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Dessert Trends in 2019

Without a doubt, cakes and desserts form the most important part of any party. Often the most frequently asked question at any celebration is ‘Where’s the cake?’ Here is the direction we are seeing for the year.

There had been a few suggestions of square cakes emerging as a new trend, but this no doubt has been displaced by the presence of rectangle cakes! This one has been bubbling up since 2018. A style attributed to Sincerely Sam cakes, the last few months has seen plenty of cakers put their own spin on it, and we love it!

Evil eye mosaic cake by Sassy Sprinkles Cakery

Sheet cakes are also seeing a resurgence. Whether they are decorated in a retro ironic way with loads of white creamy swirls or modernised with edible paper, meringue kisses and drips, we expect to see more of them in 2019.

Speaking of edible paper, this medium is allowing bakers to explore creativity with a fervour not seen before.

Technology is a driver of trends in many aspects, and this is definitely one of those. Edible printed paper has been helping bakers achieve many interesting and creative effects, especially one we’ve been seeing a lot of recently, the wrapped cake emblazoned with an on-trend pattern.

Other methods of decoration are also starting to prevail. We’ve seen the shag cake as a style emerging, but embroidery cake is another idea bubbling up. Isomalt too has also played its part in creating interesting effects. This ingredient has been providing bakers with beautiful sculptural creations for cakes for a while, but in 2019 we will see an ultra level of experimentation such as this mosaic cake pictured.

Unique flavours are another recurring theme. We’ve already seen flavours like matcha take over the dessert world, but in 2019 we’ll have an abundance of natural and botanical flavours too. One that is being spoken about is beet cake. Along with these new (and natural) flavours comes a trend for healthy superfood cakes - a natural progression from raw and vegan cakes of late.

Finally, following on from cupcakes, donuts and dessert cups, we predict this year may be the year humble tarts and slices start to make more of an impression.