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UKBIOHAZARD WEEK Of ACTION The Biohazard Action Week was aimed at exposing the serious health risks posed to us by an industry still reluctant to abolish animal tests. Demos around the UK informed the public of the fraudulent testing methods tha t account for thousands of deaths and birth defects in pat ients each year. Targets included Novartis who were exposed when they transported Herpes -B Virus infected blood

samples in a taxi , Glaxo whose drug Seroxat has been linked to thousands of suicides in t eenagers , and Du Pont, who were sued after their fungicide Benlate caused a mother 's child to be born without eyes! These companies are HLS custome rs and this is just a few examples of the catastrophic risks they pose . Vivis ection is a BIOHAZARD and this week we got that message out loud and clear!!



/ ---

Independent on Sunday Huntingdon Life Sciences , the animal testing laboratories whose auditor resign ed afte ,-becomin g-the-targehJf -antm"aTT!g11f=, v ,sts, has been to l a , oes not have to file account s in the UK until the Governm ent..Pll§ s~.u,gj~aJJQJl..lo. PI.ate.c L ___ , 7 ne fdentify of its advisers.


HLS has not filed accounts since 2003 under a series of rolling exemptions granted

____...b. y.1b.e..Ilepai:lmei.L of..:i:.ade-aREI-IAdt1slr-y.-But-a-O-rl-spokesman -,mid1asrw~lrttrat


circumstanc es were unlikely to change until legislation was introduced that would

- - - - --give·am!lto rs mm nyffl'ifyw li erea sec urny risl< ex isted . The Government hopes to includ e the rele~an.t.m.easure sjn.t be.Companies-BiU ,-but--' th at might not becom e law until the end of next year. "T he Go vernment is fully aware of th is issue and is consid ering how best to resolve




~h& D-i:t.spe kesman-said.-----------------------------1 The Cambridgeshire company do es its bankin g with the Bank of England , and its in----s"'□""'ta ·nce 1S hand led by fne[)TI,because commercial firms dare not do business with it. However, the company is unable to obtain an audit in the UK as this would ~ l'l'eaiRlilor's@e ntJty when the accounts were published at Companie s House.


The company 's former auditor, Deloitte, resigned in 2003 after its offices around the wofld -were-targetectt,y-animat ,t gtmnrctNls t s. HLS is audited in the US, but this is unacce ptable in Brit ain because the aud it firm nvolvecHs-no r l:J!e"registe r e- . An HLS spokesman said: " We are in a situation w iJ&tg.llQYl.biDg.that c.auld.bad.ooe ___ t o norma lise our business practices would be welcome. "


---___! ·----


Measures proposed for the Compan ies Bill woul d exempt auditors from the guing ..otf..accourus-ai.d-uw&al iAg-theif...jdefltitie s--it-they-woultr bei rrdange•,..... --from extremists . Btit-accocmtan rs-b'e1teve,mn ,n,lf!;UJ'esw 711"ho t be aclequiil e. P-eter Wyman , a partner at PricewaterhouseCoo pers , said: " There are inev itabl y largeJUJ mbecs..oLp.e.oµlaa t-the aud it firm who know the identity of the client and it only takes one of those to blow the whistle .'' '-,





Something that is becoming really clear is that the supplier campaign is beginn ing to hurt Huntingdon. Sure it won 't close them down without the customer campaign and the financ ials but it is hurting them and ,.-. making life difficult. The picture above is a case in point , it was taken at Industrial and Scientific supplies in Linton . This company does not even have a name on their unit and their delivery van is comp letely unma rked as they try t o remain anonymous from SHAC (As if!)


This is by no means uncommon as the re are quite a few of their suppliers who have no identification on their premises. Huntingdon frequntly have to travel to meet certain supplie rs in car parks and on motorway junctions as the suppliers simply will not enter Huntingdon lest they be spotted. Scores of transport firms subcontract their visits to Huntingdon to other companies who do not realise who they are dealing with , in other words they are duped into going to HLS. One concrete company recently told us that Huntingdon to ld them they were a housing developement, the driver of this company commented to his boss afte r visiting Huntingdon that he realised it wasn 't a housing developement and they had been duped. A fe w companies go into Huntingdon at really unusual times hoping they will escape detection. What a way to do business as they all sneak around like drug dealers th inking no one knows what they are up to . The more Huntingdon craves normality the more t hey mark themselves out as the most abnormal company in the world. As we say what a way to run a business!


HMTHEQ1JEEN Firstly let me congratulate you all on a superb year of bashing the ghastly Huntingdon Life Sciences. My husband and I frequently follow your SHAC antics on the TV thingie. My husband Phillip laughed out load when the NYSE debacle was on the television. It's so good to see all the other countries getting stuck in too (In my day we would have invaded them but that's another matter) . Now you all know what needs to be done so get out there and put HLS in a real fix in '06 and that's an order. Yours in admiration , HM the Queen

Well, well , well. Huntingdon's third quarter figures are out (Q July -Sept 2005) They make not just interesting but incredible reading. First of all, their sales are down from $44.9 to $43.8 million which means that we have not slowed but REVERSED Huntingon 's sales. The above figure is the single biggest figure in HLS's accounts. New business signings were 7% less than they were a year ago. Capital expenditure more than doubled from $2.4 million to $5.1 million. Cash at hand is down from $33.3 million to just $12.2 million. Huntingdon do not own their labs any more, leaving the once buoyant Andrew Baker to quote: Andrew Baker the Company 's Chairman and CEO said: "These last few months have seen both exciting and frustrating developments in LSR's fortunes. In August , we announced the approval for listing on the New York Stock Exchange of LSR's common stock, only to be followed the morning of that scheduled listing with the unprecedented postponement by the Exchange . The NYSE's decision to postpone our trading, which continues today , has been met with condemnation by many organizations and the world 's financial media , and provoked questions in the US Senate last week. The Senate's examination of the animal rights extremist campaign that has targeted our company and the world of medical research has resulted in their introduction of new legislation to address the challenge of controlling this form of domestic terrorism. This progress, along with the continuing commitment we've seen from the UK government and law enforcement , is welcomed not only by LSR, but by the medical research community and others who recognize that this issue is far broader than the symptoms that have affected our company and your stock." Bearing in mind that the unveiling of a company's figures is an opportunity for a CEO to explain how good the company's figures are, and all Baker does is rant about AR activists, this is very telling . There again he can't tell everyone how good their figures are as they are not looking good for HLS!



,:'an-ta ¡~~-cl'")f tetlele 7

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PDP Couriers PDP COURIERS PDP Courier Services Ltd Unit 10, Ashford Industrial Estate , Shield Road , Ashford, Middlesex TW15 1AU UK Head Office Tel: 01784 420466 Fax: 01784 246619 Email : PDP have repeatedly lied to the campaign about their involvement with HLS. In a recent conversation when they were caught out yet again dealing with HLS , they tried to say that they deal with Centralabs, (who are the clinical trials part of HLS with all the same directors) and that therefore in actual fact they were not dealing with HLS. What liars . Oh yes I nearly forgot , and the fact that they go into Huntingdon regularly is a big part of their lying as well .




SJ Marlow Pipework Services

SJ Marlow Pipework Services Ltd Still Barn Farm, Upper Batley, Low Lane Batley , West Yorkshire , WF17 0AW Tel: 01924 479168 This company are in and out of HLS like yo yo 's.

Industrial & Scientific Supplies Industrial and Scientific Supplies The Grip Industrial Estate, Linton, Cambs CB1 6NR Tel: 01223 891 953 Email:



DGI Global UK

DGI Global UK Unit 4, The Mercury Centre Central Way, Feltham Middlesex, United Kingdom, TW14 ORN Phone 020 8867 0999 Fax 020 8867 0707 Email: info www DGI have been delivering to HLS recently .



Cochran Ltd

BIB Cochran Limited, Ground Floor, Saracen House , City Office Park , Crusader Road, Lincoln, LN6 7AS , England , UK Telephone: 01522 510 510 Fax: 01522 525 900 Email : enqs www BIB Cochran Limited, Newbie Works, Annan, Dumfries & Galloway, DG12 5QU, Scotland, UK Telephone: 01461 202 111 Fax: 01461 205 511 Email : enqu iries This company are working on site at HLS at the moment.

Fetch Europe FETCH EUROPE !Fetch Europe Ltd, 3 Woodhurst Drive, Denham, Bucks UB9 5LL Tel 01895 835 774 Mobile 07764 584 413 email: info Fetch Europe are heavily involved in the lab animal transport trade and think it's funny to send emails to the campaign saying how they couldn 't care less about driving animals to their deaths and how they really support HLS.

Mobrey Measurement

MOBREY MEASUREMENT 158 Edinburgh Avenue Slough Berkshire UK SL1 4UE Tel: 01753 756600 Fax: 01753 823589 E-mail : Mobrey.Enquiries @EmersonProcess. corn Website: MOBREYMEASUREMENT Crompton Way Crawley West Sussex UK RH10 9QR Tel: 01293 866000 Fax: 01293 530849 E-mail : Mobrey.Enquiries @EmersonProcess. corn Solartron Metrology Steyning Way Bognor Regis West Sussex PO22 9ST Sales Tel: 0)1243 833333 Fax: 01243 833332 Email: sales Reception Tel: 01243 833300 Fax: 01243 861244 Solartron Analytical Unit 81 , Armstrong Mall , Southwood Business Park , Farnborough , Hampshire, GU14 0NR, UK Tel: 0)1252 556800 Fax: 01252 556899 Email: sales Solartron ISA Hackworth Industrial Park , Shildon, County Durham , DL41LH , UK Tel: 01388 773065 Fax: 01388 774888 Email : info @solartronisa .com www.mobrey .com Solartron supply lab equipment. They are owned by Emerson Process Management . Emerson Process Management Horsfield Way, Bredbury , Stockport SK6 2SU tel 0870 240 1978fax 0870 240 4389 uksales www


Here is a list of new and old suppliers for you to contact to inform them of exactly who they are dealing with when they drive through the gates of Huntingdon Life Sciences. Some suppliers have told us they have found the scientific information enclosed by supporters particularly interesting so be sure to include these leaflets or contact us if you would like some. Be polite and informative at all times - these people may be animal lovers too and many of them are very supportive of our aims once they are given the info on HLS.

KD Systems


K D Systems Ltd Unit 2 Felnex Close Cross Green Leeds , W. Yorkshire LS9 0SR Tel: 0113 249 8755 Fax : 0113 248 4565 Email: This Leeds firm have been spotted up at HLS recently .

Canny Haulage Canny Haulage 203a Broadway Yaxley Peterborough PE7 3NT Mobile 07944 868 044 A local firm spotted at HLS.


Parker Fine Foods


Parker Fine Food Services Winkadale House Knights Road Leicester LE4 1JK Tel: 0116 235 5666 Fax: 0116 235 5777 admin


Bannold Bannold Supplies 4 Bannold Court , Waterbeach, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire CBS 9RB Free Phone: 0500 012 231 Tel: 01223 860671 Fax: 01223 565431 www Another building firm supplying the animal killers.



York Refrigeration are a key supplier to HLS an d guess what? HLS owe them tens of thousan ds of pounds! York have met with HLS to d iscuss an early end to their contract. ' for nationwide sites ead office: ORK International Ltd ar d iners Lane South Bas il don , Essex SS14 3HE el: 01268 246000 =ax: 01268 246001



Pure Filters

Pure Filters 1 & 2 Alma Industrial Estate Regent Street , Rochdale Lancashire OL 12 OHO Tel 01706 642823 Email: info@pure-filters .com They supply HLS with filters.



SCOTT NUTRITIONS Scott Nutritions , Sedge Fenn Road, Southerry, Downham Market, Norfolk Tel: 01353 676 234 This company supply HLS and lnterfauna beagle breeders for vivisection with animal feed .

1 Soal

~J 16 ~

Bullimores Bullimores South Witham Grantham Lines NG33 SOE TEL: 01572 767393 Email: enquiries@ Hire Services - Tools & Equipment Mr N Peelsworth (Manager) Bullimore Plant Hire Foundry Way, Little End Rd Industrial Estate , Eaton Socon, St. Neots , Cambridgeshire PE19 8TR Tel: 01480 217120 Fax: 01480 219300

Parker Fine Foods Parker Fine Foods Belgrave House Baird Road Corby NN175ZA Tel: 01536 200 800 Fax: 01536 200 123

A long-term HLS supplier caught out bang to rights this time.




Dai Rod 7A WELBECK WAY, WOODSTON, PETERBOROUGH. PE2 7WH TEL: (01733) 23 11 22 This company works for HLS.

Bullimore Plant Hire Pinfold lndust Est Mays Rd Bourne Lincolnshire PE10 9HT Tel: 01778 423309 Fax: 01778 393139 Bullimore Plant Hire 11 Sketty Close, Brackmills Industrial Estate, Northampton, NN4 7PL Tel: 01604 709966 Firm supplying building materials.

17 Peterborough Pumps & Valves Peterborough Pump and Valves The Old Forge, Cross Street, Farcet, Peterborough PE7 3DE Tel: 01733 242 497 HLS owe them at least 59 thousand pounds! What a great client!

HERE'S ll USTornu. THE t:IIMPllNiES TIUlT IUII/E DiTl:HED HLSSili:lllliN 211115. WHII Wil.l. WI:IUD iN20116? Customers ,3 N ucrys t. Pharmaceu ti ca l J o h ns on a nd J o &mson Sant.en Supp ii ers •· 90

3663 Acce nt. Ha nsen A i gar Sig lilicraft A li port Archer A s Mead Pl a nt H i re Bedfor.dsh ir.e Gr.ower. s Brett. Mar.tin Br.iUs h Gyp s um

ass Bu i k Ga s Cambridge Cour i er. Ser.v ic e s Cambr idge Plant and Dem oiii:i o n Ud Caterf ix CCS La n dha11d Ch ii t.ern Ch ubb Co ncre t e Compa ny Cro ss Co u nt ry Carr iers Da nis h Bakery Data Sc i ences DaY id Ba n Group De n Ca n ey Coaches DG fr.e ight. Dickerson Group Durap i pe DW Clark ECR f irs t Ch oi ce Coffee f i rst f Hgh t For.warders f lex ,Able Trave l Fro n t. Row Gemm ix Ud Ham Hto n Re nta l s Hankyu Ha r.t.rod t. Hea it hcare Log is ti c s Heathrow i mport Cl eara n ce Hewden Hexagon Ho use of James HQ Fork li ft s HSS

:'anta -,,. ~et1:da ,. .#'


UK Ltd

Tecniplast UK Ltd Venture Park Kettering Venture Park Kettering Northamptonshire NN15 6XR Tel: 01536 312512 Fax: 01536 312505 Email: Altro Ltd Works Road, Letchworth, Hertfordshire SG61NW Tel: 01462 480 4800 Tel: 01462 707 600 Fax: 01462 480010 email: Altro have supplied flooring for the labs at HLS. They are a vivisection industry supplier.


Apex Tubes & Valves Ltd

Apex Tube and Valves Ltd Empson Road Eastern Industry Peterborough Cambridgeshire PE1 SUP

Phone:01869-365440 Fax: 01869-354765 Email General: Website: Another company leaked to us by our source inside HLS. This company has worldwide offices • see the website www.shac. net for details.


Tel: 01733 311711 Fax: 01733 345293 (sales) Fax: 01733 552239 (accounts) email:



HRP, Rougham Industrial Estate, Rougham, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk IP30 9XA Tel: 01359 270 888 A local firm to HLS passing on equipment to HLS for Eastern Counties, listed below. Email: SHAC has contacted this firm and the managing director of it said that it is a free country and people can do what they like. Of course it is, and we can carry on informing her staff of just who they are doing business with.




BBC Fire Protection

BBC Fire Protection Limited St. Florian House, Ayton Road, Wymondham Norfolk NR18 ORA Tel: 01953 857700 Fax: 01953 857750 Email : Website: www.bbcfire .co .uk A company local to HLS 's lab at Eye but deals with both UK labs.


Fast Freight & ~ Couriers ,.-

They deliver to HLS on behalf of Biocair who have lied to SHAC and said they do not deal with HLS .




BIOCAIR The Business Centre, Church End, Cambridge, CB1 3LB Tel: 01223 245 223 This is a vivisection industry freight company that have been spotted going in and out of HLS by local supporters on a regular basis.

Website: .uk Emails:



Transit Fast Freight and Couriers Units 2-3 Pennine View Trading Estate Shepley Lane Hawk Green Marple Stockport Cheshire SK6 7JW Tel: 0161 449 0666

Air Equipment

London Area Office: Air Equipment 649 North Circular Road Cricklewood London NW27AY Tel: 020 8450 1447

This company have been caught out supplying HLS and their building contractors Parkside. SHAC have emailed the company but have received no response.

HRP HRP, Unit 86, Manton Centre, Manton Lane, Bedford MK41 Tel: 01234 272 702


This vile company make lab animal cages. They boast that they have been leaders in this field for over 50 years and that they regularly are involved in the design, construction and refurbishment of new and existing animal facilities.

Air Equipment HQ Kings House 5 Kings Road Flitwick Bedfordshire MK451ED Tel: 01525 723700 email:


1' 1


Atlas MIT Ltd. Unit9 Granville Way Bicester OX26 4JT UNITED KINGDOM

,t ,#


PC Howard

PC HOWARD PC Howard Ltd, West Hay, Stamford Rd, Kings Cliffe, Peterborough PE8 6XX Tel: 01780 444 444 Email: info@pchoward .com Mr Andrew HOWARD is in c harge. A local freight company tha t have delivered to HLS. They have been given th e details of the delivery and SHAC has heard noth ing since nor have calls been ret urned.

Huntingdon Piant Hirn foit iai City L i nk ~ni'l!aphase ~pswk:h P!ast i cs J Watson Scaffold i ng James l .atham JCH Laundry Jolmstones Ley iand Decorating Cen.>tre Kn i ghts of Oi d l.abtrnnh;s Laminar Med i ca Leapfrog Day Nurseries Lynn Star Matthews Transport MC F'rneze Med ifacts MF! Networ k Serv ices Night Frnight North Yorksh tre Timber Pa !HEx Pianet Same Day Couriers Piast;ic Pipe Supplies Pr.estons of Potto Ray Harvey Fi sh Merchants RJ War.nm RJJ Worhiwide Scarlet Cour i ers SDV Seko Simonds Coach and Travel Smiths Medica i Souters Tral!lsport Speedy H i rn Stan Robinson Star. Transport Suttons Trio Un ited Pa il et Network Vet Di agnost ics Vindon Wh ittie Pa inUng W i ndsor. Eng i neer i ng Prec ision instruments Douglas Sr.ass Sander.son Transport D & G Nob le



Cantor Fitzgerald

CANTOR FITZGERALD & CO. International Headquarters One Ame ri ca Square London EC3N 2LS Tel : 020 7894 7895 pressU K@cantor .com inquiries @cantor .com equities www.canto



This company has dealt nearly 1million HLS shares so far this year, over 500,000 in October alone.





_ Construction

Parkside/Most Construction Tel: 01423 565 572 and 01423 521 298 12a Park Parade, Harrogate, HG1 5AF gm .com al .com Most construct ion al ias Parkside have participated in the building of units to house animals in at HLS and have made themselves a fortune on the backs of animals dying inside HLS.

~ '


W hea t ley Mec ha nical & Elec t rical Building Se rv ices

Wheatley Mechanical and Electrical Building Services Lothe rton Court , Lotherton Way, Garforth , Leeds LS25 2JY Tel : 0113 287 7411 (mechanical & Building Services) Fax : 0113 287 7412 Email : info Tel : 0113 287 7770 (Facilities Management) Fax : 0113 287 7735 Email: fm Wheatley 's have sold equipment to HLS .

} , 31 impex

T rading


Clancy Dowcra

Clancy Dowc ra Clare House , Coppermill Lane , Harefield , Middlesex , UB9 6HZ Tel: 01895 823711 Fax : 01895 825263 Th is company have recently been identified as w orking with Huntingdon . SafeStyle UK Style House Eldon Place Bradford West Yorkshire BD1 3AZ Tel: 0800 106 107 Email : sales @safes



Str an d Tra ns ort STRAND TRANSPORT SERVICES Strand Transpo rt Services Ltd , Strand House , Rugby Road Industrial Estate , Rochdale , Lanes OL 12 OEP Tel : 01706 868 486 Emai l : david.greenhalgh Strand do daily deliveries in th e UK for major HLS supplier Perk inelmer and visit HLS on a regular basis .

This is another company exposed as being HLS collaborators.



'-.f 33 #

t 34


M o noc k Fre i ht

Ph en o menex

PHENOMEMEX Phenomene x supply lab equipment to HLS . PHENOMENEX Melville House , Queens Avenue , Hurdsfield Indus tr ial Estate , Macclesfield , Cheshire SK10 2BN Tel: 01625 501 367 Fax : 01625 501 796

Ve t Way


Monock Freight Ltd 14 Mount Road , Felt ham , TW13 6AR Tel : 0208 894 5400 christine geoff Monock Freight deliv er lab anima ls to HLS.

Market Maker.sf Shareholders "9 Awad Cort i na Domest i c Secur ities Gr.eenvme Capital Management .1 hiic . Royce Thomson UBS Global Cap ita l Markets Ver.Uc a ! Washington Mutua l

VET WAY AND DGP 1 Harrier Court , Airfield Bus Park, Elvington , York YO41 4AU Tel 01904 607 600 Email : sales @dgpgroup .com Vet Way/ DGP have been ly ing. They made a statement but HLS now send t hei r own vans as Vet Way's courier comp any won't go there . How stupid Vet Way are to think they wouldn 't get caught out ....

IMPEX TRADI NG, PO Box 187, Huntingdon , CAMBS PE28 4JF Tel 01832 275 404 Email : info @impex -uk .com This evil company is heavily involved in the lab animal transport trade and is wo rking hand in glove with HLS.

r.r-~ ::-;r-:-r --, .,.. =-s~lftP """"'°~~-

. ~


"1.'ffl ~


P" =-tii'-!!IIIIB"'"""!l""'?'E!~

Please Note

On the 10th November Heather Nicholson was remand • ed for an alleged section 4a against a hunting family. Please write her messages of support.

Ashford, Middlesex TW15 3JZ

Heather Nicholson NR7271 HMP Bronzefield, Woodthorpe Road, Ashford, Middlesex TW15 3JZ

Sarah Gisborne was sentenced to six and a half years for conspiracy to cause criminal damage. This sentence has since been reduced to five and a half years on appeal. On the same day Sarah was sentenced a woman was sentenced to five years for killing her child. She is well, strong and determined so please write letters of support.

Heather can receive sealed writing paper and sae's. On the 2nd November Jan Lawrence was sentenced to 8months in jail for Public Nuisance. This was in relation to the sending of letters to the directors of companies who deal with Huntingdon Life Sciences. Please write messages of support to Jan. Jan Lawrence NR7220 HMP Bronzefield, Woodthorpe Road,

This newsletter is not intended to encourage illegal activity of any kind. SHAC's intent is to close down HLS by legitimate means only, spreading information and disseminating the facts relating to HLS's record of animal cruelty, fraud and incompetence . We believe that there is more than enough evidence for the UK government to withdraw HLS's licence and close them down. Readers must bear in mind that certain demonstrations eg home demonstrations are now illegal in the UK although they are perfectly legal in other countries, and the inclusion of reports relating to these demos abroad does in no sense amount to encouragement to do similar demos in the UK. Company details are listed for the pur• poses of readers making informative and courteous communications with the corn• panies listed. The details are not intended for repetitive, rude or threatening calls.

Sarah Gisborne [LT5393], HMP Cookham Wood Evelyn Road Rochester Kent ME1 3LU

Readers are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the law by send ing off for our legal booklet and visiting the legal website Please contact SHAC if you have any queries.


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Merchandise is free unless stated. However donations to cover costs are appreciated. Return the order form below to SHAC, 6 Boat Lane, Evesham, Worcs WR11 4BP.


HLS general leaflet AS

PGP security CD and instructions

Combined Japanese customer leaflet

Megaphones, £65

UPS strip leaflet

'Green Harvest' vegan recipe book £5

UPS A2 poster

Legal advice booklet

Dead puppy A2 poster

Rabbit A2 poster


Japanese A2 poster Videos/DVD's (Please state which) 1 Action Video/DVD. This includes Times for Action 1, 2 and the New Time for Action 3 as well as the US Strikeback • £2

SHAC GLOBAL T-shirts and hoodies ....................... ............................... Size Colour .................... ............. ............ ........ Hoodies: black only . T-shirts: black and khaki T-shirts cost £10. Hoodies cost £15.

2 Cruelty footage. This includes the SHAC Short video and the Documentary Countryside Undercover of footage shot inside HLS. £2 With both these please state whether you want a VHS video or a DVD

Spread the message that SHAC has gone global! We have limited stocks on these so order now to avoid disappointment as we will be doing a new !-shirt when these run out!

'Slaughter of the Innocent' by Hans Ruesch Classic scientific anti-vivisection book, £5

Michelle Rokke's diary of her 9 months working undercover inside HLS, £2

Book : 'Caught in the Act', £3 Undercover investigation on Prof Feldberg

Collecting tins

Science book 'Sacred Cows and Golden Geese' by Dr. Ray Greek, £8

Airhorns £5

'Campaign against cruelty' An activist's handbook - Covers all the basics, £5


Cruelty free guides - lists what's tested and what isn't, 50p



Active Slaughter Punk Rock CD, £5



NAME ................................ ADDRESS ................................................................................................


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Y<llllil&lQV-Chi,Qaiich.i, liankll!!

~iiibi (il91>$ mam,, llQiSQD atld !lill animil.l& at i:lu.DtinQll.lmLife Sc:illll\CGS



Well lrtere it is folks and jUSt in time for Clrtristmas. Time for Action 3 may- only- be a few minutes long but it will take y-our breatlrt away-. Tlrte latest SR.ACfootage from tlrte UK, USA, France , Rolland, lielgium, Sweden and Finland set to really- stirring music. A must - order y-ours today- or see it first on our website Please state wlmetlrter y-ou would like it as a video or lJVlJ. Pass tlrtis video on toy-our friends and if y-ou are part of a local group please make sure tlrtis video is slmown at y-our next meeting.

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