There are four male singing roles in the 20-60 age range, one female singing role in the 16-18 age range and two male non-singing roles in the 40-65 age range. Call 786-6384 for information.

Starland Art Show

08.1 0.05

Auditions for The Fantasticks

by using macros, graphics and more. The class will be held Aug. 22 and 23 from 6-9 p.m. Call 927-5322.

Connect Savannah

is looking for actors, writers, directors, producers, musicians, poets and those who want to be. The Lowcountry Ensemble Company is in the process of creating, developing and maintaining a company of actors. For information, call 220-1014 or send e-mail to

Oct. 8 from 1-6 p.m. at the Starland Center for Contemporary Arts. Tables cost $12 and under. Contact Meghan Shannon at






THE 411|

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$50, which includes materials. To register, call 355-4601.

1566 or send email to

Babysitters training class

City’s Arts and Theatre Classes

St. Joseph’s/Candler Childhood Injury Prevention Program offers a class for boys and girls 11-15 who want to become babysitters. The cost is $35, which includes lunch and a training manual, plus certification on completion of the class. Registration and pre-payment are required. 819-8583.

The City of Savannah’s Department of Cultural Affairs offers classes in both Performing and Visual Arts, Ceramics, Painting, Drawing, Stained Glass Mosaics, Jewelry-Making, Audition and Monologue Preparation, Creative Dramatics and more. The eight-week classes will begin in September, so enroll today to guarantee a spot. All ages and abilities. Call 651-4248 or visit

Basic computer class Eastside Concerned Citizens Inc. at 803 E. Park Ave. offers basic computer classes every second and fourth Saturday from 10 a.m. to noon. 232-5280.

Beginners quilting classes

Building a Home The UBuildIt office in Savannah invites you to attend a free seminar to help you learn more about building your very own dream house. Call 236-1211.

Career Achievement Program St. Mary’s Community Center, an affiliate of St. Joseph’s/Candler, is offering a program to help adults with math, reading and writing skills. Participants learn through a computer software program, small group and individual tutoring and study books. Participants can choose their hours between Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The center is at 812 W. 36th St. Call 447-0578.

Chatham County Aquatic Center offers swimming lessons for all ages. Classes are held Mondays and Wednesdays for ages 3 to 5 and 6 to 8. Adults and ages 9 to 12 meet Tuesdays and Thursdays. A variety of times are offered. Call 351-6556.

Children’s Art Studio Combining quality education with the fun and enrichment of the creative process, the Children’s Art Studio will offer mixed-media classes for children ages 4-12. Tentative class offerings include Ceramic Birdhouses, Children’s LiterARTure, Amazing Animal Games, Do The Zoo, Mimic the Masters and The Artist’s Garden. The studio is located at 714 Mall Blvd., across from South College. Classes will be offered Monday through Friday from 9-10:30 a.m., 11 a.m. to noon and 1-2:30 p.m. All classes are $95 for the week, which includes materials and a snack. Call Kimberly Statts at 355-6252 or send email to

Church Music Seminar The School of Church Music located at 101 Bull St. is announcing specialized workshops to give practical help with almost every area of music ministry, including Conducting Techniques, Youth Choirs, Planning and Organization, Worship Teams, Midi and Keyboards, Children’s Choirs, Worship Planning, Liturgy, Senior Choirs, Keyboards, Vocal Techniques, Rehearsal Tips, Music Software and more. Call 236-

Mindfulness and Ordinary Recovery

is offering free computer classes for beginners in Computer Basics Level One plus the study guide program software for the Georgia High School Graduation Test. Call Gloria Ferguson at 238-2960, Ext. 153.

Indepth exploration of the 11th step. Meditation and contemplation instruction provided as it applies to recovery and maintenance. Classes are held on Monday from noon to 1 p.m. or 7:30-8:30 p.m. Class fee is $12. 313 E. Harris St. For information, call Cindy Beach, M.S., 429-7265.

Fiction Writing Workshop in Belize will be held this fall. The eight-night workshop will be held at Xanadu Island Resort. .Participants will fly out of Atlanta. All details are available from Christopher Scott Writing Vacations at 398-1727 or

Clergy Seminar

First Steps parent education program

Ministering to Vulnerable Populations: Child and Elder Abuse, a seminar for clergy and lay leaders, will be held Thursday, Sept. 8 from 8:30 a.m. to noon at the Jewish Educational Alliance, 5111 Abercorn St. A $10 fee will cover the cost of materials and refreshments. For information, call the Victim Witness Assistance Program at 6527329.

This parent education and support program is based at St. Joseph’s/Candler. To find out how you can help, call 819-6910.

Coastal Scooters Classes

St. Joseph’s/Candler African-American Health Information and Resource Center offers free computer classes. Call 447-6605 for times, days and registration information. Space is limited.

Coastal Scooters is conducting classes that focus on road skills, safety and the proper maintenance of scooters. Classes are limited in size to provide personal assistance. Each rider is equipped with a TGB 49.5cc scooter and helmet. The class is three hours in length, consisting of classroom, field and on-road instruction. Classes meet on Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. or Sundays from 1-4 p.m. The cost is $40. To register, call 232-5513 or visit Coastal Scooters at 418 W. Broughton St.

Computer Classes Basic introduction to computers and Microsoft Works offered at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Bull and 31st streets. Classes meet for two hours, one day a week for six weeks. Cost is $20 for the session and $20 for the text book. Pre-registration is required. Call 355-0219.

Davenport House Docent Training Volunteer docent training will be offered in July. Training includes studies in local history and decorative arts. Docents lead tours and assist with programming for people from around the world who visit the historic house. Call Dottie Kraft at 236-8097 or send email to

Drawing Inspiration From the Masters Free drawing classes for teens, adults and seniors are offered by the Savannah Art Association through a grant from the Department of Cultural Affairs and Leisure Services Bureau. Classes are held Saturdays through October from 9 a.m. to noon at Armstrong Atlantic State University’s’ Fine Arts Hall. This program offers a solid foundational art education to members of the community at no cost. For information, call 897-5612 or 598-8217.

Eastside Concerned Citizens, Inc. Project Tomorrow Inc. is offering several classes and workshops. The list includes sewing, crocheting, computer training, CPR and more. 232-5280.

Free Coaching Session and Assessment Free session for personal, career and professional development. Call Executive Leadership Coaching, 443-9860, or send email to

Free computer classes

Home Renovation Lending Workshop Wells Fargo Home Mortgage will offer a free workshop to potential homebuyers looking to buy homes that may need repairs of any dollar amount. It will be held Saturday, Aug. 13 from 10-11 a.m. Limited seating. Call Ric Fiano at 210-6584.

Inquiry Circle based on the work of Byron Katie is now forming. Contact Ursula Sterling at 484-0134 or send e-mail to, or visit p.

Life Challenge Consulting When would now be a great time to engage yourself in life-changing strategies. Career; stress reduction; spirituality. Free initial halfhour consultation. Call Cindy Beach, M.S., at 429-7265.

Life Drawing Sessions with a clothed model will be held Sundays Aug. 28, Sept. 25 and Oct. 23 from 1-4 p.m. at the Savannah Art Association, located above Belford’s in City Market. Bring drawing supplies. The cost is $35 per session for members, $45 for non-members. Call 897-5612.

The Live Oak Public Library offers free classes on using computers to access information at the Bull Street Library. Call 652-3662.

Memorial Health positive parenting class The cost is $10 per person and is most beneficial to parents of children less than 4 years. To register, call 350-9335.

Mindful meditation classes will be held on Mondays from 8:30-9:30 a.m. and on Thursdays from 6-8 p.m. at the Integrated Behavioral Center, 1121 Cornell Ave. The cost is $10 per session. Call 3554987.

Parent and Teen Driving Course The Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department will present a free two-hour parent/teen driver’s course the last Thursday of each month at 6:30 p.m. at Calvary Baptist Day School, 4625 Waters Ave. Call 651-6653 or send e-mail to and request a registration form. The course is designed for 14-16 year olds and their parents. Advance registration is required.

Parenting the preschooler is a course offered by Telfair Women’s Hospital at Candler. Call at 819-3368 or visit

Photographic Workshops in Savannah is currently offering two workshops. The Nude....The Southern Landscape is a 5-day workshop that will be spent on Ossabaw Island, accessible only by boat, where lush greenery, marshy vistas, old farm buildings and unspoiled beaches abound. Students will work with male and female models in the landscape or just the landscape alone. Nonshooting time will be spent in informal discussions about the photographs with the instructor and other students as well as individual time with the instructor. This workshop will be held Aug. 28 through Sept. 3. Platinum Printing with Sal Lopes is a 5day workshop that will be offered Sept. 4-10 to teach students how to make quality platinum/palladium prints. Instruction will be given in making enlarged negatives designed for contact printing with emulsions mixed and coated onto fine lithography papers by hand. Prints will be made from students’ existing negatives. For information on these workshops, visit

Savannah Art Association Life Drawing Drawing sessions will be held the first three Tuesdays of every month from 9:30-11:30 a.m. at the Savannah Art Association (located in City Market upstairs over Belford's). The model is clothed. Bring your own drawing supplies. $10 per session for members.

Savannah Entrepreneurial Center at 801 E. Gwinnett offers business and computer classes.

Stress Reduction Through Mindfulness Come learn the foundations of stress reduction as it applies to family, the workplace and current life challenges. Classes are held Wednesdays from 7-8:30 p.m. Class fee is $15. 313 E. Harris St. For more information, call Cindy Beach, M.S., 429-7265. TM

No liability. 18+.

Connect Savannah

08.1 0.05

are held every Tuesday at 10 a.m. at the Wesley Community Centers of Savannah, Inc., 1601 Drayton St. Register by calling 447--5711 or stop by the center.

The Economic Opportunity Authority

Savannah Try it FREE! 912-201-4000 Other cities: 1-888-257-5757 use media code: 150

1-900-484-2525 50min $25/call


35 Tennis, anyone? Tennis for munchkins, juniors and adults -summer camps, clinics, ball machine workouts. Call 961-9862.

Thinking of Starting a Business is a workshop that will be held Thursday, Aug. 11 and 25 from 6-8:30 p.m. and Wednesday, Aug. 17 from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Small Business Assistance Center conference room at 111 E. Liberty St. The cost is $40 if pre-registered and prepaid or $50 the day of the workshop. For information, call 651-3200 or send e-mail to

There is a $4 fee. Call Lynn Pierce at 3549739. A special little club for special little dogs and their owners meets one Saturday each month at 10:30 a.m. For information, visit /.

cadets (12-18 years old) and 7 p.m. for adult members at the former Savannah Airport terminal building off Dean Forest Road, immediately behind Sitel Corp. and Signature Flight Support. For information, check the web site at, send e-mail to, or call Capt. Jim Phillips at 412-4410.

Civil Air Patrol

Clean Coast

is the civilian, volunteer auxiliary of the U.S. Air Force and is involved in search and rescue, aerospace education and cadet programs. Meets every Tuesday at 6 p.m. for

meets monthly on the first Monday at the Jewish Educational Alliance, 5111 Abercorn St. The group needs volunteers and volunteer boat-owners for monthly clean-ups on area

Chihuahua Club of Savannah

beaches, barrier islands and marshes. Check for event schedule.

Coastal Bicycle Touring Club of Savannah sponsors a bicycle ride every Saturday. Visit for a ride schedule and more information. Meetings are held on the first Monday of each month at Tubby’s Tank House restaurant in Thunderbolt at 6:30 p.m. Visitors are welcome. 728-5989.

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Tybee Island Marine Science Center offers hands-on classes for students of all ages from pre-kindergarten through adults. Classes include microscope labs, squid dissection, guided beach walks and tours of the Science Center. Call 786-5917 or visit

UGA Marine Education Center and Aquarium

Clubs & Organizations

ABATE (American Bikers Active Toward Education) District 11 meets the 2nd Sunday of each month at 3 p.m. at the Silver Dollar Saloon on Hwy. 204 and Old River Rd. Please call for more info. 233-9800.

Alternative Video/Film Enthusiast Join others who enjoy alternative movies. Viewings will be held in private homes which includes social time as well as viewing a movie. Call Don at 655-0482 or send e-mail to

Banner of the Nations Savannah is part of a regional and global church network. The group meets Sundays at 10:30 a.m. at 12 Drake Dr. Call Frank at 352-2323 or visit

Beach Historic Neighborhood Association meets monthly on the third Thursday at 6 p.m. Call 605-4471 for details.

Beanhead Writers Group Get together with other Savannah writers -published and unpublished -- every second Saturday at 1 p.m. at The Sentient Bean, 13 E. Park Ave. The group meets to critique works in progress and to discuss technique and marketing. Fiction and non-fiction, but no poetry.

Bipolar Support Group John J. Dunn, Ph.D., is interested in hearing from people who want to participate in a bipolar support group. Call 692-1230 after 6 p.m.

Bridge club meets at the JEA 1511 Abercorn, ACBL certified duplicate bridge game every Wednesday at 1 p.m.

On Thursdays, the club sponsors role playing with Dungeons and Dragons, Modern D29, Witchcraft, magic the gathering and other role playing games. Anyone interested in playing is free to join. The club meets at 7:30 p.m. at the AASU Compass Point Club House. The club is forming a laser tag team and has bi-monthly children’s readings on Saturdays from 1-3 p.m. at Media Play. For information, call Antonio at 713-1470 or send email to

08.1 0.05

AASU Sci-Fi Fantasy Club

Connect Savannah

presents outreach programs that are interactive, with live animals, costumes and fun activities. Contact Stephanie Edgecombe at 598-2335 for reservations. "Turtle Tales" is a 60-minute outreach program that combines science and art for pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students. Call Edith Schmidt at 598-2447.


FM assumes no liability. 18+. Restrictions may apply to all promos.




Connect Savannah

08.1 0.05


OTHER CITIES 1-888-257-5757



912-201-4000 50¢ 1-900-484-2525 /min*

*Minimum $25/call


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Coastal Georgia Volkswagen Club

Irish Session

This group for Volkswagen lovers - who enjoy meeting like people & attending activities in their autos. Meets the 3rd Saturday of every month. 961-0602.

The Irish Session is getting ready for a performance at the Sentient Bean in September. All instrumentalists who are interested in Celtic music are welcome. Meets the second and fourth Sundays at 5:30 p.m. at the Folk Traditions Store, 12 Price St. Call 341-8898.

Community Hymn Chorus All you need is the desire to have a good time singing God’s music. All denominations are welcome to come together to make a joyful noise. Meets every Tuesday at 11:15 a.m. at White Bluff United Methodist Church’s Horton Hall, 11911 White Bluff Rd. Call Ronn Alford, Director of Music Ministries, at 925-5924.

Low Country Artists’ and Artisans’ Society sponsors a Country Textiles African American Quilt Making Guild. Call 447-1888.

Friends of the Library Georgia Christian Singles Memberships start at $25 and remain active until marriage. See website or call for local chapters. 1-800-869-2500.

Gold Wing Road Riders Association promotes education, safety and fun to motorcycle riders. Call Julian at 920-2700 or John at 858-5414 or visit

Goth Night Savannah A place to connect with fellow individuals who are interested in the music and art of the Gothic subcultures. We welcome musicians, bands, DJs, filmmakers, performance troupes, writers, clothiers, artists and artisans. Visit

Harley Owners Group HOG meets the second Tuesday of every month at 7 p.m. at the Mighty Eighth Heritage Museum. Call 925-5349.

Historic Savannah Chapter of the American Business Women’s Association will meet Aug. 11 at the Exchange on Waters. The meeting will begin with networking at 6 p.m. followed by dinner, the business meeting and a presentation by guest speaker Gwen Waring on parliamentary procedures. To RSVP, call 2332838. The cost is the price of any food or drink ordered.

Historic Victorian Neighborhood Association holds its board meetings on the second Wednesday of every month at 6:30 p.m. at the American Legion, Post 135, 1108 Bull St. between Park Avenue and Duffy Street. These meetings are open to the public. For information, call 236-8546.

Hostess City Toastmasters Club For those interested in gaining confidence in public speaking. Meets Tuesday evenings, 7pm at 6206 Waters Ave, Rivers Edge Retirement Community. 355-5450.

MOMS Club The name of this group stands for Moms Offering Moms Support. It is for stay-athome moms and their children and we meet during the day, during the week, when moms need the most support. Events include day trips, service projects, monthly Mom’s Night Outs, play groups, play dates, crafts events, a babysitting co-op, and other activities. For information, call Courtney at 921-1462, visit or send e-mail to

Millionaire’s Club for Women The purpose of the organization is to achieve wealth and success in personal and professional life and to share this wealth by mentoring others on the same path. Call 236-3660.

Objectivist Society of Savannah is a group dedicated to the philosophy of Ayn Rand meets biweekly at the Lion’s Den Lounge. Call Brian at 234-2484 or

Oglethorpe Business & Professional Women’s Club meets for lunch the second Tuesday of each month at 12:30 p.m. Call 966-3619 or visit

Philo Cafe Philosophical sessions taking on a different topic each time at Barnes & Noble every Wednesday at 7:30 pm. Call 659-2930 or 443-9267.

Postage stamp meeting and auction The Savannah Stamp Club meeting and stamp auction is held the second Thursday at 7 p.m. at the Grace United Methodist Church, 6412 Waters Ave. Call 354-8870.

Progressive Guys’ Discussion Group An opportunity for men to discuss books, music, film and cultural issues in an intellectually stimulating and non-judgmental environment. Meets the third Wednesday at 7 p.m. at the Sentient Bean Coffee House. 231-8841.

Rogue Phoenix Sci-Fi Fantasy Club Members of Starfleet International and The Klingon Assault Group meet twice a month, on the first Sunday at 4 pm. at Books-AMillion and the third Tuesday at Chen’s Chinese Restaurant at 20 E. Derenne Ave. at 7:30 p.m. Call 692-0382, email or visit

Salon for Women Seeking Change ”How untidy my shell has become! Blurred with moss, knobby with barnacles, its shape

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meet the first Monday of each month at 5:30 p.m. at the Bull Street Library. Call 652-3655.

at 2202 Norwood Ave. sponsors bingo every Tuesday and Friday starting at 7:30 p.m. There is a $700 jackpot.

08.1 0.05

Board of Directors meets every third Wednesday at 6:30 p.m.; general membership meeting follows at 7 p.m. at the Oatland Island Educational Center. Call Serena Nasworthy at 897-3060.

Loyal Order of Moose

Connect Savannah

Friends of Oatland

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Learn how to play the game that will soon replace Chess as the intellectual strategy game par excellence., Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. at Books-A-Million on Abercorn. Call Greg at 232-7549.

An ongoing seminar for women who want to make changes in their lives through spirituality and positive reinforcement. The answers lie inside each of us. Meets every Monday at 7 p.m. at Daughters of Destiny House, 12 E. 41st St. Open to all women, all ages, all religions, all beliefs. Facilitated by Miriam Center. There will be a Drumming Circle on Tybee Island the third Saturday of each month from 4-6 p.m. at the Casual Reader bookstore at the shops at Tybee Oaks off Hwy. 80. Call 786-7655.

edited by T.H.

Learn to play Go

Daughters of Destiny

Drumming circle





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is hardly recognizable any more. Surely, it had a shape once. It has a shape still in my mind. What is the shape of my life?” -- Anne Morrow Lindbergh. If these words resonate with you and you are a woman of ”a certain age” on her own, join us for lively discussion, laughter and fun. Call 236-8581.

Connect Savannah

08.1 0.05

Savannah Area Landlord & Real Estate Investors Association

Savannah Art Association s currently accepting applications for membership in our historic organization. We offer affordable art workshops, social activities and a chance for you to display your art in a downtown gallery. Drop by the gallery at 309 W. St. Julian St. above Belford’s in City Market or call 356-0249.

Savannah Brewers’ League

Learn to be a real estate investor or landlord. Group meets the second Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. at the Holiday Inn Midtown on Abercorn. The $20 guest fee will apply to your membership if you join.

Meets the first Wednesday of every month at Moon River Brewing Co., 21 W. Bay St. 447-0943. For more details, call 447-0943 or visit our web site at

Savannah Area Sacred Harp Singers

Savannah Chapter of the Sons of Italy

The public is invited to come and sing early American music and folk hymns from the shape note tradition on Saturday, Aug. 13 from 2-4 p.m. at the First Christian Church, 711 E. Victory Dr. This nondenominational community musical activity emphasizes participation, not performance. Songs are from The Sacred Harp, an oblong songbook first published in 1844. All are welcome to sing or just listen. No experience or membership is required. Books will be available for loan or purchase. For information, including dates and times, call 655-0994.

The Order of the Sons of Italy is forming a lodge in Savannah. This is the oldest and largest national organization that celebrates Italian/American heritage for men and women. Call Dennis Piasio at 1-888-6742937.



Savannah Chess Club meets Monday at Books-A-Million from 7 to 11 p.m. Bring your chess sets. Call 631-0338 or send e-mail to geocities/

Savannah Council, Navy League has a dinner meeting the fourth Tuesday of each month (except December) at 6 p.m. at

the Hunter Club, Hunter Army Airfield. The Navy League is a non-profit civilian organization that supports the men and women of our sea services and educates the public about the importance of sea power. For information, call John Findeis at 748-7020.

Savannah Euchre Club Euchre is a four-handed card game in the same family as Hearts and Spades, a poor (but discerning) man’s Bridge. Approaching Platonic perfection is all that one could wish from playing cards, it combines the deceptive simplicity of Gin with the addictive competitiveness of Poker, and it moves briskly enough to consume many hours of your life. Call Katie at 227-4193.

Savannah Express Network Chapter of American Business Women’s Association meets the first Wednesday at 11:45 a.m. at the Savannah Golf Club on East President Street. RSVP to Laura McLaren at 236-6750, Ext. 14, or 898-9362.

Savannah Fencing Club offers beginning classes Tuesday and Thursday evenings for six weeks. Fees are $30. All equipment is provided. After completing the class, you may become a member of the Savannah Fencing Club for $5 per month. Experienced fencers are

welcome to join. Call 429-6918 or send email to

Savannah Ghost and Mystic Meetup Meeting once a month inside a haunted historic house, this is a town hall for psychics, metaphysicians, tarot readers, mediums, remote viewers, pagans, Wiccans, vampyres and those interested in ghosts and parapsychology. Free to join. For information, visit http://www, or send e-mail to

Savannah Italian Club is dedicated to discussing and preserving the heritage of Italians and ItalianAmericans. Meetings are the first Tuesday at 2717 Livingston Ave. Call Carol Taylor at 925-4064.

Savannah Jaycees for young professionals ages 21 to 39 is a Junior Chamber of Commerce that focuses on friendship, career development and community involvement. Meets the second and fourth Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. Dinner is included and there is no charge for guests. Call 232-6682 or visit

Savannah Lions Club meets the second and fourth Thursday at 12:30 p.m. at the Savannah Golf Club. For information, call 355-6033.

by John Delaney

Mars transits Taurus from July 28, 2005 to February 17, 2006. After the world failed to end during the commencement of the 21st century, droves of people lost tons of monopoly money during the stock market correction during the spring of 2000 – an inevitable occurrence that had been long delayed because the entire business of many companies that were traded in the NYSE & NASDAQ stock exchanges during 1999 focused exclusively upon getting the world economy over the “Y2K hump.” Now, several years later, after horrific terrorist catastrophes across the globe have contributed to the sharp spike

ARIES - Mars in Taurus denotes that, in order for you to establish your long-term financial security, you must invest in that which has “intrinsic value” to you personally, rather than speculating upon what has “fluctuating market value.” Too many nebulous, unreliable market indicators exacerbate too much confusion about the global economy for you – or for any individual – to decipher. Conversely, you know what you like – and you know what you don’t like. Therefore, “vote” for your instincts & preferences. TAURUS - Don’t become bitter when authority figures act unfairly, and sometimes dishonestly, in order to thwart you. Mars in Taurus asserts that the authoritarian fear of your enemies is truly an index of your vast, entrenched, intractable personal power. When they are all after you . . . you are winning! GEMINI - Mars in Taurus demands that you pay very close attention to one who lists incorrect information on official forms & documents for which you or your company are responsible. Those investigating such paperwork down the line will not be bluffing when they suggest, “It may be necessary for our lawyers to have a look at this if you can’t provide the assistance we require.”

CANCER - Political enemies are annoyed at your proper & civilized behavior because it makes it harder for them to spread scandalous lies about your personal life. Therefore, Mars in Taurus advises that you drive another nail in that coffin by wearing black leather, sexy clothes or a provocative political T-shirt in public.

in military spending as corporate accounting scandals have obfuscated the true net worth of many corporations, cities, countries & continents in what is considerably less than a full employment economy (with the notable exception of China), individuals in all social classes ponder not only such macroeconomics and not only their own paycheck stub, but even the paper money in their wallets & the coins in their pockets, as they ask themselves, “What exactly is any of this worth? And what is it that I need to get right now in order for me & mine to survive, to live & to get ahead?” Big time reality check!

Shove your freedom in the face of those who want the world to believe that you are just another closet case.

LEO - Recall a difficult boss from your past who demanded thorough explanations rather than quick answers to show that you did your research carefully. Mars in Taurus recalls this role model because you now see how many people rely on the quick & dirty “easy way.” Feel blessed that you know how to do things the “hard way” now that the “hard way” is the “only way.” VIRGO - Mars in Taurus admires your efforts to reproach everybody about the rampant disregard of rules, law & authority that the entire professional hierarchy currently demonstrates. However, prepare yourself for the inevitability that somebody will assert that some nonexistent privilege is really their nonexistent right. LIBRA - Throughout the current transit of Mars in Taurus, you will be forced to horsetrade & to negotiate with the type of people whom you would prefer (to avoid) (to arrest). Do so only if there is absolutely no other way to get the information you need. SCORPIO - Mars in Taurus asserts that your loyalty to certain former partners & spouses, and their loyalty to you, makes everybody a little scared. Neither you nor such partners are willing to compromise – and neither you nor they care whether or not anybody else likes it. However, don’t get too involved in your mutual admiration society power trip that you make either authority figures or law enforcement absolutely paranoid of you.

SAGITTARIUS - You seem to be under the deluded notion that you should be rewarded because you stopped smoking, eating meat or indulging some other selfdestructive habit about five years ago. Now, Mars in Taurus reminds you that your body still suffers the damage of many years of doing the wrong thing. Continue to accelerate healing processes already in place. The work is only halfway done!

CAPRICORN - Writers & artists: are you trying to make a work of art or are you trying to make a political statement? Mars in Taurus reminds you that the world currently has more than its fill of ideologues. Your audience does not want to know your opinions – your audience wants you to make something beautiful! AQUARIUS - Because you will be engaged in several simultaneous power struggles, Mars in Taurus strongly recommends that you avoid stubborn behavior which will cause you to get into power struggles at home & with your family. The only way that you will cultivate peace of mind is by relaxing in a refuge from the battles that life presents. To that end, create no stress where you must relax. PISCES - Whether traveling, going to a bar or restaurant or enjoying local adventures with friends or acquaintances, Mars in Taurus strongly advises against “sharing expenses.” Pay your own way to avoid any disputes, further down the line, that you did not contribute your fair share. ◗

39 Savannah Macintosh Users Group (SMUG)

Subbuteo Table Soccer

Shag-Beach Bop-Etc. Savannah

Group for Macintosh computer and software users meets the second Tuesday of every month at 7 p.m. See

meets monthly for tournaments and practice matches. For information, call 667-7204 or visit

Savannah Newcomers Club

Telfair Academy Guild

is open to all residents who have lived in the Savannah area for less than two years. The club hosts a monthly luncheon and program on the third Wednesday of each month at various area restaurants. In addition, the Newcomers sponsor tours, activities and events to help new residents in the area learn about their community and provide a forum in which to make new friendships. If you are interested in attending a luncheon or would like more information, call 351-3171.

will meet Monday, Sept. 12 at 10 a.m. at the Telfair Museum of Art. Curator of Fine Arts Holly Koons McCullough will present a program featuring the top research discoveries among the 114 collection objects from the collection catalogue. She also will preview the exhibition, Maxfield Parrish: Master of Make Believe. A light lunch will be served for TAG members and guests. Call 598-7447.

hosts Magnificent Mondays from 7-9 p.m. at Double’s, Holiday Inn/Midtown, 7100 Abercorn St. Free swing dance lessons are offered the first two Mondays and free shag lessons are offered the third and fourth Mondays. Every lady dances each Monday night with members of the Shag-Beach-Bop Nip ‘N Males Dance Team. No cover and club membership is not necessary. Call 927-4784 or 398-8784 or visit

Savannah Ski Club For information, see

Savannah Stitch-N-Bitch meets every second Tuesday of the month from 6-8 p.m. at wild fibre, 409 E. Liberty St. New members are welcome. All that is required is an interest in knitting or crocheting. Bring a project and join in the stitching, talking and munchies. A preemie hat project is in progress. Guest lectures will begin in September. Free and open to the public. Call 238-0514 for information.

Savannah Sunrise Rotary club meets every Thursday from 7:30-8:30 am at the First City Club in downtown Savannah. 233-1600.

Savannah Toastmasters helps you improve speaking and leadership skills in a friendly and supportive environment. Give speeches, evaluate and lead meetings on Mondays at 6:15 p.m. at Memorial Health University Medical Center, Conference Room C. 352-1935.

Savannah Ultimate Frisbee meets every Tuesday and Thursday at 6 p.m. and Sundays at 3 p.m. in Forsyth Park. Bring a white and dark shirt, water, cleats and a positive attitude. Visit for information.

The Sign-ative bridges the gap between the deaf, hard-ofhearing and hearing communities. Call 9650077 or send e-mail to

Single People in Christian Education (SPICE) This group is interdenominational and there are no dues or fees. The group discusses education and plans and hosts social events and functions for singles throughout each month. Meets Sunday at 9:30 a.m. at White Bluff United Methodist Church, Room 22.

Southside Optimist Club is a civic organization catering to youth and community service projects that meets every Thursday at 12:30 p.m. at the Fairmont Restaurant. Call Linda Lee at 695-7733.

Tybee Beautification Association meets the second Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. With the exception of the June and December meetings, the association meets at the Tybee Community Center.

Tybee Performing Arts Society (TAPS) meets the first Tuesday of the month at 6:30 p.m. at the old Tybee school All interested, please attend or send e-mail to

Weekend Warriors is a program at Portman’s Music for people who were musicians as kids, but went on to pursue other types of careers. The cost is $95, which includes two hours of instruction each week for four weeks. The latest gear will be provided. Call 354-1500.

Young Professionals of Savannah Looking for ways to expand your business and professional networks? Interested in making new friends and trying new things? New to the area? Call Kathleen at 692-4613 or Garrett at 692-4601.

Dance Adult Ballet Classes at Islands Dance Academy. All levels welcome, including beginners. Challenging, rewarding and fun. $10 per class. Mondays at 6:30 p.m. and Thursdays at 7 p.m. at 115 Charlotte Rd. on Whitemarsh Island. Call Sue Braddy at 897-2100.

Ballroom Dance Party will be held Saturday, Aug. 20 at the Islands Community Center, 160 Whitemarsh Island Rd. The basic lesson (merengue) starts at 7 p.m. and the social dance will be held from 810:30 p.m. The cost is $6 for members and $10 for non-members. Beginners and singles are welcome. Call Lora Wong at 925-7416.

Islands Dance Academy Open House will be Wednesday, Aug. 17 from 4-7 p.m. at 115 Charlotte Rd., Whitemarsh Island. Suzanne Braddy is artistic director. Classes are offered in Creative Movement, Pre-Ballet, Ballet and Pointe, Tap, Jazz and Hip-Hop for ages 3 through adult. Call 897-2100.

The Savannah Shag Club Savannah’s original shag club meets every Wednesday at the Holiday Inn Midtown at 6:30 p.m. Admission is free. Call 927-9439.

Swing Dance Savannah meets the first two Mondays of the month from 7-9 p.m. at Double’s, Holiday Inn/Midtown, 7100 Abercorn St. A new swing dance club is forming. Call 927-4784 or 3988784 or

Youth Dance Program The West Broad Street YMCA, Inc. presents its Instructional Dance Program in jazz and ballet for kids 4 to 18. $30 per month for one class and $35 per month for both classes. Call 233-1951.

The Zion Method Local minster, choreographer and dance professor LaJune Wise-Wilkerson has developed a method that incorporates known dance techniques with all forms of movement to celebrate all of God’s creation. The academy is located at 120 E. 42nd St. Classes include dance therapy for the physically and visually impaired, Christian-based dance therapy, general dance therapy, Guardians-Double Dutch weight loss, Double Dutch fitness, Double Dutch competition, advanced level dance composition/choreography, ballet, modern, jazz, tai fusion, ethnic and Zion

Student massage and yoga classes are offered at the Savannah School of Massage Therapy, Inc. Cost ranges from $20 to $30 for a one-hour massage and sessions are instructor supervised. Call 355-3011 for an appointment. Multi-level yoga classes are offered Monday and Friday at 5:45 p.m. Cost is $10 for drop-ins, $40 for a package card of five classes. Walk-ins are welcome. The school is located at 6413B Waters Ave.

Center for Wellbeing Hatha Yoga classes are offered Monday and Wednesday from 5:30-6:30 p.m. in Suite 203 of the Candler Heart and Lung Building, 5356 Reynolds St. Cost is $30 for four sessions or $50 for 8 sessions. 819-6463.

Chopra Center Movement Classes Yoga, tai chi and dance classes are held morning, noon and evening for people of all skill levels. All classes are open to the public at The Chopra at Memorial Health at 300 Bull St. Special unlimited classes prices are available. For information, call 236-2131 or visit

Chopra Center at Memorial Health Yoga Classes are held Mondays at 6:30 p.m. and Fridays at 5:30 p.m. at the Chopra Center and Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. in Richmond Hill. The cost is $36 a month or $12 for walk-ins. 3502467.

Inside Moves

meets every first and third Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. at Ryan’s Restaurant on Stephenson. For information, call 920-9081.

will hold its monthly luncheon Aug. 26 at 11:30 a.m. at Savannah Electric. Swann Seitler, manager of corporate communications for Savannah Electric, is the guest speaker. The cost is $20 for members and $25 for non-members. Reservations are required by Aug. 22. Call 356-1223.

A balanced life

08.1 0.05

Savannah Port City Lions Club

Tourism Leadership Council


Connect Savannah

is dedicated to the preservation of the canal and its natural and historical features. Dinner meetings are the second Tuesday of the month at 6:30 p.m. at the Fairmont Restaurant, 65 W. Fairmont Ave. Volunteer Saturdays are the second Saturday of the month from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the SavannahOgeechee Museum & Nature Center at 681 Fort Argyle Rd. (Highway 204) 2.3 miles west of Interstate 95. 748-8068.

A social network for ex-pats from the North (NY, NJ, CT, etc.) and those who love them. Miss the camaraderie of the old social networks? Good company, edgy conversation, laughter, edible food, music, the arts, the beach and the pool, croquet, tennis, kayaks and dancing, just for starters. Call 232-4247.

offers a variety of ongoing open dance classes, including Hip Hop on Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. with Mary Ann Duffy, Adult Beginner Ballet on Mondays at 10 a.m. with Veronica Moretti Niebuhr, Intermediate/Advanced Ballet on Mondays at 6:45 p.m. with Dagoberto Nieves, Advanced Ballet on Tuesdays at 5 p.m. and Wednesdays at 5:30 p.m. with Jil Cooley, Intermediate Ballet with Veronica Moretti Niebuhr on Thursdays at 5 p.m. and Intermediate/Advanced Jazz Wednesdays at 7 p.m. with Veronica Moretti Niebuhr. The Studio is located at 2805B Roger Lacey Ave. For information, call 695-9149.

Crossword Answers

Savannah-Ogeechee Canal Society

Those Damn Yankees!

The Studio

Method liturgical. Classes begin Aug. 6. Call 306-3077 or visit

Yoga/Pilates/personal training are available from Bobbie Kraft, 238-1785, e-mail address Eight classes of yoga/Pilates is $80, four classes is $45 or drop-ins are $12 for a 1 1/2 hour session. Personal training is $50 for a 1 1/2 hour session.

Inside Moves Hatha Yoga Eight classes are $80 and the first class is free. Classes are held Tuesday and Thursday from 5:30-7 p.m. at the Unitarian Church on Habersham. Call 238-1785.

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Integral Arts Center

Connect Savannah

08.1 0.05

at 301 E. 38th St. offers Yoga, Pilates and Ayurveda classes seven days a week. Private lessons are available. On Monday, Lunchtime Yoga is at noon, Novice Yoga is at 5:20 p.m. and Pilates is at 6:30 p.m. On Tuesday, Sunrise Yoga is held at 6:30 a.m., Yogalates at 10:30 a.m. and All Level Iyengar Yoga from 6-7:30 p.m. On Thursday, Sunrise Yoga is at 6:30 a.m., Yogalates is at 10:30 a.m. and Level I & II Iyengar Yoga is from 67:30 p.m. On Friday, Yoga Stretch is held at 10:30 a.m. On Saturday and Sunday, All Level Yoga is held from 9-10:30 a.m. Call Darlene at 447-9642 or send e-mail to

yoga class on Saturday from noon to 1 p.m. at the Windsor Forest Center, 414 Briarcliff Circle. The fee is $10 per month for ages 14 and over. Call 921-2105 or 651-3650.

The Yoga Room Hatha Flow Level I Thursday from 10-11:30 a.m. and Friday 6-7:30 p.m., Hatha Flow Level II Tuesday 6-7:30 p.m. and Sunday 56:30 p.m., Open Flow Monday from 6:30-8 p.m., Power Yoga Saturday 9-10 a.m. and Thursday 6:30-7:30 p.m., Mommy and Me Yoga on Monday 4-5 p.m. and Wednesday 46 p.m. and Baby and Mommy Yoga -- call for the schedule. 115 Charlotte Rd., Whitemarsh Center. Drop-ins $12 or $75 for eight classes Call 898-0361.

Jade Lotus Tai Chi Group

Yogalates Classes

Classes are offered Saturdays from 10-11:30 a.m. at the Unity Church, 2320 Sunset Blvd. Drop-in rate is $10 adults and $8 for students or 10 classes for $80, $70 for students. All experience levels are welcome. Call Jeff at 352-7057 or send e-mail to

are offered by St. Joseph’s/Candler for WellBeing on Thursdays from 5:45-6:45 p.m. in Suite 203 of the Candler Heart and Lung Building, 5356 Reynolds St. The cost is $30 for four sessions or $50 for eight sessions. Call 819-6463.\

The Jewish Education Alliance will offer the following health and fitness classes: Yoga- Join Amy Levy at 9:45 am on Friday’s for yoga. Fee is $35 per month, Water Aerobics, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 10:30 am. Fee is $42 a month for up to 16 sessions, Step Aerobics will be offered at the JEA on Thursday’s at 6:15 am. Cost is $35 per month. Call Drew Edmonds at 355-8111.

Ladies Living Smart fitness club provides nutritional education and exercise to encourage lifestyle changes at the St. Joseph’s/Candler African-American Health Information and Resource Center, 1910 Abercorn St. at 5:30 p.m. Call 447-6605.

Lose Weight

Gay & Lesbian Alpha Financial Management seminars A series of free seminars specifically designed for the LGBT community will be held. Attendees will learn about the tools needed to increase their wealth, protect their assets, take actions that are congruent with their own values, and to build a sense of financial and emotional security in life. For information, call 353-9343.

First City Network Board Meeting Meets the first Monday at 6 p.m. at FCN’s office, 307 E. Harris St., second floor. 2362489.

First City Network Community Center and Library

like Marc Merlis on Dateline. Safe, effective, reasonable cost. Researchers at the University of Connecticut found that people who used hypnosis lost 60 percent more weight than any other method. Call the Alpha Institute, 201-0071.

The FCN Community Center & Library is open Saturdays from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Visitors are welcome to check out gay/lesbian books and obtain information on “Gay Savannah” businesses and happenings. 236-CITY

Muscle Quest

First City Network’s Workforce project

Sports nutrition center offers free body fat testing and nutritional counseling. Call 2324784.

Pilates Classes are offered at the St. Joseph’s/Candler Center for WellBeing, Suite 203 of the Candler Heart and Lung Building, 5356 Reynolds St. Four sessions are $30, eight sessions are $50. Pre-register by calling 8196463.

Savannah Yoga Center Located at the Savannah Yoga Center, 25 E. 40th St. at Drayton Street. Schedule: Monday, 8-9:15 a.m., Morning Gentle Flow Yoga -- all levels; Monday from 6:30-7:45 p.m., Sunset Flow Yoga -- all levels; Tuesday from 6:30-7:45 p.m., Yoga Basics for beginners; Wednesday from 6:30-7:45 p.m. All levels Flow Yoga. Drop-ins $12 or 4-class card for $40, 10-class card $90, 12-class card $105. Call 441-6653.

Tai Chi Classes are offered Mondays and Wednesdays from 10:30-11:30 a.m. and Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30-6:30 p.m. in Suite 203, Candler Heart and Lung Building, 5356 Reynolds St. Four sessions are $30 or eight sessions are $50. Call 819-6463.

Water aerobics at the JEA The Jewish Educational Alliance is offering aquatics classes. Call Shannon at 748-2393.

Yoga The City of Savannah, Leisure Services, Recreation Services Department, offers a

offers assistance to youth and young adults who need and want a job or a better job. Call 236-2489 or send e-mail to

Friends & Company bowling league meets Sundays at 5:30 p.m. at AMF Victory Lanes, 2055 E. Victory Dr. 354-5710.

Gay AA Meeting meets Sunday and Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. at 307 E. Harris St., second floor. For information, contact Mark at 441-4407.

Georgia Equality Savannah is the local chapter of Georgia's largest gay rights group. 104 W. 38th St. 944-0996.

Lesbian Potluck Girls eat and socialize. Meets the 3rd Saturday of each month. 236-CITY.

Lesbian Therapy Group

friendly Democrats to public office. Call 2399545.

Standout is First City’s gay youth support group. Meets every Thursday at 7 p.m. at the FCN Headquarters, 307 E. Harris St., 3rd floor. Call 657-1966.

What Makes A Family is a children’s therapy group for children of GLBT parents. Groups range in age from 10 to 18 and are held twice a month. Call 3522611.

Health 5 to 9 A Day, the Color Way St. Joseph’s/Candler will offer its last lectures of this series, a simple and fun nutritional lecture series to help participants increase their daily servings of fruits and vegetables. On Aug. 15 from 6:30-7:30 in Conference Room 2 at Candler Heart and Lung Building and Aug. 23 from noon to 1 p.m. in Meeting Room 2 at St. Joseph’s Hospital, Go Green, Go Healthy: Super Foods for Everybody. On Aug. 31 from noon to 1 p.m. in Conference Room 2 at Candler Heart and Lung Building and Sept. 6 from 6:30-7:30 p.m. in Meeting Room 2 at St. Joseph’s Hospital, the final lecture, White for Wellness, will be presented. The cost is $10 per lecture. Pre-registration is required. .Call 819-6463.

Community HealthCare Center provides free health care for those patients who live in Chatham County, are under 65, who do not have primary medical coverage, and who do not exceed certain financial thresholds. The Center is located at 310 Eisenhower Drive Medical Center. Call for an appointment at 692-1451.

Community Cardiovascular Council, Inc. offers free blood pressure checks Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at 1900 Abercorn St. Call 232-6624.

Dual Recovery Anonymous This 12-step program addresses all addictions and mental health recovery. Persons who are recovering from an addiction and a mental health problem can send e-mail to for information.

Free blood pressure checks and blood sugar screenings are conducted at three locations within St. Joseph’s/Candler. From 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and 5:15-7 p.m. every Tuesday and Thursday, checks will be offered at the St. Joseph’s/Candler African-American Health Information and Resource Center, 1910 Abercorn St. Call 447-6605 to make an appointment. Checks are offered every Monday from 10 a.m. to noon at the Smart Senior office, No. 8 Medical Arts Center. No appointment is necessary. Checks will be offered Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at St. Mary’s Community Center at 812 W. 36th St. Call 447-0578.

Share your thoughts, feelings and concerns in a safe, confidential environment that is facilitated by a licensed therapist the second and fourth Friday at 7 p.m. Spaces are limited. Call 352-2611.

Free hearing & speech screening

Savannah Gay Business Guild

will be held Aug. 13 from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. at the Islands YMCA in the Health Connection office. To register, call 819-3368.

meets the second Tuesday at 7 p.m. to offer a networking service of gay and gay friendly businesses, organizations and individuals. For information, contact Kevyn Withers at

Savannah Stonewall Democrats An organization of GLBT Democrats promoting gay-friendly policies within the local Democratic party and working to elect gay-

Every Thursday morning from 9 a.m.-12 noon at the Savannah Speech and Hearing Center, 1206 E. 66th Street. Call 355-4601.

Free Skin Cancer Screening

Gastric Bypass Surgery Session Memorial Health Bariatrics presents free informational sessions every Wednesday at 6 p.m. in the Medical Education Auditorium with Dr. John Angstadt and other staff members, who discuss obesity and the surgical process. Free. Call 350-DIET or visit

La Leche League Are you breastfeeding or planning to? Information, education, encouragement and support are available free of charge to all women who are interested in breastfeeding through monthly meetings and over the telephone from La Leche League of Savannah. Call the LLL of Savannah Help Line at 8979261. All series meetings are held in the Candler Professional Building, 5354 Reynolds St, Room 508A.

Mammograms St. Joseph’s/Candler will be performing mammograms to screen for breast cancer in its mobile screening unit. Most insurance plans (with the exception of Blue Cross HMO) are accepted. Financial assistance is available to women who qualify. Mammograms will be performed Aug. 11 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Eulonia Multipurpose Center. Call 912-437-4561 for appointments. Mammograms will be performed Aug. 15 and 29 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at The Landings Club on Skidaway Island. Call 354-9357 for appointments.

March of Dimes The March of Dimes offers valuable information for women. or 1888-MODIMES. 354-5900.

Massage by Certified Massage Practitioner at your home, business or hotel in the Savannah and Richmond Hill area. He comes to you. Offers therapeutic and relaxing massage, Swedish massage, deep muscle, reflexology and energy balance. Pain treatment, cellulite reduction, long established business. Specials for women or couples. Gift certificates available. Call 8561534.

Memory Screening A free memory screening clinic will be offered Friday, Aug. 26 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Candler Hospital’s Marsh Auditorium. The Mini-Mental State Exam takes about 20 minutes to complete. It can help determine whether your memory problems are due to normal aging or to a condition that should be identified and treated. For information, call Jenny House at the Alzheimer’s Associaton’s Coastal Georgia Regional Office at 920-2231.

The Midwife Group The Midwife Group/Family Health & Birth Center is offering a free program to women at any stage of pregnancy that includes free information on pregnancy, birth and parenting, an opportunity to talk to other pregnant women and information on a certified nurse midwife-assisted birth, whether at a birth center or area hospital. Call 8264155.

Planned Parenthood Hotline First Line is a statewide hotline for women who want information on health services, women’s shelters, sexual assault services, crisis information, birth control, S.T.D.s, pregnancy options, and more. Open every night from 7-11p.m. 1-800-264-7154.

Stop Smoking Researchers at the University of Iowa combined 600 studies covering 72,000 people and found that hypnosis is the most effective way to stop smoking. For more info, call the Alpha Institute, 201-0071.

Super 2 Access Clinic Super 2 Access (After Cancer Cure Evaluation Strategy and Support) is a clinic for children and adolescents who completed cancer treatment at least two years ago. For information, call Pam at 658-2215 or Donna at 667-8943. ◗

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Miscellaneous Items For Sale


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Dating Services

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Schools/ Instruction Guitar Lessons taught by a musician. For an inter view call Shane 912-443-9235

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WE BUY HOUSES Need repairs? Vacant? Has’t sold yet? Liens, divorce, etc. Let us help, call today. We are NOT agents. Quick offers. Quick closing. Call 351-0500.

Commercial Property MEXICAN RESTAURANT BUSINESS FOR SALE. Turnkey Opportunity in Savannah Centre Shopping Center. 7,000 SF space-assume lease at $17 psf. Equipment and furnishings included. Call Ivan Smith, 912-238-5416.

Real Estate Services

WE BUY HOUSES Need repairs? Vacant? Has’t sold yet? Liens, divorce, etc. Let us help, call today. We are NOT agents. Quick offers. Quick closing. Call 351-0500.

810 Maupas Ave. Baldwin Park at its best! Pride of ownership shows in this 3 bedroom, 2 baths home. This home has been completely renovated and offers many extras. An awesome kitchen with an island and maple countertops, living room with a wood burning fireplace, hardwood floors, brick construction, metal roof and a 1 car garage with ample off street parking. You will truly want to call this home. Offered at $235,000. Call Don Callahan 441-4416 Mopper-Stapen Realty*

2401 Habersham Street Victorian style home located in the Thomas Square District. Completely restored, wonderful finishes in the kitchen & baths. All systems are new, Central Heat & Air, Electric & Plumbing. Offered at $235,000. Call Don Callahan 441-4416 Mopper-Stapen Realty*

Homes for Sale

305 W Duffy St. New condo conversion. Gracious entrance foyer to three residential units with 1 BR each. Separate street entrance to commercial unit with attached living space. High ceilings, multiple fireplaces, w/d, dishwasher, hardwood floors, ch /a, private porch and off-street parking. Priced from $139,500.00. Call Don Callahan 441-4416 Mopper-Stapen Realty*

907 East 38 th St . How cute can you get? This totally remodeled 3 bedroom, 1 bath cottage is offering a large lot and an attached deck for entertaining. Make this your home for only $130,000. Call Don Callahan 441-4416 Mopper-Stapen Realty*

907 East 40th Street Absolutely charming Baldwin Park Bungalow. Restored and offering 2 br., 1 ba, new metal roof, wood floors, spacious back-

Mopper-Stapen Realty *

1601 E 59 St Absolutely like brand new. Move in ready. Totally remodeled brick home with very tasteful touches throughout. Offering 3 bedrooms, beautiful new bathrooms, tile floors, new carpets, and garage. Located on a very large private lot. Easy Living at just $145,000. Call Don Callahan 441-4416 Mopper-Stapen Realty *

328 Price Street Townhome in historic district between East Harris and Macon Street. Great Location. 2 bedrooms, 11/2 baths, heartpine floors throughout, 4 fireplaces, washer, dryer, and refrigerator included. Fenced courtyard. Excellent condition. $255,000. (95176) Call Sun coast Realty 341-8005 or 507-9800* 103 W. Broughton Street Prime retail space in excellent condition. Approx. 1500 sq. ft. High ceilings, high traffic and 2 blocks from Ellis Square. Alley access for loading. $495,000. Call Sun coast Realty 341-8005 or 507-9800* 101 W. Broughton Street Great space. 1187 sq. ft. Large 1 bedroom available with high ceilings. Class A hallways and entryway planned. Last one in the building. $299,000 (94766) Call Sun coast Realty 341-8005 or 507-9800* 107 Whitaker Street Just off Broughton Street. 4746 sq. ft. unfinished basement level with brick walls and high ceilings. Historic buildings, existing freight elevator shaft with rear alley. Private entrance from Whitaker Street. $595,000. (94930) Call Sun coast Realty 341-8005 or 507-9800.* *

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Connect Savannah

Your car or boat get a Tax Break Call 927-7272 Coastal Empire Council Boy Scouts of America Proceeds from sales of all the sale cars and boats will go toward sending boys to summer camp.


General Help

Experienced PT Waitstaff and FT Pizza Cook. Calls Only Tues-Fri. 2:30-4:30 Ask for Joyce, 912-354-4005.

For Your Info

Mattress and box spring set. NEW in plastic. 912-964-1494

MATTRESS Full size plush set with box spring, new in plastic. Sell, $120. Can deliver. Call 912-964-1494.


Concrete/ Cement




Management, Inc 17 East 33rd Street

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Commercial/ Residential For Lease

912-352-2747 MIDTOWN 725 E. 48th St.- 3bd, 2ba, $1,200.00


2033 SKIDAWAY RD- 2bd, 1ba, $650.00

THUNDERBOLT 2918 WHATLEY- 4bd, 2 ba, $1,000.00 2806 WHATLEY AVE- 3bd, 2ba, $1,050.00

Connect Savannah

08.1 0.05

Beautifully renovated 2BR/1BA Formal dining room, refinished heart pine floors, ceiling fans, new bathroom & kitchen w/ceramic tile floors. Seperate laundry room and private courtyard. C/H/A, total electric, security system. Viewing by appointment only

2612 WHATLEY AVE. UNIT 10- 3bd, 2ba, $1,000.00



Mon-Fri 9-5 Saturday 10-2

107 WEST LIBERTY STREET #2 1 bedroom, 1 bath apartment in great location, living room, wood floors, No Pets. $625/mo. 527 EAST BROAD STREET 2 bedroom, 1-1/2 bath townhome, living room, furnished kitchen, washer/dryer, hardwood floors, central heating and air, decks on both levels. $1200/mo.

308 PICKWICK ROAD- 3bd, 2ba, $ 1,200.00 4 TEAKWOOD RD- 3bd, 2ba, $1,375.00 127 PALMETTO BAY ROAD- 3bd, 2ba, $1,200.00 127 ST. ANDREWS WAY- 4bd, 2.5ba, $1,300.00 145 ROPEMAKER LANE- 3bd, 2ba, $975.00 105 FORESTAY CT- FURNSIHED- 3bd, 2ba, $1,000.00 110 SOUTH SHEFTALL- 3bd, 2ba, $1,100.00 1018 TARA- 3bd, 2ba, $1,200.00



SOUTHSIDE 129 RED FOX- 3bd, 2ba, $1,250.00 11 CUTLER DR- 3bd, 2 ba, $1,100.00 109 DOVETAIL-3bd, 2ba, $1,100.00 1534 MARCY CIRCLE- 3bd, 2ba, $825.00

501 EAST MCDONOUGH STREET UPPER B 1 bedroom, 1 bath apartment, living room, kitchen, pets ok. $675/mo. 1011 JEFFERSON STREET 2 bedroom, 2 bath apartment, living room, kitchen with dishwasher, electric cook top stove, washer/dryer, Available Sept 1st. $900/mo 305B WEST PARK Recently renovated 1 bedroom, 1 bath apartment, living room, dining room, central heat and air, off-street parking, $700/mo 614 EAST DUFFY STREET Renovated deluxe 1870's Railroad Cottage. 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo, 1 bath with Jacuzzi tub 1 with claw foot tub, living room, porch, off street parking, IKEA kitchen with brand new appliances, washer/dryer. $875/mo. Visit website at 445 JEFFERSON STREET 2 bedrooms, 1 bath apartment, furnished kitchen with dishwasher, built-in microwave, laundry room, stack washer and dryer, total electric. No pets. $825/mo. 508 EAST PARK AVENUE Lower apartment. 2 bedroom, 2 bath, renovated apartment. Open living room, dining room area, stack washer and dryer, back deck, off street parking. $900/mo. 602 LINCOLN STREET Upper. 2 bedrooms, 2-1/2 bath apartment, living room, dining room, eat-in kitchen with JenAir stove, dishwasher, trash compactor, washer and dryer, fresh paint. $1,490/mo. 1312 LINCOLN STREET 3 story, 3 bedroom, 2 bath apartment, living room, alarm system, washer and dryer. $950/mo. 3602 MONTGOMERY STREET Renovated 2 bedroom, 1 bath duplex, central heat and air, washer and dryer connections, all new appliances, carpet with off street parking. $750/mo. (SCAD Students $650/mo.) 316 DRAYTON STREET 2 bedroom with bonus room, 1-1/2 bath, kitchen, living room, terrace, washer and dryer connections. $1,500/mo. 223 EAST JONES LANE 2 bedroom, 1-1/2 bath carriage house, open living room, kitchen area, washer and dryer, great location. No pets. $925/mo.


321 Drayton Street. An oasis in the middle of downtown! 2 BR 1 BA condo with wide plank hardwood floors, fully furnished kitchen, large bath, 2 fireplaces, ample closet space and private courtyard! All appliances, including washer/dryer, included. $210,000.00. Shelley Carroll Lowther 912-604-8177 Re/Max Savannah 355-7711or visit* 505 Pinecrest Court. Southern Living in Pooler! Beautifully designed and decorated, this 3 BR 2 BA is ready to move in, with brand new kitchen and updated baths, and a 16 X 20 covered terrace for outdoor enter taining. Home warranty included! $142,000.00 Shelley Carroll Lowther 912-604-8177 Re/Max Savannah 355-7711or visit* 105 West Congress Street Suite B. Only commercial condo left in beautifully restored building. This is the residential unit in the building that can be converted to a residence with some work. Secure entr y, hardwood floors, tin ceilings, and a great central location! $195,000.00. Shelley Carroll Lowther 912-604-8177 Re/Max Savannah 355-7711or visit* 114 Stockbridge. Convenient and desirable Georgetown location! 3 BR 2 BA updates home is in move-in condition! Run--- don’t walk! This one will not last long! Shelley Carroll Lowther 912-604-8177 Re/Max Savannah 355-7711or visit* PRICED WELL BE LOW APPRAISED VALUE! Newly built Hallmark home in Southern Woods at Rice Mill is priced almost $20,000 below value! 4 BR 2.5 BA with wood floors, and new everything! This is a must see! A great home at a great price! $299,900.00

Shelley Carroll Lowther 912-604-8177 Re/Max Savannah 355-7711or visit* Jefferson Commons Be the first to own one of these six - 2 bedroom, 2 bath condos in the heart of the Historic District. Conveniently located close to SCAD. Features 4 fireplaces, spiral stair case, granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances. Gated, off street parking. $196,000 each Alexander Grikitis 912220-1700 The Coastal Real Estate Group*

518 East Henry Street A duplex in the Historic District close to SCAD. Newly re-done and ready to move in to. Two 2 bedroom, 1 bath units with W/D and all new appliances. In addition, this duplex has cedar closets, new carpet and parking in the rear. $235,000 Alexander Grikitis 912-220-1700 The Coastal Real Estate Group*

407 East 34th Street Arts & Crafts details in this 3 bedroom, 1 bath home. Wood floors throughout, plaster walls and 4 fireplaces. Located in an area of active restoration and growth. Great single family or convert to a duplex. $175,000 Alexander Grikitis 912220-1700 The Coastal Real Estate Group*

518 East Duffy Street A beautiful newly redone home with 3 bedrooms, 1 bath. Kitchen has a sub zero fridge, dishwasher, honed granite countertops and travertine floors. The rest of the house has original heart of pine floors, plaster walls in good shape, and 3 fireplaces. W/D included. Currently rents for $1,000 month. $225,000 Alex Grikitis 912-220-1700 The Coastal Real Estate Group*


ELLINGS 513 East 36th Street A charming 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath cottage nestled near a park. Offers the closeness of downtown without the price. Recently renovated kitchen and baths. Great for 1st time buyers or student rentals. $112,000 Alexander Grikitis 912220-1700 The Coastal Real Estate Group*

Spacious brick home located on 8.59 acres near Rincon. Home features formal living and dining, fireplace, huge laundry room, 2 fish ponds, deck on back of house, with over 2100 square ft. Call LaTrelle 658-7777. ERA Adams-Pevey Realty 826-2550 H-4122 $237,000 *

Sun Coast Realty 0\

Reduced! Reduced! 1992 Fleetwood manufactured 3 bed 2 bath home situated beautifully on 6.96 acres 2 of which are fenced in great for your animals! Landscaped yard with complete sprinkler system. Workshed 20x20 w/concrete floor, and 40x40 carport. All this for only $79,000. Call LaTrelle 658-7777. H4104 ERA AdamsPevey Realty 826-2550 *

Located at 820 Abercorn Street, Savannah, Georgia 31401 Residential, commercial and management of properties

Rhondda Netherton 912 507-9800 and 341-8005

Reduced! Reduced! Stop renting! 3 bedroom, 2bath double wide in sought after area, offers1680 sq.ft of living area, large lot , 1.61 acres, dining, and family rooms, home warranty and more. Call LaTrelle Pevey 6587777, ERA AdamsPevey Realty 826-2550 $79,999. H4058 *

Financing for your home

can be a walk in the park

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Join Richmond Hill’s premier community at the lowest cost ever. 1BR/1BA $450 • 2BR/1BA $510 2BR/2BA $530 • 3BR/2BA $600 Clubhouse • Swimming Pool & Sundeck • Extensive Fitness Center Washer/Dryer Connections Modern Decor

At AHM Mortgage we understand that our clients deserve the highest level of service and dependability. We provide compreshensive loan programs to each individual client, including: Interest Only Programs, Federal Housing Administration loans (FHA), Veteran's Administration loans (VA), 100%+ financining, Renovation Programs, Construction Perm Programs and Jumbo to Super Jumbo Programs. Let AHM Mortgage assist you in getting around the bases and into the home of your dreasm.

1, 2 & 3 Bedrooms


912-756-4870 505 Harris Trail • Richmond Hill Some Income Limits Apply *Rents Subject To Change

Call Us Today (912) 790-2760

We Are Here to Serve Your Home Financing Needs

7402 Hodgson Memorial Dr., Suite 110 Savannah, GA 31406

Beautifully appointed Savannah Grey Brick 3 bed/ 2 bath home. Custom built by Douglas Leonard. Hardwood and ceramic tile floors. 10 ft. ceilings with crown molding. Custom built cabinets and bookshelves. Beautifully appointed

Stop renting! 3 bedroom, 2bath double wide in sought after area, offers1680 sq.ft of living area, large lot , 1.61 acres, dining, and family rooms, home warranty and more. Call LaTrelle Pevey 6587777, ERA AdamsPevey Realty 826-2550 $89,000. H4058 *

The GRAND Opening Of:

08.1 0.05

1992 fleetwood manufactured 3 bed 2 bath home situated beautifully on 6.96 acres 2 of which are fenced in perfect for your animals! Landscaped yard with complete sprinkler system. Plenty off room to roam. Ohhh! I almost forgot, 20 x 20 concrete floor work shed and carport. All this for only $92,900. Call LaTrelle 658-7777. H-4104 *

All brick 3 bed/2 bath starter home in Rincon. Large kitchen with abundance of cabinets and storage. Living Room/Dining Room Combo. Private fenced back yard with grape arbor. Home is Good Cents Certified. Fenced yard has gate large enough to drive into back yard. Wonderful starter home in good school district. Call LaTrelle for a showing @ 658-7777 H-4227 ERA AdamsPevey Realty 8262550 $118,900 *

Bringing Sunshine To Your Real Estate Needs

Waterfront! Build your dream home here! Secluded 65.55 acres gives you plenty of privacy. Great for the hunter who desires his very own hunting club. Recreation only – No subdivisions. Minutes outside Rincon and Springfield . $130,000. Call LaTrelle @ 658-7777 A -3971 ERA Adams-Pevey Realty 826-2550 *

Connect Savannah

625 East 51st Street Ardsley Park bungalow within walking distance to Grayson Stadium, Savannah Arts Academy, and Charles Ellis. 3 bedrooms, 2 baths. Detached garage with electricity. Newly refinished wood floors throughout and fully updated kitchen and baths. $289,000 Alexander Grikitis 912220-1700 The Coastal Real Estate Group*

Reduced Beautiful Design, Foyer, Dining Room, Great Room with fireplace, kitchen with fireplace,custom cabinets, corian countertops, breakfast bar, 5 bedrm/4 Baths, bonus room w/ wet bar, Guest suite, rear grilling porch with fantastic view! $419,000. Call LaTrelle @ 6587777 ERA AdamsPevey Realty H-4191*

Savannah Grey Brick 3 bed/ 2 bath home. Custom built by Douglas Leonard. Hardwood and ceramic tile floors. 10 ft. ceilings with crown molding. Custom built cabinets and bookshelves. Separate Dining Room. 22 x 33 all brick patio overlooking golf course with private Lagoon view. eMany custom features set this home apart. Call LaTrelle for a personal viewing @ 658-7777 H-4226 *

Sun Coast Realty




Dianne Kessler Broker/Owner GRI, ABR 912-351-9737

Connect Savannah

08.1 0.05

14 Earl Court Savannah $115,900 Well maintained home with lots of living space, large kitchen, & separate dining as well as covered patio in rear area addition. Ceiling fans in most rooms. Large Cul-desac with fenced yard. Call Dianne Kessler 663-2417

130 Tibet Avenue Commercial Opportunity Savannah $ 800,000 Almost 2 acres zoned RM 25. Approx. 16,000 sq. ft. Great potential for legal, medical, personal care. Call Sam Simowitz 655-0852

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Great 3 bed/2 bath starter home in desirable Rincon neighborhood. Separate L.R., Den, And Countr y kitchen. Covered patio and large fenced yard. Call LaTrelle for your personal showing @658-7777 ERA Adams -Pevey Realty 826-2550 HNew $115,900 * 514 E. Henry Street Savannah $ 252,900

Magnificent 1920 Victorian ready for you to restore original details intact. Situated on lg lot w/off street parking. 2 car cb garage in rear could be converted to a townhouse. Call Bubba Adler 656-0581

109 Willowpeg Road Rincon $389,000 Beautiful Silverwood Plantation home, 4 BR/ 3B, fireplaces in the LR and Master Bedroom, 2 car garage & office/playroom bonus room. Call Ron Clary 398-6399

Call Tri county GMAC Real Estate 912-351-9737

My Savannah roots are showing!

Investors/First Time Home Buyers 3 bedrooms/1 bath in Desirable neighborhood. Eat in kitchen, separate Dining room, outside storage building and carport. Owner is a licensed Real Estate Broker. H-4201 Call LaTrelle @ 6587777 $87,900 ERA Adams-Pevey Realty 826-2550 * 1005 East Waldburg Street Arts & Crafts FixerUpper With 2500sf and many original features, this could be a killer single family or rentable duplex ! Seller motivated and open to combo deal with 544 E. Waldburg! Sold "as-is." Offered at $1 29,000. Katherine W. Oxnard, Mopper-Stapen, Realtors.(912)7043545/238-0874. More info at *.

W E L 544 East Waldburg Street Motivated Seller! Looking for value in the Historic District? Try this 2000sf Victorian with four double mantels on a subdividable double lot ! Potential combo deal w/ 1005 E. Waldburg .Sold "asis." Offered at $19 9,000 .Katherine W. Oxnard, MopperStapen, Realtors. (912) 704-3545/2380874. More info at .* * 514-516 East Bolton Street Renters Galore! All four units of this Victorian quadplex are rented out for $2300/month total income, with 2-yr.-old roof, central heat/AC and a l arge buildable side lot! Offered at $399,000. Katherine W. Oxnard, MopperStapen, Realtors. (912) 704-3545/2380874. More info at .* 17 East Jones Street So Romantic! This gorgeous 1850 townhouse has everything: beautiful floors, pocket doors, mantels, secret garden courtyard and high ceilings . It also acts like an investment property , with all four floors and separate carriage house metered separately with all new kitchens

and systems. Offered at $1,950,000 .Katherine W. Oxnard, Mopper-Stapen, Realtors. (912) 7043545/238-0874. More info at .* Carriage House for Rent Located at Historic Jones St. Cute Furnished 1BR/1BA, Central HVAC, Dishwasher, Washer/Dryer, 1 Off Street Parking. $1200/MO Call Judge Realty 236-1000 * Near Forsyth Park Large 1BR/1BA apartment, Central HVAC, new appliances, Washer/Dryer, Private Courtyard, and Of f Street Parking. $750/MO Call Judge Realty 236-1000 *

PARKSIDE DREAM 1223 Washington Ave $298,500 Overlook Daffin Park from the front porch of this recently renovated 3 bedroom, 2 bath home. Open and spacious rooms with original hardwood floors. Master suite includes entire 2nd level with space for office, seating area, includes view of the park, 2 walk-in closets, urinal for the men, and a huge Chicago glass shower. Won’t last long! Call Lori Judge, 484-1514.*

TALAHI ISLAND 544 Suncrest Blvd. $350,000 Immaculate 3 bedroom, 2 bath home on desireable Talahi Island. Freshly painted, wallpapered, and carpeted with a decorator’s eye. Ready to move in! Call Lori Judge, 484-1514.*

LEGACY SQUARE 171 Parkview Road $185,000 Just like new home with many upgrades in desirable neighborhood. 4 bedrooms, 21/2 baths, separate living and dining rooms, 2 car garage, and huge backyard. Call Lori Judge, 484-1514.*

EASTERN VICTORIAN DISTRICT 924 East Park Avenue $250,000 Grand single family home in active area of restoration. A lot of original detail ready for some TLC to be brought back to its original beauty. Call Lori Judge, 484-1514.*

The prettiest street in Savannah! Gorgeous 1850 rowhouse offers 5,000sf and antebellum charm: wood floors, pocket doors, mantels, crown mouldings, 12’ ceilings and lovely courtyard, plus all new systems. Four floors and a carriage house within walking distance to restaurants, galleries, theatres make for a fabulous home, winter getaway or B&B/inn. Offered at $1,950,000.

Katherine W. Oxnard Cell: (912) 704-3545

912-233-6000 w w w. C o r a B e t t T h o m a s . c o m


Get quotes for closing costs and minimum down payment. The more you can pay down the better, but expect

Ready to buy a home? More to the point, ready to

to pay 5 to 20 percent of the purchase price. Closing costs

finance a home? Begin by finding the right lender, using

include appraisals, recording fees and more, but the lender

these guidelines to make a wise choice.

should provide a “good faith estimate” of all out-of-pocket

The biggie is the interest rate, and whether variable or


fixed. If variable, determine when you can lock it in and

Ask how long it will take to process your application,

if it will cost you anything to do so. If you have excellent

and what factors might cause delay. A lender may say two

credit, you should get the lowest rate offered.

weeks, but 45 to 60 days is a more realistic timeframe.

Establish what points you will pay, and if there is any penalty for prepayment. A “point” equals one percent of


penalty also allows you to negotiate a lower rate.

the loan’s value, and when paid up front, can reduce your overall interest rate. Sometimes accepting a prepayment

Provide the required documentation and let the lender know of any changes during the process. Compare lenders before you start comparing homes, and experience a happier purchase!

For All Your Real Estate Needs Visit:

L I N G S 307 Briarcliff Circle Windsor Forest Easy walk to Windsor Forest Elementary and Windsor Forest High School! 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, living room, dining room, den and family room. New carpet and garage has been converted into a nice family room. Two car carpor t and a fenced in backyard with metal storage building. Roof and AC compressor 1 year old and house is well above grade with no flooding problems. Some furnishings for sale. Call Betty Stevenson at 912351-0510 or 912-224-5200.*

SUPER TYPE Make your classified ad stand out for only $2.00 extra a week. Sell it fast with a bold headline in Super Type! Call 238-2040.*

SUPER TYPE Make your classified ad stand out for only $2.00 extra a week. Sell it fast with a bold headline in Super Type! Call 238-2040.*

Super Floor Plan 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths. Includes extra lot. Midtown 2864 sq. ft. heated. 2 car garage &breezeway. $359,000 Asking price. Call Betty Stevenson with Prudential at 912-351-0510 or 912-224-5200 * 307 E 51st Totally renovated Ardsley Park home just steps from McCauley Park. 3 bedrooms, sunroom, fabulous kitchen with island is a cook's dream. Fenced yard, deck, off street parking. It's even wired for sound and has a new roof! Reduced to $249,000. Call Lisa Moore at 441-9314 or visit * 27 E 55th Large Ardsley home with 3 bedrooms and 2 1/2 baths. Open floor plan is great for entertaining, wonder ful kitchen with Italian cabinets,Silestone counters, and stainless steel appliances. Master suite with private sunroom and bath. Only $329,000. Call

Lisa Moore 441-9314 or visit * 18 E 41st Starland Design District Classic Victorian beauty with fully restored exterior in area of high interest and active restoration and new construction. Original details abound including restored standing seam roof, and heart pine floors. Buyer to complete interior. Call Lisa at 441-9314 or visit * 730 E 48th Ardsley Park Great opportunity to buy in Ardsley for less! Adorable 3 bedroom bungalow with all the details such as wood floors, high ceilings and front porch. This one even has off street parking, a garage, and wonderful courtyard with fountain. A little love and care will make this bungalow fabulous! Call Lisa Moore at 441-9314 or visit *

Commercial Property

OWN THE WORLD 14 E. 73rd $455,000 Half an acre of prime commericial space in Savannah’s heaviest traffic area of 50,000 cars per day. Also includes 2500 sq. f t. building and 60 ft. globe great for advertising vehicle. A lot of opportunity. Call Lori Judge, 484-1514.

Shelley Carroll Lowther

SUPER TYPE Make your classified ad stand out for only $2.00 extra a week. Sell it fast with a bold headline in Super Type! Call 238-2040.*


SUPER TYPE Make your classified ad stand out for only $2.00 extra a week. Sell it fast with a bold headline in Super Type! Call 238-2040.*

Shelley Carroll Lowther 604-8177 355-7711


7401 Hodgson Memorial Drive

Office: 629-2983 Cell: 224-4903

Each RE/MAX Office Is Independently Owned and Operated

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Purchases, Refinancing, Construction Loans 100% Financing on Investment Property LIBOR Interest Only Loans Lot Loans • VA Loans 100% Stated Income Financing Available for Self-Employed and W-2 Employees Please Call Me Today for a Free Pre-approval

315 Commercial Drive, Suite D-5

Connect Savannah

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Connect Savannah

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Eastside Commercial Building 2,600 + sq. feet. Great location. Front and back access, large bay with overhead door. Offices and baths.Call Betty Stevenson with Prudential at 912-3510510 or 912-224-5200.

Buyers • Sellers • Investors Experienced agents wanted Check out our Marketing Plan Innovation. Inspiration. Energy

Building Lot Eastside 45x110 approximate size. Priced to sell at $30,000. Call Betty Stevenson with Prudential at 912-351-0510 or 912-224-5200

Featured Listing: 128 Jamestown Beautiful 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 garage home close to South Effingham schools. Huge lot. Open great room which creates great light and comfortable feel. Call Mike @ 429-3431 for details and private showing.


SUPER TYPE Make your classified ad stand out for only $2.00 extra a week. Sell it fast with a bold headline in Super Type! Call 238-2040.*

NEW CONSTRUCTION AVAILABLE NOW Shadowbrook Subdivision Near Rincon 3-bedroom, 2-bath, 1car garage, Washer/Dryer connections, Excellent schools. Large lots. Two homes @ $875/month/each.

r Ne and w!

Luxurious lake - front living - laid back lifestyle. 1515 Benton Blvd. Pooler, GA 31322 (912) 748-7518

110 NEVA Available NOw 3-bedroom, 2-bath home w/garage, fenced yard, CHA, W/D connections. Excellent location off LaRoche Ave. $950/month $950/security. No pets. 1-800-579-1923.


Godley Park

Make your classified ad stand out for only $2.00 extra a week. Sell it fast with a bold headline in Super Type! Call 238-2040.*

3 bedroom, 2 bath, detached 2-car garage, dining room, washer/dr yer, gated community. Amenities include pool, fitness center, park. Lawn care provided. Easy access to I-95, minutes to Southside and Gulfstream. Two homes, $1200/month each.

TWO STORY beautifully furnished carriage house with HAC and cable ready hook up. Available 8/01/05. Full kitchen and bath, gas and trash included. $775/monthly plus electric. Hundredth block in Ardsley, across from prettiest park. Call Elaine 912-4 43-9235. MUST SEE!

CML HOLDINGS, LLC 912-355-0286 or 912604-3285


Just minutes from the heart of Savannah!

Business Only For Sale Parcel Forwarding located at 7082 Hodgeson Memorial Drive. Priced at $60,000. Make an offer. Call Betty with Prudentialfor tax info and showing at 912-351-0510 or 912224-5200

Houses For Rent

Tybee Island Year round lease for $1100 - walk to the beach and enjoy this 3 bedroom/2 bath condo. 2 level townhome located on the North Side of Tybee. Call Sun coast Realty 3418005 or 507-9800*. 515 East Huntingdon Street Only $1100 per month for this 3 bedroom/2 bath victorian home with a fenced courtyard. Pets ok with a deposit. Call Sun coast realty - 912 3418005 or 507-9800 *

SUPER TYPE Make your classified ad stand out for only $2.00 extra a week. Sell it fast with a bold headline in Super Type! Call 238-2040.*

SUPER TYPE Make your classified ad stand out for only $2.00 extra a week. Sell it fast with a bold headline in Super Type! Call 238-2040.*




518 East Duffy Street A beautiful newly re-done home with 3 bedrooms, 1 bath. Kitchen has a sub zero fridge, dishwasher, honed granite countertops and travertine floors. The rest of the house has original heart of pine floors, plaster walls in good shape, and 3 fireplaces. W/D included. $225,000 Alexander Grikitis 912.220.1700 John Giles 912.220.1667


625 East 51st Street Ardsley Park bungalow within walking distance to Grayson Stadium, Savannah Arts Academy, and Charles Ellis. 3 bedrooms, 2 baths. Detached garage with electricity. Newly refinished wood floors throughout and fully updated kitchen and baths. $289,000 John Giles 912.220.1667 Alexander Grikitis 912.220.1700

AWARD WINNING CONDOMINIUMS ONLY 2 LEFT! 8 West 37th Street 2 spacious condos from 1,750 to 1,880 sq. ft. 4 bedrooms, 2/3 baths. Hardwood floors, 3 off street parking spaces. Walk to SCAD’s Richard Arnold Campus. $270,000 and $273,000 each Roy Hill 912-844-4000

Connect Savannah

518 East Henry Street A duplex in the Historic District close to SCAD. Newly re-done and ready to move in to. Two 2 bedroom, 1 bath units with W/D and all new appliances. In addition, this duplex has cedar closets, new carpet and parking in the rear. $235,000 John Giles 912.220.1667 Alexander Grikitis 912.220.1700


08.1 0.05

15 W. Jones Street 1850’s Row House, with carriage house. Currently rented as apartments, this is a unique opportunity to create a signature property on Savannah ’s most prestigious street. $875,000. Roy Hill 912-844-4000.

1801 Whitaker Street One half of a turn of the century twounit row house Circa 1911. One block from future site of SCAD's Richard Arnold campus. A great single-family investment opportunity. Adjacent to 1805 Whitaker Street. Priced at $180,000. Roy Hill 912.844.4000

315 E. Liberty Street Savannah, GA 31401

Jefferson Commons Be the first to own one of these six - 2 bedroom, 2 bath condos in the heart of the Historic District. Conveniently located close to SCAD. Features 4 fireplaces, spiral stair case, granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances. Gated, off street parking. $196,000 each John Giles 912.220.1667 Alexander Grikitis 912.220.1700

Park Place on Park Avenue Four condos located in an historic building close to Forsyth Park, SCAD and shopping. Currently undergoing renovation, available August 2005. $174,000 to $177,000 each Roy Hill 912-844-4000 ONLY 2 LEFT!

2008 Whitaker Street Constructed in 1900, this is a beautiful row house with the same basic layout as 2006 Whitaker Street. Many architectural details with 2004 updates. Complete with coveted off-street parking and a courtyard. Within walking distance of SCAD's future Richard Arnold campus. Priced at $219,000. Roy Hill 912.844.4000.

Office: (912) 233-5900 Fax: (912) 233-5983

616 E. 58th Street Newly Renovated, 3 bedroom/1 Bath Home. Attached Garage, back deck, sunroom, Fenced in back yard, New Appliances (comes w/ W/D) $235,000 John Giles 912.220.1667 Alexander Grikitis 912.220.1700

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Connect Savannah August 10, 2005  

Connect Savannah August 10, 2005