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Openings & Receptions

Seven Hands: Senior Art Exhibition — Exhibition

includes artwork from Armstrong seniors Matthew Pozorski, Bethany Gill, Naeemah Massey, Liliana Niles-Rivas Junca, Taylor Preckel, Melody McCarthy, and Lauren Glover. Through May 8. Armstrong Fine Arts Center, 11935 Abercorn St.

Fiberworks – Showcasing the Fiber Art of the Fiber Guild of the Savannahs — This exhibition will

showcase over 100 works created by 24 members through a variety of mediums such as weaving, spinning, knitting, crochet, felting, quilting, basketry and other fiber-related techniques. The Fiber Guild of the Savannahs is a very diverse group of artists who share an interest and passion for fiber arts. An opening reception will be held Friday, May 8 from 5 to 7 p.m. During the reception, Sally Kroehnke, Suzy Hokanson and other members of the Guild will hold a spinning and weaving demonstration. May 8-29. City of Savannah Department of Cultural Affairs, 9 West Henry St.

So-Called — Solo exhibition of existing and new work by artist Nari Ward. Ward’s practice plays with the ambiguity and symbolism of objects sourced in his immediate surroundings. These objects are often repurposed into elaborate sculptures and two-dimensional works that address social, economic, political and racial issues. SCAD Museum of Art, 601 Turner Blvd.

The Light Inside the Bell Jar — Help support

mental illness in women and 15 women artists from around the U.S. The Light Inside the Bell Jar is a SCAD graduate thesis project by arts administrator Sara Uhlig. It’s an exhibition of women artists using art as a social discussion tool to openly talk about mental illness and to challenge the stereotype of the “crazy” woman. The event is up at Sulfur Studios May 7th-9th, with a reception on May 8th from 6 to 9pm. Sulfur Studios, 2301 Bull Street.

MeMeMe — Melissa Sixma’s thesis show

focuses on celebrity worship and internet culture and includes weavings, quilts, embroideries, paintings, collages, and other goodies. May 8-11. Oglethorpe Gallery, 406 E. Oglethorpe Ave.

Continuing Exhibits The Art of Diplomacy: Winston Churchill and the Pursuit of Painting — The landmark exhibition,

organized by Millennium Gate Museum, is the first of its kind in the United States since 1965 and features paintings by Sir Winston Churchill, as well as photographs, letters, and personal belongings on loan from members of his family. The paintings depict landscapes, family vacation spots, friends’ estates, gardens, seascapes, and still life interiors. The Art of Diplomacy explores the relationship between Churchill’s strategic decision-making and his evolving practice as an artist. Beyond what he called a “joyride in a paint-box,” he saw painting as a testing ground for such leadership strengths as audacity, humility, foresight, and strength of memory. Through July 26. Jepson Center for the Arts, 207 West York St. Bill Rousseau and Mary Ingalls — Bill’s beauti-

ful paintings portray the combined beauty of architecture and nature that surround Savannah. Mary’s technical expertise with stained glass work is creative, bold, fun and fanciful. Through May 31. Gallery 209, 209 E River St.

data.tron/data.scan — Exhibition by acclaimed Japanese composer and visual artist Ryoji Ikeda, marking his first exhibition in the southeastern U.S. Ikeda’s practice explores the contemporary world of information

Dept. of Cultural Affairs Gallery on Henry Street showcases creations of the Fiber Guild of the Savannahs. Reception is Friday, May 8 from 5-7 p.m. During the reception, Sally Kroehnke, Suzy Hokanson and other members of the Guild will hold a spinning and weaving demonstration. and data. His immersive installations, sculptures and performances incorporate physical elements and properties of the smallest conceivable units including pixels of light, bits and bytes. Ikeda’s experiential works make mathematical equations visible through the use of sound and light. SCAD Museum of Art, 601 Turner Blvd. Deborah Raines — Raines explores fairy tales

and illusions in her artwork. Through May 31. Jewish Educational Alliance, 5111 Abercorn St.

Dicky Stone and Dana Richardson — A native

of Sewanee, Tennessee, Dana Richardson holds a BFA in painting and a MAT from SCAD and currently teaches art at Savannah Christian. Her pieces are small-scale Savannah cityscapes in oil, collage and mixed media. Savannahian Dicky Stone transforms indigenous wood such as pecan, sycamore and maple into decorative pieces of sculpture. A self-taught wood carver and turner he says this work makes his heart sing. A portion of sales will benefit the hospice’s Daily Impact Fund. Hospice Savannah Art Gallery, 1352 Eisenhower Drive. Fine Art Photography Exhibition by Sarah Horan — Horan’s body of work, Contact, explores

human vulnerability through large-scale representations of human skin and the human form as a whole. Black Orchid Tattoo Studio & Gallery, 118 West Victory Dr.

Fresh — The show includes works by guest artists Betsy Cain, Marcus Kenny, Christine Sajecki, and Katherine Sandoz. Through May 9. 1704 Lincoln, 1704 Lincoln St. Going to the Dogs — An art exhibit of paintings by Lisa Rosenmeier will be held at Coffee Deli, 4517 Habersham St. All artwork that is sold will be distributed after

May 31, when the exhibit closes. coffee deli, 4517 Habersham St. In Living Color — Spanning three decades

of Andy Warhol’s career, In Living Color features some of the artist’s most iconic screenprints, including his portraits of Marilyn Monroe and Mao Zedong, the splashy camouflage series, and the controversial Electric Chair portfolio. Jepson Center for the Arts, 207 West York St.

The Maps of Infinitude — Known for his

complex, monumental and kaleidoscopic mandala paintings, SCAD alumnus Caomin Xie (M.F.A., painting, 2001) ponders the magnitude and ethereal beauty of the celestial realm. SCAD Museum of Art, 601 Turner Blvd.

The Nature of Being — SCAD alumnus Scott

Carter (B.F.A., painting, 2008) transforms Pinnacle Gallery into an immersive sculptural installation using the material of its construction — drywall. SCAD Museum of Art, 601 Turner Blvd.

The Paintings of Anne Taylor Nash — Anne Taylor Nash (1884–1968) did not begin painting until she was forty years old, when she became inspired by the example of her close friend Elizabeth O’Neill Verner, an artist and a key figure in the Charleston Renaissance. Through July 12. Telfair Academy of Arts and Sciences, 121 Barnard St. Sculptural Adornments: Jewelry Show by Kristen Baird — Kristen Baird, a graduate of Savan-

nah College of Art and Design, uses stateof-the-art software and hardware, including a 3D printer, to create gorgeous pieces. She uses gold, platinum and sterling silver with gemstones and pearls to create an interplay of texture and color. Mansion on Forsyth Park, 700 Drayton St.

Structural-Response II — Amonumental installation of new sculpture and painting by Serge Alain Nitegeka created specifically for the museum’s Pamela Elaine Poetter Gallery during deFINE Art 2015. Conceived as a performance sculpture, the work confronts the viewer with a tall, labyrinthine assemblage of black-lacquered wooden beams and invites them to choreograph their own passage through the space. SCAD Museum of Art, 601 Turner Blvd. ThincART: Thomas Mitz — This exhibition

will display a range of works by Thomas Mitz, from large oil paintings, to personal portraits and charcoal studies, showcasing Mitz’s vast artistic skill set and artistic process. Much of the work explores cultural figures and objects found in New York City, where Mitz lived for several decades. ThincSavannah, 35 Barnard St. Suite 300.

Things Are Not What They First Appear — Xu

Bing, one of the most important contemporary artists of his generation and the SCAD deFINE Art 2015 honoree, presents his solo exhibition of multimedia works. SCAD Museum of Art, 601 Turner Blvd.

Travel Advice To The Lost — Stacie Jean Albano finds her inspiration in the lowcountry wetlands and also paints landscapes from Long Island, Virginia, Delaware, and North Carolina. Reception May 15, 6-8pm. Gallery Espresso, 234 Bull St. Untitled (Clockwise) — New site-specific installation by acclaimed artist Michael Lin. His installations challenge notions of art as object based, and skew expectations of the exhibition as an event. Lin expresses interest in relations —between himself as an artist to his environment, and between his work and the audience. SCAD Museum of Art, 601 Turner Blvd. Works by Axelle Kieffer — Axelle’s show

features paintings, collages, and drawings that question the human form and portrait in ways most could never imagine. Her dark colors and expressive strokes explore the world underneath the skin. The Butcher Tattoo Studio, 19 East Bay St.

MAY 6-MAY 12, 2015

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